Two days ago, three IDF soldiers the same age as one of my kids got murdered on the Egyptian border.

And I’m not really ‘feeling’ it at all.

In the past, all these terror attacks, all these killings, all these Jewish lives cut short would have upset me way, way more. But post-Covid, post all that tremendous stress and worry – which is still lurking there, behind the scenes, despite the world ‘going back to normal’ – I seem to have lost a lot of my capacity to ‘feel’.

There’s a name for this. It’s called ‘compassion fatigue’.

Here’s a definition:

Compassion fatigue is a condition characterized by emotional and physical exhaustion leading to a diminished ability to empathize or feel compassion for others, often described as the negative cost of caring. It is sometimes referred to as secondary traumatic stress (STS)….

People who experience compassion fatigue may exhibit a variety of symptoms including lowered concentration, numbness or feelings of helplessness, irritability, lack of self-satisfaction, withdrawal, aches and pains, or work absenteeism.

Journalism analysts argue that news media have caused widespread compassion fatigue in society by saturating newspapers and news shows with decontextualized images and stories of tragedy and suffering. This has caused the public to become desensitized or resistant to helping people who are suffering.


I think I’ve probably been processing the shock of the last few years better than a lot of people, but I’m still noticing that all year, there’s been a certain lack of patience for others going on. I no longer really have the energy to talk to people as much as I used to, or to interact with them so much.

Maybe, things got so ‘complicated’, so fraught with other people, and all their ideas about me having to wear masks and ‘vaccinate’, that I’ve developed some sort of phobia of getting into discussions with people about anything much.


Or maybe, I’m just really, really tired, spiritually, of having to deal with all the lies and bad middot out there.

I’m coming to the conclusion that a lot of people just want to whinge and moan about how bad their situation is, without taking any responsbility for their part in creating it, or acknowledging that God sends us hardships in order for us to make teshuva, and to start walking a different path in life.

No-one has it easy in this world.


We all have our tests and disappointments and pain. We all have those moments of just wanting to give up, because we just can’t carry on like this, anymore.

All of us.


In the past, it seems to me I had a lot more patience for other people’s processes, and a lot more empathy for the difficulties they are going through.

Right now – I don’t.

Or at least, my supply is running so low, that I’m trying to husband it for the people who are closest to me, because they are my first priority. And honestly, even for those people sometimes I’m running out of patience, a little.


Human beings don’t deal very well with 24 hours a day of ‘bad news’ and fear porn.

At some point, the ‘overload’ button is flipped, and our ability to really feel and engage just shuts down.

I think that’s currently where I’m holding.

If the ‘threats’ would let up for a while, even for a few days, or a week or two, there would be time to recuperate, recharge, regenerate, renew, and for the compassion for others to regroup and regenerate, a bit.

But I can’t see that happening at the moment. We are still caught in the tornado of madness, the ‘Agendas 2025 and 2030’, the effort to subjugate the human soul and totally conquer the planet for evil.

God’s salvation comes in the blink of an eye…. but until it comes, I need to figure out more coping strategies.


Sometimes, I wonder how it is for the people who don’t keep Shabbos, have i-Phones, and who don’t follow Rebbe Nachman and Rav Berland.

If I’m cracking at the seams a little, I wonder how those people are managing at the moment?

Maybe the answer is, they aren’t.

It seems as though the ‘road rage’ incidents are increasing, the fisticuffs over stupid disagreements is increasing, the lack of patience and tolerance for ‘the other’ is increasing, the quiet feeling of despair is mounting, all over the place.

All of us have collective C-PTSD, from three years + of tremendous narcissistic abuse inflicted on us by our ‘Motherlands’ (and all their  associated ‘flying monkeys’) in the name of public health.

At least, I know that what happened the last few years was just plain wrong and plain evil.

At least that.

And of course, it’s not over yet.



Now I’ve identified this problem of ‘compassion fatigue’, I am going to make some effort to try to resolve it.

And the first place to start is by having more compassion for myself.

That means looking after myself better. Making more time to do ‘fun’ things, and things that strengthen my soul, like painting, dancing, going to visit kivrei tzaddikim, taking walks in nature, things like that.

And of course, trying to ‘catch hold of myself’ more in my daily hitbodedut, which has been coming pretty hard for months. I am still showing up for my hour a day, every single day, with God’s help. But the insights and the ‘aha’ moments have been so few and far between, recently, and I just sit there quietly for long periods of time.

Some days, it seems I don’t even have a lot of energy to talk to God.

I know He understands, I know He gets it. But for me, I’m missing our deep and meaningful conversations.


Like you, I really just want all this cacky stuff to go away already, and for life to have more of those happy, calm and content moments that haven’t really happened for a very long time.

But that’s not going to happen ‘from the outside in’ – things aren’t just going to ‘change’ hey presto, and all the bent politicians and New World Order pedos suddenly disappear and give up on their big plans for humanity.

They will fight until the bitter end.

So, ‘happy, calm and content’ has to come from within. It has to sprout out of the internal storehouse of emuna in Hashem, and bitachon, that whatever is happening right now, it’s OK and exactly the way it needs to be.

And it’s just a prompt for me, myself and I to change in someway, and to change how I’m doing things, in some way.

Walking that tightrope between hakol letova without getting stuck in compassion fatigue is pretty challenging, I have to say.

But that’s what is required.

And with God’s help, that’s what I need to knuckle down to now, and to start really trying to figure out.


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It’s never dull in Israel.

Apparently yesterday, the OTHER crime families that thrive in Israel (i.e. the ones who aren’t hiding under their ‘official labels’) decided to try and take someone out in a mafia hit in a Netanya luxury hi-rise apartment yesterday night.


Simple! They got a drone, loaded it with explosives, and flew it into the guy’s balcony.


You can see the footage above, including one video recording the sound of the explosion.

Amazingly, there were no injuries.

Or, it’s also possible the mafia bought their ‘explosive drone’ from the same people providing the Islamic Jihad with their ‘explosive rockets’ and got fleeced on the product…. Who knows?

But in the meantime…. if this doesn’t make the point that flooding more and more weapons into a country is NEVER a good idea, I don’t know what does.

Maybe, they should call Egypt to come and negotiate another cease-fire between this set of warring mafia crime families in Israel.

They are so good at it, and they have a ton of experience.


Moving on, I’m still rolling around the idea that all this AI is way LESS capable of ‘taking over’ than all the brainwashing is telling us.

It comes back down that idea that a person’s true wisdom doesn’t come from their ‘brain’, as much as it comes from their soul.

Sure, computers can develop a physical ‘brain’ – a repository of information and neural connections – that can far outstrip a human being’s ability to process.

(Especially, if that human being is addicted to substances, totally disconnected from their true essence and still believes we landed on the moon…)

But that’s really only a fraction of a person’s true ‘intelligence’.

For example, I did a long hitbodedut session on Shabbat, trying to figure out more of the ‘family tree’ stuff that haunts my dreams, and by the end, I got a flash of inspiration that saw another piece of the puzzle slot into place.

Stuff like that just can’t happen with ‘AI’, no matter how ‘human’ they make it appear, externally.


I was thinking about this as one of the Telegram channels I follow instead of any regular news sites these days had a ‘clip’ saying China had just made a new ‘life-like’ android called Chloe, that you could buy for $200k.

It looked like totally fake news – (I’m assuming at this stage just someone not checking things out very carefully, as opposed to deliberate misinformation….) so I spent 5 seconds checking it out, and got to this:

(It’s a CGI robot ‘woman’ – you decide if this is shmirat eynayim or not…)


Point is, the clip was taken as a promo for the game: Detroit: Become Human.

This seems to be a real ‘android’ interaction:


Point is – I am seeing a bunch of ‘puff pieces’ about all these super-duper amazing ‘digital assistants’ and AI ‘humanoids’- in theory, in CGI land – but tachlis in the here and now?

It’s falling far, far short of what is being claimed for it, and most of it is just deliberate misinformation.

Which makes me think this:

The point is not that we are on the cusp of millions and billions of ‘humanoid robots’  – because we’re not, and we probably never will be.

What we ARE on the cusp of, sadly, is ‘robotic humans’.

I.e. people who are being trained not to think for themselves, not to believe anything except what their ‘programmers’ tell them, not to develop that spiritual side called the soul, or to even acknowledge it.


As I type this, it strikes me that all this stuff about ‘androids’ that look exactly like ‘humans’ but are still robots is just a cover story for what they are really trying to do here, namely:

Remote-control real people.

That’s what all this is really about.

Because the ‘forces of evil’ like to pretend they are all-powerful and all-capable, just like the magicians in Egypt, but really?

It’s all tricks and take-offs of the real genius that is Hashem’s creation.

That’s why they are trying to get graphene oxide into everything and everyone, to build a separate ‘neural network’ that will let them remote-control people via the ‘internet of things’.


Here’s the thing:

I don’t know 100% the plan, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that the plan isn’t working as planned.

They should have turned on the 5….G properly a long time ago, according to the plan, but what seems to be happening is that ‘the plan’ isn’t going to plan.

Yes, a lot of people are still dropping dead from excess graphene-oxide induced cardiac arrests and strokes.

But I’ve been watching my 5….G lampposts for a while now, and all the fancy AI cameras they came installed with, and they are actually already looking pretty old and skanky.

It takes a lot of juice to run 5….G.

And that much electrical power will cause:

a) A ton of fires

b) A ton of blackouts

That even the most moronic ‘robotised human’ will probably notice.

Long story short, the plan is not going to plan.

More than that, I can’t tell you.


The one Telegram channel I’m still following outside of Israel – because I now ditched anyone coming out of the USA, or connected to Mike Adams or Alex Jones, as ‘controlled opposition’ – is the Spanish La Quinta Columna.

They still have consistently the best information about the graphene oxide in the shots, and links to all the scientific papers that talk about ‘transhumanism’ using graphene oxide.

But recently, they’ve been going in a different direction, focussing much more on the spiritual side of this equation.

Like this:




























I google translate the Spanish, so I’m not catching all the nuances, but it seems to me that there is so much overlap with what is said above, and with authentic Jewish teachings, especially as found with real Breslov.

There are no ‘aliens’, but there ARE demonic forces, fallen angels – we know this to be true.

And we know that when people ‘connect’ to demonic forces, they get overtaken by that power and ‘channel bad’ into the world, in a million, billion different ways.

The way we counter this, is to connect to God, and to His True Tzaddikim.

And to stay in that place of ‘Hashem is before my eyes, always’ as much as possible.


When we bind ourselves to God in our eating, by eating kosher and making conscious blessings – we have nothing to fear from things like ‘Apeel’, or whatever the latest alt-fear porn story is today.

When we bind ourselves to God with our money, by making it honestly and ethically, and giving at 10% to worthy charities that actually help real people, and don’t just push social engineering projects – then we have nothing to fear from all the economic chaos going on.

If I see Hashem behind all the stuff that scares me, all the people who upset and intimidate me, all the ‘difficult circumstances’ of life – then I’m connecting them all back to ‘good’ and ‘God’ – and they can no longer harm me.

This war we are in is really 100% spiritual.

That”s where the fight is really happening, and that is where the battle will really be won.



They can only make people ‘robots’, physically, with the graphene oxide, if those people are ALREADY robots on the spiritual level.

That’s the bottom line.

So, keep trying to spread love, happiness and kindness, in an authentic way that makes you feel genuinely ‘good’, and without any guilt trips or ‘suffering martyr-ism’.

Keep talking to God every single day, preferably for a whole hour – but whatever you manage, to keep reconnecting your soul back to what is really the Source of all goodness and truth, and recharging that capacity within yourself, too.

Keep praying – shemoneh esrei, Tikkun Haklalis, make your blessings, ‘bless’ yourself and other Jews in your own words, as much as possible.

Each word you and I utter changes the whole ‘reality’, and causes it to vibrate in a totally different way.

And it makes it ever harder for anyone to try and turn us into unfeeling, unquestioning, unbelieving ‘robots’, regardless of what they spray down from the skies, inject into us, or coat our food with.

And also, make every effort to join your prayers and yearnings to True Tzaddikim, without getting side-tracked by all those ‘fakers’ out there.


Why are there so many ‘spiritual fakers’ out there, also in the Jewish world?

Because the forces of evil know that if they keep us away from the ‘Moshe of our generation’ – the person tasked with the job of gathering the material for the Mishkan, and the ONLY ONE who can erect that edifice – then our prayers and our yearnings are kind of ‘neutralised’.

If you’re attached to a faker, following that faker’s ideas and shittot, spiritually-connecting to the ‘Korach’ instead of the ‘Moshe’ – then all the spiritual ‘juice’ isn’t going where it needs to be going.

And then, it feels like ‘our prayers don’t work’, ‘nothing is being sweetened’, ‘this is too much to cope with’…. etc etc.

But when you attach to the real ‘Moshe of the generation’ – that’s when things start to move.

For you, but also for the whole of Am Yisrael, and then the rest of the world, too.

And that’s the very last thing the forces of evil want.


I will stop there for now.

May Hashem give us all the clarity to discern between ‘truth’ and ‘lies’; between the many ‘Korachs’ out there, and the one True Tzaddik; and may He also give us the ability to tap into our soul power, our power of prayer – and to be part of that ‘energy’ that finally gets all this to totally turn around, the sweet way.


PS: Amiram ben Uliel still needs our help and prayers.

Go HERE for the latest update on his situation, and for some inspiration about how we can help him.

We aren’t out of that place of mochin de’katnut quite yet.

But we’re getting there.


PPS: Ditch your smart phone now.

That’s when your soul will really start to wake up.


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Yesterday, I spent the day going through the ‘Covid Pandemic in Israel’ listing, on Wikipedia.


It was so eye-opening, to actually revisit all those fear-porn headlines, all those fake ‘stats’ about geriatrics ‘dying from Covid’, all the propaganda about the shots, including Netanyahu being the first to get the experimental nanotech live on Israeli TV….

It was also so upsetting, to remember how much our own governments literally tortured us, with lock down after lock down, mandatory masking, PCR tests every five seconds – and especially for school children – and then of course, the ‘Green Pass’ apartheid, that thankfully stopped, at least for now, when most people decided they’d had enough of Covid shots that were neither safe, nor effective.

In hindsight, it’s always so easy, to spot the lies, the manipulation and the deceit.


That’s why when you go and check out all the ‘landing on the moon’ footage, you can see, obviously, clearly, 100%, how the whole ‘space program’ is just one big fake.

In case you are still on the fence about that, here’s some footage from the Chinese Space Station, from February 2023.

(Clearly, they don’t have NASA’s big green screen, or Hollywood budget…)


Look at that wonderful, round spinning earth, exactly like they teach us all in the textbooks…

Now, compare and contrast with this footage from the Chinese Space Station, from September, 2022:


Who says you can’t have a good laugh still, even in today’s crazy world?

And I am willing to bet good money, at this point, that the nukes they keep trying to scare us all with also don’t exist.

We are literally living in a world of illusion, and the main battle here is spiritual.


It’s a battle of discernment.

It’s the battle of not just having a knee-jerk reaction to ‘bad news’ every five seconds – most of which is anyway manipulated and fake – to see through the illusion, and actually deal calmly with the facts on the ground, and the reality of our own lives in the here and now.

Like you, I currently have no idea about what is really going on.

Like you, that knowledge sometimes scares me, and paralyses me, because I can’t see around the corner, and I hate overtaking approaching a bend, if I can’t see around it.

But, I am coming to the conclusion, that if the choice is to just sit here drowning in fear of ‘what might be’, or anger about what was, versus continuing to live my life, and continuing to move forward – even though I can’t see around the bend – that last choice has to be the best option.


Day to day, life is good.

Day to day, the massive food shortages didn’t show up, Gog and Magog didn’t ACTUALLY kick off in Ukraine, they didn’t manage to get the ‘Green Passport’ and their Covid shots mandated – the whole false narrative is literally crumbling before our eyes.

Let’s be clear, though, that while I write these words, I still have a battle every single day, to really believe it.

Some days, like yesterday, for example, I wake up with a low sense of panic about what will be, and it usually takes me a solid hour of hitbodedut to calm it down, and to stop the ‘fear porn’ from taking over and ruining my life.


One thing is clear, though.

The more of us wake up to the lies, the more of us stop ‘reacting’ to all the fake news and fake headlines, the more of us who stop believing the government propaganda, and the media whores who serve it up – the better this whole thing gets for everyone.

Because deception is their source of power.

And they use that deception to turn people against each other, and to trigger ‘reactions’ where bad middot like fear, anger, depression and ‘fakery’ take over, which simply just pull us away from God.


Yesterday, when I realised, again, just how bad and pernicious all the government censorship and spying is, I felt pretty down and alone again, for an hour or two.

What can small people like me really do, against these multi-national government-run tech companies, and the psycho billionaires that front them?

Sometimes, it can seem as though the bad guys hold all the cards, all the aces.

But that’s an illusion.

Because really, Ein Od Milvado, there is only Hashem behind all this, and it’s all just a massive test of emuna.


I know it sounds strange, but it really seems to me the ‘air’ is coming out of so many of these fake news dramas now.

Even the sudden deaths from the Covid shots – I know they are still going on, but at least here in Israel, in my own dalet amot, I haven’t heard of any weird deaths for months and months now.

Maybe, just maybe, humanity is starting to turn the corner with all this, and the nanotech in the shots didn’t work they way it was meant to.

Even the 5….G they set up all over the place here in Israel – it just feels to me, currently, like there is some big spoke in the wheel in the ‘plan’, and that things are not going the way they thought.


There’s a thin line to be trod here, between remaining upbeat and strengthening our emuna, whilst not sliding back into fantasy land.

From one day to the next, the balance needs to be revisited and readjusted.

But the main point is this:

The more I go over what’s gone on the last few years, the last few months, even, the more I can see that so much of what I feared was going to happen actually disappeared, miraculously, all by itself.

Our prayers and teshuva and spirituial efforts really do affect reality.

And the less time we spend in ‘fake online world’, and the more time we spend in ‘real here-and-now’ world, the better it will be for us, and for everyone else, too.



One of the commentators linked to this really interesting video, below, which actually contains some real science, and explains very clearly that ”there is no virus” – certainly no SarsCov2.

And probably, ‘viruses’ aren’t what’s making people sick, full stop.

Very interesting!

Take a look:

UPDATE 2: – It’s apparently being ‘whited out’ as an embedded video – censorship in action!

So, go straight to this link in the comments section, from commentator Danny – because even when I try to paste it up as a plain text link, it’s still just whiting it out….

We must be over the target!


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Three years ago, at the height of the Corona plandemic, I used my FB account to try and leave a comment on a ‘fear porn’ story on the TOI site.

That comment said something like this:

The owner of the TOI was a partner in the Precision Medicine initiative in Israel, together with some other people you’ve probably heard of, and was pushing propaganda to advance the initiative’s plan for a national ‘gene database’ with all the nasal swabs…


Before we continue, this snippet comes from the Wikipedia page about the Times of Israel:


The Times of Israel is an Israeli multi-language online newspaper that was launched in 2012. It was co-founded by Israeli journalist David Horovitz, who is also the founding editor, and American billionaire investor Seth Klarman.

Here is more about the ‘Precision Medicine Partnership’ run by Fauci’s NIH:


The Precision Medicine Initiative is a long-term research endeavor, involving the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and multiple other research centers, which aims to understand how a person’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle can help determine the best approach to prevent or treat disease.

And guess who is running the Israeli side of things?

Screenshot from HERE:



In case you didn’t know already, ‘Yad HaNadiv’ is the Rothschilds.


Anyway, long story short, that comment never got published – and I got totally banned from Facebook.

I literally cannot get in to Facebook to look at anything, to set up any other account, nothing.

At the time, I was kind of impressed, in a ‘Goebbels’ kinda way, of how Facebook was working hand-in-hand with the TOI to ban anyone who was pointing out the financial connections of its owners, to all the fear porn around the ‘plandemic’.

Shortly afterwards, I also got banned from Linked In – I literally cannot log in to any of these sites, and there is nothing I can do about it.


Thank God, I never used them for anything much, after I got burnt by a bunch of ‘Rav bashers’ a few years’ ago – who are all still happily chugging away on social media, pushing more shots and more ‘transgender’ propaganda.

Because all these stuff always goes together.

But I’m just writing this to tell you, censorship is real.

So very real.

And it’s happening in the so-called ‘democratic West’ all the time, and maybe even more than in ‘Russia the dictatorship’…

Especially for people on the sharp end of actually trying to figure out what is going on in our world.


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Short and sweet, just go and read this, back from September 2020:



Then, read this:

It’s the leaked document from May 2022, explaining how in the next plandemic, the WHO can effectively declare martial law on every country who signed up with them.

Here’s a screenshot from page 9, the arrows show you the bit talking about the WHO can – and will – trigger the next ‘lockdowns’:


HERE is Dr Netanyahu’s Twitter feed – go and research more about the WHO’s ‘OneHealth’ initiative, you’ll start to see how everything is connected.


And last but not least…. the Geni connection.

She was married to Nathan Netanyahu, our dear PM’s cousin.

Screenshot from HERE:


As we gear up for ‘Smart Cities’ based on the climate change hoax, and probably shortly before the ‘alien invasion’ hoax, understand that ALL OF THESE PEOPLE are connected to each other -and don’t work for us.

There is no ‘left and right’.

There are good people at the ground level, trying to do the right thing, and trying to be good people, but often with some confused ideas about what that actually means in practise.

And then, there are ‘public officials’ – none of whom work for us, and all of whom work very hard to throw labels around that disguise the fact that our real enemies are not each other.

But the ‘controllers’ who control all our politicians, governments, militaries, media and institutions, and who operate ‘above us’ via organisations like the WHO.


Yesterday in Tel Aviv, a bunch of Na-Nachs showed up at the demonstrations, and got a huge number of the protesters dancing with them, to music praising Hashem.

That’s how we break this ‘spell’, that is pitting brother against brother, Jew against Jew.

Not with more violence and hatred, God forbid.

But with emuna – and dancing.

Exactly how Rebbe Nachman and the Rav said.


PS: It also strikes me that the whole thing with Sara Netanyahu getting ‘mobbed’ at her hairdresser’s in Tel Aviv is 100% a set up.

Everyone knew the traffic in Tel Aviv was going to be crazy yesterday, the day of the demonstration. No-one would arrange a hairdresser’s appointment from out of town on a day like that, especially not the PM’s wife.

They are playing us for fools all the time…

Don’t fall for it!


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I just got sent this, about Chlorine Dioxide (aka MMS).

It’s a post from the Dr Sircus site, called:


Here’s a snippet – but really go and read the whole thing:

The American Society of Analytical Chemists stated in 1999 that chlorine dioxide was the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. In 1988 NASA declared chlorine dioxide ‘A Universal Antidote,’ saying it was “able to destroy mold and fungus, as well as bacteria and viruses, with minimal harm to humans, animals, or plants.”

Though approved by U.S. regulatory agencies, it was not thought of for internal use in people. Now, not only is it still not approved for medical use, the FDA will huff and puff and blow your house down and send you to jail if you dare sell chlorine dioxide as a medicine for the treatment of disease.

Our immune systems do not care at all for what the FDA thinks. Chlorine Dioxide is a highly effective weapon that the immune system welcomes enthusiastically.

It’s a weapon for health and a medical tool that has no equal in the world of modern medicine. It is a savior medicine when dealing with hospital antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA. But the FDA would rather you die than use chlorine dioxide to clear your body of lethal pathogens. It would so much hurt the bottom line of pharmaceutical companies that it just cannot be allowed.


And this site has a video, and much more information about Chlorine Dioxide.

Do your own research, come to your own conclusions, as always.

I’m not a doctor or medical professional, and I take no responsibility for anything you choose to do or try. Just passing along information you might find interesting.



I’m taking a few days off the blog again.

It’s been a pretty intense time, and Purim, the time when this hopefully all turns around peacefully, is approaching – and I haven’t even begun to really think about it.

So, catch you next week some time.

BH, the world will have changed radically for the better, by then.


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Who did we all vote for last time round?


Usually, I update at the end of the post, but this information is important to know, so I’m updating at the beginning, so more people will notice it.

I just spoke to my ‘Shomronista’, and got more details of what really happened during the ‘riot’ in Huwara.

Here’s what she told me:


  1. The army was there the whole way through, right from the beginning, and let the Jews who came to Huwara do what they want without stopping them, for a long time.
  2. The cars that were being burnt were all the old, clapped-out bangers that litter most Arab towns in Israel – and that includes a massive mountain of old cars, that made the biggest ‘bonfire’.
  3. The Jewish residents weren’t setting any buildings on fire – although some of the cars that got burnt were next to buildings, that got collaterally damaged. But no Arab buildings were ‘burnt down’ – my daughter went through Huwara yesterday, that’s what she is telling me. And also, the residents didn’t start ‘beating up’ or attacking any Arabs, they were just burning old cars.
  4. The Arabs who were injured, and the one man who was killed, WERE THROWING STONES at the IDF soldiers, and were injured and killed by the IDF. (This explains how the army were also firing at Jewish journalists, even though they identified themselves up front as journalists.)

Basically, the IDF’s role in all this – both when they stood back and let this happen, and also when they then got involved and started firing at the Arabs – is being quietly ignored.

That’s where we’re at. I’ll update if there are more details to clarify, but my daughter said it’s gone back to being relatively quiet there already.



(Here’s where the original post begins….)

The ‘right wingers’, apparently.

The Ben Gvirs, the Smotrichs, the ‘Likudniks’.

Remember, the government controls the military.

The government controls the police.

The government controls the media.

The government controls the spy agencies, including the GSS (the unit of the Shabak set up especially to torture and persecute ‘Jewish terrorists’…_


Who was in power, and signed off on, the GSS torture and ‘frame up’ of Amiram ben Uliel for the Duma fire?

This same ‘right wing’ government.


Who was in power, and signed off, on all the Covid propaganda, lockdowns, forced maskings, ‘track and trace’ and attempts to mandate ‘Covid shots’ for everyone in Israel?

This same ‘right wing’ government.


Who was in power, and worked very hard, to close down Meron and ensure that 45 frum Jews would be killed on L’ag B’omer?

This same ‘right wing’ government.


Who arranged for Lod to be trashed by Arab rioters, in the hopes of sparking another ‘intifada’ in  Israel that would tighten their control on the country and make it easier to pass more draconian laws using the excuse of ‘national security’?

This same ‘right wing’ government.


We have an army that is being used against us.

We have spy agencies that are being used against us.

We have government-controlled media that is being used against us.

We have a police force that is being used against us.

We have a whole bunch of laws ‘to strengthen national security’ that are simply being used against us.

Wake up!


There was another shooting, the same day that the two brothers were killed in Huwara, and the riot was ‘arranged’ there by the government, as the precursor for the next clamp down on the ‘Jewish Terrorists of the Shomron’.

A volunteer soldier in the IDF was shot to death in the Bekaa Valley.

That place has been peaceful for years and years…. I know it well, my kid was in school there for a while and that’s the route we usually drive up from Jerusalem to the North.

Anyone who thinks this ‘death penalty for terrorists’ – who are willing to commit suicide anyway, to get to their version of Heaven! – is going to ‘deter’ any more violence is just delusional.

They are allowing their hatred and fear of the Arabs to blind them to the reality.

And the reality is that all this violence and terrorism is being orchestrated by our own government, military, spy agencies and police, to keep ‘the controllers’ plan of never-ending war in the Middle East going forever.

Because a nation at war is a nation easily controlled and manipulated and censored.


So, I’m not ‘happy’ that a riot took place in Huwara.

No-one even knows if the killer is even from Huwara, because he drove his car into the city, smashed into the brothers’ car – and then got out and shot them at point-blank range.

Shechem is 7 kilometres up the road from Huwara.

It’s at least possible the killer came from there.

But hey, don’t let things like this stop anyone from going on senseless, violent rampages against people who happen to live at the location of a terrorist attack!

By this logic, we should also go and burn down Neve Yaakov and Ramot, as a ‘deterrent’ for the citizens of those locations who failed to prevent the recent terrorist attacks.


If this idea sounds retarded – it’s because it is.

All that’s happened now is that there are hundreds more angry Arabs in Huwara, who have a real grudge against the Jews who burnt their cars and homes.

How is that meant to stop any more terror attacks happening against Jews there?



We have all this violence in our country, because our politicians, military and spy agencies want all this violence.

Full stop.

These people aren’t working for ‘us’, and they also aren’t working for ‘the Arabs’….

They are working for their Edomite controllers behind the scenes, that we could call ‘America’, and ‘Europe’, but who are really the same small group of elite oligarchs who orchestrated the Covid plandemic, the killer GO nanotech shots, the 5G, the ‘climate change’ hoax, the transgender social engineering project, the ‘war in Ukraine’ – and coming soon, the ‘fake alien invasion’.

Our governments and our military don’t work for us.

And that is true, regardless of who we vote for.


So, it boils down to how we really deal with this fact.

Personally, I can’t understand how going on violent rampages against Arabs is going to accomplish anything positive, in the long run.

I can tell you that the military and the police already have a long, and ever-growing, list of ‘Jewish terrorists’ that they are keeping under house arrest – with no hearings! – for months and months and months.

And, that the jails are filling up with idealistic Jewish young men who are literally serving months of jail time for the crime of puncturing tyres of Arab cars…

Just think, what the sentences will be for burning Arab cars and property, and apparently even violently lynching Arabs.


Our young people will serve the cause of the Jewish people far better by getting married, and raising very large families in the Shomron, who are on the path of Torah and mitvoth.

Instead of rotting away in jail for years, because ‘national security’ crimes carry enormous, horrible sentences (at least, for ‘Jewish terrorists’….) – and now, they’ve added the death penalty to that list.

That same ‘right wing’ government that has been busy killing religious Jews in a bunch of different ways, for a very long time.


Our Sages teach us that when a person lets their anger take over, it’s as though they deny God, worship idols – and are controlled by ‘demons’.

Can anything good ever really come out of this?


I understand the pain, I understand the hurt, and yes, the anger.

But really, the Moving Force behind all this is God.

Once we start to really believe in God, and stop believing in corrupt politicians and violence to ‘solve our problems’ – our problems really will start to be solved.


That’s what they don’t want us to figure out.

And that’s why they keep creating these circumstances, to goad idealistic Jews into behaving like people who are ‘demonically possessed’.

Please, stop falling for it! Step out of this media-created ‘virtual reality’ and take the goggles off!

We can solve this ‘problem’ the Jewish way, with prayer, teshuva and charity.

But only when we really start to overcome the bad middot that are blocking us from really believing in God, and really understanding that Ein Od Milvado.



Some more things I’m noticing:

  1. The ‘usual suspects’ cheering all this horrible violence on against the Arabs of Huwara in the comments section of government propaganda ‘news’ sites like A7 and YWN overlap hugely with the same people who were arguing that ‘Covid is real’ and ‘shots are great’, etc. Buyer beware! There are paid disinformation artists on all these sites, trying to ‘set the tone of the debate’ by appearing to be one of us. They aren’t. They are working for the side of evil.
  2. There are reports of people in ‘matching black outfits’ – and faces covered, natch, running all over Huwara to set these fires. They sound like people who work for the government…. either our own, or the Americans, who COINCIDENTALLY were just here, over the way in Jordan, ‘talking peace’.


Now, it’s still possible that some of these ‘men in black’ are still ‘Hilltop Youth’…. but it’s starting to feel way more likely that the government (or the CIA…) used the demonstration by the legit ‘Hilltop Youth’ to send their own scumbags out to set the fires and ramp the violence up like this.

That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT that real Jews don’t lend their hands to this violence, or facilitate it!

The government – and the non-Jewish controllers behind them – will just use it to frame the sincere, Torah-observant Jews, as we saw with Amiram ben Uliel, and undoubtedly, we are going to start seeing again and again.

They have been pulling this trick for decades!!!

Remember, who really shot Rabin?

That’s right: Shimon Peres and his Shabak operatives.

But who got blamed and demonised for it?


3) This is being called ‘the Huwara Pogrom’ in the Arab world.

It’s hard to argue with that statement.


Prayers, teshuva and charity overturn the evil decrees.

And violence just plays straight in the hands of the side of evil.


One last thought:

I’m also noticing that predominantly non-Jews, and gun-toting xtians, are all for the violence exploding here.

By contrast, King David teaches us that you can spot a real Jew, because they are compassionate, not cruel.

That doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself, al pi halacha, but that’s not what happened – at all – in Huwara.

The government is behind all this, just like they were behind Rabin’s murder by ‘rabid settlers’.

Don’t fall for it again!


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The more I look into Mike Adams, the more the alarm bells are ringing that something is really ‘off’ here.

Let’s start with one of the earliest bios I found for him, via the Wayback machine.

(Today, the ‘bio’ page on the Health Ranger site brings back an Error 404 message. Let’s try to think why that might be…)


You can read the full bio from the Health Ranger site back on October 10, 2013, from the Wayback machine HERE.

Read it, and see if you can tell me by the end:

  • What university Mike Adams attended.
  • What degree he took.
  • What’s the name of his super-successful ‘software start-up company’.
  • What formal qualifications Mike Adams has, to run his ‘lab’ all by himself.

Prizes for the right answers!


Here’s a few screenshots of my favorite bits:


Notice: this unnamed company is meant to have made a packet…. millions and millions… then go read the stuff below on the ‘Patents’ section, about Adams not having enough money to patent his ‘amazing inventions’, including what sounds like a prototype of the Metaverse….





So, let’s go back to my questions, above:

  • What university Mike Adams attended.
  • What degree he took.
  • What’s the name of his super-successful ‘software start-up company’.
  • What formal qualifications Mike Adams has, to fun his ‘lab’ all by himself.

And the answer is: Nobody knows.


At this stage, the choice is between con-man, or Scientology-spook-Deep-State-Plant.

Because there is not a single verifiable detail in that whole long biography of ‘Mike Adams’ – beginning with when he was born, which is ‘believed to be’ in 1967….


Now, let’s take a closer look at his lab.

HERE‘s it’s official website.

And it looks like it’s main business is analysing…. hemp extract, aka CBD, or Cannabidiol.

HERE’s the lab’s ‘official accreditation’ certificate (PDF), which lists what that lab is ‘accredited’ to do.


You’ll see that analysing ‘fibrous clots’ appears nowhere on this very short list.

Also, even this limited accreditation ran out in October 2020, and apparently wasn’t renewed.


Now, let’s take a look at the ‘Natural News’ online empire.

A British think tank called the ‘Institute for Strategic Dialogue’ (funded by the late Baron Weidenfeld, another ‘Deep State’ actor if there ever was one…) actually did a deep dive on Natural News back in 2021.

Now, let’s be clear here, that the ISD is about as ‘Deep State’ as it comes.  But, that doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING they publish and say is wrong. There is ‘truth’ on all sides of this mess, the trick here is to keep doing the birur, and to pull the truth out of the lies.

They found that Mike Adams has well over 500 domains registered. Here’s a screenshot:


Here’s some examples of domains apparently owned by Mike Adams:

(This is just the list of ones they know 100%, are owned by Natural News):


So, we see it’s all just one big ‘echo chamber’.

And again, I have to ask: con man, or spook?

There are so many things that just don’t add up with Mike Adam’s ‘stories’ and claims.

And this is the guy we are meant to be trusting, who did the only ‘forensic examination’ of the clots attributed to the Covid shots in an ‘accredited lab’?

And this is the guy we are also meant to be trusting now, to tell us that what’s going down in East Palestine is worse than Chernobyl?



Here’s the thing:

Health is electro-magnetic.

And the things that keep the body healthy are actually pretty simple, and nearly always free, or very cheap.

When I see all these ‘alt-health’ people lining up with more and more fear porn (of their own particular flavor, natch), and lining up to sell us more and more expensive gadgets and expensive compounds – the red flag goes up, that we are really just dealing with the same problem as ‘Big Pharma’, just on the other side of the coin.

While we’re on the subject, let’s also add ‘Karen Kingston’ into the mix, another ‘former Pfizer whistleblower’ who has apparently started suing Pfizer in the US for causing a ‘vaxx holocaust’.

Again, this strikes me as total BS!

If this woman was really doing what she’s claiming to be doing, they would have taken her out, or shut her up, a long time ago.

They want us to think that these shills are ‘suing Pfizer’ on our behalf, so none of us will get up and do it ourselves – and in the meantime, they continue to pass the laws that are required to continue to enslave us, one way or another.


I’ll stop there, but let me issue a plea, that we take a very big pause, and we do a lot of praying, and a lot of fact-checking, and a lot of research, before we automatically assume that ANYONE or ANYTHING is 100% true.

Moshe, one of the commentators here, took great pains to call me a ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ (amongst other things….) based on Adams’ dodgy claim of what these ‘Covid clots’ actually contain, that was then hyped-up by the usual bunch of xtian, gun-pushing ‘alt crusaders’ including Stew Peters and Jane Ruby.

But, I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that ALL these people are deep state paid opposition.

Remember, no-one is allowed to get above 100,000 viewers, unless they are working for the cabal, in some way, or performing some function the cabal deems to be useful to their cause.

So… buyer beware.

And don’t let false information from controlled opposition actors turn us against each other.

Our strength is in our unity, our compassion, and our respect for each other.

And that’s why they are going all guns blazing, to tear it down.



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Who still thinks Ben Gvir is going to change things, in Israel?


Who’s still glad they wasted all their time and effort voting for him, and beating his drum?

As ‘politics as usual’ continues in Israel, you should know that all this puppet theatre is being 100% designed to take your eye off the real ball.

Look what law DID get passed in the Knesset yesterday, while everyone was jumping up and down about olive groves in Shiloh and old lefties demonstrating in Jerusalem.

(Screenshot from HERE🙂


It was passed 1am, February 14, with a vote of 51-37.

I’d love to know who voted ‘against’ – I can guarantee very few of those ‘right wingers’ in the current government, who so many people believe are fighting for their rights to live as Jews in a Jewish land.

It’s all a puppet show, to distract us all from the real agenda going on here.


UPDATE (in response to Chava’s comment, below):

If you go HERE, you’ll get to attorney Oren Pasternak’s Telegram channel, where he has a lot more details, including who voted to extend these ’emergency powers’ that they can use – again!!! – to lock us all down and mask us all up, when they get the ‘nod’ from the WHO, and the controllers behind all this.

Here’s his tweet – all those ‘right wingers’ – including Otzma Yehudit –  voted TO CONTINUE THIS COVID ‘EMERGENCY POWERS’ LAW.

And the ‘left wingers’ voted against.



Here’s a google translated screenshot, from his Telegram channel:


Here he is from February 6th 2023, at a Knesset meeting challenging the MoH’s request to expand these powers for another year:


Wow, SO pleased we managed to get ‘all the evil people’ out of power, by voting in this new ‘right wing’ government….



While we’re on the subject, here’s an interesting new scientific study that just come out, comparing how people fared after getting Covid shots in both Israel and Australia, from the ‘Correlation Canada‘ research team.

Here’s the abstract:

ABSTRACT: It is now well established from autopsy studies and adverse effect monitoring that the COVID-19 vaccines can cause death.

The vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR), which is the ratio of vaccine induced deaths to vaccine doses delivered in a population, has recently been measured by us to be as large as 1 % in India and when “vaccine equity” campaigns were applied in high-poverty states of the USA, and to be 0.05 % in Australia, with data that is not discriminated by age group.

Here, we provide the first empirical evaluations of age-stratified vDFRs, using national all-cause mortality and vaccine rollout data, for Israel and Australia. We find that the vDFR increases dramatically with age for older adults, being exponential with a doubling time of approximately 5.2 ± 0.4 years.

As a result the vDFR is an order of magnitude greater in the most elderly population than the all-population value, reaching 0.6 % for the 80+ years age group in Israel and 1 % for the 85+ years age group in Australia, compared to < 0.01 % for young adults (< 45 year olds).

Our results imply that it was reckless to prioritise vaccinating those deemed to be in greatest need of protection.


The current people sitting in the Knesset pushed these killer shots onto millions of people in Israel.

And they just passed another law, with a massive margin, to continue having the ‘special powers’ they awarded themselves back in July 2020, to force-mask us, lock us all down, terrorise us with police and ‘health officials’ – and ‘persuade’ millions upon millions to take dangerous, killer Covid shots.

THAT is the real news.


While we’re on the subject, I saw this on Chananya Weissman’s rumble channel:


It’s Rabbanit Kolodetsky, the late Rav Kanievsky’s daughter, doubling-down on all the advice she and her family gave out to encourage frum Jews to go and get the Covid shots.

Snippet from the English translation:

Visitor: [I have a question] regarding the vaccine…

Kolodetsky: [Emphatic] Definitely get vaccinated!

Visitor: He was in favor of it?

Kolodetsky: For sure! For sure!

Visitor: Even though some people suffered from it?

Kolodetsky: Nothing happened. Everyone who took it is alive and fine. For sure.

Visitor: Are you sure that no one suffered from the vaccine?

Kolodetsky: Nothing happened. Get vaccinated.

Visitor: But it’s for sure that no one suffered from the vaccine?

Kolodetsky: Not even one person suffered from the vaccine. Those who didn’t take the vaccine died. Those who took the vaccine – everything was studied, everything is fine.

Visitor: Yes?

Kolodetsky: They all have children, they are all healthy, everything. Whoever died, it wasn’t from the vaccine. The Rav said get vaccinated, get vaccinated. This is the hishtadlus [required effort] of our generation. Everyone did it. I told everyone to do it, the Rav told me to tell everyone. I came to him. I told him I take a pill for my heart, he said get vaccinated, tell everyone to get vaccinated.


To be clear, when Rav Berland told a couple of individuals – who I know personally – that no harm would come to them from getting the shots, he was talking about a specific situation where those people were trying to make aliyah.

They were in a position of not being allowed to move here, unless they got the Covid shots, which they really didn’t want to do.

Both of these individuals have a lot of emunat tzaddikim, and are in the habit of paying a lot of pidyon nefesh.

For those people, the Rav said that if they had to get the shot, it wouldn’t harm them.

But everyone knows that Breslov, from its inception, is totally against going to doctors, or relying on the medical profession. Rabbenu spoke out against the medical profession repeatedly, and made very strong warnings to avoid doctors at all coss.

That is the ‘ground zero’ of Breslov, the starting place.

It’s a million, billion miles away, from the type of ‘advice’ being handed out in Bnei Brak, above.


So, this is a snapshot of the ‘reality’ we currently live in.

And now, we have to sweeten this ‘reality’, and turn it around, with our prayers, teshuva, charity – and clapping and dancing.

And if we do that, we WILL see some tremendous miracles, because this whole thing is just a puppet show, to test our emuna and middot and emunat tzaddikim.

And our prayers and teshuva can, and hopefully will, continue to turn all this around for the best.

I am hearing from a lot of people that they can see how things are mamash being sweetened for them, in their own dalet amot, the closer they stay to the Rav, the more Tikkun HaKlalis they say, the more pidyonot they do, the more time they spend on trying to figure things out, in hitbodedut.

And I can see that so, so clearly from my own life too.


Everyone is suffering right now, in obvious and hidden ways.

We are all going through so much turmoil – and there was also another small earthquake in Israel yesterday, which again woke my husband up, around 4.30AM.

The ground is literally shaking under our feet.

But not pointlessly.

And if we hang on to God and the True Tzaddikim, while God is picking up the world and shaking it like a rug – somehow, all this will turn around for the best.

But stop wasting time and energy on puppet politicians and all the political fakery, wherever you happen to  live,  and up the prayers and teshuva.



So, I went to look up more about Adv. Pasternak  – who has been tirelessly fighting coronafascism for three years, despite apparently being a ‘leftie’.

This is a google translated snippet from his Telegram channel, explaining why he is against Netanyahu’s judiciary reform proposals. It makes very interesting reading.

And it proves, yet again, that all these politicians are corrupt, flimsy reeds. The sooner this ‘right wing government’ crumbles into dust, the better it will be for all of us.

When all the politicians are bought and paid for, it’s way better to have no government and endless, pointless elections, then people who use their position to pass laws that will just continue to hurt you and me, on behalf of their Big Pharma paymasters and oligarch backers.

Left or right – they are all awful.

But ‘right’ are way worse, because we expect better, and so they continue to fool us.

Never forget who was in power when 45 Jews were deliberately murdered in Meron. And who was in power when ‘Covid 19’ was sprung upon us.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.


Read on:


So…. who is the real enemy here?



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Reposting this from December 18th, 2022.

I have the feeling this was meant to hit Israel, but got ‘sweetened’ and hit our enemies instead….


Take this with a pinch of salt.

But I had a ‘dream’ yesterday, if you can call it that, where my mother-in-law (who has been dead for six years….) came and told me that there is going to be an earthquake, and to be prepared for it.

When is that happening? 

In a few days, came the answer.

Sandra, that’s not very precise….

She shrugged.



I don’t know if that earthquake is going to happen, if it’s actually a real earthquake, or just some more developments with Moishy Kleinerman.

I have no idea, and this could all just be a red-herring.

But I had the urge to pass this on.


One of my readers sent me a piece on VINnews  about Trump being a ‘Philosemite’.

Who cares?

The guy is a massive distraction, at best.

I am sick of reading Q Anon propaganda rubbish about how the only reason Trump signed Covid 19 Emergency Powers into law, got the shots out there as part of ‘Operation Warp-Speed’, locked down American businesses, same as every other country in the world, in Rockefeller ‘Lock-step’ fashion – is because he was stopping Fauci from ‘doing something worse’.


You stop Fauci, immediately, by arresting him.

And using your massive publicity skills to explain why everything going on with Covid 19 is a fake pandemic front, being used by your own Department of Defense to roll out ‘Covid 19 shots’ across the world.

And if you can’t or won’t do that…. even when you’re the sitting President of the United States….

Then you can’t do anything.


Moshiach ben Esav is not going to ‘save’ anyone.

There ARE good people all over the place, trying to turn this around. I highly doubt that any of them are working for Trump, directly, or his mythical band of ‘white hats’.

We get out of this mess by personal teshuva, personal mesirut nefesh, personal prayer, personal efforts to take responsibility for ourselves, and our loved ones.

And no other way.


The good news is, more and more and more people are starting to realise this.

Moshiach will be revealed once we’ve done at least the basic spade work in our own lives, with our own teshuva process, to make that a possibility.

We are not xtians!

Moshiach doesn’t just ‘float down’ from heaven and come and save us all, while we’re still indulging our bad middot and anti-God, anti-kedusha tendencies.

You want geula to arrive, you want Moshiach to come, you want the world to start changing for the better, already?


Make teshuva for all the people you have hurt.

Make teshuva for all the time you waste, spending hours and hours lapping up ridiculous Q-ANON propaganda telling you that ‘Trump is Moshiach’.

Make teshuva for all the lies you are telling yourself, about what is really causing you the problems in your life.

(Here’s a clue: it’s your own bad middot and heretical tendencies….)

Come back to God, and start developing a real relationship with Him, for at least an hour a day.

And then watch how your life starts to be so much more sweeter and happier.

Regardless of what’s going on with Moshiach-ben-Esav.


The whole world is a stage.

The news is full of lies and distractions.

Musk is a puppet, Trump is a puppet – all the politicians, celebrities, rabbis, gurus and billionaires everywhere in the world, that get any real power, are bought and paid for puppets.

And in the meantime.

We have our work cut out for us.

Trump doesn’t usher in geula.

We do.

And that job starts now.

Because apparently, there is an ‘earthquake’ coming that’s going to change the landscape considerably.


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