We’ve all been brainwashed into believing that ‘Western Medicine’ is somehow whiter than white, spiritually. OK…. it’s based on a totally atheist, God-denying worldview…. OK…. it promotes abortions on demand, kills people with ‘experimental therapies’ and dangerous drugs and unnecessary surgical procedures left, right and centre…. OK…. it’s based mostly on greed (private and corporate), […]

Statue of Liberty

This is happening in America

Around Rosh Hashana time, Chabad Rabbi Michoel Green came under attack from his local 'child safety' agency in Massachusetts. Why did they do this, you ask? There is one reason: R' Green has been an outspoken critic of the mandatory Covid-vaccinating,…
drawing conclusions

Drawing conclusions – and details on Zoom meeting Sunday 20th

Fourteen years ago, I took an art class at the Israel Museum for a year. I learnt a lot in that class, including how to paint and draw. But even more than that, I learnt a lot about myself, as how you express yourself in creative forms can…

Zoom class, and one of the best songs ever

First, listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMA2M1Z4gfg ==== It's by someone I've known for a while, a very talented young musician who has finally managed to get this song 'done' and out to the wider world. I literally get…
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Light vs light

Following on from yesterday's post, here's some more evidence to consider. First, remember all that fuss at the height of the Covid 19 plandemic, when people were using UV light to 'kill' the Coronavirus? If you forgot, here's a reminder…
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Operation ‘Blue Beam’ swings into view

First, let's start with what 'RationalWiki' has to tell us, about 'Operation Blue Beam'. Snippet from HERE: Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory which claims that NASA is attempting to implement a New Age religion with the Antichrist at…
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A prayer to get off the internet

I'm reposting this from a few months ago. I've been saying it pretty much every day since it went up, and I have to say, my yearning to get off the evil internet - and also my interest in engaging with it, generally - is reducing all the time. Baruch…