Another ‘war’

More rockets launched at Sderot and Ashkelon…

But only for two days.

Now it’s apparently all gone away again, just long enough to get the mutinous reservists in line.


More ridiculous postering from our wonderful ‘right wing politicians’ etc about the ‘big price’ anyone who threatens Israel is going to feel.

Just not any time soon, or under their watch.

More wobbly weeds, wobbling away, showing us that we truly only have Hashem to rely on.

Did we get that  message yet?


In the meantime…. the gag order on Moishy Kleinerman got extended yet again.

Even ‘regular’ people who don’t like conspiracy theories are starting to feel something is really ‘off’, and are starting to ask what is being covered up, here.

And in the meantime, Jeffrey Epstein is returning to haunt a few more people at the top of the corrupt pyramid (or at least, the ones who have been giving the job of appearing to be the public face of all this, while the real controllers remain in the shadows.)

I had a few different readers send me links to this story on Arutz 7:


Here’s the bit that really took my attention:

Epstein also had more than a dozen meetings with Ariane de Rothschild, the chief executive of the Rothschild Group of Swiss Jewish bankers, who had married into the family and was the firm’s chair at the time. De Rothschild herself is not Jewish, but the family has been a prime target of antisemitic conspiracy theories for decades.

Well, fancy that.
It’s not  letting me ‘cut and paste’ the  next paragraphs and now all my formatting here on the blog has got stuffed up.
Here’s a screenshot instead:

Ariane de Rothschild’s husband was the late Benjamin de Rothschild.

You can read more about him HERE.
He’s the guy who owned Caesaria and most of the ‘State of Israel’.

He died in January 2021, just as the ‘Covid-19 pandemic’ was really getting started, at the age of 57.

Snippet from Wiki:

“On 15 January 2021, Benjamin de Rothschild suffered a heart attack and died at his home in Pregny-Chambésy, Switzerland. He was 57.] His wife Ariane de Rothschild became the sole manager of the family business.”


There’s always more to say, but I am honestly censoring myself more and more, as this goes along.

But there’s a few things to think about.

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  1. Malka
    Malka says:

    Since Rothschild is always mentioned by anti-Semites, I always wondered…To me it looks like one time really awesome religious family became corrupted with the time. Evidence? You don’t go marry nonJews. You are not friends with Queen of England, unless you want to be like them, part of them. Does he really own Israel? My desire to move to Israel made me research real estate and finding out 98? Percent of land is owned by state!! If I buy a house n Israel (at incredibly inflated price), I will pay 18 percent in fees and taxes at the start and subsequently renting it for 48 or 90 years, because I can’t own it. I am not sure this is correct of course. I found it on the web. I would be interested in knowing the truth. It seems like I have to wait for Moshiach to dissolve corrupted state. 😥This is exactly what Nazis did- took all the land as their first step to power. State of Israel is part of NWO. I thought it was Soros, Kissinger. So is this factual it is Rothschild? What do you say Real Intelligence Rivka?😉

  2. Hava
    Hava says:

    Rivka, what was the name of the journal that reported on Ariane de Rothschild and Epstein? The name seems to be blocked by something that was on the screen when you took the screenshot.

    Glad that H’ made the plandemic take at least one of the bad guys out, along with the innocent children.


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