Thirteen days ago, I decided I was going to pray at the Kotel for 40 consecutive days, for the hatzlacha of a particular person.

I thought the main challenge would be finding the energy to shlep up there every day – it’s exactly a half hour walk to the Kotel, and exactly a half hour back, the perfect hitbodedut hour.

But with all this Coronavirus overkill going on, I’m starting to wonder if the authorities are going to let me keep walking up the hill to the Western Wall. Already on Shabbat, ominous tents appeared in both the ladies and mens sections, together with big signs telling visitors that no more than 50 people at a time should congregate inside of them.

It was raining – pouring! – on Shabbat, so I thought maybe that it was connected to that.


The Kotel was a pretty forlorn place.

There was maybe 20 people in each tent, plus another 5 or so ladies standing by the wall. I went up, kissed the stones, prayed my ‘Azamra’ prayer on behalf of Am Yisrael, then stepped back.

Today, Monday, I got to the Kotel to find it festooned in yellow police tape. Basically, they’ve divided the plaza up into random squarish shapes, and hanging on each piece of tape is the message from the from Misrad HaBriut that no more than 10 people at a time should congregate within each ‘square’.

If it wasn’t so ominous, all this would be totally hilarious.

There were two taped-off rectangles next to the wall itself, so I ducked under the tape to join the 15 women (ooo, naughty!) who were already praying there, kissed the stones, prayed my Azamra prayer and stepped back.

My 40th day is falling out on Sunday April 12th – the third day of Pesach.

It’s a little hard to imagine how the world is going to look by then, but what I can tell you is that whatever is going on here, it’s being perfectly scripted and choreographed across the planet.


I came back home to find my husband, who told me they have closed down all the mikvahs.

Then, I logged on to discover they have also shut down all of the yeshivas and kollels, too.

My first thought was: we are back in Mitzrayim.

When the Israelites were slaves in Egypt, this is also how it started, the slowly, slowly approach that boiled the frog oh so gently that the Children of Israel didn’t even realise what was going on – until it was too late.

If it wasn’t for Rav Berland, and his latest message, and the fact that I know what a holy, kadosh angel he is, and everything he’s doing to sweeten all this Coronavirus stuff, I would probably be panicking my bottom off right now, like I see so many other people doing.

In case you don’t know what he said, his latest message said that he is working to get the Coronavirus pandemic totally eradicated from the world by Erev Pesach, 5780.

Compare and contrast that with the headlines on the website saying that public health officials in the UK believe this pandemic is going to continue on until Spring 2021.


And now, let’s talk about more of the crazy things that are happening with Coronavirus being used as the excuse to basically try to introduce martial law, strip every single one of us our freedoms and rights, and to totally crash the economy in the worst way it’s ever been crashed.

I’m currently having an argument with my husband over *who* is behind all this, because he still feels that it’s just random reaction, as opposed to something planned from the top.

Who is the ‘they’ you are talking about?

He wants to know, when I tell him things like Trump and Bibi and just puppets, and that they are just playing the part, and reading the script they’ve been given by the real power behind the thrones.

But who is that meant to be?!?

My very rational husband wants to know.

And I can’t really answer that question.

At least, not yet.

At least, not with as many facts, and not with as much clarity and research as I usually like to bring to all these things, so right now, I can’t really tell him who they is.



But I know they exist.

And I know that very soon, what they’ve been up to for the last 75 years behind the scenes is about to be revealed very drastically and unmissably.

But beyond that, I can’t speculate.

And in the meantime, please do yourself a favor and print off the prayer to be saved from Coronavirus that Rav Berland wrote, and say it yourself, and send it on to as many people as you can.

Because whatever else is going on, that’s what is really going to tip the balance in our favor.

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  1. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    I was relieved to read it’s just men’s mikvahs that are closed so far. That’s obviously really bad, but I’m not certain I could properly predict the reaction in the Orthodox community if the women’s mikvahs were closed by a secular government’s orders too.

  2. londonmale
    londonmale says:

    Great that you can go to the Kotel, but please do not kiss the wall, not in this time of communicable disease.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Here’s the thing: it’s ALWAYS a time of communicable disease. Diseases were being communicated yesterday, and last week, and last year, and in 2010, and so on and so forth.

      There is nothing fundamentally different about ‘communicable disease’ going on right now, and even if you look at the stated death rates for Corona, they are still in line with a bad influenza year.

      • Inna Khovov
        Inna Khovov says:

        Rivka, thank you for updates! Everything you write , I feel the same adn it is a deep gut feeling. My husband is also skeptical of my thoughts. But I guess the women feel things faster better more acute.
        Whatever virus it is, nobody ever cared about 90 year old dying and bringing military to put people in concentration camps without one shot fired, voluntarily. Have very bad feeling about the situation, I trust rav Berland but seeing the situation deteriorate and all freedoms and income taken away – does not seem probable that the world will return to its previous state.


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