Backshot of an orthodox Jewish man standing against the Kotel

It’s getting scarier and scarier in America and chul for Jews – but it’s also pretty scary in Israel too. What’s a person to do? I got another email from a long-time reader on the topic of moving to Israel, which (with her permission) I’d like to respond to publically, as I think it will hopefully help […]

Slide showing: "The Haredim are worse than Hamas"
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How Yeshiva World News is Creating More Anti-Semites

The Jewish media outlets are creating more anti-Semites every day. In a year’s time, or two years’ time, or ten years’ time – however long it’s going to take for this current, horrible period of time to come to its apex and lead to…
Man standing on a very sheer pillar of rock
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Don't Give Up!

I know it's hard to keep going, but don’t give up just yet. If I had to describe the vibe floating around right now, I would call it ‘despairing dissatisfaction’. Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, there are people giving up on…
A blue thumbs up for 'us', and a red thumbs down for 'them'
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The Enemy Within

Identifying the real enemy within. Back in February 2012, highly popular Israeli journalist Yaron London wrote a piece for the Ynet (fake) news site headlined: Say no to Jewish Hezbollah. In that piece, London compared Israel’s haredi…
Russian Babushka dollies
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On the barricades with Rebbe Nachman

Refreshing the soul, with Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. The last few days, I was really feeling the heat allegorically and physically. My landlady has been telling me since last Summer’s 43o  heatwave that you ‘don’t feel the heat’…
Screenshot of Yair Lapid talking to Haredim at Kiryat Ono College
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Yair Lapid on looking after Number 1

WATCH: Yair Lapid gave this speech in 2011, before he even entered politics. Why am I bringing a 25 minute talk by Yair Lapid, from 2011? Because it explains so, so much of what's really going…
Screenshot of R Glazerson Torah Code showing the word 'Messiah' next to E. Berland three times

The Censored Message from Dani18

The last censored message from Dani18. It’s been a funny few weeks, hasn’t it? More of the stop and start that seems to be characteristic of this period of time, as we sit here waiting for ‘something’ to happen. Or maybe I should say,…