So, we learned in the last post that ‘Dr Chaim David Bernard’ was the physician to the Prussian Emperor, before becoming a chassidic rebbe. (You can see part one of this post HERE.) But now, we have a few more mysteries to solve, including: Were there two ‘baal teshuva’ doctor-chassids, who were both ministering to […]

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Demonic visitations and fake news in London

One of the last posts I wrote before my trip to the UK was: On Demons and Tzaddiks That came about, as I was coming to the conclusion, increasingly, that we're looking at a demonic take-over presented as a fake 'alien invasion' sometime…
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The first lie they told

One of the places I finally managed to get to this week was the Natural History Museum in London. I have never been there, so I decided yalla! Time to go to the source of all the 'evolution' brainwashing pseudo-science. I went with my…

Back from Blighty

I just got back from a whirlwind trip to London, for my mum's 80th birthday. I have a lot to write about.... but it will have to wait, as I came back to a ton of things I need to catch up on and sort out. Long story very short: I'm so glad…
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The Ramchal, ‘Dr Gordon’ and the ‘Righteous Ger of Vilna’ – Part 1

I know, I know, what on earth does that title actually mean? Before we get into it, here's the piece I just translated from the Rav, from a couple of weeks ago, and then we'll start to unpick it: Each hour he’d see angels, until this was…
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Weird world

It's blowing a gale here in Jerusalem.... It's literally blowing my plant pots off the walls, and sending the swing seat careening into the window. Really strange weather... More of those 'spiritual winds of change' I think, and to be…

The interview that says it all

This interview is from last year, but just got translated into English now. It's totally awesome.... Ashreinu, that we have a rabbi like this in our generation. I hope your preparations for Shavuot are going well, and BH, we'll really…