So, we learned in the last post that ‘Dr Chaim David Bernard’ was the physician to the Prussian Emperor, before becoming a chassidic rebbe. (You can see part one of this post HERE.) But now, we have a few more mysteries to solve, including: Were there two ‘baal teshuva’ doctor-chassids, who were both ministering to […]

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On demons and Tzaddiks

Rebbe Nachman explains in his story 'The Cripple' that the only person demons are scared of is.... the True Tzaddik. Below my thoughts here, I will bring a long extract from that story, which you can read in English translation HERE. Bottom…
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Atzeret tomorrow in Hevron

The Rav just called for another prayer gathering tomorrow in Hevron, at 10pm. He's asking people to recite the book of tehillim between 10-1pm and then hopefully the Rav will also be arriving to do the Tikkun HaKlali. The Rav usually only…
Rav Berland at Meron 5783
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Words from the Rav

If you are looking for some daily doses of inspiration from the Rav, try this. It started a couple of years ago, then kind of went on holiday for a few months, but is now back again. Here's the aim of…
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Interesting times

It's never dull in Israel. Apparently yesterday, the OTHER crime families that thrive in Israel (i.e. the ones who aren't hiding under their 'official labels') decided to try and take someone out in a mafia hit in a Netanya luxury hi-rise apartment…
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The mirror image

I have to admit, to feeling in a bit of a 'maelstrom' at the moment. I have the feeling that the spiritual aspect of this 'war' is about to ratchet up a whole other level, and that's actually making me feel a bit ill, if I'm honest. My husband…
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Proof that the earth is flat after all (?)

This comes from our long-time commentator, Shimshon. Shimshon is the person who actually got me researching whether the earth is more likely to be 'flat' or a 'globe'. Again, there are authentic Jewish sources for both options, but there…