My friend just sent me this.

More and more doctors are starting to speak out about all the lies being told about COVID-1984.

Quickly go and listen to this, before it gets taken down again.

Facebook already took it down.

Youtube has already taken it down.

But you can still see / listen to it on Instagram (it’s not shmirat eynayim friendly).

BH, things are being sweetened….

But here in Israel, the forces of darkness currently have the strongest grip.

But hopefully, not for too much longer.


I’m feeling totally exhausted, and I need to have a break for a few days, no internet, no emailing, no blogging, nothing.

BH, I will be back after Tisha B’av.

I have the strange feeling something ‘big’ may change over the next few days.

Hopefully for the good.

Let’s see.


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