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Even a little bit counts

Last Thursday, I told one of my friends in Bet Shemesh about the Rav’s ‘push’ to say more tehillim. My friend is Chabad, not Breslov. She has five small kids at home – all under her feet more than usual, especially with the war. But she was feeling sad and apathetic last week, so I […]

Some thoughts

Yesterday, I got into a big discussion with one of my kids. Most of her circle are formerly ‘dati-leumi’ atheists, or people who grew up being brainwashed ‘against’ God and ‘religion’, God forbid. Thank God, she still believes in Hashem (and for that, we mostly have to thank Rabbenu….) But in the meantime, she got […]

Latest update from the Rav

Message from Rav Berland from the last week (heading into Parsha Lech Lecha, 5784, pulled together 27.10.2023) == [This was being handed around at the Rav’s tefillot yesterday night, Fri 27.10.2023. I translated most of it, below. There are some more big hints about what really happened on Simchat Torah, plus more advice on how […]

Rebbe Nachman on Jewish Demons

While I’m sitting here, watching our corrupt ‘leaders’ mislead thousands of people into moving to ‘camps’…. ***UPDATES – Holograms being used more than 30 years ago below*** (This is sounding familiar, some how….. no, don’t give me any clues, I’m sure I’ll remember where we saw something like this happening before, at some point….) I […]

Spiritual Protection

I am reposting this from a few days ago. Baruch Hashem, more and more people are starting to wake up, and to realise that the scope of the evil being done here, the level of betrayal of the Jewish people by our ‘leaders’, the true danger we are up against right now…. Only God can […]

The Narcissist Motherland

Around seven years ago, I went through a big ‘birur’ process around the topic of dealing with narcissists. I wrote a lot about my experiences on one of my old blogs, and this morning, seeing all the ‘cognitive dissonance’ occurring in Israel and other parts of the Jewish community – where we know ‘the State’ […]

Deja Vu

Do you remember back in April, there was ‘terrible chemical spill’ in Ohio? ***IMPORTANT UPDATES – I THINK WE ARE BEING PLAYED AGAIN*** Do you remember, how I was arguing against a few of the readers here on the blog about how we shouldn’t be trusting people like Mike Adams to give us info about […]

More comments from the Rav

The Rav has been speaking very strongly after davening, the last two nights. The singing has been very loud, his voice has been very ‘strong’ – it’s a good omen, because the Tzaddik HaDor reflects what’s going on with the people, and for months and months, the Rav has been sounding quite ‘weak’. But not […]