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From hatred to hope

It’s been a very tough week for me, emotionally. Every day, since that horrible terror attack on Sunday in Huwara, I’ve been feeling kind of shakey, angry, emotional, weepy…. And then, there’s all the crazy stuff going on with ‘politics’, with these horrible people in the Knesset – all of them! – just busy manipulating […]

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Who’s WHO

Short and sweet, just go and read this, back from September 2020: https://www.jpost.com/50-most-influential-jews/who-at-who-642157 Screenshot: ==== Then, read this: https://apps.who.int/gb/ebwha/pdf_files/WHA75/A75_18-en.pdf It’s the leaked document from May 2022, explaining how in the next plandemic, the WHO can effectively declare martial law on every country who signed up with them. Here’s a screenshot from page 9, the arrows […]

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The Universal Antidote

I just got sent this, about Chlorine Dioxide (aka MMS). It’s a post from the Dr Sircus site, called: The Tiger Tank Of Modern Medicine ==== Here’s a snippet – but really go and read the whole thing: The American Society of Analytical Chemists stated in 1999 that chlorine dioxide was the most powerful pathogen […]

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The reality check

Who did we all vote for last time round? ***MORE UPDATES ABOUT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN HUWARA*** Usually, I update at the end of the post, but this information is important to know, so I’m updating at the beginning, so more people will notice it. I just spoke to my ‘Shomronista’, and got more details […]

On the frontlines

Yesterday morning, me and my husband went for a tiyul in the Shomron. One of my kids is there a lot, and I spent Rosh Hashana up a hill close to Itamar, and I actually really loved the scenery there. So, yesterday I dragged my husband to go and look at some of the new […]


Checking the sources

Journalism 101 is that before you run with a story, you check your sources properly. ***NEW UPDATES*** That’s always been important, but especially today, when the ‘psy ops’ are all over the place, and the real war is for the mind and the soul, we all have to be incredibly careful and discerning about what […]