Personally, I’m really struggling with the mask thing. I’ll keep this short, as I have a lot of stuff I’m working on at the moment, but the whole mask thing is REALLY difficult for me. I literally can’t breathe in it, and I have a 5 minute tolerance for being able to wear it. Baruch […]

shadow government
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Hidden in plain view

I was just going through my files for One In A Generation #3, when I found this. It's one of the last things written by former CIA operative William Cooper, before he was killed in a shoot-out with law enforcement back in 2001. Cooper is…
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Hitting the wall

In every marathon, there comes a point where we 'hit the wall'. In running parlance, it's that moment when you literally feel like you've totally run out of energy, and you can't continue a second longer. There's a bunch of technical explanations…
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COVID stats for Dummies

I know everyone's brain is fried out, so let's make this as simple as possible. Today, the Ynet website reported that the State of Israel has now conducted more than a million COVID-19 tests. ==== This is a crucial piece of information. Over…
woman on a mission
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Stupid words

Rabbenu famously taught that even 'stupid words' - mila de'shtuta - have a spiritual value. It's slow posting on the blog at the moment, for a few different reasons. I'm collecting the material for OIAG3, and that is taking a lot of time (and…
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The earthquakes are picking up

Remember, Rav Pinto said there was going to be a 'big' earthquake? While the corrupt MSM isn't reporting anything much, except fake news about Coronavirus and more fake news about 'peace plans' and Black Lives Matter protests, there are actually…
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Advice for success and happiness

The new book by Rav Berland is out. I got the steer to get on with it from my visit to Hevron, and now you can buy it in paperback, BH. But I can't. As Amazon is still not delivering to Israel, or at least, they aren't delivering this…