a piece of rope

This time around, things are completely different. That’s what I told my daughter, who was lying in bed with a stress headache brought on by worrying about ‘the 4th lockdown’ that they’ve just instituted in Israel. Really, it’s just an extension of the 3rd lockdown, but the Israeli government excels at the art of psychological […]

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Some good news

I know, it's really heavy right now. It feels like the whole world is holding it's breath, waiting to see what will be. Here is Israel, they've started the brainwashing that 'pregnant women also need to be vaccinated' - I guess that's part…
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Slaves to money - 2

Get ready for more mind-boggling Jewish history I sat down to start researching more about the (crypto...) Jewish connection to the slave trade, and fell down another big rabbit hole. Here's what I started writing, and then you'll see when…
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More clues from the Rav

Most days, I just want to crawl under my duvet and stay there until Moshiach comes. But as that's going to be at least 2 more months (if not more...) I can't. But the world is certainly an overwhelming and quite scary place at the moment,…
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Slaves to money - Part 1

The slave trade was big business. Literally. In this post, I want to set out some basic information about how the modern slave trade got started, the precedent it set for a global economic model of doing business, and why Portugal - and…
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Important prayer to say today

Here's a prayer that Rav Berland wrote for the molad, the new moon of Shvat, 5781. Baruch Hashem, someone called me from the US to tell me about it literally 5 minutes before the deadline for saying it in Israel, but if you live in Europe,…
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The yichus of Adam Schiff

What happened in the past is still very much relevant for the present. And of course, for the future. While I was tootling around trying to figure out who 'Rabbi Jacob Franks', Number 2, the slave trader in the USA as opposed to the false…