Yesterday, I spoke to someone whose mother passed away in Israel last week.

She’d had cancer for three years, and had been in the terminal stage of the illness for the last year.

She died of a heart-attack nine days ago, after enduring tremendous amounts of medical ‘care’ (and suffering…).

The doctors pressured the family to let them write on the death certificate that their mother had died from Covid-19. 

They explained how it would help the hospital, if they agreed, because the government would pay them more money, if they could show they were ‘helping’ Covid-19 patients (who then died….).

The family refused.

But you have to wonder: how many other people have agreed?


Today on the Arutz 7 website (that seems to occasionally still have some real news, hidden amongst all the obvious propaganda), I read this headline:

‘Coronavirus patients are being neglected – and are dying’

Doctors at hospital in central Israel say coronavirus patients are being neglected or not properly treated by nurses.


The story went on to explain how a small group of doctors at the Wolfson hospital had again raised a formal complaint against management, as they were shocked at the total neglect ‘Covid 19’ patients were experiencing on their ward.

The complaint went on to say that they were certain that patients had even died from the neglect (and NOT from the Covid 19 that undoubtedly was written on their death certificates):

“Not a day goes by that you can’t go into the coronavirus ward and hear a patient screaming and crying for hours while shaking with cold and asking for a blanket, or because a patient was left in an uncomfortable position and needs help to be put in another position.”

I am so proud of those nine doctors, who decided that standing up for the truth, and for the welfare of their patients, was more important than protecting their own jobs and pay cheques.
There is no doubt, that they are going to get an extreme amount of ‘push back’  from the powers-that-be for their courageous action.
But their actions – and the action of the person whose mother died, above – is pointing to how we can all get out of this Coronavirus Hell that’s engulfed the whole world. And here’s what it boils down to:

Stop co-operating with evil.


This whole Covid-1984 plandemic is just a test from Hashem.

He’s sitting there watching how we’re going to react to all the lies being spread online, all the bullying and violence being doled out to various members of our community – especially in the chareidi areas – all the fearmongering and anti-emuna propaganda being pumped out 24/7.

He’s watching to see if we’re going to co-operate with evil, and to support it – or if we’re going to stand up for what’s right, and what’s true and what’s holy, even if it’s inconvenient, scary or embarrassing.

And at whatever level we find ourselves at, we are all being asked to pass that test.


Friday morning, I went to my local health food shop, as I’ve been doing for the last nine months, with my mask under my nose.

When it’s been more ‘relaxed’ the last few months, I’ve also gone in there with it under my chin, but right now, as another wave of government-stoked ‘mask propaganda’ has been blitzed all over the news, it seems people are more into wearing their masks again.

So, I went in with it over my mouth, but under my nose.

And I went to the till to pay.

And the cashier on the till (who I know has some severe bad middot issues, from previous interactions with her) barked at me:

Put your mask up over your nose!!!!

There was something in her bullying tone that totally made me bristle.

I don’t want to, I told her.

So she barked at me again, this time in English:


And this time, I got so angry – that I left all my purchases there, and walked out the shop.

Man, I love my kombucha for Shabbat.

But enough is enough.


In the car on the way home, I started to ponder what would happen, if more of us would decide that we’re not going to co-operate with evil?

What would happen, if we stopped blindly following all these government diktats? If we stopped dobbing in our neighbors for having small weddings in the own back gardens? If we decided to wear the mask as little as we can, and ‘broke the rules’ anyway we could, without risking a confrontation with the police?

How would things look, if each time the lying media wrote another anti-semitic piece attacking the chareidim for ‘non-compliance’ that we would publically laud those chareidim in the comments section, and praise them to each other, instead of piling on the abuse and blame?

What if we started to ‘push back’, by refusing to play their games? And by making a big fuss when do-gooding bullies started telling us to ‘put our masks up’?

Because believe me, no-one likes to be on the receiving end of verbal abuse, not even the bullies like my woman on the till.

However much it bothered me, I guarantee, our interaction also really bothered her.

Next time, she will think twice before barking orders at her customers like an ober-fuehrer.


Depending on your job, your role, your place in society, you may have more ways of ‘pushing back’, and refusing to co-operate with evil.

If you work in a hospital, or in government, you will have more of the information you need to start blowing the whistle on what’s really going on here.

If you write, you’ll be able to share more of the information and the truth.

If you pray, you’ll be able to ask God to open more people’s eyes, and to give us all the emuna and courage we need to stand up for the truth, and for justice.

And each of us can choose to not participate in ‘contact tracing’, and in downloading ‘Covid apps’, and in jumping through all the rest of their ‘Covid-1984’ hoops.

Each of us has our test right now.

And God is watching carefully, to see how we’ll respond.



Readers are sending me some good things to include here – thank you!

First, an unverified report from someone who has a family member working in a hospital in Israel, who was told that:

“Hospitals that report more covid patients get a ton more budget for the hospital, and also get a ton of medical supplies for free. She said the hospital where she worked was suddenly ordering tons and tons of supplies because it’s all free if it’s for “corona patients,” so apparently the hospitals could definitely have a financial interest to report more corona patients.

It means more money and free supplies for the hospitals.”


If any whistleblowers out there want me to upload more information on this subject, send it along via the contact form!


Then, there is this open letter about how lockdowns are an awful response to even a real plandemic, let alone a fake one, from the World Doctors Alliance, which contains a TON of really good information:

(I’m spelling out the links in full now, as my links in words keep getting ‘broken’ with unceasing regularity.)

Here’s just a couple of snippets:

“The medical profession have not been allowed to let the public know that covid wards have been empty for months, nor that covid deaths have reached an all-time low for months, and this has unnecessarily added to the public’s distress and anxiety.

“The [UK] government’s own report estimates that some two hundred thousand (200,000) people will die as a direct result of lockdown – not the virus [which so far has ‘killed’ 42,000 people in the UK – less than the flu]. Hospitals being closed, suicide and poverty will result in more deaths than the virus.”


And then another reader sent me a link to Neshama’s blog, here, which is talking about the new Danish study done on 6,000 people to finally answer the questions of: 1) whether facemasks stop the spread of COVID-19, and 2) whether wearing facemasks damages the wearer’s health.

Guess what?

None of the ‘peer-reviewed’ journals want to touch this study with a barge pole, because it seems the REAL SCIENCE is showing that masks are 1) totally pointless and 2) also harmful to human health.

See the link here:

Is that the sound of millions of people running to sue the pants of hospitals, doctors, politicians and bureaucrats? I sure hope so!!


And then, the last thing to tell you is that I went downtown today, for the first time in about three months, as some of the shops slowly try to re-open. I needed to buy boots before winter really starts, as I wore my old ones for three years, and they fell apart in March.

Most of the clothing and shoe shops are GOING BUST.

One that was open let me in, in a super furtive way, where I sat behind a screen to try on shoes so the cops wouldn’t spot me and write them a huge fine (as happened to other shops on Yaffo, they told me.)

While I sat there, the wife was on the phone, talking about how bad ‘Bibi’ is, how he’s literally condemning millions of people to starving by taking away their parnassa, and how they paid 30,000 shekels for TWO MONTHS RENT in Yaffo, when no-one could come and buy anything.

More and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that ‘saving people’s lives’ is NOT what this plandemic is about.

If we band together, pray and stop supporting evil, all this can still change around for the good, very fast.

 And in the meantime, it’s time to give some serious consideration to the idea of where your own line in the sand is, and how you are going to defend it.

Read this, for some food for thought – but don’t get down!

The Rav is sweetening things still, behind the scenes, and as soon as he gets out of prison, all this will really start to move in a good way.

Personally, I can’t wait.



Here’s James doing what he does best: explaining what’s really going on, with tons of verified facts. Today, he unpicks the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ – which is occurring right now, as the elites deliberately crash the economy all over the world:

Time to draw your line in the sand!


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In a few hours time, I’m probably going to have someone with a broken leg come and stay on my couch for a week.

He’s someone that we met around a year ago, when my kids started making friends with a whole new crowd of kids that can be succinctly called ‘chareidi-world dropouts’.

When we first met these kids, they were kinda scary, if I’m honest. Angry young men smoking two packs a day and trying very hard to evince a ‘cool’ persona, as part of the defense mechanism they evolved to try to deal with a harsh world.

But over time, the defenses started to melt, and underneath I realized that these kids have some of the biggest hearts, and biggest souls, in the world.



The main reason they ‘dropped out’ of chareidi society is because at home or at yeshiva (and often both…) they were subject to some really bad bullying and emotional manipulation.

I wrote a little about that HERE, but I want to return to this subject today, because chareidi or not, it’s relevant to all of us right now, and very relevant to the question of what it’s going to take to get out of the ‘Covid 1984 cult’, as a people.


If you’ve been with me for long, then you already know that as well as writing this blog, for a few years I was regularly writing and researching the links between mental, physical and spiritual health, too.

I learned a whole bunch of what you’d call ‘alternative therapies’; I bottomed out what was ‘kosher’ and what wasn’t – which you can basically sum up as anything that there is a scientific explanation for, however ‘woo-woo’ it may seem initially, is kosher.

And then, I went and wrote a few books to sum up this new-found knowledge, including Talk to God and Fix Your Health, and more recently, People Smarts.

All this is directly connected to questions of ‘who is Erev Rav’, and questions of why people act the way they do, because what I discovered during the course of all this learning and research is that

Traumatic experiences dramatically affect a person’s personality.


So, if a kid has to leave home and live on the street, or the beach, for a couple of years, because it’s just too hard to be at home, the trauma of this whole experience can radically warp their personality, and leave them permanently in ‘stressed’ mode.

And when people are in ‘stressed’ mode, they act angry and aggressive. Or they panic and become commitment-phobic (or more socially ‘acceptable’, they become workaholics and busy-a-holics). Or, they sink into the ‘freeze’, zombified state that is most commonly referred to as ‘depression’.

Or, they become superficial robots, scared to be different, scared to provoke a reaction from the bullies that have been controlling and manipulating them since they were born, and lose touch with their real emotions and neshama.

All these things happen, when we’ve had to deal with a lot of trauma that wasn’t processed properly.


Now, let’s circle back around, and see how all this fits together with the guy on my couch, and Covid 1984, and Rabbi Berland and his community being ‘excommunicated’, and the Bnei Brak lockdown, and the Erev Rav.

The guy on my couch is super-sweet.

When we came back to Israel and had to go into two weeks of isolation, this was the person that made sure we had milk in the fridge and some food to eat in the cupboards, before I managed to figure out online supermarket shopping.

He came every day and checked in on our rabbit – for nearly 4 weeks!

He watered our garden.

The guy on my couch also has what you’d call a ‘mild mohican’ haircut, and (used to….) drive a motorbike very fast.

If you met him on the street, you’d probably be a little intimidated, especially a year ago when he was still very ‘macho’.

Because of all the trauma he experienced in the chareidi world, he finds it very hard to do things like keep Shabbat, or stay in a house for any length of time. Before Covid 1984, he and his friends used to spend a lot of time living by rivers up North, and just spending weeks camping out by the Kinneret.


Two weeks ago, he had an awful accident on his bike, where he was really lucky to come out of it alive. He broke his leg in 9 places, now has platinum pins holding his bones together, and is in a tremendous amount of pain.

Last week, he also kept Shabbat for the first time in a very long time.

It’s been a very harsh wake-up call, but I can see the underlying kindness in it, because this guy was so ‘scared’ of being trapped in a house, in a home, that he’s been pushing off getting married, and pushing off settling down, for a few years.

And God wants that to change.


Last year, he started getting his act together, and he went back to school to complete his matriculation – that happened just before Rosh Hashana. The plan was for him to start studying to be a mechanic, but thanks to Covid 1984, it’s been a little stuffed-up. But in the meantime, he’s in a program that arranged for him to room-mate in Jerusalem, with a few other ‘chareidi drop-outs’ like him.

One of the guys in his apartment is an aggressive, manipulative bully.

Long story short, spending time stuck in that apartment is doing my little Mohican buddy a LOT of harm, spiritually, emotionally and physically. And that is why BH, I’ve invited him to come and spend a week on my couch, so he can start to really heal from everything he’s gone through.

Now, what does this have to do with Covid 1984, Bnei Brak and the Erev Rav?

Let’s try to set it out clearly.


A few years ago, I wrote a book called Unlocking the Secret of the Erev Rav, where I pointed out, with lots and lots of sources, how it’s totally unhelpful to try to categorise ‘Erev Rav’ as being a specific group of people.

I wrote that book because I was getting sick and tired of all these people online claiming that only Israeli politicians, only left-wingers, only Democrats, only secular people could be Erev Rav.

That’s patently untrue.

‘Erev Rav’ refers to a collection of very negative character traits that include cruelty, immorality, bullying, stirring up trouble, shocking, two-faced hypocrisy, holier-than-thou-itis, greed for money and power, controlling other people, and a few other things besides.

All of us have at some of these traits, at least some of the time, in varying proportions.

The more we work to overcome these negative character traits, the less ‘Erev Rav’ we will be.


Yesterday, I posted up a link to a message from the daughter of the kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Dovid Stern, where she made it clear that the MAIN consideration of who is going to be around to greet Moshiach is not Torah learning, or length of beard, or yichus (more on this in a moment…) – but the way we treat our fellow Jew.

Or to put it another way, how careful we are about not hurting other people, and trying to do kindnesses for them.

On that score, my Motorbike Mohican buddy – and many of his friends – are light years ahead of the frum parents, rabbis and teachers who treated them so badly in the chareidi world.

Or to put it another way, Bnei Brak, Modiin Illit, Beitar Illit – and all those other chareidi cities that are currently being discriminated against in the most awful ways by this anti-semitic government need to make a lot of teshuva in the area of the mitzvoth bein adam l’havero.


(Shuli Rand, below, is summing up what I’m talking about, in a different way:)


If those communities had been ‘solid’ on these mitzvahs – and particularly the different Breslov factions of those communities – they would never have bought into all the slander and lies being told about Rav Berland and his community.

And the Rav being ‘excommunicated’ by a Beit Din in Bnei Brak is the main reason that the city of Bnei Brak is being singled out for the harshest punishment now, as part of the Covid 1984 eugenics agenda.

But of course, that excommunication was just a sign, a symptom, of the much deeper malaise that has been infecting the frum world for years and years.

Even centuries.


Here’s where we get into ‘crazy’ territory.

The last few weeks, I’ve been absorbed in some deep level research about the real roots of the so-called ‘Illuminati’, and how that links up with the Frankists, and with the Rothschilds / Jewish bankers, and with the State of Israel, and also, sadly, with the chareidi community.

I’m still putting the pieces together, and it’s been an extremely challenging project, but one thing I can already tell you:

A lot of secret believers in the cult created by Shabtai Tzvi – both in the Sephardic and the Ashkenazic world – have been part of the externally frum religious community for approaching four centuries.


These people have a few different hallmarks.

  • They are obsessed with yichus (especially, with being related to King David).
  • They practice endogamy – i.e., they are careful to only marry within their own extended families, because they only want to marry other ‘believers’ in the cult of Shabtai Tzvi.
  • They cause controversy and arguments wherever they go.
  • They are arch hypocrites – pretending be the strictest of strict on the outside, in order to hide their secret Shabbatean connections and beliefs.
  • They are frequently engaged in – and covering up for – extremely immoral acts, behind closed doors.
  • Their teachings actually pull people away from God, and a genuine soul connection to Judaism.
  • They rule their communities with bullying tactics and intimidation, encouraging a ‘cultish’ atmosphere where no-one can challenge authority or ask questions.
  • They are into cronyism big time. People don’t hold important positions because they are worthy of those positions. They hold positions because of who they know or who they are related to.
  • They are obsessed with money, owning property and materialism.
  • They have some very solid ‘links’ to elements in the secular and non-Jewish world, frequently co-operating in ways that seem hugely surprising to outside observers, and are often ‘praised’ by the secular and non-Jewish world and held up as being ‘model examples’ of how frum people, frum rabbis should be.


I could go on, but we’ll stop there for now.

I know this is highly controversial information, so I’m trying to share it as gently as I can.

But the point is this:

While there is so much good within the chareidi world, and so many people who are tzaddikim, and truly salt of the earth, good Jews, so many of the leaders and educators in that world – same as in the secular world – are people with very bad middot, who have created a society where a lot of unhealthy attitudes have flourished.

Like, keeping appearances. Like, putting yichus ahead of personal qualities. Like, controlling people, and trying to force conformity with manipulation and threats, instead of open discussions and appreciation of other people’s individuality and free choice. Like, doing things for personal gain and selfish agendas, ahead of what’s really best for the wider community.

This is exactly what the secular government is now trying to do to us with all this COVID-1984 manipulation, lies and propaganda.

It’s all midda kneged midda.


So, let’s sum this up.

When we write that the frum community has to make teshuva for how they treated Rav Berland and the Shuvu Banim community, clearly we’re talking about the unhealthy, anti-Torah, anti-emuna attitudes that have taken hold there that enabled all the ‘anti-Rav’ sentiment to flourish.

The guy on my couch couldn’t stay in his community because he couldn’t stand the hypocrisy, the superficiality, the keeping up appearances, and the bullying behavior and insensitivity to the deeper levels of the human soul that he experienced there.

These attitudes and behaviors have penetrated deep into the frum world, because for the last 400 years, so many of the rabbis and communal figures in the Jewish world have been secret believers in the cult of Shabtai Tzvi, which has very strong links to the world of Jewish finance – and by extension, the Illuminati.

This cult has infected both the Sephardi and Ashkenazi worlds; it’s spread its tentacles into every area of Jewish life, both orthodox and ‘progressive’; it’s present in the State of Israel, but equally present at all levels of communal life in Jewish communities in the Diaspora; it includes the most virulently secular AND the most virulently ‘religious’ (externally);

And it’s characterized by immorality, finger-pointing hypocrisy, greed, power-seeking and a disregard of other people’s feelings, basic human rights and sensitivities.

That’s what we’re up against.


Covid 1984 is just coming to clean house.

No-one can think it’s ‘OK’ to force other people to stay locked-down, or masked-up, or to ‘force’ vaccinations on other people unless they have already been ‘brainwashed’, in some way, by an unhealthy society.

That’s why we’re seeing these ‘brainwashed’ individuals – who are often outspoken bullies – on all sides of the equation.

But it’s time to stand up for ourselves, and for God, and for the holy, Divine-given free choice that each of us has, and which defines us as human beings and Jews, and to draw the line in the sand.

And the starting point is to begin working on our own bad middot, and to stop buying the line that ‘our community’ doesn’t have any problems, and that ‘Erev Rav’ can only ever be the other guy, the other family, the other side of the argument.

Because that’s just not true.


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It’s so strange.

I am sitting here, with no idea what to do with myself.

This is highly unusual – I’m a person who nearly always has a project going on, and the only time I take a break is for a couple of days in between starting the next thing.

But at the moment, I’m finding it hard to motivate myself to really ‘do’ anything. I know it’s the uncertainty. I also know that it’s the fact that every single person in my family is still in my house.

And that’s mamash cramping my style in a million different ways.


I’m a person who likes to listen to one song, obsessively.

If I like a song, I can easily listen to it six times in a row – and I like to do that. But no-one else likes to listen to my songs six times in a row, so I can’t do that right now, and it’s grating.

(I won’t do that on ear-phones because I listen to the music while I’m doing things like washing up, hanging washing etc, not just hanging out by PC for half an hour listening to music.)

I’m also a person who likes and needs my own space.

I don’t like company 24/7. I’m a writer, sometimes my soul really craves solitude and peaceful contemplation.

That is also part of the reason that my writing is drying up at the moment, because I just am not getting that ‘alone’ time, and where in the past I used to go for long walks to grab it for myself, I can’t really do that because of the coronafascists, that are demanding I mask-up 24/7 while in the fresh air.


Baruch Hashem, I’m in a pretty big house at the moment.

God really gave me such a present, because we moved to this house a week before COVID-1984 took off, and at the time I couldn’t understand why I’d had such itchy feet to leave the last place.

Very quickly, it became obvious.

This place has 2 floors… and a garden…. And a mirpesset…. And a few other little places where you can hang out, even in bidud (quarantine) and just breathe a little.

So I’m very, very lucky.

But I’m still finding this hard going.


Usually, I can bang out articles in half an hour flat.

I started writing this 2 hours ago, and then I had to stop to give someone a lift somewhere, and then I had to stop again to help someone else find something online, and then I got distracted by a ‘big conversation’ that was going on.

And now I’m writing this as my eardrums are being blasted to oblivion (again….) by my teenagers’ loud music. Like, really loud.


It’s all just avodat hamiddot isn’t it?


Friday, I got so frustrated with one of my kids who phoned up to ask for a lift after I’d been telling her the whole week that if she DID want me to get on her Friday, she’d have to let me know by Thursday pm, so I could arrange my Shabbat cooking schedule accordingly.

Thursday we spoke, and she told me:

Yah, mum, I’ll make my own way back, don’t worry.

Are you SURE???????

I asked her.

Because if you change your mind last minute, it’s not going to be pretty….

Yah, yah, I don’t need you to get me tomorrow, it’s fine, mum.

She lied.

At 12pm, Friday, I get another phone call from this same kid:

Err, mum can you come and get me??


Usually, I really try to be as flexible as possible, especially in these strange COVID-1984 times.

But I just couldn’t. I got so angry at her that I just put the phone down for a minute and pretended that the connection had gone awol, so I could collect myself and not say something I’d regret for the rest of my life.

Long story short, I didn’t go to get her.

And then, I spent the next three hours trying to deal with the overwhelming feelings of rage and anger that suddenly started stormin’ up like a Category 5 Hurricane Rivka.

Man, it was SO hard.


I simply didn’t talk to anyone in my house, for 3 hours.

Because I was scared that if I said anything, anything at all, it would be really bad.

And in the meantime, I cooked and I asked God to help me, and I tried to not get even more upset when my food started coming out not so good, because I was in such a bad mood.

God, how much longer????

How much longer do I have to stay cooped up with all these retarded people, having to cook all this food all the time, and having to tidy up all the time because there is always so much mess, and washing, because everyone is here, and having to listen to THEIR music all the time, and having to keep working on all these bad middot that keep bubbling up with the constant aggravation and irritation and low-level fear about what’s coming next….

Ad matai?!?!??


The answer was:

At least a few weeks more, and maybe a few months more, because THIS is the real test, Rivka. THIS.

Hanging out with your family and doing nice things for them and not killing them and working on your own bad middot.

THIS is the real test.


So, that’s when I realized that I really can’t let the anger and rage burst out and rule me, because it looks like there are many more weeks, if not months, of this test to go. And if I turn into Genghis Khan, it’s going to make it so much harder for absolutely everyone around me.

[Picking this up another hour later, as a kid needed a tremp somewhere.]


Someone just sent me two recordings.

One is of Rav Pinto essentially saying that what is happening now is very similar to how the holocaust began.

First, there was some ‘low level’ anti-semitism, and then – 7 million Jews got killed.

And then, there was another recording in Hebrew, which you can listen to for yourself HERE:


This was from the daughter of the famous kabbalist from Bnei Brak, Rabbi Chaim Dovid Stern.

She says that Adar is going to be a very tough, scary month for the world.

That lots of people aren’t going to make it.

And that lots of people that everyone thinks are ‘tzaddikim gemurim’ with big beards and kippahs, and who apparently learn a lot of Torah, are amongst those who won’t be around to greet Moshiach.

When the interviewer asked her why not, Rabbanit bat Stern was very clear:

The whole test is bein adam l’havero – how we treat our fellow man.


If someone is learning Torah, but abusing their wife verbally and emotionally – they won’t be here to greet moshiach.

If someone is a big Rosh Yeshiva, a leading rabbi, but they are going around stirring up trouble, and getting into arguments with the neighbors all the time, or causing strife and bad feelings wherever they go – they won’t be here to greet moshiach.

All of us have so much teshuva we need to make, particularly in the area of our bad middot and how we treat our fellow Jews.

And top of that list is what’s going on behind closed doors, with our spouses and kids.


So today, I told one of my girls:

Dearie, it’s suddenly dawned on me that we are probably going to be hanging out together for at least another five months. Prepare yourself mentally, because THIS is the test.


To be with our families, without distractions, maybe also without a whole lot of parnassa, and with a lot of external worry and stress, and to still treat them nicely and considerately.

Man, that’s a test.

A massive test.

But with Moshiach truly imminent, it’s slowly dawning on me that that’s the whole point.



Daisy just sent me a link to this video (not shmirat aynayim friendly, but well worth listening to:)


Vera Sherav is a medical doctor and holocaust survivor, who has been fighting for human rights against the medical establishment for decades.

The main point she makes is that we have to stand up for ourselves, and to protect ourselves from people who don’t have our best interests at heart, and to stand up to the bullies that are pouring out of the woodwork, under cover of Coronafascism.

This is connected to all the bad middot I’m talking about above.

When we stop making excuses for our own manipulation of others, and using threats and scare tactics to control others, and forcing others to put what’s good for us ahead of what’s good for them – that’s when we’ll be able to get out from under the jackboot of this Coronavirus dictatorship.

It’s midda k’neged midda.

And once we fix our own middot, the madness will finally stop.


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Back in the holocaust, so many of the people involved in the mass destruction of humanity tried to claim they were ‘just

following orders’.

The guards who were guarding the trains leading to Auschwitz; the police officers who were rounding people up and ‘enforcing the closure’ of Jewish businesses leading up to 1939, in Germany; the ordinary Germans who’d been trained by Goebbels’ propaganda machine to see Jews as ‘disease vectors’, and enemies of public health – everyone was ‘just following orders’.

That’s what they claimed after the war was finished, and all of these crimes of humanity were held up to the harsh light of truth.

Once the propaganda and self-interest was cleared out of the way, all of these people could be seen for what they truly were: agents of evil.

And that’s something that they, and their children, have to live with for posterity.


This morning, I saw a shocking video of Israeli police breaking up a small, outdoor wedding in Givat Ze’ev, close to the outskirts of Jerusalem.

While the secular media is keen to try to say this is a chareidi wedding, from seeing the footage it’s more just a religious wedding, with some chareidi elements involved.

Don’t fool yourselves.

The police here are violent brownshirts who are ‘just following orders’, regardless of how many people they hurt and maim, and regardless of how ‘just’ those orders happen to be, in the first place.


You can see the shocking footage for yourself here:



So now, what are we to make of all this?

How should we be responding, as the State of Israel descends into behavior that even the most ‘rosy-glassed’ of us will have troubles categorising as anything other than violently anti-semitic?

If we’d see those scenes in any other country, we’d be roundly crying out ‘anti-semitism! Brownshirts! World War II, all over again!!!’

Because make no mistake, the people who beat up, rounded up, deported, shot and ultimately gassed Jews in World War II all thought they were on some holy ‘mission’ to stop ‘disease carrying’ Jews from infecting the rest of humanity.

“2000 Germans have died (in the last 10 months….) because of these irresponsible, chareidi Jews that are not following orders!!!!

Goebbels, or Gamzu said this?

You tell me.


For years, we’ve been brainwashed into not criticising anything the State of Israel does, for fear of giving more ammunition to the ‘anti-semites’.

Dear readers, it’s time for us to wake up and see that the worst anti-semites in the world now run the ‘Jewish State’, and encourage their brownshirts to beat up religious Jews for the ‘crime’ of holding a small wedding in their back garden.

How much is it going to take, before we start to understand that the State, and it’s institutions, are run by the same people, the same forces, who also created World War II, and also encourage the holocaust?

How many more ‘similarities’, how many more scenes of police inflicting what is nothing less than a pogrom on religious Jews, is it going to take, before more of us finally accept that the State of Israel – and it’s politicians, elites and institutions – is the most endemically anti-semitic country on the face of the earth?


The xtians that beat up and murdered Jews always had their self-righteous reasons why what they were doing was ‘ok’.

These Jews killed our kryst, so it’s super-ok to kill them back….

The police in Soviet Russia always had their self-righteous reasons why it was OK to kill Jews and suppress the Jewish religion.

These religious Jews are subversive elements, who are undermining the fabric of Mother Russia.

The SS also had their self-righteous reasons why gassing, shooting and killing Jews was a mitzvah:

These Jews are unhygenic. They are ‘poisoning’ the blood of everyone else, with their filthy habits and unhygenic, medieval practices.

Here’s a quote from Mein Kampf, written by the arch anti-semite himself, Hitler (may his name be erased):

“Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”


I can’t help but wonder how history is going to judge the politicians, bureaucrats and policemen here, who are mamash beating Jews up, locking them down, and preventing us from practising even the basic tenets of religious life, like praying, and getting married, all in the name of coronafascism.

I know they are telling themselves fairy tales about ‘saving the country from a pandemic’. Or telling themselves fairy tales about how no-one can blame them for beating up their fellow Jews, and helping to impose a violent, anti-semitic dictatorship in Israel, because they are only following orders.

Because otherwise, how would these people be able to sleep at night?

I wonder that about all those ‘journalists’, too, who put paying their mortgage – even if it’s been funded by the forces of evil – ahead of telling the truth, and having integrity in their reporting, and working to unite Jews, instead of demonising the chareidim.

How do you sleep, editors of the Jpost, Times of Israel and Yeshiva World News?


Evil always starts small.


The people who don’t slam the brakes on at the start, who don’t come out protesting when their fellow Jews are being ruthlessly beaten up for a chimera, a con, a lie, will get taken down a path where they become more and more complicit with evil.

Until finally, they come to represent it.


So, let me end with a plea to all those policemen, and all those journalists, and all those bureaucrats, and all those politicians – and everyone else caught up in continuing this lie of coronafacism, both here and elsewhere.

Dear Jew, I know you have a very difficult choice to make. I know most of you started off your careers with high hopes to make a positive difference, and to do ‘good’ for the Jewish people. I know the people running the State of Israel have brainwashed you – and all of us – into never questioning what the State says or does, and to always just believe it’s somehow for the best.

I also know that you have bills to pay, and mortgages to keep up with, and that you really need your salary right now.


I’m still begging you:

Quit now, while your souls are still somewhat intact.

This coronafascism is leading down the same dark path that lead to the crematoria of Auschwitz, and that lead to all Jews being demonised and destroyed by the forces of evil.

This is about eugenics and controlling the world, not ‘saving people’ from coronavirus.

So please, take the blinders off, see where this is really going, and stop telling yourself that it’s ok to participate in what’s going on, because:

I’m only following orders.

Because history has shown, that’s never a good enough justification.



I was trying to find the clip of when the Russian police commit a pogrom in Anatevka, and start beating up people at Tevya’s wedding, but for some reason, I couldn’t.

But I found this instead, and maybe, this is more the message we need right now:

L’chaim! To life! They aren’t going to win! They’ve tried so many times before, and Hashem has always thwarted their plans.

And the same is going to happen this time too, BH, as soon as enough of us wake up, and make teshuva on believing the lying media, and justifying the unnacceptable.


One of the commentators just sent this excellent video from Rabbi David Smith, who is a frum biochemist, explaining what’s really going on with ‘public health’ – and how it’s got ZERO to do with healing people from illness.

The nazis were very big on their ‘public health’.

And if that doesn’t set your alarm bells ringing, then I don’t know what will. Hear him below:

You might also like this article:

There’s a lot of fear in the air at the moment.

I know in my own household, at least one of us is currently in the middle of a week-long panic attack that is really not pretty to watch, or experience.

Everywhere you go, people are cracking up.

We’ve all been under so much stress for so long, that our ‘stress response’ is now almost permanently switched on, and raging away.

In case you forgot, here’s the four main stress responses (and if you want to know more about all this, let me plug my People Smarts Stress Personality book, that came out literally the week COVID-1984 kicked off, and promptly sank like a stone.

You can get it HERE.)


  1. ANGER (fight)
  2. PANIC (flight)

Each of our personalities is ‘tuned’ to one or two of these stress responses in particular, but we can all also experience all 4, too, depending on what’s going on.


Again, the book sets out a ton of info about the different personalities, based on the 4 elements of Jewish thought, fire, air, water and earth.

Long story short, while the first 3 are pretty obvious to spot, usually, it’s the people with a lot of EARTH / FLATTER in their personalities who are probably finding things the hardest going at the moment, because things are reaching such a crescendo, it’s getting almost impossible to ignore that something big is happening here.

And while the first 3 categories generally tend to acknowledge there is a problem, albeit often in an unhealthy way, EARTH / FLATTER people will hang on to their denial with every drop of their strength.

And that’s what leads to them getting pretty sick, physically, as the body doesn’t lie, and the headaches and stomachaches and weird pains and insomnia will just continue to ratchet on up, until the person stops lying to themselves, and finally accepts that something is going on.

And that something is making them scared. Or angry. Or depressed.


And now, for once, God really wants them to stop lying to themselves about what’s going on – and to stop calling other people conspiracy theorists, and to stop sanctimoniously criticising other people for worrying about nothing, and not having enough (fake….) emuna….

And to get real.

That’s what it’s going to take, to make it into the world of truth.

Not to get ‘perfect’, not to have no more bad middot any more, not to pretend we don’t feel angry, scared or depressed about what’s going on.

But just to get real.

And then, to take all that ‘real’ back to God, and to talk to Him about it, and to ask Him to really help us to deal with what we’re truly feeling inside.


Here’s the thing:

The EARTH people hold the key to all this turning around the sweet way.

Those ‘salt of the earth’ uncomplaining types are actually a majority in today’s world – a usually silent, stuck-in-denial majority that have an unhelpful habit of acting like ‘sheeple’, and being so easy to manipulate by the media because they actually want to retain the status quo, even when it’s just so bad and painful.

So as long as the media is giving them some version of ‘go back to sleep, everything will go back to normal if you just do [X] or think [Y],’ they tend to swallow that down uncritically, without thinking about it, because it’s exactly what they want to hear.


EARTH doesn’t move a lot, or very often.

But when it does – man, it’s dramatic!

The whole landscape can literally change in a second, and structures that seemed to be permanent features can crumble to dust in an instant.

That’s the part of the story we are starting to ease into, now, because the human soul is just a reflection of the physical world, and vice-versa.

The last few days, I’ve noticed a few of the people in my dalet amot with strong EARTH tendencies are starting to shift their ideas quite dramatically.

Slowly, slowly, it’s dawning on them that some of the stuff they read on this blog, and elsewhere is actually not ‘conspiracy theory’, but truth.

And that realisation is bringing up a whole bunch of repressed emotions that they’ve been shoving down all their long lives.

Like anger. And panic. And depression.

It’s not pleasant, but that’s the way it has to be, as all the lies and bad middot start to get cleared out of every single one of us, ahead of geula taking off and Moshiach being revealed.


And while that’s all going on, the EARTH itself is really starting to move.

The New Madric Seismic Zone in the US – scene of the biggest quakes in US history, almost exactly 200 years ago – have had thousands of weird fires and unusual swarms of quakes the last few days.

Here in the Middle East, Israel, Syria and Lebanon have been hit by hundreds of fires again – very similar to what happened when they first put Rav Berland away in prison, on false charges, back in November 2016.

Then, the Israeli government rushed to say it was a ‘fire intifada’ by the Palestinians.

They were lying.


Today, they are again claiming it’s a mix of hot weather plus Palestinian Arson.

But last time I checked, Palestinians don’t set fires in Syria and Lebanon…

(BTW, none of the Israeli media sites are covering the Syrian / Lebanon fires – that would spoil their propaganda narrative, and suggest to the viewer that something is going on, that is beyond the control of the billionaire oligarchs that own these papers. This video comes from Chinese media…)


As I’ve written about so many times, Israel and the Middle East is actually one of the seismically-active zones in the world.

Just the last 200 years or so, it’s been unusually quiet.

Same as in America.

But all that is about to change.

EARTH is moving – in a big way! – and the fires are just the first signs of that.

And it’s all connected to persecution of the haredim, and of Jews and Judaism generally, and of course, that all started back with Rabbi Eliezer Berland.


Until the people who slagged off and slandered Rav Berland, and the people who so eagerly believed them, especially in the so-called frum community, makes some sincere teshuva, we are going to be stuck in this awkward space of waiting for geula, while the lockdowns, and anti-semitism, and strange earth phenomena continue to ramp up.

It’s all connected.

So, here is a plea to all those big-mouth bloggers, and commentators, and Facebook posters who believed all the media lies about Rabbi Berland back in 2016, and again, in November 2019 – right when COVID-1984 was gearing up to wreak devastation on the world:

Make teshuva, and get us all out of this mess.


Most of us are not journalists taking the billionaire oligarchs’ dime to write poisonous anti-semitic propaganda. (Thank God).

But many of us DID believe all those lies about the Rav, and even spread them about, and even added to them, when the MSM was spoon-feeding it all to us.

Back then, we didn’t know better.

We didn’t know that billionaire Seth Klarman (partner with the Rothschild Foundation in the $60 million ‘personalised medicine’ venture in the State of Israel) owned the Times of Israel.

We hadn’t guessed, how many bent billionaires with vested interests were totally controlling our media and our institutions.

But now, we do.

And now, it’s time to make some sincere teshuva.

Because the EARTH is getting ready to move.



More and more people are starting to push back against the Corona Con.

I’m currently up to my eyeballs researching Rothschilds and their connection to the State of Israel. It’s a BIG job – you would not believe just how deep all this goes, and how convoluted it all is, and how it’s all totally connected to our corrupt banking system, including the central banks.

It’s taking me a long time to unravel, but I’m getting there.

And in the meantime, I’m very pleased to tell you that more and more people are starting to push back against the Corona Con.


Take a look at this German lawyer, who is fronting an international movement to start criminal proceedings against the people responsible for this Corona scam:

Politicians and billionaires and corrupt medical staff beware, the whole truth is coming out very soon….

And when it does, it’s going to totally change the world.


Also, Trump’s own bizarre brush with ‘COVID-1984’ – which I’m still pondering on, as nothing is what it seems at the moment – at least has led to a lot of people in the US starting to question the COVID-1984 narrative.

Tucker Carlson sums it up very nicely.

(You can read his comments HERE, if you don’t want to watch the video):

Here’s a snippet:

“[Watching Trump,] you might conclude the coronavirus isn’t quite as scary as they’re telling you it is,” Carlson said. “You might regret giving up your constitutional rights in a panic last spring, or letting them destroy the American economy in response.”


Hold on, everyone.

We are in the last month of this ‘birth process’, culminating around November 9th.

It’s going to be hairy, it’s going to be difficult in parts. But the way to get through is to keep talking to God, to work on moving into ‘the world of truth’ in our own lives, and to make some sincere teshuva about believing the billionaire-funded media and billionaire-controlled politicians, police and medical establishment.

We could stop COVID-1984 in its tracks tomorrow, if we’d just acknowledge all the lies we’re being told by the government and the doctors and the academics and the media.

These people are motivated by financial greed and a eugenics agenda to reduce the numbers of people walking around.

They are the epitome of ‘evil’.

Basically, it’s the upside-down world. Almost anyone today with money, power or influence is the lowest of the low, morally and spiritually. The more money and influence they have, the more ‘yucky’ they are.

But all the lies are starting to unravel now.


There will be more ‘push back’ from the billionaire oligarchs running the world and controlling our economies and governments.

Probably, they will try to use harsher measures to contain the civil unrest that’s going to be popping up all over the place, as more and more regular people start to understand just how much they’ve been lied to – about COVID 1984, and about a whole bunch of other things, too.

That’s to be expected.

And paradoxically, that’s also when the light will really start to shine, because it’s hard to keep sitting on the fence about what’s really going on in the world when a bunch of brown shirts rush into your own living room.

So hang on!

We are nearly there.

The contractions are painful, they are overwhelming, they are scary.

But at the end of this process, we’ll have the geula.



A reader just sent me a link to this short, 4 minute video – get it before they ban it!

It’s MD Christine Northrop talking about the DNA-altering ‘vaccine’ that will turn us all into programmable human antennas, and give us a nanotech ‘bar code’ to make us a crypto-currency commodity – patented by who else? Bill Gates.

Oh, and the name of these nanoparticles is LUCIFERase, part of that nudge, nudge, wink, wink ‘game’ they like to play of shoving all this stuff straight in our face.

See it for yourself, below: (not shmirat eynayim friendly).

(Don’t worry! The Rav will get out of prison soon, and once that happens, it’s all going to turn around for the best.)




You might also like this article:

While COVID-1984 continues to drag us all down, the New Madrid Seismic Zone is heating up.

Lots and lots of hotspots are flaring up right now, just in the area of the New Madrid Seismic Zone – home of modern USA’s biggest ever earthquake, in 1811 and 1812.

We seem to be going through some weird ‘re-run’ of 210 years ago, when Rebbe Nachman passed away.

So many of the things that were going on then, have returned and are going on again.

Here’s Dutchsinse, explaining the hotspots:


And here’s a short wiki on the New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquake:

The 1811–1812 New Madrid earthquakes (/ˈmædrɪd/) were a series of intense intraplate earthquakes beginning with an initial earthquake of moment magnitude 7.2–8.2 on December 16, 1811, followed by a moment magnitude 7.4 aftershock on the same day. Two additional earthquakes of similar magnitude followed in January and February 1812. They remain the most powerful earthquakes to hit the contiguous United States east of the Rocky Mountains in recorded history.[1][2][3] The earthquakes, as well as the seismic zone of their occurrence, were named for the Mississippi River town of New Madrid, then part of the Louisiana Territory and now within the U.S. state of Missouri.


Back on April 20, 2020, Rav Yoshiyahu Pinto said the following:


We need to strengthen ourselves [spiritually], there will be hard times, and people will die.

After this, another period will begin, an earthquake*.
A big Rabbi will die, and then there will be a war.

And after this, there will be Moshiach Tzidkaynu, our Righteous Redeemer.

Remember this!

Keep this recording safe – and remember this!”


Hear the recording below, in Hebrew:


As the persecution of religious Jews around the globe, but particularly in the State of Israel ‘heats up’, under guise of Covid 1984,  it seems the seismic activity is ‘heating up’ too.

Things are about to get even more interesting…




I think Moshiach must be close: even MSM news sites are starting to call out the fake news about COVID-1984.

First, there is this article, on the Arutz 7 site, explaining that the Karlin-Stoliner Rebbe has just been diagnosed with Covid-1984-induced pneumonia, which I excerpt below:

The news will be a severe blow not only to Karlin-Stolin chassidus, but also to the government itself, even if it doesn’t realize it yet. Among chassidim and in the haredi world in general, Karlin-Stolin has stood out as exceptionally stringent regarding adherence to the government’s coronavirus guidelines. While some Chassidic courts held prayers in large numbers over the High Holidays, Karlin-Stolin chassidim prayed in tiny capsules, meticulously adhering to social distancing and wearing of face masks, and many prayed alone at home.

Now, with the Rebbe having contracted the coronavirus along with several family members, haredi confidence in the efficacy of the government’s measures is likely to plummet to an all-time low.

The Rebbe’s diagnosis follows similar disillusionments in other groups – for instance, among Gerrer chassidim, who also meticulously adhered to guidelines regarding capsules, social distancing and mask wearing, and investing millions in providing the physical infrastructure necessary to do so – and despite this, experienced a large coronavirus outbreak in the last few weeks. Gerrer chassidus is also known for the severity it has accorded to following the government’s guidelines.


The social distancing, masks and ‘capsules’ have precisely zero real science behind them, and are all about controlling and demoralising the population, not trying to prevent disease.

This story proves that unequivocably.


Next, there was this story about Breslov chassidut fake news, on the YWN website (experts in ‘fake news’, if ever there was one:)

Entitled: Chassidim-coming-back-from-uman-carry-corona-back-to-israel-truth-or-fake-news, the article basically shows just how the government and the media collaborate in all their lies and propaganda.

It said that 17 Breslov chassidim had carried Corona back on Israel, on 17 different flights.

There were only 11 flights in total, that returned to Israel from the Ukraine.

Not only that, the ‘health officials’ quoted complained that the ’17 chassidim’ weren’t cooperating with taking any COVID tests or giving even basic information about their health.

So then, how does the Health Ministry even know they have COVID 1984!?!?

When Kikar HaShabbat contacted the Health Ministry for corroboration, the media contact there had no idea what they were even talking about.



The ridiculous story first appeared on the N12 news site – the infamous Channel 2, that first publicised the totally fake, doctored ‘video’ of Rav Berland apparently saying it was OK to do awful things to women, God forbid.

Back then, so many people in the Breslov community, and in the wider religious / chassidic community were so gullibly ‘happy’ to have ‘proof’ of their own horrible biases against Rav Berland and his community.

And now, God is mamash throwing it all back in their faces.

All the same propaganda and lies the [Rothschild-controlled] State and media used against the Rav and Shuvu Banim are now being trotted out again, this time to frame the wider Breslov and Chareidi communities, as being dangerous ‘disease carriers’.

If only we had been more honest, less willing to accept slander about the Rav 5 years ago, right now, we wouldn’t all be sitting in yet another lockdown.


One of the commentators on a recent post, reminded me of this article, on the website:

Quotes from the Article:

”Pay attention, that this is beginning with one lockdown, and then another lockdown… Until all of us will be in an absolute lockdown. Don’t say that we didn’t tell you.”


Here’s the full text of the message:

Am Yisrael is currently in the most fragile of situations.

We need to strengthen ourselves a great deal, before the test of emuna that stands before us, and it’s assur (forbidden) to despair at all – at all!

“As much as the reshaim (evildoers) are preparing very strongly for the kochav (star / comet), the kochav stands ready to pass close by to us, and Moshiach Tzidkaynu is connected to this kochav. He is going to fight all the wards of Israel with this kochav.



“Moshiach is already here.

Moshiach is to be found in Israel. Ask the tzaddikim hagadolim (the biggest tzaddikim), who are saying that the Moshiach is to be found in the North of Israel, and he’s flesh and blood, [it’s] a moment before pulling the trigger, before he is revealed to Am Yisrael.

“The Moshiach can be revealed the merciful way if Am Yisrael will come together in achdut (unity).

Then he will fight the wars of Israel (i.e. the Jewish people) and all the birth pangs will be sweetened, and will pass over to the haters of Israel [instead of on the Jewish people].

“The virus will be nullified, and the Gan Eden of Adam HaRishon will descend.”


“Moshiach is already here.

“But the test of emuna that stands before us is a big one.

“This is an important message for all of the rabbanim (rabbis), the Admors, and the others who are engaged in outreach in Israel (i.e. amongst the Jewish people):

“In this difficult time, we should know that there is no turning back; rather, we need to work with all of our strength to wake Hashem’s people up, to make teshuva from love, for Hashem Yitbarach, and by this, we will merit to have the geula with rachamim (mercy).

“Because from the many sins we do, without paying attention to them, we have already descended into the slavery of the last galut (exile) of Amalek, and the difficulty is unbearable.



May we be saved from it, and and may we be redeemed speedily in our days, amen.

Pay attention, that this is beginning with one lockdown, and then another lockdown… Until all of us will be in an absolute lockdown. Don’t say that we didn’t tell you.

Today, it’s still possible to stop this.

Pharoah also started [to enslave] Am Yisrael with soft words.

If we do teshuva, but not completely, meaning with full, heart-felt intention, we will need to complete the relative portion with suffering, the very difficult ‘birthpangs of the Moshiach’, rachmana litzan (Hashem should have mercy).

Therefore, everyone should come, like one man, with one heart, let’s pray together, let’s do teshuva from love, and let’s merit to have geula b’rachamim (redemption with mercy), TODAY! If we will only listen to his voice.

But it’s a fact 100%, that the world will not return to ‘routine’ again.

We are in the final process of geula, Am Yisrael, and how it’s going to come – either with din (harsh judgment) or rachamim (mercy) depends on us.”


We need to have achdut – togetherness – for all this to be sweetened, and for the evil malchut to fall.

And we also need to make some sincere teshuva, for believing the lying [Rothschild-controlled] media and State, instead of judging Rabbi Berland fairly, refusing to accept outrageous slanders and lashon hara, and piling our own lies and accusations on top of them, too.

You want to get out of ‘lockdown’ and the current COVID-1984 situation we are currently stuck in?

Then work on achdut, and making whatever teshuva is required in relation to Rav Berland and Shuvu Banim.

Again, let’s just remember that the Beit Din in Bnai Brak decided to excommunicate the Rav and his community back at the end of May, 2020.


See this post, for more details:


Bnei Brak has been at the forefront of the government attempts to demonise and ‘lockdown’ chareidi communities in Israel, although it’s by no means the only place.

Do you think that’s a coincidence?

People, people, when are you going to get the message, and to stop being so ‘stiff necked’ and stubborn about admitting that you were duped and fooled by the same evil, anti-chareidi, anti-Judaism, anti-humanity [Rothschild-controlled] State and media that is now causing us all so much pain and suffering with COVID-1984?


We have just over a week until the final judgment for Am Yisrael is sealed, at the end of Simchat Torah.

We can still turn this all around!

It just requires a little more humility, a little more honesty, and a little more teshuva.

To quote that hidden tzaddik:

“We are in the final process of geula, Am Yisrael, and how it’s going to come – either with din (harsh judgment) or rachamim (mercy) depends on us.”


You might also like this article:

It’s right there, on the Israeli Prime Minister Office’s website:

How the Rothschilds, Wexner and Michael Milken are effectively running the State of Israel as their private fiefdom.


It’s happened so often now, that when I’m typing stuff for this blog, some ‘idea’ pops out spontaneously, which when I go to research it turns out to be bang on the money.

In the last post, I started pulling some information together, that linked Michael Milken’s ‘Milken Innovation Centre’ with the Rothschilds, and showed that there was a strong possibility that all this ‘COVID-1984’ lockdown hysteria in Israel was being engineered by big business interests who are effectively running the State of Israel.

It’s not Netanyahu, or Bennett, or Gantz, or Lapid who is making policy decisions for the State of Israel – that’s just the lie we’ve all been spun, to make it seem as though voting for all these different politicians is actually going to make a difference, on the ground.

Because if we knew the truth – that whoever we vote for, they are just the ‘front men’ for the big businesses who are using the State of Israel to promote their own nefarious agenda – there would be riots in the street and a revolution.

[And then Moshiach… wait for it, it’s happening soon.]


So anyway, that was the theory I set out in the last post, with a lot of supporting evidence to back it up. But after it was written, I finally found the smoking gun that proves it beyond the shadow of the doubt.

Tucked away in some shadowy corner of the Israeli Government’s website, I found something called the ‘Atudot L’Israel’ program, which roughly translates as ‘Futuristic Israel’.

This program was formally put in place in 2016 by the Prime Minister’s Office, and I’ll explain in a moment what it’s all about.

First, take a look at the shiny video they put out as part of their PR machine to hide what is really going on here:


It begins:

“Atudot L’Israel seeks to build the next generation of Israel’s public service sector.”

I.e. all the civil servants, Director Generals of the Health Ministry, Economics Ministry and others, the heads of Hospitals like Ichilov (hi, Ronny!), even the heads of the IDF and the chief justices of the Supreme Court, and the police chiefs – they will all be part of this ‘Atudot L’Israel’ program to take over the public sector.

I’ve screenshotted some of the video’s factoids, below, but here’s a run-down of what they are saying:


There are 75,000 people working in Israel’s civil service.


When you add in things like local authorities, hospitals and NGOs, this number swells to 1,000,000 people – i.e. one in 6 of every working age person in the State of Israel.

45% work in positions connected with the Ministry of Education; 15% with the Ministry of Health; 15% for the Ministry of the Interior; and 10% with Welfare.


Next, we’re told how private organisations and donors have created several ‘management training’ progams for the State of Israel’s public sector.

We’ll deep dive into what those programs are in a minute, but it’s things like the notorious Wexner Foundation Fellows, and the Koret-Milken Fellows – i.e. programs which are there to serve the billionaire oligarchs’ economic and geopolitical interests, and NOT the people of Israel.

Then, it says:

“Due to the success of these programs, the government of Israel has decided to promote a strategic plan for ‘talent management’ for the entire public service sector.”

Or to put this in plain English, from 2016 on, the whole apparatus of the State of Israel was effectively put at the service of these billionaire oligarchs, who now control the country via the graduates of their ‘talent management’ programs, who have been parachuted into some of the most sensitive and powerful areas in the public sector.

That’s a big claim, I know. I’ll back it up with solid facts in a moment, we’re just setting out the stall, still.


The video then goes on to explain how the entire public sector was mapped out, and the top 1% of management – around 10,000 people – were targeted to participate in one of the billionaire oligarchs ‘talent management’ programs.


They aren’t shy about what they are trying to do here, even starting baldly in the video that:

“Influencing [this 1%] means influencing the entire public sector [of Israel].”

[It’s a post for another time, but if you watch the video you’ll notice a banner of “Israel 2035” popping up. I know of the UN’s notorious Agenda 2030, but having just quickly googled ‘Agenda 2035’, I can see there is another Pandora’s Box opening up here, which I will cover in a future post. But the UN’s ‘Agenda 2035’ is about ‘Controlled Migration’.]


We’re then told that each ‘system’ will have its own Executive Committee – that is effectively calling the shots and making the decisions, regardless of who you and I vote for, at the ballot box.

“The different Executive Committees will collaborate as a smart network.”

If you look at the screenshot above, it shows how all these ‘Executive Committees’ will interact. Take a close look at what’s being listed, here:

  • Atudot L’Israel
  • Atudot L’Israel Forum
  • Executive Committee of the Healthcare System
  • Executive Committee of the Education System
  • Executive Committee of the Local Government System
  • Executive Committee of the Welfare System
  • Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance
  • The Prime Minister’s Office
  • The Civil Service Commission

These are the people calling the shots in the State of Israel, not the ministers, not most of the other MKs and politicians, and definitely not the voters.

I would LOVE to know who is sitting on the Executive Committee of the Healthcare System – if anyone with good Hebrew wants to research that, I’d be very grateful. Because I’m 100% sure we already know a lot of those people’s names very well, from this whole COVID-1984 lockdown nightmare.


Let’s continue.

The video ends:

“The future [of the State of Israel] is in our hands”

They aren’t lying. The future of the Jewish State really is in these people’s hands, so now, let’s take a look at which foundations and billionaire oligarchs are running Atudot L’Israel, shall we?

This comes from it’s own website HERE. If you want to download the report in English, you can do that HERE – quick, before they scrub it!! Because when this information finally starts to get out, it’s mamash going to change the whole picture.

So, who is now firmly in control of Israel’s public sector, effectively bypassing us, the voters, and controlling our politicians via bribery and blackmail?

I’ve bolded the ones I want you to really pay attention to:


[T]he following is a list of some of the Atuda programs in the public service sector, which are working in cooperation with other bodies in the Civil Service and in the public sphere:

Senior level

  • The Senior Staff Fellowship at the Civil Service’s National Leadership, Governance and Administration Academy
  • The Wexner Senior Leadership Program 
  • The Israel National Defense College (INDC) Senior Officers’ Program


  • The Senior Staff Atuda Program at the Civil Service’s National Leadership, Governance and Administration Academy
  • Maoz Fellows program
  • Advot—Leadership Pipeline for the Israeli Education System
  • Inbar—Healthcare Management Program
  • Makom—Municipal Leadership Pipeline Program
  • Ro’im Rachok¬ Program—Management Pipeline for Social Services in Israel
  • Mashpi’im Program—Haredim in the Civil Service and Local Government
  • The Mimshak Fellowship for Young Leadership of Scientists as Scientific Advisers in Government Offices 
  • Digital Leaders—Agents of Change through Digital Innovation
  • The JDC Israel Institute for Leadership and Governance
  • The Wexner Israel Fellowship for Leadership Development for Leaders in Israel’s Public Sector
  • The Mandel School for Educational Leadership
  • Mandel Programs for Leadership Development in the Haredi Community 
  • Mandel Youth Leadership Program
  • The Mandel Center for Leadership in the Negev 
  • The Mandel Center for Leadership in the North

Entry Level

  • Cadets for Civil Service Program
  • Atidim-Pais Cadets for Local Government—Bachelor’s program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
  • Atidim-Pais Cadets for Local Government— Bachelor’s program at Tel-Hai College
  • Rothschild-Pais Cadets for Local Government—Masters program in Public Administration (MPA) and Policy at the University of Haifa
  • Rothschild-Pais Cadets for Local Government—Master’s program in Strategy and Urban Planning at the Technion
  • Rothschild Cadets Program for Informal Education—B.Ed in Informal Education and Social Sciences, with Minor in Public Policy from Oranim College (including a teaching certification and a youth worker certification)
  • Shoham—Cadets for the Police Force Program
  • The Foreign Ministry’s Cadet Program
  • Cadet Program for Israel’s Economic Envoys
  • Mashpi’im Program—Haredim in the Civil Service and Local Government

Specialized Programs

  • The Mimshak Fellowship for Young Leadership of Scientists as Scientific Advisers in Government Offices 
  • Milken Innovation Center Fellows Program for outstanding leadership to promote economic growth in Israel through internships in government offices, applied research and training


There is SO much to unpick here, and I don’t want to overwhelm you with information, so let’s just make some ‘broadbrush’ observations, and I’ll come back to specific points in future posts.

  • Lesley Wexner, Michael Milken, the Mandel brothers and the Rothschilds (especially the French and English branches) are defacto setting the policy of the State of Israel, and running the country irrespective of who we vote for.
  • Lesley Wexner has been directly connected to Jeffrey Epstein and his child trafficking, prostitution and blackmail outfit. Epstein was managing the funds for the Wexner Foundation for years, and the Wexner Foundation has been funding its grads in Israel for a couple of decades.
  • Michael Milken is ‘the junk bond king’ at the centre of a group of corporate raiders who were christened ‘Milken’s Monsters. Most of them were Jews, and many of them, like the late Meshulam Riklis had close ties to the State of Israel – Riklis bought Ariel Sharon’s Negev Ranch for him.
  • Donald Trump pardoned Michael Milken for his crimes just in February, 2019. Isn’t that a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.


  • One of Michael Milken’s ‘fellows’, Moshe Bar Simon-Tov, was the head of the Israel Health Department when the COVID-1984 plandemic hit Israel, and he was one of the main people, along with the WHO’s Itamar Grotto, who was pumping up the hysteria, and demanding a full lock down from day one.
  • The Mandel Foundation is a new name to me, so I’m only just starting to research them. What I can tell you, is that Morton Mandel was closely connected to Reform Rabbi Herbert A. Friedman, who co-founded the Wexner Foundation with Lesley Wexner, illegally ran guns for the Hagana (so was intimately tied to the Labour Socialists), was head of the United Jewish Appeal (the precursor to all these American Jewish Federations, today) and seems to have a strong connection to the IRA, too (!)
  • According to Wikipedia, Friedman believed “in the dispersal of the Jewish people across time and space as an integral part of their creative genius.” (I have a feeling this could be linked to Agenda 2035….)
  • The Mandel Foundation are also just lurving COVID-1984. This comes from the Foundation’s ‘Coronavirus Response’ page:

“The first lecture in the series was titled “The Coronavirus Crisis from a Global Perspective: How Do We Prepare for the Next Level?” Presented by Professor Manuel Trajtenberg, professor of economics at Tel Aviv University, it focused on the implications of the coronavirus crisis for globalization and the global economy, exploring questions such as: How will the world order change in the post-COVID-19 era? What will happen to liberal democracies and what will happen to autocracies? How will the economic world change following the crisis?”


The Rothschilds are ‘hiding’ behind a lot of these organisations.

For example, the list above makes it sound as though:

Are all separate organisations. In fact, Maoz is also running the Advot, Inbar and Makom programs, and Maoz was funded by the Edmond de Rothschild foundation (EDRF) (now run by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild) to the tune of 1.5 million shekels back in 2018. I’m sure it’s budget is even bigger now. (See below)



Also, EDRF is also funding Roim Rachok – to the tune of 900,000 shekels in 2018. Here’s a little of what they do, from their website:

“The program has since been expanded to train participants in other professions needed in the IDF and civilian job market such as software quality assurance (QA), information sorting, and electro-optics technicians.”

Uh, this has a ‘police state surveillance’ ring to it, doesn’t it? Aka a ‘COVID track and trace apparatus being run through the IDF’ ring to it, doesn’t it?

Especially when you know that back in 2016, ‘Roim Rachok’ partnered up with INTEL, on a new aerial surveillance program that requires people on the autistic spectrum, because ‘regular’ people just can’t do that sort of painstaking surveillance work for very long.

I know this all sounds incredible, but here’s the shiny video to prove it:

I guess this is where the ‘social distancing’ rules come in, to make it easier for them to aerially surveil us all.


Avney Rosha”, below, is also funded by the Rothschilds:

“Avney Rosha, the Israeli Institute for School Leadership, was established in 2007 as a joint initiative of the education ministry and Yad Hanadiv.”

(NB: ‘ELKA’ is being run and funded by the JDC, also reform-minded American Jews.)


But the Rothschilds actually figure in big ways that are even more hidden, on this list.

Let’s take the Mimshak Fellowship, that sounds like it’s got nothing to do with the Rothschilds at all, until we start to take a closer look.

Here’s what it says on the Mimshak website:

The Mimshak Fellowships aims to form a leadership cohort of young, talented academic graduates who are trained to act effectively in the public sector, improving environmental decision-making in Israel and promoting dialogue between the scientific community and public policy makers in Israel.

Mimshak was established by the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences in cooperation with the School of Government and Policy at Tel Aviv University and the Israel Academy of Sciences in 2011.



Now, if you go HERE, you’ll find a PDF describing the Initiative for Applied Education Research. That PDF explains that:

The Initiative was established in late 2003 as a joint venture of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Ministry of Education, and the Rothschild Foundation (Yad Hanadiv). Since the beginning of 2010, the Initiative has been operating as a unit of the Israel Academy.

In the summer of 2010, the Israeli Knesset amended the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities Law, regulating the Israel Academy’s advisory role vis-a-vis government ministries seeking its consulting services. The Initiative directs the consulting activities on education related issues which the Israel Academy provides to the government and various authorities.


In other words, the Rothschild Foundation is running the Israel Academy of Sciences, which in turn is directly ‘advising’ the Israeli government, and running programs like Mimshak.

And that’s not all.

The Rothschild Foundation is also running the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, too, again from behind the scenes. Take a look at this PDF report from 2009, entitled:

Linking Science to Environmental Policy and Decision Making in Israel: A report prepared for Yad Hanadiv (the Rothschild Foundation) and the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences (ISEES).

Are you starting to see how this works?


This is only the tip of the iceberg.

I’m sure if I dig deep enough, I will find billionaire oligarchs behind every single one of these organisations, and these organisations are the ones who are deciding to lockdown the State of Israel, and to push the fake COVID-1984 narrative that is literally destroying millions of people’s parnassa in this country, plus targeting orthodox Jews and Judaism in some very sinister ways.

The question is this:

When the State of Israel is defacto being run by child traffickers, the biggest financial con-men in the history of Wall Street, and a family dedicated to a ‘New World Order’ that also happens to hold deed to most of the actual land in Eretz Yisrael – that’s why everything in this country is leasehold, for 99 years, stoopid us!!!! – is it any wonder that we are in the mess we are in today?

Or that so many other people in the world actually don’t like the State of Israel, so much?

Or that so many of the hard-to-understand actions and deeds of our governments – including making unnecessary wars, and pursuing very dangerous and harmful policies that have only hurt the average Jew in the street, while benefitting billionaire investors – took place?

Ad matai?


Changing the government at the ballot box is not enough to stop the rot.

We have to change the whole civil service, too, and ban all these NGOs and foundations that are really just a front for the Wexners, Milkens, Mandels, Rothschilds, and all the other corrupt billionaires, too.

That’s a big job.

And there’s only one person who can do it.


PS: In the middle of typing this up, Daisy sent me a video to watch, where the presenter said that the State of Israel’s Health Department is running Rhode Island’s ‘Open up after Covid’ initiative.

Apparently, it’s true.

See this:

Lt. Governor Engages Israeli Health Minister on COVID-19 Reopening Strategies

Office Activity Update

Lt. Governor Dan McKee and his coalition of International Economic Ambassadors, held a virtual meeting with Israeli Minister of Health Asher Salmon to discuss Israel’s strategies for shutting down and reopening the country during COVID-19. The meeting was organized through the efforts of Avi Nevel, President and CEO of the Rhode Island Israel Collaborative who serves as an International Economic Ambassador through the Lt. Governor’s Office.


And this, which describes how an Israeli Start-Up called Diagnostic Robotics will be running the track and trace program for Rhode Island.

“The tool was built by Israeli startup Diagnostic Robotics, whose flagship product is essentially a human-machine hybrid AI diagnostic system.”


Diagnostic Robotics is chaired by data-miner extraordinaire, Kira Radinsky.

Radinsky is also a partner in Maccabi’s ‘Big Data’ program with billionaire oligarch Morris Kahn, one of the founders of Amdocs. According to Globes:

The company’s technology is already installed at Leumit Health Services and Meuhedet Health Services, and at the Soroka and Rambam Medical Centers. The company’s cooperative ventures with these hospitals is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority and the government’s Digital Health as a Growth Engine Plan, which have allocated resources to support hospitals agreeing to try out new digital health technologies.”

Here’s a little about that, from the Kahn Sagol Maccabi research and Innovation institute:

The mission of the Institute is to make the broad database of medical data pertaining to some 2.5 million members of Maccabi Healthcare Services, compiled over a period of two decades, accessible to researchers worldwide. By doing so, it will enable each researcher to become a data scientist, and to conduct multi-dimensional research utilizing Big Data approaches and methods.


I belong to Maccabi. Nobody ever asked me, or told me, that my medical data is being made available to researchers around the globe. I’m sure no-one told all the people at Leumit and Meuhedet, either.

It’s time to totally sue the pants off these people, and to hold them accountable for their crimes against humanity.



As an afterthought, I went to see if Ronnie Gamzu, Israel’s ‘Coronavirus Tzar’, happened to be a fellow in any of these Rothschild-funded programs.

I discovered that in 2008, he participated in the INSEAD European Health Leadership Program, in France.

Guess who provided the funding for that program?

Yup. Our good friend the Baron Benjamin de Rothschild. Guess where the Israeli branch of INSEAD is located? Yup. In Caesarea. Here’s some blurb from their website:

“The new Regional Research Centre in Israel is a tangible example of INSEAD’s global vision as the business school for the world,” Mr. Nahmias said. “Thanks to its global network of alumni and corporate contacts, the school is uniquely positioned to build bridges and connect entrepreneurs from all over the world. We are very grateful for the support we have received from the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation to help us build INSEAD’s reputation as a leading authority on global entrepreneurship”.

It’s all connected.

Track down the INSEAD fellows, and I’m sure you’ll build up another very clear picture of another important part of the global COVID-1984 web.


We really do need Moshiach now.


You might also like these articles:

And it’s not Netanyahu, Lapid, or any of the MKs you voted for.

A few weeks ago, I dug up an interesting document that showed the Milken Institute, back in 2007, was pushing the State of Israel to create what it called a ‘tissue bank’, to facilitate research into biomedicine.

You can go back and read that whole article HERE.

Why I found that so interesting is because Moshe Bar Siman-Tov – the former DG of the Health Ministry, who together with the WHO lackey Itamar Grotto played an instrumental role in creating the first COVID-1984 hysteria and lockdown back at Pesach time – is a former Milken Institute Fellow.


A couple of days ago, on a hunch, I put in ‘Yad HaNadiv’ and ‘Milken’ together as search terms in Google.

In case you don’t know what ‘Yad HaNadiv’ actually is, it’s the main (but by no means only…) name the Rothschild Foundation goes by, to try to camouflage just how many fingers it has in how many pies, here in the State of Israel.

The following comes from Yad HaNadiv’s own site, which I have screenshotted, just in case anyone ‘important’ actually reads this blog, so they can’t go back and change it:


First, a bit of history about where ‘Yad HaNadiv’ fits into the picture of creating the modern day State of Israel:

Edmond entrusted his son James de Rothschild with the task of carrying on his work through the Palestine Jewish Colonisation Association (PICA). Towards the end of the First World War, the question of a home for the Jews in Palestine was coming to the fore under the leadership of Chaim Weizmann.

James de Rothschild had by then settled in England, and he and his wife Dorothy were committed to Zionism and assisted Weizmann with his contacts in Britain. However, it was to the second Lord Rothschild, Walter, to whom the British Government turned and finally, in November 1917, addressed the famous Balfour Declaration.


To put this in plain English: The British and French branches of the Rothschild families effectively put men on the ground in Israel, and then secured political backing from the British to create a ‘Jewish State’.

There’s a whole story about why this assimilated Jewish family cared so much about this piece of real estate, and it has far more to do with oil than it does with creating a real homeland for Jews, but we’ll get to that another time.


In 1957, James de Rothschild (apparently….) formally handed over all of the massive tracts of land and real estate the Rothschilds had acquired in the Holy Land to Ben Gurion’s Labour Socialists, and then also built the present Knesset Building, shortly before he died.

Then, his widow (and cousin…) Dorothy de Rothschild picked up the gauntlet, and continued to poke more Rothschild fingers in more Israeli pies.

Again, this comes from Yad HaNadiv’s own website:

Under her leadership, Yad Hanadiv was formed and projects were undertaken that ranged from the establishment of Educational Television, the Open University, the Centre for Educational Technology, the Jerusalem Music Centre in Mishkenot Shaananim and HEMDA– the Centre for Science Education in Tel Aviv.

Dorothy was assisted by a group of distinguished Advisors, which included Lord Victor Rothschild, the Hon. Amschel Rothschild and Sir Isaiah Berlin [and Lord Jacob Rothschild]. They were later joined or replaced by other family members, Professor Emma Rothschild and Mme Béatrice Rosenberg de Rothschild, and colleagues such as James Wolfensohn – the namesake of James de Rothschild, who served with Wolfensohn’s father in the Jewish Battalion during WWI.


Again, it’s a post for another time, but Ben Gurion also served in the Jewish Battalion (aka Jewish Legion).

Another nugget of pertinent info about Dorothy comes from the Waddesden House website, HERE, which tells us:

During the First World War, when still a teenager, she acted as contact and go-between for Chaim Weizmann (a leader among British Zionists), the Zionist movement and the Rothschild family.

I wonder why they don’t teach that in Israeli schools?


In the meantime, Yad HaNadiv – the Rothschilds – also worked very closely with people like Shimon Peres, and there’s a whole nauseating story about how Dorothy called dear old Shimon up to donate the money to build Israel’s Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem, which conspiracy theorists have long pointed out appears to have some odd Freemason-occult architecture going on.

Read more about that, HERE.


The Rothschilds built Hadassah Ein Kerem and Shaarei Tzedek hospitals in Jerusalem.

Now, the reason you rarely here about the Rothschild’s Foundation, and the huge impact it’s having on every facet of Israeli life, behind the scenes, can be found on Yad HaNadiv’s own website, which states very clearly in the section on ‘Guiding Principles’:

We typically rely on other organisations to implement.

We …. are committed …. to a modest public profile.

Again, to put this into plain English, that means the Rothschild Foundation is the one pulling the strings from far back, and that they use front men and puppet people and organisations to achieve their ends.

Now, are you ready for the story to ramp into ‘very interesting’ territory, with implications for what’s going on today? Great! Let’s do it.


Also on Yad HaNadiv’s website, they have a section talking about what they are focusing on now, within Israel. Whaddya know? One of the Rothschild Foundation’s main areas of interest is ‘personalised medicine’ – same as the Milken Foundation.

Here’s what they say:

Yad Hanadiv’s strategy in the Life Sciences seeks to help Israeli researchers produce ground-breaking work in Precision Medicine research. Precision (or Personalized) Medicine – the ability to take into account individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle in the study of health and disease – is widely expected to be transformative for biomedical research and healthcare

We hope to promote Israel’s international standing in this area by improving researcher access to genomic and other molecular data on individual patients, linked to the vast resources of electronic medical records held within the Israeli medical system, while promoting a broad culture of collaboration and data sharing.

Support is focused through the Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) – a joint initiative of Yad Hanadiv, the Klarman Family Foundation and the Israel Science Foundation, with additional support from the Planning and Budgeting Committee of the Council for Higher Education and Digital Israel.


You can read more HERE, but in the meantime, the Rothschild Foundation openly admits to giving $60 million to this Israel Precision Medicine Partnership (IPMP) (and clearly, way more is being funded via the ‘back door’, via all their puppet people and organisations, so they can retain their ‘modest profile’.)

Now, if we head over to the IPMP, we learn some more interesting things.

The IPMP is being run on the ground by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF)– one of the ‘partners’ listed on the Yad HaNadiv website.

The Israel Science Foundation was founded by the Israeli Academy for Sciences and Humanities. The academy itself was founded by Ben Gurion in 1957 – the year James de Rothschild died – and one of its main funders was Baroness Batsheva de Rothschild, from the French Rothschilds.

She was a biologist who trained at the Pasteur Institute in Paris (more about them another time…), and the Academy website says that:

During World War II, she joined the Free French Movement at its office in New York and volunteered for its armed forces. Assigned to London, she landed in Normandy during the Allied invasion, eventually reaching Paris, where she served as liaison between the French and the United States military forces.


That’s quite a high profile job for a young woman, hey! I guess being a Rothschild really does open a lot of doors.

In 1958, Batsheva starts up a fund to finance the Academy in NYC, which is transferred over to Israel in 1965. Then, in 1993 that fund is officially transferred over to the Academy (are you noticing a theme, here?)

So, the Rothschild’s funded Academy sets up the Israel Science Foundation.

And on the ISF website, we find the following information about something called the TELEM forum, which is one of the ISF’s pet projects:

The goal of the TELEM Forum was to pool various governmental budgetary resources – and catalyzing the participation of others – to undertake major joint science and technology initiatives in the national interest. Since 2005, the Ministry of Economy has taken over administrative responsibility for the Forum.

And here’s who is sitting on that Forum – literally half the Ministers of the State of Israel:

TELEM’s members are the heads of Israel’s major national research-funding organizations: President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (TELEM’s Chair), chairman of the Planning and Budgeting Committee of Israel’s Council for Higher Education, chief scientist of the Ministry of Economy, director general of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space, head of the Research and Development Division of the Ministry of Defense, and assistant head of the Budget Department of the Ministry of Finance.


And whaddya know?! What are some of the things being funded by the Rothschilds?

Over the years, TELEM has initiated a string of scientific and technological projects, representing hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars in total, including the following:

  • Nanotechnology research and infrastructure – $231.5 million

  • Advanced photonics – $56 million

  • Second-generation broadband Internet communication initiative – $38 million

  • Particle accelerator for the Nahal Soreq SARAF nuclear research center – $25 million

  • Participation in the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) – $10 million

  • Brain research – $25 million

  • Establishing equipment centers for biotechnology R&D – $10 million

  • Stem cell R&D equipment – $10 million

  • Founding a national tissue bank – $8.9 million


I read that, and a few things jumped out at me.

Firstly, there’s a huge amount of money going into nanotechnology – but we very rarely hear about nanotechnology these days. It seems to have ‘gone off radar’, as so much science does, when it’s being developed for nefarious purposes the powers-that-be don’t want the public to be aware of.

But ‘nanomedicine’ and COVID-19 seem to very closely linked, and I will try to come back to this topic in a future post.

It’s also VERY interesting that they spent $25 million on a ‘particle accelerator’ for Nahal Sorek – what has nuclear research got to do with public health? I’m in the middle of untangling that part of the story, too, and that will be a corking post when it’s ready.

But the other thing that jumped out at me was that Telem has pumped $8.9 million into founding a tissue bank – and that’s exactly what the Milken Institute was calling for, behind closed doors, and that’s also directly linked to all this swabbing going on, again linked to COVID-1984.


It’s so hard to get real info about the Milken Institute these days, as so much of it has been scrubbed.

But thankfully, they didn’t get everything. For example, I found this annual report from 2011 for the Milken Institute, which I’m including some screenshots from below:

Notice how ‘Koret-Milken Institute Fellows’ are being placed in key places within the Israeli government, ‘bringing fresh energy and talent to the heart of Israeli decision-making’.

I.E., the Milken Institute and its backers and donors are the ones running the show here.

The Milken Institute holds a number of massive global summits every year, including the ‘FasterCures’ event, and the ‘Partnering for Cures’ event, which links biomed research to big business investors.

And here’s some of the major funders of the Milken Institute – notice that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is top of pile:


What is obvious, is that the Milken Institute is to global health what Davos is to global finance – and if that sounds sinister, it’s meant to.

Look at all the big names showing up at their events in 2011, and then look at who is funding them.

Top of the list is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Institute also thanks its ‘anonymous’ donors – chief of whom, I’m now willing to bet, is the Rothschilds.

This all feeds back to banking and big business, and sadly, crooked Jews are bang in the middle of everything.


Back in May 2019, the Jpost ran THIS STORY, excitedly talking about the massive grants the IPMP had started giving out for ‘personalised medicine’ to researchers in Israel:

“The research projects are meant to lead to a deeper understanding of human diseases and advance the implementation of new healthcare approaches. Teams are made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds, including physicians, basic researchers, theoreticians, experimentalists, bioinformaticians, computer scientists, big-data specialists, engineers, statisticians, epidemiologists and others….

The research projects will have access to the unique databases of Israeli healthcare institutions, while protecting patient privacy.

Israel has an enormous relative advantage in this field due to the vast scope and high reliability of these databases.”


What a massive CO-IN-CID-ENCE that COVID-1984 then showed up less than 8 months later, in Israel, giving a massive ‘boost’ to all these projects and researchers who CO-IN-CID-ENT-ALLY had just received billionaire oligarch funding to start doing a deep dive into ‘personalized medicine.’


The last thing to tell you, at least in this post, is that all these billionaire oligarchs, and their various ‘foundations’ are the real government of Israel.

That’s not my words, that’s what the foundation themselves believe, as you can see in this PDF, from the Shalom Hartman Institute, a little of which I’ve excerpted below:

“Once a fortnight, 23 local representatives of foundations (including Koret, Wexner and Yad HaNadiv) and Federations (including New York and San Francisco) gather at the Shalom Hartman’s Institute…”

Meetings like these are where the real decisions about Israel are being taken, this is where the real ‘power brokers’ are deciding things. And who we vote for in the elections is largely irrelevant.


In 2013, the EU commissioned a report into the biggest ‘philanthropic’ givers in Israel.

You can see that report HERE, and it’s quite eye-opening, for a number of reasons.

For example, the report lets the cat out the bag that The Ford Foundation has been pouring tens of millions of dollars into the New Israel Fund.

Charles Bronfman was using his Keren Karav Foundation to move huge amounts of money into Israel.

The Charles and Lyn Shusterman Foundation:

“[H]as also donated extensively to the gay and lesbian community in Israel, including Jerusalem Open House, which organises the annual gay pride parade in the city.”

Others on the list include:

The Russell Berrie Foundation – which “donates millions of dollars to Israel each year, one of its biggest contributions being the $26 million donated to the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute.” – There’s that nanotech / biomedicine link to billionaire oligarchs again. Oh, and it also funds the Shalom Hartman Institute.

The notorious Marc Rich – who funneled $150 million to the State of Israel.


And of course, the Rothschilds are there, too.

Here’s what the report says about them:

Donating tens of millions of dollars to Israeli projects every year, Yad Hanadiv, is the largest foundation in Israel. The funds originate from the interest generated by the fund, which is estimated to total $50 billion to $100 billion. Yad Hanadiv is identified primarily with large nationwide projects, such as the construction of the Knesset and Supreme Court buildings in Jerusalem, the establishment of Israel Educational Television and other education initiatives.

There is also a French branch, led by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild (Rothschild Caesarea Foundation). This is the branch that funded the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation, which donates tens of millions of shekels annually to Israeli institutions of higher education. It alsocreated the Caesarea Development Corporation, which supports the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation.

If you look at this article from 2002, you’ll find that Benjamin de Rothschild’s investment fund in Israel created a $60 million dollar fund called BioDiscovery 2, to invest in Israeli biotech.



There’s also a very interesting mention of the “Gustave Leven – Sacta Rashi Foundation”, which has apparently given $700 million to the State of Israel, including the funding of the Dimona Nuclear Reactor.

I never even heard of this guy before I read this report, which seems strange, given his high level of funding to the State of Israel, and in such sensitive areas, too. Gabi Ashkenazi – yes, that Gabi Ashkenazi – is currently the foundation’s chairman.


Let’s stop there for now.

I know all this can be overwhelming, but what I’m trying to prove to you is that our ‘government’ is just a bunch of puppets, regardless of who we are voting for at the ballot box. These foundations, and the billionaire oligarchs that set their objectives and goals, are the real government of the State of Israel.

And top of the list of the people who are running the show here – secretly, from behind the scenes, via all their middlemen – is the Rothschilds.

And all this is connected to COVID-1984, to the ‘war’ against the chareidim and orthodox Judaism being waged by the State, and to other things, too, like the ‘peace process’ with the UAE, the bombing of the Lebanese Port, and the brand new announcement that all this ‘peace’ is setting Israel up to be at the heart of a new regional energy initiative.

Plus ca change.




I started poking around a bit at the Russell Berrie funded Nanotech Institute at the Haifa Technion.

Interestingly, there’s a LOT of dead links on that site now, especially when it comes to talking about the Israeli Nanotech companies involved, and other partners.

But, there is still this short, creepy video (shmirat eynayim friendly) that is basically setting out the stall, for how the powers-that-be are planning to turn Israel from ‘start-up nation’ to ‘quantum nation’.

And the current lockdown we’re in is all part of this plan. It’s got nothing to do with ‘flattening the curve’, but has everything to do with advancing the ‘quantum nation’ agenda. Caveat Emptor.



I went back to the Technion’s website and managed to find two partners listed for their (now postponed…) Nanotech conference, 2020.

One of them is the International Electrotechnical Commission, based in Geneva, Switzerland – it’s parent organisation is the ISO, another of those ‘New World Order’ type organisations that began in 1946, to standardise the world for big business purposes.

The ISO was talking about the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ back in 2018, and you can see what they were saying HERE.

This link takes you to a page describing some of the IEC / ISO’s plans for biometric data, a little of which I’m bringing below:

Standardization of generic biometric technologies pertaining to human beings to support interoperability and data interchange among applications and systems. Generic human biometric standards include: common file frameworks; biometric application programming interfaces; biometric data interchange formats; related biometric profiles; application of evaluation criteria to biometric technologies; methodologies for performance testing and reporting and cross jurisdictional and societal aspects. Excluded is the work in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17 to apply biometric technologies to cards and personal identification.

Did you catch that last bit? The IEC / ISO is the global ‘hub’ that’s going to enable the bankers and the Bill Gates to apply biometric technologies to cards and personal ID.

This technology is there, it’s connected to nanotech, and they are just waiting to roll it out globally. So much of what people dismiss as ‘conspiracy theory’ is actually in plain view, with planning committees, budgets and fancy videos.


The second partner is even more interesting. It’s the Nano Energy Lab of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia.

Hey, who knew that Saudia Arabia and Israel were co-operating so closely – even ahead of the ‘fake peace’ treaty being planned?!

If you go to the page below, you’ll see that the sensor being used to ‘detect hazardous materials’ in the creepy cartoon is already here, and is now being ‘refocused’ on detecting SARS-CoV-2.

And KAUST is working on way more nanotech-related things connected to COVID-1984, too.

I’m really starting to think most of the scientists and doctors and medical researchers out there are totally in on this COVID-1984 scam, and are just viewing it as a great opportunity to finally implement all the scary, unethical biotech they’ve been working on for decades.



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