Rebbe Nachman points up some interesting similarities between ‘spies’ and demons. Last week, I was re-reading Rebbe Nachman’s story of The Cripple, when I suddenly started to see some interesting connections between Rebbe Nachman’s description of demons, and what’s going on today with the ‘deep state’. (You can get an English translation PDF of it […]

'good' spray painted on a wall
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No More Flattering Evil

It's time to draw a line in the sand, and to stop excusing and flattering evil. The last few years, we’ve all just sat here and watch the politically-correct brigade demolish one fortification in the wall of personal holiness and morality…
wall with world peace written on it
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The Path of Peace

Maybe, the State of Israel should take a leaf out of Martin Luther King's book. I’m in the middle of reading the autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr, the great black civil rights leader, who was assassinated – probably by one of the…
seashell by the shore
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Putting my head in the sand

I'm starting to realise that putting my head in the sand may be good advice. Yesterday, I got the same message in three different ways. Once was from the husband, who told me that he thinks I’m getting distracted from what I should be doing…
haredi man standing facing the Wailing Wall
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Mourning the destruction

What is Tisha B'Av really all about? The last few days, I’ve been in a funny mood – you might have noticed. I’ve been feeling frustrated, angry, even a little bitter, that despite so much effort, I’m going into yet another Tisha B’av…
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The Tree of Mercy

In our prayers, we ask God to save us from the 'Medina of Gehinnom'. I think I'm starting to figure out what that's really referring to. On Sunday, I stuck an overnight bag in the car, unplugged my laptop and drove up to Kadita, a small…
cartoon of three monkeys with their ears, eyes and mouths stuffed with dollar bills
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What Moshiach?

What's really stopping us from seeing the truth? I was discussing with my husband why so very many people, including 'big' rabbis, just don't seem to want to see what's right in front of their eyes at the moment, or to hear anything about geula…