Two years ago, on Rosh Chodesh Iyar, the Rav gave a shiur which contained a coded message about what they were planning to do at Meron.


The date was April 11, 2021 – The Rav released a recording from prison asking people to go and pray at Meron all night until the dawn minyan.

He also explained that:

In that excerpt, you’ll see lots of references to gates, and cats and dogs being run over and crushed, and ‘electric chairs’ in the town square, and the police going on their ‘megaphones’ to make an announcement to wipe out all the Jews…

I actually have goose bumps re-reading it.


Part of the Rav’s style is that he hides a lot of these clues in stories and ‘tales’.

Given all the persecution he’s had, and given the evil people in power all over the world, it’s perhaps getting easier to understand why so much of what the Rav says is ‘hidden’, and can often appear to be so random and strange.

That warning two years ago was ‘hidden’ in the middle of a story about the Baal Shem Tov, overturning a decree that the Sultan had made in Istanbul to kill all the Jews.

Last week, the Rav retold that story again, but with some pertinent details modified, that I will bold for you, below.


Before we continue, I also wanted to share something else that the Rav said in a shiur, namely:

They say that the first thing they will do is to fire a nuke…. that they wiill fire shells that have ‘Shuvu Banim’ written on them, and this will turn the nuke, it will turn the nuke into candies….

But say seven Tikkun Haklalis! If you say seven Tikkun Haklalis, it can’t harm anyone.

Seven Tikkun Haklalis cancels all the harsh decrees in the world!

There is no decree that it can’t nullify. There is no decree in the world that this can’t nullify!


That is how we cancel these decrees at their root, because we can’t fight against these evil people who just want to kill and destroy us – and the rest of the world – with the weapons of Esav.

No demonstration is going to change what’s going on here.

Only teshuva, charity and prayer – and especially, reciting as many Tikkun Haklalis as possible, and binding ourselves to the true Tzaddikim of the generation, who really know what is going on here.


So now, this is the ‘Baal Shem Tov’ story that the Rav told last week.

Read it, pray on it, and figure out what yourself, what we’re up against here.

And then say some Tikkun Haklalis to cancel the decree!

There is no yeoush in the world.


[The Rav tells the story of a very wealthy couple from Berlin who couldn’t have children. They were told that the Baal Shem Tov could help them. So, they searched him out and eventually found him in Istanbul. To honour the Baal Shem Tov, they paid for his lodgings and a lavish Seder meal. In the middle of the Seder, the Baal Shem Tov faints. His daughter, Udel, is with him.]

After this she asks him, Abba, what happened to you in the middle of the Seder? You fainted? And then you suddenly woke up…?

He said, it was that couple who couldn’t have children. There’s always a chance, one in a hundred, one in a thousand, one in a million, here there wasn’t even on in a million chance [that they would have children].

So, what happened is that they simply took my Olam Haba [World to Come].

I saw that they had already weighed up the merits, the sins. They weighed it all up before me, everything is counted. And they said to me, ‘without the World to Come, take away his World to Come.’

The Satan said, this time I’m going to take revenge on him right up to the end.

So, I began to dance and to sing, without the World to Come, with such enthusiasm, even more than I had originally.

The Satan saw this and became subdued. He raised his hands up, he submitted. He said, give it back to him, give it back to him.

This is the story with the World to Come.


In the meantime, in Istanbul, there was a decree.

The Baal Shem Tov, when he came to that place, he did there a whole bunch of sweetenings.

There was a decree there, like in Hebron, to wipe out all the Jews. From six thirty in the morning until eight, they wiped out all the Jews in Hebron. In a second, all of them slaughtered their neighbours. They gave a signal, an announcement went out in the street to exterminate all the Jews.

In five minutes, not one Jew would be left alive.

Out of a hundred thousand Jews, a million Jews, not one Jew would be left alive. The Baal Shem Tov began to sing, “L’oseh niflaot gedolot levado ki leolam hasdo” [the One who does great wonders alone, because He is always kind] (Tehillim 136:4).

This is what he sang, with tremendous dveikut [clinging to Hashem].


In the meantime, the decree was at six in the morning. They were going to slaughter all the Jews. By seven there wouldn’t be even one Jew left alive.

In the meantime, it wasn’t revealed to a single person.

They said, if the Jews would know that there was such a decree, they would nullify it within five minutes. Jews are crafty, they’re resourceful, maybe they’re created by the Satan…? They can nullify all the decrees in the world. There’s no decree that a Jew can’t nullify.

So, they made a ruling that this cannot be revealed to a single person. If they would know that the Jews knew, if they knew who revealed it…


There was one person, a very suspect person indeed, a renegade.

He would always tell all the secrets of the king’s palace. What was going on there inside the Mossad, inside the Shabak. He would reveal to the Jews each time what there was decreed. They would then go and nullify it within five minutes. They would bring a billion dollars, two billion dollars, whatever was needed, and nullify every decree.

So, it was possible to make the decree only on the condition that no one would reveal it. If the Jews would know…

If they would know who revealed it, they would immediately hang him.

Ok. The minister who would always reveal [the secrets], he was one of the ministers that loved Israel. So, he couldn’t sleep at night.

It was already one at night, in another five hours they would already slaughter all of the Jews. Not one Jew would remain.

What was the Jews sin?!? What did they do wrong?!? That they received the Torah?!? That they received Torah from Sinai?!? What was their sin?!?


Ok. He decided to go to the head of the community.

To the head of the community himself and wake him up at one in the night. He would tell him about the decree and then flee. He would tell him that he should do whatever he wanted. If you want, they can hang me, or not hang me. Find a way so that they don’t know that you know anything at all about this.

Find a way of nullifying the decree without showing that you know anything about it.

How is it possible to do this? To nullify a decree and to say that I don’t know that there is such a decree?

What’s your choice? If you know that there’s a decree, then they’ll hang me, and if you don’t announce that there’s a decree, they won’t hang me, but they’ll hang you…

He decided that he didn’t care, they’ll hang me or they won’t hang me, in any event I need to tell that there’s such a decree.


So, he knocked at one in the night.

There in Istanbul, they finish the Seder at 11, not like here, at four in the morning. That’s just laziness. There, they finish with alacrity, ‘those with alacrity rush to do mitzvot’. So, by 11 they had all finished their Seders, everyone was already in bed, they had already said ‘Shema on going to sleep’.

And then suddenly, at one there was banging on the door. Kicking. Almost breaking down the door.

He was in a deep sleep, after Seder night. He had helped his wife with the Pesach preparations. He hadn’t slept already for a few nights. Now he had managed to get a moment of sleep. Boom.

Suddenly, an explosion, they’re blowing up the door!


He ran in bewilderment, he opened it and saw the minister who was known.

The one who loved Israel. He said, listen, there’s a decree, in another hour, two hours, there won’t be a single Jew left alive. I came at the last minute, I’m leaving now. You can’t say that you know about this. You can’t say that you heard anything about this decree. It doesn’t matter how you nullify it, I don’t care, if they catch on that you knew, they’ll hang me.

Ok. Within a minute he was gone. He was an athlete, he won a trophy in Tokyo, he managed to flee as fast as he could.

Now, the Jew stood in shock.


It’s forbidden for me to reveal that I know, so how am I going to nullify the decree?!

He said, don’t reveal it. I’m not allowed to tell, because then they’ll hang that non-Jew?! What did he do wrong?! What was his crime?! What am I going to do…? What am I going to do now…?

How can I reveal the decree without revealing the decree?? How can we announce that there’s a decree, when its completely forbidden for them to know that we know about this?!?

Ok, so he went and woke up all the heads of the community. Another nine heads of the community. They were ten in total. He went from house to house. It was already three in the morning, by the time he had woken them all, until they all got up, until they left their houses. They already hadn’t slept in a week, and now the first night that they got a little rest.

They woke them up in the middle of the night with banging on the door, terrible kicking. Everyone woke up.


What? Listen. There’s such a decree, and its forbidden to reveal that we know of the decree.

Ok, one said, I have an idea. Let’s go to the Mother of the Sultan. In Istanbul the Chief was called the Sultan.

He ruled over half the world. He ruled over Mecca. He ruled over the Land of Israel. He ruled over half the world.

So, now let’s go to the Mother. We’ll relate to her the story as it is, and maybe she’ll find a way.

Ok. Three in the morning they knock on the door. They wake up the guard. The guard was also in a deep sleep. Three in the morning is the sweetest sleep in the world, the deepest. He asked them, what’s going on? It’s three in the morning…?

Yes, we need the Mother, we need the Mother of the king, the Mother of the Sultan. The Queen.


What? What? What’s so urgent? Wait another couple of hours. At five, she wakes up. It’s not possible to wake her up in the middle of her sleep.

No! Wake her immediately! You don’t know what’s going on! (It was also forbidden to reveal the decree to him.) Wake her up immediately! They screamed at him.

Ok. He saw that he didn’t have any choice.

Ten people were all screaming at him. He ran to the Queen. He knocked on her bedroom door. She woke up. Three in the morning, bewildered.


What? What’s going on? What’s happening? It’s three in the morning?!

He said to her, I don’t know. Ten important people arrived here, ten Jews, and told me to wake you up urgently.

Ok. She got up.

She ran down all the stairs, a hundred stairs, until she got downstairs.


The Jews said to her, listen.

There’s a decree to kill the Jews. It’s forbidden to reveal it. It’s forbidden to know that we know at all, and its forbidden to know that you know of the decree.

She said to them, don’t worry. Stay here, drink a cup of coffee, without milk (the milk is milk of non-Jews) but without milk it’s ok for you.

Like that one who threw out all the Jews from Prague and in the end he drank the milk and Hashem have mercy what happened to him…

So, coffee without milk, that’s ok. I’m going right now to my son, I have an idea. I’ll return in another two hours, and you’ll see that it will all be nullified.

Ok, they sat and drank a cup of coffee…


In the meantime, she took a chariot with four horses, and in ten minutes she managed to reach the palace.

She banged on the gate. The guard didn’t understand. It was already four in the morning. What’s going on?! What’s going on here?! What?? You want to wake up the King at four in the morning?!? Such a thing has never happened!

Yes! Wake him immediately! This is something urgent! It’s a matter of life and death! Wake him up! He wasn’t prepared to do so.

She screamed at him and almost hit him, until he opened the gate. She came in and ran to the King’s room, and woke him up in the middle of his sleep…


The King got up in his pyjamas.

What’s going on Mum? What happened? Why did you come here? It’s four in the morning?

What, you don’t know? Your father came to me in a dream. I saw your father in a dream. He said, there will not remain even a remnant.

By six, there won’t remain a remnant from all of our family. I’m going to die. You’re going to die. Your children will all die. Not a remnant will remain.

He said, Mum, what’s going on? I don’t understand what the dream means?

What do you mean, you don’t know what the dream means?! You did something not good.

Tell me what you did? What sin did you do? You ate on Ramadan? What happened?


No, Mum, I don’t eat on Ramadan, I don’t eat in the bathroom, I don’t hide, I fast thirty days straight like you need to.

So, what did you do that was not good?

Everything is good with me, I pray five prayers a day, I put down a rug.

Tell me what you did? Tell me what you did? Don’t hide from me. In a short time, there won’t be a remnant of any of our family.

Within two hours we’ll all be destroyed.

There’ll be here a fire. Everyone will be burnt alive.

Tell me what you did!


Ima, Ima, listen. You’re right I did do something. But I did something good.

What did you do good? What did you do?

I decided to wipe out all the Jews, they call it ‘Juden-rein’, it means that here will be clean of all Jews. I wanted to clean the city out of all Jews.

What?! You’ve gone completely crazy! You’re starting with the Jews?! Don’t you know what happened to Pharoah! What happened to Sisra! Haman…

Ahashverosh hanged him himself!

Why are you starting with the Jews?! Do you want to wipe out all of my family?! What’s wrong with you!

Tear up the decree!!


Ima, Ima, I’m already tearing up the decree. Ima I’m running now to tear up the decree.

He ran to the archives, there was the parchment. He tore it into shreds.

He brought it to his Mother. Ima, look, all the shreds, the decree is nullified. You have nothing to worry about.

Immediately, she returned to her palace. There the Jews were waiting. It was already five in the morning.

In another five minutes, the sunrise minyan would start. She showed them the shards of the decree. She told them, everything’s ok, don’t worry.


So, after the prayers, they told the Jews what had happened.

They told everyone the whole story. But when they returned [from the Mother’s palace], they heard again the song, “L’oseh niflaot gedolot levado ki leolam hasdo” and then they said:

There was some surprising Jew who was singing this song, and they didn’t know who this meshugah [crazy one] was who came to Istanbul, and all night, two or three hours, he sang, L’oseh niflaot gedolot levado ki leolam hasdo…

And then the Baal Shem Tov said, if it wasn’t for this surprising Jew, this meshuganeh, there wouldn’t have been a miracle.


(With thanks to my husband-bot for translating this yesterday.)

Ad kan.

I bolded the bits that struck me as meaningful, but I honestly don’t have much more of an idea than you do, except that it seems to involve Arabs trying to kill a lot of Jews, a ‘King’ who rules half the world but was very much under the thumb of his mother, ‘the Queen’, bombs, fires and explosions.

I have no idea what that part about the milk is all about, nor who kicked the Jews out of Prague.

But, it’s for sure not random, just like all that stuff about cats and dogs being run over and crushed, and the police announcing death to the Jews from their ‘megaphones’ wasn’t random either, two years ago.

May Hashem save us!

Instead of wasting our time debating politics or demonstrating, we should really just be praying as many Tikkun Haklalis as possible…

And this time, BH, the decree won’t only be mitigated, it will be totally torn up.



This is what I found in two minutes of trying to find some links to Jews expelled from Prague:

  1. The Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa, who hated Jews but at the same time had a lot of tolerance for Frankists…. Maria Theresa was also the first monarch in Europe to push vaccinations…. Fancy that.
  2. This plot from 2006, where radical Muslims apparently planned to take over the Jerusalem Synagogue in Prague, make a bunch of demands that were impossible to meet – and then blow the synagogue, and the Jews inside it, up, God forbid.

They were stopped from doing that, thank God.

But, these people aren’t very creative, and they usually just keep recycling their ideas, and there’s something about that Prague plot that is kind of niggling me.

May God just rescue us from all our enemies.



Here’s a write up of that planned attack in Prague, from the Wayback Machine:

As well as links to ‘Jerusalem’, it also links to ‘Oslo’, and of course Prague is where so many of these Sabbatean-Frankists, including Jonathan Eibshitz, were hanging out.

Snippet, about the ‘secret source’ who doesn’t want to give any more information about the planned attack:

Czech Chief Rabbi Ephraim Sidon said that the attack had been planned against the Jerusalem Synagogue in central Prague, and not against the highly-concentrated tourist attractions in the old Jewish Quarter.

On September 23 the government deployed armed guards around dozens of buildings and on the streets in the Czech capital after security services issued a warning that an unspecified attack was imminent.

Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek and government officials have since refused to divulge details of what kind of attack they feared in Prague.

“I am not authorized to provide any information in this case,” the paper quoted Topolanek as saying when asked about the information given by the sources.

“Concurrent with the government decision, I only continue to insist that the measures and the extent of information supplied to the public were, and are in proportion to the information obtained [by intelligence officials] and to the threat.”

Lots to think about.



Someone told me there is a story about the Maharal of Prague saving the Jews from an attempt to kill them off by poisoning the milk.

I tried looking for that online, but so far I didn’t find that story.

What I DID find is some strange stories about Nazis using ‘poisoned milk’ to kill off the Jewish children of Lety, during WW2, on JSTOR here.

This is a screenshot:


And also, the story of the Mufti of Palestine hatching a plot in Berlin with the Nazis to ‘poison the wells’ of Tel Aviv in 1944, with white powder that was oxygenated arsenic, HERE.

Here’s a snippet:

On 1941 the Arab Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini met with Adolf Hitler and discussed ways to ‘solve the Jewish problem’. Three years later the Nazis and the Arabs of Palestine planned to poison the drinking water in Tel-Aviv with Arsenic poison…. Operation Atlas

A collaboration between Palestinian and Nazi parachutists was developed by al-Husseini, and On November 5th 1944, five people parachuted into the skies over Jericho from a German plane – three Germans and two Arabs – and landed in the area southeast of Jericho. The head of the operation was Kurt Wieland who was living in the German Colony in Jerusalem and was a great admirer of Hitler. Another member of the group was Hassan Salame who was from the leaders of the Palestinian Revolutionists against the British at the time.

They carried with them containers with a deadly Arsenic poison – white powder which dissolves in water and can kill 25,000 people per container. They had 10 containers with them.

Some Bedouins from the area of Jericho witnessed the parachuting and informed the British police who then began searching for them. Four of the five-member group were located in a cave close to Jericho. One of the terrorists, Hassan Salame, escaped (and was later killed by the IDF in the War of Independence). After searching the area the police found bags filled with money, a radio transmitter produced in Germany, 200 gold coins, ammunition, automatic weapons, explosives, medicine, two German-Arabic dictionaries and the containers of the deadly poison. 

Arsenic poison

Effects of severe exposure to arsenic include: ‘pins and needles’ tingling in the palms, or cramps in calf muscles, Heat and irritation in throat and stomach, a garlic odor on breath, or a metallic taste in the mouth, vomiting, purging with very loose stools, neurological effects including restlessness, chronic headaches, apathy, fainting, dizziness, delirium, somnolence, convulsions and coma. Signs of long-term exposure include, development of white crescent-moon marks on the fingernails, a darkening of the skin, skin lesions, a skin rash and the appearance of small warts on the palms, soles and torso, mottled spotting.


And lastly, there’s this creepy story about ‘cultured milk’ hitting the shelves in Israel:

I had no idea what so-called ‘cultured milk’ is meant to be, but I knew it didn’t sound like something good.

So, I went to the WILK website HERE, and this is what they taught me about how they make ‘cultured milk’ (get your puke bag ready):


mammary gland tissue –
both human & animal



from other cells



Growing cells in a bioreactor creating an ideal
and controlled environment



sterile, safe & fully
personalized Milk ingredients





In other words, ‘cultured milk’ is human breast milk grown in a lab, mixed with ‘milk’ from who knows what other animals and creatures, bio-engineered or otherwise, and then sold to the unsuspecting public as a great ‘veggie’ protein alternative…

Just watch all the Erev Rav ‘rabbis’ here line up to tell us how kosher, and ‘pareve’ and environmentally-friendly all this ‘cultured milk’ stuff is going to be!!!!

On balance, I’m thinking the arsenic-flavored milk is probably less gross and dangerous….

But what do I know.


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12 replies
  1. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    “a ‘King’ who rules half the world but was very much under the thumb of his mother, ‘the Queen’”…
    That sounds exactly what the world says about us. Jews rule half the world under the thumb of the USA.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      As a former Brit, I’m taking it way more literally.

      King Charles, son of a known eugenicist, whose grandma is buried here in Jerusalem, and whose family has been running the international slave trade, behind the scenes, for at least 4 centuries, is about to be coronated in the UK.

      These royals are bang in the middle of all the yuck going on all over the world, just running it via their deep state ‘special forces’.

      And it’s been that way for a very long time.

  2. r
    r says:

    What a light to see the picture of the Rabbi on your website…
    I am happy that the Rav is not in hospital, prison or G-D forbid abroad.
    May the Rav always be successful.

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    I prayed about it (for the Jews not to be destroyed), and said a Tikun Haklali.

    How does the Rabbi know what’s going to happen? Dreams, visions, etc.?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Kol HaKavod, Simon! The more people do that, the faster and easier all this gets sweetened.

      Genuinely holy people who are on an extremely high level have highly developed ruach hakodesh.

      But many people on a much lower level, even ‘regular’ people can also sometimes experience ruach hakodesh, too.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Can you please also post up 1-2 sentences in English explaining the links you are posting up here. A lot of the readers don’t understand Hebrew.

      Also, having watched this video – it’s a man saying that an image of the Baba Sali appeared on his mirpesset wall on Shabbat – I’m not entirely sure how it’s relevant to the blog.

      But I don’t mind to post things up that are ‘quirky’, as long as readers are aware that I’m not endorsing any of the videos in the comments myself, or any of the people that are appearing in them, or any of the information they contain unless I explicitly say that.

  4. ATikva
    ATikva says:

    Thank you for your article.

    The Rav really is an amazing storyteller… I am always impressed how he can switch the tension to laugh. I really feel immersed with the minyan running everywhere and clearly imagined the mother jumping 10 steps at a time (with her wonderful haute-couture coat above her pyjamas) and the man singing all night, steadfastly and people wondering who this is… In an other occasion the Rav told the story, the king confessed he ate on Ramadan but nobody saw him. Now the queen goes straight to the point ! I believe this apparent funny aspect is also part of the Tikun.

    In the merit of the Rav, in the merit of Rav Haim HaCohen « haHalban » may we all be protected from « spammilk » bzhm


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