It’s hard to keep going at the moment. So much effort that doesn’t seem to have got anywhere, so much yearning for a better world that’s going unrequited. God, where’s all the fruits of our labours?!?! It seems that all our good deeds, all our effort to become better people, all our struggles for a […]

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Going home to Uman

Last week, I had a little nervous breakdown. The only reason it was little, as opposed to BIG, is because on Thursday morning I told my husband that if I didn’t make it out to Uman for Shabbat, I was probably going to crack up into a million…
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A stolen craft

God never intended for the Jewish people to be so caught up in Esav's wars. Last week, we read the final parsha, Vayechi, in Sefer Bereishit, where Yaakov Avinu calls his sons to him for a final blessing. When he gets to Shimon and Levi, he…
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Bushfires and volcanoes in Australia

A picture speaks a thousand words. Here is a picture of two massive volcanic fields on Australia's Sapphire Coast, known in geological parlance as the Boyd Volcanic Complex, and the Yalwal Volcanic Complex. ==== Geologists like to tell…
Close up of the Statue of Liberty
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The secret of 52

Why did Trump state he was going to attack precisely 52 Iranian sites, if they dared to fight back after the US illegally blew their 2nd in command to pieces in Iraq? Over Shabbat, I found something that shed some light on what's going on here,…
field of wheat
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Redeeming the field

For years, the Prophet Jeremiah told the people of Judea that the Temple would be destroyed, and they would be exiled. Jeremiah’s message didn’t go down at all well. He was shunned, imprisoned and threatened, and even his own family in…
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Geula Ground-Hog Day

Am I the only one who's got a profound sense of deja vu? Man, I am so tired at the moment. True, I woke up at 4.15am today, and couldn’t get back to sleep. But why I’m really tired at the moment is because my soul is very tired. I’m not…