Picture of Michael, a homeless man, holding up a sign saying: Seeking Human Kindness

I just got this from someone I know personally over email, and if you have some spare ma’aser money, it could really help to save a life:

I am asking everyone I know to please help my friend, Bob Ackert, a Chabadnik from Maalot who has been coming close to Rav Berland for the last couple years. He is 61 and has a 12 year old daughter. He has been in a coma since June after brain surgery, and the doctors now give him a few weeks to live.

Rav Berland says that with a pidyon of 20,000 shekels, Bob will see a complete recovery. So far, we have raised just over 5000 and are out of ideas of where to turn next.

I am told maaser monies may be used.

If you are able to help at all, please make the donation at https://ravberland.com/pidyon-nefesh/ and say it is for the recovery of Yerachmeil Chai ben Chana.

If you are not able, please remember my friend in your hitbodedut and maybe say some tehillim in his merit. Every bit helps.

Thank you for reading.


We could all use some extra mitzvahs this time of year…. so let’s practise some achdut, and see if we get together the 15,000 nis Bob needs for his pidyon.


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