For the last few years, I’ve kind of being playing softball with a lot of the bloggers, ‘rabbis’ and commentators out there. But after I read the latest message from Rabbi Aharon Stern, son of the famous kabbalist Rabbi Dovid Chaim Stern, and a mekubal in his own right, I realise that it’s time to […]

Red Light District
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Geula P*rn

Yesterday, one of my readers sent me an email with screenshots from another ‘story’ that belongs to the genre of Geula P*rn. In case you don’t know what Geula P*rn is, let me try to describe it. Much like p*rn itself takes something…
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There is no despair in the world

That's what I read, when I 'randomly' opened up a Breslov book called Hishtapchus Hanefesh. Here's a brief description of that book: "Hishtapchus Hanefesh is a powerful work dealing with prayer. Rabbi Nachman taught that tefilah is our…
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Do you need some help with 'stress relief?'

A billion, million years ago (aka, last week), I sent the draft of my new People Smarts book to get laid out. Two days ago, he sent it back to me, and I uploaded it to Amazon. Then I held my breath, to see if the only books they are banning…
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Suffering is still optional

Despite the difficult situation we all find ourselves in with Coronavirus, suffering is still optional Day 20 at the Kotel today, and Baruch Hashem, there were a few more people there than yesterday – like maybe 18 women in the whole, massive…
Backshot of an orthodox Jewish man standing against the Kotel
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Taking your prayers to the Kotel

This morning marked the 18th day I walked off to the Kotel to pray. It's been raining pretty much non-stop for 5 days here in Israel, so it's hard to know how much the bad weather is keeping people away, but today -Shabbat - when I got there,…
Shadow of a man on the ancient walls of Jerusalem

Defining 'lockdown' in Israel

Confusion reigns about what is actually happening. All week, Israeli officials have been hinting that we're going to go into a full-blown lockdown where Israeli Home Command will be delivering food straight to the doorstep, and people will…