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Internet Burnout

Doing my internet work at the ‘hub’ for start-ups that the Jerusalem Council has very kindly located right next door to my house is giving me a lot of food for thought. When I first started going there, a couple of months’ back, there were already a few ‘regulars’ who seemed to have the whole […]


No More Flattering Evil

It’s time to draw a line in the sand, and to stop excusing and flattering evil. The last few years, we’ve all just sat here and watch the politically-correct brigade demolish one fortification in the wall of personal holiness and morality after another. They encouraged men and women (or let’s be honest, teenage boys and […]


The Censored Message from Dani18

The last censored message from Dani18. It’s been a funny few weeks, hasn’t it? More of the stop and start that seems to be characteristic of this period of time, as we sit here waiting for ‘something’ to happen. Or maybe I should say, as we sit here to wait for ‘something’ to happen so […]


Confirmation bias, and Rabbi Berland

Why ‘confirmation bias’ is such a big spiritual problem A long time ago, when infographics were still all the rage, I came across this infographic which clearly showed the 20 main ‘cognitive biases’, including confirmation bias. This infographic basically dissects the playbook the yetzer hara uses to convince us that we’re always right about everything, […]