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Internet Burnout

Doing my internet work at the ‘hub’ for start-ups that the Jerusalem Council has very kindly located right next door to my house is giving me a lot of food for thought. When I first started going there, a couple of months’ back, there were already a few ‘regulars’ who seemed to have the whole […]


Journalism 101

A crash course in teasing out the truth. I’ve been deliberately staying away from this topic for months. But now that the ‘Peace Plan’ is upon us, I seem to be getting a strong push from shemayim to set out some of the facts about what appears to be going on with the current occupant […]


Strange times

“Mum, did America start World War 3 yesterday?” That’s what my 16 year old asked, when I picked her up from the Jewish quarter after Shabbat. Erm, I don’t think so…. I know America has been trying very hard to start a war with Iran for months, but each time the Rav manages to pull […]


Closing down the argument

If there’s one thing you can learn from the Gemara, it’s how to discuss things like a mensch. Let me start off by saying I know a volcano exploded in New Zealand with a lot of casualties a few days’ ago. Most people don’t know this, but the city of Auckland – New Zealand’s capital […]


No More Flattering Evil

It’s time to draw a line in the sand, and to stop excusing and flattering evil. The last few years, we’ve all just sat here and watch the politically-correct brigade demolish one fortification in the wall of personal holiness and morality after another. They encouraged men and women (or let’s be honest, teenage boys and […]