Rebbe Nachman’s advice really works. I was feeling pretty low yesterday, as you could probably tell. I have another book that’s almost ready for the Rav, and each time I work on these books, I have a tremendous amount of obstacles, both internal and external to deal with. So yesterday, I decided to go back […]

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There is no despair in the world

The last few days, I’ve been struggling. There’s a lot of things going on, and I’ve been trying to ‘unpick’ why I’m having a lot of low-level yeoush, or apathy and despair, dafka now, when I have so many projects on the boil. Part…
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The Paradigm Shift

I want my site to be for stressed-out women, not conpiracy-minded men. Two weeks ago, I kind of had an ‘epiphany’ moment, about my life and my writing. For years, I’ve been writing blog posts and articles and even books that have often…
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Rabbis for free choice

It's not all black and white after all, even in Lakewood. Crazy times we live in, aren't they? I'm working so hard at the moment, trying to get my beta course on stress reduction for women up and running, and it's so good to be trying to…
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True Wisdom

Reposting this, while I'm busy getting my Cut Your Stress course done. This morning, I cracked open ‘Advice’ (the English translation of the kitzur Likutey Moharan) and I got to this, from the chapter entitled: Alien philosophies and…
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Last day to sign up for the Beta Reduce Stress Course

RE: THE BETA REDUCE YOUR STRESS COURSE UPDATE: Baruch Hashem, there is someone in my house who is better at this stuff than I am. The husband took a look at the last post, and told me to carve this off as a standalone post, so it won't get…
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How to ID Moshiach the easy way

Ah, Torah sources. Where would we all be, without them? I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this, as I've written about it many times before. There are a whole bunch of Torah sources and commentaries that explain what credentials a potential…