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Jesus the Kohen Gadol

This is the follow on from the post about Heliocentrism, Sadducees and Sabbateans. To recap, briefly, (for people who can’t read more than two sentences before the brain fuzz descends – i.e. everyone….), in the last post we learnt that: Zadok was the first Kohen Gadol, appointed to Solomon’s Temple. His descendants, the ‘Bnei Zadok‘, […]


God’s seal is truth

I’ve been having some interesting email exchanges around this whole subject of ‘flat earth’. The first things to stress, absolutely, is that each of us has to think for ourselves, and to come to our own conclusions. My job in all this is just to keep pulling information together, and pointing out some avenues to […]

Lunar eclipses part 2 – NASA caught in the lie

After all my Torah books, Rabbenu books and Rav books, my next most referenced book is… an atlas. It’s the Collins Atlas of the World, and it dates to 1983. And as well as maps, it’s just chock-full of the sort of pseudo-scientific propaganda they’ve been shoving down our throats for decades. I like it, […]