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Another dream

BH, my husband’s foot is finally starting to turn the corner. I’ll probably write more about what big tests we’ve been having over the last two weeks, and all the different stuff we’ve been doing, including on the teshuva front, to try to deal with it all. Right now, I’m still pre-occupied nursing my husband […]

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Giving God what He wants

These last few days, up to Yom Kippur, have been extremely challenging. I could really feel the ‘din’ in the air, and that seemed to be manifesting itself in a lot of strange health issues. That I got a bad cold is totally no big deal. But my husband came back from Uman with a […]


Meet the Sepulvedas

Ireland’s first head of state (and Yitzhak Herzog’s ‘chevruta’) was a man named Eamon de Valera. If you had your cup of coffee this morning, you probably will have already recognised something strange: The man’s name is Spanish, not Irish. ==== Again, I’m going to write this post the ‘short way’ instead of the long […]

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The rod and the sceptre

I just had a fairly massive breakthrough in all the ‘false messiah family tree’ stuff. I’ve been reading some of the family history books of a man called ‘Allen Goldenthal’, a self-confessed ‘Zadokite’ (Sadducee) and Karaite. who’s done a ton of work on his family tree, and also has ‘inherited memories’ from his ancestors that […]

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R’ Yehuda Fetaya on Shabtai Tzvi – and the SHACH’s son David

I can’t claim the credit for this piece of research, which was sent in by another reader. It’s R’ Yehuda Fetaya’s discussion of the excorcism he performed of Shabtai Tzvi’s spirit, when it demonically possessed a Jewish man in Baghdad for 30 years. Before we continue, I just wanted to make something clear: We have […]