I’m going to let other people do most of the explaining, in this post beginning to look at the importance of breath.

Partially, that’s because experiencing this for yourself will do way more than a million words of ‘convincing’.

And partially, because I’m trying to pace myself, here, as there’s a lot of info to get through.


Over shabbat, I read a book that came highly recommended by reader S. (thank you!) called ‘Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art’.

I learnt an awful lot of things, some of which we’ll be exploring in more detail in different posts.

But for now, here’s the author, James Nestor, explaining the five things you can do right now that will make some huge improvements to your physical health.

Just by breathing a bit different, and making an effort to breathe through your nose as much as possible:


In his book ‘Breath’, he also details a number of different breathing patterns – and the scientists and ‘pulmonauts’ who developed them, mostly accidentally.

One of the key ones is something called Buteyko Breathing.

If you want to read some of the cold, hard science behind ‘Buteyko Breathing’ – written by none other than Dr Buyteko himself, when he was developing his breathing methods to help cure patients of ‘incurable asthma’, amongst other things, go HERE.

And / or, you can also go to Patrick Mckeown’s website HERE, which sets out a huge amount of information, and offers a lot of ‘free exercises’, including this one, to quickly unblock a blocked nose in five minutes:



Mckeown had chronic, serious asthma into his twenties, and basically stumbled across Buteyko’s Soviet era information when he was at the end of the rope, and even all the surgical procedures hadn’t helped him cure his asthma at all.

(Quelle surprise!)

He started following the main advice of just breathing through his nose – and that all by itself started to make enough of a difference to his breathing, that he started exploring further.

Before long, his life-long, ‘incurable’ asthma had totally disappeared.

Again, we’ll come back to all this in more detail, but Mckeown’s website has a ton of information on helping asthmatics to consciously breath their asthma away HERE.

Amongst many other things.

Read more clinical trials on this method HERE.


Then, try this out, if you have 10 minutes spare:

It’s a ‘resonant breathing’ session – to be done via nasal breathing – where you basically calm your breathing down, and get it into a good groove.

It’s shmirat eynayim friendly, and has no unfortunate ‘yoga’ stuff attached.

Resonant breathing is another method that’s highly recommended by James Nestor.

Me and my husband tried this yesterday, before bed – and we both slept better than we have in a very long time.


Finally, this is another different way to breathe yourself into a more relaxed state to try, that is from Dr Andrew Weil.

He did get this idea from ‘yoga’, so we will all have to grope our way through the birur to see if religiously, this can be pulled up out of the muck of idolatry, and used in a good, kosher way.

If they can hijack breathing and turn it into idolatry… then we’re stuffed.

But the birur has to be carefully felt out, because it’s the small things that make the difference here, the intentions, the associations, the connections.


The last few days, I’ve been realising that I have been dealing with a constant, physical sense of ‘panic’ and stress.

My heart is racing, then my thoughts start following.

More and more, I am coming to the conclusion that these sensations are a RESULT of being ‘radiation poisoned’, as they’ve chemtrailed all over Israel, super-heavily the last couple of weeks, and also presumably turned up the radiowaves again from their 5…G towers, or whatever, to achieve ‘the next pandemic’.

They’re busy predicting it again, don’t you know?

And they’re very good at apparently knowing exactly when these next ‘pandemics’ are meant to break out.


While you’re pondering the implications of all this for what is really making us ‘sick’ and what could really be keeping us healthy, watch this short clip of Dr Robert Young basically spelling out that NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE IS A KNOWN CONSEQUENCE OF RADIATION POISONING.


(Remember George Floyd? That wasn’t a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.)


When we can’t breathe properly…. when the mechanisms that control our breathing is being ‘zapped’ all the time, so we are constantly taking shallow, panicked breaths, even at night, even when we’re trying to sleep….

That by itself is enough to totally ruin our physical health.

And to also cause a bunch of other mental and emotional issues.

But the very good news is that learning to breathe in a healthy, conscious way, that minimises ‘breathing bad habits’ can do a huge amount to reverse the damage being done, and maintain our health.


Again, this is just a ‘taster’ into this subject, for now.

Go and read James Nestor’s book, Breath, go and read up about Dr Buteyko’s method and life and successes, go and scrounge around on Youtube to find more of the videos with Patrick McKeown, more of the people who have been helped.

And most importantly of all, try some of these things for yourself, especially breathing with your mouth shut as much as possible.

With God’s help.


Remember, we are still in the middle of doing the birur with all this, and there are still a huge number of puzzle pieces to fit in still, until we have anything approaching a definitive approach to all this.

For example, Wim Hof’s breathing method, based on another yoga tradition appropriately called ‘Tummo’, emphasises breathing through the mouth for 30-40 breaths, to induce hyperventilation, before holding the breath for at least a minute.

Personally, I didn’t like it all.

(And I stopped doing it after the person who told me about it developed strange heart palpitations around a month into their own experiment with his breathing method.)

But many other people have seen big improvements in their health, and Hof himself used that method to avoid E-coli poisoning in a scientific trial conducted in hospital.

(While we’re on the subject of Wim Hof, I’m still following Hof’s recommendation for the cold showers – and I think they’re very beneficial!)



This is a process of trial and error.

To see how we can reclaim the gift of ‘breath’, and start to use it, as believing Jews, the way God really intended.

Not as something to exert control over ourselves, and our health, necessarily, but something to bring us closer to the neshama / neshima connection, that is the real underlying basis of real human health.

And that’s why, the battle over breath is the front line.



Note: I’m taking a couple of days’ off the internet.

So if you comment, it will take some time to show up. But still feel free to comment, respectfully, so we can continue to move this discussion forward.

I still think all things ‘yoga’ are tumah, and that there is a very intense birur to be done here.

But that doesn’t mean we have to take ‘breath’ off the table as a healing tool, just because idolaters have got their hands on it.

That’s ridiculous.

But it could well be our way of using breath to heal is going to end up being way more focused on prayers, hitbodedut, singing, niggunim… we’ll see.

All options need to be explored, with God’s help, and with useful input from anyone who has some honest insights to share about this.



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In this post, we’re going to continue learning about the ‘electro-magnetic’ dimension to human health that changes everything we’re being taught about what causes illness and disease, and what really ‘cures’ it.

As always, I will try to make this as ‘plain English’ as possible, and interested readers who have more of a capacity for the details are invited to read some of the books and works being referenced for themselves.


Let’s dive in.

(You can read Part 1 HERE).


In the first post, we learned about the Extra Cellular Matrix, which we can think of as a kind of ‘tub of water’ that all our individual cells sit in, like marbles in a bath.

We also learned that cell functioning – encouraging a specific cell to produce more of one chemical or hormone, or less of another – can be affected in two main ways: bio-chemically or bio-electronically.

For simplicity, we compared this to unlocking your car door by walking over with the actual, physical, key in your hand, or simply pressing the electronic ‘clicker’ from 100 metres away, that unlocks it all from a distance, automatically – no physical key required.

In this post, we’re going to explore the idea of ‘electric cells’ a bit more, and start to tease out what this information really means, tachlis, for our attempts at staying healthy.


Western Medicine is based on the idea that the human body is basically just an animated piece of meat.

And they aren’t even so interested in what that force is, that is actually ‘animating’ the body, and getting it to move around and function.

Interested readers are invited to read up more about the whole debate between the vitalists and the mechanists, that was basically ‘won’ 100 years ago, when the atheist Western medicine men (aka ‘mechanists’) decided that human beings just boil down to bio-chemistry.

When you get nearly all your information about how the human body works by cutting up cadavers, and working ‘in vitro’, combined with denying the existence of the human soul and the Creator of the world, it’s easy to see how you can come to such a flawed conclusion.

For now, let’s put aside the idea that most of these ‘atheist scientists’ were actually working on behalf of people like the Rockefellers, who were hell-bent on reshaping human healthcare in a way that would keep the money pouring into their bank accounts.

That’s probably true.


But regardless of ‘how we got here’, the outcome is that we are stuck with a Western medical system that teaches that ‘bio-chemistry’ – using a clumsy, physical ‘key’ to unlock the car – is the only way of affecting processes in the body.

And when the physical ‘key’ doesn’t seem to be working (i.e. the patented pills and medications), then they advise us to get the blowtorch out, and basically cut the car door open, regardless of the mess all this makes, and the damage it causes to the vehicle.

This is the ‘surgical approach’.


When you’re dealing with accidents, lo alenu, or acute emergencies, Western Medicine’s brutal, physical approach still does save lives.

(At least, it used to before Covid came along. These days, you hear so many horror stories of what is going on in hospitals, I have to say that what little trust I had in the medical profession actually wanting to help people heal and get better has almost entirely vanished.)

But, when you’re dealing with ‘chronic ailments’, even including things like cancer, that’s where the bio-electric, ‘spiritual’ understanding of human health really comes into its own – and where incredible changes and improvements can happen, without any Big Pharma patented drugs or expensive surgery.

(Astute readers may be starting to figure out, already, why the bio-electric side of thing has been so downplayed and covered up…)


OK, let’s describe in a bit more detail how this works.

I’m going to quote some stuff from a book called ‘Pirates of the Sacred Spiral’, which is the usual mix of interesting scientific fact and misleading conjecture, as it’s written by a Jew for Jesus called Dr Leonard Horowitz.

But he quotes a lot of scientific studies as he goes along, and I find a lot of what he says stands up, and he’s often good and making hard subjects easier to follow.

On page 166, he says this (skip to the bottom, if you just want a plain English version):


Resonance in the Extracellular Matrix (ECM)

Your body uses electricity (biocurrents) for controlling growth and repair (Borgens et al 1989). Some of these biocurrents travel through hydrated liquid crystal semiconducting protein- proteoglycan (collagen-hyaluronic acid) complexes of the ECM….(Ling, 2001).

The ground substance of the ECM contains an electric field that fluctuates in response to the composition of proteoglycans, especially the degree of negative charge, which depends on the concentration of sialic acid residues and the ion/mineral content of the ECM.

The fluctuations / oscillations of the electric field of the ECM, when strong enough, can lead to  local depolarisation of portions of the cell membrane and changes in membrane permeability.

These oscillations of electrical potentials can also affect, through resonance (and electrochemical coupling), the conformational structures of cell membrane receptors….


Electrical field fluctuations that occur in the ECM….are also involved in cell signaling mechanisms.

A number of researchers such as Becker and Adey believe that natural weak endogenous electric fields actually control the chemical processes involved in cell membrane signalling….

Using this knowledge, electromedicine has advanced to the point where you can dial up and administer the frequencies that will act like pharmacological agents. In fact, the Merck Index already lists the resonance frequency of nearly every drug.


Plain English:

Let’s go back to our ‘bath tub of water’ that is filled with ‘marble-cells’.

Except now, we understand that each of those ‘marbles’ is actually wired to operate like a mini-battery.

And depending on how much potassium, sodium, magnesium, etc each marble-cell contains, and how much water each marble-cell contains, the electrical charge of that ‘marble’ will also vary.

That’s not all.

The ‘water’ those marble-cells sits in is also carrying an electric current, and there is also an exchange of both electrical signals, and also ions – like, potassium, sodium, magnesium etc – going on the whole time, between all these ‘marble-cells’ and the ‘bathwater ECM’ they sit in.

These cell-marbles can be ‘signalled’, electronically, to let in more ions, or let out more ions, by the ECM-bathwater.

And the health of that cell, and the ‘functioning’ of that cell, is directly affected by it’s electrical charge, and also by the ions it contains, and the bio-chemical processes they are producing.


In other words, instead of using a ‘drug’ to physically deliver more of a bio-chemical substance to a cell, to alter it’s functioning, it’s totally possible to deliver an electrical signal, or ‘frequency’ to a specific cell, that will do exactly the same thing.

Except way faster, cheaper, less invasively, and with no negative side effects.

Just think about this for a moment.

But there’s more.


Back on page 166, Dr Horowitz explains that for the ECM to function properly, a person needs to be drinking enough water, and getting enough minerals etc in their diet.

(More on the water another time.)

This is kind of obvious, but still so obscured for most of us:

If our bodies require magnesium, say, to function properly, and we simply aren’t getting enough magnesium, then the basic ‘ions’ required for the healthy functioning of brain and body simply aren’t there – and health will start to break down.

This is part of why poor nutrition makes us sick.

And it also explains why eating the right sort of foods etc, can literally ‘act as medicine’, and restore the system to proper functioining.

Without the need for patented, expensive pills from Big Pharma.


Horowitz also says this:

“[T]he natural oscillating electrical potential of the ECM can be adversely affected, or constructively supported, by exposure to electromagnetic fields.”



In other words, exposure to things like power lines, computers, cell phones, 5….towers – it all can and does have a huge, and negative impact on how our ‘bathwater ECM’ and ‘marble-cells’ are managing to function, bio-electrically.

More on this another time, but hopefully you are starting to get more of the picture here.

And on the other side of the equation, ‘frequency’ can also be used to support the ECM, and to return it back to healthy functioning again.

We are back to the tuning forks.

Amongst other things, including the sound of the human voice, prayer and singing.


It doesn’t take a genius to understand why so much of this bio-electric side to human health has been deliberately hidden from most of us.

It literally starts to change the whole picture, about what is really making us ‘sick’, and what could really be making us ‘healthy’.

And that answer is not ‘more drugs and more surgery’.


I’m going slowly here, but here’s a few more things to think about, while we round out this post.

Our body’s ‘electrical system’ is powered via our food (nutrition) and from our breathing.

The food is more obvious, and more known, especially because we get vitamins and trace minerals etc from what we eat, what we bathe in etc.

(Also, start to understand why those blessings we make on our food are so important for our physical health, as well as doing a mitzvah. We are literally changing the energetic potential of the food we eat, or its ‘resonant frequency’, by reciting that bracha over it. Think about this for a moment, it’s mind-blowing!)

But our breath is also a very crucial part of this whole ‘bio-electrical’ equation.

So, we’ll take a closer look at that in a seperate post.

And also a closer look at the ‘water’ dimension to all this, in a seperate post.


Lastly, if you haven’t read ‘The Invisible Rainbow’ yet, which suggests that most of the terrible pandemics in the last 200 years were actually directly connected to the expansion of the use of electricity, I highly recommend you take a look.

If you haven’t got time or patience for the whole book, you can find a very good ‘crib notes’ version of the main points HERE.

This is a snippet:

This is an excellent summary of Arthur Firstenberg’s book “The Invisible Rainbow”, which is itself a much longer summary of the timeline linking the exposure of animals (especially humans) and plants to a wide range of illnesses and metabolic disorders.

These include microwave sickness (aka electromagnetic hypersensitivity) diabetes, heart attacks, cancer and many more.

The villain of the piece is pulsed and other alternating electromagnetic fields in the environment that interfere with electric currents used by our own bodies and, in particular, the electric currents that flow through our cell membranes.

Their main effect is to make these membranes leak. This short circuits and reduces the normal voltage (trans-membrane potential) that provides the energy for most of our bodily functions In effect, they starve us of our energy and this can have all sorts of unexpected effects.


I plan to continue doing this series for a while, just tugging together more bits of the information that show that human health is actually way more complex – and also, way more simple – than our corrupt military-industrial-medical complex has been letting on.

More complex – because there is also such a profound spiritual dimension to all this, the ‘holy chashmal’ interface between the physical world and the spiritual world, experienced by our prophets.

And also way more simple, because unless you get hit by a bus, God forbid, most things can get healed by yourself, at home, without pills or surgery, but with a lot of changes to your mindset, habits, breathing, eating – and most of all, your spiritual outlook on the world.

That sounds incredible to many of us.

But as we go forward, I will bring you more bits of the puzzle, and then you can come to your own, more informed, opinion of how human health really works.

With God’s help.



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Well, I learn something new every day.

Today, I learnt from new commentator ‘Miriam’ that I’m apparently totally brainwashed by MSM media!

But only when it comes to Trump.

Apparently, Trump destroyed a whole bunch of bioweapons labs that were going to unleash ‘measles bacterium’, when that whole measles ‘scare’ happened in the NY area, back in April 2019.

That was clearly a dry-run for what was going to happen less than 12 months later, with Covid 19.


I had ‘non-vaxxing’ friends who were very badly affected by that whole cooked-up ‘scare’, to shut down any opposition to parents who chose to not vaccinate.

They were kicked out of schools, shuls, summer camps – even local parks!

Most of them had to start home schooling, some of them moved out of the area.

But you know what?

When the Covid 19 plandemic showed up, they were actually in a way, way better place than all their mainstream peers. Their kids continued to learn in ‘home school’, they weren’t being force-maxed, force-vaxxed or scared to death every three seconds.

And they’d got used to the social isolation of being barred from public life, and had made alternate arrangements anyway, to carry on praying with a minyan and having a circle of friends outside of the mainstream.


Strangely, none of my very clued-in non-vaxxing contacts told me ANYTHING about Trump destroying ‘measles bioweapon labs’ back then – even though at least some of them were ardent Trump supporters.

And even now, I can’t find any information about that anywhere.

I am waiting for commentator Miriam to share more of her specific knowledge and information with us here.

In the meantime, I did find a really interesting, well-researched long thread discussing the US military’s ongoing bioweapons program being run out of a bunch of locations around the world, including the Ukraine, which you can read about HERE.

Pay attention: All these programs continued to be funded, and continued to run throughout Trump’s administration.

(And of course, Trump’s administration ushered ‘Covid 19’ and ‘Operation Warp Speed’ into the world, too, barely 10 months after apparently ‘destroying measles bioweapon labs’. Don’t worry if you aren’t following how all this fits together, it just means you’ve been brainwashed by the MSM.)


You want to keep telling me ‘Trump is great’, ‘Trump is good’, blahdy blahdy blah.

OK, for the sake of argument, let’s run with that hypothesis.

It should be BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS by now that even if Trump is great and good, there is precisely squat diddly even a ‘good Trump’ can or could do against the massive evil that is the United States Nazi-inspired military-industrial complex.

I’m assuming that even the ‘Miriams’ of the world have heard of Operation Paperclip, and know of the tight links between the US’s presidents, the Nazis, the Bolsheviks – and of course, the people who were financing all this and moving the pawns around on the chess board.

The USA is a totally corrupt country, that has been spreading misery, war and plagues to every corner of the earth for decades.

So, when Trump was talking about ‘making America great’ again, what did he actually mean?

Great for who?

And how, tachlis, was he going to do that?


While you’re pondering that, I wanted to kick off a much deeper discussion of how electro-magnetic human health really works.

And that conversation begins with something called the ‘Extra Cellular Matrix’, or ECM.

This brief video gives the ‘standard’ explanation of the Extra Cellular Matrix, from the materialistic, ‘flesh body’ perspective, that doesn’t mention the electromagnetic dimension that we’re going to get to in a moment. But it’s a good, basic description of what the ECM does, on the biological level.


So, in a nutshell, the Extra Cellular Matrix communicates with, controls, and connects all the individual cells in the human body.

Because mainstream medicine, mainstream science, has been totally hijacked and subverted by the military-industrial complex, that doesn’t want you to understand the spiritual, electrical, dimension to human health – the ‘holy chashmal’ dimension – most mainstream scientists are apparently still groping in the dark, trying to figure out how all this ‘control’ and ‘signalling’ is actually going on, between the ECM and the cells themselves.

They should go and read a book by James Oschman, PhD, called Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis.

(It’s not a cheap buy, but it’s a very important read, if you really want to understand the science that sets out how human health really works.)


Before we get into that, let’s bring some halachic psakim, to forestall any more ridiculous comments from other people who were apparently very badly traumatised by a chiropractor, at some stage in their life.

The following excerpts come from the meticulously researched and sourced 500 page book, Alternative Medicine in Halacha.

R’ Szmerla brings the ruling from the Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh Deah 155:1) that:

“One may be treated by a gentile healer who heals through incantations, as long as one is not aware whether he mentions the names of gods in his incantations. But if one knows that he mentions his god, one may not be healed by him, even if one is deathly ill.

If the healer is a priest, it is forbidden even in the former case, for it is then a certainty that he mentions the name of his god.”


R’ Szmerla then brings the story from Tractate Avoda Zara 27b, as follows:

(I’m writing all this stuff out in full, because this is a very important discussion to follow and understand, going forward.)

“It occurred that Ben Dama, the nephew of Rabbi Ishmael, was bitten by a poisonous snake. Jacob of Kfar Sechania came to heal him, but Rabbi Yishmael did not let him.

Ben Dama told Rabbi Ishmael, “Rabbi Ishmael, my brother, let him treat me so that I may be healed: I will bring proof from the Torah that it is permitted….”

But he was not able to finish his sentence before his soul departed with the word ‘permitted” on his lips.

Rabbi Yishmael proclaimed over him, “Fortunate are you, Ben Dama, that your body is pure and your soul departed in purity, and you did not transgress the words of your colleagues who prohibited being healed by priests.”


What is not widely known is that this ‘Jacob of Kfar Sechania’ was actually a Jewish-xtian, and early follower of Yoshki I,  or Yoshki II.

(If you are wondering how there could be two Yoshkis, it’s the same belief that the Sabbateans held / hold, that the soul of Yoshki returns in each generation, to ‘finish the job’.)

This screenshot comes from the Jewish Encylopaedia, HERE:


We will come back to this side of things another time, but it’s dafka a ‘Jew for Jesus’ healer who is brought down in the Gemara on Avoda Zara, as a person to be totally avoided, even if that leads to the patient’s death.

This has massive implications.


Here is what R’ Szmerla brings, as Chazal’s ruling:

“While one may recieve care from a medical doctor who is an idolater, seeking treatment from a priest who includes the name of his god in his incantations is strictly forbidden.

Even though the invocation of gods is unquestionably ineffective and does not pose the issue of benefitting from avodah zarah, Chazal nonetheless forbade being treated by such a healer, for fear that successful treatments would lead people to believe in the power of the invoked gods.”


So, there we have a clear ruling on this.

Tuning forks = totally acceptable.

Tuning forks while invoking the name of pagan deities = totally forbidden.

Got it?

What that means for people like this. though, is still not clear:


Now, let’s just deal, briefly, with the issue of kishuf.

In a nutshell, there are many rabbis who say that alternative medicine is forbidden, because science can’t explain how it works, and therefore it’s viewed as somehow defying the laws of nature.

The main problem is that our corrupt modern scientific and medical establishment has gone to great pains to avoid the electromagnetic dimension to human health (at least, publically).

But really, as we’re about to learn, there is a very simple, scientific and easy-to-grasp basis for most of the alternative forms of healing out there, that don’t obviously ‘worship stars’ (like Reiki, for example), or worship pagan deities (like yoga, for example).


Let’s bring a few more sources on what really constitutes kishuf, then we’ll move back to explaining the Extra Cellular Matrix.

This quote is from the Meiri, writing on Sanhedrin 68a, where there is a discussion about what constitutes kishuf (sorcery):

Whatever is achieved through natural means does not constitute kishuf.

R’ Szmerla sums things up like this:

“What emerges from a comprehensive study of the Rishonim is that kishuf is an act whose results contravenes the laws of nature by means of incantations, the burning of incense, invocation of angels, etc. 

An act that seems to violate the laws of nature but is not achieved through such rituals does not constitute kishuf.”


OK, now we are ready to learn more about the Extra Cellular Matrix, ECM.

First, I’ll quote some of Oschman’s book, which is full of scientific lingo (which you can skip over, if it’s not your cup of tea), and then, we’ll break it down into plain English.

From the chapter called ‘The ‘circuitry’ of the body’, p48:

“The living matrix is a continuous and dynamic ‘supramolecular’ webwork, extending into every nook and cranny of the body: a nuclear matrix within a cellular matrix within a connective tissue matrix.

In essence, when you touch a human body, you are touching a continuously interconnected system, composed of virtually all of the molecules of the body linked together in an intricate webwork.

The living matrix has no fundamental unit or central aspect, no part that is primary or most basic. The properties of the whole net depend upon the integrated activities of all of the components.

Effects on one part of the system can, and do, spread to others….

The entire living matrix is simultaneously a mechanical, vibrational or oscillatory, energetic, electronic and informational network (Pienta and Coffey 1991, Oschman 1994).”


Plain English:

Think of the cells of your body as though they were marbles.

Think of those ‘marbles’ lying in a big tub of bathwater.

That ‘bathwater’ is the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM).

It’s seperate from, but ‘touching’ and affecting every single cell of your body. And whatever ‘affects’ that bathwater, for good or for bad, affects all the marbles sitting in it, too.

That ‘bathwater’ is the totally of us, our mind, our soul, our emotions, our feelings.


Here’s the thing:

The working of each cell can be guided EITHER by bio-chemical processes (think food, minerals, vitamins, medications) OR, by electro-magnetic impulse, or by electro-magnetic bio-physics.

It’s like your car.

Right, you can take your physical car key in your physical hand, walk out of your house, and go and physically unlock your car?

Thats how ‘bio-chemistry’ works.

BUT there is another option.

That’s where you press the special button on your car key that sends the electro-magnetic signal to your electrically-wired car, to physically open the door even when you’re 100 metres away.

It’s way faster and easier.

And that’s how ‘bio-physics’ works.


I have lots more to write about this.

But this is an introduction.

Basically, cells can be turned on or off, encouraged to produce more of this stuff and less of that stuff, bio-physically, via targeted electro-magnetic impulses.

If this sounds ‘sci fi’ to you, it’s only because our science and medicine establishments are totally corrupt, and in the pocket of  the military-industrial complex that wants to sell you expensive pills and mustard-gas derivatives as the only ‘bio-chemical’ way to heal illness.

But really?

The truth has been out there for a very long time.


BH, this is just an intro to this subject.

I plan on doing at least one more big post on this soon, where we’ll look at the implications of this for real healing, tachlis.

And I also want to explore more of the ‘avoda zara’ stuff too, particularly as it relates to getting healing treatments from practising xtians, and Western Medical models that are mamash built on heresy and denial of God – i.e. a religion that practises atheism.

Lots more to consider, lots more to explore!

But we did a big chunk of birur today, BH.



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