I’m sitting here watch the madness unfold in Israel, up the road and all around me.

And I am getting that feeling that all this is being planned, deliberately, from the top.

All our ‘dear political leaders’, left and right, secular and religious, paid and volunteering, seem to be in on this plan to tear the country apart with riots and strife.

It takes a ton of money and organisation to get tens of thousands of people dressing in exactly the same ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ white bonnets and red cloaks.

It takes a ton of money to organise all these flags and other props.

How do these protestors know, so easily, where all these senior government figures are going to be?

Where is the security details that are meant to be protecting these ministers 24/7?

Why are the police just letting hundreds of people barricade main roads in Tel Aviv, while running through unmanned barricades by the PM’s residence in Jerusalem?

As the questions pile up, I am really starting to believe this is being planned from the top, and is actually being orchestrated by the security services and military here in Israel.

And I’m not the only one.



This is a post that appeared on a Moran Eden Bergmann’s Telegram channel.

 She’s basically saying a lot of these figures leading the protests are known Shin Bet operatives.

Here’s a Google translate screenshot:


Here’s another comment from her, that basically sums things up:

A wise citizen does not take part in an engineered institutional protest that aims to bring about civil war.

That’s what is going on here – and not just here.

More than ever, don’t get involved in this!

Stay home and pray, avoid all mass demonstrations and protests.

Prayer, teshuva and charity is what is going to get this horrible situation to calm down, anything else is just playing into their hands.


The controllers are controlling all sides of this ‘argument’.

Netanyahu is their man, Gallant is their man, Lapid, Shabtai, Ben Gvir – no-one is working for you and me.


So, this time around, let’s not give our enemies what they want, which is all-out civil war between Jews.

We don’t have to agree with other people’s ideas and opinions, we can even find them puke-inducing.

BUT – we still have to love and respect the person, as much as possible, without putting ourselves in danger.

That’s the real test here.

I’m praying we pass it.



Shavua tov!

Well, the world is continuing along it’s ‘interesting’ path…

First, here’s an excerpt of a class the Rav gave around three weeks ago:


Excerpt of a shiur given on 2nd Adar, 5783

The Rambam says that it’s permitted for the non-Jews to build a Beit Mikdash (temple) – but for us, it’s forbidden.

For us, we have just one Beit HaMikdash in Jerusalem, and we have to wait until Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov come, and blow the shofar.

And then, there will be an earthquake, like there was in Turkey. There will be an earthquake, and all the mosques will collapse into the ground.

For us, it’s forbidden to destroy them. Therefore, there are earthquakes there every day. The day before yesterday, another 10 people died because of an earthquake.

So now, every week there is an earthquake, but when the final earthquake [strikes] all the mosques and churches will fall.

We can’t do anything to them. It’s forbidden for us to destroy them.

(Translated from Shivivei Or, 303).


This is the latest Dutchsinse ‘forecast’, from two days ago:


Summary from the description box:

A recent flurry of M6.5+ earthquakes has occurred from Afghanistan in the Mideast, all the way to the opposite side of the planet in Chile.

The M6.5 which was reported in Afghanistan, was likely much larger according to first hand reports from the region, going as high as midrange to upper M7.5+.. felt as far South as Jaipur India (South of New Dehli) – multiple hundreds of miles felt heavy shaking.

The Chile Argentina border was also struck by a similar sized earthquake, M6.5 to M6.9+ … no word yet on actual size of the quake, or damage caused by the event. California showing the expected movement up North at the plate boundary with the Juan De Fuca, and significant activity spreading across the North American Craton. Central America also on the move, multiple new volcanic blasts worth mentioning from Mexico to Guatemala.

Japan, Iran, as well as Greece and the coast of Chile are ALL on watch for M6.5+ to M7.0 range activity in the next 7-10 days. I think all four locations will receive large activity.


These are big quakes being forecast…

We’ll see what happens.


In the meantime, more shootings in Huwara today.

Baruch Hashem, everyone voted Ben Gvir and Smotrich into power, because now, things are just SO different for the poor Jews in the Shomron….

Oh wait.

No they’re not. At all.

But it’s good that more and more people are finally starting to realise that politics and politicians are NOT the answer to Israel’s woes (nor the world’s….) never were, and never will be.

‘Democracy’ always was an illusion.

Understanding that moves us all along another giant step towards the ‘world of lies’ finally being dismantled.


And while the chaos in Israel continues, where is our dear leader?

He and his wife were video’d in the super-traif Savoy Hotel in London today, having a convivial lunch in the company of a giant lobster.


This is becoming more and more incredible to me.

Is he jetting off to all these places to get ‘instructions’ on how to continue to destroy the country and turn Jew against Jew from his handlers, and / or can he absolutely not be bothered to do his job in any way, apart from living it up at the taxpayer’s expense?


A lot of the people I know personally are going through some difficult times at the moment.

That’s happening regardless of all this other chaos going on.

But me personally?

I’m actually starting to feel way more upbeat about the direction we are going in, globally.

I’m not scared about ‘Iranian nukes’, or North Korea’s ‘new secret weapon’.

Watch this:


It’s all total BS!

Just watch how this video is put together, there is nothing there ‘connected’ to anything else. Some takes of random rockets launching, then some unidentified footage of ‘nuclear blasts’, all mixed in with weird footage of pretend tsunamis and the smiling fatman himself, Kim Il Jong II.

Man, we are being played for total fools!


The real headlines today is what’s going on in Huwara, and the Shomron.

Not fake stories of ‘Hezbolla operatives’ climbing ladders to ‘get across the border’ into Israel, and then somehow driving two hours down the motorway undetected to explode bombs next to Megiddo.

Or fake stories of ‘police losing control’ of demonstrators on the Ayalan Highway in Tel Aviv, when the police is clearly just letting the protestors do what they want.

Oh, and anyone who wants to say these protests are NOT being orchestrated and bankrolled by some big players in the shadows – please explain who paid for this THIS to get built, organised the truck for it, and got the permits to allow it to be put in place:


Again, the real story in Israel right now is Huwara, and our ‘right wing Government’s’ total lack of response to what is happening there.

Not only are they not putting the roadblocks back in, to start checking more of the Arab traffic in and out of these areas, they have actually just let thousands more Palestinians flood in to these areas, with their cars, to celebrate Ramadan.

Including from the Gaza strip.

Our own government and military are behind the terrorists in Israel.

Never forget that.


So, lots going on.

And it looks like more earthquakes on the horizon, too, but for now not in Israel.

Or at least, not of the real, physical kind.

But the ground is certainly starting to shake in a bunch of other ways.


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Sometimes, it seems that there is nothing *you and me* can do, to turn things around in our crazy world.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Each person is a world in and of themselves, and when we ‘make peace’ with our family members, (ex-) friends, neighbors, and God, we literally bring that koach, that power of rectification, into the world.

This isn’t my idea.

Rebbe Nachman spells it out very clearly, in his writings.


The following translation comes from the Azamra website HERE, but you can also find it in the book ‘Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom’, point 77, which is based on the Hebrew Sichot HaRan.

The world is full of strife.

There are wars between the nations of the world and conflicts in every city. There are feuds in every household, discord between neighbors, friction within the family, between man and wife, parents and children…

Every day man dies – for the day that has passed will never return. Death comes closer every day, yet nobody remembers the purpose of life.


Friction in the home directly parallels the wars between nations.

Each member of the household is the counterpart of one of the nations: their quarrels correspond to the wars between the nations. Even the traits of the different nations can be discerned in the individual members of the household. Each nation has its own particular trait, such as anger, blood-thirstiness and so on. The counterparts of these traits are found in the different members of each household.

You may have no desire for strife: you may only want to live quietly and peaceably with everyone. Even so, you may find yourself forced into conflicts and disputes.


The same happens between nations.

One nation may want peace and is willing to make many concessions in order to achieve it. Yet it finds itself dragged into other nations’ disputes, with each of the opposing sides demanding its allegiance until it is drawn into war against its will.

The same is true in household wars. Man is a miniature world containing the entire world and everything in it. A man and his family contain the nations of the world and all their wars and strife.


For this reason someone living alone in a forest can go out of his mind. This is because all the warring nations are contained within him. Each one attacks the other, and his personality keeps changing depending on which of the nations within him prevails. Swinging from one extreme to another can drive him insane.

But when a person lives with others, these battles are played out among the different members of the household, or between neighbors and friends and so on.

However, when Mashiach comes, all wars and conflict s will come to an end and great peace will come into the world, for “They will neither hurt nor destroy.” (Isaiah 11:9) .


The day before the ‘day of disruption’ in Bnei Brak, and other places in Israel yesterday, I had a massive argument with one of my kids.

Literally for two hours, she was letting me have it with all guns blazing, and wouldn’t stop, and wouldn’t change the subject, and wouldn’t let the discussion end.

For two hours solid, I was really fighting to keep my temper, and to not erupt like Mt Vesuvius and let her have it.

To be clear, it was pretty out of character for this kid, and I had the strange impression that she was actually more just ‘playing a part’, to give me a big test, as opposed to really meaning what she was saying.


When she finally left, I had five minutes of throwing things around my living room a little bit.

But thank God, I kept my temper with her.

And thank God, after 10 minutes (and a lot of throwing things around), I had calmed down enough to totally forgive her, and get rid of 95% of the hard feelings.

At that point, I sent her a conciliatory text message.

But, it took me until the next day until I could really 100% let it all go, and just pretend like nothing had happened.


All this stuff is just a test.

God is just testing us all, and He knows we are human beings that have our limits.

At the same time, He wants us to understand that Ein Od Milvado, and that even when our children spend two hours telling us totally hurtful and upsetting things, if we can understand it’s just a spiritual test of our own middot, the whole thing turns around and evaporates into nothingness, as soon as the test is over.

My daughter is so good, really one of the best people I know.

And she was just being used as a shaliach to help me work on my own bad middot and anger issues.


*You and me* can really bring peace in the Middle East, and everywhere else, too.

When we uproot anger, hatred and the need to ‘be right’ at every cost from our own interactions, and especially with our fellow Jew, that energy, that vibe, then starts to ripple outward, and to put ‘peace’ into the world around us, in some miraculous ways.

BH, I don’t know what the controllers were planning for yesterday, here in Israel.

But one thing I can tell you for sure, is that things didn’t pan out the way they were hoping, not even in Bnei Brak, where I think they were hoping to have pitched battles on the street between ‘secular’ and ‘religious’.

Instead, they got cholent and people crying their eyes out listening to ‘Shalom Aleichem’.

And all the violence got ‘moved’, somehow, to Paris, where two people were killed and hundreds were wounded in clashes between the police and the public.


This is geula in real time!

Each of us is a world.

Every time we ‘make peace’ in our dalet amot, we ‘make peace’ between the nations, too.

That’s what Rabbenu is teaching us.

So, keep clapping, dancing, singing – and fighting back the urge to punch people in the face or hurt them verbally.

It may look like nothing much.

But really, it’s fixing this whole horrible problem at it’s root, and bringing geula and real peace a massive step closer.


PS: Read more about what happened in Bnei Brak on ynet HERE – one of the most poisonous, divisive sites out there.

And even they can’t stop the ahavat chinam from peeking through, especially in the comments.


Capturing these moving moments was a nearby resident, Nehama Kalfa who had come with her sister, hoping “to feel that we are together. We spoke to people, shook hands, and hugged.”
When the piyyut “Sholem Aleichem” began to play, she saw a protester nearby “who started to hum and wave his hands in the air. That’s when I started filming. And then he took off his helmet, started crying, getting emotional and singing.”
According to Kalfa, the protester then looked at her and said, “my father had love for every Jew, and wanted everyone to be united. My father would roll over in his grave if he could see the hatred and conflicts among us.” She recalls, “I was moved to tears. It was a person with a pure heart.”


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There is a lot going on in Israel at the moment, deliberately orchestrated or otherwise.


Watch this precious Jew, a ‘leftie protester’ wrapped in a huge Israeli flag, who gets to Bnei Brak… hears them playing ‘Shalom Aleichem’ – and bursts into tears and starts singing along with it while he is crying his eyes out.


The pintele yid is igniting in some very unexpected ways!

BH, the ‘cholent effect’ is kicking in.


It’s Rosh Chodesh Nissan…. maybe things are finally, really starting to crumble and fall apart here – for the good!

Here is the Telegram channel that is now my main source of ‘Israel news’ – it’s in Hebrew, but you can pick ‘translate’ and the whole thing will be readable in English:


It seems we are at really at some make or break point, at least in terms of whether this escalates up, or fizzles out.

And because I have no idea what’s really going on, I have no idea what option is better, so whatever happens, again, it’s all for the best.


In the middle of all this turmoil, there is a lot of light starting to show through.

There are good people on all sides of this ‘debate’ – regardless of the corrupt politicians, puppets and bureaucrats leading all this.

And I’ve read a few stories today of people on the left dancing with chareidim outside Aryeh Deri’s home in Jerusalem…. and making it clear that this is about the corrupt leaders and policies, NOT about the people they represent.

Also tonight’s march in Bnei Brak – a lot of the lefties are not going to it, because the movement called ‘Standing Together’ put out a statement decrying the obvious move to make this about ‘religious people’, instead of about corrupt politicians, and even more corrupt judges.


There is some hope on the horizon, as this birur continues, that more and more people are really starting to understand who the real enemy is here.

And it’s not your neighbor down the road, even if they are on the ‘opposite side’ of whatever the argument is meant to be.

It’s the evil people in power here, the ‘puppet politicians’ and army leaders and judges and all the rest of them, all just trying to ignite another Jewish civil war for the controllers, so then we can get officially ‘invaded’, or something, by our hostile neighbors.

But that’s not going to happen.

It’s very interesting, what’s going on here.

And I think tonight will be some sort of ‘breaking point’, at least in terms of the game being played in the same way it has been, for the last few months.


It’s amazing how many different people the police here have been literally beating up, recently.

Watch this, from a couple of hours ago:

Even the people we like to call ‘the elite’ are starting to figure out that Israel really is a dictatorship – and in many ways, always has be.


There’s a lot of crazy stuff apparently happening in a lot of places at the moment.

I could feel the ‘heavy’ in the air when I woke up this morning, and it’s super quiet in Jerusalem at the moment….


Even though the yetzer is continually trying to plunge me back down into worrying about ‘what will be’, I decided today I’m continuing to focus on real things, in the real world, that will make a real difference, instead.

Top of that list is actually doing some cleaning for Pesach, buying some groceries, and making something yummy for supper.

Right, we all think this stuff doesn’t set the world on fire, or change anything for the good?

But it does.

It really does.

Most of all, within ourselves.


To try and counteract all the sinat chinam floating around with some more ahavat chinam, I also decided I needed to give some more charity today.

So, I went HERE, and I donated for the ‘Kimche de Pischa’ for Shuvu Banim.

Here’s how that looked, a little, in previous years:


I used to live next door to some of these families, I still go and pray with the Rav a few times a week, down on Ido HaNavi.

I know how much of a difference this kimche de pischa is making to people.

Not least, myself….

I literally made the donation 10 minutes ago, and I’m already starting to feel a bit ‘lighter’ and happier today.

(A bit…)

This is how we fix the world, mamash.

This is how we put more ‘light’ out there, to vanquish the darkness.

Not with more pointless arguments about politics, ‘democracy’, climate change or all the rest of it.


The world IS very heavy right now.

Sinat chinam is shooting through the roof in every direction.

It’s the sin that destroyed the last Temple, the sin we all came back here to rectify.

And the way to do it is to put our need to be ‘right’ at any cost back in its box, and to open our hearts to our fellow Jew.

Especially, the ones in our own families and circles.

And even more especially, with those who are on the ‘other side’ of whichever argument we  happen to be embroiled in right now.


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Yesterday, I spent the day going through the ‘Covid Pandemic in Israel’ listing, on Wikipedia.


It was so eye-opening, to actually revisit all those fear-porn headlines, all those fake ‘stats’ about geriatrics ‘dying from Covid’, all the propaganda about the shots, including Netanyahu being the first to get the experimental nanotech live on Israeli TV….

It was also so upsetting, to remember how much our own governments literally tortured us, with lock down after lock down, mandatory masking, PCR tests every five seconds – and especially for school children – and then of course, the ‘Green Pass’ apartheid, that thankfully stopped, at least for now, when most people decided they’d had enough of Covid shots that were neither safe, nor effective.

In hindsight, it’s always so easy, to spot the lies, the manipulation and the deceit.


That’s why when you go and check out all the ‘landing on the moon’ footage, you can see, obviously, clearly, 100%, how the whole ‘space program’ is just one big fake.

In case you are still on the fence about that, here’s some footage from the Chinese Space Station, from February 2023.

(Clearly, they don’t have NASA’s big green screen, or Hollywood budget…)


Look at that wonderful, round spinning earth, exactly like they teach us all in the textbooks…

Now, compare and contrast with this footage from the Chinese Space Station, from September, 2022:


Who says you can’t have a good laugh still, even in today’s crazy world?

And I am willing to bet good money, at this point, that the nukes they keep trying to scare us all with also don’t exist.

We are literally living in a world of illusion, and the main battle here is spiritual.


It’s a battle of discernment.

It’s the battle of not just having a knee-jerk reaction to ‘bad news’ every five seconds – most of which is anyway manipulated and fake – to see through the illusion, and actually deal calmly with the facts on the ground, and the reality of our own lives in the here and now.

Like you, I currently have no idea about what is really going on.

Like you, that knowledge sometimes scares me, and paralyses me, because I can’t see around the corner, and I hate overtaking approaching a bend, if I can’t see around it.

But, I am coming to the conclusion, that if the choice is to just sit here drowning in fear of ‘what might be’, or anger about what was, versus continuing to live my life, and continuing to move forward – even though I can’t see around the bend – that last choice has to be the best option.


Day to day, life is good.

Day to day, the massive food shortages didn’t show up, Gog and Magog didn’t ACTUALLY kick off in Ukraine, they didn’t manage to get the ‘Green Passport’ and their Covid shots mandated – the whole false narrative is literally crumbling before our eyes.

Let’s be clear, though, that while I write these words, I still have a battle every single day, to really believe it.

Some days, like yesterday, for example, I wake up with a low sense of panic about what will be, and it usually takes me a solid hour of hitbodedut to calm it down, and to stop the ‘fear porn’ from taking over and ruining my life.


One thing is clear, though.

The more of us wake up to the lies, the more of us stop ‘reacting’ to all the fake news and fake headlines, the more of us who stop believing the government propaganda, and the media whores who serve it up – the better this whole thing gets for everyone.

Because deception is their source of power.

And they use that deception to turn people against each other, and to trigger ‘reactions’ where bad middot like fear, anger, depression and ‘fakery’ take over, which simply just pull us away from God.


Yesterday, when I realised, again, just how bad and pernicious all the government censorship and spying is, I felt pretty down and alone again, for an hour or two.

What can small people like me really do, against these multi-national government-run tech companies, and the psycho billionaires that front them?

Sometimes, it can seem as though the bad guys hold all the cards, all the aces.

But that’s an illusion.

Because really, Ein Od Milvado, there is only Hashem behind all this, and it’s all just a massive test of emuna.


I know it sounds strange, but it really seems to me the ‘air’ is coming out of so many of these fake news dramas now.

Even the sudden deaths from the Covid shots – I know they are still going on, but at least here in Israel, in my own dalet amot, I haven’t heard of any weird deaths for months and months now.

Maybe, just maybe, humanity is starting to turn the corner with all this, and the nanotech in the shots didn’t work they way it was meant to.

Even the 5….G they set up all over the place here in Israel – it just feels to me, currently, like there is some big spoke in the wheel in the ‘plan’, and that things are not going the way they thought.


There’s a thin line to be trod here, between remaining upbeat and strengthening our emuna, whilst not sliding back into fantasy land.

From one day to the next, the balance needs to be revisited and readjusted.

But the main point is this:

The more I go over what’s gone on the last few years, the last few months, even, the more I can see that so much of what I feared was going to happen actually disappeared, miraculously, all by itself.

Our prayers and teshuva and spirituial efforts really do affect reality.

And the less time we spend in ‘fake online world’, and the more time we spend in ‘real here-and-now’ world, the better it will be for us, and for everyone else, too.



One of the commentators linked to this really interesting video, below, which actually contains some real science, and explains very clearly that ”there is no virus” – certainly no SarsCov2.

And probably, ‘viruses’ aren’t what’s making people sick, full stop.

Very interesting!

Take a look:

UPDATE 2: – It’s apparently being ‘whited out’ as an embedded video – censorship in action!

So, go straight to this link in the comments section, from commentator Danny – because even when I try to paste it up as a plain text link, it’s still just whiting it out….

We must be over the target!


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Three years ago, at the height of the Corona plandemic, I used my FB account to try and leave a comment on a ‘fear porn’ story on the TOI site.

That comment said something like this:

The owner of the TOI was a partner in the Precision Medicine initiative in Israel, together with some other people you’ve probably heard of, and was pushing propaganda to advance the initiative’s plan for a national ‘gene database’ with all the nasal swabs…


Before we continue, this snippet comes from the Wikipedia page about the Times of Israel:


The Times of Israel is an Israeli multi-language online newspaper that was launched in 2012. It was co-founded by Israeli journalist David Horovitz, who is also the founding editor, and American billionaire investor Seth Klarman.

Here is more about the ‘Precision Medicine Partnership’ run by Fauci’s NIH:


The Precision Medicine Initiative is a long-term research endeavor, involving the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and multiple other research centers, which aims to understand how a person’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle can help determine the best approach to prevent or treat disease.

And guess who is running the Israeli side of things?

Screenshot from HERE:



In case you didn’t know already, ‘Yad HaNadiv’ is the Rothschilds.


Anyway, long story short, that comment never got published – and I got totally banned from Facebook.

I literally cannot get in to Facebook to look at anything, to set up any other account, nothing.

At the time, I was kind of impressed, in a ‘Goebbels’ kinda way, of how Facebook was working hand-in-hand with the TOI to ban anyone who was pointing out the financial connections of its owners, to all the fear porn around the ‘plandemic’.

Shortly afterwards, I also got banned from Linked In – I literally cannot log in to any of these sites, and there is nothing I can do about it.


Thank God, I never used them for anything much, after I got burnt by a bunch of ‘Rav bashers’ a few years’ ago – who are all still happily chugging away on social media, pushing more shots and more ‘transgender’ propaganda.

Because all these stuff always goes together.

But I’m just writing this to tell you, censorship is real.

So very real.

And it’s happening in the so-called ‘democratic West’ all the time, and maybe even more than in ‘Russia the dictatorship’…

Especially for people on the sharp end of actually trying to figure out what is going on in our world.


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Yesterday, my husband and I had a meeting in Itamar.


Perhaps more on what that is all about another time. But it wasn’t a meeting that we wanted to push off or reschedule, so despite the shooting attack in the middle of Huwara yesterday, where Alexander David Dov ben Necha Rachel was shot in the head at point-blank range with a Carlo machine gun – and BH somehow survived! – we went.

We got to Huwara around 9pm.

There were army all over the place, Huwara was in  lockdown, and as we drove through the dark, deserted streets, the only lights on were the ghostly green ‘Ramadan’ lights, that had been wrapped around the turrets of one of the local mosques.

It was such a bizarre experience.


We drove out, again through Huwara, around 11pm.

By that point, the road had been opened and there were a couple of other cars making the trip.

In the night like that, with soldiers every 100 metres and the place in lockdown, it wasn’t scary at all, to be honest.

They are shooting people all the time at the moment – and not just in Israel, or the Shomron.

(Remember a couple of weeks’ back, when two people got shot outside shuls in LA?)

I guess though, some places it’s easier to live the illusion that you’re in control of your life, and your ‘personal safety’, when you don’t have to drive through a town like Huwara every day just to get your groceries, or to go to work, or to get to other bits of the country.


BH, they are building a bypass road currently, that neatly skirts most of Huwara and should solve most of the problems of sitting-duck Jews being stuck in traffic jams in the middle of Huwara, just waiting for a terrorist to come and shoot them, God forbid.

That road will be ready in about a year and a half.

My mum tells me it would have been ready a long time ago, except Merav Michaeli froze the whole project when she was Transportation Minister.

But I guess the point is, I have been feeling pretty shaken up the last three weeks, ever since that first shooting attack in Huwara three weeks ago, that happened 20 minutes after we drove through it.



A bit of me has been having a strong urge to try and run away since then.

From all the terror, the madness, the violence, the pointless arguing and ‘demonstrations’, the lies, the bad middot that is keeping us all trapped in this paradigm of letting fake and manipulative headlines suck us dry of all our energy and empathy.

But last week when we were having a few days up North, God gave me the clear message, again, that you can’t run away.

Let’s not talk about the bomb that our lying government claims was planted in Megiddo by some ‘Hezbollah operative’, who somehow managed to get across the border with Lebanon unnoticed, then drive down the motorway for two hours, before planting a bomb by the side of the road near Megiddo that injured an Arab teenager.

If you believe that story….then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.


Last week, we also went to check out Katzrin, that has a growing Anglo population, is still relatively affordable, and where there is a plan in place to turn it into a proper city, within the next five years.

We got show an off-plan villa, that actually sounds like a really good deal.

It’s so quiet here, you don’t have the same balagan of Jerusalem, and you can own your own villa for the same price as a dilapidated shoebox there!

That’s what the sales guy told us.

He’s right.

We came back home feeling a little confused – and then the reports started up that for the first time in 15 years, our corrupt government is churning our more fear porn about ‘war with Hezbollah’ again.



You can’t run away, Rivka!

God keeps telling me that, loud and clear.

A few months ago, when the thought started crossing my mind that I had to try and find somewhere calmer, greener, cheaper, quieter to live, one of the prayers from the Rav happened to fall out of some sefer that I was putting back on the shelf.

I picked it up, read it, and sighed a deep sigh.

It was a prayer to spend every day of my life in Jerusalem, and to buy a big apartment with 10 rooms in Jerusalem….


It’s taken me a few months to really, finally, understand that message, but I think I am finally at the stage of accepting that expensive, stressful, intense and crazy as Jerusalem is, there is really no-where else I want to live.

After all, it’s holiest city in the holiest land, and despite all the stress and madness – or maybe, even because of it – my life here is mostly just so good.


Today, I went back to my art class with the geriatric protesting grannies.

The conversation turned, as so often it has been, to what is currently going on in the country – but this time, there was a conciliatory note ringing out around the room.

My 79 year old teacher actually came out and said this:

We are all brothers, after all…. it’s good to be a bit flexible with others…and to make peace.

And the other protesting grannies made noises like they really agreed with her.

The country is sick and tired of all the hyped-up ‘confrontation’ and drama and violence.

What most of us want, more than anything else, is peace.

Especially, amongst the Jews.


My daughter also told me that she’s stopped having pointless arguments about ‘judicial reforms’ that are basically all just cack, and won’t help you and me at all.

For example, she told me that the government has apparently trying to pass a law making it legal for politicians to now get paid off directly, instead of having to hide their bribes in secret bank accounts in Panama.

(See below, for  more info on this…)

If this is true, how is that meant to be helping anyone, except them?


There’s a Telegram channel that brings a lot of headlines and news from the grassroots in Israel.

You can see it HERE.

These are a couple of screenshots of what is really going on here:



Who is really behind all this violence in Israel?

The Americans, and especially the American military and spy agencies.

And the Europeans, and especially the ‘elite’ and the spy agencies.

And our politicians are literally regularly meeting up with these enemies of the Jewish people, to sit and plot how best to stir up the hornet’s nest here in the Holy Land.

Everything else is just a distraction, a puppet show.

And Ben Gvir is the direct Israeli equivalent of Trump, i.e. another actor pretending to be on the side of the small guy, but really just playing a part for his masters, designed to fool the masses into thinking democracy somehow still represents them.



We can’t run away, however much we might want to.

But what we can and must do, is to continue to see through all the lies, and to continue to see all the tremendous good that exists in our present crazy reality.

And to continue to live, and plan, and move forward, regardless of all the ‘fear porn’ and paralysing, manipulating headlines.

That’s all we can really do.

But it’s plenty.



My mum sent me some snippets, about Meirav Michaeli freezing the bypass, and other projects, that would open up the Shomron and make it safer for Jews to drive there:

It’s from a website I usually avoid, because of its links to xtians, but for my mum, I will make the exception:

In 2017, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government approved an 800 million shekel plan (around $220 million) to construct bypass roads throughout Judea and Samaria, including the Huwara Bypass Road between the Tapuach and Yitzhar Junctions, to improve security for Israeli motorists while creating safer and modernized roads for Jewish and Arab commuters alike.

However, under the previous government, Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli, the head of the Labor Party, froze road projects in Judea and Samaria, including the bypass road, a spokesperson for the Samaria Regional Council told JNS.

In October 2022, JNS reported that, during an exchange with an audience member on Channel 12, Michaeli stated, “It’s a shame to invest in a place that, at the end of the day, won’t be part of Israel.”


And here’s more about the ‘Gift Law’.

This literally could be the whole reason ‘Bibi’ turned the whole country upside down the last few weeks, only to shelve the parts of the Judicial Reform that might have been useful and helpful, while keeping the bits that enable the government – his government – to pass new laws that can’t be overturned on judicial appeal, and to make it legal for politicians to ‘accept gifts’.

Screenshot and snippet from HERE:

But while the full-right coalition government we elected dropped one and a half balls out of the two it was supposed to swish, it is prepared to pass three personal bills – two to save Netanyahu’s hide, one to bring Aryeh Deri back. All three bills will be submitted for a first plenum vote on Monday, with the idea of passing all three before the end of the winter session….

The other two bills the coalition is planning to pass before Passover are both directly about Netanyahu: the incapacity bill, and the gifts bill…

The Gift Law permits public employees, including elected officials, to receive a financial contribution to help pay for legal proceedings or necessary medical procedures.


Pass the puke bag!

When o when are we going to finally wake up, and to realise that there is no salvation in politics – for anyone, anywhere, at any time?

These people are literally the lowest of the low, with a couple of ‘idealists’ who try to stay the course and get some useful stuff done at the bottom of the ladder, before they too either leave or are consumed by the corruption.

So, save your precious breath banging any more drums for ‘Ben Gvir’, ‘Judicial Reform’, or any other of the whole left/right false paradigm.

Anyone in power is rotten to the core, and bought and paid for by outside interests.

And thanks to these new ‘Bibi bills’, they won’t even have to hide that anymore.


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There has been another shooting attack in or near Huwara.

A husband and wife were shot in their car, the husband was apparently shot in the head and is in a serious condition.

I don’t know what the names are for prayers, but please focus your prayers in their direction anyway, God knows who they are.


Despite the fact that I live in Jerusalem, where 10 people have been murdered by terrorists in the last couple of months, the terror in Huwara is hitting me much harder.

We were in Huwara 20 minutes before the two brothers from Har Bracha were shot dead in their car there.

And in a few hours, I am heading out to the Shomron for a meeting – driving through Huwara.



Let’s be clear, that all these ‘right wing politicians’ aren’t stopping this, can’t stop this, and if we’re really being honest here, are probably even stoking things up behind the scenes for their foreign paymasters.

We saw last time, that vigilante actions only backfire on the Jewish community, and get used to demonize ‘settlers’ even more.

So let’s not lose sight of the fact that while it’s Arab fingers on the triggers, doing the actual shooting, the orders for these attacks are coming from abroad, primarily from the US, and from Europe, and they are then ‘facilitated’ by the people who sit in our own government, police and military.

Violence is not going to resolve this problem.

Unrealistic slogans about ‘shipping all the Arabs out to Jordan’ (as if!) is not going to solve anything, and will only turn off large swathes of the Jewish population who are also repulsed by Arabs talking about ‘driving all the Jews into the sea’.


I am totally sickened that the terrorists are continuing to shoot Jews in the Shomron, while our government whistles, and pretends that despite having every square cm of the country covered with AI facial recognition cameras, they have no idea where all these guns and terrorists are coming from, or going to, once they’ve done their murderous deeds.

And I am also totally sickened by the deafening silence coming from the government-sponsored media here, which simply doesn’t talk about all the day-to-day violence currently going on in the Shomron all the time.

This ‘right wing’ government is not defending the people there; it’s not supporting them morally; and it’s looking for all sorts of different ways it can ‘whip things up’ in the Shomron, while locking up more and more people under British ‘administrative detention’ rules which means they can keep them in prison indefinitely, without any evidence of wrong doing.

The lists of Jews being locked up by the Shabak under ‘administrative detention’ rules is continuing to grow longer and longer – under this ‘right wing’ government that so many blind people still believe is working for the simple people who voted them into power.


Violence is not the answer here.

And supporting more ‘puppet politicians’ is not the answer here.

The ONLY answer is prayer and teshuva.

Lots of both.

Lots of asking God to finally destroy our real enemies, who sow terror, hatred and violence between people all the time, in so many different ways, as part of their strategy of ‘divide and conquer’.

Again, I am totally sickened that these acts of terrorism are happening.

But, only a fool would think that the buck stops with the Arab terrorists.

Those terrorists are being armed and enabled by elements within the State of Israel itself, working for the Americans and the Europeans, who hate the Jewish people, hate God, and hate everything Torah-true Judaism represents.

That is the real problem.

And a huge part of finally resolving it, is to finally acknowledge what is really going on here.

Last week, a friend of mine ended up in the hospital, after her teenage son tried to jump something and basically fell and gave himself a concussion.

(As discussed elsewhere, the teenage brain literally is still developing, physically, until the age of 20. That’s a big part of the reason why they can sometimes be SOOOO dumb. As the parent of teens, understanding this really helped me to judge my kids favorably, and to keep way more patience with their retarded antics than otherwise. But it’s still hard.)


She was in the ward where they deal with concussions, and there she met a guy who also had a concussion.

This is what he told her:


He’d been playing one of the ‘virtual reality’ computer games, with the ‘virtual reality’ goggles, and the whole, immersive-body experience.

He’d been fighting ‘the enemy’ in hand-to-hand combat in the game, when ‘the enemy’ gave him a knockout punch to the head.

This guy’s brain experienced that virtual reality ‘punch’ as reality, and he ended up with an actual concussion for four days.


My friend took his number, so I could verify the story first-hand, but I trust her that she’s not making it up.

What can we learn from this?

So very much!

Not least, that what we see, what we believe, what we tell ourselves, what we experience as ‘reality’ – that’s what actually makes our reality!

That’s why the power of imagination can be so very dangerous.

That’s why when we spend so much time watching spiritually-corrupt movies and TV shows; or immersing ourselves in ‘fear porn’ (aka the news); or filling our eyeballs and our souls with ‘alt propaganda’ telling us the holocaust never happened, or the Jewish people are just ‘Khazarians’ who were invented in the middle ages….

That’s the awful reality we start to live, mamash.

The brain can’t differentiate between ‘reality’ and ‘virtual reality’, to the point where a person can get a real concussion from a virtual knock-out punch.


So, guard your eyes, and your ears and your mind!

Be very careful, with what you are watching and listening to and believing in.

And really, really, start to do some regular hitbodedut every single day, even for five minutes, because in a world where even your own eyes can and do decieve you, the only way to know what is really ‘true’ is to have a strong soul connection to God.

And then, your soul will be whispering in your ear, whenever something ‘looks fantastic’, but just doesn’t feel quite right, or true.


One more thing:

There’s a lot of AI image making software now exploding across the internet.

Two of the most popular are:



Dall-E 2

The first one is more ‘fantasy’ and ‘spiritual mysticism’ – so probably, the more dangerous of the two, if it’s used in the wrong way.

And the second one puts together very realistic looking ‘photo images’ of stuff that is totally made up.

Like this:

(Start around the 5 minute mark:)


I’m still mulling over all the ‘mud flood’ stuff, to be honest.

I’m wondering how many of those pictures of ‘mud flood cities’ might just be Dall-E 2 inspired fakes.

I’m not saying they are, I’m just pondering, because it’s strange that our Jewish tradition doesn’t speak of these massive mud floods, at all, and even with all the censorship and fakers at the top of the tree, surely something would have got through, about something this big?


BH, I will put a post together about ‘fallen angels’ – based on real, authentic Jewish sources, not Roman-xtian-satanic propaganda – some time next week.

But in the meantime:

Guard your mind!

And especially, guard your eyes!

And especially, stop listening to anything that’s telling you holocausts never happened, or that ‘evil Joos’ are behind everything that is going on.

For sure, there’s some evil Joos in the mix – we’ve been discussing that for a while here, on the blog.

But the majority of the Jewish people don’t fall into that category, even if they are confused and corrupted by our Erev Rav, Sabbatean-Frankist leaders.

They just want us to believe their ‘virtual reality’ so we start hating ourselves, and start turning on each other as ‘the problem’.

We aren’t the problem.

But, we really are a massive part of the solution.

And that starts with continuing to do this birur between ‘fantasy’ and reality – and connecting strongly back to our souls.

Because God’s seal is truth.

And that truth will guide us, once we finally uncover it within.


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