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A tale of two cities – 2022 style

I just got back from a whirlwind visit to London, for my nephew’s barmitzvah. The last time I was there in May, the country was just properly coming out of all the masks and lockdown tyranny, and there were so many closed stores all around, even on Bond Street, one of London’s main shopping thoroughfares. […]

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More clues from the Rav

Well, the farce is over for at least another six months. Loads of us went out to vote for one stinking pile of manure, or another. And now, we’ll just have to see how God is going to turn all this around for the best, because personally, the idea of having Netanyahu back in the […]


Jeffrey Epstein, George Church and DNA Origami biofilms

On shabbat, I woke up with the name ‘Jeffrey Epstein’ resounding in my head. In ways none of us really still understand, Jeffrey Epstein is somehow deeply connected to this whole ‘Covid 19 – transhumanism’ mess that we are currently living through. Here’s how that basic connection works, at this stage: DARPA (run and operated […]


Holy Jews

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been getting a practical lesson in just how good, and just how holy, so many of the simple Jews out there really are. You won’t hear stories about these simple Jews in the propaganda press, including Jewish propaganda sites like A7 and the Yeshiva World News. You probably won’t […]

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Was Rebbe Nachman’s ‘advice’ on vaccines forged?

That is the question I’ve been asking myself for months, already. [Reposted from the old blog, but if anything, even more relevant to what’s going on today, especially about Freemasons, Royal Families and ‘vaccinations’.] Because if you read Rebbe Nachman, he tells you again and again and again stay away from all doctors, they are mamash […]