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“Alexander Helios” son of Cleopatra – AKA ‘Alexander III of Judea’

This is going to be a mind-blowing post, BH.

Buckle in.

The story begins back in Egypt in 40 BCE – where else? – where Cleopatra VII and the Roman leader Mark Antony become the proud parents of twins.

The boy twin is called ‘Alexander Helios’ – helios – Greek for sun – to connect him to the worship of the sun god.

The girl twin is called ‘Cleopatra Selene’ – selene – Greek for moon – to connect her to the worship of the moon goddess.

Four years’ later, another son shows up for Cleopatra and Mark Antony, who is called Ptolemy Philadelphus, born in around 35 BCE.


Standard (fake…) history tells us that after Mark Antony and Cleopatra go to war with Octavian, who wins and becomes ‘Emperor Augustus’ of the Roman Empire, these three children of Mark Antony and Cleopatra are taken to Rome.

There’s a famous account of the 11 year old twins being marched behind a wax effigy of Cleopatra VII in heavy golden chains, as part of Augustus’s ‘triumphal procession’ through Rome – apparently in 30 BCE.

Then, the children are given to Octavia Minor to raise, apparently in Rome.


As well as being the full sister of Octavian, the new ‘Emperor Augustus’, Octavia Minor also happened to be the wife of Mark Antony.

He officially divorced her when he returned to Cleopatra VII, back in 32 BCE.

This comes from the Britannica website, HERE:

Octavia, byname Octavia Minor, (born c. 69 BC—died 11 BC), full sister of Octavian (later the emperor Augustus) and wife of Mark Antony…. Octavia was a faithful wife and mother who raised Antony’s children by Cleopatra along with her own children.


As well as Cleopatra’s kids with Mark Antony, Octavia Minor also had her own kids with Mark Antony, including:

Antonia Minor (36 BCE – 37 AD)


Antonia Major.

Screenshot from HERE:


You’ll recall that ‘Antonia Minor’ becomes the mother of Emperor Claudius a little later on, and also has a whole bunch of Herodian royal child hostages being raised in her house, including ‘King Marcus Julius Agrippa I’ of Judea, aka Herod Agrippa I.

She is also meant to be very good friends with none other than ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ of Alexandria, brother of ‘Philo Judea’ – and this Lyismachus-Alabarch-Philo family are also apparently, somehow related to ‘Alexander III (Helios) the son of Herod the Great.

This snippet comes from HERE:

At some unknown date, Alexander was appointed Alabarch of Alexandria. The alabarch was a magistrate responsible for customs in Alexandria.

Later Alexander became an administrator for the extensive land estates in Egypt, owned by Antonia Minor.

Antonia Minor was a Roman noblewoman, who was the niece of Emperor Augustus and the youngest daughter of the triumvir Mark Antony.

Alexander had been a long-time friend of Antonia Minor’s youngest child, the future Emperor Claudius.

As an indication of Alexander’s great wealth, he had nine gates at the Second Temple in Jerusalem “overlaid with massive plates of silver and gold.” (War, 5.205)


We will come back to Antonia Minor shortly.

For now, it’s enough to know that the child hostages of other countries were raised (aka ‘brainwashed and indoctrinated’) in Antonia Minor’s Roman home, and I suspect this was a prototype ‘MK Ultra’ type of racket going on.


Before we continue, let’s set out something that you may not have known:

All the texts coming out of Rome at this time were ‘official propaganda’, written by and for the Roman elite.

But they went to great pains to try to cover that up, and to pretend that ‘anyone’ could write this stuff and get it widely disseminated around the Empire.

It’s exactly what we see today, that all the really influential positions and jobs, and all the authors and stars, they are 99.9% always the same people, moving in the same small circle, from the same small group of ‘elites’ that control everything from the shadows.

All our communication is effectively bought and paid for, and working for the government and spy agencies. And that includes all the major social media ‘influencers’.

And, this was even more true 2,000 years ago, when you needed an army of scribes to write a book.


What that means, tachlis, is that all of the following works were written by and for Romans, to present a certain picture to the wider public, and disseminate their propaganda far afield:

  1. All the works of Josephus – which most of the official ‘history’ of the Middle East 2,000 years ago is based on.
  2. All the works known as ‘the New Testament’
  3. Probably also the books of the Maccabees
  4. The rest of the ‘histories’ and works written by people like Philo.


On top of that, we then have even more censorship and deception going on at the hands of the Church censors, down the centuries, to try and erase even more details that could show that:

  • ‘Jesus’ was actually a real, flesh-and-blood monarch, who was literally leading the Jewish revolt against the Roman occupiers of Judea.
  • The Romans were – and still are! – the bad guys in this whole story.
  • The whole religion of xtianity was basically made up by a group of influential, elitist Romans, and a few ‘Hellenistic’ Jewish helpers based in Alexandria, to control their slaves and put an end to the religious fervor and influence of the Torah-true Jews.


‘Josephus’, whoever that guy actually ends up being in the end of this, was the main ‘editor in chief’ of all the information the Romans allowed to freely circulate, to create a false ‘official history’ of what had gone down in Judea, around the time of the Great Revolt and the destruction of our Second Temple.

When you read the Book of Maccabees, for example, and then you read Josephus, you can clearly see these works are written in a very similar way.

Because they had the same ‘editor in chief’ arranging the material.

And when you compare Josephus with other works in the so-called ‘New Testament’, you again see how so much of the information overlaps, and is clearly written by the same people.


Now we’ve set that out, let’s continue to the story of ‘Alexander III’ of Judea, AKA Alexander Helios, the son of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

So, I actually have to thank Moshe Parry here, because he is the one who really made me understand that Josephus was lying through his teeth about a whole bunch of stuff. 

And that whenever our Talmud and Josephus contradicted each other, as they do in some key ways, we should go with the Talmud’s version of events. That was a real eureka! moment for me, because the Talmud says that Herod the Great NEVER married ‘Miriam / Mariamne the Hasmonean Princess’, as Josephus / the Book of Maccabees claims.

This comes from Bava Batra 3B, translation from HERE:

Herod was a slave in the house of the Hasmoneans.

He set his eyes upon a certain young girl from the house of the Hasmoneans. One day that man, Herod, heard a Divine Voice that said: Any slave who rebels now will succeed. He rose up and killed all his masters, but spared that girl. When that girl saw that he wanted to marry her, she went up to the roof and raised her voice, and said: Whoever comes and says: I come from the house of the Hasmoneans, is a slave, since only that girl, i.e., I, remained from them. And that girl fell from the roof to the ground and died…


It is related that Herod preserved the girl’s body in honey for seven years to prevent it from decaying. There are those who say that he engaged in necrophilia with her corpse and there are those who say he did not engage in necrophilia with her corpse. According to those who say he engaged in necrophilia with her corpse, the reason that he preserved her body was to gratify his carnal desires. And according to those who say he did not engage in necrophilia with her corpse, the reason that he preserved her body was so that people would say he married a king’s daughter.


Herod said to himself: Who expounds the verse: “One from among your brothers you shall set as king over you” (Deuteronomy17:15) as meaning that he who is appointed as king must come from a Jewish family and cannot be an emancipated slave or a convert? It is the Sages who expound the verse in this manner, insisting that a king must have Jewish roots. He then rose up and killed all the Sages, but spared Bava ben Buta in order to take counsel with him.


So, I read this passage from Bava Batra 3B, and I started scratching my head…

Because while Josephus claims that ‘Alexandros III’ and ‘Aristobulus IV’ are Herod the Great’s sons by his ‘first wife Mariamne I’, the Hasmonean princess, we now know this simply isn’t true.

So, what was really going on here? And why would anyone care to lie about these people, in such a blatant way?


As usual, the first step was to get more of the sparse details, to see what real facts I could stand up in this fake history.

The following comes from Wikipedia HERE , and sums up most of what Josephus writes about this subject in Antiquities,  xv. 10, § 1; xvi. 1, § 2; 3, §§ 1-3; 4, §§ 1-6, etc:

Alexander, son of Herod was born about 35 BC; died about 7 BC. His mother was the Hasmonean princess Mariamne.

The unfortunate fate which persistently pursued the Hasmonean house overtook this prince also. As heir presumptive to the throne by right of descent on his mother’s side, he was sent to Rome for his education in the year 23 BC. He remained there in the household of Asinius Pollio until about the year 17 BC, when Herod himself brought him and his younger brother Aristobulus, who had been with him, home to Jerusalem. Shortly afterward Alexander received in marriage the Cappadocian Princess Glaphyra, the daughter of King Archelaus of Cappadocia. Glaphyra bore Alexander three children, two sons: Tigranes, Alexander and an unnamed daughter…

[A]bout the year 7 BC, at Sebaste (Samaria) — where thirty years before Mariamne’s wedding had been celebrated — her sons suffered death by the cord.


I always get kind of torn writing these posts, between giving you all the information, so you can see exactly how I draw these conclusions, versus just giving you the bottom line, so you don’t get overwhelmed with the information, and can actually absorb more of what we’re learning here.

I’m going with the ‘less is more’ approach in this post, and if you want more details, ask in the comments and I’ll try to oblige you.

Bottom line: Alexandros III of Judea is born in the same year as ‘Alexander Helios III’, the son of Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII.

Bottom line: Alexandros III and Alexander Helios III both marry the same woman – Glaphyra of Cappodocia.

Bottom line: Herod the Great never marries a Hasmonean Princess called ‘Mariamne I’. But he DOES marry another ‘Mariamne’ the daughter of the High Priest Simon ben Boethus, who he brings over from the Oniad ‘Temple’ in Leontopolis, Egypt, to be the Kohen HaGadol after the rest of the Hasmoneans have been massacred.

Bottom line: The last Hasmonean Priest-King is Antigonus Mattathias II, who rules Judea with Parthian help between 40 – 37 BCE – until Herod teams up with Mark Antony, to get him out of the way, in 37 BCE. Antigonus Mattathias II is crucified to death by Mark Antony, who then appoints Herod in his place.


Here‘s the Geni page for ‘Glaphyra of Cappodocia’:


There is the usual ‘balagan’ going on around her profile, which is always a good sign that they are covering something up here.

Again, I’m going to head straight to the bottom line here:

Bottom line: Glaphyra is meant to have married three people:

  1. Alexandros III (Helios) of Judea
  2. Juba II, King of Mauretania
  3. Herod Archelaus, another son of Herod the Great.

We are saying that Alexandros III (Helios) of Judea was actually the son of Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony, given to Herod to ‘look after’ away from Rome, by Emperor Augustus.

There is no record of what happens to Alexander Helios, nor his brother Ptolemy Philadelphus, after Mark Antony’s wife (and Augustus’ sister) ‘fosters’ them.

But suddenly out of nowhere, ‘Alexandros Helios’ shows up in Judea, (together with his brother ‘Aristobulus IV’) and we’re told they are Herod’s sons by a woman who the Talmud attests killed herself before Herod could come anywhere near her….


There’s more.

Juba II, who is meant to marry Glaphyra once Alexander Helios and his brother ‘Aristobulus IV’ is killed by Herod – ON EMPEROR AUGUSTUS’S INSTRUCTIONS – is actually married to a different person we’ve already talked about, namely:

Cleopatra Selene II, the twin sister of ‘Alexander Helios’ and daughter of Cleopatra VII and Mark Anthony.


Before we continue, the penny dropped in the last few days that the way they have been hiding ‘real history’ in plain site is just to keep changing the names around of all these people.

I learned this trick well, trying to track down the Sabbateans and the Frankists who have been hiding out in the Jewish community, but it still took me a while to realise ‘the controllers’ have been using exactly the same method to ‘disguise’ who was really marrying who, and how they were all just relatives of the leading Romans, parachuted in, cuckoo-style, to take over a country’s royal family and leadership.

This snippet comes from HERE:


The key to all this, and to understanding who the ‘historical Jesus’ really was, and to understanding how the Romans have simply forged history (and the xtian religion….) for more than 2,000 years, lies in Armenia.

Bottom line: the Roman Empire and the Parthian Empire were fighting each other for a century.

And principalities like ‘Judea’, as Eretz Yisrael became known, were the meat in this sandwich.

And the other main area which became the meat in this superpower sandwich is the area that roughly corresponds to parts of Syria (Edessa and Palmyra), plus Emesa (modern Homs) – and Armenia.


Let’s sum up where we’ve got to, and then I will do a little bit more on ‘Alexander Helios’, before I call it a day for this post, because there is so much more to tell you still.

And we didn’t get to the ‘real Jesus’ yet, or a strange group of Roman Elites who were into secret societies and black magic called the CHRESTIANS.  But we will, BH.

BOTTOM LINE: Antony and Cleopatra had 3 kids together. The Emperor Augustus (Octavian) gave those kids to his sister Octavia to raise – along with her two daughters fathered by Mark Antony, Antonia Major and Minor.

Cleopatra Selene II married King Juba II of Mauretania – and their offspring intermarried with the people we are told were ‘Herodian princes and descendants of the Hasmoneans’ in Judea.

But really, ‘Alexandros III’ of Judea and ‘Aristobulus IV’ of Judea were none other than Antony and Cleopatra’s sons, Alexander Helios, and Ptolemy Philadelpheus.

Augustus sent them off to Judea, to Herod’s court, because it was a standard Roman occupation trick to either parachute ‘their guy’ into the position of royalty, or to subvert that royalty by having the children of the kings sent to Rome as child hostages, to be brainwashed in all the perverted and corrupt Roman ways.

But then, something clearly happened which made Emperor Augustus decide to get Antony and Cleopatra’s sons executed, in 7BCE.

So, a cock-and-bull story was concocted by the Roman propagandists led by Josephus, that had ‘Herod the Great’ murdering his own sons in a fit of paranoid anger….

Except, they were never his sons to begin with, and the bit to pay attention to in Josephus’ account is the fact that the executions were done with the permission (and encouragement…) of Augustus.


In the meantime, here’s what else we learn about ‘Alexander Helios’, the son of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra VII:

He was engaged to Iotape, the daughter of Artavesdes I.

Meanwhile, Cassius Dio, another famous Roman propagandist, seems to suggest that:

Alexander was alive at the time when Juba II married Cleopatra Selene, i.e. in the late 20s. M. Grant, Cleopatra 231, interprets [the passage in Cassius Dio] to mean that Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus were released into their custody at this time and went with them to Juba’s kingdom of Mauretania.


Is ‘Glaphya of Cappodocia’ real, or maybe just another name of Cleopatra Selene II?

I don’t know at this stage.

What I CAN tell you, is that ‘Mark Antony’ is meant to have had an affair with her grandma, also conveniently named ‘Glaphyra of Cappodocia’:


And that her maternal grandpa is ‘Artavesdes II’ – apparently the ‘enemy’ of that Artavesdes I mentioned above, who engaged his daughter Iotape to ‘Alexander Helios’, the son of Antony and Cleopatra.

Snippet from HERE:

The Armenian king [Artavasdes II] and his family, who were bound with golden chains, had to follow Antony in his triumphal procession. Cleopatra VII of Egypt awaited the triumvir on a golden throne, but Artavasdes II refused to render homage to the Egyptian Queen by Proskynesis.

After the Battle of Actium 31 BC, the Armenian king was executed by beheading at the behest of Cleopatra. In the past he had been an enemy of his namesake, King Artavasdes I of Media Atropatene, who had become an ally of Antony. She sent his head to Artavasdes I of Media Atropatene to secure his help.


The ‘Kings of Armenia’ hold the key to unlocking this whole, massive, deceitful  house of cards.

And they link us straight to the ‘real, historical Jesus’, too.

And, they link us to Queen Helena of Adiabene and King Monobazus, too.


OK, last thing for this post.

The more I try to track down ‘Glaphyra’, the more I just keep coming back to Mark Antony’s many lovers, wives and offspring.

Compare these two family trees:

1: Is ‘Artavasdes II, King of Armenia’.

2: Is his ‘unknown daughter’ Armenian Princess, who marries ‘Archelaus Sisines XVI, King of Cappodocia’ – son of Glaphyra who has the affair with Mark Antony.

3: Is Archelaus’ daughter ‘Glaphyra of Cappodocia’, who marries ‘Alexander Helios’ – almost certainly Mark Antony’s son, with Cleopatra VII.

Notice that the second ‘Glaphyra’ is meant to be born in 35 BCE – when her father was just one year old…. Whatever.


Now, look at this family tree:


We are back to ‘Archelaus Sisines’, but now, we discover that his wife is called ‘Pythodorida Philometor’ – and we learn that she is actually the grand-daughter of, yup, Mark Antony, this time through another wife (and paternal cousin) called ‘Antonia Hybrida Major’.

I can tell you this:

The whole thing stinks.

It’s looking more and more to me that the ‘royal families’ at this time were simply offspring of the leading Romans, with a few Parthians and Ptolemies mixed in to persuade the local population they were really being ruled by someone ‘local’.

And guess what?

That’s exactly what’s still happening today.



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