So, we learned in the last post that ‘Dr Chaim David Bernard’ was the physician to the Prussian Emperor, before becoming a chassidic rebbe. (You can see part one of this post HERE.) But now, we have a few more mysteries to solve, including: Were there two ‘baal teshuva’ doctor-chassids, who were both ministering to […]

truth is stranger than fiction
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R’ Yehuda Fetaya on Shabtai Tzvi – and the SHACH’s son David

I can't claim the credit for this piece of research, which was sent in by another reader. It's R' Yehuda Fetaya's discussion of the excorcism he performed of Shabtai Tzvi's spirit, when it demonically possessed a Jewish man in Baghdad for 30…
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Shabtai Tzvi and the SHACH – some more strange connections

Hopefully, you had a day to let the first post 'sink in' a little, because there is a lot more information to share on this subject. Part of the problem with all this research is the sheer amount of lies we've been told about EVERYTHING, which…
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Shabtai Tzvi and the SHACH – some strange connections

I  have been musing on writing this post for well over a year. And each time.... I ducked it. Let someone else open that big can of worms... But the last few days, I have come to the conclusion I can't really 'duck' these issues anymore,…
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Hieromos Gamos, Star of David, and ‘Jewish Gnostics’

A month ago, my daughter bought me an English version of 'The DaVinci Code' and insisted I read it. I haven't read a fiction book for around 16 years - from choice - so I left it to the side. But she insisted... and insisted... and insisted...…
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(5).7.83 – The Heartbeat of the World, and the Shofar HaGadol

Back when I was starting to study 'sound' as a healing tool, three years ago, I tripped over something called 'The Schumann Resonance.' Three years ago, the links between human mental and physical health and extremely low frequencies (ELFs)…

Alexander Sender Shor, and Prince William

Since I made the 'Guntzburg' connection to real Jewish history, more and more pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. I had a couple of comments on the bottom of this blog post: Meet the Gunzburgs, that got me pondering more about the…