This is an old song by Binny Landau, but the words seem very appropriate for now.


HaYom HaGadol – look, it’s coming!…

And Hashem’s honor will be revealed in the world.


While I was looking for this song, this flashed up from Dutchsinse, from about an hour ago:


Here’s what he’s saying:

I’ve been blocked from commenting on youtube fully (greyed out not allowed to comment or reply to anyone), on all accounts and sub accounts. Browser and computer don’t matter, even blocked on the youtube app too. This is very serious.

So it would appear something big is going down (about to go down). Just letting you know. It doesn’t show signs of stopping, and I brought some corn for popping……


I’ve been following him for a few years, he’s usually right about most things.

Could be another massive quake is about to hit….somewhere.

The weather in Jerusalem is super weird – that same chemtrail induced ‘cloud coverage’ we’ve seen in past months, when they are about to launch some other new ‘drama’ for us all to deal with…

All the cars are covered with the ‘mud rain’ that if I could be bothered to check, would probably mostly stick to any magnet you care to run over it.


I am still waiting to hear if the Rav has been let in to Uman.

God willing it will happen, maybe even last minute, because I have to admit to feeling a little scared about what will be, otherwise.

Big things going on in the world all over….


But the merit of the True Tzaddikim can save the people who are trying to stick close to them!

Here’s what a friend just sent me, in connection with the earthquake that hit Marrakesh:

🌟*The miracle of the earthquake in Morocco*🌟

The first Google photo shows the extent of the impact of the earthquake. By magnifying this, you will notice a strip of land in untouched Essaouira.


The 2nd photo is the zoom of this strip of land The 3rd photo is a *precise* zoom of this area which represents 1km2 and indicates 💢the end of the impact zone in red


Then the location of 💢*the house of the Tsadik* Rabbi Haim Pinto,

💢*The grave* of Tsadik Rabbi Haim Pinto

💢*The tent* where we were nearly 2300 people dancing and praying for the Shabbat of Hiloula 🔥*H…., By the Zchout of the Tsadik and the fraternal Union that we had at that time, created a barrier to nature to protect us* 🔥


Well, talk about a clear example of how staying close to the True Tzaddikim saves us from the ‘shaking of the world’….

In Sichos HaRan (translated into English as ‘Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom’, by the Breslov Research Institute), Rebbe Nachman tells us the following:

“It’s written about the time of Moshiach (Job 38:13): ‘To grasp the ends of the earth and shake the wicked from it’. However, one who comes close to a true Tzaddik, [he] can grab hold of him, and not be cast off.

When we hold on to the Tzaddik, we can stay firm.”


If you haven’t done your pidyon nefesh ahead of Rosh Hashana yet, go HERE to do it on the Shuvu website in Hebrew, or HERE for English.

I’ll update if I hear anything else in the meantime….

And may we just hear good news.



First, Kilauea in Hawaii has started erupting again, massively.

You can see a live stream of the lava here – it’s the Kilauea crater vent camera:

This is a screenshot from around 8.30am Israel time:


Second, on one of the 3 Telegram channels I still check in with, someone put up this video of them magnifying a 100 Euro bank note under a microscope:


It appears to show the 100 EURO note is crawling with spaceships and ‘alien-demon’ figures.

Yah, that ‘fake alien invasion’ has been in the pipes for a very long time, and double yah – we are living in a world of allusion, where 99% of the ‘news’ is actually just brainwashing baloney to divide and control the general public.


Third, related to the sentence above, is this from the Uncensored Israel Telegram channel, from Bezalal Smotrich:


Whoever controls the army, controls the State.

So now the question is: who is controlling the army?


Four: spiritual insurance for the coming year – do a pidyon nefesh ahead of Rosh Hashana and / or kaparot before Yom Kippur with a real Tzaddik, not just a rabbinic faker.

HERE is where you can do that with Shuvu Banim.

BTW, just to make it clear, I have never recieved so much as a penny from Shuvu Banim, I don’t write these things as some ‘influencer’ on a commission, and I also give a lot of my money to Shuvu Banim, because I get brachot from doing that.

My husband is off soon to Uman, and we’re both a little nervous about that.

Yesterday, we gave quite a large amount of tzedaka as a ‘pidyon’ to a Shuvu Banim cause, at least, tagged as a ‘pidyon’ in our own minds, as the Rav is now forbidden by the courts here from receiving any donations personally, or having anything to do with ‘money’.

That, together with saying the Rav’s prayers to go and come back safely to Uman is our histadlut for the trip.

Whatever happens next – we did our bit.


And for anyone thinking ‘but why go to a war zone just because Rebbe Nachman said to be by his grave on Rosh Hashana’….

A few days ago, two people got stabbed by a terrorist barely 10 minutes walk away.

Every day here – and also, WHERE YOU LIVE – people are dying in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways.

We don’t control the world – God does.

And whatever He decides, that’s what will be.

It’s the same argument you get from people who tell you should work on Shabbos, because otherwise how will you make enough money, and you should definitely skip paying 10% of your income to tzedaka (minimum…) because otherwise, how will you pay all your bills?!?!

All totally rational arguments that make a lot of sense.

But still completely and utterly wrong.


I am waiting for the update as to whether the Rav has made it into Uman yet, BH.

As soon as I hear, I will let you know.

But in the meantime, I’m not planning on posting much else before the chag begins, baring an update on what’s happening in Uman.

So, I bless everyone with a sweet, healthy, holy, happy New Year, and may we all be signed in the book of life.




This is a brand new, short video from Rav Ofer Erez, from his BRESLEVTUBE website, explaining the importance of doing a pidyon nefesh before Rosh Hashana:

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The last couple of weeks, Rav Berland has been talking about an earthquake hitting Israel.

In particular, the Haifa area, near the ‘Stella Maris’ Monastery, where the xtian church took over the grave of Elisha the prophet and have been barring access to frum Jews in recent months.

Speaking a couple of weeks ago, the Rav made a comment that there will be an earthquake after Rosh Hashana.

Then he segued back into what he’s said in the past, that we are totally forbidden from touching any churches and mosques.

The implication appearing to be that God will make them fall down, all by themselves, without any help from people.


At this stage of the game, the Rav is pretty much the only person I pay attention to, when it comes to ‘predictions’.

He was talking about earthquakes in the same manner a few weeks before that massive quake hit Turkey, back on February 6 – which was ‘meant’ for Israel, but got moved a few hundred miles to Ankara instead.

Ankara was one of the main centres of so-called ‘Pauline xtianity’, where the Torah got trashed and villified, and the Jews cast as the permanent ‘villain’ in the whole made-up religion concocted by the Romans to turn the Jewish urge for Moshiach and geula permanently against them.


Yesterday, it was Morocco’s turn.

With the epicentre close to Marrakesh.

The Jews of Morocco had it better than many other countries, in many ways – but there was still tremendous discrimination, violence and anti-semitism in Morocco.

My father’s family is from there, and it seems my grandfather, who was a shochet, was murdered by his Arab ‘helpers’ who wanted to steal his kosher stamps.

He was bundled out the back of a moving car and died a couple of days later.


So on the one hand, there is tremendous loss of life occurring in Morocco now, and that is always sobering and upsetting.

But at the same time, to not lose sight of the fact that nothing happens ‘for nothing’, and that Hashem is the Cause of all Causes.

And it seems that Hashem is starting to pay down some of those ‘old debts’ accumulated over the centuries, and the old mosques and churches are bearing the brunt:


One more thing that comes to mind about Morocco.

My brother in the States told me last week that he was looking into doing a ‘Sukkot program’ in Morocco this year with his family.

Since Morocco normalised ties with the State of Israel last year, it seems that ‘Jewish tourism’ is going through the roof there, in so many ways.

But if you track the most popular destinations for Israeli tourists – which includes places like Turkey, Greece and now Morocco – you’ll see that all of these places are being hit with absolutely devastating natural disasters.


And then we have Uman.

These days, Uman has also been ‘closed down’ as a ‘stam holiday’ destination.

Today, it’s returned to being a place you go for sincere reasons based on fulfilling the words of a true Tzaddik, who requested his followers to be by his grave for Rosh Hashana, for exalted spiritual reasons that most of us are a million miles away from ever really grasping a tiny part of.

But what’s amazing, is that I heard on the grapevine that this year, they are expecting 50,000 people for Rosh Hashana.

That’s double the 27,000 that made it out last year, almost exclusively from Eretz Yisrael.

And it made me very happy to hear that so many people are overcoming their fears to go and be by Rabbenu for Rosh Hashana 5784.


Stuff is definitely starting to move in the world.

Remember, what Rabbenu taught us about how to survive the ‘shaking of the world’:

In Sichos HaRan (translated into English as ‘Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom’, by the Breslov Research Institute), Rebbe Nachman tells us the following:

“It’s written about the time of Moshiach (Job 38:13): ‘To grasp the ends of the earth and shake the wicked from it’. However, one who comes close to a true Tzaddik, [he] can grab hold of him, and not be cast off. When we hold on to the Tzaddik, we can stay firm.”


I live very close to the fault line that runs through Jerusalem, that is meant to ‘cleave’ Har Zeitim in two, when geula really starts to happen.

That’s kind of disconcerting.

So, I am doing my best to stay ‘grabbing on’ to a true Tzaddik, while the world continues to shake all around us.


On that note, one more thing:

If you haven’t already, consider doing a pre Rosh Hashana ‘pidyon nefesh’.

Here is Rav Ofer Erez, with English subtitles, from 2017, explaining more about that:


I’m sure he’s doing a pidyon in Uman before Rosh Hashana this year too – HERE is his website:

Or, you can do it with Shuvu Banim, HERE.

Give whatever you can afford, it doesn’t have to be the suggested amount (although clearly, if you are feeling like you are under a lot of harsh judgements, donating 5p as a pidyon is not going to do much to sweeten that…. it’s our ‘money’ instead of our ‘blood’.)


And may we just hear good news.


PS: I had an email from one of my C**N watching readers last week that they had turned back on, and things were going crazy in the world again.

That same day, I had another email from another reader telling me they’ve noticed an uptick in people dropping dead from heart attacks again….

Maybe, all this is just a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.

But maybe it isn’t.

Either way, God is behind it all, and He for sure wants our sincere teshuva heading into 5784.

It’s going to be a big year.


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Last week, I had a weird episode with my PC.

Some sort of ‘yellow light’ flashed out of it while I was online.

And since then, all the LED lights in my street have been ‘out’.


The week before, my daughter had a ‘weird episode’ with an electric socket.

She plugged in a fan – and got an electric shock so bad, it gave her heart palpatations (and took out all the electricity in the house….)

Now, Ahmed & Ahmed Inc have been busy ‘fixing’ the house for our landlord, with their one trusty screwdriver, for around 30 years.

No matter what the problem, they call Ahmed & Ahmed and somehow…. something kind of gets ‘fixed’, in some way, at least, enough….. with that one trusty screwdriver.


So after my daughter got electrocuted, I called in a real electrician to take a look at the sockets.

After telling me there was some ‘very funky stuff’ going on with the motherboard (yeah, that’s kind of an understatement….) – he checked the electrocuting plug – and couldn’t find any problem.

Then, we checked the electrocuting fan – and also couldn’t find any problem.


I got the plugs changed anyway, just to be on the safe side.

But that daughter and me – we have a sensitivity to electricity and to WIFI that comes out in a bunch of weird ways (as anyone who has ever spent some time with me on their phone will probably already know.)


A few days ago, I saw THIS, on the Quinta Columna Telegram channel:



I basically ignored it at the time.

Not least, because who has koach to go through all this crud again?!

But then yesterday, I spoke to my brother in the US – and he told me that men, only men, only around his age – have been getting really sick the last couple of weeks, with something some people describe as a ‘covid variant’.

He told me:

I have no idea what it really was, but I am really thinking that whatever it is, they can and are targeting specific sections of the population with their ‘viruses’ now.

(He still thinks all this is being caused my mutated and mutating viruses. That’s no longer where I’m holding.)


At the same time…. he told me they are starting to really push ‘the masks’ over there again.

It’s like I left some tab up on screen from 2019, and it’s just replaying itself again.

Is anyone still buying the demonstrably false mask propaganda, this time around?

He told me:

Yup. But it’s really the same people who never took their masks off in the first place…


I read THIS – and it spoke to me.

We all know that real teshuva happens when you are put in exactly the same circumstances, and this time you choose different.

And again, just to underline that God really is behind everything, and all this is just a test.

I know, I know.

Who has koach for more of these tests?!?

I hear you.

But the point is not so much the test, it’s the teshuva that will hopefully get made in massive amounts this time around.

Because one drop of that sincere teshuva stuff is so very powerful…. it can destroy all the evil in the world, or at least, in our own world, in an instant.


We continue to live in interesting times.

And if you are having weird ‘electrical events’ happen by you, pay attention – and if you feel like it, share what’s going on in the comments.


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No, really.

The last couple of posts have been really important to get ‘out there’, but also quite heavy to deal with, for a few reasons.

So, let’s switch gears a bit, and take a look at why things are not as bad as they sometimes seem.

God has put so much free abundance in the world….

And this process of the modern world ‘self-destructing’ has to occur, so we can move forward to a much cleaner, simpler and ‘direct’ way of living again, knowing that Hashem is providing for our every need directly – without the need for middle men.

We don’t need doctors to heal….

And we don’t need electricity companies and all their cables and shortages, and price hikes, either.

(Or at least, that’s where we are headed, sooner or later, when the penny starts to drop for enough people about how much cheap, easy ‘tech’ got hidden and destroyed over the last couple of centuries.)


Recently, I tripped over a researcher called Paul Cook.

His accent is very strong cockney, so watch out for that (although personally, I like it a lot) – but his research is very ‘solid’.

He comes from an engineering background, so when he’s digging into lost tech, he’s actually digging into tachlis, how did this stuff really work?

And he’s coming up with some very interesting stuff.

Here are two shmirat eynaim friendly Youtube videos to watch.

The first one is where he starts showing you a kind of massive ‘mercury’ lightbulb thingy – including old examples he found in an abandoned cinema in Malta, from the 1950s – which show up in so many old pictures of….electric cars, amongst other things:


The function of the mercury ‘light bulb’ was to turn AC electricity that was ‘harvested’ from the air into grounded DC electricity that could be used to run gadgets, including….electric cars.


Before we get to that, here is another interesting ‘add on’ – that the pyramids in Egypt, and other places were actually collecting and storing electricity:


This connects us to so-called ‘star forts’, that are also positioned next to large bodies of water and designed in very specific ways.

(Before they were trashed and covered up….)

But go look that up for yourself, if you’re interested.

Let’s get back to the electric cars:



Cook brings lots of old articles, old footage, old pictures in this video.

He says there are 350+ years worth of ‘motorised vehicles’ that were run with a variety of different ‘energy’.

Even ‘planes’ and ‘flying machines’ in the 1800s that were powered by steam! (18 min mark)

Here’s a screenshot:


Go take a look for yourself (speed him up to 1.75, if you can still follow his accent….)

In the meantime, these screenshots come from another video he put out called Free Electric In Old Books:


This is an ad for cars that run on ‘electricity taken from the ether’ – i.e. the air, via so-called Edison Aerials, and Edison Balls.

It’s from 1921.


And this image shows that these cars could get 1,000 miles out of one charge – and some of them could even go for 1,400 miles.

Tesla is lagging way, way, way behind.


Fascinating stuff.

And also, very heartening stuff.

‘Man Made Climate Change’ is something being done by our corrupt governments and militaries, working for the Controllers behind the scenes.

There is no shortage of energy – there is no end of energy, free energy, just all that tech is being suppressed to create artificial ‘shortages’ that create demand for limited natural resources like oil and gas, that are concentrated in the hands of the controllers.

200 years ago, people had electric cars!

Run on free electricity gathered from the air by some sort of ‘ball’ on the top of the buildings and then stored in some sort of leiden jar type arrangement.

They had mercury-based ‘lightbulbs’ that transformed the AC ether electricity into usable DC.

They had steam-powered flying machines.

They probably had way, way more stuff too, that we don’t even know about yet.

But the point is, God has put so much abundance and free bounty into the world!


Today, I deleted one of the 3 Telegram channels I go to for updates.

I noticed recently that my neck has started acting weird, when I’m online.

At first, I thought it was too much typing.

But when I type my stuff, I’m fine.

This morning, God finally clued me in that even though I’m staying away from MSM news, some of these Telegram channels are also not coming from a ‘good’ place for me, spiritually.

The media is how the Controllers build this web of illusions that keep us trapped in worry, fear, anger and despair – and far, far away from God.

All politics is a gameshow, a diversion, a con.

I am at the point where I just can’t hack sites and people who are still going on about politics and politicians, or old ‘reformed’ spooks who used to work for organisations run by Shimon Peres and his buddies.

It drives me bonkers, to see how much time, energy and effort is going into discussing all this pointless, worthless, diversionary rubbish, and arguing over things that totally don’t matter, and just take our koach and sap our emuna.

God is running this world of ours, and once we get that, we understand just how much ‘good’ is all around us.


Tov, we’ll stop there today.

Lots to think about, lots to explore, lots of interesting things to muse on, instead of wasting precious time engaging with ‘the news’.

The world of lies is well on the way to collapsing…

And you either get out of it now, and watch that happen from the side – or get crushed underneath, when it finally goes.


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My tabs are exploding out of control again, so this is a mish-mash post.

Let’s start with the footage that commentator Shimshon sent me from a Space-X launch in Florida back in 2021:


By the end of this short video, you can mamash see the rocket hitting something that looks like the firmament…

It was meant to be a ‘re-usable’ Cargo Dragon launch to resupply the International Space Station.

(Sometimes, it’s really hard to type this stuff and keep a straight face.)

But see how fast that rocket starts going ‘horizontal’, and figure out for yourself that there is NO WAY it ever got anywhere near to where the International Space Station is meant to be orbiting, between ‘330 km (205 mi) and 410 km (255 mi)’ above planet earth.

(Again, having troubles keeping a straight face while I type this.)


Compare and contrast with the ‘official’ SpaceX launch footage, below:

(Fast forward to 1 hr 25 mins)

Ask yourself why a kid with an iPhone is providing us with better video of this rocket launch than NASA and the US government….


OK, next up: Giants in Africa.

Off the back of those posts about ‘gay’ King Henry VIII, ‘trannie’ Elizabeth I, and ‘colored’ Portuguese Royalty, I went looking for more information that could start to explain some more about what is really going on, here.

I got to looking at something called the Treaty of Tordesillas, signed in 1494, where Portugal and the newly-unified ‘Spain’ basically agreed to split the world between them, with Portugal getting Africa and Spain getting ‘South America’.

This is a snippet from the Wiki page, see what you notice:

The precursor to the Treaty of Tordesillas was the Treaty of Alcazava, signed on September 4, 1479, between Kings Isabella of Castile and Fernando of Aragon and King Alfonso V of Portugal, which resulted in the peace that ended the war of the Castilian succession.

Popes Nicholas V and Calixtus III granted Portugal the right to own the lands discovered south and east of Cape Bojador “as far as the Indians”in 1452-1456. 

Castile recognized these rights in 1479, and in 1481 Pope Sixtus IV, by his bull Aeterni regis, once again gave all the lands south of the Canary Islands to Portugal.


Did you spot it?

How Popes Nicholas V and Calixtus III granted Portugal the right to own the lands discovered south and east of Cape Bojador “as far as the Indians”in 1452-1456?

These Popes knew there were ‘Indians’ there almost half a century before Columbus supposedly ‘discovered’ America.

Here’s how those ‘demarcation’ lines were meant to look, after 1494:


I’m keeping this short and sweet for this post, but I highly encourage readers to start ‘digging into’ this more themselves – and share what you find, if it’s interesting!

Point is, Portugal apparently ‘owned the rights’ to the continent of Africa, whatever that is actually supposed to mean.

So, I started trying to learn more about what Portugal was doing in Africa in the 14th and 15th century, and what was really going on there.

I got to this page, about the African ‘Kingdom of Loango‘, snippet:

The Kingdom of Loango …was a pre-colonial African state, during approximately the 16th to 19th centuries in what is now the western part of the Republic of the Congo, Southern Gabon and Cabinda.

Situated to the north of the more powerful Kingdom of Kongo, at its height in the 17th century Loango influence extended from Cape St Catherine in the north to almost the mouth of the Congo River.

Loango exported copper to the European market, and was a major producer and exporter of cloth.


I carry on reading, and I find more and more weirdness going on in this ‘Kingdom’ that apparently just appeared out of nowhere in the 1600s, including this:

From around the seventeenth century a black Jewish community was to be found on the Loango coast.

It was first mentioned in 1777 and a more thorough description of the community was provided by the scientific works which were produced by the German Loango Expedition of 1873–76. This community had no links with Jewish communities elsewhere and has now disappeared.

It was of considerable interest to race scientists during the period of the European Enlightenment.


As soon as I read this, I know I’m on the trail of some more hidden history.

(Remind me to come back to the Portuguese slave trader ‘Duarte Lopez‘ sometime soon, it’s too much to cover in this mish-mash post.)

What I can tell you is that ‘no-one’ knows who the Kings of Loango actually were, but this Kingdom of Loango played a massive role in rounding up slaves from the African continent and selling them on.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

In the late seventeenth century and beyond, Vili merchants also engaged in the slave trade.

Loango did not export many slaves in the earlier part of its contact with European merchants, but eventually the country did export slaves in considerable quantities.

While some of these slaves were acquired locally, many more were acquired from various regions in the interior.

An early slave trade led to the Kingdom of Kongo, where merchants there saw opportunities to export slaves to Dutch and English merchants and avoid taxes and regulations that hindered the market in Portuguese-controlled Luanda.


I have no idea who these ‘Vili’ merchants referred to are meant to be, and Wikipedia doesn’t explain the term anywhere on the page, despite using it a lot.

Anyway, click click click, trying to find more information about ‘Loango’ and its rulers, and I suddenly get to this page, talking about a place called ‘Moree’ in Ghana.

(Moree sounds very similar to ‘Moor’…. that’s also what caught my eye.)

It’s such an incredible description, I’m bringing the whole thing here:

Moree (formerly also known as Mouri) is a town with small seaside resort in Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese district, a district in the Central Region of south Ghana.

Moree was founded by giants Asebu Amanfi and his brother Farnyi Kwegya, and prolific hunter called Adzekese.

Asebu Amanfi and Farnyi Kwegya were believed to have led an army that chased Israelites during the exodus. When their men drowned in the sea, they could not return to Pharaoh but fled Egypt with their family across Lake Chad to Nigeria and finally settled in Moree, then a village and small seaside resort in Ghana.

Upon arrival in Moree, the Egyptian giants established their kingdom with prolific hunter, Adzekese.

Asebu Amanfi was made the first King of the Asebu kingdom while Nana Adzekese became the first Chief of Moree.

Moree developed around Fort Nassau, which was the original fort on their Gold Coast taken over by the Dutch West India Company when this was founded in 1621.


Like you, I’ve  never heard of this before.

It’s going to require a LOT more checking out, but I am finding this description remarkable, in the meantime.

Egyptian giants who were chasing Moshe and Am Yisrael across the Sea of Reeds ended up founding ‘Moree’ in central Africa?!

This is a Youtube video that is useful for the pictures – the narration is in some Ghanian dialect, but you get the idea:


And in the meantime…. this is a video of a Ghanian man who is 8ft tall and alive today:

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly)



Could it really be true, that the ‘Egyptian giants’ who were chasing Moshe Rabbenu and the Jews ended up in Ghana – and then became the mysterious ‘Moors’ who may or may not have actually ruled Portugal as well as big parts of Africa?

I don’t know – but I’m excited to start looking into it more, to see what might have really been going on here.


Let me end by telling you that learning to think for yourself, to keep an open mind, to not get ‘brow beaten’ into believing the same old stories and lies they want us all to buy into – it’s the biggest present you can give yourself.

But keep bringing everything back to Torah, so you don’t go nuts.

We know Torah is true, it’s from God, it’s the real deal – and the Torah covers all these topics (and more….)

So, we’ll pick this up again some time soon, but in the meantime – feel free to start digging into this!

Because the truth really does set us free.


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Did the ‘GRA’ believe in space aliens?

By the end of this post, hopefully, we’ll have a better idea about who he actually might have been, and how all this links up with kabbalah and ‘space aliens’.

Let’s start with a book by Ariel bar Tzadok called Aliens, Angels and Demons – which I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE READ!!!

I ordered the book after a reader sent me a PDF of Bar Tzadok’s writings comparing aliens to demons that he wrote in the 1990s.

There was a lot of arrogance in the text, but it mostly seemed to be sharing useful, ‘kosher’ information.

I don’t know what happened in the intervening years (I can guess – you can’t mess around with practical kabbalah and ‘merkava meditations’ without risking what happened to the ‘4 that entered Pardes’)  – but so much of this book was heretical twisted kabbalah, I ended up skipping large parts of it.

The ‘good’ stuff was the stuff from 25+ years ago.

And now, Bar Tzadok is convinced that the world is billions of years old…. that ‘Watchers’ are really running the show on planet earth while God just twiddles His thumbs somewhere…. and that while some ‘aliens’ are probably demonic and living within ‘hollow earth’, there are definitely OTHER aliens from other worlds in the universe that aren’t.

There’s a lot more that bothered me, but this is summing up the main points for this post.


As I read through the book, I made a note of the so-called ‘Torah scholars’ who had impaired Bar Tzadok’s thinkings about space aliens.

The names were very familiar.

There was of course the known Sabbatean Jonathan Eybshutz, who wrote his famous commentary about the Tower of Babel actually being some sort of rocket ship.

There was Aryeh Kaplan, who translated a whole bunch of ‘practical kabbalah’ texts into English that should never have been translated into English, and also advocated ‘ancient world’ and ‘cosmic shittot’ ideas, plus described doing ‘meditation’ in a way that is spiritually dangerous. (He died suddenly aged 49…. I would not be shocked if this is another example of ‘4 entered Pardes’).

Then, there was the ‘Tiferet Israel’, who we outed as a probable ‘twisted kabbalah’ Sabbatean HERE.

And then there were many references to one ‘Menachem Tziyoni‘ (‘Menachem the zionist’) and one ‘Pinchas Eliyahu Horowitz‘, who authored ‘Sefer HaBrit’.

Those are the two we are going to take a closer look at, in this post.


Let’s start with Menachem Tziyoni.

The Kotzk blog has a lot of information about him in a post entitled:

Menachem Tziyoni’s kabbalistic writings on demonology

And just like that, you can already probably start to see where this is going.

Here’s some pertinent snippets:

Menachem ben Meir of Speyer (c.1340 – c.1410), also known as Menachem Tziyoni, was an early and therefore authoritative Kabbalist. He was a student of a student of Nachmanides (Ramban) the father of Jewish mysticism.

Menachem Tziyoni had spent some in Jerusalem and when he returned to Germany, he referred to himself as Tziyoni (the ‘zionist’)

That’s probably not a CO-IN-CID-ENCE.


Tziyoni published at least two works, but the one Bar Tzadok refers to a lot is called Tzefunei Tziyoni.

It’s a book about demonology.

Here’s another snippet from the Kotzk blog:

Huss (2004:56) explains that:

[f]irst and foremost, R. Menachem Ziyyoni was interested in demons. He enumerates a wide variety of demons and evil powers, and describes their hierarchy and their emanation from the divine world of the Sefirot.


The Kotzk blog continues:

Tzefunei Tziyoni describes ‘seven demon kings who each rule on one day of the week.

The Torah commentary Sefer Tziyoni shows a belief in Werewolves, Striga (a human woman transformed into a monster or vampiress by a curse, who is filled with hatred towards all living beings and who often has red hair and is four cubits high, it sometimes transforms into an owl to hunt humans at night) and Mares (a malicious entity in that rides on people’s chests while they sleep, bringing on nightmares.)


Again, I can’t stress this enough, that when Rebbe Nachman writes about ‘Jewish Demon Scholars’ , this phrase can be understood to be referring to a few different things at once.

So much of the trouble is that sincere, well-intentioned people ‘over-reach’ in their pursuit of kabbalistic knowledge, and then become very easy pickings for the demons they believe they are ‘controlling’ to subvert and turn to the ‘dark side’.

R Eliezer Fleckeles of Prague explained about the Sabbatians of his generation that they basically fell into the deepest evil because they were messing with ‘kabbalah’ and ‘kabbalistic mediations’ and ‘practical kabbalah’ – without having the level of middot required to come out of Pardes unscathed.

This is what he said about the Frankists in 1799 (warning, it’s graphic). He accused the Frankists of:

“[A]ll sorts of evil, godless and infamous deeds unheard of even among the wildest barbarians. These people are worse than all the villains and criminals who ever lived since the beginning of the world. . . .

They have a secret according to which it is good to masturbate and smear the body with the outflow. . . . They consider it pious and highly recommendable to sleep with your neighbor’s wife, in the presence of ten men-folk, and in addition recommend other abominations and horrors such as fornication with male persons and even with animals.

They worship idols, practice witchcraft, live in debauchery and whoredom. . .

All this came about because Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH fell from his tremendously high level of Torah erudition and kabbalistic insight…. into totally twisted kabbalistic interpretations.

This same problem has happened over and over and over again in Jewish history.

And it’s still happening today.


So, back to Menachem the zionist.

Let’s quote a bit more from the Kotzk blog:

According to Tzefunei Tziyoni, angels can be used to control and subdue demons. These angels have special seals and names “which are known to us”:

And know, that each party (of demons) is (subordinated) to certain archons [according to Gnosticism these are builders of the physical universe and divine angels, as it is known among men of understanding. And each angel has a seal and a pennant.

And when he shows his subordinate the sign of his pennant he will immediately exercise his mission.”

The second square bracket is missing in the original.

But these ‘archons’ are what Bar Tzadok is now calling ‘the Watchers’.

And if you have had the misfortune of reading his more recent ideas, you’ll clearly recognise the link between Gnosticism and the twisted stuff he’s now putting out about these ‘Watchers’ controlling the world, while God sits and twiddles his thumbs.

There is nothing new under the sun.


If you carry on reading the Kotzk blog, you’ll discover that as well as describing how to try to ‘control demons’, and use them to ‘divine’ future events, Menachem the Zionist was also describing techniques to ‘divine the future’ by raising the dead, too.

The Kotzk blog explains that Menachem the Zionist:

[D]oes not always approve of the practices, but he still openly describes them in great detail.

This is kind of stunning, because some of the stuff being described in this book – that Menachem the Zionist apparently does ‘approve’ of – is stuff that was totally outlawed by the Shulchan Aruch, in the chapter on magic in Yoreh Deah, 179.

I read that over with my husband on Shabbat, and I’ll see if I can translate it for the blog soon, BH.

Two more things to notice about ‘Menachem the Zionist’ is that he seems to have picked up some of his ideas about ‘practical kabbalah’ from his sojourns in Jerusalem – and also in Candia, Crete.

That last place caught my eye, because the single biggest initial pusher of ‘heliocentrism’ in the Jewish community was someone called ‘Joseph  Solomon Del Medigo‘ from Candia, Crete.

Here’s a snippet from Wikipedia:

After Istanbul he wandered along the Karaite communities in Eastern Europe, finally arriving at Amsterdam in 1623. He died in Prague. Yet in his lifetime wherever he sojourned he earned his living as a physician and or teacher.

His only known works are Elim (Palms), dealing with mathematics, astronomy, the natural sciences, and metaphysics, as well as some letters and essays.


Del Medigo was said to have learned his astronomy direct from Galileo….

I wonder.

But what keeps coming through here is the links between ‘Gnosticisim’, ‘Sadduccees’, ‘Karaites’ – and twisted kabbalistic ideas that then infect the authentic Torah-observant community, and take so many Jews away from simple emuna, and the Torah.

(Also as a BTW, Delmedigo’s daughter Sarah married straight into the Oppenheimer clan of Prague.)

I could go on about this for years…. but let’s stop here and now take a look at Bar Tzadok’s principle source for believing in ‘space aliens’ living on planets elsewhere in the universe, which is a book called ‘Sefer HaBrit’, published in 1797 in the Frankist stronghold of Brunn.


You have probably never heard of ‘Sefer HaBrit’ – The Book of the Covenant .

But it was a smash-hit best seller, and reprinted many times over, after it’s first publication in 1797.


Hashgacha Pratit – literally a day before I started reading Bar Tzadok’s PDF, where he refers a lot to Sefer HaBrit, I got this book delivered:

I’d been trying to track down some sort of copy of the ‘best selling’ Sefer HaBrit, but I can’t find a trace of it.

Which is kind of strange, for such a ‘best seller’, that was literally reprinted many times over.

So this book, by David Ruderman, was what I could find, and this is what I bought.

The front cover is interesting – it’s not the cover of the original ‘Sefer HaBrit’, it’s:

“[F]rom the frontispiece of Abraham ben Mordechai Farissol, Igeret orhot ‘olam, (Prague 1793… The image [is[ of the globe as an ark offering refuge to Noah and the animals….[by] artist Anton Balzer.”



Balzer’s father, Johann, created the famous copperplate images of both David Oppenheim and Jonathan Eybshutz….

Go HERE, for more of his illustrations.

Yet again, we see what a small world it really is.


Let’s bring a snippet from Bar Tzadok’s PDF on aliens, where he sets out what Horowitz says about ‘aliens’:

Rabbi Horowitz emphasizes that these are physical worlds in outer space…

The reward of the righteous is that they are to ascend to the stars and rule sections of the galaxy as the regents of the Holy One, Blessed be He.

Rabbi Horowitz continues to bring evidence of other worlds from the Bible itself. With this proof text, he not only claims to prove that there are other worlds, but that they are also inhabited by beings.

Rabbi Horowitz quotes from Judges 5:23, “cursed be Maroz, cursed be those who dwell there.” The Talmud (Moed Katan 16A) records an opinion that Maroz is the name of a planet. And the verse says,  “cursed be those who dwell there.” This seems to imply that the planet Maroz is

Rabbi Horowitz concludes Chapter Three with the words, “According to my opinion, there are inhabited planets [in outer space] and this is also implied in the Tikunei Zohar.”…

To again prove the point of the varying types of life that are in outer space, Rabbi Horowitz uses the example of the ocean, saying that just as sea creatures differ tremendously from land creatures due to the different nature of their environments, so do the inhabitants of the other planets differ from us.


Rabbi Horowitz then follows with one of his most important points.

He acknowledges that these extraterrestrial beings are “ba’alei sekhel u’madah” (masters of intelligence and science).

Yet, with all their intellectual potentials, Rabbi Horowitz claims that all extraterrestrials will lack one essential component that will forever set them apart from the human race.

They lack “behirah,” the ability of Free Will. Free Will separates mankind from any and every other species. It is Free Will that is the G-d given spiritual component that separates the human race from being just another animal species.


So, who is this ‘Rabbi Pinchas Eliyahu Horowitz’ of Vilna?

Best-selling ‘rabbi-scientist-author-kabbalist’, who shaped the attitudes of a whole generation of Torah scholars, and is pretty much the ONLY person being quoted today as an ‘authentic Torah opinion’ for the idea that there are aliens from outer space?

(Aryeh Kaplan also referred to the Sefer HaBrit, for a lot of his ideas on this subject.)

Well…. no-one knows.

David B Ruderman wrote a whole book about him – and he still doesn’t know who he was.

This is a snippet from his book (p18):

“While Hurwitz offers a great deal of autobiographical information in his book, it extends only over a limited period of some ten to fifteen years.

During his early years and after the initial publication of his famous book, he becomes virtually invisible. Moreover, even in the period of his life that he does document, significant gaps make it difficult to determine the precise itinerary of his travels from east to west and back, and the people he contacted throughout his wanderings.

Even the date or place of Hurwitz’s birth cannot be established with any degree of certainty.

He appears to have been born in Vilna to Meir and Yenta Hurwitz…and the year of his birth is usually given as 1765, but no strong evidence for either place or year is forthcoming.”


I started looking at ‘Pinchas Eliyahu Horowitz’ a LONGGGG time ago, because he is very good candidate for the identity of the ‘REAL VILNA GAON.’

There were all these strange ‘overlaps’ between him and the Vilna Gaon – including the strange stories of the GRA apparently being a genius in ‘modern science’, and having all these non-Jewish scientists come to Vilna to visit him.

Go back and read THIS post.

I am still tring to assimilate all this information myself….

But long story short, Eliyahu the GRA of Vilna and ‘Pinchas Eliyahu Horowitz’ of Vilna overlap in a whole bunch of ways.

They hang out with the same people, (including Baruch Shick, translator of Euclid and member of the Frankists’ Asian Brotherhood secret society…)

They live at the same time – in the same place – but apparently never talk about each other.

They are both super-interested in ‘modern science’, but also still very spiritual and involved in Jewish mysticism and Torah learning.

They both publish books on science at exactly the same time – Horowitz’s ‘Sefer HaBrit’, and the GRA’s ‘Ayin Meshulash’ book on geometry….

No-one knows where they are buried.

Their genealogy is a total, utter mess, and there are lot of ‘missing years’ in both their life stories….

And they are hanging out and inspiring two-faced ‘haskalah-pushing frummers’, most of whose descendants end up running both sides of the ‘religious / secular’ divide in the State of Israel.


If you go HERE, you’ll find a beautiful copy of the GRA’s ‘Ayil Meshulash’ book that was recently put up for sale on Bidspirit.

This is a screenshot of the title page:


And this is a screenshot of the Bidspirit description for the book:


Yaakov Moshe Slonim, the GRA’s grandson, ties us in to the haskalah promoting Slonims we started discussing in THIS post, which seem to also connect to the GRA – in a bunch of ways that have been hidden and covered up.

Here’s a few pertinent snippets from that post:

Shimshon (Samson) ben Mordechai of Slonim (c. 1734/1736 – 1794), was an 18th-century rabbi, philosopher, mathematician, and scientist.

He was one of the leaders of Haskalah and the Misnagdim, and was greatly influenced by the Vilna Gaon. He was the Av Beit Din of Slonim and Königsberg and is thought to have been descended from Shimshon Loew ben Bezalel, the Maharal of Prague’s brother through his grandson, Samson ben Pesah Ostropoli.


Shimshon had a library of around 250 to 300 books that he had collected on his journeys to Hamburg and other cities.

People such as the Vilna Gaon and Solomon Maimon came to Slonim to borrow books from his library. Among Shimshon’s prized possessions was the unpublished work, Bosmat Bat Shelomoh by the rabbi, Joseph Solomon Delmedigo.


Lookie there!

We are back with the heliocentric-pushing Joseph Solomon Delmedigo, and the Vilna Gaon.

But there’s more:

In 1778, upon the recommendation of the Vilna GaonBaruch Schick of Shklov (1744-1808) journeyed to Slonim to ask Shimshon to write an approbation to the first ever Hebrew translation of Euclid’s Elements, Sefer Oklidus. Shimshon agreed and wrote part of the introduction to the book.


And here’s the kicker, from that post:

In 1787, the English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, was going to visit his brother, Samuel in Krichev, when he spent the night in Slonim. 

As he writes in his journal, all of the inns were full, so he was forced to spend the night with a rabbi who also kept a hardware store. He goes on to describe the rabbi’s home and that he had two bookcases with “not fewer than 250 or 300 Vols.”

Bentham also talked about how the rabbi possessed a copy of Euclid’s Elements as well as a manuscript on astronomy which contained a diagram, that was the rabbi’s own work.


Now, compare and contrast the above with THIS story from the onthemainline blog, entitled:

A Vilna Gaon Story That Was Too Weird for Artscroll.

That blog post suggests that the GRA and ‘Pinchas Eliyahu Horowitz’ could have been one and the same person.

And it also brings this strange story:

The story is that the curators of a Russian museum had obtained some kind of precious mineral which reputedly possessed remarkable powers.
Scientist could not figure out the secret of the stone, so they decided to send it to Germany, where the real great scientists were! They also couldn’t figure it out, among them was Moses Mendelssohn, who suggested that they send it to the Vilna Gaon.
Two German professors (Shulman says they were short and bald!) went to Vilna and brought the stone to the Gaon. The latter instructed his shammash to bring him a glass of water. The Gaon dropped the stone into the water and – poof! – the water disappeared.
Seeing the shock, the Gaon explained to the German scientists that the stone was a sapphire and that when water comes into contact with sapphire the two elements of which is is composed separates and it reverts back to hydrogen and oxygen.
When the dumbfounded scientists returned to Germany and told everyone about the amazing rabbi in Vilna, Mendelssohn was excited and exclaimed that with this we can understand a naturalistic explanation for the splitting of the Red Sea!
Moses’ staff was made of sapphire, according to rabbinic tradition. When Moses split the sea with his staff, it was through the alchemic properties of sapphire!
When the Gaon was told of this “he was outraged.
“Heretic!” he proclaimed.” He then explained that the verse says harem et matekhah lift your staff and neteh et yadekha al hayam stretch out your hand over the sea (Ex. 14:16). Harem here means lift, but it also means to remove, set aside. So what actually happened was that God told Moses to set aside his rod and then stretch his hand over the sea – specifically so that the miracle was supernatural.
This indeed was the miracle! He had a sapphire rod, but he used his hand.


The author of that blog post – which I highly recommend you go and read in full – is mocking this story.

At this stage, I am reading it and getting chills….

‘Alchemic properties of sapphire’… magick vs miracles, tie-ups with the Frankist’s Asian Brotherhood and other secret societies, the haskalah, Mendelssohn and the State of Israel….

It’s all coming together.


Pinchas Eliyahu Horowitz travelled all over the place – many of his known travels overlap with the known travels of the ‘Vilna Gaon’, including to Amsterdam.

One of Horowitz’s closest friends is a Jeweller-Freemason in London, called Eliakim Gotshlick Hart, who helped establish the Denmark Court  Synagogue.

In Rudman’s book (pg 27) we find that as well as being a beloved friend of ‘Pinchas Eliyahu Horowitz’,

“Hart was also a member of Hiram’s Lodge, Swan Street, home of the modern Freemasons’.”


Let’s stop there for now.

So many CO-INC-ID-ENCES to think about.

And if anyone can rustle up a Hebrew version of ‘Sefer HaBrit’ online – please let me know in the comments section.



Thanks to CA – here are the links to ‘Sefer HaBrit’ on the HebrewBooks website:


You might also like this article:

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘Elizabeth I’ – who was probably really called ‘Henry Fitzroy’.

(See THIS post, if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)

First, more thoughts on that, and then, I want to take another look at what might have been going on with all these ‘slaves’ in the Spanish Empire – and also, the ‘slaves’ in the USA.

Let’s try to pin down ‘Elizabeth I the Tranny’ a bit more,


The question puzzling me was why would you go through such a charade like that?

To put a gay man dressed as a woman on the throne, and to pretend Henry Fitzroy was his half sister, ‘Elizabeth I’?

Having done some more reading up on what was going on at that time, this is my current proposal, set out as ‘bare bones’ as possible to make it easy to follow.

  1. Before Henry VII – Henry VIII’s father – came to the throne, the British Isles had been convulsed by ‘the War of the Roses’ for more than 30  years, as two separate families of Plantagenets slugged it out to control the throne.
  2. That war ended when Henry VII married Elizabeth of York – bringing the rival families together. Their children were Arthur and Henry VIII.
  3. So, England had been through a terrible civil war for decades, with lots of ‘rivals for the throne’ still hanging around – and now, Henry VIII can’t sire an heir (probably because he is gay…)
  4. He has four known children (that he himself acknowledged publically as being his offspring). These are:
    1. Bloody Mary – catholic, daughter of his Spanish wife Catherine of Aragon
    2. Elizabeth I – ‘proto-protestant’, daughter of Anne Boleyn (whoever she turns out to be in the end)
    3. Edward VI – strongly protestant, daughter of Jane Seymour
    4. Henry Fitzroy – gay, bastard son of Henry VIII and Elizabeth Blount, who somehow disappears off the scene the exact same year his half brother Edward VI is born.


Now, on top of the civil war that had just ended in the British Isles, when Henry VIII broke with the Catholic church, a ‘pseudo-religious’ aspect came into play with all the jockeying for power, too.

And let us not forget the position of the ‘marranos’ – who were liable to the Inquisition in Spanish and Portuguese realms, and also vulnerable to being ‘sent back to the Inquisition’ in Catholic realms that were not Spanish and Portuguese.

That was also a very strong motivation to find homes in countries that were un-Spanish and un-catholic.


Henry VIII and his son Edward VI (or at least, the people controlling all this from the shadows) were trying to prevent ‘the wrong people’ from taking the throne after they died.

So, they were passing Acts of Parliament to change the succession laws – some of those acts could have been used to legitimise Fitzroy as Henry VIII’s formal heir – but that didn’t happen in the end, because Edward VI was born.

But when Edward VI was dying, he also tried to pass Acts of Law to ensure the crown could only pass to someone of his choosing, instead of going by ‘who was next in line to the throne’ by blood.

That’s how his cousin, the protestant (puppet ruler….) Lady Jane Grey was crowned queen for just nine days, before Bloody Mary launched a rebellion, had Grey imprisoned and killed, and took over as Queen.

Mary (catholic….) married the Spanish king Phillip II, burnt 260 protestants at the stake, and ruled for five years.


We are told that she didn’t kill her Protestant rival to the throne and half-sister, Elizabeth I during this time.

At this stage, I think that’s bunkum.

I think that ‘Elizabeth I’ WAS killed, but it was kept secret because Mary was unpopular enough with her subjects already, and on the Protestant side of the coin, they kept it quiet because they were working on ‘the plan’ to have Elizabeth I ‘reappear’ once Mary was out the way, one way or another.

If you look at the pictures of ‘young Elizabeth’ (on the left, before she was probably killed), she looks totally different from the ‘Queen Elizabeth’ who came later, who resembles ‘Henry Fitzroy’. Look at the eyes:

The key to understanding all this is that after Bloody Mary and Elizabeth I, the next person in line to the English throne was actually the catholic Mary Queen of Scots.

So if they couldn’t produce a ‘protestant Elizabeth I’, the country was for sure headed back to catholic rule – and that was going to be a big problem for A LOT of people, at that stage, especially the nobles who had helped Henry VIII to sack all the monasteries and appropriate their wealth.

(I won’t say ‘mis-appropriate’, as all these people were bad news for the people they ruled over.)


This feels like a strong enough motive to find a replacement candidate of royal blood to ‘act the part’ of Elizabeth I.

It had to be someone who looked similiar enough – and who had their own reasons for keeping quiet about what was really going on.

Oh, and who would love wearing dresses and ‘queening it up’, while being able to have dalliance with handsome young men….

The ‘flamboyantly gay’ Henry Fitzroy fits the bill perfectly.

Except, he could never marry anyone because the jig would be up.

And that also explains why in spite of the desperate need to produce an heir for her kingdom, ‘Elizabeth I’ stayed single.


OK, so the other thing I’ve been thinking about a lot is the deal ‘Elizabeth I’ was doing with the slave traders like Casper Van Senden.

THIS is a brief snippet from Wikipedia, it’s the jumping off point, but all this is going to require a lot more unpicking.

So don’t start accusing me of being ‘Louis Farrakhan’ just because I’m questioning assumptions, to see a bit more where the truth lies. 

Casper Van Senden was a German merchant who was active in Tudor-era England during the 16th century. Born in the German city of Lübeck, he eventually moved to the English capital of London, a major port at the time.

Working as a merchant in Hanseatic League, he rose to prominence in 1596 by ensuring the safe return of 89 English subjects who were detained in the Iberian Union. This brought Van Senden to the attention of Queen Elizabeth I, as he entered her court to seek compensation.

While at the English court, Van Senden requested to transport “Blackamoores” out of the country and sell them in Portugal or Spain to compensate for the money spent freeing the 89 detainees. Some deportations of “Turks and Moors” from England were arranged at this period by Admiralty officials acting under royal authority.


I am still trying to feel all this out, but one line of enquiry I’m following is that at least some of the ‘black slaves’ who ended up in the USA colonies actually came from England, and not Africa…

While the official historians are keen to say ‘nothing came of this’ – they are also puzzled as to why Casper Van Senden continued liberating English prisoners of war – apparently, 289 of them – at great personal expense, if his deal to deport ‘blackamoores’ out of England and sell them as slaves in Lisbon didn’t actually happen.

This comes from HERE:

The Van Senden episode has been interpreted as a piece of racist immigration policy, indicating Elizabeth’s desire for the ‘preservation of the white race’ and compared in scale to the expulsion of the Jews by Edward I in 1290.

However it was of an entirely different nature. While in 1290 Edward’s government made a tidy profit by collecting the Jews’ debts on their behalf and selling their houses, no one managed to make much money in 1596-1601.

Edward’s edict had banished all Jews, giving them safe conduct on the condition they left the country by a certain date. Elizabeth had no such universal intention, merely making a local bargain with a persistent merchant, on an individual basis.

The ‘blackamoor’ project was just one of the many scandalous proposals made by merchants and courtiers in the later part of her reign with an eye (if a somewhat short-sighted one) for profit.


Personally, I’m not so convinced.

We know they were lying about everything…. this just doesn’t ring true.

And it’s based on the idea that the only ‘blackamoores’ in England at this time was slaves, which I’m also increasingly coming to the conclusion is false.

Someone sent me THIS, it’s Benjamin Franklin’s ‘Observations on the Increase of Mankind’, written in 1751.

Take a look yourself, it’s not a long document. This is the bit that particularly caught my eye, at least for this post:

Which leads me to add one Remark: That the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so.

And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth.

I could wish their Numbers were increased. And while we are, as I may call it, Scouring our Planet, by clearing America of Woods, and so making this Side of our Globe reflect a brighter Light to the Eyes of Inhabitants in Mars or Venus, why should we in the Sight of Superior Beings, darken its People?

Why increase the Sons of Africa, by Planting them in America, where we have so fair an Opportunity, by excluding all Blacks and Tawneys, of increasing the lovely White and Red? But perhaps I am partial to the Complexion of my Country, for such Kind of Partiality is natural to Mankind.


That he’s a white supremacist is old news.

What particularly took my eye is his description of where all these ‘black’ and ‘tawney’ people lived in great numbers, including:

All Africa is black or tawny. 

Asia chiefly tawny. 

America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so.

And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also….


Spaniards and Italians, maybe…. But since when were Russians, Swedes and Germans known for their ‘swarthy’ complexions?!

Yet again, something very strange is going on here.

While you are pondering all this – have a look at this video, (mildy not shmirat eynayim friendly) which starts to make the case that the Native ‘copper-coloured’ residents of the USA were steadily reclassified as being ‘black’ over a few decades, for a few reasons including:

  1. To force them to start paying taxes to ‘USA Corp’.
  2. To take away their land ownership rights, which could then be scooped up by the ‘newcomers’.


I’m not saying this is definitely true, at this stage, I’m just saying it’s interesting….

The quote about ‘copper-coloured’ people really jumped out at me, given the Rav’s comments about ‘Joachim Gans’ and how his expertise in ‘copper’ catapulted the British Isles to the top of the economic chain, during the reign of Elizabeth I…. these are all clues.

Here’s that snippet from the Rav again:

Now, I read that there was a Jew called ‘Chazan’ [possibly Chalfan?] in the year 1500, who was an expert in copper – the greatest in all the world!

And he was successful, and he raised England up to the highest level of ‘copper’.

He knew how to mine copper, to mine the best, because copper was more important than iron – you can make everything from it. All the British ships were built using copper, and the Spanish ships were built using iron.

This is an excerpt from the original Websters Dictionary:


And the bit that is also really interesting me is how all this connects up to the false science of ‘Eugenics’, began by Charles Darwin’s descendants off the back of that guy’s book that was called (to give it it’s full title):

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life

I bolded the bit that’s usually left off, these days, because can you guess who those ‘favored races’ are, boys and girls?

More on Darwin, and his racist, genocide-promoting ‘pseudoscience’ another time.


In the meantime, let’s leave you with this, a short but somewhat boring video that makes the case that taxation is a big part of this story:


Here’s the video description, which basically saves you having to watch it:

The de facto U.S. Corporation created the “U.S. Citizen” to be a debt slave.

BUT our 1787 ORIGINAL Constitution FOR the United States Corporation clearly states that INDIANS are “not taxed”.

In our video today we will see that our Indian ancestors were here BEFORE the U.S.Corporation committed the Geneva Convention capital crime of inland piracy in 1868 (not 1865 pardon) by turning SOVEREIGN INDIGENOUS into U.S. Citizens!

To note: the Geneva Convention took place in 1949 so the 1868 crime went & continues un-checked until American Indians officially reclaim our SOVEREIGNTY! Because once again we were here BEFORE 1868 …if we were here BEFORE 1868 U.S. Citizens creation and we were NOT “foreign born” then what does that make us?

Again we were and still are by BLOODLINE a SOVEREIGN people on our beloved & much coveted homeland America!

Let’s take a quick look at how the Census record PROVES this!


‘Indians’ weren’t taxed and actually owned land in the USA…. but ‘blacks’, ‘coloured’, ‘mulatto’ – and all the other labels that suddenly appeared on the US census (which didn’t include the word ‘Indian’, and in some places even made it illegal for someone to use that word….) didn’t have these same rights.

When you start to follow the money here, more and more possibilities begin to come into view.


I’m not pushing things one way or another at this point, just continuing to collect the information together, and to see what conclusions all this points to.

As I said earlier, the one definite here (apart from death and taxation) is that they are lying about everything.

That bit is easy.

But trying to figure out the truth…. is really, really hard.

So, all input and ideas and additional information are welcome!




On the waybackmachine HERE, you can still see a link on the Justia website which refers to the Lenape Tribe of ‘American Indians’ as being historically known as ‘Moors’.



I have to say, this is getting more and more interesting.


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How can we know what’s really true, in this world of lies?

The short answer is: only with great difficulty, and a lot of sincere prayers to not be misled, and not to mislead others.

(And even then, we might still get it wrong and trip up…)

But Rav Natan Sternhartz, Rebbe Nachman’s main pupil, taught another very useful rule of thumb for knowing where the truth really lies.

He taught: If something brings you closer to God, then it’s ‘true’.

And if it takes you further away from God, then it’s not.


He was talking more about figuring out the wiles of the yetzer hara, which berates people for not being ‘perfect’, and not being super-duper frum, and for not being always 100% upbeat and ‘positive’ about everything, etc etc etc.

Sure, mitzvah gadolah le’hiyot be simcha tamid – it’s an enormous mitzvah to always be happy, under all circumstances.

But it’s also a very, very high spiritual level, and when the yetzer comes along and starts telling you how badly you are doing, because you feel scared about what’s going on, or you are wobbling in your emuna, or your frustration is reaching boiling point, and right now, you are kind of struggling to feel ‘happy’ with the situation –

At that point, a person has to do a lot of hitbodedut about what is really going on, and to get real about what they are actually feeling and experiencing internally.

Because going through that process, and bringing all that fear, anger, frustration and despair back to God puts God bang, slap back in the middle of all those bad middot.

And just like that, we find ourselves brought closer to Hashem again, and under His wing.


But if we don’t do that, and we just ‘carry on up the Geula’ without acknowledging all our bad middot, and our credible fears – then instead of bringing us closer to Hashem, and closer to pouring our hearts out before Him truthfully, including all the yucky stuff, ‘trying to be positive’ and ‘trying to be happy all the time’ actually leads us away from God.

And away from living life as our authentic selves.

And that is no mitzvah at all.


Rav Natan’s dictum can also apply to information coming in from the outside.

If you have information that suggests that the world operates according to the Torah’s account of creation, that stands to reason it’s going to strengthen  your faith in the Creator, and bring you closer to God.

And the opposite is also true.

Which brings me to the idea of ‘geocentrism’ vs ‘heliocentrism’.


The blog is not keeping up with my reading, but to cut a very long story short, ‘heliocentrism’ – the idea that the earth revolves around the sun – has ALWAYS been a pagan, anti-Torah idea.

It was in Egypt before it got to Greece, and ‘sun worship’ has been a standard feature of most pagan religions since the dawn of time.

BH, at some point I will put more meat on these basic bones, but heliocentrism has ALWAYS been a tool to pry people away from God, and away from the Torah’s account of creation.

There is literally nothing new under the sun.


So, when we read all these accounts from NASA, and all this stuff from ‘astronomers’, and all this stuff from demonically-inspired mystics ‘channelling’ the ‘wisdom of Atlantis’ about how the universe is really working…..

We have to stop for a moment, and see what all these people are saying in relation to heliocentrism.

If their version of the world is based on the idea that the earth is circling the sun, we already know they are totally wrong about a huge component of their assumed ‘space reality’.

And if they can’t get something as basic as this right…. then why should we believe anything else they say?

Even if they aren’t deliberately going out to decieve and tear down the Torah’s account of creation – which at this point, is a huge ‘if’ – why would we trust the ideas of people who are clearly not dealing with the Torah’s version of reality?


BH, more and more people out there are starting to trust the whisperings of their soul, telling them that NASA and ‘heliocentrism’,  and ‘space aliens’ and all the rest is anti-Torah baloney.

But it’s still a very difficult birur, because the brainwashing starts so young, and is so all-encompassing.

On that score, I came across this video, that clearly shows footage of the sun streaking above the stationary earth.

To be clear, Torah sources allow for the earth to be all sorts of shapes, including flat and spherical.

But what no-one argues about is that the earth is the centre of creation, and that the sun revolves around us – geocentrism – not the other way around.


Take a look, especially from the 12 minute mark onwards, if you are in a rush.

God literally created the whole world for us.

Just, the Evils keep trying to tell us it’s all random, pointless, meaningless…

Don’t believe them.


PS: It’s interesting to see the Youtube ‘damage limitation’ going on around the idea of geocentrism.

Here’s the ‘context’ they stuck underneath this video, above:


Take note of the name ‘Pythagoras’, in relation to the ‘spherical earth’ idea.

We will come back to him shortly.

His name pops up a lot, when dealing with black magic masquerading as pseudo-science – and that’s still happening today.



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Going forward, I think things are going to get a little scary.

And, I think that ‘scary’ is starting to surface in the subconscious of even the most resolute ‘think good, and it will be good’ kind of people.

Because at some point, the dinner party ends, and you have to go outside to see what all the fuss is about…


I can see that happening in a whole bunch of ways, already.

I see upbeat, ‘spiritual’ people who are now smoking like chimneys and looking pretty haggard – while still telling me that ‘anyone with emuna knows this is going to be a fantastic process unfolding’.

Well, yes it is.

(At least, if you believe in God, really do have emuna that ‘everything is for the best’ – even when that’s painful and horrible, and are working on your own bad middot and staying close to the True Tzaddikim….)

But even for those kinds of people – it’s still going to be pretty scary.


So, I am trying to make a conscious decision here on the blog, to talk about SOLUTIONS, and not just problems.

We’ll start to flesh the whole ‘demons running the world’ thing out in more posts, BH.

But before we continue with that, let me bring you some possible solutions, for how we deal with all these demonic forces.

(Taken from THIS blog post, I wrote a few weeks back:)

I want to leave you with a few pertinent snippets from One in a Generation Volume II.

Snippet 1, is a quote from Rav Berland himself, from January 21, 2015:

If someone would see how many demons and spirits [there are in every square meter of the world], even a little, then immediately his soul would leave him.

Therefore, Hashem gave us the ability not to see.

And now is the time when all of the demons and spirits are coming out of the bottle and are bursting forth. All of the terrorists are demons and spirits. All of Hamas and all of Al-Qaida and all of ISIS, they are demons and spirits.

[When a person is reciting the Shema,] he needs to have the proper intention, he needs to have proper attention when saying Hashem Aechad [God is one]. AecHaD also stand for: Al-Qaida, Hamas and Da-ash (the Arabic name for ISIS). A person needs to have the correct intention that Hashem Aechad, God is One.

If a person has the intention that God is One, then he will excise all of Al-Qaida, all of Hamas, and all of Da-ash (ISIS), [those] who decapitate others, and kill children and babies.”




And this is from Volume I:


Rav Yehuda Zerachia Halevi Segal, zt” l, was a head kabbalist of the previous generation, and a man who was known to have ruach hakodesh. After Rav Levi Yitzchak’s passing, Rav Berland found himself at the center of a storm of hatred, evil speech, and controversy that had been created by his self-styled opponents in the Breslov Meah Shearim shul.

Rav Segal decided to intercede, to try to end the machlokes. On one occasion on 4 Kislev, 5752 (November 11, 1991), he wrote a letter to Rav Yaakov Meir Shecter, the official head of the community in the Breslov shul, where he emphasized how important it was to have peaceful relations within the Breslov community, and that the rectification of the world (tikkun olam) depended on this.

Rav Segal wrote:

“The very high level of piousness and avodas Hashem of the gaon and tzaddik Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, is well known to me. It’s forbidden to harm an angel of God…and Rabbeinu Hakadosh (Rebbe Nachman) is extremely upset about recent events…The honor of Rabbeinu Hakadosh forces me to intercede and protest about what is going on.”

Rav Yehuda Segal once told Rav Michael Goll, one of the Rav’s students and the Rosh Yeshivah of Meginei Eretz, the following:

“You should know, wherever I go, the demonic forces run 200 meters away from me. But wherever Rav Berland goes, the demonic forces run many thousands of meters away from him. That is the enormous power of his holiness!”


In the next few posts, BH, I’ll have some  more tachlis solutions, real stuff real people can do, to keep out of the grip of the evil forces in the world.

Most of it revolves around the same old stuff I always talk about, i.e. working on bad middot, avoiding drugs and other addictive substances, and staying far away from the most potent sources of tumah.

But I have new info to ‘flesh out’ more of these ideas, specifically how it all connects to demonic entitites.

But the main piece of advice before we get into that, the main solution, is STAY CLOSE TO THE TRUE TZADDIKIM.

And in particular, to Rebbe Nachman and Rav Berland.


It’s struck me more than once that this quote from the late R Yehuda Segal is maybe at least part of why the Rav puts such an emphasis on living in Jerusalem.

Let’s pull it out again:

“You should know, wherever I go, the demonic forces run 200 meters away from me. But wherever Rav Berland goes, the demonic forces run many thousands of meters away from him. That is the enormous power of his holiness!”

This reassures me every time I think about what might be going on here – which honestly scares me.

Even though I work on my emuna etc, the thought of these ‘forces of evil’ manifest really still scares me.

But then, I remember that they are actually just working for God – that’s the emuna solution.

And then, I remember Rabbenu’s tale about the people who are in the circle of the True Tzaddik being protected from the harm these demons cause.

And then, I remember this quote from R Segal:

Wherever Rav Berland goes, the demonic forces run many thousands of meters away from him.


Go back and re-read this article:


Here’s a pertinent snippet – but really, go back and read it all:

Demons look like human beings, but really aren’t.

They have zero real emuna and faith in Hashem (the ‘chicken feet’ = atheists), and they are organized as crime families and syndicates. You’ll find demons in the middle of abortions…. And in the middle of hurting children and other people… And in locations where men are lured to be ‘entrapped’ with harlots…. And demons love ‘devices’ and can listen in on people’s conversations, fly all over the world and appear to be totally untouchable. The last thing to tell you about demons is probably the most important.

In Rebbe Nachman’s tale, he explains that the human beings who are with the Jewish Sage who stands up to the King Demon, and who are within his ‘circle’, are safe from the harm demons can do.

Rebbe Nachman tells us:

“The demons approached, but they could not come near [the humans] because of the circle [that the wise man had made] around them. [The King Demon] sent other messengers, but they also failed.”


This isn’t just a ‘nice story’, a fairy tale, from Rebbe Nachman.

It’s literally advice on how you protect yourself, going forward.

Get in the Tzaddik’s circle, pronto, and take yourself away from demon-infested ‘civilisation’ (especially social media…)

OK, you don’t live in Israel, you don’t live in Jerusalem – I get it.

But you can STILL get in the Tzaddik’s circle, by learning his teachings, following his ‘advice’ on how to live life, binding yourself to the True Tzaddikim, helping the Tzaddik anyway you can, spiritually and materially.

That’s how a person really gets in the circle, in any case.

Rebbe Nachman makes this clear again and again and again, that it’s not actually the ‘personal contact’ that’s important – it’s the inner dimension.

Which means, you do an hour of hitbodedut a day (try to…) you read your 3 Tikkun Haklalis a day (try to….) if the Rav says go to Hevron to pray – you try to do that, or join the livestream from wherever you live.

If he says smash your iPhone, you try to do that…

If he says ‘avoid lashon hara’ – you try to do that…

The list goes on and on.

And that ‘inner dimension’ is what really counts, here.


Yesterday, someone sent me an article about how tons of secular Israelis are rushing to leave the country, and to go and live in Greece, before Israel turns into ‘a dictatorship’.

These people always wanted a ‘Greek Israel’, and now that the religious Jews here are multiplying, I guess they have decided to cut their losses to have an ‘Israeli Greece’ instead.

But the Shechina is HERE, in the Holy Land.

And it’s part of the birur process, that these anti-Torah, anti-God people are now leaving in droves, to a place where they can have the Greek, atheist lifestyle in the sun they always dreamed of.

They are kicking themselves out of the protective circle that is Eretz Yisrael.

And as the months go by, more and more ‘secular lefties’ are joining them.


Good things are happening, under the surface, if you look below all the ‘anarchy’, chaos and orchestrated ‘street violence’.

(BTW, it’s getting harder and harder to spot the differences between Leftists setting the Ayalon on fire (with fireworks…), Palestinians setting Silwan on fire (with fireworks…) and French rioters setting Paris on fire (with fireworks…)

BH, let’s not fall into the trap of thinking behaving like animals is going to solve our problems.

Let’s keep our camp holy and pure, stuck to Hashem and His Torah, and using prayer and teshuva, instead of demonically-inspired violence, to wage our battles.

On that note, that’s enough for today.

Fast well, if you’re doing that.

In the next post, we’re going to take a closer look at how ‘demonic forces’ exploit a person’s bad middot to literally take them over.



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