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Ain yeoush. Again

Yah, you already know if I’m writing that in the title, I’m feeling a lot of yeoush. I took the last post down, because my husband got scared I’m over the target. He’s probably right. Even though I’m writing things so very carefully these days, the truth is the censorship and the suppression of truth […]

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The car

First, here’s a couple of interesting articles that you may, or may not, want to read about ‘facial recognition’ technology. It’s being rolled-out all over the world as we speak, in ‘lock-step’ again, touted as the magic solution to every ‘crime’ in the country – except the biggest ones of all, committed by the people […]

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The Lamed Vav Tzaddikim

There are 36, and some say 72, ‘secret Tzaddikim’ in whose merit the whole world continues to stand. This isn’t ‘happy clappy’ Breslov. It’s not even ‘chassidut’. It’s straight Gemara. ==== Sanhedrin 97b; Succah 45b: There are no fewer than 36 righteous people in the world who greet the Shekhinah in each generation. Although as mentioned, […]

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Kilauea erupts again, and spiritual ‘insurance’

First, Kilauea in Hawaii has started erupting again, massively. You can see a live stream of the lava here – it’s the Kilauea crater vent camera: https://www.youtube.com/@DoingHawaii/live This is a screenshot from around 8.30am Israel time: ==== Second, on one of the 3 Telegram channels I still check in with, someone put up this video […]