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The 7th Beggar

In Rebbe Nachman’s tale of Ancient Times (Sipurey Ma’asiot) he brings the story of the Seven Beggars. (See HERE, for a good English translation.) Except, the story ends after the tale of the sixth beggar, who heals the wounded Princess (i.e. the soul) who escapes into the Water Castle, after her evil husband the King […]


Intention is everything

I’ve been doing some more translations for Rav Berland, and the following really spoke to me, so I’m sharing it here. One nail, two outcomes One person knocks a nail into the wall in order to hang up a picture of some flower, while another person hangs a picture of the [the word] ‘Shiviti’, or […]

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Another dream

BH, my husband’s foot is finally starting to turn the corner. I’ll probably write more about what big tests we’ve been having over the last two weeks, and all the different stuff we’ve been doing, including on the teshuva front, to try to deal with it all. Right now, I’m still pre-occupied nursing my husband […]

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Giving God what He wants

These last few days, up to Yom Kippur, have been extremely challenging. I could really feel the ‘din’ in the air, and that seemed to be manifesting itself in a lot of strange health issues. That I got a bad cold is totally no big deal. But my husband came back from Uman with a […]

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Sources on Esav / Edom

As promised, here’s a re-post of a post from 3 years ago. It was interesting to me, re-reading so many of the comments under this post, and other posts related to the discussion of Trump being ‘good’, to see just how brain-washed almost everyone was, at that stage, before ‘Covid 19’, that Trump was some […]