I just got off the phone with my brother in NYC who told me air quality is so bad, people are being told to stay indoors. ***UPDATES*** He says the air if full of smoke, it’s dark in the middle of a summer’s day there, and he’s literally finding it hard to breathe indoors even. […]

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The chemtrails came back

Just a quick one, to say that as I was driving around Jerusalem today, I couldn't help but notice a whole bunch of chem trails in the sky. ***UPDATES*** - I got sent some videos of what was going on - it even made the national news here: They…
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The dam bursts

At least, that's what just happened in the Ukraine. ***UPDATES*** Here's footage of the dam being bombed: The moment that the Nova Kakhovka dam was blown up pic.twitter.com/KxNMm8frTg — Antonio Sabato Jr (@AntonioSabatoJr) June 6,…
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Rebbe Nachman’s ‘Demonic Talmid Chachams’

Last one for today! Reposting from November, 2020. It speaks for itself. I have the feeling we are about to head off into the next 'openly supernatural' part of this epic process of geula. Forewarned is forearmed. There are no…
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Sabians, Jesuits and Frankists revisited

Reposting this from 2021. Long story short, someone asked me for the source of Rebbe Nachman's 'Jewish Demon Torah Scholars', that he discusses in Likutey Moharan, and in the course of trying to find what I wrote about it, I'm re-reading all…
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Rebbe Nachman on Deep State and Demons

Rebbe Nachman on Deep State and Demons Reposting this back on the blog, from August, 2019. As time goes on, Rebbe Nachman's words just seem to become more and more relevant to what is going on around us. Enjoy! ==== Rebbe Nachman points…
compassion fatigue
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Compassion Fatigue

Two days ago, three IDF soldiers the same age as one of my kids got murdered on the Egyptian border. And I’m not really ‘feeling’ it at all. In the past, all these terror attacks, all these killings, all these Jewish lives cut short…