My late father-in-law was a Freemason. I knew that many years ago, and I vaguely disapproved of it, as I’d see him hunched over his Freemason ‘manual’, mamash like a scholar learning a Tractate of Gemara. But I didn’t realise just how bad Freemasonry really is, until this week. This is going to be one […]

Israeli flag
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Something is not quite right here

I don't know why, but my 'BS-ometer' is twitching. Before the Eurovision Song Contest, in May 2019, 700 rockets rained down on Israel within two days. That's a lot of rockets. And a lot of people were hurt and I think that three people…
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Rockets on Tuesday

Rabbi Berland said they would attack us on Tuesday. He was right. For the last couple of weeks, Rabbi Berland has made some very clear and specific statements that there was another ‘decree of shmad’, or decree of destruction, hanging over…
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Gittel's Story

The difference one jab made. After yesterday's post, someone emailed me with a link to the following story, and gave me permission to reprint it here, with the writer's real name. The family are from the States, and this account 1) really made…
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The opening shots in the next war

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep going, isn’t it? I think the hardest part of this current exile we’re in is that so much of our effort for good just seems to get ‘swallowed’ by bad, and we’re left scratching our heads and wondering…
Picture of the Statue of Liberty
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Lech Lecha

What does it really mean to ‘go to yourself’? This week, we’re reading Parsha Lech Lecha, where Avraham Avinu is given a clear steer by Hashem that he needs to leave his birth place, his family, his status and go to some unknown destination. We…
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The earth is shaking

The New Madrid Seismic Zone in the US is being hit by quakes. If you don't know what the New Madrid Seismic Zone is, or why that's such a big deal, read this. To give you a potted history, back in 1811, New Madrid in the USA was hit with…