This is part two of the discussion we started earlier, called:


Let’s sum up the issue, then move to the really important stuff – how we can actually get this nanotech and DNA origami to biodegrade and get out of our bodies.


  1. The Covid shots are full of graphene oxide nanotech, that is assembled by programmable ‘DNA Origami‘.
  2. Once assembled, the GO nanotech creates nano-circuitry inside the human body, which effectively turns a human being into a computer ‘device’ with it’s own MAC address (which you can pick up if you scan for Bluetooth connections on your mobile phone in developer mode.)
  3. This is in readiness for the ‘Internet of Things‘, where they plan for every person on the earth to be ‘connected up’ to the internet – 5…G and even 6…G and more – and ‘remote-controllable’, via their personal MAC address. (Look up ‘hackable humans’).
  4. The GO nanotech circuitry ‘grows’ and develops when in proximity to 4…G and 5…G. And it ‘dissolves’ again when taken out of proximity to this bandwidth of WIFI.
  5. It’s a matter of extreme urgency that people wake up to what is really in these Covid shots – and start to take action to ‘detox’, in whatever ways are possible, from the nanotech and the DNA origami ‘nanorobots that have now been installed, via the Covid shots.
  6. I still don’t know if everyone who got shots has this  nanotech, as some of the shots were probably placebos, and / or didn’t work, etc. The first place to start is to check if you have your own, personal MAC address, that Bluetooth scanners can pick up.


I know, it all sounds like crazy sci-fi, right?

But we’re in this weird reality where if you ‘follow the science’, as all those enlightened people keep telling us to do, you bump into a whole lot of patents and DARPA-sponsored programs and University projects that show everything described above is DEFINITELY DOABLE.

And, is already being done, to billions of people across the planet, without their informed consent, as part of the 4th Industrial Revolution to merge humans with machines.

So, what can we do about all this, apart from come out of denial and start praying our socks off?

Let’s see.


For more background, if you have time, first watch this:



We all are part of an international collaborative team effort to shed light on the self-assembly nanotechnology in the C19 injectables.

In this interview we present Dr. David Nixon’s time lapsed video footage showing that microchips assemble and disassemble and then reassemble again – possibly indefinitely continuing this process.

This never before seen footage from of microscopy images proves that this extremely advanced technology can easily be overlooked – but when carefully and patiently researched, can be documented, as we did. There is a virtual blueprint to this technology that controls intelligently this assembly and disassembly process…

Dr. Shimon Yanowitz is an independent researcher from Israel with a background in computer science and electrical engineering and has evaluated C19 injectables right after thawing and showed self-assembly at room temperature and then even more elaborate while incubated at body temperature.

He proved the self-assembly structures originate from Liposomes.

Matt Taylor is an electrical engineer from Ecuador, who has evaluated C19 injectables under the microscope and proven self-assembly and evidence of micro circuitry development dependent on EMF exposure.


None of what I’m telling you here has to be taken ‘on belief’.

You can watch this video, and see this stuff materialising out of the Covid 19 vials, right before your own eyes.


Anything that chelates heavy metals out of the body will also have a strong effect on flushing the GO part of the nanotech out of the body.

Go and look up ‘heavy metal detox’ and see what you get back.

As far as I can see, the way bigger problem is the DNA origami in the shots – the ‘nanorobots’ that you can see clearly turning the GO particles into nanocircuitry.

For as long as those ‘nanorobots’ are in the system, they will continue to keep grabbing hold of the GO nanotech that’s currently everywhere – sprayed down on us, in our food supply, in our medications, the list goes on and on…. and turning it into the nanocircuitry.

So, how do we ‘detox’ from the DNA origami?


I’m not a scientist.

But I am a critical thinker who’s been researching how body, mind and soul work together, to create the full human picture of health, for around a decade.

And it seems to me that the direction we need to be looking into, is how to get these synthetic, AI-created, DNA origami ‘biofilms’ to dissolve.

If you don’t know what a biofilm is, first look at this (6 mins, shmirat eynayim friendly.)


The next thing to consider is what the ‘DNA Origami’ itself is actually been made of.

According to THIS primer on the Nature Reviews website:

“Single-stranded viral DNA (usually from M13 bacteriophage) is typically used as a scaffold for DNA origami structures.”

What are M13 bacteriophages?

You can read all about them on Wikipedia HERE (if you really want to…)

The bit that is really standing out to me, is the fact that they are essentially ‘growing’ their DNA Origami ‘scaffolding’ using the E-coli bacteria.



Remember all that duplicitous, misleading cr*p we were told about how these new Covid mRNA ‘vaccines’ were going to instruct the body to start replicating ‘spike proteins’ of the (never isolated, or purified) ‘Covid 19 virus’?

If you forgot, watch this:


Remember, this explanation is based on a total lie.

The Covid 19 virus has never been isolated or purified.

So whatever ‘mRNA’ these Covid shots actually contain – in conjunction with all the graphene oxide nanotech – is NOT Covid 19.

So what is it?

Let’s go back to the Wiki page for the M13 bacteriophages they use to build DNA Origami.


Here’s a screenshot of the steps required, to ‘grow’ the DNA origami structures you want, using E.coli bacteria:


Most of us have no idea what this is talking about.

But look at the last thing I arrowed, because the bottom line is this:

The mRNA that these Covid 19 shots contain is the scaffolding for the DNA Origami nanorobots, that have been programmed to assemble the GO nanocircuitry within the human body.

This is a very important ‘clue’, on the journey to trying to figure out how we can detox from this stuff.

(On that front, how I wish, wish, wish that more people would get involved in really trying to find some solutions to all this stuff. I’m so sick of wasting time discussing how bad all this stuff is. It’s bad! Let’s understand that, and then quickly move to finding solutions. The problem is, we live in a world where most people are still lying to themselves about what is really going on here. And I’m sick of wasting my time debating with these people.)


So, this famous ‘spike protein’ actually turns out to be the mRNA instructions for the DNA Origami to start taking over the human body, and brain, by building GO nanotech circuitry and antennas.

Like this:


Again, none of this is ‘conspiracy’, it’s all based on the openly-stated policies and already-held patents of our governments and scientists.

All we’re doing here is laying out the nuts and bolts of how this process is actually being accomplished, via the GO nanotech and DNA origami ‘nanorobots’ in the Covid shots.


So, how do we detox from the DNA Origami?

Again, I don’t really know, I’m just laying out some thoughts, and making some connections here, which I’m really praying more people will start to engage with, and to discuss – especially those who know way more about detoxing the human body from biofilms and heavy metals.

But here are some educated guesses.

First,  let’s restate the problem, as clearly and simply as possible.

(I read somewhere it takes at least 7 repetitions, for the brain to start to engage with new information, in our info-oversaturated age. So hopefully at some point, some of this will really start to penetrate…)



The Covid 19 shots contain DNA origami ‘nanorobots‘.

This DNA origami has been grown to order using E.coli bacteria.

E.coli bacteria colonise the body, and particularly the gut, by creating very hard-to-eradicate biofilms.

The DNA origami ‘nanorobot’ is probably entrenched in the body of vaccinated people as a type of AI-produced E.coli-based, biofilm.

This is the problem, as simply as I can state it.


Here’s some more interesting stuff we learn about E-coli infections, that can help to explain at least some of how the AI nanotech in these shots is being transmitted to other people, even if they aren’t ‘vaccinated.

E-coli basically lives in the lower intestines, but can also colonise the lower respiratory tract, leading to many of the symptoms we have been taught are characteristic of ‘Covid 19’.

See THIS research paper, for more basic details.


Here’s more on the ‘infectious’ nature of this E-coli based DNA origami nanotech, in the Covid shots.

(Taken from the WHO’s website, HERE.)

Symptoms of diseases caused by STEC bacteria include abdominal cramps and diarrhea, which in some cases can turn into bloody diarrhea (hemorrhagic colitis).

Fever and vomiting are also possible.

The incubation period lasts from 3 to 8 days, with an average duration of 3-4 days. Most patients recover within 10 days, but in a small number of patients (especially young children and the elderly), infection can lead to the development of a life-threatening disease such as hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

HUS is characterized by acute renal failure, hemolytic anemia, and thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count).


I’m reading this, and I’m remembering my kid’s friend, who a few months ago started to have unexplained and unexpected serious issues with her kidneys, after being fully ‘vaccinated’.

It’s at least possible that the E-coli-based DNA origami in the shots contributed to this, combined with the very hard work the body is doing to also try to ‘detox itself’ from the GO nanotech in the shots – and also being pumped in to the body in a million different ways, via our food, water and air we breathe.


This could also help to explain the ‘shedding’ phenomena of the Covid 19 shots.

Remember, it’s the DNA Origami ‘nanorobot’ that is taking the graphene oxide found in the body, and turning it into nanocircuitry.

All of us walking around right now have some GO in our bodies, but for sure, ‘vaccinated people’ have way more.

But the point is, if this DNA Origami E-coli gets ‘passed on’ to others, in the natural way that E-coli bacteria pass on to others, then it will go to work building the same structures, even in the unvaccinated.

And that appears to be happening.


What will get this AI biofilm to break up and flush itself out of the body?

  1. Frequency.

People like George Church and Ido Bachelet already know precisely what frequency, what EMF, is required to get the DNA Origami to do different things.

Until more of us start to put the pressure on  these people, and the institutions and governments who are paying and promoting them, we are probably not going to know what the right ‘frequency’ is.

But, I am guessing that anything that can take out an E.coli biofilm should also work to take out this E-coli based synthetic biofilm, too.

This is where the energy healers that work with frequency really need to step up to the plate, and join the discussion.


2. Boosting the microbiome / gut, so it can start to fend off the E-coli / DNA origami infestation.

Remember, we learned that George Church is particularly interested in swabbing people, so he can get the details of their ‘microbiome’?

I am now thinking that the repeated ‘Covid 19 swabbing’ was testing people’s microbiomes to see just how ’embedded’ the E-coli / DNA Origami nanorobot had become, in a vast swathe of the population, so they could tailor their next doses of ‘Covid shots’ accordingly.

But in any case, anything we can do to strengthen the microbiome, and the body’s own immune system, has to be helpful here.


Let’s be clear, we are not talking about some easy, ‘dab on’ solution.

You can’t just have a bath in detoxing clay once and think you’ve got this thing beat.

Anyone who’s struggled with things like Candida – another biofilm problem, but this time a fungal one – can tell you that it takes a lot of hard work and self-discipline to get on top of these things, even when they haven’t been genetically-engineered to take over your body and brain by satanists.

So, I’m just throwing some ideas out there, for starters, that require a lot more input and research.


Some things to try, and to research a lot more yourself:

  1. Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), aka Chlorine Dioxide

Snippet from HERE:

Though the FDA still warns about how dangerous it is to drink a few drops of chlorine dioxide for health-related reasons and continues to hold a family in jail for allegedly promoting the use of chlorine dioxide to potentially ward off the effects of COVID-19, an approved scientific study concluded that chlorine was likely viable for treating COVID-19 and encouraged the financing of further studies to support the preliminary conclusion, that, “Chlorine dioxide is effective in the treatment of COVID-19.” *

Personally, anything the FDA is warning against already sounds like something that is probably very beneficial.

Also note, that MMS works as an ‘effective treatment of Covid 19’ – because we can summise it’s knocking out the E-coli bacteria that forms the basis of the DNA Origami, and that so many people have been deliberately ‘infected’ with.


2. Bentonite Clay

The following screenshot comes from THIS very useful website:


In other words, drinking bentonite clay could really start to dismantle the E-coli biofilm, and even totally eradicate it.

I’m not a doctor, and I take absolutely no responsibility for you or your health.

Do your own research, come to your own conclusions.

What I can tell you, is that I’ve started drinking clay myself, after seeing the huge impact it had on helping the ‘antibiotic resistant’ fungal infection on my husband’s foot heal up.

And that I’ve also used MMS a few months ago when I was feeling totally exhausted and ill around Pesach, and it also made a very big difference.


We’ll leave this here for now.

There is lots more to say, as always.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone who actually might know about this, because we are only going to figure this out by working together – and praying a lot, for Hashem to open our eyes to what the real problem really is, on all levels of body, mind and soul.

And may God come and rescue us from all this evil, very, very soon.


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On shabbat, I woke up with the name ‘Jeffrey Epstein’ resounding in my head.

In ways none of us really still understand, Jeffrey Epstein is somehow deeply connected to this whole ‘Covid 19 – transhumanism’ mess that we are currently living through.

Here’s how that basic connection works, at this stage:

  • DARPA (run and operated by former Nazis, and their Nazi-inspired trainees…), together with the CIA, NSA and US Navy have been trafficking children, and working on horrendous ‘mind control’ technologies for decades and decades.
  • On July 4, 2019, a massive 7.1 earthquake destroyed the top-secret, mostly underground China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, where much of the ‘MK Ultra’ activity and tech development was taking place.
  • For reasons that are still not clear, less than two days later, in July 6, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in connection with child trafficking.
  • More and more people started to ask more and more questions about Jeffrey Epstein’s ties to MK Ultra, and government secret services on both sides of the Atlantic, and the ‘satanic pedophile cults’ apparently running our world.
  • On August 10 2019, Epstein is, apparently, found dead in his cell.
  • December 2019 – the Covid 19 global plandemic was officially kicked-off in Wuhan, China.

And everyone kind of forgot about Jeffrey Epstein, and kind of forgot about his sidekick Ghislaine, daughter of the State of Israel’s superspy (aka ‘super-scumbug’) Robert Maxwell.


Now, let’s rewind a bit, and see if we can piece more of the pieces of the puzzle together, between the nanotech and DNA origami in these Covid 19 shots, and Jeffrey Epstein.

EXHIBIT 1: The patent on DNA Origami by George Church, Ido Bachelet and Shawn Douglas.

Screenshot from HERE:


We’ve been speaking a lot about Ido Bachelet on the blog to date, but now let’s take a closer look at another of the DNA origami inventors, George Church.

THIS press release comes from the Harvard Gazette, back in 2017.



“We can finally integrate sensing and logical computing functions via complex, yet predictable, nanostructures — some of the first hybrids of structural DNA, antibodies, aptamers, and metal atomic clusters — aimed at useful, very specific targeting of human cancers and T-cells,” said George Church, a Wyss core faculty member and professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, who is principal investigator on the project.


In case you missed it, this is the video from Dr David Nixon in Australia that shows us all exactly how this DNA origami ‘nanorobot’ is actually working, inside so many of the people who recieved the Covid 19 shots, to pull together the graphene oxide nanotech into nanocircuitry, nano-antennas, and who knows what else, inside the human body:


You really have to play the video to see what’s going on here.

The screenshot I made, below, is really not doing it any justice.


So, back to George Church and Jeffrey Epstein.

Because of course, the two are connected:

(This is entitled: Scientist George Church talks about accepting donations from Jeffrey Epstein).


Whatever else Church is, he’s a very bad liar.

So, let’s just recap as we go along.

  • George Church was deeply connected to Jeffrey Epstein, and was being funded by him.
  • Church is credited with being the first person to build a DNA Origami ‘nanorobot’, back in 2012.
  • Church also  launched the Personal Genome Project.

Here’s a snippet about that from WIRED, written in 2008, HERE:

The project will turn information from 100,000 subjects into a huge database that can reveal the connections between our genes and our physical selves….

Lab Work The tissues are sent to a biobank, where DNA is extracted from the blood. One percent of it — the exome — is sequenced. Meanwhile, bacteria DNA is extracted from the saliva and sequenced to reveal the volunteer’s microbiome. 


Hey, taking saliva swabs in order to extract ‘bacteria DNA’ and ‘reveal the volunteer’s microbiome’….

Remind me, it sounds so familiar: could this possibly have anything to do with all those ‘mouth swabs’ and ‘snot swabs’ going on with the Covid 19 ‘testing’?

Let’s continue with Church and Epstein, while you’re chewing that over.


Another snippet from that very interesting WIRED  piece:

Besides offering up their genomes, subjects will have to part with some spit and a bit of skin.

The saliva contains their microbiome — the trillions of microbes that exist, mostly symbiotically, on and in our bodies….

The skin sample goes into storage, creating what would be one of the world’s largest biobanks.

Members of Church’s lab have devised a way to automate turning the skin cells into stem cells, and they hope to publish the technique later this year. (Similar work has been done at the University of Wisconsin and Kyoto University.) By reprogramming the skin cells using synthetically engineered adenoviruses, Church’s team can transform the skin cells into many sorts of tissue — lungs, liver, heart.


Remember, this was written 14 years ago….

All this is already really old news.


Another snippet:

He sits on the advisory board of more than 14 biotech companies, including personal genomics startup 23andMe and genetic testing pioneer DNA Direct. He has also cofounded four companies in the past four years: Codon Devices, Knome, LS9, and Joule Biosciences, which makes biofuels from engineered algae.


Let’s continue with Church’s impressive CV:

This translated snippet from HERE explains, simply, how CRISPR actually works:

CRISPR arrays are really the immune system of bacteria.

It works like this: pieces of bacteriophage DNA are stored in bacterial DNA as CRISPR arrays. They are then converted to RNA. In the same piece of the bacterial genome, the so-called tracrRNA is encoded.

Together, they form guide RNA, or guidance RNA, which is then combined with the Cas9 protein.

Cas9 is a nuclease, an enzyme that can cut DNA.

With the help of guide RNA, this enzyme is directed to a specific segment in the bacteriophage’s DNA, sits on it and cuts it like scissors, which disrupts the reproduction of the virus.


(Don’t worry if you’re not understanding all of this, I will give you the plain English takeaways of what you really need to know, tachlis, as we go along. For now, just notice that all this is revolving around BACTERIA.)


HERE, you can read a paper from Church, written in 2014, about his attempts to ‘play God’, by trying to create synthetic DNA from scratch:


And of course, Church is a eugenicist, and is also into the whole trans-humanism scene so believed of the WEF.

HERE on the biohackinfo website you’ll find a list of 50 genes that Church wants to edit, to give humans ‘super-human abilities’.

Snippet (written in October 2019, just as they pressed the ‘start’ button on Covid 19 plandemic):

Compiled and written by Church himself, this George Church Trashumanist Wishlist is a list of over 50 genes that Church claims can be modified to offer advantageous traits. It includes genes like PDE4B which can be edited to confer high-problem solving capabilities, LRP5 which can be mutated to confer super-strong bones, and MSTN which can be suppressed to allow more muscle growth.


OK, let’s just cover off a few more things about Jeffrey Epstein, funder of George Church, before we get down to why I am actually writing this post, and how I hope it could start to help people – especially those people who took the Covid 19 nanotech / DNA origami shots.

Jeffrey Epstein was also a eugenicist, and also into transhumanism.

Of course, great pains were taken to ‘spin’ this aspect of his funding, to make it sound as ridiculous as possible, and a million miles away from the real, bona fide research people like Church were actually undertaking with Epstein’s funding.

Remember headlines like THIS, from October 2019 (the same time Church was putting out his ‘Transhumanist Wishlist’?)


Epstein wasn’t just funding Church.

He was funding a whole bunch of ‘evolutionary / AI biologists’.

Screenshot and snippet from HERE:

The largest gift from Epstein was a $6.5 million donation in 2003 that established Harvard’s Program for Evolutionary Dynamics led by Martin A. Nowak, a professor of biology and mathematics.


BTW, Harvard’s math seems wrong here.

According to an archived version of Epstein’s own blog, HERE, he says he donated $30 million to Harvard, to establish the program for Evolutionary Dynamics:

Interesting, what the missing money actually went to fund….


You can read more about some of the scientists being funded by Epstein HERE.

He was also a big funder of the Humanity+ transhumanism-pushing website and think tank.

This snippet is from their puke-inducing website:


OK, let’s sum things up again.

Shortly before the Covid 19 plandemic started, which had the whole world being ‘swabbed’ to get each individual’s microbiome, and other bodily tissues. there was an earthquake at the China Lake secret underground base, where much of the ‘MK Ultra’ mind-control tech was being developed by DARPA and the US Department of Defence.

Two days after that earthquake, eugenicist and transhumanism-funding child trafficker Epstein – who is linked to the deep state in many countries, including the US and Israel – was arrested.

Epstein had been funding many of the scientists, like George Church, who developed the nanotech that is now showing up in these vials of Covid 19 shots, including things like DNA Origami.

Three months after Epstein was ‘suicided’, Covid 19 kicked off in earnest.

And now, videos are coming out showing that at least some of the ‘transhumanist’ nanotech that Epstein was associated with is IN THESE COVID 19 SHOTS.


I wanted to get to a discussion of how this nanotech is actually working, because then that will lead to a discussion of what we can do to get rid of it.

But we’ll save that for the next post, as it’s also a lot of information to digest, and this post is big enough already.

But let me leave you with this thought:

It’s IMPOSSIBLE that the satanic elite and their little scientific hordes would have put something ‘out there’ that can apparently also ‘shed’ and infect others even if they aren’t ‘vaccinated’ directly, without having an antidote to this tech.

Because while they are definitely evil, they definitely AREN’T dumb.

There is a way to get this GO nanotech detoxed out of the body, and to ‘disassemble’ the DNA origami AI-biofilm safely and easily, before it causes strokes, heart attacks, or just grows massive inorganic clots in people’s vascular systems, or assembles nanocircuitry to turn them into remote-controlled human robots.

And once we know WHAT the tech in the shots is, we then have a better idea of WHO created it – and who has the key to deactivate it.

And George Church is riding very high on that list.



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This video is stunning.

You’ll have to watch it a few times to understand what it is  you are really watching.

It’s 4 drops of the Pfizer DNA Origami GO nanotech, on a slide, slowly, slowly putting a nanochip together.


Remember a few days ago we went back to Ido Bachelet, and his DNA Origami ‘nanorobots’ that can be ‘remote controlled’ to perform actions at the nanoscale in the human body?

If not, first read THIS.

And then, watch this again (and please screen record as you go along, as they are going to start scrubbing it more and more, as the truth finally starts to come out):


Remember, that Bachelet went to work for Pfizer in 2015, to work on his DNA Origami, injectable ‘nanorobots’:

Screenshot from HERE:


Now, let’s ‘compare and contrast’ with what we are seeing in that first video, from Dr David Nixon and Maria Zeee.

First, here’s a screenshot of some of Bachelet’s ‘DNA Origami’ nanotech robot structures:


Now, here’s a screenshot of the ‘nanotech robot arms’ Dr Nixon is finding in the Pfizer Covid shots, as they move in slow motion to piece a nanocircuit together:


Here are the images side-by-side.

You tell me: what are we looking at here:




I’m really hoping the penny is starting to drop, that this is not made-up nonsense.

Do the experiment yourself, see how most ‘vaccinated’ people now give off their own unique code (or ‘IP address’) that can be picked up via Bluetooth scanning apps.

Understand, this tech is ‘activated’ by 4 and 5….G and very soon, that stuff is going to have to be permanently switched off, for the billions of vaxxed people to be able to ‘disconnect’ from the ‘Internet of Things’.

And whatever else, please come out of denial now, and let’s admit this stuff is really happening, and really, really needs to be stopped ASAP.

We can’t ignore this any longer.


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That is the question I’ve been asking myself for months, already.

[Reposted from the old blog, but if anything, even more relevant to what’s going on today, especially about Freemasons, Royal Families and ‘vaccinations’.]

Because if you read Rebbe Nachman, he tells you again and again and again stay away from all doctors, they are mamash the agents of death. In fact, he puts it even more bluntly. Here’s just one of his direct comments on the subject (found in English in the book Tzaddik, page 191.)

On the subject of medicine and the importance of avoiding physicians completely, the Rebbe said that when a person has someone sick in his house, if someone came and told him to give the patient a blow with a big wooden club he would certainly be very shocked. Yet when one puts the patient in the hands of the doctor it is literally like handing him over to a murderer. The doctor’s remedies are more harmful than the blow of a murderer. Who would want to kill the patient with his own hands? Just because you have to do something to try and save the patient does that mean you should hand him over to a doctor?  You might as well call someone to beat the patient to death. Understand this.


Doctor-apologists within Breslov have always tried to claim that Rabbenu was only talking about the ‘primitive medicine’ in Eastern Europe at the time he was alive – shortly before vaccines had been discovered by Edward Jenner!!! But I don’t buy that.

Rabbenu’s advice stands the test of time, and it’s not limited to time or place.

Dafka, he knew with ruach hakodesh what was going to occur all the way up to the coming of the Moshiach, so we’re meant to believe he was only talking about the early 1800s, when he said stay away from doctors and the medical profession? I think not. (It’s a separate point, but even before this Covid 19 scandal, iatrogenic illness – i.e. medical conditions caused by medical treatment and medicine itself – was the third highest cause of death in America. Take a look at the table below, from THIS website, which has a lot of referenced information, if you want to know more.)



So then, I always struggled greatly to understand why Rebbe Nachman appeared to totally disregard everything else he says about totally avoiding doctors, to encourage his followers to get their children vaccinated.

Here is a screenshot of the original Hebrew, which was sent to me by my friend C. who decided to research this a bit more after we were discussing it:


Here’s the translation:

Rabbenu HaKadosh said that each child needs to ‘stand up’ in the ‘pakin’ [Yiddish word, which apparently means vaccination] before they reach a quarter of a year (i.e. three months old)…[Yiddish phrase]… (And if not) he is like a spiller of blood. Even if it’s a long way away from the city, and even if the travel has to occur in the time of the great cold [of winter], to stand up in the ‘pakin’, before a quarter of a year.


You see the problem?

How are we meant to square this above comment, supposedly from Rabbenu, with this statement that was definitely from Rabbenu:

[W]hen one puts the patient in the hands of the doctor it is literally like handing him over to a murderer.


Here’s what my friend had to say about it, after doing some research:

In regards to Rabbi Nachman and the smallpox vaccine;

I looked it up in Avaneha Barzel and one of the thing it says is that one should even travel in the time of the great cold in order to give the “vaccine” before the baby is 3 months.

I feel with everything Rabbenu really wanted his followers to do, he said several times in different ways and you can find it in different books.

But this vaccine thing is only found in Avaneha Barzel that was written after both Rabbenu and Rav Natan passed away.

I have a hard time imagining that Rabbenu would insist on a mother traveling in a horse and carriage with her 3 month old baby in the middle of the Ukrainian winter in order to give a vaccine.


Before the last year, I would never dream to question anything being put out in Rabbenu’s name.

But increasingly, I’m realising how the Jewish people’s holiest institutions and teachings have been infiltrated and compromised by people who are not holy.

And I’ve also learned that whatever is going on now, was also going on in the past, too. So, if the forces of evil could put out a million forged and faked psakim from gedolim like R’ Chaim Kanievsky in broad daylight, in the ‘information age’, then for sure they could also have done that in the past, too, with gedolim like Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

We already know with all the persecution of the Rav, Rabbi Eliezer Berland, that’s gone on within the Breslov community in Meah Shearim and elsewhere, that there are some very problematic individuals deeply embedded within Breslov, whose yichus goes way, way back to all those other interesting people and families I keep writing about here.


So, let’s try to figure this out a bit more.

Here’s how the Breslov Research Institute translates that passage, above, in Tzaddik (footnote 14 on page 192):

“One who does not innoculate his infant children against pakin, smallpox, it is as if he murdered them. Even if one lives distant from the city, even in the middle of winter in freezing weather, one must bring his infant child for the vaccination.”

So, now we learn that pakin is apparently the Yiddish word for smallpox, NOT the Yiddish word for ‘vaccination’.


Everything now turns on the correct meaning of this word:


According to Morfix, we get these meanings back for that word:

to place, to position; to place upright, to erect; to get someone to their feet

This is not at all the language associated with vaccinations and innoculations.


If we take away the ‘helpful’ explanations in square brackets that pushes the explanation towards vaccines, the plain language seems to say this:

Rabbenu HaKadosh said that each child needs to ‘stand up in / be placed in’  the ‘pakin’ (smallpox) before they reach a quarter of a year (i.e. three months old)…[Yiddish phrase]… (And if not) he is like a spiller of blood. Even if it’s a long way away from the city, and even if the travel has to occur in the time of the great cold [of winter], to be placed in the ‘pakin’, before a quarter of a year.

Or in other words:

Go, take your child and make sure you expose him to smallpox before he reaches three months old, even if you have to travel a long way to do that, even if it’s the middle of the winter.


Suddenly, this starts to make way, way more sense, and to perfectly fit with Rabbenu’s other advice on totally avoiding doctors and medicines.

So now, we get to the next question (which I can’t answer – maybe someone out there can help me out.)

Who tampered with the text in Avenha Barzel to make it sound like Rabbenu was pushing vaccines, when he wasn’t talking about vaccinations at all?


And while we’re pondering that, and its implications for just how deep-rooted in tumah this whole ‘vaccine agenda’ really is, let’s take a closer look at Edward Jenner, the ‘inventor’ of the smallpox vaccine. Here’s some more research from my friend, C.:

Guess who is the profile manager of Edward Jenner (founder of smallpox vaccine) on Geni…?

Our dear Yigal Burstein….

Also it turns out that Edward Jenner was a Freemason and he reached the level of Master Mason.

In addition in this article it says that the lodge he was Master of was regularly visited by the Prince of Wales – the future George IV

More articles showing he was a Mason:


If you are new to this blog, you probably don’t know that Yigal Burstein is one of the ‘professional disinformation artists’ on geni, who ‘manages’ (also spelled D-I-S-T-O-R-T-S) a great many of the profiles of important people in Jewish history, including the Alter Rebbe of Chabad.

What possible link does Yigal Burstein, resident of Israel, have with Edward Jenner, non-Jewish, English ‘inventor’ of smallpox vaccines?

And while you are chewing that over, here’s some other interesting information to throw into the mix.


The whole narrative about the smallpox vaccine that we’ve been taught doesn’t make sense, when you go back and piece together the actual information.

You and I were taught that English Physician Edward Jenner (1749-1823)  ‘invented’ the smallpox vaccine. But even a cursory look at a few Wikipedia pages starts to throw this whole story on its head. Here’s some snippets, first from Jenner’s page:

[In the early 1700s….] Inoculation was already pioneered in Asian and African medicine and was a standard practice but involved serious risks, one of which was the fear that those inoculated would then transfer the disease to those around them due to their becoming carriers of the disease.

In 1721, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu had imported variolation to Britain after having observed it in Constantinople. While Johnnie Notions had great success with his self-devised inoculation (and was reputed not to have lost a single patient), his method’s practice was limited to the Shetland Isles. Voltaire wrote that at this time 60% of the population caught smallpox and 20% of the population died of it. Voltaire also states that the Circassians used the inoculation from times immemorial, and the custom may have been borrowed by the Turks from the Circassians….  

In the years following 1770, at least five investigators in England and Germany (Sevel, Jensen, Jesty 1774, Rendell, Plett 1791) successfully tested in humans a cowpox vaccine against smallpox…. but it was not until Jenner’s work that the procedure became widely understood.


In other words… Edward Jenner invented precisely nothing, but somehow got all the credit for his ‘smallpox vaccine’.

Once again, we see how ‘Master Masons’ are strangely catapulted to the top of the pile, and get all the good PR and undeserved credit. But even stranger, is what apparently happens next (still from Jenner’s Wikipedia page HERE):

[I]n 1840, the British government banned variolation – the use of smallpox to induce immunity – and provided vaccination using cowpox free of charge (see Vaccination Act). The success of his discovery soon spread around Europe and was used en masse in the Spanish Balmis Expedition (1803–1806), a three-year-long mission to the Americas, the Philippines, Macao, China, led by Francisco Javier de Balmis with the aim of giving thousands the smallpox vaccine….

Napoleon, who at the time was at war with Britain, had all his French troops vaccinated, awarded Jenner a medal, and at the request of Jenner, he released two English prisoners of war and permitted their return home. Napoleon remarked he could not “refuse anything to one of the greatest benefactors of mankind”.


Er, if someone you were at war with offered your troops an ‘experimental medicine against smallpox’, I doubt you’d take them up on the offer, much less give them a medal and start singing their praises. Napoleon, like Jenner, was a leading Freemason.

And yet again, we seem to have tripped over a piece of that ‘real history’ that they have tried so very hard to keep hidden from us the last 200 years, but which is now awkwardly poking into sight.


Here’s a quick snippet about that ultra-creepy worldwide ‘vaccination campaign’ from 1803 (is any of this sounding familiar?):

The Balmis Expedition, officially called the Real Expedición Filantrópica de la Vacuna (Royal Philanthropic Vaccine Expedition) was a Spanish healthcare mission that lasted from 1803 to 1806, led by Dr Francisco Javier de Balmis, which vaccinated millions of inhabitants of Spanish America and Asia against smallpox.


Francisco de Balmis bears all the hallmarks of yet another crypto-Jew, and I suspect he was also part of some secret society fraternity.

But as I’m writing this as I go, we’ll park him for now, and maybe come back to this another time. The point is – in the early 1800s, the world’s royalty and leading freemasons suddenly decided that ‘vaccinating’ the population against smallpox was a big priority for them all, and all worked together across their territories, and the world at large, to make that happen. I cant help but find that extremely strange.


Here’s the last thing for now, as this is becoming a monster post again.

Marie Antoinette’s mother was a woman called Maria Theresa, (1717-1780), ruler of Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, Galicia and quite a few other places, besides.

Maria Theresa keeps popping up in my research of ‘Real Jewish History’, and she has a Jewish courtier that I’m finding it very hard to track down in real time, who also keep figuring large in my research, by the name of Abraham Mendel Theben.


Abraham is the son of a prominent Jewish leader called Menachem Mendel; and the father of another mysterious Jewish leader called Jacob Mendel Theben, and his daughter marries the son of none other than Jonathan Eybshutz. Other children also marry into other interesting families, including the Oppenheimers, Wertheimers, (Frankist…) Beers and Mandels.

But strangely, I can find next to no information about him, or his family, which gives me a big red flag that something big is being hidden here.


Anyway, point is for this post that the Austrian monarch Maria Theresa was also really big on ‘innoculations’ and ‘vaccinations’.

And again, all this is happening 30 years before Master Mason Edward Jenner is meant to have ‘invented the smallpox vaccine.’ Snippet from Wikipedia:

After the smallpox epidemic of 1767, [Maria Theresa] promoted inoculation, which she had learned of through her correspondence with Maria Antonia, the Electress of Saxony (who in turn probably knew of it through her own correspondence with the Prussian king Frederick II).

After unsuccessfully inviting the Sutton brothers from England to introduce their technique in Austria, Maria Theresa obtained information on current practices of smallpox inoculation in England. She overrode the objections of Gerard van Swieten (who doubted the effectiveness of the technique), and ordered that it be tried on thirty-four newborn orphans and sixty-seven orphans between the ages of five and fourteen years.


The trial was successful, establishing that inoculation was effective in protecting against smallpox, and safe (in the case of the test subjects). The empress therefore ordered the construction of an inoculation centre, and had herself and two of her children inoculated.

She promoted inoculation in Austria by hosting a dinner for the first sixty-five inoculated children in Schönbrunn Palace, waiting on the children herself.

Maria Theresa was responsible for changing Austrian physicians’ negative view of inoculation.


So, lots of lots of historical ‘vaccine’ weirdness, with ‘smallpox’ playing the part of our modern ‘Covid 19’, as the excuse for leaders, royalty and freemasons to ‘force vaxx’ their populations.

There are a lot of angles to this that really aren’t making sense according to the history we’ve all been taught. Like, why would it take 250 years to ‘eradicate smallpox’ if successful vaccines were already being pioneered all over the place at the beginning of the 1500s, already?

Inoculation for smallpox appears to have started in China around the 1500s.Europe adopted this practice from Asia in the first half of the 18th century. In 1796 Edward Jenner introduced the modern smallpox vaccine. In 1967, the WHO intensified efforts to eliminate the disease.


Man, I’m having a serious sense of deja vu.

We’ve been here before, it seems, with global pandemics and ‘worldwide vaccination projects’ enthusiastically endorsed by the world’s elites, that begin in China and end with the WHO.

But one thing is sure: Rabbenu’s advice to stay away from doctors and medicines still holds true. And he never told people to go and get their children ‘vaccinated’.


There is nothing new under the sun.


You might also like this article:

Yesterday, I had an interesting chat with one of my friends here in Israel.

Three weeks ago, a 17 year old boy in their neighborhood was rushed to hospital for serious brain surgery.

The story was then, that he’d somehow managed to ‘slip’ in the shower, and had banged his head so hard on the floor, he’d ruptured something serious.

Even at the time, I said to me friend that the story didn’t sound right. When people fall over – and they are still conscious – the body automatically prioritises protecting the most crucial part of the anatomy – the head, the brain.

So, you’ll break an arm, or twist awkwardly, to avoid slamming your head straight into the floor, even if you do slip, somehow.

But the exception to this, is if you faint, or lose consciousness.

Like this:



This is a compilation of ‘vaccinated’ people in China, all keeling over unconscious, most of whom subsequently died.

Notice how their heads mamash smash into floors, cars, tables, work surfaces.


So, I told my friend that it seemed to me the boy must have lost consciousness, somehow, BEFORE he smashed his head in the shower.

And if he was ‘vaccinated’, then that would explain a lot….

Yesterday, she told me that she’d learned that this 17 year old boy HAD A STROKE IN THE SHOWER.

Before these ‘safe and effective’ Covid shots, we never heard of this happening to healthy teens.

Now, it seems to be an almost daily occurrence.


Over on the Twitter feed that’s trending under #DiedSuddenly, you find some more interesting information that our totally corrupt, propaganda MSM just isn’t covering.

Like this:


Here’s a snippet from the original story, on the website, HERE:

More than 18 million people were injured so badly by their first COVID shot from Pfizer or Moderna that they had to go to the hospital. That’s according to the CDC’s own internal data, which a court just ordered the federal agency to release to a watchdog group….

Of the 10 million people who participated in V-safe – again, a massive sample size – 3.3 million reported Adverse Health Impacts (AHIs) immediately after their first vaccination.

That’s 33% or one-in-three. Of those 3.3 million people, 1.2 million reported that they were unable to perform daily activities for a time after vaccination. 1.3 million reported getting so sick from the shots that they had to miss school or work.

And about 800,000 reported being hospitalized by their COVID vaccination….That’s an 8% hospitalization rate.

It means that as many as 18 million of the 230 million people who received at least one shot may have been hospitalized with an adverse reaction.


Strangely, our corrupt, propaganda media is totally silent about all this.

Instead, they continue to put out weird stories that don’t make sense, like THIS:


I asked my husband if it’s even possible for a grown man, who can’t swim, to drown in a mikva.

He told me that the water only comes up to the chest of an average man, and that you can stand up with your head out of the water at all times (unless you’re incredibly short).

So…. the part of this ‘story’ that is missing, is that this man ‘drowned in the mikva’ AFTER he lost consciousness.

I am willing to bet that just like all those Chinese vax victims in the first Tweet above, he had a vaxx-induced heart attack, or stroke, in the water, immediately lost consciousness, and then drowned.

Doesn’t that sound way more likely, than a grown man somehow ‘drowning’ in a mikva without first losing consciousness?


Back on the DiedSuddenly Twitter feed, we find more interesting stories that the MSM is avoiding.

Like this one:


Yes, you read that correctly.

Canada has had some of the most draconian ‘Covid’ tyranny of anywhere in the world, and recently, they made it obligatory for doctors to get their 4th Covid shot, or ‘booster’, as they euphemistically like to call this stuff.

Whaddya know?

All of a sudden, there are 80 Canadian doctors – and the list is growing all the time, who ‘diedsuddenly’ from unknown causes.


My mum just sent me this:

CDC Vaccine Advisory Group To Vote on Adding mRNA Vaccines to the Childhood Schedule

My mum has had three Covid shots, and no-one could accuse her of being an ‘anti-vaxxer’.

But she still thinks this is totally awful.


Because even my mum has come to understand that these shots are the very OPPOSITE of ‘safe and effective’.

They are dangerous nanotechnology that are causing millions of young, healthy people all over the world to keel over suddenly, after experiencing a GO-nanotech-induced heart-attack or stroke.


Is the CDC going to approve these killer Covid shots for your children?

Of course they are.

The CDC is bought and paid for by Big Pharma, and is also operating as the regulatory arm of the same American government whose Dept of Defense and DARPA are the masterminds behind all this GO-nanotech-masquerating-as-vaccines in the first place.


So, what are you going to do?

Are you going to carry on parroting the line that these shots are ‘safe and effective’, as the dead and disabled continue to pile up all around?

Are you going to meekly go along with a ‘vaccine schedule’ for your children, designed by DARPA and Big Pharma to kill, disable, or at the very least, ‘remote control’ your children?

Or, are you finally going to grow some cojones, and start to stand up for yourself.

And your family.

And especially, for your precious children?


There is such powerful, peaceful strength in numbers.

The only way they get this stuff to ‘work’ is if they can fool or coerce enough people into going along with it.

If you are a parent, seek out other like-minded parents now, and decide to just say no, to the CDC’s vaccine mandates for your child.

Even if you have to pull them out of school, and homeschool.’

Even if you hate confrontation.

Even if the thought of standing out from the crowd like this makes you cringe.

Grow some cojones, and start to stand up for what’s right, and just, and true.


In the meantime, we are heading into interesting times with all this.

With infertility and cancers sky-rocketing all over the planet; #DiedSuddenly being the most searched term in social media, and more and more stories coming out about teens having strokes in the shower, and grown men ‘drowning’ in mikvas – clearly, they can’t keep this ‘safe and effective’ farce going for too much longer.

Even with the corrupt, propaganda MSM ignoring the story.

The cracks in the narrative are growing so wide, they are becoming obvious to anyone, who WANTS to see the truth.

The question is, how many people are really in that camp?


PS: Here’s another one:


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One of the things that happens when a person gets angry, is that their blood literally starts to boil.

Our Sages tell us this, and they also spell it out, literally, that when a person lets the feeling of anger take over:

Demons control him, because all of the blood boils

(Taken from the Tefilla L’Ani to overcome Anger, HERE – thanks to Nahman for the link.)


Around nine years ago, I quit writing to try and retrain as an energy medicine aromatherapist practitioner.

Me being me, I did a very deep dive on human health, I learnt across the breadth and length of a bunch of related energy medicine disciplines – and the end of all that, I had literally one and a half paying clients, the whole year.

I took that as a sign that I should go back to writing – which also wasn’t earning any money, but at least I felt I was sometimes doing something useful.

But, all that knowledge stayed with me, and I also wrote a few books about how human health is not one dimensional, as we’re taught in Western Medicine, but actually a fusion of body-mind-soul.

So at this stage, that’s part of why I see strange ‘connections’, especially with health, that maybe aren’t apparent to others.

Here’s where we return to discussing the graphene oxide nanotech in the Covid shots.


Over the last couple of months, 26 teams of researchers, in 16 different countries around the world, have put out scientific papers and shared information about the strange nanocircuits and GO structures that they are routinely finding in the Covid shots.

You can see more of these works referenced HERE, in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research, snippet of the Abstract below:

Between July 2021 and August 2022, evidence of undisclosed ingredients in the COVID-19 “vaccines” was published by at least 26 researchers/research teams in 16 different countries across five continents using spectroscopic and microscopic analysis.

Despite operating largely independently of one another, their findings are remarkably similar and highlight the clear and present danger that the world’s population has been lied to regarding the contents of the COVID-19 “vaccines”.

This raises grave questions about the true purpose of the dangerous experimental injections that have so far been shot into 5.33 billion people (over two thirds of the human race), including children, apparently without their informed consent regarding the contents.

Surprise findings include sharp-edged geometric structures, fibrous or tube-like structures, crystalline formations, “microbubbles”, and possible self-assembling nanotechnology.

The blood of people who have received one or more COVID-19 “vaccines” appears, in case after case, to contain foreign bodies and to be seriously degraded, with red blood cells typically in Rouleaux formation.


La Quinta Columna have been putting out their images and videos for months and months now.

But today, I want to share some images from a different group of researchers who have started up a website called ‘Life in the Blood’, to share their findings. Here’s their ‘About’ blurb:

We are an international group of concerned citizens, scientists and medical practitioners who have observed surprising microscopic phenomena regarding the recently deployed Covid-19 injections.

We have examined various aspects of Pfizer Comirnaty, Fluad Quad, Afluria Quad 2021, and saline controls.


On their main website HERE, they have a short embedded video called Should this be in your vaccines? that you can only watch at their site.

I highly recommend you do that, as they have very good-quality microscopy images of the nanocircuitry that forms in the Cominaty (Pfizer) covid shot, when left to ‘sit’ for a few days.

Here’s another snippet from the main site, then I want to draw you attention to a ‘mini-site’ they’ve put together, with some absolutely stunning images of the circuitry, plus explanation of what factors get these nanocircuits to form:

[W]hat can clearly be seen…[is] a self-assembling electric nano-system.  Whilst we cannot describe the exact mechanisms by which the injected solution assembles the circuitry, or its purpose, the presence is undeniable. 

Patents describing the purposes for manipulation of the body by nanotechnology, have been in plain sight for a long time, and the astute can also find presentations on YouTube.

The developers aren’t shy about how their inventions can be used for external control of those who become part of the internet of bodies and brains.  


Here’s another of their short videos, on the bitchute site HERE:

And HERE is where you can find more of their short videos of the objects ‘forming’ in the Covid shots, on their main site.

These videos were basically all put up around 8 months ago, just I never heard of the site until now.


Now, let’s go to the mini-site (which you’ll have to ignore the ‘warning’ about, if you want to access it – this is a standard ploy they use to try to put people off visiting websites with real information.)

There, you’ll find some awe-inspiring stills of the circuitry developing in Pfizer’s Cominarty (but present in all the Covid shots).

Like this one:


But even more interestingly, at least to me, is the researchers’ step-by-step explanation, of how the most sophisticated nanocircuitry actually develops, over time.

Here’s some snippets of that process:

In the days that followed I contemplated how the formation happened.

Was it a function of time? Of the vibration in the car? Heat? Cell towers along the way?

It could have been any of those, so I took some more of the liquid and plated out some more slides, put them in multiple slide carriers, drove them all around the city near cell towers for two hours, and then came back.  


From the experiments done by an electrical engineer called Matt Taylor, we already know that being in close proximity to WIFI routers (not even 5…G towers, just that box  you have sitting in the corner of the room somewhere…) ‘triggers’ this nanocircuitry to start forming.

Watch this, to understand more and to see that happening in real time:


Taylor found that when the WiFi router was switched off, the circuitry kind of ‘dissolved’ back into nothingness.


Now, to get back to the Life of the Blood researcher, he found 8 months ago that a key ‘trigger’ for the more complicated nanostructures to form is heat.


After some more attempts, interesting activity and organization occurred, but no dramatic new images were made.  I plated out another batch on the 16th of January. Then I took them out in the car into the city on a hot day and left them in the car with the windows down.

It was around 28°C outdoors, and the car got to around 40°C max. When I got home, this image was on the slide with a whole lot more. The experiment was successfully repeated.

Here’s a screenshot of what formed on the slide, after exposure to heat:


We’re back to that awesome (not in a good way) nanocircuitry again.

So, what are some lessons we can learn from this?

Here’s my take.


These Covid shots have been ‘designed’ by Hashem, to get humanity to finally wake up, and make some real teshuva.

Unlike many other people who are 100% behind the idea of there being GO nanotech in these shots, I 100% believe that the damage is reversible.

But only if people make some real teshuva.

That teshuva would look something like this:

  1. Admit they made a mistake, by getting the shots, however many they already had.
  2. Refuse to get any more shots, or boosters.
  3. Acknowledge the bad middot that were manipulated in order to get them to take the shots in the first place, including fear, lack of emuna, blind obedience to authority, spiritual laziness, etc etc.
  4. Acknowledge the bad middot and bad habits that are still being used to harm them, including constant use of SmartPhones, being ‘online’ all the time, absorbing and believing the lying media’s lying propaganda, continuing to lie to themselves that the government and medical establishment and ‘science’ is our friend…
  5. Get offline, as much as possible, urgently – because remember, exposure to WiFi triggers these nanocircuits to ‘grow’.
  6. Work on acknowledging and overcoming their anger.


I wrote a lot about anger in the last post, HERE.

But I was very struck about how HEAT also triggers these nanostructures to grow, in a vaccinated person’s bloodstream, before they migrate to wherever the internet signal is instructing them to go, in the human body.

God created this world according to some firm spiritual rules.

One of those rules is:

When a person lets the feeling of anger take over:

Demons control him, because all of the blood boils


I believe these shots won’t be able to ‘work’ in people who are working on staying attached to Hashem, and who have a real connection to their own souls.

If a person is doing regular hitbodedut, if they are asking God to help them deal with their anger issues and to take it away, or to deal with their ‘fear of germs’ or ‘fear of dying’, or lack of emuna, or internet addiction, then the ‘demons’ will not be allowed to control him.

Ultimately, it will all come down to us being real with God, doing hitbodedut, working on our bad middot, especially anger and fallen fears – and getting off-line, as much as possible.

Or in other words: there is a choice to be made, here.

And that choice is also something that the ‘un-vaxxed’ will have to deal with, going forward, as the tests won’t stop, until we finally get into the world of truth.


So, there is still everything to pray for.

And no-one should be writing off ‘vaxxed’ people as being unsaveable or inevitably doomed, because that’s not at all what is going on, here.

They had poisonous GO nanotech injected into their bodies, and it’s responsible for the massive rise in sudden deaths going on. But their ‘DNA’ is still their ‘DNA’, and the nanotech can be guided by its creators to self-destruct and flush itself out of the body.

Just first, more of us have to realise what’s really going on, and to find and hold the creators of this demonic tech accountable.

HERE‘s a good place to start:


Ido Bachelet went to work for Pfizer shortly after he made this video, in 2015:



Screenshot from HERE:



Pfizer is cooperating with the DNA robot laboratory managed by Prof. Ido Bachelet at Bar-Ilan University.

Bachelet has developed a method of producing innovative DNA molecules with characteristics that can be used to “program” them to reach specific locations in the body and carry out pre-programmed operations there in response to stimulation from the body.


This from December last year, on the Calcatech website HERE:


George Church is a famous, yucky eugenicist-promoting genome-editing, DNA-manipulating scientist working out of the Wyss Institute, Harvard.

Snippet from HERE:

[G]ene-editing pioneer George Church suggested that couples should test whether they are genetically compatible as a way to reduce the likelihood of passing genetic diseases to their children. Church had also argued that this preventative measure would not only make expensive gene therapies unnecessary, but it could also eliminate all genetic diseases.

Now the 65 year old Harvard professor has followed up on this suggestion by coming up with a dating app called ‘digid8’ that compares the DNA of couples, and then screens out matches that would result in a child with an inherited disease….

Despite the obvious usefulness of the digid8 concept, and its potential to lead to the elimination of fatal genetic diseases, the anti-science outrage mob has labelled the dating app idea as Tinder for Nazis.

This is despite the fact that the concept is partially inspired by Dor Yeshorim, a New York-based company that tests the genetic compatibility of Jewish couples so as to prevent diseases like Tay-Sachs and cystic fibrosis, which are common among some ethnically Jewish populations. Dor Yeshorim’s genetic testing has been proven to have significantly reduced cases of Tay-Sachs.


It’s all connected.

Here’s a spiffy little video from the Wyss Institute dated April 2014 – eight years ago! – demonstrating exactly how all this GO circuitry is now ‘self-assembling’, in ‘vaccinated’ people:


Compare and contrast with the images of what they are finding in the Cominarty Pfizer shots, above.

People like Ido Bachelet and George Church know exactly what is in these shots.

And, they also know how to ‘defuse’ them ASAP, and how to get them to self-destruct harmlessly.

The solution is hiding in plain site – once we accept what the real problem actually is.


Let me leave you with this.

It’s a video compilation I put together of a few different videos showing people apparently literally being ‘scared to death’ – i.e., death by neuro-modulation.


So, it’s really up to us, where this goes from here.

But one thing is clear: no-one is going to come through this process in one piece, without making an awful lot of teshuva.

And that’s regardless of their ‘vaxx-ed’ status.



My daughter just sent me this – a short clip of a health professional in Florida explaining how infertility rates in her practise are up 50%, miscarriages are up 50%, and abnormal pap smears and cervical cancer is also up 25%, since the rollout of the Covid shots.



So, I went to take a closer look at who is funding Bachelet’s new ‘mysterious’ nanotech company, to the tune of $120 million in seed funding.

That privilege has fallen to a guy named Marius Nacht.

HERE is his English Wikipedia page.

Together with Gil Shwed, Nacht founded Checkpoint Software, and is apparently sitting on a fortune worth $1.5 billion USD…

He’s also a product of the IDF’s ‘Talpiot’:

Nacht is a graduate of Talpiot’s 1980 cohort, the IDF’s most elite R&D program.

Every year, Talpiot recruits several dozen talented students who undergo a rigorous three-year academic and military training program, including research, development and ethics. Talpiot graduates commit an additional six years, to serving in a variety of roles at the forefront of technology for the IDF & Ministry of Defense.

Now, he’s partnering with Dr Yair Schindel, on a biotech incubator called ‘aMoon’.

HERE‘s the aMoon website (good luck with that, it’s written in classic ‘biz speak’, that essentially is all buzz words and nothing concrete about what they are really up to.


Yair Schindel is interesting.

His parents were apparently saved by Oskar Schindler.

Here’s some more interesting stuff from his bio on the aMoon website:

Before launching aMoon Yair served as the founding CEO of Digital Israel, the State’s National Digital Bureau established within the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office with the mission of accelerating digital transformation and stimulating economic growth on a national level.

Prior to Digital Israel, Yair was the CEO of Startup Nation Central, a nonprofit organization that connects major international businesses, governments, and NGO’s to Israeli innovation.

In 2010, Yair co-founded MAOZ, an NGO that trains and connects Israel’s most promising future leaders, creating an active network of over 500 alumni promoting social change initiatives to strengthen Israel’s socio-economic resilience. Between 2011 to 2013, Yair served as the organization’s founding CEO, and until 2016, as a board member.


Guess who funds MAOZ?

If you said ‘the Edmund de Rothschild Foundation’, you’d be right.

Screenshot from HERE:

2013 is when Schindel was the MAOZ CEO.

Isn’t that a CO-IN-CID-ENCE?


Then he moved to StartUp Nation Central, snippet from their website HERE:

Established in 2013, Start-Up Nation Central Central is a non-profit organization that strengthens Israel’s innovation ecosystem and connects it to global challenges and stakeholders. Immersed in the Israeli technology ecosystem, we identify technological sectors with high growth potential and help them to scale.

Start-Up Nation Central was founded by American billionaire Paul Singer – that same Paul Singer who has been aggressively pushing the trans agenda, any way he can.

Singer seems to be connected to something called the Rashi Foundation – which I’m sure you’ve never heard of.

Neither had I – but Shimon Peres loved it, and that’s good enough for me to already know this is VERY dodgy.

Watch this:


Gustave Leven’s grandpa was a guy called Narcisse Leven.

Here’s what we learn about him (from HERE):

Narcisse Leven (1833 – 1915) was a lawyer by profession.

He was one of the original founders of the Alliance israélite universelle (AIU). He was its general secretary from 1863 to 1883, its vice-president from 1883 to 1898, and its president beginning in 1898.

Narcisse, Manitoba, Canada was also named after Leven, who was then the president of the Jewish Colonization Association, by the residents of Bender Hamlet, a Jewish farm colony located 2 km east of Narcisse.


The Alliance was a notorious bulwark of the Freemason-Frankists, trying to destroy Torah Judaism throughout the Sephardi world – and they sadly had a lot of success.

And then, we see that weird link-up with the Jewish Colonization Association.

Snippet from HERE:

The Jewish Colonisation Association… is an organisation created on September 11, 1891, by Baron Maurice de Hirsch.

Its aim was to facilitate the mass emigration of Jews from Russia and other Eastern European countries, by settling them in agricultural colonies on lands purchased by the committee in North America (Canada and the United States), South America (Argentina and Brazil) and Ottoman Palestine.

Today ICA is still active in Israel in supporting specific development projects under the name Jewish Charitable Association (ICA.


And just like that, we’re instantly linked back up to the white slave trade that saw the Freemason-Frankists trafficking Jewish women as brothel workers from Eastern Europe, all over the world, but especially places like Argentina.

Here’s another snippet about the JCA, which of course links us back to the Rothschilds:

 In 1899 Baron Edmond James de Rothschild transferred title to his settlements in Palestine along with fifteen million francs to the JCA.

That’s the same Edmund de Rothschild whose family fund set up MAOZ.

That’s the same MAOZ whose founder is now pumping funds into Ido Bachelet’s IETx start-up, to the tune of $120 million.


Here‘s the Wikipedia page for Baron Maurice de Hirsch, head of the JCA – and a pedigreed Freemason-Frankist, through and through.


Hirsch was born on 9 December 1831 in Munich, Bavaria.

His parents were Baron Joseph von Hirsch auf Gereuth [de] and Caroline Wertheimer. His grandfather, the first Jewish landowner in Bavaria, was ennobled in 1818 with the appellation auf Gereuth.

His father, who was banker to the Bavarian king, was made a Freiherr (baron) in 1869. For generations, the family occupied a prominent position in the German Jewish community. 

On 28 June 1855, Hirsch married Clara Bischoffsheim, daughter of Jonathan-Raphaël Bischoffsheim of Brussels….

He was the founder of the Jewish Colonization Association, which sponsored large-scale Jewish immigration to Argentina.



The ‘Digital Health Network’ initiative run by Schindel out of the PMO’s office had a big fan you may have heard of.

His name is Moshe Bar Siman-Tov, Milken fellow, and DG of the Health Ministry at the start of the Covid pandemic, who pushed, pushed, pushed so very hard, for Israel to adopt full Chinese-Communist ‘lockdowns’, and all the rest of it.

Read more about that HERE, screenshot:


This was less than a year before the ‘Covid plandemic’ took off.

Here’s another article on the Forbes website, a month into the plandemic:


See that tag line for the ‘Start-Up Nation Central Contributor Group’?

Remember, they are all connected.

And now, Dr Schindel just happens to be partnering up with the guy who is pumping $120 million into Ido Bachelet’s ‘mysterious’ biotech, nanotech robot, DNA origami company….



And don’t forget Netanyahu.

He sold us out right from the start, and he knew exactly what was going on with these Cominarty poisonous nanotech shots.

And now, he’s hoping to come back and finish the job he started.

May God save us from all these evil people.



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I’ve had a kind of ‘low grade’ feeling of anxiety going on for the last few weeks, now.

Externally, life is Baruch Hashem, pretty good. But my soul is really not so happy at the moment.

It feels like there is so much about to burst out into the open, any minute now, and even though I’m basically ignoring most of the news these days, and have been for a couple of months, my inbox is filling up with stuff that is probably contributing to that underlying anxiety.

Let’s get a few of those things out of the way first, because then I want to talk about CERN, and how it’s connected to a whole bunch of the weird things going on in our world right now.


First, let’s get back to those ‘safe and effective’ Covid nanotech shots.

Studies are starting to come out that they have had a huge impact on fertility, but especially, male fertility.

I got sent this yesterday:

Declining birth rates post-Covid vaccines – is it time to panic?

Not yet, but real concern is warranted

You can read the whole thing HERE, but it’s based on THIS detailed post analysing the data coming out of Sweden, that didn’t really have a lockdown, so the drop in birth rates is way more obviously correlated to people taking those ‘safe and effective’ Covid shots.



In turn, this discussion was prompted by an Israeli research paper that showed that ‘motility of sperm’ and ‘semen concentration’ in men that took the Pfizer shots was drastically impaired:


You can see a full copy of that paper HERE.

And while the researchers claim this male infertility is ‘temporary’, the truth is that by the time this five month study had ended, the sperm motility and concentration showed no signs of returning back to ‘normal’ any time soon.


My daughter is seeing a very nice guy with very good middot – who had three shots of Pfizer’s Cominarty.

I’ve got my eyes open to the side-effects of these graphene oxide nanotech shots, and these research papers do worry me.

At the same time, I’m reminding myself: Ein Od Milvado! God is really running the world, and if God decides a soul is going to come down to the world, then immobile sperm or no, that’s going to happen. Bezrat Hashem.

I guess, with a whole bunch of heart-felt prayers and teshuva and pidyonot….which is probably the point anyway.


In the meantime, on July 2, 2022, the Justice Department of the Uruguayan government announced they were giving Pfizer 48 hours to submit information on whether the Covid shots do contain nanotechnology (and questioning them on a whole bunch of other stuff, too).

Screenshot from HERE (google translated from Spanish):


This is coming in response to a legal claim launched against Pfizer’s attempts to force children to be mandated to have the Covid shots.

Which shows us that small people like you and me CAN get things done, with God’s help, when we start to push-back legally.

We know most of our judges (and politicians…) are corrupt and have large amounts of ‘donations’ sitting offshore in anonymous bank accounts.

But it only takes one honest judge, and a handful of people who refuse to give up or ‘leave the fight to other people’ to start the push-back. (With God’s help….)


Meanwhile, Yaakov from JerusalemCats sent me this today:

Breaking: The Israeli MOH is hiding a study it conducted, showing a 2-4 times higher rate of adverse events reports following Pfizer COVID vaccine in kids aged 5-11 vs ages 12-17

Here’s a relevant screenshot:


Again, Ein Od Milvado.

When we remember that God controls the world, every aspect of it, that enables us to digest this information without falling into total yeoush.

Heart-felt prayer and sincere teshuva and pidyonot paid to a real tzaddik can and will turn everything around.

That’s probably at least part of why all this is happening right now, to wean us off the Esavian, totally corrupted ‘Western Medicine’, and to remind us all that we are SOULS in a physical body, not just a hunk of meat that can be ‘cured’ by pills and surgery.

Which brings me onto the next part of this post, about CERN.


Last week, I had a phone conversation with a very educated reader, who has been watching CERN’s impact on the world, and particularly the impact of it’s ‘Large Hadron Collider’ experiment for well over a decade.

They told me a few things I didn’t know about CERN, including:

  1. If you search for any info on CERN in English, what comes back is a bunch of stuff about ritual murders at their HQ in front of their big statue of ‘Shiva’; opening portals into the sky to let evil spirits flood into the world; or alternatively, opening portals to hell, to let evil spirits flood into the world.

THIS article does a very good job of summing up the CERN ‘high strangeness’, with a bunch of links you can explore yourself, if you are so minded.


We saw how ‘Nibiru’ was leveraged to make people like me believe that chemtrails was a delusional figment of all those ‘crazy conspiracy theorists’ imagination.

Because I was so sceptical about the claims being made for ‘Nibiru’, for years, I didn’t dig further behind the ridiculous explanations being given that the chemtrails were being sprayed ‘to block Nibiru from view’.


The chemtrails were being sprayed to saturate us all with graphene oxide and other aerolised nanotech, as part of our governments’ attacks against us, its own citizens.

But it took a long while to figure that out, and to take the whole ‘real chemtrails’ discussion seriously, because of all the interference being run by these ‘Nibiru’ theories.

And something similar appears to be going on with CERN, and all this ‘high strangeness’.


The second thing I learnt is that no-one can ever sue CERN for any of its ‘experiments gone wrong’, because – surprise surprise! – all our corrupt governments gave them a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

My contact knew someone first-hand who took CERN to court in Germany and won her case…. in theory. In practise, the judges told her that CERN cannot be sued by any country in the world, ever, for any of the ‘side-effects’ of their experiments.

And we see the same thing in other countries, too, screenshot from HERE:


So, back to that ‘Large Hadron Collider’ (LHC) experiment.

My contact has been watching the CERN online dashboard for the LHC experiment for years. And the experiments they are doing at CERN are massively affecting both the earth’s magnetosphere – and also the sun.

CO-IN-CID-ENTALLY, they took the CERN LHC experiment offline the last 2-3 years – dovetailing with the Covid 19 plandemic – to beef it up.

And now, as of yesterday, July 5, 2022, the LHC is officially starting up again.

Screenshot from HERE:

Note the built-in propaganda mocking anyone who voices concerns about CERN’s experiments as ‘doomsday conspiracies’.

They are washing our brains for us 24/7.


According to my contact, CERN started some initial testing with it again as a ‘soft launch’ beginning January of this year, on and off, and then really ramping it up around Pesach time.

All that coincided with the period of time before Pesach when I started to feel really weak and unwell – for no obvious reason – that has been continuing for weeks and weeks, until I finally paid a pidyon to the Rav and started taking some Miracle Mineral Solution every day.

And now, as of yesterday, these LHC experiments are about to start up again, in a much bigger way.


People are electric beings.

Our whole body operates at very low frequencies, that influences our cells to manufacture the stuff required for the body to work properly.

I’ve written a lot about these subjects before, in connection with the possible health impacts of 5….G, and the directed energy tech that so many people still refuse to believe really exists. I’ll stick some links below this article.

But the point is this:

CERN is abnormally and radically affecting the frequency in our world, in some enormous ways.

And their experiments are FOR SURE also affecting our health – both mental and physical.


So now, let me walk you through the ‘guide to the CERN dashboard’ I was given yesterday, so you can start to make some of these connections between CERN’s experiments, and your own strange health symptoms, yourself.

  1. The CERN Dashboard

HERE is the link for that, and this is a screenshot of what you’ll see, when you click on it:


The first green arrow is pointing up to the ‘drop down menu’, where you can access the other screens we’ll be talking about in a mo.

The second green arrow is showing you the activity of the two beams that CERN keeps trying to perfectly align, so they can smash together, to collide protons.

The red line shows one beam, the black line shows another.

This information is inaccessible after it ‘passes from live view’, so if you see anything interesting, get into the habit of taking a screenshot.

As we can see, they were pumping their beams up to maximum strength yesterday, up to the 7000 mark, on the right hand axis.

This main screen is called: LHC Operation.


2. LHC Luminosity

I was told that higher luminosity = more energy =  more affects in the physical world.

This screen shows the ‘energy / luminosity’ after effects CERN achieves from each run at colliding those particles.

Here’s a screenshot from today, that shows they’ve been pretty busy since opening back up, yesterday:


3. LHC DASHBOARD, and other interesting screens to visit

You can get to all of these from the drop-down menu on the top left hand side of the CERN site, HERE.

Here’s some others you may want to take a look at:

LHC Beam Dump

LHC BSRT – shows the two beams going in clock and anti-clockwise direction, and pinpoints the stream of protons. This shows you if the beams are currently running.

The CERN dashboard runs on Swiss time (1 hour behind Israel).

So, if you are feeling strange, or noticing something strange, you can take a look to see if ‘something’ was going on, over at CERN, that corresponds with your unusual experience.



OK, so this is another website that you need to pay attention to, to correlate ‘spikes’ in CERN’s LHC experiments with weird sun and solar weather phenomena.

This is the site:

It operates on ‘international time’, which is 3 hours behind Israel.

My correspondent pointed out a few of the links here, to keep a close eye on. Let’s run through them, with screenshots.



This shows the radiation reaching the earth. 

She told me that whenever CERN is running the LHC experiments, the readings here go haywire around the same time, or just afterwards.



This shows the X-rays, protons, electrons etc coming into the earth’s atmosphere, especially as a result of solar storms (left hand side):



(Right hand of the screen shot)

The K-index reflects the average of all the indices all together, to show the activity of solar storms.

  • Red is meant to show ‘solar flares’;
  • Yellow shows it’s gearing up for something;
  • Green shows low levels of activity.

We are currently in the middle of a ‘solar minimum’, so solar storms are meant to be very rare.

And yet…. whaddya know?

There appears to be some sort of ‘solar flare-like’ activity happening, just when CERN was ramping up its beams yesterday.


I am by no means an expert in all this stuff, at all.

Really, I’m just passing on information here, to begin this conversation about what CERN’s experiments are actually doing to our world – and to us – in real time.

What my correspondent told me from her lengthy observations is that she is seeing CERN do things that ‘make things go crazy, and then the sun responds to what CERN is doing with a solar flare.’

This sounds fantastic, that these people have some how figured how how to control the sun’s activity, at least partially, with their experiments deep underground.

Yet the more I begin to explore this topic, the more I’m starting to think she has a point.


One more thing, then we’ll stop here for today.

Yesterday in the middle of the night, I started feeling some very strong ‘sick fear’ that I haven’t felt for well over a decade.

I came down, read 3 tikkun haklalis, paid a pidyon, started to feel better, and finally I could go to sleep. All that was happening between 12am – 2am Israeli time.

When I was putting this post together, I took another look at the LHC Operation screen from yesterday night (screenshotted above), which remember is one hour behind Israel.

Here’s the relevant section, blown up:

Look at the time.

My very strange, intense bout of ‘sick fear’ coincided exactly with when CERN was ramping their Large Hadron Collider to the max yesterday night.

It began at 11pm Swiss time (12 am Israeli) and then continued for the next three hours.

Baruch Hashem, the tikkun haklalis and the pidyon seems to have mitigated the effects of the last hour of operation, at least for me.

But it’s certainly an interesting CO-INC-IDE-NCE, and something I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on, going forward.





We can’t beat Esav at his own game.

Prayer, teshuva and pidyonot are the only way we can get to this to break.

And when enough of us figure that out, that’s when this evil will finally start to crumble, once and for all.


PS: I just remembered something Rav Berland said, four years ago now, snippet from HERE:

Don’t believe the false prophets!

The Gemara in Sanhedrin says: Even if [false prophets] make the sun and moon stand still in the firmament [don’t believe them]. Such great powers were given to the sitra achra that the could make the sun stand still, like Moshe Rabbenu, like Yehoshua Bin Nun.

What’s going to be, if you come across some sorcerer and he says: “You want to see that I’m telling you the truth? See, now the sun is standing still [in the sky]! Look at the clock, see, it’s not moving. It hasn’t moved for an hour!”

Are you going to start believing in him?

But we have the Torah! After Moshe Rabbenu brought the Torah down, we could also stop the sun, and halt the moon. We have the words of our Tzaddikim. Nothing in the world could take us away from the words of the Tzaddikim… He made the sun and moon stand still? We’re really not even interested.


The forces of idolatry have so much power

The Gemara tells us: [The Tanna] Rabbi Yossi HaGalili said: The Torah reaches to the end of the daat (spiritual knowledge) of the star worshipers, and so the Torah was given to rule over them, so that even if they make the sun stand still…” etc.


They can even get the sun to stand still in the middle of the sky. “Even if he halts the sun in the middle of the firmament, don’t listen to him.”

Even if some non-Jew comes and makes the sun stand still in the heavens for an hour, know, this means nothing. 





Links to other articles about electric health on the blog:


Back when I was starting to study ‘sound’ as a healing tool, three years ago, I tripped over something called ‘The Schumann Resonance.’

Three years ago, the links between human mental and physical health and extremely low frequencies (ELFs) were still being deliberately obscured.

So there was a lot of ‘disinformation’ about whether the Schumann Resonance was even really a ‘thing’; what it’s true frequency was, and of course, how much all this stuff is so very closely connected to human health, in just about every way.

If you go HERE, you’ll find one of those earlier articles about the Schumann Resonance, that has a lot of good background and material, but is kind of struggling to put it into the right context.


Anyway, long story short, I had a deep feeling that ‘sound was the way to go’, when it came to healing us human beings, so I kept researching, and that’s when I stumbled across Eileen Day McCusick and her book:

Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy

I read the book two years ago, found it very interesting – so I ordered some of her tuning forks, to do the experiment myself, because that’s the only way we ever really know, if something is going to ‘work’, if something is ‘real’, or not.

Here’s a snippet, describing what ‘tuning the biofield’ is all about:

A guide to the practice of Sound Balancing, using tuning forks to clear trauma stored in the human energy field.

• Provides a precise map of the energetic biofield that surrounds the body, showing where specific emotions, memories, traumas, and pain are stored.

• Details how to locate stored trauma in the biofield with a tuning fork and clear it.


I started experimenting with Eileen’s tuning forks and method about 18 months ago – mostly just on myself.

Because 18 months ago, the idea that ‘sound’ could somehow ‘clear’ serious trauma and pain out of the system, and help me to stay healthy, sounded pretty looney-tunes, even to me.

So, I did some small experiments, noticed some interesting stuff – but then got completely consumed in other subjects, like what really happened to kill 45 people at Meron; and what’s really in these ‘Covid’ shots.

I had no idea, back then, how sound and frequency are so tightly connected to both these topics. But now, I do.


At the same time that the horrible idea was swimming into view that the State of Israel had deliberately targeted the pilgrims in Meron with some sort of ‘Directed Energy Weapon’, I noticed a whole bunch of new ‘tech’ going up on every street corner in Jerusalem.


The similarity between the ‘horn antennas’ used at the bottom of the stairs in Meron, and the ‘horn antennas’ suddenly showing up at parks and intersections all over Jerusalem was just too obvious to ignore.


I know this is difficult to hear.

I’ve had emails from people telling me that ‘for sure, these speaker-thingies are being put up all across Israel for a good, helpful reason’…

But when I ask them what that ‘good, helpful reason’ actually is – they have no idea.

It’s a case of the eyes clearly seeing, but the brain trying to explain things away, to keep us in the comfort zone, where we don’t have to worry that our government and military really ARE trying to kill us.


Below, I spliced the clip of the starlings in Spain colliding after being caught in a DEW / 5…G energy beam, with what happened in the crucial minute after the ‘horn antennas’ in Meron got switched on by the fake Hatzalah guy.

Draw your own conclusions.


I’m not going to rehash all of the info I’ve put up about 5…G and the human body here.

If you are interested, take a look at the following posts:

Orgone options and halachas: Recognising ‘Acute Radiation Syndrome’

A leap into the unknown

More antennas = more fires

How the nanotech in the Covid shots actually works

Cisco and electronic ‘tagging’

Nanosensors in Covid shots: Time to get real

Sound waves and the human body: An explainer


Let’s sum things up by saying that any scepticism I had about sound being an agent of destruction – but also a very powerful agent of healing – has now totally evaporated.

For three months, since Sukkot, I was in a very difficult space, mentally.

I was full of fear about what the future holds; I was fearing the ‘tech’ I see everywhere; I was fearing what’s really going to happen, when they have all their tech in place, and finally switch the 5…G on, fully – probably some time in the next few months.

Because I was ALREADY feeling the negative health effects of all the new antennas going up every 100 metres in Jerusalem.


And I had no idea what to do, to try to stop this from happening.

And I’m not injected with anything, Baruch Hashem.

(More on that in a moment.)


At this stage, one of my readers, who is a mathematics whizz, started sending me some very interesting emails.

Many of them are ‘over my head’, in terms of the equations and ideas being shared, but last week, I got sent this:

The coming year is (5) 783 = the Schumann Resonance

Along with a whole bunch of links, which I’m just going to put below.


If you are interested, click on:

Similar Spectral Power Densities Within the Schumann Resonance and a Large Population of Quantitative Electroencephalographic Profiles

The following short video is shmirat eynayim friendly, and explains in 2.5 minutes some of the basics, of how solar and geomagnetic activity can affect the human heart, amongst other things:


This screenshot comes from HERE:



Here’s where things got even more interesting – and started to develop a particular ‘Jewish’ twist, that gives me some real hope that we are about to see some massive open miracles.

My reader sent me this:

Here is the 783 in a different order:


Looking at the sound of the Shofar, you can see that the frequency is 376. You can therefore also get 378 as well – here is the ‘783’, again.

THIS link, to the ‘Vibration Data Newsletter’ from January 2007 discusses ‘Shofar Acoustics’.

Here’s the image of the ‘sound of the Shofar’, from page 8:


Here is the sound of ‘387 Hz’:


Then, he sent me this:


When  I read this, I got goosebumps.

783 – breaks down to 26.

387 – breaks down to 26.

26 is the gematria of Hashem’s ineffable name, the Tetragrammaton, Yud Kei Vav Kei.


Over on, they recently put up a video covering the information they got from a whistleblower at Spanish cellcoms company, Telefonica.


Basically, 5…G operates across a range of frequencies, but the one frequency our NWO governments are focusing their 5…G efforts on is:

26 GHZ

Snippet (translated from Spanish, so a little clunky):

Graphene acts with the transistor phenomenon.

That is to say, it multiplies the frequency at the same time as the damage it causes inside the body since it is toxic or cytotoxic inside the body.

Moreover, depending on the radiation it absorbs, this toxicity is dependent on that radiation.

I want you to look at this article now, which is about 26 GHz graphene transistors exactly. Exactly the same frequency that the government is now going to launch in our country, and that will be launched everywhere. 

Notice. Why 26 GHz? 

Because that’s the optimum signal multiplication frequency of graphene transistors. Do you understand, therefore, that 5G and its 26 GHz are precisely to wreak havoc with these graphene transistors inside the body? Or that they act as transistors? What a coincidence! 


And in case you still didn’t understand that the Covid shots contain self-assembling graphene oxide nano-routers, LaQuintaColumna just released some new images, with another bombshell report to follow soon:

WARNING: Best to watch the subtitles and turn the volume off, for this video.

He speaks really loudly, because he’s so upset about what he’s just discovered in the Pfizer shot, image below:



So, the whistleblower at Telefonica shared a confidential report that said:

The human body cannot withstand 26 GHz.

When they turn 5…G on, sometime in the next few months, at that range – we will all be dropping like flies. Or like starlings. Or like the people at the bottom of the stairs in Meron, God forbid.


’26’ is also the gematria of Hashem’s ineffable name.

And ’26’ is also what you get when you break down 783 – the 7.83 of the Schumann Resonance, the (5)783 of the coming year, motzae shvit, when Moshiach is meant to be revealed.

And 26 is also what you get when you break down 387 – the sound frequency of the Shofar, and the ‘opposite’ of 783.

The only way we can get rescued from what is coming down the pipe is by crying out to Hashem, calling out to Hashem, blowing the shofar of repentance, both literally and figuratively….


While I was putting this post together, I got sent two more bits of information, one of the more ‘technical’ side, and one on the more ‘spiritual’ side.

Technically, I got sent a link to a promo for THIS event, which I watched last night:


The Sound of Music: Medicine of the Future live presentation by John Stuart Reid!

Snippet, followed by some screenshots of the presentation:

Over 20 years ago, acoustic-physics scientist, John Stuart Reid experienced a seemingly miraculous healing of a painful lower back injury during cymatics experiments in Egypt’s Great Pyramid. Inspired by this event he has intensively studied the biological mechanisms that activate the body’s healing response, without use of drugs. 

In his illuminating presentation John Stuart Reid will distill for us some of the important biological mechanisms discovered during his 20 years of research and will share with us his intuitive sense that the Sound of Music will become The Medicine of the Future.




John Reid ended the presentation by basically saying that the right music can literally heal old, diseased red blood cells, and create new, healthy red blood cells.

Think about that for a moment.

You can see more of his research HERE, and also download an app that enables the user to ‘visualise’ the sound of the music they are listening to:

(THIS one, that shows the effect of ‘meditation’ on a person’s speaking is even more cool…)


And the spiritual dimension to all this, as always, comes from the Rav, Rav Eliezer Berland.

For the last couple of years, the Rav was repeatedly making ‘throw-away’ comments about how everyone need to learn how to play a musical instrument, and how playing music, singing and dancing were going to bring geula and the Moshiach.

Initially, I thought all this was a metaphorical statement.

(But I still took the hint to start learning how to play the guitar….)

Now, I’m starting to understand, again, that the Rav was being very specific.


It’s Rosh Chodesh Shvat, 5782, tonight.

Here is the pray the Rav wrote to say for the molad of Shvat, 5782, and I’ll translate some of it below:



חודש השירה, ר”ה לאילנות לב”ש א’ שבט, לב”ה ט”ו בשבט, ומהמולד מתחילה הארת שירת המלאכים בסוד השירה בסוד גאלת שבט נחלתך.

The month of song, Rosh Hashana of the trees according to Beit Shammai, on [Sunday night], the 1st of Shvat, according to Beit Hillel, Tu B’shvat (15th of Shvat).

And from the molad, the emergence of the song of the angels, which is the secret of the song, which is the secret of [the geula of Shvat, which is your inheritance].

(The stuff is square brackets is not the literal translation, but the more hidden allusion.)



Let this month of singing, and angels’ song leading to geula begin already!

There is not a moment to lose.



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