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Pie in the sky

I got into such a bad mood before Shabbat. I had a big plan to make a milky Shabbat, replete with filo pastry mushroom bourekas – handmade, with love and lots of butter. And there wasn’t a lot else on the menu. My husband, may God bless him with every good thing, and lengthen his […]

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Yesterday, I went to the Henna (engagement) party of a girl I’ve known for almost a decade. She was the best friend of my daughter in school. These girls went through so much, before they ended up in a school that seemed like the answer to a parent’s dream – for the year it stayed […]


Turn off the news

Just got back from Shabbat in Tsfat. It was pretty relaxing… no internet for nearly three days… I will write more about the trip another time, maybe. But then I ‘check in’ with my two telegram channels and one other blog… and all of a sudden, my neck is twinging again from the stress of […]