Enough with the tinsel, already. Living in a building where almost no-one has a balcony, let alone a balcony that you could build a Succah on, means that as soon as Yom Kippur is over, there is a mad rush to try and grab a spot for your pop-up Succah outside on the path leading […]

Donald Trump in front of a massive stars and stripes
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The good side of Edom

Is the United States of America really the 'good' side of Edom? After going into Yom Kippur in Israel with newspapers blaring headlines that Trump had given permission to Turkey to ‘invade’ Syria (!), I thought it was timely to try to track…
Picture of Michael, a homeless man, holding up a sign saying: Seeking Human Kindness

A good deed before Yom Kippur

I just got this from someone I know personally over email, and if you have some spare ma'aser money, it could really help to save a life: I am asking everyone I know to please help my friend, Bob Ackert, a Chabadnik from Maalot who has been…
A blue thumbs up for 'us', and a red thumbs down for 'them'
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How to judge Avigdor Lieberman favorably

It's not so hard to judge someone's soul to the side of 'good'. A little while before Rosh Hashana, Rachel from New York challenged me over in the comments section to ‘walk the walk’, and judge Avigdor Lieberman favorably. In case you…

Beta Testing My New Personality Typology

I'm in the middle of trying to get a new book and course sorted out (very rough description below) which will hopefully help people to gain a lot of insight into their personalities, and how overwhelming stress can lead to a lot of our bad middot. The…
sun rising over the sea

Dawn breaks

5780: Did we turn the corner? I don’t know about you, but I could describe the last few months of 5779 as some form of: hanging on by my fingernails. That’s how it felt – for months! I don’t know why, it just seemed like so many…
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Whoever finds fault

“Whoever finds fault, finds his own fault” – Tractate Kiddushin 70a With a couple of days to go before the Yom HaDin, Rosh Hashana 5780, I thought that we’d take a look at a passage in the Gemara, Kiddushin 70a, which is where the ‘mirror…