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Doing a Pidyon Nefesh with Rav Berland Really Works

How I discovered for myself that doing a pidyon nefesh with Rav Berland (aka Eliezer ben Etia) really works. The last couple of years, I’ve been having an ‘interesting’ time, health-wise. If you’re occasionally visiting the, you’ll know that I’m a big believer in soul, body and mind being intrinsically connected to each other. […]


Do it today

One thing you get by the tzaddikim is clarity. Yesterday, after a week of just feeling totally out of it, and confused, and overwhelmed and ‘lost’, I finally made it up to Meron, to the tomb of Rashbi. I went up the 90, from Jerusalem to Tiveria, and it was so good to see all […]


I hope I’m not going to get arrested too…

Today, I got an email from someone I’m close to who works on the Shuvu Banim website. It was quite a simple email, hinting that there’s a possibility that the person could be arrested soon, in connection with the ongoing police investigation against the Rav. My contact wanted to know if I could keep an […]


The camp of compassionate people

It’s not easy to give. But the people who most benefit from our generosity is…ourselves. I just wrote a whole, long piece about two families who need some serious help to get their children married off this week. Long story short, they need to find $4000 each to pay for the most basic, subsidized wedding […]


Ugly Emuna

Over Shabbat, I dusted off some of my journals from the last few years, and I had a quick leaf through. What struck me – almost instantly – is how much better my life has got since I found out about Rabbi Eliezer Berland, and took that leap of faith to pay that first pidyon […]


Rav Huna’s Vinegar

Aka, why ‘bad’ things don’t really happen to ‘good’ people. In the Gemara, Tractate Brachot 5b, we find the following: Rav Huna had four hundred barrels of wine that soured, i.e. they turned into vinegar. Rav Yehuda, the brother of Rav Salla Chasida, as well as other Sages, went in to visit him…They said to […]