It’s blowing a gale here, in Jerusalem.


The ‘wind of change’ again.

Something very ‘big’ is stirring up again, and I think we can all feel it, in large and small ways.

Today, the Rav said in the morning prayers that there is a very big gezeira (decree) against ‘the enemies of Am Yisrael’ – he was speaking euphemistically.

He said people need to be saying a lot of tehillim, for the Jewish people right now.

I’ve switched my praying routine around a little, to make sure I do the three tikkun haklalis straight after my morning brachot, to ensure they get done.


In the meantime, at my art class this week, the conversation started up about someone who’d just come back from a doctor’s appointment where they were told they had crishat dam – an embolism.

Here’s the definition of that, from here:

An embolism is the lodging of an embolus, a blockage-causing piece of material, inside a blood vessel.

The embolus may be a blood clot (thrombus), a fat globule (fat embolism), a bubble of air or other gas (gas embolism), amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid embolism), or foreign material. An embolism can cause partial or total blockage of blood flow in the affected vessel. Such a blockage (vascular occlusion) may affect a part of the body distant from the origin of the embolus.


The woman with the embolism said she thought she got it from ‘the vaccine’.

Then my teacher (fully vaccinated; lost her husband last year and also had cancer herself for the first time….) quickly shot that down:

It seems like everyone is blaming everything on the vaccine these days….

Then, a nurse on maternity leave from A+E spoke up and told us all:

The difference is, we never used to see young people with embolisms. And now, I’m seeing tons of young people with ‘crishat dam’ in the A+E all the time, since these vaccines.

The teacher abruptly changed the subject.


In case you missed that video from Dr Andrew Moulden (suicided in 2013, for obvious reasons), here it is again:


The key points to note is the Dr Moulden identified, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that ALL the vaccines being given were causing ‘mini strokes’ at the capillary level, in everyone who was receiving them.

Very long story short, the strange ‘eye popping out’ and drooping lips that have become way more common post Covid-19, are clear signs of brain damage.

That brain damage shows up in ALL vaccine injured people, in different ways, and it’s directly connected to ‘ischemia’.

Here’s the definition of that, from Wiki:

Ischemia or ischaemia is a restriction in blood supply to any tissue, muscle group, or organ of the body, causing a shortage of oxygen that is needed for cellular metabolism (to keep tissue alive).

Ischemia is generally caused by problems with blood vessels, with resultant damage to or dysfunction of tissue i.e. hypoxia and microvascular dysfunction.


Moulden explained that ischemia – restricted blood supply – is what is causing the autism, the strokes, the heart attacks, the ‘Sudden Infant Death Syndrome’, the cancer, the dementia….all of it.

And he said this well over a decade ago, before they ‘suicided him’ to shut him up.

So now you know, why strokes, heart attacks, turbo cancer and ‘died suddenly’ has now shot through the roof.

In a word, ischemia.


This is very useful information, for anyone trying to figure out what they can try to do, to stay healthy.

‘Ischemia’ is also what was causing my husband’s out-of-control foot sores.

Whenever the blood flow isn’t getting to a part of the body, you have a real problem.

What’s the solution to this?


Miracle Mineral Solution?

Borox and apple cidar vinegar?

Colloidal gold?

I have no idea…


All I can tell you, from my own experience, is that the Miracle Mineral Solution cleared up my overwhelming fatigue last year, after a couple of weeks, and also got rid of the ‘head fog’.

And I’m also finding calcium bentonite clay very useful, and it did wonders with my husband’s foot infection (together with the raw garlic).

I would LOVE for someone with the equipment and expertise to start doing some experiments, in real time, to demonstrate how things like clay and MMS may be impacting ‘ischemia’.

I am thinking out loud here, but could it be the trace metals in this clay may be able to ‘reverse the charge’ that’s causing the blood cells to stick together, when the body has been pumped full of the GO in these shots?

Read THIS.


[R]ather than the physical particles of the clays (such as their absorptive ability), it is the metal ions attached to the clay and ‘freed’ by coming into contact with skin, that are likely responsible for its potent antibacterial properties.


In the meantime.

If you are wondering how they are getting all this GO in our food – even the vegetables, apparently – take a look at THIS explanation of GO-based  ‘nanoadditives’, that can be sprayed all over our food:

[T]he range offers an innovative range of nano-carbon nanoadditives that can be a true industrial revolution by incorporating the innovative NCRM nano-compound that incorporates Graphene, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanofibers into a wide range of polymers. This range is completed with nano-graphite based additives…

A good example is our anti-bacterial solutions that, by means of the release of active ionic Silver, allow any surface to be biologically decontaminated and that the biocidal element itself is incorporated into the matrix of these polymers, which is suitable for contact with food.


A reader flagged that ‘colloidal gold’ might be a dangerous red herring… we’ll have to wait and see what the researchers come back with.

But in the meantime – these nanoadditives are being added to everything, including the fruit and veg, to keep them ‘sterile’ and prolong their shelf-life.

(Oh, and also to get enough GO in your system so you can be transmuted into a borg and remote controlled via the internet. Of course.)



There is no despair in the world!

But in the meantime, the more people start saying their Tikkun Haklalis, and getting behind the Rav, the better and easier this next stage goes.

There is a wind of change blowing.

Big things are going to start happening again.

BH, God should change everything around for the good.


BTW, here’s two things that took my eye on Twitter:


And remember all this ‘misinformation’, we were fed in 2020 and 2021?

Look at this again, and understand just how much our politicians, scientists and doctors lied to us all…. on purpose.


How are these people not all in jail already?


And lastly – look at this.

This is what happens when mercury and aluminium combine.

Is this another possible explanation for all the blood clots and strange, fibrous material growing in people’s arteries?

Again, just thinking out loud, but it really looks similar to the white fibrous material being pulled out of cadavers by embalmers.

And as most people were pro ‘vaccination’ before Covid 19, that might also explain why some of these things are turning up in people who may not have had the Covid 19 shots. Interesting…



A reader sent me this, about what they are finding effective to help combat poor circulation and improve blood flow (posting up with permission):

Regarding your recent post and restricted blood flow, I use herbal tinctures.
My husband has always had problems with circulation to his lower extremities and he even developed discoloring around his ankle on one side.  I order from Herb Pharm but there are several other companies that I trust for their tinctures….but anyway I ordered for him one called Warming Circulation.  It’s for Cardio& Circulation.  It has an extract blend of Ginkgo Biloba, Eleuthero Root, Rosemary leafy tip, Ginger rhyzome, and Prickly Ask Bark.  He just started on his 2nd bottle and he asked me to order more….the discoloration has reduced.
I used herbal tinctures for my medicine…..I developed a heart issue and did not follow thru with the medical tests or go back to the cardio, but started researching and ordered hawthorne and hibiscus tinctures and Motherwort tincture ….I don’t have palpatations any longer and and dont feel stress in that area any more, baruch Hashem.
Of course, all healing comes from Him, but I believe his plants and herbs are good medicine.

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Remember a few weeks ago, there was all those stories of a ‘snow bomb’ that had hit America?

Or was it a ‘snow cyclone’ that was going to hit NYC, dropping 20 inches of snow?

I can’t remember all the dramatic (and false…) headlines any more.

But now look at this:



I am shocked, just shocked, that the media totally lied to everyone again, as they keep trying to get us to believe in ‘man-made climate change’.

(That is related to carbon emissions, as opposed to the military daily spraying graphene oxide nanoparticles down from the skies… Funny how nobody ever mentions ‘geoengineering’ by our governments and militaries, when they are talking about stopping ‘man made climate change’.)

Point is:

There is a ton of fear porn going on at the moment, and 99% is total rubbish, government-sponsored propaganda.


And then, there is the 1% of stuff that is also scary – pretty darned scary! – but demands our attention because it happens to be true.

I just came across a set of three videos from the late Dr Andrew Moulden – a neurologist who started researching what harm was actually being caused by all vaccinations, not just the graphene-oxide heavy ones we are currently having to deal with.

Understanding Dr. Andrew Moulden’s work is a must.

He PROVED that every vaccine produces a micro-stroke in the brain leading to disorders like autism, Bell’s Palsy, droopy eye, and other nervous system damage. He was not only ignored and ridiculed, but murdered by the goons that force this poison on the ignorant.
Source: Amandha Vollmer


Update: The old video wasn’t working.

Try this one:


I was amazed at how much I learnt, watching this man speak.

He was ‘suicided’ almost a decade ago.


How do we keep sane, in this mad world of ours?

Hitbodedut, hitbodedut, hitbodedut.

Because otherwise, our bad middot and tendency to lie to ourselves about a bunch of things that makes us feel ‘uncomfortable’, or that would necessitate some big changes in our lives, will obscure the real truth every single time.


On Shabbat, a ‘scientific minded’ friend of ours was trying to explain to me how Eratosthenes experiment with the sticks and the sun worked.

First, you have to understand sine and cosine.

This from Wiki, if you have no idea what that is:

In mathematics, sine and cosine are trigonometric functions of an angle.

The sine and cosine of an acute angle are defined in the context of a right triangle: for the specified angle, its sine is the ratio of the length of the side that is opposite that angle to the length of the longest side of the triangle (the hypotenuse), and the cosine is the ratio of the length of the adjacent leg to that of the hypotenuse.

You have to get the ratio first, then you can extrapolate that out to infinity.

He took a napkin, folded it into a triangle, and started showing me how the shadows cast by Eratosthenes’ sticks showed how big the ‘globe earth’ was.


I asked him a question:

How did Eratosthenes work that out, when he had no idea how far away the sun actually is from the earth?

I.e., he had no idea of the length of the hypotenuse, because he had no idea what the distance was from the earth to the sun.

It’s a simple question.

He couldn’t give me a simple answer.

Or any answer, actually.

Instead, he started telling me I should go and learn physics.


That guy knew we’d hit a big problem.

We’d hit something that totally blew the theory of how Eratosthenes came to his conclusions out of the water.

And instead of at least acknowledging the truth, the guy decided to fall back on blaming me for ‘not understanding science’.


When I worked in the government, writing speeches for Ministers, I learned very quickly that when someone knows their stuff, they can sum up the basic idea in a sentence.

And when they don’t…. then five x five hundred page policy reports is not enough to make the point, and land the punch, and answer the simple question.

Because ‘the answer’ doesn’t exist.


Without hitbodedut, insanity reigns.

Let’s just touch on one more ‘insane’ topic – the idea that Israel can somehow get rid of all its problems with violence by ‘transporting Palestinians’ out of the country (aka: ethnic cleansing).

Now, if God says to do that, all well and good. Do it immediately!

But when I hear people who I believe to be otherwise sane touting that as a ‘solution’ to Israel’s terrorism problem, I literally cringe.

Our ‘terrorism problem’ is being sponsored by our own governments and military, who know it’s a wonderful way to divide and conquer, while imposing more and more restrictions and controls on the general population.

That ‘great idea’ to execute terrorists – you know who they are really going to execute, if it ever becomes a law?

Jewish ‘terrorists’.

Climate change ‘terrorists’.

Vaccine-denying ‘terrorists’.

That’s who.


We live in a very tightly controlled police state.

Ergo, the police is controlling the terrorism, for political purposes.

That is why the ‘terrorist on’ button has been pressed right now, they want to use it to introduce more horrible laws that will then be used against you and me.

(Ditto all the ridiculous articles about Israel ‘needing martial law’ to deal with the terrorist problem. Scripted straight out of the Shabak basement! Priceless.)


All these problems disappear, when we make some real teshuva.

When we stop lying to ourselves, in a million different ways.

When we have the humility to accept that we need to start following the true Tzaddikim, and that people like Meir Kahane were not right about a lot of things.

In a nutshell, we need more God, not more guns.


But accepting that idea, in itself, requires a lot of teshuva and soul-searching.

I hope that starts to happen.

(Not holding my breath….)


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Over Shabbat, I re-read a book called ‘New Heavens and a New Earth’.

I first read it a couple of years ago, but each time I go through all this stuff again, I glean more useful insights. While the author, Jeremy Brown, clearly believes ‘Copernicus was right’, I give him very high marks for actually trying to write the book in as ‘neutral’ a mode as he can.

And he brings a ton of relevant Jewish sources.

Let me set out the basic things I learned, and then we’ll get down to the sources themselves.


  1. There are authentic Jewish sources for both a ‘flat earth’, a spherical earth ‘celestial sphere’ (more on that shortly) and also Rebbe Nachman’s ‘dreidel’ earth.

Today, I realised that the SHAPE of the earth is not where the main argument is at all, and you can believe any of the above and be in line with authentic Jewish sources (you’ll see why, in a moment.)



This idea was Copernicus’ big ‘chiddush’ – and there is not one credible Jewish sources from before the last 200 years that supports this idea.

(More on ‘who is supporting heliocentrism in Jewish community’ shortly).

If you believe in ‘heliocentrism’ as opposed to ‘geocentrism’ – you are have a big spiritual problem on your hands.


3. Whether you believe the earth is spinning around in place – like a dreidel – or is totally stationary, either of these ideas have authentic rabbinic support.



These are the basic ideas I learned from our authentic Torah sources.

So now, let’s take a look at some of them, including what the Rambam actually said, about ‘spherical earth’ (the really interesting bits are bolded).

(From ‘Mishneh Torah’, Hilchot Yesodei HaTorah, Chapter 3, 1-4):

The heavens are called shamayim, rakia, zevul and aravort, and they contain nine [concentric] spheres.

The sphere that is closest to us is the sphere of the Moon. The second sphere beyond that is of Mercury, the third is of Venus, and fourth sphere is that of the Sun. The fifth sphere is that of Mars, the sixth that of Jupiter, the seventh that of Saturn.

And the eighth sphere, called rakia, contains all the stars seen in the sky. The ninth sphere is that which turns each day from east to west, which encircles all the others and which moves all of them.

The explanation for the fact that all the stars appear as if they are in the same sphere – even though they actually lay one above the other, is that the spheres are absolutely clear as glass, so that a star in the eighth sphere could appear to be in the first.

All these spheres that orbit the Earth are spherical, like a ball, with the Earth suspended in the center.


So much for all those who like to claim Rambam as somehow ‘supporting’ Copernicus and heliocentrism.

Now, take a look at the Gemara, Pesachim 94b, where there is a whole, very complicated, discussion about the thickness and properties of the rakia, as well as the properties of the zodiac.

Here’s a very small snippet from the footnotes in the Artscroll version – I highly recommend you take a look yourselves:

“The Gemara below (94b) records a dispute between the Jewish and the gentile [i.e. Greek] Sages regarding the movement of the sun.

The Jewish sages maintained that at night, after the sun sets in the west, it passes through the thickness of the rakia (i.e. the celestial sphere), emerges behind it and travels back from west to east, obscured from the earth by the opaqueness of the sphere [i.e. the rakia].

In the morning it reaches the East, passes back through the thickness of the rakia, and emerges inside it, where it becomes visible on earth as it rises over the horizon.

The gentile [i.e. Greek] Sages on the other hand, maintained the the sun rotates around the earth, passing below the earth at night.”


There is a ton of info there, but it’s very complicated, I don’t really understand most of it, other than to tell you that it’s the furthest from Copernicus and ‘heliocentrism’ that you can get.

But try and apply what I brought above to the ‘flat earth’ map of Gleason, and see if you get anywhere:


Here’s a few more sources in the Gemara to check out:

  • Tractate Yoma 54b: “R’ Eleazar opined that the world was created from the center outward, while R’ Joshua declared that the world was created from the edges inward. This dispute is only intelligible if the world is flat.
  • Chagigah 12a-b: A whole discussion about the creation of Heaven and Earth, and the Seven Heavens. This is just a brief snippet – please take a look yourself:
    • “Reish Lakish says: There are seven heavens and they are the following: 1) VILON (curtain), 2) RAKIA (sky), 3) SHEHAKIM (mills), 4) ZVUL (residence), 5) MAON (abode), 6) MACHON (arsenal), 7) ARAVOT (plains). [Reish Lakish begins to explain each] The first heaven, curtain, serves no purpose except that it enters its enclosure in the morning and emerges to cover the sky in the evening and thus renews the work of Creation every day.”


And there’s a bunch of references in Psalms and elsewhere about the ‘fixed’ nature of the earth, like this, from Pirkei DeRabbi Eleazar, Chapter 3, which jibes nicely with the ‘flat earth’ model, and the ice wall surrounding the oceans:

“The beams that hold the sky are embedded in the ocean. The waters of the ocean stand between the end of the sky and the end of the Earth, and the ends of the sky are spread over the ocean.”


In the discussion about the rakia from Pesachim 94b, the Sages there Jewish give various measurements for the thickness of the rakia that range from about 1,000 miles to 2,500 miles….

I was pondering that, when I remembered a strange set of experiments carried out by the USA in 1962, called: Operation Fishbowl.

They basically sent a massive amount of nukes up into the rakia, trying to blow a hole in…. what, exactly?

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Johnston Island was a remote location, more distant from populated areas than other potential test locations. In order to protect residents of the Hawaiian Islands from flash blindness or permanent retinal injury from the bright nuclear flash, the nuclear missiles of Operation Fishbowl were launched generally toward the southwest of Johnston Island so that the detonations would be farther from Hawaii.



Hawaii just happens to be the place nearest to the ice wall, when you look at Gleason’s map, above.



In the next post, I have a ton of information to share about where this anti-Torah ‘heliocentric’ idea came from, specifically in terms of how it started to infect the Jewish world.

It’s going to be an epic post.

But in the meantime – lots more to think about, but hopefully lots more clarity, about what the real issue is.

Again, it’s not so much the shape of earth – flat plain suspended in a crystalline ‘sphere’? Spherical earth? – but a question of Torah-true  ‘earth centric’ or heretical Greek ‘sun centric’.




A reader sent me this, and I really liked it, so I’m sticking it up here.

That ‘bottom point’ of the dreidel is the Tzaddik Yesod HaOlam.

And then, we have the 36 (or some say 72) Lamed Vav Tzaddikim.

And then, the Jewish people – who are so, so, so on the bottom, but this is the ‘olam hafuch’, the upside-down world, where those on the bottom are really on the top, spiritually, and vice-versa.

And the whole world revolves around our connection with Hashem – i.e. our spiritual level and Torah learning, and prayers, and mitzvot, and working on our emuna and on overcoming our bad middot is truly keeping the world spinning around. The whole world is made for us! And what we believe, and how we act, affects the whole of creation, mamash.

Think about what’s written here – it’s awesome. No wonder the heretics are trying to obscure this fundamental truth, about the true nature of the world.




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I will pick up heliocentrism and Jewish heretics next week, BH.

I am exploring some new avenues of information linking both together, which is already proving extremely interesting – but needs quite a bit of spade work before I can ‘lay it out nicely’ to share with you, so you can come to your own conclusions.

In the the meantime, let’s just get back to the meat for a mo.


Someone asked one of Rav Berland’s gabbays about the frankenchicken.

Long story short, he was told that the Rav looked into it, and is still eating chicken.

I don’t have more details than that.

But, they also asked what hechsherim the Rav is eating himself, and this is the answer:

Eida Chareidit, Rubin, Landau, are top
Kehillot and Machfud are probably also ok

We know the rabbis make the reality.

The problem is, so many of our rabbis are currently Erev Rav fakers, it’s very hard to know if the ‘reality’ they are making is a good, holy one, or not.

Each person has to continue to do their hitbodedut, and to ask God to show them the truth.

What I can tell you, is that I recognised a lot of the names in the ‘frankenchicken’ pamphlet as belonging to people who ‘excommunicated’ the Rav.

And that gave me pause for thought right from the start, that these people may not be coming from a good place, spiritually.

Because ‘extra chumrot’ is also a Sabbatean thing, to make yiddishkeit so burdensome that people give up and drop out.


In the meantime, my husband sent me this:

In a groundbreaking ruling, Israel’s Chief Rabbi David Lau stated that the cultured meat produced by Israeli food tech company Aleph Farms is pareve.

However, in order for it to be defined as such, the company, which produces its products from stem cells, will have to declare the meat to be vegetarian.

– Jpost.


HERE‘s the actual headline:


It’s up to you if you rely on this ‘psak’ from David Lau.

Let’s just say, I’m not.

At all.

(Go look at his family tree, btw, you’ll find it VERY INTERESTING!!!!)


And while I was typing this, another reader, Alizah, sent me this from HERE:



“In particular if its shape will be similar to meat in taste and smell, [then Jews should] treat this cultured meat as stricter and define it as kosher, but not pareve, for the purpose of mixing it, cooking it and eating it with dairy products.”

….In addition to cheeseburgers, cells taken from pigs may also be deemed kosher for Jewish consumption. Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, a recognized authoritative figure on Halacha (Torah law), suggested this may be the case.

“When the cell of a pig is used and its genetic material is utilized in the production of food, the cell, in fact, loses its original identity and therefore cannot be defined as forbidden for consumption,” Rabbi Cherlow said at a conference titled, “Science and Halacha” in 2018. “It wouldn’t even be meat, so you can consume it with dairy.”


Yuval Cherlow came out with a number of shocking statements during Covid 19.

Like this:



The sanctions proposed by Cherlow, who is a leading ethicist in Israel, would consist of keeping people from frequenting business establishments like retailers and public transportation. Businesses, he explained, should be allowed to ask customers for proof that they’ve been vaccinated, and public transport and flights have an ethical obligation to turn away those who haven’t been vaccinated.


Maybe, we need to re-define the word ‘ethicist’.

Or at least, to understand that not all ‘ethicists’ with a rabbinic title are actually preaching ‘ethics’ that have any connection to what is good and true and moral.

HERE is his page on the ‘Elijah Interfath Institute’ website, who are hoping to build their massive interfaith centre in the heart of Meah Shearim, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem.

Those who will understand, understood how all this is linked.


So, it’s up to you if you want to believe ‘religious zionist’ rabbis who are telling you pigs are kosher.

Personally, I don’t.

At all.

And it’s up to you, if you want to believe fanatics from Meah Shearim who are telling you that nothing today is really kosher, including chickens.

The rabbis – the real rabbis – make the reality.


But we can see how this dance of despair works, can’t we?

On the one hand, we have the ‘religious fanatics’ making the yoke of yiddishkeit so hard to bear, potentially, we all just feel like giving up on keeping kosher, because it’s too hard to do it properly, so what’s the point???

And on the other, we have the modernising ‘religious zionists’ who work for the Frankist-Freemason State of Israel telling us that pigs are now kosher.

There is nothing new under the sun.

And as different as they look, and pretend to be, they are actually just both working for the same boss, trying to pull Jews away from the Torah and God, and our true Tzaddikim.


A lot of pieces of this puzzle are really starting to come together.

BH, when I put the stuff together about who has been pushing ‘heliocentrism’ in the Jewish community  – for millenia! – I think the penny will start to fall big time, for a lot of us, that everything we’ve been covering here on the blog is connected, in some profound ways.

And that those hellenising Sadduccess never went away, never stopped attacking ‘the perushim’, and never stopped trying to force Am Yisrael to ‘modernise’ and assimilate, in a million different ways.

Both by joining forces with our enemies without, and by trying to subvert our ‘Holy of Holies’ from within.

There is nothing new under the sun.

More on that soon, BH.


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It’s interesting to me, how many of us are worried that believing in a ‘flat earth’ may somehow go against the Torah view of the world.

In this post, I’m going to try and bring as many of the sources I can find (easily!) together, so we can see ‘what is Torah thinking’ and ‘what is Greek thinking’.

Again, our job is to really engage with these sources, and to continue to ask God to show us the truth.

While that sounds easy, it’s actually way, way harder than most of us think. Because we have certain assumptions about how the world works that were inculcated in us from childhood. And it takes a very brave person, to really be willing to follow the truth wherever it might take them.

Let’s begin.


Let’s start with the idea of the ‘spherical world’.

I found THIS article that brings together a lot of the original sources, apparently from a more ‘Torah’ perspective. (Pay attention, to how much our Torah world is being deeply colored by ‘Greek thinking’.)

It’s called: What the Sages Knew About the Shape of the World.

But they start by bringing the ‘real science’ from the Greeks:

The first to recognize the spherical nature of Earth was Pythagoras, who lived in the 6th century BCE; see Encyclopedia Hebraica, entry “Pythagoras,” p. 805….

Eratosthenes, who lived in the 3rd century BCE…even calculated the circumference of the planet Earth; see in Encyclopedia Hebraica, entry Eratosthenes, p. 801, about how brilliantly he calculated it.

Thus it is written about him: “Eratosthenes’s calculations — despite their inexactitude, inescapable in the conditions under which his measurements were made — are one of the most amazing astronomico-geographical calculations, and it gave science an (approximate) idea of the planet Earth’s size.”…


Let’s just pause a moment to point out the obvious:

There is NO WAY Eratosthenes could have taken any measurements, in the real world, or got any data, in the real world, that would have enabled him to ‘calculate the circumference of the planet Earth’, no matter how ‘brilliant’ his equations might have been.

This is pseudo-science.

In case you were wondering how Eratosthenes pulled all this off, here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

He is best known for being the first person known to calculate the circumference of the Earth, which he did by using the extensive survey results he could access in his role at the Library; his calculation was remarkably accurate.

He was also the first to calculate Earth’s axial tilt, which has also proved to have remarkable accuracy. He created the first global projection of the world, incorporating parallels and meridians based on the available geographic knowledge of his era.


In plain English: all those calculations were theoretical, made-up.

And today, there is still not a single shred of evidence in the real world that prove those calculations about the circumference of the earth, and the ‘Earth’s axial tilt’ is true.

Here’s how Eratosthenes is meant to have come to his conclusions:

Eratosthenes described his arc measurement technique, in a book entitled On the measure of the Earth, which has not been preserved. However, a simplified version of the method has been preserved, as described by Cleomedes….

The simplified method works by considering two cities along the same meridian and measuring both the distance between them and the difference in angles of the shadows cast by the sun on a vertical rod (a gnomon) in each city at noon on the summer solstice.

The two cities used were Alexandria and Syene (modern Aswan), and the distance between the cities was measured by professional bematists.

A geometric calculation reveals that the circumference of the Earth is the distance between the two cities divided by the difference in shadow angles expressed as a fraction of one turn.


There is a lot on the web debunking the empirical nature of this experiment, but this one point should suffice to demonstrate the problem:

For Eratosthenes to be able to measure the Earth’s circumference, even assuming that he knew that the Earth was a sphere, he MUST also have known the size of the Sun and the distance between the Sun and the Earth.

And he didn’t. Nobody did.

But a bunch of heretical Greek philosophers had basically decided ‘the earth is a sphere’, and they spent the next few centuries making theoretical calculations basked on pseudo-scientific ‘experiments’ to prove themselves right.


Let’s get back to the article about What the Sages Knew About the Shape of the Earth.

It continues like this:

Earth’s spherical shape was clear and known to the Greeks, as we stated above, but to our rabbis these matters were not at all clear and unambiguous, as we will show.

Bottom line: spherical earth is a GREEK idea, not a Torah one.


In the Gemara, Chagiga 12a, it is written:

“Rabbi Elazar said: Adam reached from the earth to the firmament, as it says, ‘From the day G-d created Man upon the earth’ (Deuteronomy 4:32). But since he became corrupted, the holy One, blessed be He, placed His hand upon him and made him smaller, as it says, ‘You shaped me before and behind, You laid Your hand upon me’ (Psalms 139:5).

Rav Judah said in the name of Rav: Adam reached from one end of the world to another [Rashi: When he was prone, his head was in the east and his feet in the west], as it says, ‘From the day G-d created Man upon the earth and from one edge of the heavens to the other edge of the heavens….’ 


The Gemara explicitly states that Earth is flat, for the first man laid prone from “the end of the world” in the east to “the end of the world” in the west.

Thus is written in the Shvut Ya’akov responsa (by R’ Jacob Reischer, born c. 1670), part 3, paragraph 20: “The words [of the Greek astronomers] are based on the notion of Earth as a sphere, in contradiction to what the discussion of this topic in our Talmud (Chagiga 12a) implies.


Here’s another source that article brings (and then basically mocks….):

R’ Zerachiah HaLevi of Gerona (12th century) wrote in his commentary HaMaor HaGadol on tractate Rosh Hashanah 20b (found in regular editions of the Talmud on the pages of the Rif’s commentary), explaining the secrets of intercalation of years:

“The first [point] is the eastern edge [of the dry land]; its inhabitants live at the ocean’s edge in the east. The second point is opposite the first, at the western edge [of the dry land]; its inhabitants also live at the ocean’s edge, but in the west. The third point is between the first two and is called the navel of the earth; its inhabitants are those who live in Jerusalem and all of the Land of Israel. And the fourth point is opposite the third, under the earth; it is also between the first two points, and is called the navel or the heart of the sea, or the point of the depths.

Between each point of these four and the one opposite it there is a distance of 12 hours…and from each point to the next one there is a distance of six hours…When it is morning for the residents of the east, it will not be morning for Jerusalem residents until six hours later.”


Let’s pause to take a look at this:


This is Gleason’s New Standard Map of the World, put together in 1892.

Yesterday, I spent an hour reading through THIS – it’s a detailed PDF looking at 16 ’emergency landings’ made by airplanes, that make no sense on the ‘spherical globe’ model of our earth, but perfect sense when you use Gleason’s ‘flat earth’ map, above.

Go take a look at it yourself, come to your own conclusions.

But in the meantime, you can find a high-res version of that map HERE, and I recommend you take a look, and compare this with R’ Zechariah HaLevi Gerondi’s account, above.


Next, we have this very interesting source, from the Jerusalem Talmud:

In the Jerusalem Talmud, tractate Avodah Zarah, chapter three, fol. 42c, it is written:

“That the earth is made as a ball. R’ Jonah said: when Alexander of Macedon wanted to rise above the earth, he went up higher and higher until he saw the world as a ball and the sea as a bowl.”

So R’ Jonah considered Earth as floating in a bowl of water, though it is not completely clear whether, in his opinion, Alexander “saw” the world as an actual ball or as round (like a ball) in circumference only, but otherwise flat like a coin.

From the words of Radak (on Isaiah 42:5) it is evident that he understood the world to be round at its circumference only, as a coin is:

“So the earth was round like a ball, but when the Lord gathered all the water which was on the face of the earth into one place for plants to grow on it — which is implied in the word vtzeetzaeyah  He made the earth, which is the dry land, as though it were flat, for people to sit upon it, like a man who spreads something and flattens it, like a silversmith who flattens metal plates.”


Now, the article What the Sages Knew About the Shape of the Earth skips around 1700 years, to bring us a ‘definitive’ answer on the shape of the earth from a Rav we’ve been discussing at length, here on the blog, for a bunch of other reasons:

And now we will bring you the words of the Chatam Sofer, who lived close to our own time (1762-1839). He is one of those who taught his students “suitable” things without checking their veracity, sitting, rather, in his study hall and discussing the Earth’s build based on the words of Chazal and their conjectures. He did this instead of opening a science book and studying it to prevent tripping his students into error.

In his Responsa (Responsa Anthology, section 26, s.v. perek sheni) he wrote: “Now, some things and data suitable for students need, with G-d’s help, be clarified; they are about the foundations of this world, its build and the processes which it undergoes.

First: on the day when the Lord created the earth, He made the world of four elements: fire, wind or air, water, and ground. They have four natures: hot, damp, cold, and dry.

The earth is made of ground, and is the coarsest and thickest of all, rounded like a true sphere, and the waters surround it on all sides — there is no part empty of them, and the earth is not seen at all from any side.


Moving on – because we still have a lot of ground to cover, and I’m deliberately keeping my ideas out of this post, as much as possible, so you can engage with our source material, and come to your own conclusions.

Next, the article brings the translation of the Zohar (part of which we also translated in detail, HERE).

But pay attention! There are two conflicting accounts about how the world is shaped and functioning here – and the Zohar says both are true!

Now we will cite the words of the Zohar, vol. 3, on the portion of Vayikra, fol. 9b-10a (according to the translation of the Sulam, sections 134-145):

“R’ Judah started: ‘And G-d said, Let there be a firmament in the water…’ — come see: when the holy One, blessed be He, created the world, He created seven firmaments above and seven lands below…and all these firmaments are one on top of the other, like the skins of onions which are one on top of the other…So, too, are the seven lands below.

All are settled, but some are above and some below, and the Land of Israel is above all of them and Jerusalem is the highest of all settlements.

The scholars who live in the south saw in the books of the early sages and of Adam that thus all those countries are divided. They are all below as the firmaments are above, that is, stacked one above the other.

Between each two countries there is a firmament which divides between the two, and so all the lands are specified by name, and amongst them are heaven and hell.

There are in these lands creatures different one from another as there are above [in the firmaments], some of which have two faces, some one, and the looks of one are not like the looks of another…Just as the worms in the earth have red skins, black, and white, and some have many colors, so too are these creatures different one from another, and they live only 10 years.


In the book of Rav Hamnuna Sava it is explained in more detail that all the world rolls in a circle like a ball, these down and these up [that is, the creatures on the sphere are in opposition to each other, and the seven parts of the ball are the seven lands (the Sulam commentary)], and all the creatures in six lands are different in their appearances in accordance with the differences of air in each place, and they stand on their feet as other humans.

Therefore there are places in the world that when it is light for those on one side of the sphere it is dark for those on the other side of the sphere, for these it is day while for those it is night; and there is a place in the world where it is always day and there is no night, except for a few moments.

And what is said in the early sages’ books and in the book of Adam [that the seven lands are one beneath the other, with firmament between them (Sulam)] — thus it is [we do not disagree with it, although it says that the whole world is a single sphere divided into seven parts (Sulam)], for it is written: ‘I praise You, for I am wondered by awesome things; Your work is wonderful,’ and it is written, ‘How numerous are Your works, O Lord.’

So both accounts are fit [for both are the words of the living G-d, and one should not ask how both can be correct if they contradict each other (Sulam)]. This secret has been handed to the masters of wisdom and not to those who travel to distant borders [naturalists (Sulam)], for it is a great secret of the Torah. 


Last quote from that mocking ‘What the Sages Knew About the Shape of the Earth’ article, then we’ll sum up what we’ve learned.

[W]hat does the Ramchal say about this?

In his book Adir BaMarom, part one, BeSha’ata DeTzlota DeMinchah DeShabta, he brought the above section from the Zohar and wrote: “And about these things Rabbi Simeon bar Yochai said (on Leviticus, fol. 10a):

‘This secret has been handed…not to those who travel to distant borders,’ for they [Gentile researchers] perceive only the external features, but of the internal nature, which is the main one, they know nothing.”


In a ‘materialistic’, secular, atheist world, the true spiritual dimension, the ‘internal nature’ of the words of the RASHBI in the Zohar simply can’t be grasped.


Ok, this is a screenshot of Matan Gorodish’s chapter with more Jewish sources on the shape of the earth, from HERE (the 20 min mark):


And then, let’s end with this, which I found on Quora, which gives perhaps more of an insight into how the ‘inner dimension’ of the authentic Torah tradition can be badly misunderstood, when dragged down soley into secular, atheist, ‘scientific’ terms:

What is the shape of the Earth according to the Torah?

This is very clearly understood as a sphere.

The entire cosmology of Judaism is bases around spheres and spaces. The cosmology and physica of Jewish tehology is best presented by The Ramak. The dimentional perspective ie the psychological perspective is given by The Ari Zal. Both are explaining the same thing without debate.

The aproach of Ramak states that there is an initial state of energetic light manifestation that manifests as a sphere and then it creates a hollow center that is less bright.

This is Keter and inside Malchut.

The internal light then shines and manifests a yet darker sphere with three lights shining therein.

This is Chochma and Bina.

In Bina one side allows the light in and one side is darkened allowing lighy to leave outwards.This causes one side to be bright and the other to absorb light. The center is a balance sphere that is less bright.

The Bright side is Hesed, The Dark-Absorvant side is Gevurah and the center sphere is Tiferet.

Inside Tiferet the process repeats. One side is bright, the other causes light to be absorved and pass to Gevurah.

The central sphere is Yesod.


Yesod is the sphere that we exist in.

Yesod can grow in brightness or get dimmer. Yesod has two parts that work together to allow this. The upper part is connected to The First Heaven and the Temple Mount of Jerusalem as well as to Israel as well as the entire area above it at all times. The airspace above Israel unto the end of the physical universe is part of this upper Yesod

The lower part is the Malchut shel Yesod and is connected to the area outside of Israel. This area and its airspace above. This is the purely physical universe.

Together they are a sphere.

The earth is most certainly a sphere in Jewish cosmology.


In the next couple of days, I’m going to take more of a look at who actually introduced this idea of the ‘sphere earth’ in Judaism, as an actual, physical reality.

(Spoiler alert: It’s all the same people we’ve been talking about here on the blog for years, as trying to subvert Judaism from within…)

Watch out for that.



PS: Two more sources that came to me as I was writing this, over email:

Isaiah 40:22, Hebrew original:

הֲל֤וֹא תֵֽדְעוּ֙ הֲל֣וֹא תִשְׁמָ֔עוּ הֲל֛וֹא הֻגַּ֥ד מֵרֹ֖אשׁ לָכֶ֑ם הֲלוֹא֙ הֲבִ֣ינוֹתֶ֔ם מוֹסְד֖וֹת הָאָֽרֶץ׃
כבהַיֹּשֵׁב֙ עַל־ח֣וּג הָאָ֔רֶץ וְיֹשְׁבֶ֖יהָ כַּחֲגָבִ֑ים הַנּוֹטֶ֤ה כַדֹּק֙ שָׁמַ֔יִם וַיִּמְתָּחֵ֥ם כָּאֹ֖הֶל לָשָֽׁבֶת׃

I bolded the words ‘chug ha’aretz’, as this is the bit up for discussion.

Morfix translates ‘chug’ as:

class, group activity; group, circle (of people); (geography) tropic, sphere

In the Artscroll translation of this verse from Isaiah, we find this:

Have you not contemplated the foundations of the earth?

It is He who sits on the circumference of the earth, with its inhabitants like grasshoppers.


So, not exactly conclusive.

A second source is from Job, 26:7:

נֹטֶ֣ה צָפ֣וֹן עַל־תֹּ֑הוּ תֹּ֥לֶה אֶ֝֗רֶץ עַל־בְּלִי־מָֽה׃

Artscroll translation is this:

He spreads out the North over a void; He suspends the earth upon nothingness.

The ‘void’ is actually the word ‘tohu’ – as in the tohu and vohu that existed before Hashem created our physical planet.


This verse was sent to me as proof of the spherical nature of earth.

But what’s really interesting, is if you read on a little. Like this:

He spreads out the North over a void; He suspends the earth upon nothingness…

He drew a boundary around the water’s edge, until light and darkness come to an end.

The pillars of the heavens shudder and are astounded by His rebuke….

By His breath the heavens were spread;

His hand fashioned the [earth]-girdling serpent.


Go back and look at Gleason’s map, with the sentences bolded above in mind:


And as always, draw your own conclusions.



Shimshon in the comments brought more information about the translation of the word ‘tohu’ in the quote above, that I think rounds out more of the picture, so I’m adding it here, too:

“The ‘void’ is actually the word ‘tohu’ – as in the tohu and vohu that existed before Hashem created our physical planet.”

Chagiga 12a (if you read on from the section you quoted), notes the use of “tohu” here like follows, also confirming the literal reading of Iyov (from Sefaria):

It was taught in the Tosefta: Tohu is a green line that encompasses the entire world, and from which darkness emerges, as it is stated: “He made darkness His hiding place round about Him” (Psalms 18:12), indicating that a line of darkness surrounds the world.

Vohu; these are damp stones submerged in the depths, from which water emerges, as it is stated: “And He shall stretch over it the line of tohu and stones of vohu” (Isaiah 34:11), which demonstrates that tohu is a line and that vohu is referring to stones. (Chagiga 12a)

Tohu and vohu are tangible things, not concepts (“formless and void” is the usual translation).

Tohu is a ring of darkness surrounding our world. Vohu, rocks that exude water, also exist, in the depths, exactly where the Talmud says they can be found:


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I’ve been having some interesting email exchanges around this whole subject of ‘flat earth’.

The first things to stress, absolutely, is that each of us has to think for ourselves, and to come to our own conclusions.

My job in all this is just to keep pulling information together, and pointing out some avenues to explore, and some ideas to engage with. But each person has to do their own birur, and reach their own conclusions, with an emphasis on asking God to show us, mamash, what’s true and what’s false.

But in this post, let’s ask another pertinent question:

Why does all this matter?


I want to share some of the email exchange I had with a long-time reader and maths professor, האיש.

(Shared with permission, and he likes to write in caps….)

















Here’s what I replied with:

I guess the reason ‘it matters’, is just because truth matters.

If God-denying science is built on one lie after another, and there DO seem to be so very many lies around Bereishit and Torah-denying accounts of space and how the world and universe operates, then the more those lies are exposed – the less barriers there are to people returning to God and the Torah.

I found this which offers some possible explanations for why a person can’t see mount everest:

I have the Judean hills right in front of me, as I type. They are less than 20 miles away, some days I seem them very clearly. Many days, I don’t see them at all. And that’s in ‘sunny’ Israel where there aren’t a lot of clouds.


I’ve been thinking more about this.

My brother had a circle of friends, all ‘orthodox educated’ in a Jewish school, many coming from backgrounds where they used to keep Shabbat and kosher…

Around 6-7 years ago, he asked me if I could put together a book debunking the theory of evolution, because so many of his circle were using it as ‘the reason’ why the Torah was false, God forbid, and they didn’t really need to keep any of the Torah’s laws anymore, because ‘science’ had proven the Torah to be false.

Go back and read this sentence.

It encapsulates so very much of ‘why this matters’.


I spent months and months researching Darwin, and that ended up in my writing an (unpublished….) book called ‘Dancing on a volcano’, which basically debunked all the climate change lies we are still being told.

Maybe one day, I’ll actually get around to publishing it.


In the meantime, what happened to that group of my brother’s scientifically-enlightened friends?

When Covid happened, and the nanotech shots came out, OF COURSE every last one of them believed every word of the holy scientists, who were using  flawed mathematical models to ‘prove’ why we all had to be locked down and masked up.

And OF COURSE, every last one of them ran off as fast as their legs could carry them, to shoot themselves up with Covid shots and every booster they could get their hands off – and also made sure to ‘vaccinate’ their children too.

Of course they did.

Because they were ‘following the science’.

That same lying science that gave us the theory of evolution, ‘man-made climate change’ – and probably, also, the heliocentric model of the world that has a spherical earth by random accident.


Why does this matter?

Because God’s seal is truth.

And anyone who is not willing to at least examine their basic assumptions about the world, and even more importantly, about themselves, ends up pretty stuck in the world of lies.


It’s a basic fact that no-one can get anywhere near the poles, to see what’s really going on there.

This by itself should have us scratching our heads and wondering why this is.

But let’s imagine the ‘conspiracy theorists’ are right, and that we’re living on a flat plain ringed by a massive ice wall, that goes on for miles.

And then beyond that ice wall, there is more land that none of us know about, that maybe continues on for another 1,000 – 2,5000 miles.

And then beyond that: the edge of the rakia, the firmament put in place by God.

Let’s imagine that a person could actually get on a plane, and see ‘the edge of the world’, with the firmament enclosing our flat earth, that perhaps resembles some sort of clear glass ‘dome’.

Imagine you could see that with your own eyes.

And touch it, maybe.

Would a person come away from that experience still doubting whether God deliberately made this world, or whether it – and us – are just a random accident of ‘nature’?


On the other side of this argument – it’s so very easy to prove the world is spherical.

Let people boat and fly over and around the poles freely.

End of debate.

It really is that simple.

And now, we can perhaps start to understand even more, why this really does matter.

And why the authorities are going to such great lengths, to keep shutting this debate about ‘flat earth’ down, without actually giving a shred of proof, beyond mathematical formulas and CGI animation, why their version of events is true.



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I spent yesterday watching more than three hours (!) of explanations from Matan Gorodish, explaining a bunch of stuff about ‘flat earth vs spherical earth’.

If you understand spoken Hebrew, I highly recommend it as an introduction, as he covers a lot of ground from a ‘believing Jew’ perspective, including some of the Torah sources discussing  the shape of our earth.


As always, everything has to be checked out personally, by ourselves.

We can’t take any detail for granted in this discussion, and everything has to be bottomed out properly.

I am planning, BH, to put together a sort of English ‘precis’ of some of the salient points you can’t already get in English, elsewhere, as Garondish does a very good job of bringing a lot of the information together.

But that post is going to take me a while to sort out, at least, to get it all together in one place.

So in the meantime, here’s a few more bits to think about.


First, this is a good, 5 minute basic explanation of how the sun actually circles the ‘flat earth’:


The more I look into the flat earth theory, the more it starts to make a lot of sense, and to jive with what I actually see with my own two eyes.

And the opposite is also happening with the ‘scientific’ geodesic model.

The more I look into it, the more holes I’m finding.


For example, modern science tells us that ‘gravity’ was apparently proven by the Cavendish Experiment.

This comes from Wikipedia:

The Cavendish experiment, performed in 1797–1798 by English scientist Henry Cavendish, was the first experiment to measure the force of gravity between masses in the laboratory and the first to yield accurate values for the gravitational constant.


Except…. it really didn’t do that at all.

Watch this:


Matan Gorodish has a whole section addressing a bunch of ‘old’ experiments that apparently proved things like gravity and the gravitational constant.

(Amongst other things…)

But really…. they never did anything of the sort.

I will try to write up more of this clearly, in the next week or so, but in the meantime, this is another film that covers a lot of those factual bases:


But what I wanted to stress here, is that we are dealing with ‘one trick ponies’.

Once you spot the ‘modus operandi’ in one area, you can find it very easily all over the place.

And this brings me to the ‘Turtles all the way down’ bit of this post.

I am in the middle of reading a book on vaccines, called Turtles all the way down.

Here’s a little of the description of what that book discusses:

Some of the fundamental vaccine safety issues covered in the book are:

  1. How is safety demonstrated before a new vaccine is licensed? What technique do vaccine manufacturers use in clinical trials to make vaccines appear safer than they actually are?

  2. What “last ditch” technique is employed when the above one cannot be, and what are its grave (and damning) ethical implications?

  3. What is the scientific foundation of the safety of vaccination, and what practical tools does this body of science provide physicians to anticipate, diagnose, and treat vaccine injury?

  4. What fundamental flaws are built into vaccine adverse events reporting systems, and how are these systems used (or misused) by health authorities to support their safety claims?

  5. What kinds of post-marketing vaccine studies are conducted, and how can they be manipulated by researchers to produce “favorable” outcomes?

  6. Why would researchers want to skew vaccine research, and how could skewed results be promulgated by the scientific community?

  7. Why would medical journals publish faulty vaccine science? What is the role of the famed “peer review” in this process?

  8. What are “the studies that will never be done” by the medical establishment and how long it has resisted doing them? (Hint: more than 100 years!)

  9. What key CDC-recommended childhood vaccination guidelines were arbitrarily set, without an adequate scientific basis?


Basically, no new vaccine is ever tested against an inert, neutral ‘placebo’ like saline water.

Every vaccine is always tested against another vaccine, in those clinical trials meant to show how ‘safe and effective’ these vaccines are.

Let’s leave the ‘effective’ bit out of this discussion, for now.

Because the bottom line is that none of the vaccines we’re all busy injecting our kids and ourselves with have EVER been tested against a neutral, inert placebo, when it comes to double-checking adverse effects caused by vaccines.

Today’s vaccines are typically tested against ‘old vaccines’ which were assumed safe, without any proof.

So, when both the ‘new vaccine’ group and the ‘placebo’ group have massive amounts of adverse health effects, they say, see, this vaccine is not causing ANY ADDITIONAL SERIOUS HEALTH EFFECTS…. 28% OF THE ‘PLACEBO’ GROUP ALSO ENDED UP IN HOSPITAL….


This is how it works.

So much of modern science is built on assumptions and ‘proofs’ that were badly faked, decades and centuries ago, which then became the ‘untouchable’ basis that the whole house of cards is built on.

But once you figure out how those first ‘experiments’ were flawed (at best….) and / or deliberately faked and skewed – all the lies come crashing down.


So, I will work on putting together a brief guide to some of the more important experiments, including things like this ‘Cavendish Experiment’, above, which were then used to build a whole, deceptive version of ‘reality’ that actually is literally based on a mountain of lies.

But know, they have used the same methodology for ‘vaccines’.

And for things like ‘evolution’.

And also, for things like ‘climate change’.

They are literally one trick ponies.

But once you figure that out, things start to unravel pretty fast.


PS: I am also reposting a detailed English translation of the Zohar’s description of the world, done by two friends of mine last year, when this topic first cropped up on the blog.

You can read that HERE – I and highly recommend you do.

Nothing is as ‘black and white’ as it seems.


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