Back in Jail

I went over to the website, where I learned that Rav Eliezer Berland is back in jail. Honestly? That news totally depressed me. Just when I was starting to feel a little bit of emancipation from the forces of evil, a little bit of ‘loosening’ of these whole, false COVID-1984 narrative, a little bit […]

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The Orchard

Before we continue, some timely words from Rabbenu, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. A few weeks ago, when I was first heading into this whole genealogical minefield, I happened to pick up a copy of Tzaddik, and I 'randomly' opened it to page 388,…
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Curiouser and curioser - Part II

I think we're probably going to get up to part 99 of this saga, the way things are going... You know, I love a good mystery, and I love the 'thrill' of figuring things out. But I have to say, that even I am starting to be overwhelmed by all…
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The Circle

Yesterday, I went to pray at Honi haMeagal's grave, near Tsfat. Ever since the first lockdown, back in February 2020, my husband and I have been careful now to 'go somewhere' on a Sunday. This week, we headed off to the grave of Honi haMeagal…
Picture of the Star of David, a traditional symbol of Jews and the Jewish people, made up of people
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Just one big family

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been consumed over the last few weeks with ‘getting to the bottom’ of what really happened in the Jewish community 200 years ago. Literally every day for three weeks, I’ve sat at my computer for 10…
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Rebbe Nachman's 'Demonic Talmid Chachams'

How can it be, that a person can be so very learned in Torah and still be a force for 'evil' in the world? Rebbe Nachman tackles this question in Likutey Moharan 1:12: (Hebrew source from מַה שֶּׁאָנוּ רוֹאִים,…
Israeli flag
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What did Shabtai Tzvi / Jacob Frank believe?

Let's try and explain what 'Sabbateanism' and 'Frankism' really are. Before we move forward (very cautiously...) in exploring what happened to all those many thousands of 'pious orthodox Jews' (including big rabbis) who were really secret Sabbateans,…