Greek architecture

In this post, we’re going to start making the links between ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ and ‘Alcimus the Kohen Gadol’. And in the meantime, we’re going to start uncovering more real Jewish history, to figure out WHO has been oppressing the Jewish people, for 2,000 years, behind the scenes. And how exactly the same modus operandi is […]


Meet the Sepulvedas

Ireland's first head of state (and Yitzhak Herzog's 'chevruta') was a man named Eamon de Valera. If you had your cup of coffee this morning, you probably will have already recognised something strange: The man's name is Spanish, not Irish. ==== Again,…
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The rod and the sceptre

I just had a fairly massive breakthrough in all the 'false messiah family tree' stuff. I've been reading some of the family history books of a man called 'Allen Goldenthal', a self-confessed 'Zadokite' (Sadducee) and Karaite. who's done a ton…
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Reb Zushya and a dilemma

For a long time, me and my husband struggled with the concept of the 'ideal way to serve Hashem'. We were reading chassidic stories about Tzaddikim, reading biographies of Lithuanian 'Godols', reading the works of people like R' Eliyahu Dessler,…
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Whitewashing Yoshki

This is going to be a long post. But it seems we can't really dodge the issue of who Jesus actually was, how he got so popular, who his followers really were, and the modus operandi the xtians used to subvert Torah and the Jewish community. Before…
CERN building in Geneva
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Intensifying birth pangs – and CERN

I've had a kind of 'low grade' feeling of anxiety going on for the last few weeks, now. Externally, life is Baruch Hashem, pretty good. But my soul is really not so happy at the moment. It feels like there is so much about to burst out into…
truth is stranger than fiction
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R’ Yehuda Fetaya on Shabtai Tzvi – and the SHACH’s son David

I can't claim the credit for this piece of research, which was sent in by another reader. It's R' Yehuda Fetaya's discussion of the excorcism he performed of Shabtai Tzvi's spirit, when it demonically possessed a Jewish man in Baghdad for 30…