It’s been a pretty intense few days here.

BH, when the Deep State planned ‘civil war’ last week disappeared, around Tuesday, within half an hour everything kind of went back to ‘normal’.

And that was even more head-wrecking, to be pulled back from the cusp of something truly horrible last week, BH, and then all of a sudden, I’m back to doing my Pesach prep like nothing just happened here….


All last week, my eyes were playing up like crazy.

They kinda hurt, kind of weren’t seeing too well, were kinda heavy to keep open….

On Shabbat, one of my kids also developed an eye infection, and she said to me:

I think my eyes did this because I don’t really want to see what’s going on in the world at the moment, and all the hatred.

That’s when the penny dropped, that my eyes were doing the same thing.


Finally, Shabbat afternoon, the dam finally broke, and I just found myself crying for a few hours.

The last few years, I’ve had long stretches of time when I’ve felt so alone in this ‘spiritual war’ being waged by the forces of evil.

The lone ‘crazy’ who was talking about Bill Gates and the Rockefellers as soon as the plandemic kicked off; the lone ‘crazy’ who was petrified by all the AI facial recognition 5—-G tech appearing on a lamp-post opposite my house (and by now, almost certainly, opposite yours’, too….)

And let’s not even talk about the lone ‘crazy’ whose been telling people for years and years and years just how corrupt, violent and evil the State of Israel, and its institutions, and its ‘law enforcement’ actually is.


On the one hand, it’s totally sickening, to see the police here beat people up violently, with no justification.

Like this, a young woman being beaten up in Tel Aviv:


And like this, an elderly man being beaten up on a bus in Jerusalem yesterday:


The police here are just beating anyone up they want to, men, women, old, young, with ‘justification’ – or totally without.

And they have been doing the same thing to the Arabs and the chareidim and the Hilltop Youth for decades, just no-one cared when it was only those people.

But now, that’s starting to change, BH.

Please understand, we are already in a military dictatorship, regardless of who we vote for, and that’s been going on since the beginning of the State of Israel.

The good news is that more and more people are starting to wake up to this reality.


So, it’s very hard living through all this chaos, hatred and uncertainty, on the one hand.

But on the other, it seems there is no other way of doing this birur, that it’s the Deep State controllers who keep trying to spark a civil war, with their labels of ‘left’ and ‘right’ and their fake news, and their State-sponsored violence – while 95% of Am Yisrael are actually good people, with good souls, and good hearts.

Just we never hear about those people, because they aren’t corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, billionaires, media stars or journalists.

But, once you realise it’s the same police beating you up violently, and also beating the other people up violently  – that does wonders for national unity, honestly.


So, Shabbat I had a good cry, both because of what has been going on, but also, because I see more and more people are starting to see what’s really going on, and that’s a huge relief.

To not be the lone ‘crazy’ any more.


But, they didn’t give up yet.

The fake news is continuing.

Like this story, that a bunch of lefties apparently broke into someone’s apartment just to start a fire near the Ayalon.


(The headline on this is: Left-wing anarchists broke into the house and robbed it and burned it – did they? Or fake news? Channel 14)….

Except…. so many of the details don’t pan out, and it looks like yet another attempt to paint a picture in the media of ‘crazed lunatics’ on the other side of the debate.

Except…. the real crazed lunatics here are orchestrating the violence and anarchy on all sides of this equation.

Never forget that.


It’s kind of what happened with the plandemic, all over again.

It didn’t really matter if you were pro or anti masking, if you believed in the vax or not.

What mattered, is whether you felt your beliefs entitled you to treat other people with violence and total disdain.

The same disturbed people who were calling for ‘unvaxxed’ to be shipped off to camps had their mirror image in disturbed people on the other side of the equation, called for ‘vaxxed shedders’ to be shipped off to camps.

But, anyone who talks like this is clearly demented.


And it’s the same here.

Doesn’t matter if you think you are ‘right’ or ‘left’, what matters, is how much you respect the basic humanity of the people on the other side.

And how much you are willing to extend the hand of friendship and achdut to people you strongly disagree with, without calling them ‘animals’, or calling for massive, unjustified, punitive measure against them.

Because sooner or later, those ‘punitive measures’ will be launched against all of us, if we don’t band together and continue to act from a place of compassion, and not blind fear and hatred.


That’s the test that is going on now.

The Deep State controllers are watching to see if you and me are going to give them the green light to continue beating up, persecuting and hurting people, just because they are on ‘the other side’ of the debate.

And if we do – woe to us.

I don’t care if someone is a ‘leftie’ or ‘rightie’, I care about whether the punishments being meted out by the authorities fit the crime.

And they mostly don’t.


And the next riots here won’t be about Judicial Reform.

They’ll be about being locked down yet again, or herded into 15 minute ‘Smart Cities’, or whatever other yucky plans the Deep State Controllers have for all of us.

So think very carefully about cheering on violence and hatred, even when it’s aimed at people ‘on the other side’.

We are all one people, one Am.

And the time to remember that, to hold the line, and to stand up for compassion, dialogue and non-violent ways of solving our differences is now.


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The more I look into all these ‘rockets’ and ‘nukes’, the more I am coming to the conclusion it’s all a big hoax.

To be clear, yes, missiles exist, and yes, rockets exist, and yes, bombs dropped by plane or drone do exist, and are used to sow death and destruction all over the place.

What I’m talking about here, specifically, are rockets that are capable of going long distances, across national borders, and also ‘nukes’.

The more I look into the subject, the more it’s looking like both these things are as real as the moon landing…


This current post was inspired by more and more stories of ‘Russia and its nukes’, popping up in our lying MSM.

Like this:


And like this:



How ‘impressive’ is it, really?

(When I showed my husband this clip of the Moskit, above, the first thing he said is that it looks like CGI…. but let’s assume he’s wrong about that, at least for now.)

When you slow down the firing of this Moskit rocket, you see this:


Now, call me a cynic, but they are saying this rocket can apparently take a ship out 100 miles away, and is powerful enough to carry a ‘nuclear warhead’.


And yet all the footage we have of it show it going less than a mile – way less!!! – and then strangely, it falls out of view.

What’s more, if you look carefully, you can see that before this rocket falls out of view, it’s already clearly started it’s arc back down TOWARDS the sea, and it never got more than what, 100m?, up in the sky anyway.

And it’s meant to go along 100 miles like that, unimpeded by any dingy, yacht or other tiny boat on the ocean, let alone a real ship, until BOOM!!

It takes out a  specific ship 100 miles away.

Does this sound realistic to you?


Here is the official ‘still shot’ from the Russian media, of the Moskit apparently being launched:


Does the angle look real to you?

Because to me, this looks totally fake….


Let’s just compare and contrast with what they said Kim Il Jong’s fake ‘intercontinential ballistic missile’ could do, from THIS post.

The missile reached an altitude of 3,853 miles and traveled 671 miles during its 71-minute flight before it crashed into Japanese waters, according to reports from South Korean and Japanese officials, NK News first reported. North Korea’s KCNA gave a simliar report on the missiles capabilities.


So, the Russian missile is barely 200 metres above the water, yet apparently manages to go for 100 mile horizontally, until BOOM!

Meanwhile, this (fake…) missile is apparently launched straight up (from a re-usable vehicle that strangely doesn’t burst into flames, despite having a rocket launched mamash off the back of it….), goes up ‘3,853 miles’, and then manages to travel ‘671 miles’, before coming down in the sea of Japan.

Now, we all know maths is not my strong point, but doesn’t it sound like there is something ‘off’ going on with these basic statements?

(Grateful for readers to chip in here, on how this is all meant to work in practise…)



I found this interesting two minute video that tries to explain how all these different weapons and rockets etc are meant to work, tachlis.

It’s stuffed full of CGI, and even the video that is meant to be ‘real’, and official footage from the US and Russian militaries, looks totally fake (especially around the 2 min mark, where the rocket is shown apparently stopping mid-flight, and even going backwards, before the ‘hypersonic’ stuff starts up. Slow it down, see for yourselves):


Let’s get back to the fake Russian missiles.

While I was trying to get more information on whether anyone else is noticing that so many of these rocket launches seem to be faked, I got to THIS thread on Twitter.

It’s discussing Russia’s famous, hypersonic, death-defying ‘Kinzhal Missile’, apparently used in the Ukraine last year.

This comes from Wikipedia, always a good jumping off point, for dissecting the official propaganda:

The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal (in Russian: Х-47М2 Кинжал, “Dagger“, NATO reporting name Killjoy) is a Russian nuclear-capable hypersonic air-launched ballistic missile. It is claimed to have a range of 3,000 km (1,900 mi) and Mach 12 speed (2.5 mi/s). It can carry either conventional or nuclear warheads and can be launched by Tu-22M3 bombers or MiG-31K interceptors. It has been deployed at airbases in Russia’s Southern Military District and Western Military District.

The Kinzhal entered service in December 2017 and was one of the six new Russian strategic weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 1 March 2018.


Ah, they love nothing better than stoking up the fear porn with all these reports of ever-more fantastic weapons of mass destruction.

Like this, from the Eurasian times:


But is it real?

Here’s a bit more background on how the Russians have apparently been using it in Ukraine, then we’ll start digging down:

During the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian military said that it used Kinzhal missiles to destroy an alleged underground weapons depot of the Ukrainian armed forces in Deliatyn on 18 March 2022 and a fuel depot in Konstantinovka the next day. U.S President Joe Biden said of its use “As you all know, it’s a consequential weapon but with the same warhead on it as any other launched missile. It doesn’t make that much difference except it’s almost impossible to stop it.”

It was reportedly used again on 11 April. On 9 May, according to reports, Russian Tu-22 aircraft launched three Kinzhal-type missiles at targets in the port city of Odesa….

On 9 March 2023 a barrage of 84 missiles, including six Kinzhals, was fired at Ukrainian cities, their largest use to date. Ukraine has no way to stop Kinzhals. It is not known whether the Patriot missile system can stop such missiles.



Those evil Ruskies, and their ‘unstoppable rockets’.

But, is it real?

Let’s find out.


Exhibit 1:

‘Official footage’ of the Kinzhal shows it somehow flying BENEATH some pole…


It’s interesting to note, that they are so used to fooling us all with their CGI fakery, that more times than not, they are putting stuff out that is so sloppy, it’s almost impossible to NOT catch the fakery involved.


Exhibit 2:

The footage of this Kinzhal bombing an ‘underground arms depot in Western Ukraine’ – is actually just a farmhouse in Eastern Ukraine:


The comments on that thread are also very useful.

Like this one:

If nameless officials in our [US} intelligence community are agreeing with Russian propaganda, perhaps its to help bridge the “doomsday gap” and keep our grotesque military budget nice and fat.

And this one:

Mach 5 is typical speed. Now for the pole … it must be around 50,000 tall? 🤔

And this one basically sums it all up nicely:


So, if Russia patently didn’t use a ‘Kinzhal’ back in March 2022 to destroy an arms’ depot in Western Ukraine…

Where is the evidence that they used  more of these ‘Kinzhals’ just this month? Let’s re-boot Wikipedia’s fear porn:

On 9 March 2023 a barrage of 84 missiles, including six Kinzhals, was fired at Ukrainian cities, their largest use to date. Ukraine has no way to stop Kinzhals.


Here’s how that story was reported in real time, in our fake news, on the Politico website HERE:

“Russians returned to their old scheme — massive rocket attacks on Ukraine at night, while people are sleeping. Explosions have been recorded in most regions — infrastructure facilities and residential areas have been hit,” Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the president’s office of Ukraine, said in a tweet. “Ukraine is partially without water and electricity.”

Ukrainian Armed Forces Chief Commander Valery Zaluzhnyy reported that Russia fired 81 missiles of different types during the night: 28 X 101/X-555 missiles; 20 Kalibr cruise missiles, six X-22 missiles, eight aviation missiles, 13 C-300 air-defense missiles, and six Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.


The weird thing is, that I know people who are going back and forwards to Ukraine all the time, to Uman – and they just aren’t seeing or experiencing any of this.

Presumably, some stuff is being fired some of the time, very possibly by the Ukrainians themselves at their own targets, because as we are all starting to realise, if all the nations of the world can lie about moon landings and space stations, then they can for sure also lie about missiles that can travel for hundreds of miles and accurately hit targets when they get there….


Here’s some more tweets about these fake Kinzhals, this time from October 2022:


And this:


Why does all this matter, to you and me?

It matters, because we are continually being manipulated and lied to, that the world is full of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that can cross borders in seconds, and drop ‘nukes’ on countries, totally destroying them.

And this is more and more looking to be a complete and utter lie.

Yes, there are rockets and missiles, but they seem to have a very limited trajectory, and a limited pay load.

And no, nuclear warheads don’t exist and are scientifically impossible (still assuming nuclear fusion is true.)

So, when you see more ‘fear porn’ stories about Iranian nukes, and Russian nukes, and North Korean nukes….

Know, you are being played as a gullible fool, by people who want to keep the civilian population cowering in fear, and spending every larger sums of money on the military, while the people in charge of our own countries are the ones who we really need to be afraid of.



Here’s the ‘official footage’ of the Kinzhal being test fired back in 2018.

Again, does it look real, or computer generated?


And then this video from CNBC in December 2021 encapsulates very nicely how all this fake ‘fear porn’ works, to scare voters and squeeze ever-larger amounts of cash out of them to fund the military, so they can ‘catch up’ with the Ruskies and China.

They pulled the same stunt with the space exploration program.

There is literally nothing new under the sun.

This is a snippet from the description box, underneath this video:

The $770 billion National Defense Authorization Act signed into law Tuesday calls for investing billions into hypersonic research and development, making them a top priority for Washington. The next step is congressional approval to allocate the money for the technology to the Pentagon….

China, Russia and now North Korea all claim to have developed and successfully tested hypersonic missiles. Unlike traditional ballistic missiles that follow a set trajectory after launch, hypersonic weapons are maneuverable in flight, incredibly fast and hard to detect.

The U.S. doesn’t have operational hypersonic missiles yet, but it’s a top priority for Washington. According to the Government Accountability Office, funding for hypersonic research increased by 740% between 2015 and 2020.

The latest defense budget alone increased funding by 20%.

“It’s truly a bipartisan issue,” said Lewis. The DOD is gathering data across multiple agencies, industry leaders and academia as it races to fast-track production on its first hypersonic missile by September 2022. “We don’t want to just match them missile for missile, but introduce new capabilities of transportation capabilities, sensor capabilities. And I’m seeing that play out,” Lewis told CNBC.


Stupid, stupid us, that we’ve been falling for this same trick for so long!



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So, a reader just sent me a link to this.


Skip ahead to minute 18, where he starts to talk about the ‘suggestion’ that the USA is funding the anti-judicial reform protests.

He talks about this organisation called:

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel.

This is their front page:


Here’s a snippet of what they are saying:

We have already petitioned the Supreme Court against the two laws that were passed in the meanwhile: the law intended to enable criminals to be appointed ministers and the law that changes the Police Ordinance andincreases its subordination to the political rank.

In addition we have started a broad public struggle: thousands of citizens have already joined our demonstrations across the country in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the North, the South, and more.


So, the Movement for Quality Government is saying themselves, on their home page, that all the riots going on against the Government are ‘their demonstrations’, and a result of them initiating their ‘broad public struggle’.

Got that?

Now, let’s see who funds the Movement for Quality Government, screenshot from HERE:


What’s the MEPI Foundation, highlighted above?

It’s this:


And here is the MEPI grant program being rolled out, via the US Embassy in Tel Aviv:


So, walk through this with me.

Who is a key player behind the anti-judicial reform protests in Israel?

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel.

Who is funding the Movement for Quality Government in Israel?

The MEPI Foundation (amongst others).

What is MEPI?

It’s a branch of the US State Department, funding NGOs and pushing it’s own agenda inside the Holy Land.

So, who is really funding all these riots?

The US State Department, or ‘Deep State’ Department, whichever you prefer.


Of course, that doesn’t make Netanyahu instantly ‘good’.

We are still dealing with evil vs evil, just it’s enlightening to understand who is actually paying for what, in this puppet show called ‘politics’.


Apparently, Jews who are getting their cars stoned by Arabs in Huwara – aka Route 60, the only way in and out of many of the yishuvim in the Shomron – are now being arrested and violently attacked by yassamnikim, when they call the police or army for help.

I am trying to get more first-hand details of what is really going on up there, but in the meantime, understand that whoever these ‘security forces’ are, they aren’t working for you and me.

The question is, at this stage, whether they are even working for the Israeli government at all, or whether they are just violent thugs put here by the US Deep State, and Europeans, to continue terrorising and harassing the Jews here regardless of who we vote into power.

I don’t know what the answer is, whether our government is actually just acting as the US Deep State’s ‘kapo’, or whether they are taking the initiative on their own.

But what is clear, is that we only have Hashem to rely on, and there is no way of ‘voting’ ourselves out of this mess.

May Hashem come and rescue us from all the evil very soon!


PS: I just looked up other funders of the ‘Movement for Quality Government’ in Israel who is funding the anti-reform protests.

The Meyerhoff Joseph Fund seems to be one and the same as The Jerusalem Foundation.

You’ll recall The Jerusalem Foundation was set up by the former traitor and spy for the British, during the British Mandate, Teddy Kollek.

There is nothing new under the sun.


Meanwhile, THIS is the official website of the David Berg Foundation.

Not much to see there, but if you go to their IRS 990 form for 2020, you learn a little bit more about who else they are funding, apart from all the usual universities and Jewish Museums and Yad Vashems,

These are the ones that took my eye:

  • The ADL
  • King Baudoun Foundation of the US
  • JTS
  • World Jewish Congress
  • American Jewish Joint
  • American Friends of ITIM
  • and
  • American Supporters of YEDID

Doesn’t that say it all?


I can’t find much for the ‘Bracha Foundation’ – always a sign that this is the place to really dig.

What I can find shows they have a huge amount of cash, and tight links with the government.

Screenshot from Globes, HERE:


Ah, so now I tracked it down, deliberately misspelt on the MQGI website (I wonder why….)

HERE is it’s home page.

It’s the usual ‘social engineering’ racket, trying to ‘infect’ the Holy Land with all the woke rubbish they are corrupting the whole world with.

One screenshot:


And here’s some of that sites other donors – all the usual names, many of whom connect back to Frankist-Freemasonry and Reform Judaism:

Getting the picture?



And this is also very interesting – explaining what is really going on with the Bagatz, and how it represents ‘foreign interests’ in the Holy Land.

A lot more food for thought.

(11 minutes, in Hebrew)


Of course, the ‘right’ isnt’ the answer to this problem, either, they are also totally corrupt.

We only have Hashem to rely on.

But it’s very positive, that the truth is finally starting to come out about what is really going on in Israel, however horrible it really is.


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Following on from the revelation that everything ‘moon landing’ and space station has been faked….

I started to wonder about ‘intercontinental missiles’.

You know, those missiles and missile launches that we keep hearing about, and that the MSM keeps using to churn out more fear porn about how [fill in the blank] is about to nuke [fill in the blank] by launching an ‘intercontinential missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead’.


In THIS post, we brought a lot of evidence that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not actually ‘nuclear attacks’ at all, and that it’s scientifically impossible to make a nuclear bomb happen.

If you haven’t read that post yet, I highly recommend you take a look:


So, if thermonuclear fission is impossible to achieve in the 10 seconds it would take to drop a bomb – of course, assuming it’s possible to do at all – then the next piece of this puzzle to explore is whether intercontinental missiles actually exist.

Again, I am just puzzling this out here, on the blog, and going where the evidence takes me. If you want to disagree, with hard facts that support your position, please feel free to do that! That’s the only way we can really get this birur done properly.

So, let’s take a look at a recent launch of what we were told was an ‘intercontinental missile’, replete with lashings of fear porn.

I am of course talking about North Korea’s launch back in March 2022.


This was prompted by North Korea’s latest ‘weapon of destruction’.


Right from the start, I was pondering on the fact that all the ‘footage’ of that supposed weapon, which can, APPARENTLY!!!, cause a ‘radioactive tsunami’  just looked liked the same jumbled mish-mash of  fake news, with very little real footage showing:

a) The missile being launched.

b) The missile in flight.

c) The missile’s trajectory.

d) The missile actually hitting something.

e) The missile actually demonstrably causing anything like a ‘radioactive tsunami’.

(It strikes me that NK’s next ‘weapon of destruction’ will be an intercontinental nuke that causes radioactive tsunamis, a hike in your taxes and monkey pox, and all before breakfast…. but I digress.)

Before we continue, you should know that this lack of real footage and information is not at all unusual, as we’re about to discover.


Let’s go back to March 2022, when North Korea announces, together with Japan, that YES!!! THEY JUST LAUNCHED AN ‘INTERCONTINENTAL MISSILE’ CAPABLE OF CARRYING NUKES!!!!

Watch this:


The first thing to notice is that Kim Il Jong and his two buddies are walking against a green screen.

How do I know that?

They are casting absolutely no shadows, and the whole scene LOOKS totally fake. 

(When you don’t watch movies all the time, this stuff jumps out at you immediately.)

And in this brief tweet, we are apparently shown the rocket launching:


Does this look real to you?

I have some doubts – to me, it looks like more CGI.

So, I tried to find the longer footage, which is up on Youtube, below:


Skip the first 3 minutes and 20 seconds, unless you understand North Korean and get excited by plump women spouting propaganda.

At 3:25, Kim Il Jong and his two compadres are filmed coming out of the missile hangar.

It’s actually pretty funny.

Here’s some screenshots – pay attention to the ‘sharp edges’ I’ve arrowed, because they are give away signs we are looking at greenscreen CGI footage.


When you take the screenshots, the ‘fakeness’ looks even more apparent.

The next minute and a half shows the rocket leaving the hangar, and making it’s way to the launch pad.

The footage is cut all over the place, and chops and changes so fast, it’s hard to take anything in.

Here’s a couple of screenshots:


Even slowed down, a lot of this footage is also strangely blurred.

And of course, we have to ask about the footage from underneath the vehicle carrying the rocket…

I guess they had a camera placed directly on the concrete, or something, that this ‘transport erector launcher’ carefully rolled over. on the way to the launch pad.


Here’s a ‘blink and you miss it’ shot of how big this rocket is meant to be, from the top:


More blurred footage of the ‘rocket on the vehicle’ – why?

And then, we get to Kim Il Jong walking next to the ‘transport erector launcher’ that doesn’t appear to be faked this time – but the shot cuts off the top of the vehicle, so no rocket is in view:


Notice how the lighting has totally changed in this scene.

I suspect it’s being filmed in a studio.

Here’s some nice ‘drone footage’ of the nose, as the rocket is uprighted into place.

Notice, that just like in Hollywood, none of the multiple cameramen are in the shots here, taken from different angles. Which means they raised and lowered this rocket a good few times, to get different shots of it without the cameramen in the picture.



The actual launch starts at 7 minutes.

Now, I didn’t realise they *apparently* launch these massive rockets off the back of those vehicles. You can see superheated fire barrelling underneath it. Amazing the tyres don’t melt…. Oh wait. I forgot tyres aren’t flammable 😉 Someone should tell the protestors in Israel.

Here’s a screenshot of the footage from the top of the launch taken from a drone? A helicopter? A hot air balloon?


And here’s the ‘on board’ images, around the 8 minute mark:


(This is totally fake…. How do we know? The rocket isn’t spinning around, as it should be….)

Then, we have the shots of the rocket going higher and higher and higher… replete with some obviously fake CGI ‘cloud puffs’ that don’t change shape, at all for a full minute:


And then, something very interesting happens around the 9.50 mark:

It looks like the rocket hits the rakia.



The rest of the footage is of Kim Il Jong ‘celebrating’, with his compadres.

So, real or fake?


While you are chewing that over, this is what we were told this rocket was capable of doing from HERE:

The missile reached an altitude of 3,853 miles and traveled 671 miles during its 71-minute flight before it crashed into Japanese waters, according to reports from South Korean and Japanese officials, NK News first reported. North Korea’s KCNA gave a simliar report on the missiles capabilities.



Did that footage show anything like this rocket reaching an altitude of ‘3,853 miles’ before that weird explosion, which looks to me like it hit the rakia, the watery firmament – like they always do?


Let me put you out of your misery on this particular ‘intercontinental missile’.

It was fake.


The question is:

Are they all?



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Thank God, yesterday passed without any serious incidents or clashes here in Israel.

That is truly an open miracle that we all need to be grateful for.

Yet another war – a civil war, this time – somehow got headed off at the pass, and now we’ll see what happens next, as the dust starts to settle and more of us remember that Pesach is next week, and there’s cleaning, shopping and cooking to do.

I looked across the headlines of a few places today, and it was that familiar, weird, situation of ‘everything just disappeared’.

The air came out of the tire, the heat came out of the fire, like it has done so many times in the past, when all these manufactured crises and wars somehow get ‘deflated’ by Am Yisrael’s sincere teshuva and prayers.


Of course, no-one is saying we are out of the woods just yet, because we aren’t.

The crazy people on both sides of the argument are still in charge, for now, and they will try again, just like they did with all the Covid lockdowns, and just like they are still trying to do with ‘war with Iran’, and a billion other nefarious schemes.

That’s how they always work.

They bide their time, and try again.

But this time, it’s not going to pan out quite the same way.

Too many people are really starting to wake up to the fact that all this is a manipulated puppet show, and ‘fake news’.


My husband was explaining to me yesterday that if everything got ‘exploded’ in one day, it would be awful.

So, this is how geula is coming, step by slow step, on the back of a donkey.

A few hundreds of thousands of people in Israel have now realised that the politics here is a total waste of time, and no answer to any of our real problems.

That’s tremendous!

Because once people start to understand that the politicians, doctors and stock market aren’t the solution to their problems, that opens them up to discovering the REAL solution – i.e. Hashem.

If that’s all this balagan achieved – dayenu.

Now maybe more of us will stop wasting our time ‘debating’ over evil politicians of all stripes, and spending much more time actually turning to God, praying and working on our own bad middot – especially the sin of sinas chinam.


I just want to give a shout out, to all those people, all over Israel and in the Jewish world, who have spent the last few weeks talking peace and trying to practise ahavat chinam, while all around the psychos have been banging the war drums.

I’m talking about the mums who didn’t lose it with their teenagers…

The husbands who didn’t lose it with their wives, who have been spending every cent they own trying to get ready for Seder Night…

The neighbors who put up with all the loud music and commotion late at night…

The friends who decided to forgive and play things down, when they have been hurt and offended…

The people who made peace with family members they’ve been arguing with, or disliking, for a long time….

These people are the real heroes here – and they can be found in every single community and on every single ‘side’.


And also all those people at the demonstrations, who every time the violence was flaring up with the hot heads on both sides, they got in the middle and calmed things down.

And also the municipality of Bnei Brak, with its cholent and Shabbos songs.

There has been plenty of footage to make us all cringe the last few weeks, but there has also been so much ‘good’ sprouting out of all this, just  no-one is really paying attention.

Because the bad news always gets the bigger headlines.


It’s the small people, the simple people, and their simple emuna, and their simple tehillim and prayers, who bring the geula, and put the crown on the head of Moshiach.

May we all be zocheh to be included with them.


PS: This is why I still am telling my kids and anyone who will listen, to avoid all ‘demonstrations’ of this type:

The police are used to beating up ‘right wingers’ and will do so with no provocation.

I don’t want my kids getting violently attacked by psychos in uniform.

And while we’re on the subject, why does Israel need a ‘National Guard’?

We have enough violent psychos in uniform willing to hurt the public on the PM’s say-so already.

Don’t we?


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Yesterday evening, I got a text telling me the Rav had asked people to go to Hevron to pray at midnight.

That is the only type of ‘gathering’ I’m interested in, so me and the husband got in the car and drove down there.

(I would have publicised it here on my blog, but I didn’t get permission to do that until I’d already left home.)

The roads were pretty empty, as we whizzed past one Arab village after another, swathed in gaudy blinking lights for Ramadan, on the way to the Mearat HaMachpela.


We got there around 12:30pm, and there was a gathering of around 2-300 people, men and women.

The men were praying at the Seventh Step, while the women were a little way off, under the olive trees in the middle of the plaza.

I set up my deckchair there, and started to recite the Tikkun HaKlali.

They were up to number 4 of 7, so I joined in, and recited my four.

All of a sudden, I realise I’m feeling the calmest I’ve felt for literally months.

I’m sitting under that large olive tree, looking up at the night sky, hearing the people around me praying together, and I just felt some deep, inner contentment.

This is what the Jewish people were created to do – to pray!

Our weapon is our prayers.

And it’s so very powerful.


I left around 1.40am, and we drove home.

A part of me was a little disappointed that there weren’t thousands and thousands of people in Hevron, praying, but another part of me knows that at this difficult time, even the smallest efforts count for so much.

Back on April 11 2021, ahead of the ‘Murder in Meron’ – planned by pretty much the same government we still have today – the Rav asked his students to go up to Meron at chatzot to go and do some ’emergency praying’.

Together with that request, he also gave over a shiur where he basically described how the authorities were planning to murder 100,000 people in five minutes.

You can see translated excerpts of that shiur HERE.

All this was still many days before that fateful L’ag B’omer, when the police, operating on the explicit instructions of the puppet-government, and the ‘controllers’ who pull the strings, used Directed Energy Weapons at the foot of the one passageway they left open out of the Toldos Aharon passageway to literally make a line of people drop dead, blocking the exit for everyone else behind them.

45 people still died that terrible day.

But, the plan was to murder tens of thousands.


On April 11, 2021, me and my husband decided to drive up to Meron in the car from Jerusalem – most of the other people were coming up from Shuvu Banim on a couple of hired buses.

It was late. I was tired. I felt so ill throughout most of the trip, I couldn’t even get out of the car when we finally got to Meron.

My husband, bless him, went in to say some Tikkun HaKlalis by the Rashbi – and I stayed in the car, feeling pretty ill and half unconscious.

Strange to say, I could feel when the two Shuvu Banim buses arrived, not because I heard anything loud or saw them coming.

I was half asleep, but I suddenly felt like a cavalry of angels had arrived to Meron.

I opened my eyes – and I saw two bus loads of avreichim with long payot, from Shuvu Banim, making their way into the Kever.

They stayed there literally the whole night, until dawn, praying and singing and dancing.

Someone took some video, and you can watch them doing that, here:


It was barely 150 people in Meron.

A disaster still happened there, and still tore our hearts to shreds.

But the much greater disaster that the Rav – who was at that point in prison – and a couple of other hidden tzaddikim knew was being planned by the authorities here, didn’t occur.

BH, the same is true of that modest prayer gathering yesterday, in Hevron.


I just want to make one plea here, that if you are in any position to encourage people to stay out of this, and to stay away from public ‘demonstrations’ of any type, that you do that.

These demonstrations will only be ‘used against us’, somehow, no matter who is calling for them, nor how righteous the cause.

Gather together to sing, dance, pray, make teshuva, do kindnesses – even in the middle of the road of Huwara, if  that calls to you.

But on no account ‘demonstrate’.

I keep thinking of what they managed to pull of in Rwanda, with Operation Crimson Mist.

I think, that’s also what they are after here.

To keep stoking the anger to boiling point, while the police disappears off the scene – like the did in Huwara, like they did in Tel Aviv, like they did in Jerusalem – and then people start attacking each other, God forbid.


Don’t be part of that scenario!

And keep praying and doing whatever you can, in your dalet amot, to up the achdus and the emuna.

As I said previously on this blog, the people calling for violence in the comments section of sites like A7 are not Jewish, and are either paid shills, or xtians who believe in violence as the solution to all problems, for all that they tell everyone else to ‘turn the other cheek’.

The Jewish ‘weapon’ is prayer.

And it’s all we need, to really get things to turn around here for the good.

And to all these ‘religious zionist’ and ‘chareidi’ rabbis who either don’t know that, or have somehow forget it – that’s the real busha here.


They are trying to get the religious crowd involved in this fight now:

(Screenshot from HERE, calling for religious public to come out and protest in Jerusalem today).


Don’t fall for it!

BH, the heavens will open, and a ton of rain will be falling in Jerusalem before, during and after 6pm today.

God is going to fight the general battle against the evil Erev Rav and the ‘controllers’ behind the scenes for us.

But our real battle is internal, it’s within.

It’s the battle against our anger, hatred, arrogance, need to be ‘right’, and bullying, abusive tendencies.


BH, the evil should break very soon, and all this should turn around for the very best.



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I’m sitting here watch the madness unfold in Israel, up the road and all around me.

And I am getting that feeling that all this is being planned, deliberately, from the top.

All our ‘dear political leaders’, left and right, secular and religious, paid and volunteering, seem to be in on this plan to tear the country apart with riots and strife.

It takes a ton of money and organisation to get tens of thousands of people dressing in exactly the same ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ white bonnets and red cloaks.

It takes a ton of money to organise all these flags and other props.

How do these protestors know, so easily, where all these senior government figures are going to be?

Where is the security details that are meant to be protecting these ministers 24/7?

Why are the police just letting hundreds of people barricade main roads in Tel Aviv, while running through unmanned barricades by the PM’s residence in Jerusalem?

As the questions pile up, I am really starting to believe this is being planned from the top, and is actually being orchestrated by the security services and military here in Israel.

And I’m not the only one.



This is a post that appeared on a Moran Eden Bergmann’s Telegram channel.

 She’s basically saying a lot of these figures leading the protests are known Shin Bet operatives.

Here’s a Google translate screenshot:


Here’s another comment from her, that basically sums things up:

A wise citizen does not take part in an engineered institutional protest that aims to bring about civil war.

That’s what is going on here – and not just here.

More than ever, don’t get involved in this!

Stay home and pray, avoid all mass demonstrations and protests.

Prayer, teshuva and charity is what is going to get this horrible situation to calm down, anything else is just playing into their hands.


The controllers are controlling all sides of this ‘argument’.

Netanyahu is their man, Gallant is their man, Lapid, Shabtai, Ben Gvir – no-one is working for you and me.


So, this time around, let’s not give our enemies what they want, which is all-out civil war between Jews.

We don’t have to agree with other people’s ideas and opinions, we can even find them puke-inducing.

BUT – we still have to love and respect the person, as much as possible, without putting ourselves in danger.

That’s the real test here.

I’m praying we pass it.



Shavua tov!

Well, the world is continuing along it’s ‘interesting’ path…

First, here’s an excerpt of a class the Rav gave around three weeks ago:


Excerpt of a shiur given on 2nd Adar, 5783

The Rambam says that it’s permitted for the non-Jews to build a Beit Mikdash (temple) – but for us, it’s forbidden.

For us, we have just one Beit HaMikdash in Jerusalem, and we have to wait until Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov come, and blow the shofar.

And then, there will be an earthquake, like there was in Turkey. There will be an earthquake, and all the mosques will collapse into the ground.

For us, it’s forbidden to destroy them. Therefore, there are earthquakes there every day. The day before yesterday, another 10 people died because of an earthquake.

So now, every week there is an earthquake, but when the final earthquake [strikes] all the mosques and churches will fall.

We can’t do anything to them. It’s forbidden for us to destroy them.

(Translated from Shivivei Or, 303).


This is the latest Dutchsinse ‘forecast’, from two days ago:


Summary from the description box:

A recent flurry of M6.5+ earthquakes has occurred from Afghanistan in the Mideast, all the way to the opposite side of the planet in Chile.

The M6.5 which was reported in Afghanistan, was likely much larger according to first hand reports from the region, going as high as midrange to upper M7.5+.. felt as far South as Jaipur India (South of New Dehli) – multiple hundreds of miles felt heavy shaking.

The Chile Argentina border was also struck by a similar sized earthquake, M6.5 to M6.9+ … no word yet on actual size of the quake, or damage caused by the event. California showing the expected movement up North at the plate boundary with the Juan De Fuca, and significant activity spreading across the North American Craton. Central America also on the move, multiple new volcanic blasts worth mentioning from Mexico to Guatemala.

Japan, Iran, as well as Greece and the coast of Chile are ALL on watch for M6.5+ to M7.0 range activity in the next 7-10 days. I think all four locations will receive large activity.


These are big quakes being forecast…

We’ll see what happens.


In the meantime, more shootings in Huwara today.

Baruch Hashem, everyone voted Ben Gvir and Smotrich into power, because now, things are just SO different for the poor Jews in the Shomron….

Oh wait.

No they’re not. At all.

But it’s good that more and more people are finally starting to realise that politics and politicians are NOT the answer to Israel’s woes (nor the world’s….) never were, and never will be.

‘Democracy’ always was an illusion.

Understanding that moves us all along another giant step towards the ‘world of lies’ finally being dismantled.


And while the chaos in Israel continues, where is our dear leader?

He and his wife were video’d in the super-traif Savoy Hotel in London today, having a convivial lunch in the company of a giant lobster.


This is becoming more and more incredible to me.

Is he jetting off to all these places to get ‘instructions’ on how to continue to destroy the country and turn Jew against Jew from his handlers, and / or can he absolutely not be bothered to do his job in any way, apart from living it up at the taxpayer’s expense?


A lot of the people I know personally are going through some difficult times at the moment.

That’s happening regardless of all this other chaos going on.

But me personally?

I’m actually starting to feel way more upbeat about the direction we are going in, globally.

I’m not scared about ‘Iranian nukes’, or North Korea’s ‘new secret weapon’.

Watch this:


It’s all total BS!

Just watch how this video is put together, there is nothing there ‘connected’ to anything else. Some takes of random rockets launching, then some unidentified footage of ‘nuclear blasts’, all mixed in with weird footage of pretend tsunamis and the smiling fatman himself, Kim Il Jong II.

Man, we are being played for total fools!


The real headlines today is what’s going on in Huwara, and the Shomron.

Not fake stories of ‘Hezbolla operatives’ climbing ladders to ‘get across the border’ into Israel, and then somehow driving two hours down the motorway undetected to explode bombs next to Megiddo.

Or fake stories of ‘police losing control’ of demonstrators on the Ayalan Highway in Tel Aviv, when the police is clearly just letting the protestors do what they want.

Oh, and anyone who wants to say these protests are NOT being orchestrated and bankrolled by some big players in the shadows – please explain who paid for this THIS to get built, organised the truck for it, and got the permits to allow it to be put in place:


Again, the real story in Israel right now is Huwara, and our ‘right wing Government’s’ total lack of response to what is happening there.

Not only are they not putting the roadblocks back in, to start checking more of the Arab traffic in and out of these areas, they have actually just let thousands more Palestinians flood in to these areas, with their cars, to celebrate Ramadan.

Including from the Gaza strip.

Our own government and military are behind the terrorists in Israel.

Never forget that.


So, lots going on.

And it looks like more earthquakes on the horizon, too, but for now not in Israel.

Or at least, not of the real, physical kind.

But the ground is certainly starting to shake in a bunch of other ways.


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Sometimes, it seems that there is nothing *you and me* can do, to turn things around in our crazy world.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Each person is a world in and of themselves, and when we ‘make peace’ with our family members, (ex-) friends, neighbors, and God, we literally bring that koach, that power of rectification, into the world.

This isn’t my idea.

Rebbe Nachman spells it out very clearly, in his writings.


The following translation comes from the Azamra website HERE, but you can also find it in the book ‘Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom’, point 77, which is based on the Hebrew Sichot HaRan.

The world is full of strife.

There are wars between the nations of the world and conflicts in every city. There are feuds in every household, discord between neighbors, friction within the family, between man and wife, parents and children…

Every day man dies – for the day that has passed will never return. Death comes closer every day, yet nobody remembers the purpose of life.


Friction in the home directly parallels the wars between nations.

Each member of the household is the counterpart of one of the nations: their quarrels correspond to the wars between the nations. Even the traits of the different nations can be discerned in the individual members of the household. Each nation has its own particular trait, such as anger, blood-thirstiness and so on. The counterparts of these traits are found in the different members of each household.

You may have no desire for strife: you may only want to live quietly and peaceably with everyone. Even so, you may find yourself forced into conflicts and disputes.


The same happens between nations.

One nation may want peace and is willing to make many concessions in order to achieve it. Yet it finds itself dragged into other nations’ disputes, with each of the opposing sides demanding its allegiance until it is drawn into war against its will.

The same is true in household wars. Man is a miniature world containing the entire world and everything in it. A man and his family contain the nations of the world and all their wars and strife.


For this reason someone living alone in a forest can go out of his mind. This is because all the warring nations are contained within him. Each one attacks the other, and his personality keeps changing depending on which of the nations within him prevails. Swinging from one extreme to another can drive him insane.

But when a person lives with others, these battles are played out among the different members of the household, or between neighbors and friends and so on.

However, when Mashiach comes, all wars and conflict s will come to an end and great peace will come into the world, for “They will neither hurt nor destroy.” (Isaiah 11:9) .


The day before the ‘day of disruption’ in Bnei Brak, and other places in Israel yesterday, I had a massive argument with one of my kids.

Literally for two hours, she was letting me have it with all guns blazing, and wouldn’t stop, and wouldn’t change the subject, and wouldn’t let the discussion end.

For two hours solid, I was really fighting to keep my temper, and to not erupt like Mt Vesuvius and let her have it.

To be clear, it was pretty out of character for this kid, and I had the strange impression that she was actually more just ‘playing a part’, to give me a big test, as opposed to really meaning what she was saying.


When she finally left, I had five minutes of throwing things around my living room a little bit.

But thank God, I kept my temper with her.

And thank God, after 10 minutes (and a lot of throwing things around), I had calmed down enough to totally forgive her, and get rid of 95% of the hard feelings.

At that point, I sent her a conciliatory text message.

But, it took me until the next day until I could really 100% let it all go, and just pretend like nothing had happened.


All this stuff is just a test.

God is just testing us all, and He knows we are human beings that have our limits.

At the same time, He wants us to understand that Ein Od Milvado, and that even when our children spend two hours telling us totally hurtful and upsetting things, if we can understand it’s just a spiritual test of our own middot, the whole thing turns around and evaporates into nothingness, as soon as the test is over.

My daughter is so good, really one of the best people I know.

And she was just being used as a shaliach to help me work on my own bad middot and anger issues.


*You and me* can really bring peace in the Middle East, and everywhere else, too.

When we uproot anger, hatred and the need to ‘be right’ at every cost from our own interactions, and especially with our fellow Jew, that energy, that vibe, then starts to ripple outward, and to put ‘peace’ into the world around us, in some miraculous ways.

BH, I don’t know what the controllers were planning for yesterday, here in Israel.

But one thing I can tell you for sure, is that things didn’t pan out the way they were hoping, not even in Bnei Brak, where I think they were hoping to have pitched battles on the street between ‘secular’ and ‘religious’.

Instead, they got cholent and people crying their eyes out listening to ‘Shalom Aleichem’.

And all the violence got ‘moved’, somehow, to Paris, where two people were killed and hundreds were wounded in clashes between the police and the public.


This is geula in real time!

Each of us is a world.

Every time we ‘make peace’ in our dalet amot, we ‘make peace’ between the nations, too.

That’s what Rabbenu is teaching us.

So, keep clapping, dancing, singing – and fighting back the urge to punch people in the face or hurt them verbally.

It may look like nothing much.

But really, it’s fixing this whole horrible problem at it’s root, and bringing geula and real peace a massive step closer.


PS: Read more about what happened in Bnei Brak on ynet HERE – one of the most poisonous, divisive sites out there.

And even they can’t stop the ahavat chinam from peeking through, especially in the comments.


Capturing these moving moments was a nearby resident, Nehama Kalfa who had come with her sister, hoping “to feel that we are together. We spoke to people, shook hands, and hugged.”
When the piyyut “Sholem Aleichem” began to play, she saw a protester nearby “who started to hum and wave his hands in the air. That’s when I started filming. And then he took off his helmet, started crying, getting emotional and singing.”
According to Kalfa, the protester then looked at her and said, “my father had love for every Jew, and wanted everyone to be united. My father would roll over in his grave if he could see the hatred and conflicts among us.” She recalls, “I was moved to tears. It was a person with a pure heart.”


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There is a lot going on in Israel at the moment, deliberately orchestrated or otherwise.


Watch this precious Jew, a ‘leftie protester’ wrapped in a huge Israeli flag, who gets to Bnei Brak… hears them playing ‘Shalom Aleichem’ – and bursts into tears and starts singing along with it while he is crying his eyes out.


The pintele yid is igniting in some very unexpected ways!

BH, the ‘cholent effect’ is kicking in.


It’s Rosh Chodesh Nissan…. maybe things are finally, really starting to crumble and fall apart here – for the good!

Here is the Telegram channel that is now my main source of ‘Israel news’ – it’s in Hebrew, but you can pick ‘translate’ and the whole thing will be readable in English:

It seems we are at really at some make or break point, at least in terms of whether this escalates up, or fizzles out.

And because I have no idea what’s really going on, I have no idea what option is better, so whatever happens, again, it’s all for the best.


In the middle of all this turmoil, there is a lot of light starting to show through.

There are good people on all sides of this ‘debate’ – regardless of the corrupt politicians, puppets and bureaucrats leading all this.

And I’ve read a few stories today of people on the left dancing with chareidim outside Aryeh Deri’s home in Jerusalem…. and making it clear that this is about the corrupt leaders and policies, NOT about the people they represent.

Also tonight’s march in Bnei Brak – a lot of the lefties are not going to it, because the movement called ‘Standing Together’ put out a statement decrying the obvious move to make this about ‘religious people’, instead of about corrupt politicians, and even more corrupt judges.


There is some hope on the horizon, as this birur continues, that more and more people are really starting to understand who the real enemy is here.

And it’s not your neighbor down the road, even if they are on the ‘opposite side’ of whatever the argument is meant to be.

It’s the evil people in power here, the ‘puppet politicians’ and army leaders and judges and all the rest of them, all just trying to ignite another Jewish civil war for the controllers, so then we can get officially ‘invaded’, or something, by our hostile neighbors.

But that’s not going to happen.

It’s very interesting, what’s going on here.

And I think tonight will be some sort of ‘breaking point’, at least in terms of the game being played in the same way it has been, for the last few months.


It’s amazing how many different people the police here have been literally beating up, recently.

Watch this, from a couple of hours ago:

Even the people we like to call ‘the elite’ are starting to figure out that Israel really is a dictatorship – and in many ways, always has be.