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Atzeret in Hevron on Wed night – 16th Aug

The Rav typically calls these Atzerets when the storm clouds are starting to gather again.

Even though I’m not following the news much these days, I can still tell you that:

There are massive fires going on in Hawaii – Maui, with almost a hundred people dead.

I think that’s the magma moving – Hawaii is a volcanic zone, and volcanoes are connected to earthquakes and other seismic events.


There is another war going on in Ethiopia – and I know this because one of my kid’s friends works for the Jewish Agency and they are getting a ton of calls from worried Ethiopians in Israel.


They are currently dropping rockets on Odessa, in the Ukraine – at least, they were last week, which is when a salesman I was talking to from the Ukraine originally told me his parents are spending most of their time in bombshelters at the moment. But still don’t want to move to Israel….

And lastly, it’s not looking so promising for the Rav to be able to get to Uman this year – and there are also rumours the Ukrainians may try to shut the whole thing down again, or severely limit the numbers.

My husband has his ticket bought and his plans made…. but the rest is up to God.


If you are following ‘the news’, I’m sure you have many, many more things to worry about and pray for, that you can add to the list.

But in the meantime:



There’s a lot to pray for, still.

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    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      You can right as long as you don’t attack me when you are having a bad day.

      Prayers – and forgiveness – are for everyone.

      None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes.

      God made ‘prayer’ especially for flawed people like us…. we’re the ones that really need it.

      • stell
        stell says:

        Though i cannot recall being rude or mean.
        Guess its old age.. no – i am not trying to excuse me.

        If i did, then forgive me, and thank you.
        I need prayers that my mind stops worrying about family, and to look only up to Hashem.
        I do talk to Hashem, tell H-m all, then a bit later, start worrying again.
        Cannot write details.
        I guess that is not having real faith in Hashem? I look only to Hashem, yet also worry.
        But prayers especially for sons, that Gd protect them from people who use them for their (these people) own benefit.
        Ok i am also what one calls, an over protective mother. Cannot do anything.
        But watch things that happen and worry..
        Wonder if there are other mothers like that.
        Hashem bless you.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Each person is on their path, and that path is designed to bring a person closer to humility – and to God.

          Sometimes, it’s very hard to watch people we love suffer and make mistakes.

          But a mother’s prayers for her children are v powerful – Rabbenu teaches, even more powerful than a Rebbe’s prayers (even assuming the Rebbe is a real Tzaddik like Rabbenu….)

          Sometimes, our children have to fall down in life, the same way we also fall down.

          The trick is to support them when that happens, and to encourage them to stand back up again.

          It’s all just a learning lesson, when God is in the picture, and people don’t let bitterness and other bad middot overwhelm them.

  1. Yakov Butterfield
    Yakov Butterfield says:

    Maui does not have an active volcano. Haleakalā, the only active volcano on the Island of Maui, erupted most recently between about 600 and 400 years ago. https://www.usgs.gov/volcanoes/haleakal%C4%81 Most of the active volcanoes are on the island of Hawaii. The smoke would blacken the skies of Oahu where I lived in the 1960s
    I heard that the Ukraine Nazi Azov Battalion is planing to bomb Uman (God forbid) or do other stuff.

  2. Becky
    Becky says:

    There was a meteor shower when the fire in Hawaii happened. The meteor shower is apparently still ongoing.
    I wouldn’t surprised if the two are connected.
    Also, I think these meteor showers have big significance in Judaism. I think they are signs for something.

  3. Yaffa
    Yaffa says:

    A lot of discussions online that maui fire was from direct energy weapons. Blackrock wanted to buy the properties but the owners wouldn’t sell. Now they have no choice

    • jozef danielewicz
      jozef danielewicz says:

      more likely just cloud seeding upwind of the area, and a few small drones with incendiary devices made almost entirely of natural plant matter. a fresnel lens and some tinder, then the drone takes off once it’s planted.
      the most popular theory is usually false. the real conspiracy is usually buried in the official story somewhere.

  4. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    I’ve seen some comments from people on the ground in Hawaii, that I considerable reliable. Each paragraph below is from a different person. The last was the most the interesting. This sounds like a premeditated act of mass murder.

    …there was ZERO government response for over 48 hours. Police closed a major highway during the fire, directing almost all exiting traffic into a Lahaina death trap. National guard didn’t show up until day 3 and only a handful of fat, untrained troops at that. Active duty was ready to go and our governor didn’t give the order.

    Just like Paradise, CA. Thousands died. It happened while every school bus was full of children and they closed the roads leaving. All the schools were closed that day in Maui. I bet at least half of those house that burned down have children in them

    I was there when all this happened and had to protect my family by taking the road to Hana immediately or else we would be dead. What this man said is true. It was a targeted attack and none of their state of the art alarms (installed may of this year) sounded, power was out before the fires, no internet, no water, all lies to keep people in place to literally burn to death. Kids were home from school and many burned to death in their houses with no parents home because they were at work. The news saying only 99 dead or whatever is complete [lies]. Tbh, I would say 1000-2000 people lost their life In this. It’s not just a wild fire, that was the secondary effects of something else. DEW? Possibly but it definitely wasn’t a normal “wild fire” and for the record there were not 80 mph winds we were outside almost all day. I would say maybe 40mph and it wasn’t that big of a deal in terms of wind.

    There was also a noticeable “haze” in the sky a day or two leading up to the fire. From where I was in Big Island it looked like a really bad vog [sic] day. I mentioned it to a few people because I thought the volcano was going off again. Just putting this info out there.

    • Hava
      Hava says:

      Looks very interesting, Denise. We’ve been having haze and cloudiness in the sky here in YERUSHALAYIM, from where I hail…and now I think I’d better ask H’ what this is all about.


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