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OK, let’s begin the crazy story.

Around two weeks ago, you’ll recall, I started to investigate the Interfaith Elijah Institute. You can read about where I got up to HERE.

After that post, I started clicking around, like you do, trying to pin down who and what is really behind the Elijah Institute, and it’s barf-making ‘HOPE‘ centre – apparently slated to overlook the Temple Mount, but they are being very quiet about where it’s actually meant to be located:


It looks to me like it’s somewhere around Musrara – maybe even the Homa HaShlishit region…

So, in the middle of writing this I tried to figure out where this monstrosity is actually being built, because take a look at this screenshot:

This place is totally massive!!!


And after a bit more poking around, I found the location: Nevi’im Street, behind the current Ministry of Education building right in the heart of Meah Shearim:


I’m willing to bet A LOT of money that hardly anyone in Jerusalem knows about this….

At least, until now.

You can see the Elijah Institute’s glossy brochure for yourself HERE, and here is a screenshot of some of the people sitting on their board:


Did you know that the late Jonathan Sacks was on their board? Or the late Doron Bakshi? Or the late She’ar Yashuv Cohen, amongst others?

Nope, neither did I.

(And from what I can tell, sitting on that board looks to be taking your life insurance premiums way, way up. And also, just a quick look at the Wikipedia entries linked to above for each of those named people should start to make the hair stand up on the back of your arms.)

But I digress.


So anyway, I’m researching some of the ‘interesting’ groups funding the Elijah Institute, and as I’m looking up the profile for the late John Templeton, I notice that he, too, was a billionaire who made all his money, o so fortuitously, in the financial markets.

If you listen to this interview with former Dutch financial whiz kid Ronald Bernard (which I warn you now, is pretty disturbing), you’ll start to figure out that any time someone is making big money, it’s always rooted in something illegal.

All the ‘import / export’, all the stuff with currency markets, all the stocks – everything is just a front for all the illegal activities, the drug running, the people trafficking, etc etc etc that’s really making the big money in the world – and always has been:


Back to the story.

So, I see that John Templeton was a member of a secret society that very few people have ever heard of, at Yale, called the Elihu Society.

Wow, so weird. We have the ‘Elijah Interfaith Institute’, then we have the ‘Elihu Society’ at Yale.

Me being me, I figure these things have to be connected somehow, and maybe also leading back to the Vilna Gaon, (also Elijah / Eliyahu / Elihu).

The Elihu Society is super-secretive – even more private than the infamous ‘Skull and Bones‘ secret society, that is that favorite of conspiracy theorists, and also deeply connected to the Bush family of presidents, politicians and businessmen, amongst others.

HERE‘s the Elihu society’s website – but you won’t find anything much there, if you’re not a member.


Wikipedia is a little more helpful, and that’s where I discovered the following:

“Elihu membership has included journalists, authors, academics, independent and documentary filmmakers, U.S. Ambassadors, government officials, urban planners, artists, members of Congress, social activists, governors, actors, a Chairman of U.S. Federal Reserve, pop singers, medical doctors, architects, United Nations officials, environmental lawyers, United States Senators, composers, including David Shire and Maury Yeston, businessmen, foundation executives, environmentalists and others.”

That’s quite an impressive list, hey?

And nearly all of them are totally anonymous.

Let’s continue.


I also learned from Wikipedia that the ‘Elihu’ in question is one ‘Elihu Yale‘ – one of the founders of Yale University, and a guy who clearly carried a lot of strange secrets with him.

Now, let me state up front that I’ve only just started the process of unpacking this huge can of worms, so this post is serving as an introduction to this subject, not as the last word.


I click on to read about Elihu Yale, and I quickly realise that I’m dealing with a crypto-Jew, here.

How do I come to that conclusion?

That’s going to be a very long, very complicated story.

We’ll get to it in future posts as part of this whole process, I promise, but for now, it’s enough to know that colorful Elihu is having affairs with women who are known marranos, and making tons of money illegally via his contacts with traders and merchants in Madras that contravene his senior position at the Honorable East India Company.

He’s also caught up, somehow, with the flourishing slave trade, but all of that is pretty much whitewashed out of history.

There’s just the small hints left, like the portraits of Elihu standing next to a small, black servant who has an iron manacle around their neck. This screen shot comes from HERE:


Next thing I read, is that Elihu Yale (an obvious crypto-Jew…) retires to his massive estates in no less a place than North Wales.

And here’s where the story takes one of those bizarre ‘twists’ that regular readers of this blog have perhaps come to expect.

If you go HERE, you can read a short biographical history of Elihu Yale’s family. Here’s the bit that caught my attention (at least, initially):

The last 22 years of his life were spent between Plas Grono and his home in London. He died in London but was buried in St Giles Churchyard.

Plas Grono is in the middle of the Welsh countryside, in an area called Wrexham.

My mother’s family – non-Jews – hails from that part of the world, and so I spent a fair bit of time there, as a child.


In fact, as I’m sitting there, pondering on what are the chances for a family of slave trading crypto-Jews to be hanging out in the Welsh countryside, very close to where my own grandfather was born, I suddenly remember something that sends shivers down my spine.

My grandfather, or Taid, (to give him the Welsh term for grandpa) never spoke about his family.

My great-grandfather was an alcoholic land-owner who left behind a big mess, in a lot of different ways. There was a lot of bad blood between his children when he died, as a result of a yucky will that pitted the children against each other and essentially meant that they didn’t speak to each other ever again.

But when I was around 15, I asked my Taid to show me where he’d lived, as a child, and he took me to this somewhat creepy looking Georgian red brick mansion, that had a pair of really weird ‘blackamoor’ heads on the gateposts.

This screenshot of the place comes from HERE:


Those two ‘blackamoor’ busts, that had been there for over 350 years since the house was built, got stolen 10 years ago.

When I asked my Taid what they were, he told me that the original people who’d built the house had made their fortune in the slave trade.

Now, I don’t know if my Taid’s family are the same people who actually built the house.

There’s still a lot of this I’m trying to figure out, and it could be that my great grandfather simply bought it from the descendants of the original owners back in 1855.


But what I can tell you is this:

There was apparently a group of very wealthy crypto Jews – who outwardly acted as though they were good protestants – who owned large tracts of Welsh countryside, and who built large mansions there, who made their fortune from the slave trade, amongst other things.

At least one of those slave trading Welsh crypto-Jews became notorious as the namesake of Yale University.

But the more I look into this story, the more I’m starting to find that these ‘dual identity’ crypto Jews crop up all over the place at some very crucial junctures in Jewish – and global – history.

And that’s not a mistake or accident.


We’ll stop there for now, but BH, if God helps me, I’m going to go as far back to the start as I can, to figure out, together with you, how this group of ‘crypto Jews’ have been pulling the strings behind the scenes for at least two thousand years.

When it suits them, they ‘act’ Jewish.

Even ‘uber’ Jewish.

Even ‘uber orthodox’ Jewish.

But really?

Their belief system is NOT authentically Jewish, and never has been.

For at least 2,000 years, they have been instrumental in setting up one ‘false idol’, one ‘false messiah’ after another, to lead Jews – and everyone else – away from the true service of Hashem.

But at this point in history, it looks like Hashem has finally had enough of them, and is starting the process of calling them out.

So, we’ll continue to uncover all the lies they’ve been telling, as long as God helps me to do it, and we’ll hopefully finally figure out exactly who is behind the mess the whole world is in right now, and what we can do to finally put it right.



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Sometimes, I have a lot of sympathy for the Prophet Yonah.

Poor guy.

He really wanted to run away from all his heavy, ‘negative’ nevuot, and to just go sit on an island somewhere and strum his new acoustic guitar to an Ed Sheeran song.

But God didn’t let him.

God, leave me alone!!! I hate all this dark, heavy stuff, and I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, and I don’t want to get involved in all the convoluted politics and ‘uck’ of this world!!!

But that was the job that God gave Yonah, and like it or not, that’s the job he had to do.


Just now, I was doing some hitbodedut in the garden, pulling out some big weeds and stinging nettles before they get a chance to root too deeply, and become entrenched.

Strange to say, I just love pulling things out by their roots.

I’m weird like that.

So, as I’m sitting and pulling and praying and pulling, God sent me the idea that I really need to start writing about all this fake Jewish history stuff again.

And I immediately started arguing.

God, leave me alone!! It’s so ucky, it’s so heavy, it’s so charged and fraught and difficult…. I really, really don’t want to do it.

In the silence that followed, I got this answer back:

That’s exactly why you are the best person for the job.



What can I tell you?

Don’t I know, just how hard this is for all of us, you and me both? Don’t I know just how much trauma and anxiety this whole ‘unravelling’ process is causing us all?

Yes, I do.

That’s why I’ve been doing my best to run away from it all the last week and a half, and to do something more productive, like playing the guitar like a rockstar.

But God isn’t let me off the hook.


So, let’s start here, with a discussion I’ve been having with one of my non-Jewish readers on email, who gave permission for me to share it more widely, while I get my ducks in a row for the rest of the stuff I need to go back to researching and sharing with you.

And is has to do with something she called ‘The Ger Suggya’ – or in other words, what is the role of the ‘righteous gentile’ when Moshiach comes.

Let me spoil the anticipation by telling you straight off the bat that I don’t know.

But I think that the discussion and the idea is very important to at least have up on our radar, and so I’m bringing an abridged version of her comments, below, to get those wheels turning in the meantime.



J asked me to delete our email exchange, so in deference to her wishes, I’ve done that.
I’m still considering what to do with the comments, and I’d appreciate feedback from you, dear reader – and particularly Netanel Simcha, who put a tremendous amount of time and effort into his response, about what you’d like me to do with those, going forward.

Please let me know in the comments, if you’d like me to keep the comments up, or delete them too.

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Lockdown #3 comes to Israel.

But this time, things are going to be different.


This morning, me and my husband decided to drive a 4×4 trail in the forests near Jerusalem, before the country officially enters ‘Lockdown #3’, in about 20 minutes time.

We got up early, bought some sandwiches from the bakery, and headed out on a great trail, replete with ruined fortresses from the time of Israeli King Alexander Janus, and even Roman-period ‘milestones’, measuring the distance between the Roman monastery at Emmaus (now Latrun) and the holy city of Jerusalem.

When we got back, we ran around trying to fit in our ‘last’ visit to the great fruit guy at Mahane Yehuda, which is slated to be closed down again.

And then, we ran around Talpiot trying to buy enough leg wax to last a household of 3 women for a month; and then finished up by getting a few more edible plants for the garden, just in case, including some parsley and dill.


You see, in some ways, we are all now ‘lockdown pros’ in Israel, and of course in the rest of the world, too.

Most of my family is currently trapped in a severe ‘Tier 4’ lockdown in and around London.

And lockdowns have been planned over xmas and New Year for months, and months, and months all over the planet, to coincide with the wonderful mRNA experimental ‘vaccines’ that have not even been tested on a mouse.

Why waste cute little animals, when there are billions of ‘surplus to requirements’ human beings willingly queuing up to be experimented on?

Performing serious medical experiments directly on human guinea pigs is just so much more efficient, don’t you think?

(Hey, wait a minute… Haven’t we heard something like that, somewhere before?)

Spitz was a 22-year-old court reporter during the doctors’ trials at Nuremberg following World War II. In Doctors from hell: the horrific account of Nazi experiments on humans, she recounts in vivid, objective detail the horrific human experiments conducted by 20 so-called physicians and medical assistants in Germany under the direction of the Nazis.

But I digress.

Let’s get back to the lockdown.


Our totally corrupt government, and the totally corrupt leaders of the medical establishment, are telling us that this is going to be a lockdown for 2 weeks….

But of course, we all know they are lying.

We all know that we are part of another ‘boiling the frog’ scenario, where 2 weeks will morph into 4, and then 6 and then 8… whatever they think they can get away with, to totally trash the economy and force as many people as possible to lose hope of any ‘life as normal’ unless they agree to be vaccinated.

Whether you want to get vaccinated or not, that’s between you and God.

I’m not here, at this point, to try to argue with you, or to change your mind. I keep putting some interesting information out there, like this, below, from the Corbett Report, and then you make up your own minds:


(Not shmirat eynayim friendly, so if you prefer to read the transcript or listen to the audio, go HERE instead.)


But my feeling is that Ahuvya Sandek’s death is a turning point, at least here in Israel.

More and more of us are shocked to the core to see people who are meant to be protecting us – i.e., the Israeli police and the Border Police – acting mamash like the violent anti-semites of once upon a pogrom.

In the last post, I posted up another video that’s surfaced of them violently attacking a young teenage boy who committed the ‘crime’ of protesting against murderous police violence in Jerusalem, last Thursday night.

In fact, let me post it up here too, in case you missed it:



Here is what you’ll see, if you click ‘play’:

A fully-grown, adult ‘policeman’, in protective riot gear and crash helmet, brutally trying to beat a defenseless kid, who can’t be more than 15 years old, to a pulp.

Baruch Hashem, twenty people rushed over to try to stop him.

My daughter was also at that demonstration.

She told me afterwards that she heard one of these ‘policemen’ say to the other that they shouldn’t beat the kids up there, where so many people were filming, but should take them somewhere else out of the spotlight, if they really wanted to teach them a lesson.


So, I have to ask this painful question:

Who decided that people who are obviously violent psychopaths should be drawing a salary paid for by you and me, and should be enjoying the full protection of the State of Israel?

How is it, that my tax shekel is paying for these people to beat up, ram into, torture and even murder young Jewish teens in the State of Israel?

How is it, that when they are caught in the act of murdering young Jewish teens – or caught in the act of violently beating young people up on camera, in the middle of Jerusalem – or caught in the act of falsifying ‘evidence’, or caught in the act of torturing Jewish minors in the West Bank – that absolutely nothing is done about these offences, which are simply ignored and then whitewashed out of the picture?

How can that be?


And if we’re still telling ourselves that the State of Israel is only good, and only just, and that our security forces and army are the ‘most moral in the world’ (puke…) – then how do we square that with the video above?

And with Ahuvya’s murder?

And with the torture accorded to the minor suspect in the Duma affair, that was approved by both the Attorney General and the Prime Minister?


These are not simple questions.

History is full of men and women who aligned themselves with evil regimes because they wanted to keep their jobs, and their status, and their perks, and to be able to keep paying their mortgages.

After the fact, all these people tried to say they were ‘just following orders’, and to use that as their defense for supporting and perpetrating the worst evil.

It didn’t work then.

And it’s not going to work now.


So, that’s why this lockdown is going to be different.

We have reached a tipping point in the State of Israel where the middle ground has effectively dissolved, and where good and evil are starting to stand in stark contrast with each other.

Either, you are behind the young Jewish boys and girls idealistically protesting the murder of another innocent Jewish boy, or you are behind the violent psychopaths in riot gear who think it’s a ‘mitzvah’ to violently beat up Jewish children in public.

Either, you are behind the health professionals who have risked their reputations, careers and often also their lives to blow the whistle on what’s really going with vaccines and the big pharma agenda – or, you are behind the people who think it’s a ‘mitzvah’ to conduct mass medical experiments on human beings that could leave them crippled, ill, infertile or even dead, without even informing them of what’s really going on.

Either, you are behind the rabbis who have totally sacrificed themselves to atone for the sins of the nation, and to bring the geula the sweet way – or, you are behind the ‘sons of Haman who are learning Torah in Bnei Brak’ who sold themselves out, spiritually and morally, a long, long time ago.

But from here on in, you can’t have it both ways.


Whatever comes next, this lockdown is not going to end like the others.

Too many genies have been let out of their bottles, too many massive changes have been set in motion.

But let me ask all those policemen and women, and doctors and nurses, and rabbis and bureaucrats and lying journalists who are propping up the State of Israel just one question:

If it turns out that you end up on the wrong side of history, how are you going to live with yourself?

How are you going to sleep at night?

How are you going to be able to look your children in the face, when they ask you what you were doing, when the experimental COVID-1984 ‘vaccine’ was unleashed on the world?

And if you don’t like the answers to these questions, understand that it’s still not too late.

You can still stop now, quit your job, stop ‘just following orders’, and find yourself back on the right side of history.

But probably not for much longer.



So, I went looking for more videos from Thursday’s demo in Jerusalem of Israeli police beating up defenseless teenagers, and whaddya know?

I came across lots of lots of videos of Israeli Border Police doing exactly the same thing to Palestinian teenagers, like this one:

Clearly, that’s leading the discussion to a very uncomfortable place for most of us, isn’t it?

So let’s vere away, at least for now, and take a look at some other headlines that make the same point, in a way less likely to invoke cognitive dissonance, like this, from last year, when a policeman shot dead an unarmed Ethiopian teenager:

And this, from earlier this year, when the Israeli police severely beat up an unarmed chareidi teenager:


This problem isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

The Israeli police is full of violent psychopaths.

And we need to stop making excuses for them, and to stop putting our heads in the sand and to stop pretending that only ‘anti semites’ are claiming this, or that only ‘non-Jews’ are acting like this, because it’s simply not true.

If COVID did one good thing, it’s that if finally got the Israeli public to stop automatically respecting a uniform.

But what happens next, to really defuse all this evil, and to start really cleaning it up, is anyone’s guess.


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Once we move away from ‘tribal thinking’, it becomes way easier to identify what – and who – is really ‘bad’.

For years, I’ve been having a running battle with one of my kids, who went through the brain-washing mill that is mamlachti-dati education in the State of Israel.

You can sum it up like this:

  • The State of Israel is only good.
  • Jews never do anything bad – and especially not Israeli Jews in uniform.
  • David Ben Gurion was a saint.
  • Halacha can always be ‘bent’ to suit the purposes and aims of the secular State of Israel.

Poor girl, she was a good student.

So, when I started finding out all this horrible stuff about just how corrupt the State of Israel really is – including it’s judiciary, police, and yes, let’s put it out there, also its army – well.

We started to get into some very big arguments.


Those arguments have continued down the years, and have often been pretty painful for both of us.

Especially when it came to me defending and even openly following Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

Because this daughter’s uber-dati-leumi friends would come home, see the picture of the Rav on the wall, and then immediately start tearing into me about what he’d really done.

All based on the falsified ‘news’ and corrupt websites that have been pounding us into the ground with ‘COVID-19’ for the last 10 months.


A couple of weeks ago, one of those friends who was so very ‘anti’ Rav Berland came round to visit, with her big blue mask pulled way, way up over her nose.

The mask stayed on.

When a few more people showed up for supper, she pulled out a super-duper N95 mask, and put that one on instead.

I have a good relationship with this girl, so at that point I pulled her to one side and asked her why she was so anxious about COVID.

She told me her father is a doctor. Her father (who should know better…) has made her promise to wear a mask all the time. This kid is petrified of ‘infecting’ her father with COVID, if she doesn’t wear a mask 24/7.

In the meantime, this poor kid’s stress levels are totally through the roof, and I can see that her state of mind is very fragile right now, so I trod very carefully when we were talking. 

But it showed me so clearly, the huge price of believing the media, and choking down our own ability to think and clarify things for ourselves.

And of course, she’ll be one of the first in line to get the vaccine…. lo alenu.


So, as COVID 19 has played out, my daughter has come to see more and more the difference between people who blindly lap up all the lies and misinformation being putting out by the media, and the State of Israel’s other propaganda arms including doctors, teachers and sadly even rabbis – and those that don’t.

Slowly, slowly, she’s been coming around to the idea that her parents are not as totally crazy and mentally-ill as she thought, and maybe even occasionally be right about some things. (!)

That process has been happening anyway.

But this week, after the murder of Ahuvya Sandek, it roared ahead a million miles an hour.


My daughter is not a ‘hill top youth’, but most of her friends are.

And the lying media has totally misrepresented most of those young people.

Yes, there are problems with substance abuse – show me any teenage cohort (or even adult cohort) where that isn’t the case, in our day and age.

Yes, they are often free spirits who chafe at authority (especially the kind of corrupt ‘authority’ that they’ve come up against wearing the State of Israel’s badge).

And yes, some of the kids have emotional issues, and anger problems – just like every other segment of society.

But what you are never told about the ‘hilltop youth’ is how idealistic, and good, and spiritual so many of them are.

They aren’t perfect.

But so many of them are really, really good, thoughtful, kind, considerate and even gentle people, who really want the world to be a better place, and are trying to find a way of making that happen.


So, when Ahuvya was murdered by undercover Israeli police who deliberately rammed the car he was travelling in off the road, then left him trapped under it for 40 minutes, [allegedly…(whatever)] preventing Zaka and other medical personnel from approaching the scene of the crime, which potentially could have saved Ahuvya’s life – that hit very close to home.

Yesterday, she went to protest the terrible cover-up that is currently in full-swing outside the ‘undercover police’ headquarters in Jerusalem.

These ‘undercover police’ operate like the Shabak, and are backed by a massive budget.

Except instead of spying on terrorists, and apprehending terrorists, and torturing terrorists in underground basements in the West Bank, and murdering terrrorists – they concentrate all of their mighty efforts on the Hill Top Youth.

Do I believe the stories told about the Duma murders?

No. Not at all.

In fact, I’m increasingly coming to the conclusion that most of ‘terror’ in Israel – on both sides of the fence – has actually been orchestrated and planned by the State itself.

Because when they ratchet up the Jewish population’s fear of ‘Arab terrorists’, that gives the police and security services (and politicians like Netanyahu…) a ‘get out of jail free’ card, to do anything they want, with no outside oversight or restraint.

The people who control the State (and the rest of the world) are playing both ends of this ‘terror’ game in Israel, and they probably always have been.


Let’s get back to the protest yesterday.

My daughter went with some friends, and a few hundred young people joined her.

You can read an ‘official account’ of the evening, under the headline below, HERE:

Youths protest in Jerusalem, block Light Rail

Hundreds of young people demonstrate over death of Ahuvya Sandak. Police forces evacuate youths who blocked Light Rail.


This story appears on the Arutz 7 website, which at least covered the murder of Ahuvya, and still occasionally has some real news (before it’s quickly removed and replaced by more propaganda).

But even this story isn’t telling you what really happened yesterday.

What really happened yesterday is that the police waded into this crowd of young people, and started punching them in the face – including many teenage girls, and including even a 10 year old boy.

My daughter apparently has videos to show me, and when she wakes up I’ll see if I can figure out how to put them up on the blog.

Because the ‘official’ media just aren’t doing their job, of informing the public about what’s really going on here.


Since when did it become ‘OK’ for strapping policemen to violently punch teenage girls in the face?

When and how did we get so numb to how blatantly psychopathic and evil our police and ‘security services’ have become?

I am someone who spent many, many years beating the hasbara drum for the State of Israel, convinced that so many of the terrible stories being told by the Arabs were exaggerated and made up, and ‘anti-semitic’.

At this point in time, when I see the horrible violence these police and ‘Shabaknikim’ are perpetrating on young Jewish teenagers, I’m getting that sick feeling in my stomach that maybe, just maybe, the Arabs were telling the truth after all.

That’s a horrible thought.

But maybe, it’s true.


Hard as all this is, I am starting to see a light shining at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday, that crowd of dati leumi teenagers were joined by some young people from the chareidi world, who also came out to demonstrate about the murder of Ahuvya.

My daughter told me:

Ima, it was so good that we had achdut (unity) with the chareidim. But I felt sad that we didn’t have achdut with our other brothers, in the police.

For years, our corrupt leaders have been keeping us opposing each other, fighting over nonsense, and fighting over ‘politics’, and fighting over fine points of halacha, and whose beard is biggest, while the real evil continues to run riot and to control all of us, from above.

But those false divisions are starting to crumble.

The re-unification of the ‘good’ in the Jewish world against the ‘bad’ is starting to happen at the grassroots level.

And the hilltop youth are leading the way.



Just to keep this as factual as possible, from what I could see in the videos the police were only punching the boys in the face – and they actually knocked someone out cold. (Hopefully pictures to come.)

So, I couldn’t see them punching girls in the face (in my daughter’s videos), just shoving them violently and screaming like psychos.




I can’t figure out how to get the videos from my daughter’s phone into a format that’s usable on my blog, as none of us have social media.

But lucky for me, other people started to upload their videos of young teenagers been brutally beaten by Israeli police at the protest that occurred 3 days ago, ironically protesting the brutal police violence against young religious teens that led to the murder of Ahuvya.

You can see it below:

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Yesterday, the Israeli police killed a 16 year old Jewish boy from Bat Ayin.

The official story is that the boy and his friends were ‘throwing stones’ at Arab cars, and then tried to escape from the scene at high speed, where the car they were travelling in overturned, injuring some occupants, and killing Ahuvya Sandak, the 16 year old from Bat Ayin:


It hurts the heart to see his picture.

And I don’t believe the ‘official story’.


Because for hours and hours before the story was finally released to the media, Zaka and other medical professionals weren’t allowed access to his body.

And for hours and hours before the ‘official story’ appeared in the press, my daughters were telling me rumors of how the Israeli Police had deliberately run a vehicle off the road, killing a boy, somewhere in the hills of Shomron – and were now desperately trying to cover up what they’d done.


Because no medical personnel, or Zaka, were allowed access to the scene of the death, my daughters told me that Zaka themselves started circulating pictures to the boy’s family, so they could start raising some hell on social media, to try and derail the police cover-up.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this.

But of course on some level, I could.


The Israeli Police – and the rest of the ‘security’ apparatus in Israel –  lost my trust a long, long time ago.

All this stuff with Covid-1984 has just deepened what was already a big problem.

We knew they were faking cases against ‘hilltop youth’ to advance their own agendas of ‘divide and conquer’.

We knew they were faking cases against Rabbi Berland, and not a few other rabbis who conveniently died of weird illnesses after being taken into custody on charges that then disappeared in a puff of pixie dust.

But to stoop to this?

To premediated murder of a teenage boy?

The mind boggles.



You can see a picture from the scene HERE, that clearly shows damage to the front of the ‘undercover’ police vehicle that rammed into the back of Ahuvya’s vehicle, flipping it off the road, and killing him. I’m screenshotting it here, too, as the ‘official story’ being told on sites like Ynet is already distorting the facts, as part of the police cover up.


And here is the bald-faced lie on the YNET page, part of the police cover up:

“Other passengers claimed that the undercover vehicle in which police were traveling, hit them in the back. Photos from the scene showed the vehicle Sandak was in, had been damaged in the front.”

YNET of course doesn’t share any of those pictures, because if they did, you and me would know they are lying through their teeth and deliberately distorting the truth.



Rav Berland is calling for 50,000 more Tikkun Haklalis to be said by this coming Friday. Here’s the message I was just sent in Hebrew, I will try to translate it ASAP:

ב” ברה”ק בה”ב *שימו לב כל אנש הודעה חדשה וחשובה מאד מהצדיק!!!* הרב התקשר לאחד מאנ”ש ואמר לו בזו הלשון: *”תגיד לכולם שחסרים לי עוד 50 אלף תיקוני הכללי”* ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ 50,000 תיקונים!! להתעורר אנש היקרים להרביץ תיקונים כלליים באש להבה בע” יתברך כולנו ביחד נביא להרב 50 אלף תיקוני הכללי עד עשרה בטבת (יום שישי הקרוב) שהוא יום הדין על בית המקדש והגאולה (חתם סופר). ידוע שרבינו אומר *”המשיח יבוא ע”י אנשים פשוטים שאומרים תהילים והם ישימו הכתר בראשו!”* 👑 להתאבד על זה בכל הכוח *אין עולם יש רק תיקון הכללי* ונזכה כהרף עין לגאולה ברחמים אמן ואמן !!



Pay attention, all of AN’SH (Breslov), there’s a new, very important message from the tzaddik (Rav Berland):

The Rav contacted someone from AN’SH and told him in these words:

“Tell everyone that I am missing another 50,000 Tikkun HaKlalis.”

50,000 tikkunim!!!!!!

Wake up, dear AN’SH, beat out some Tikkun Haklalis with fiery enthusiasm for Hashem Yitbarach.

All of us together, we can bring the Rav another 50,000 Tikkun Haklalis before the 10th of Tevet (this coming Friday), which is a day of judgement for the Beit HaMikdash and the geula (According to the Chatam Sofer).

It’s known that Rabbenu (Rebbe Nachman) says that the Moshiach will come thanks to the simple people who recite tehillim, and that they will put the crown on his head.

Make an effort to do this with all your koach (strength). There is no ‘this world’. There is only the Tikkun Haklali.

And we should merit to have the geula the sweet way, in the blink of an eye, amen and amen.


Even if you only manage one a day, it all still adds up.

Please do whatever you can, clearly the fight between good and bad is mamash heating up again.


Just now, someone who gets the Whatsapp messages from Shuvu Banim sent me this over email, which I’m reproducing below:

1) A Jewish mother of 6 in Shomron was brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist while running in the park

2) A 19 yr old Jewish boy was murdered by Israeli police when a police vehicle purposely knocked the car off the road while driving at high speed

3) A Palestinian opened fire with an automatic weapon at the entrance to the old city in Jerusalem. B’h no one got hurt in this attack. Bottom line is that we should say this tfilla daily or several times a day.

Three terror attacks in one day. The situation is starting to heat up. This tfilla that the Rav wrote is very powerful. And tfilla should be said regularly to prevent further escalation The Rav wrote it about twenty years ago.


Here it is in Hebrew, and then English translation below.

Tatty, it’s enough already!

Please rescue us from all this madness, Hashem, and all these evil, yucky people who are continuing to rule over us, and to tread us (and the rest of mankind…) into the mud.

It’s enough Tatty!


Rav Berland prayer


English Translation:

Master of the world all powerful who can do anything.

Merit me from now on to feel the terrible suffering of the Jewish people and the Jewish blood that is spilled in the cities street day and night until there is no house which does not have dead.

Therefore, I come before you Master of kindness and mercy, please have mercy and compassion on the flock that is being led to slaughter because before You, all the secrets are revealed and all of the concealed things from the beginning of creation.

And I only yearn and desire and plead to You that You Yourself should fix everything that I messed up.

I hereby return in teshuva and I yearn only for You like it says like a deer yearns by the water so too my soul yearns for You G.od.

And I know faithfully that I am at fault for all of the terror attacks, all of the catastrophes, all of the terrible murdering.

This is only and solely because of my defilement of the brit that caused all of this terrible catastrophes to happen.

Therefore, I came to plead before You, Master of compassion, that Your greatness has no comprehension, to merit me to completely fix my pegamei haBrit and may I merit from now on to guard my eyes and not to cause any defilement at all in the holy covenant, G.od forbid.

And through this may the verse be fulfilled that the sparks of holiness which the other side has swallowed up will now be vomited out and all of the holy sparks will return to the rightful place.

And through this, the holy and awesome soul of Rabeinu our Master will be drawn down once again and the complete redemption will come very very soon, in the blink of an eye.

Amen netzach selah vaed


May Hashem avenge his blood, and give his family comfort among the mourners of Zion.



Ahuvya’s family have filed a complaint against the police officers involved, asking they be prosecuted for murder.

Here’s a little of what their attorney, Menashe Yado of Honenu, wrote:

“The information in our possession now and no doubt is also in the possession of the investigating authorities clearly shows as follows: The police vehicle hit the back of the vehicle in which the boys were traveling. The assault was carried out at high speed. The rear-ending pushed the vehicle in which the boys were travelling tens of meters. As a result of the collision, Ahuvya was killed.”

“These circumstances establish a strong indifference on the part of the police officer to the most probable result of death. As painful as it is to suspect a police officer of murder, this is the conclusion that emerges clearly from the evidence and there is no escape from an investigation into this charge.” 


Sadly, the chances of them obtaining justice from the State of Israel is hovering around 0%….

We know that, from everything that’s gone on with Rav Berland, and others.

Only when the Rav finally gets out of prison is this evil klipa finally going to self-destruct. 

May it be very soon.


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Let’s go back to Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s seminal teaching on seeing the good.

I bet for every one person who commented or emailed me here the last couple of weeks, there have been 500 at home in a state of high agitation.

I know, believe me I know, it’s been an intense few weeks here on the blog, hasn’t it?

One thing seems to be shining out from everything we’ve been learning together the last few weeks, and that is that God wants us to think for ourselves.

And to build a genuine relationship with Him, because there is just no telling how ‘bona fide’ any of the spiritual mentors we have in our world really are, without that direct connection to God.

In this post, I just want to flag up some important points, address a reader’s question, and then set out some signposts for other blog posts that I highly recommend you go back and read, in order to have more of an answer to the question of how do we deal with all this new information.


First, let’s sum up where we’ve got to:

  1. We have reached that stage in history where no-one can fall back on their yichus, and expect that this should confer some automatic superiority over anyone else.
  2. We have learnt that the same family trees, the same nuclear families, have produced both the biggest saints, and the biggest sinners in the Jewish world.
  3. Rabbenu’s path is always one of showing the ‘important people’ that they still have so very much work to do, spiritually, whilst also showing the ‘lowest of the low’ that they are still incredibly important and valuable to God. That process has been going on in spades all over this blog, the last few weeks.
  4. Most of the Jewish community, most of the State of Israel, seems to be under the sway of people with distinctly Frankist tendencies and connections.
  5. All these people are connected to each other behind the scenes, and are also pushing a ‘transformative’ agenda where orthodox Judaism is surpassed by some syncretized, ‘one world religion’, together with other weird Frankist ideas about loving nature, and turning everyone into the Borg.


I think that sums up the main points.

Now, what do we DO about all this?

First, let me answer the question someone sent me over email:

Since Rav Lazer’s enemies accuse him of being a Sabbatean (I should know: When some of them contacted me, that’s exactly what they said, and I have it in writing), his defenders need to make clear why he is not one.


Here’s what I responded to them:

1) The BESHT’s mirror principle is always in operation.

What we accuse others of, is what we ourselves have an issue with.
I covered that idea in detail in THIS POST, and here’s a snippet of it that’s relevant to this particular discussion:

The Tzaddik is just a mirror.

Those people who have pretensions to lead the nation, and to be the big enchilada and the main spokesperson for Am Yisrael¸ they look at the Tzaddik and they see a false messiah peeking back at them.

Abusive, angry people who want to ‘force’ others to do what they say, and think the way they think come near him, and they start to believe, incredibly, that the Tzaddik is an abusive, angry, controlling person

Self-righteous people who like to pretend they are perfect get a glimpse of the Tzaddik, and they come away convinced that he’s a hypocrite who is hiding a whole bunch of horrible sins underneath his flawless exterior – just the way they are, themselves.

People who are obsessed with making money, or miserly tightwads who are allergic to the idea of paying out 10% of their income to charity come close and all they see is dollar $ign$ – it drives them bonkers that people pay money to the Tzaddik for pidyonot!!!! They can’t stand it!!! How has that guy figured out how to dupe people into paying him large amounts of cashfor free???!?!?!?!

Innately immoral people who support taavah-dik lifestyles look at the Tzaddik and see someone who’ll stop at nothing to gratify his own lusts and desires.

And the list goes on and on.

(It’s a side point, but it seems obvious that the Tzaddik’s most outspoken critics tend to be the most troubled people, for the reasons outlined above. They’re getting ‘triggered’ all over the place by all the ‘uck’ that’s reflecting back at them.)


Take a look at the people who have been in the forefront of slandering the Rav, and judging him so harshly, and then understand something profound:

The faults they were pointing out in him, are exactly their own faults.

This is also brought down in the Gemara.
The article below sets out those sources, and also explains how Moshiach is going to fix all this, and all the issues involving mamzerut and negative ‘yichus’ when he finally shows up:

My correspondent also wanted to know how we can know who was really a Sabbatian, and who wasn’t.

It’s a profound question, and a profoundly difficult one to answer, as the fault of the Sabbateans was (originally at least) subtle and rooted in deep kabbalistic gymnastics and mistakes about the role of the ‘Tzaddik foundation of the world’ – the single most complicated topic to get our heads around.
Also, this problem actually predates the Sabbateans, and even predates the Marranos, and probably is exactly the same ‘problem’ that we saw over by Yoshki.
Very great people have stumbled into terrible errors over this.
There is a tradition that there were actually only 5 souls throughout history who had this Tzaddik foundation of the world connection, which is linked to some radically different Torah light entering the world.

Those five souls were:

  • Moshe Rabbenu
  • Rashbi
  • The Arizal
  • Rebbe Nachman


This are souls of ‘yechida’ – oneness with Hashem, that encompass the whole Jewish people.
I’ve written a lot of different things about these subjects on the blog, and I highly recommend going back and re-reading the following posts: – This sets out the difference between the ‘real’ Moshiach, who actually gets us to geula, and the false Moshiachs, who try very hard to get to geula, but fail.
The following comment, from Hannah, basically sums up the main gist this post. Hannah writes:
IMHO, the test is humility.
Because the Gadol haDor is an aspect of Moshe Rabbenou who was the redeemer of Erets Mitzraim. And we know that the geoula shelema will mirror yetzias mitzraim.
We will be redeemed by the aspect of Moshe Rabbenou anchored in the Tzadik of the Generation.
Moshe Rabbenou was despised by the Hebrews in Egypt. 1/5 of them left Egypt where 4/5 stayed stuck there believing that Moshe Rabbenou was the leader of a cult. What was the sole and only feature which HaShem Yitbarach was looking for in the Redeemer?


Someone who was able to nullify himself for avodat HaShem. Someone who would accept all humiliations just to be at the service of the one G.od. Someone who would run away from the honors and all the VIP treatment of men.
This is the birur, everything which is made with self-sacrifice, lishma, deserves to be added to kedousha.
Everything which is made to get rewards, honors, admiration of men goes to the Sitra Acha, the other side of holiness.
Let’s apply this test to currents of Judaism or their leaders and you have the answer. Most of them did tremendous good things, this is undisputed. But one has to ask itself whether this work when to kedousha or to sitra acha.

My conclusion being, these leaders did not fulfill the main condition for bringing the redemption, by revealing the or haganouz as they lack humility (politics is 100% the opposite therof).

Redemption is about bringing light into this world which can only be done through nullification.

And the test of having some humility and compassion also applies to us, too.

All those people so quick to point the finger at others, and to pretend that they don’t have any issues on their side of the fence – no bad people, no ‘false messiahs’, no greedy, money-laundering ancestors with big beards….
God wants all of us to understand that in an instant, in a second, all our yichus, our pretensions to be better than others, our assumptions that we don’t have any problems, that we are right, and everyone else is wrong – all that could be flipped on it’s head.
And so, it behooves us to judge our fellow Jew with way more understanding, compassion and humility, but without whitewashing their bad behavior, or justifying it, or excusing it and accepting it.

This is about continuing to respect the other person, and trying to understand the ‘good reasons’ they had for acting in such sick and perverted ways, but without accepting the evil itself.

Because it could so very easily be US in that situation.
(And when Moshiach comes, all the truth is going to come out, and it really, really could be US who suddenly discover that WE were the ones holding up geula, and destroying the world.)
So we need to judge and relate to others with the same compassion we would like to have, if the shoe was on the other foot.
If you’re having some difficulties with Azamra – I hear you!
Take a look at the following articles, that may be helpful:
I’ve written a few different things trying to set out the difference between ‘authentic Judaism’ and what you can basically sum up as the main Sabbatian / Xtian / Frankist error.
Judaism teaches that the Tzaddik is just a composite soul that contains a spark of all of us, and so all of us have work to do, to fix the world, specifically by working on overcoming our bad middot and developing real emuna.
As Rebbe Nachman put it:
We can’t do it without him, but He can’t do it without us, either.
By contrast, all these false messianic traditions teach that the ‘savior’ shows up, and fixes everything without any input from the rest of us, and essentially acts like God in the world, as God has ‘delegated’ everything to him, and is no longer interested in how the world is functioning.

It’s subtle, but the difference is literally all the world.

In the authentic Jewish version, each of us has a a job to do, a crucial role to play, and Hashem is overseeing every little aspect of life on planet earth, every single second.
In the xtian / Sabbatian / Frankist version, we are all going to get ‘saved’ by the false messiah, who is the embodiment of God in the world (God forbid), and there is nothing more to do than just ‘believe’ in that false messiah guy when he shows up (or more specifically, comes back from the dead).
This article develops this basic idea in more depth:
But in terms of ‘knowing the truth’ – about anything – there is still only one answer:

We all have to ask Hashem to show it to us, individually, via hitbodedut.

It comes back to that idea of really starting to think for ourselves again, and of taking responsibility for our own lives, our own souls, our own connection to Hashem.
That’s also at least part of why God is making so many of our rabbis come out with disappointing statements about things like taking a Covid vaccine.

The time of shortcuts, of relying on other people – even great people – to do the hard spiritual work required for us to really have clarity and truth are over.

God wants our hearts, He wants a real connection, He wants us to talk to Him every single day, and to beg Him to show us the truth about what’s really going on, and what He wants from us.

And I don’t think there is really any other way.


So, to conclude:

Truth is pouring out of all the cracks and crevices, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

It’s a ‘sun with healing in its wings’, and it will heal the righteous, and burn up the wicked.

But the good news is that it’s very easy to get yourself out of the ‘wicked’ category, and into the ‘righteous’ side of things:

Just come clean, and admit you (and your ancestors, and your ‘tribe’, and your family) aren’t perfect.

That’s it.
As soon as that happens, and we understand that really, we aren’t so different from all those other people we like to criticise and slag off, then all the finger-pointing, self-righteousness, slanderous comments and holier-than-thou judgment calls will disappear by themselves.
Because we’ll start to treat others more fairly, and with more of the compassion we use to justify and excuse our own mistakes and human failings.

And then we can really get down to the work of identifying exactly where things have gone wrong, and get on with the job of repairing them properly.


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My husband, God bless him, is my harshest critic.

Before I write stuff here, especially ‘controversial’ stuff, I usually discuss it with him first – and his first tendency is to take everything apart, and to believe nothing.

Over the years, this has caused not a few arguments, but increasingly – and especially when I’m dealing with such high-level things as I’m currently writing about – I’ve come to appreciate this trait of his. He’s a lawyer, and he’s very good at picking my arguments apart.

That’s useful, because once all this stuff has passed muster at home, I know it’s 99% bullet-proof, and then I can write about it publically.


One of the things he asked me yesterday is ‘how can I claim genealogies are being faked and manipulated on’?

It’s a good question, and here’s the answer.


Let’s start with a conversation I had with someone who is directly related to some ‘big rabbis’, but off the grid of the official history. When this person put up their family details a few years ago, they were contacted by 2 of the (at least…) 3 people who I believe are ‘gatekeepers’ on geni, paid to divert the truth off into convenient ‘false narratives’.

One was called Malka Mysels, and the other Yigal Burnstein.

There is also a third ‘geni gatekeeper’ who pops up again and again in the most unexpected places, called Keith Hanit.

Long story short, my correspondent came to feel increasingly uncomfortable about the information they had posted up about their family history.

After a short period of time, they decided the safest and best course of action for their family would be to just delete their whole profile – which was challenging the ‘official narrative’ – and come off geni.

I am 100% sure there are many more people out there who have had exactly the same experience.

How can I be so sure?

Read on.


When I started researching the ancestry of ‘Benjamin Broda’, son of the Eshel Avraham Avraham Broda / Rovigo and alias of Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov, the secret Frankist ‘tzaddik’ who remained in the Jewish community, I stumbled across the following interesting discussion on geni, from July 2020:

Here’s the potted version of it, but I highly recommend you click through and read it for yourself, to see how the manipulation of geni is working in real time.

Someone called Lee David Jaffe started a discussion underneath the profile for ‘Benjamin Braude, ABD Grodno’ about his great grandmother, a woman called “Slawa Brodowicz (1800?-1847)“. Here’s a short version of what he was asking:


I’m the 3rd great-grandson of Slawa Brodowicz (1800?-1847) and I’m looking for corroboration about her parents. I’ve found many entries for her in JRI-Poland records, mostly the births and marriages of her nine children, but only one includes her maiden name Brodowicz. Otherwise, I haven’t found any documentation that indicates the names of her father and mother.

There are more that 2 dozen family trees that include Slawa in various genealogy sites. Most indicate her father was Benyamin Broda (spelled variously) 1745-1818 and her mother was Rachel Mayer b. 1760….

Other trees report that Slawa’s father was Ick (Icko or Isaac) Brodowicz (1775-1840). JRI-Poland includes a record for Ick’s death in 1840 in Wiżajny, Suwalki, where Slawa lived. Ick’s parents were Abram and Hydyna…


Rachel Mayer has been identified in other places as the daughter of Rivka Shoshana Jacob, one of the (hidden….) daughters of Jacob Frank, and his first wife Chana Josefa Falk, the daughter of the ‘bad’ Baal Shem of London, who I wrote about HERE.

Jacob Frank had these 6 daughters before he ‘came out’ publically as the leader of the Sabbateans in Podolia that later morphed into full-on Frankism. Many of them married big Torah scholars in the Jewish community, and trying to track down their descendants is proving a really tricky job.

For example, if it can be proven beyond a doubt that Rachel Mayer, grand-daughter of Jacob Frank, married Binyamin Broda, and that Binyamin Broda’s daughter Leah Golda became the mother of the 4th Lubavitch Rebbe…


You can see why that might cause some problems.


So, let’s go back to that discussion about ‘Slawa Brodowicz’ – the purported sister of ‘Leah Golda’ and Chaim Broda.


One of the ways that people are ‘hidden’ on geni is that instead of giving a specific name for them, they are referred to as ‘wife of so-and-so’, etc.

If you look at the above profile for Benjamin Braude (aka Binyamin Rivlin), you’ll notice that no names are given for either of his two wives.

This is not an accident, or because they don’t know who these people are.

Again, we are dealing with the ‘leading lights’ of the Jewish community who intermarried with other ‘illustrious dynasties’ and wrote big books about their yichus.

The names are missing in all these crucial places, because the names would start to make connections that a lot of people don’t want.

Like, for example, potentially connecting ‘Benjamin Braude, ABD of Grodno’ with Jacob Frank.


So, back we go to the discussion with the poor Lee Jaffe, ggggg grandson of ‘Slawa Brodowicz’.

All of a sudden, a bunch of outsiders – including Keith Lawrence Hanit – have shown up, and have taken control of the information he’s trying to add into the ‘big picture’ about Benjamin Braude’s marriage and descendants. Here’s a little of what Lee is complaining about:

“I am sure that 3-4 days ago, R’ Benjamin Braude, A.B.D. Grodno was listed as the father of Slawa Ludwinowska and the husband of Rachel Broide/ Margoliot. I would not have begun this discussion under Benjamin otherwise.

As said, I’m new to Geni and I don’t now who Kevin, Samuel or Dimitri are or why they have taken a role, but someone has made changes that don’t make sense. I’m not interested in engaging in this discussion any further if this is the way this goes.”


Poor guy.

One of these ‘geni experts’ then lays into him, for questioning why they are trying to deliberately cover up the new information, like this:

“I trust that you and Mel Werbach are researching this properly and have put in a lot more effort and time than I have or plan on doing.

It does seem however that the issue of Slawa has led us into another mess which I’ve begun trying to fix. She had been attached to R’ Benjamin Braude, A.B.D. Grodno and he had been merged into Reb Sender/Alexander Ephraim Leb Broide/ Margoliot. I believe that merge was done based on which I’m certain is a load of nonsense.”


That link to zohariststhories is the blog of Athol Bloomer, descendent of Jacob Frank, and self-identified as a ‘Hebrew Catholic’ i.e., a Frankist.

Again, there is a lot of disinformation on Athol Bloomer’s blog too, but at least some of the information about Frank’s descendants is credible, and I’m standing a lot of it up on it’s own merits, from independent sources that are NOT Athol Bloomer, or linked to him.

As we’ve been discovering on this blog, Jacob Frank’s ancestors AND descendants have all been totally whitewashed out of official Jewish history.

And that process has also occurred for all the other notorious ‘Shabbatean prophets’ like the Eshel Avraham, and Hershel Zoref, and Mordechai Mokaich, and Yonatan Eybshutz, and Nathan of Gaza,, and even, for the descendants of Shabtai Tzvi himself, many of whom also remained within the Jewish community.


If you try to click on the family tree that Lee Jaffe put up on, referred to in his comments, you’ll see it’s now gone.

Lee’s last comment on geni was this:

“What I would like is to see some supporting sources for the existing records and the recent changes. Why would Slawa’s record be unlinked as a child or Benjamin and moved to his brother Sender’s offspring? And since we still don’t know anything about Rachel Mayer why would her link as wife of Benjamin also move to Sender? If there is good reason, I’d like to see that info.”


They got to him, just like they got to the other person who spoke to me firsthand, about their experience on geni.


Here are some other ways the information is being manipulated, concealed and distorted on geni:


Above, you’ll find the profile for Rabbi Avraham Kalisker, the head of the the chassidim in Eretz Yisrael who fell out with the Alter Rebbe, Shneur Zalman, after he published the Tanya in 1797. (I wrote about that HERE.)

It took me a week of breaking my head reading through a ton of other sources, and other geni profiles, and other information, to make the links between R’ Avraham Kalisker, Shneur Zalman, the Maggid of Mezritch and the Tzemech Tzedek, Chabad Rebbe #3.

R’ Avraham Kalisker’s profile links to no-one else’s.

No siblings, no real details about his parents, no descendents.

And it’s not because ‘they’ don’t know…. they really DO know.

And they are deliberately hiding the information, because then we’d understand way more about how R’ Avraham Kalisker was linked, genealogically, to Shneur Zalman, and how both were linked to the Vilna Gaon, and how all of them were somehow linked to other people that they have tried to ‘whitewash’ out of official history.

So that’s another way the information is being obscured and distorted.


And then, we have things like this going on:


This is an ‘alternative’ profile that was put up for Moshe Shneuri, the Alter Rebbe’s youngest son who DEFINITELY converted to Catholicism in 1820.

Elsewhere, he’s identified as a ‘open’ Frankist.

In this profile, Moshe is identified as the SON of ‘Shalom Shachne Altshuler‘ – who we wrote about a lot in the last post, who is meant to have married Shterna Segal – aka, the wife of the Alter Rebbe.

That would possibly identify ‘Shalom Shachne’ as being one and the same as the Alter Rebbe, and link him possibly to being the son of R’ Avraham of Kalisker, and then Menachem Mendel (Chabad #3) would be the Alter Rebbe’s son, not his grandson.

Which would explain why he was raised in his home, and why the leadership passed to him, and NOT to one of the Mitteler Rebbe’s own children.


By contrast, in the official history, Shalom Shachne Altshuler is the grandson of the Maggid of Mezritch via his daughter Ruhama, who is meant to have married both R’ Avraham Kalisker, and also ‘Noach Altshuler‘.

According to Chabad, Shalom Shachne marries Shneur Zalman’s daughter Devorah Leah, and their son, Menachem Mendel, becomes the 3rd Chabad Rebbe, the Tzemech Tzedek.


Now, I’m not saying that the above profile is correct – there is so much disinformation going on, it’s almost impossible to tell.

What I AM saying is that there is clearly a lot of deliberate disinformation going on about the Chabad family tree, and instead of dealing with that honestly, they are instead going after the people who are posting up ‘dissenting information’ and bullying them to remove it.

On this profile, you’ll see that in big, shouting CAPITAL LETTERS, they have tagged this profile is DUPLICATE, SHOULD BE DELETED.

Most people will see that, and instantly dismiss this profile as erroneous and wrong.

But, I’m not most people.


To conclude.

I am seeing the tactics described above on so many of the profiles of so many important Jewish leaders and figures.

This cover-up is stretching across the Jewish world.

Take a look at who is managing the geni profile for the Vilna Gaon:


Well, who would have believed it!

It’s our hold friend Kevin Lawrence Hanit, the same guy who popped up to scare off Lee Jaffe, who was trying to connect ‘Benjamin Braude’ to his ggggg grandma Slawa Brodowicz.


Here’s another interesting discussion with ‘Kevin’, who is now busying making the Vilna Gaon’s family tree conform to ‘official history’:

“Kevin. By extracting names from Eliyahu’s Branches and inserting them in Geni you may be breaching the copyright held by the publisher Avotaynu.

Furthermore, the book was published nineteen years ago since when I have collected updates which require addition, deletions and amendments which I hope one day to incorporate in my database which hopefully may be made available on the internet in such a way that it cannot be tampered with.”


Poor Chaim Freedman (author of ‘Eliyahu’s Branches’).

He stopped updating his site a few years’ ago, despite having a wealth of new DNA information that links people like Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin straight to the Vilna Gaon.

My guess is that getting that ‘truth’ out there is currently a pretty dangerous business.

It’s easier to sit on it, than to open that massive Pandora’s box that yours truly somehow was dumb enough to start airing out.


Here’s another discussion on geni, where you’ll see how the ‘gatekeepers’ are deliberately keeping things mixed up, over even simple things like where the ‘Vilna Gaon’ was born, and how many wives he had:

There are many errors on GENI in the Gaon’s family. Three wives istead of two, two daughters with the same name Khiena, children who were not children. There are 14 mangaers of the profile – too many cooks spoilt the broth.
Users beware of the material presented here.
See my book “Eliyahu’s Branches, the Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family” (Avotaynu 1997) or contact me, Chaim Freedman.


I could go on (and on and on….) with this.

Do the experiment yourself: go look up some of the people I’ve mentioned here, and see how many dead ends you run into, how many ‘duplicate profiles’, how many people seem to be married to 4 wives, how many times ‘Keith Lawrence Hanit’, or ‘Malka Mysels’ pops up to keep things confused and muddled – even on totally random profiles.

It’s got to the stage that when I see their names on a profile, I just KNOW that something is being carefully managed or covered up. And that in itself is also proving useful, going forward.


The Jewish nation has a right to know what REALLY happened, concerning so many of our leaders in the past.

Chabad, in particular, has been the main conduit for so much that we have been taught to believe was factual history.

They are the source for the whole ‘dispute’ between the Vilna Gaon and the Alter Rebbe.

They are the source for so much of the history of the Jewish communities in Europe before that, and the stories about the Maharal of Prague and his descendants.

If we can’t trust what they have been telling us, that has implications for every area of modern Jewish life, in particular, what really went on around the creation of the State of Israel, and WHO is really pulling the strings here, behind the scenes.

And of course, let’s not forget there’s another branch of the family – the Rothschilds and Schiffs and the Oppenheimers and the Wertheimers – that also needs to be reintegrated into this mix.


I’m coming to the tentative conclusion that ‘Rothschilds and Schiffs’ are also the same family.

And that all this is somehow connected to the Bacharach family, via the known Sabbatean R’ Yair Chaim Bacharach (aka the ‘Chavas Yair’), and R’ Yeshaya Horowitz, aka the ‘Shlah Hakadosh’.

But I can’t figure all this out by myself, and time is running out to ‘unpick history’ so we can move forward into geula the sweet way.


I’ll let you know if what I wrote here passed the husband test.

But in the meantime, please help me to figure this out.

It’s important.

Because we really ARE just one big family, and once we’ve internalised that, all the petty squabbling, and all the ‘divide and conquer’ strategies the elitists have been using to keep us at each other’s throats, and so weak, disorganised and far away from God, will disappear.

And we can get geula the sweet way.



I forgot to mention another way the ‘gatekeepers’ are distorting history on geni.

They also give deliberately incorrect birth dates for key individuals – often ranging across almost a century! – which makes it very hard to see who came first, who is the father, who is the son, and then enables them to ‘rub out’ some descendants, while also fabricating others.

Again, so much of this information is extant in the pinchasim of the kehillot, which carefully kept track of births, marriages and deaths, much like the Chief Rabbinate of every country continues to do today. And where those records were lost or destroyed because of tragedies, much of the information has still been stored in non-Jewish sources, much as the civil register of births, deaths and marriages functions today, alongside that of the Jewish community.

Why go to all this trouble?

Because so many of our ‘big families’ were directly and obviously connected to known Sabbateans and Frankists.

(And then later on, these ‘secret’ Sabbateans and Frankists effortlessly morphed into the leading lights of the haskalah and reform and Zionist movements.)

That doesn’t mean every member of those families were necessarily Sabbateans and Frankists, but it DOES mean that we can’t just assume that everyone in the position of a ‘big rabbi’ with ‘good yichus’ was certainly operating from the side of good.

Because that just wasn’t the case.



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In today’s bit of the ‘onion’, we’ll be taking a look at the strange story of the the Tzemach Tzedek’s paternity.

If you’ve been following this sage along with me here on the blog, (all links to previous posts at the end of this one) – you’ll already know that most of ‘official’ Jewish history from the last 400 years has been built on lies.

There are so many lies being told about so many different things, that it’s been totally overwhelming to try and unpick it all in any easy-to-understand way. But BH, I feel that a (small…) light is starting to shine at the end of that very long tunnel.

My modus operandi is to just keep putting out the bits of ‘truth’ I’m managing to piece together, without really having the bigger picture still, in the hopes that even this is helping to move things forward in some way, and to get us to the ‘world of truth’ required for geula.

So in today’s installment, let’s take a closer look at the story of the Tzemach Tzedek, Chabad’s Rebbe #3.


Let’s start with what Chabad themselves tell us, about who the Tzemech Tzedek’s parents are:

Rabbi Menachem Mendel—who was to become known as the as the ‘Tzemach Tzedek’, the title of his most famous work—was born in the city of Liozna on Erev Rosh Hashanah 5549, to his parents Rabbi Shalom and Rebbetzin Devorah Leah Shachna. Rabbi Shalom was the son of Rabbi Noach Altshuler, a respected disciple of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk, Devorah Leah was the daughter of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the first rebbe of Chabad.


The Chabad timeline linked to above gives you the whole ‘story’, including how Menachem Mendel’s mother died young, and so he was raised in the home of the Alter Rebbe.

The Alter Rebbe then makes the shidduch between the Tzemech Tzedek, and the Mitteler Rebbe’s daughter Chaya Mushka. The Mitteler Rebbe is the Alter Rebbe’s son, R’ DovBer Schneurson, who wins the ‘succession war’ for who will lead Chabad against the Alter Rebbe’s youngest son, Moshe.

(In one version of this story, Moshe converts to catholicism as a result of not being crowned Rebbe #2).


Many things puzzled me about this ‘story’.

Firstly, what happened to the Tzemach Tzedech’s father, Shalom Shachne Altshuler, that he went to live with his grandfather, the Alter Rebbe?

Second, why did the leadership pass on to Menachem Mendel, when R’ DovBer had plenty of his own sons (all also ‘outstandingly pious individuals’, according to Chabad lore)?

(I started to vaguely answer that second question, in THIS post.)

So, I girded my loins and have spent literally hours, days and weeks trying to piece together the real story.

And here’s where I got to.


Let’s begin with the Maggid of Mezritch, R’ Dov Ber ben Avraham, which you can read about broadly HERE.

Dov Ber’s father was Avraham of Lukatch, but as I’m finding SO VERY OFTEN with so many of our illustrious Jewish families, there are very few other details of any family members, certainly no siblings, and it hardly ever goes back further than their parents, also with no details of any other family members.

Doesn’t this strike you as strange?

Especially as so many of our leaders were connected to each other, married into each others’ families, and were leaders of the Jewish community (and therefore extent even in gentile documents, who were strictly keeping track of the Jews in their localities, for tax purposes)?

My best guess (based on this link) is that Rav Dov Ber was related to the Horowitz family, descended from the SHLAH, who later moved to Tiberius, where he’s buried next to the Rambam.

Let’s continue.


The Maggid of Mezritch has a sister, Ruhama.

Here’s where things are about to get mighty strange again.

Ruhama’s first husband is apparently ‘R’ Noach Altshuler’.

Noach Altshuler and Ruhama have a son, Shalom Shachne Altshuler, who is meant to marry Devorah Leah Schneuri (who Chabad say is one of the daughters of the Alter Rebbe).

Together, they have a son – the Tzemech Tzedek, Chabad Rebbe #3.

No where does Chabad official literature tell us that the ‘Tzemech Tzedek’ is the great nephew of the Maggid of Mezritch.

Why not?


Let’s continue.

Ruhama has a second husband (I don’t know if he comes before or after Noach Altshuler), who is none other than Rabbi Abraham Kalisker.

In case you don’t know who that is, here’s a potted (official…) history.

R Abraham Kalisker and R’ Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk move to Israel in 1777 as part of the ‘chassidic aliya’. Shneur Zalman (the Alter Rebbe) also has plans to move to Israel with this group, but Menachem Mendel tells him to cancel them, and stay back in Belarussia, instead.

R’ Abraham Kalisker was formerly a study partner of the Vilna Gaon, before becoming a ‘chassid’.

When Menachem Mendel of Vitebsk passes away in 1788, R’ Avraham Kalisker takes over as leader of the chassidim in Eretz Yisrael, and also takes over the administration of ‘The Holy Land Fund‘, the major way that the Ashkenazi community in Israel is funded by the Jewish diaspora.


Try to search for any information The Holy Land Fund, and you’ll quickly hit a brick wall.

It’s another one of the things on my ‘hot mess-o-meter’ to come back to, but from 1788 on, ‘The Holy Land Fund’ seems to have been taken over by the Alter Rebbe, and morphs into ‘Colel Chabad’.

Colel Chabad is still operating today, with a big budget. According to Wikipedia:

“Colel Chabad was the main charity supported by Sholom Rubashkin, who donated millions of dollars from profits earned by his now-bankrupt company, Agriprocessors.”

Like I said, we’ll come back to this topic another time.


For now, it’s enough to know that following the Alter Rebbe’s publication of the Tanya, in 1797, he has a serious falling out with R’ Abraham Kalishker.

The essence of the dispute is that R’ Kalishker feels that the true path of chassidut should be based on emunat tzaddikim, and on simple emuna in Hashem, and NOT on revealing ‘secrets of the Torah’. R’ Avraham feels the Tanya is revealing too much of these kabbalistic secrets to the masses, and taking the focus off simple emuna.

R’ Asher of Karlin (more on him in a moment) sides with the Kalishker Rebbe; R’ Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev sides with the the Alter Rebbe, and R’ Nachman tries to make peace between the two sides, when he visits Eretz Yisrael in 1798-9.


The first person Rabbenu goes to see when he returns from Israel is the Alter Rebbe. But it’s also interesting to note that in multiple places in his works, Rabbenu stresses that the teachings of the Alter Rebbe are wrong:

“On his way to the Holy Land the Rebbe travelled through Nikolayev and Kherson to get to Odessa. He spent Shavuot in Kherson and there he gave a number of outstanding lessons, including one on the verse, “He calmed the storm,” (Psalms 107:29).

There were a number of followers of R. Shneur Zalman of Liadi in town. They brought some of his teachings for the Rebbe to see. The Rebbe took issue with R. Zalman’s teachings and showed his followers that what he said was not correct.”

– Taken from Tzaddik, #29, page 47.


The argument between R’ Kalishker (who Rabbenu praises very highly) and the Alter Rebbe gets really nasty.

Around 15 of the families affiliated with Shneur Zalman leave Tiberius, and move down to Hevron to start the community there, as a result of this dispute (led by R’Israel Jaffe.)

It’s hard to know what else occurred as a result, (and because the true identity of R’ Avraham Kalishker has been deliberately obscured, tracking that information down is going to be tricky) – but I can still tell you this:

R’ Avraham Kalishker, the Alter Rebbe’s ‘big enemy’, is also at least the stepfather of the Alter Rebbe’s son-in-law, Shalom Shachne Altshuler, father of the Tzemech Tzedek (Chabad Rebbe #3).


But that’s not where this mystery about Shalom Shachne Altshuler ends.

When R’ Dov Ber of Mezritch ‘takes over’ as the leader of chassidut, following the Baal Shem Tov’s passing in 1760, there is a rift between his followers.

It wasn’t an entirely smooth transition, and the followers of the BESHT who fall in behind the Maggid of Mezritch come to be known as the Chevra Kaddisha (holy society), and it included the following:


There are two R’ Aharons of Karlin.

This first one died just a year before the Maggid of Mezritch dies, in 1772. He’s married to someone called Bracha, and has three children:

  • R’ Asher of Karlin (aka R’ Asher of Stolin)
  • Mosher Ber Perlow
  • Rivkah – who also marries Rabbi Shalom Shachne Altshuler, the father of the Tzemech Tzedek (Chabad Rebbe #3).

So basically, the Tzemech Tzedek’s step grandfather is R’ Avraham Kalisker, and his other step-grandfather is R’ Asher of Karlin-Stolin – who both fell out with the Baal HaTanya in a big way, over his teachings.

Where ‘Devorah Leah’, the Alter Rebbe’s apparent daughter, fits into all this, I can’t tell you.

The ‘official page’ for her on Chabadpedia now shows this:


Chabad lore states that she was born in 1766, and married Shalom Shachne Altshuler in 1787.

21 is mighty old to be getting married at a time when most people were married around 13 years old.

For example, her son, the Tzemech Tzedek is apparently betrothed at 8 (!), married at 13, and a father by 14.

Menachem Mendel is born in 1789, then Devorah Leah dies in 1802.

Where her husband, Shalom Shachne Altshuler, is meant to be in all this, I don’t know. And when he is meant to have married to Rivka, daughter of R’ Asher of Karlin-Stolin, I also don’t know.

But here’s why all this matters.


Everywhere I turn with researching this stuff, I’m hitting dead ends, deliberate misinformation and even outright lies and cover ups.

At this stage in history, I feel we need to know the truth of our past, however yucky that might be.

The time for telling tall stories about our ancestors – that whitewash their human frailties and issues – is over.


As you can probably guess, the information I’m sharing here on the blog is just a fraction of the stuff I’m wading through.

What is coming clear into view, at least at the ‘big picture’ level, is that the vast majority of our gadolim and tzaddikim, on all sides, were closely related to zealous ‘believers’ in Shabtai Tzvi, false prophets of Shabtai Tzvi, and also open and ‘closet’ Frankists.

To put this another way:

There is no such thing as ‘good yichus’.

The biggest tzaddikim and the biggest evildoers sprung from the same source, the same gene pool.

That’s probably one of the reasons why Rebbe Nachman would get so annoyed, when people would claim he only achieved his spiritual levels thanks to his holy ancestors.

He for sure knew the secret that the biggest fruit, spiritually, always comes wrapped up in the biggest ‘peel’, or klipa of evil.

And the only way we break this ‘peel’ is by working to overcome our own bad middot.


Going forward, we need to be honest about all this.

Because the people with the bad middot (but ‘good’ yichus….) are still running the show in the Jewish world.

Did you know Netanyahu and Reuben Rivlin are descended from the Vilna Gaon?

Did you know that nearly all the chassidic dynasties come from just 3 families?

(And are also related to the Vilna Gaon.)

Did you know that descendants of Shabtai Tzvi, and Nathan of Gaza, and Jacob Frank – and many, many more nasty people, maskilim, reformers and ‘fake’ moshiach-wannabes – are literally intertwined at every level of the family trees of our current Jewish leaders?

And not just in the secular world, also in the frummest-of-frum communities.


To give some concrete examples:

The main people in the chareidi world who have been persecuting Rabbi Eliezer Berland trace back to this same, problematic, group of people.

And some of today’s biggest rabbis in Bnei Brak had ancestors who were secret Sabbateans, and led the charge towards ‘modernising’ their Jewish communities and destroying the Torah way of life.


I don’t think God wants me shaking out every single skeleton in the cupboards of all our ‘leaders’.

I certainly don’t want to be spending the rest of my life doing this.

But it’s clear to me, that as a community we have to come clean, and we have to stop telling made-up stories about just how ‘good and holy’ our ancestors were.

They also struggled with depression, anger, hatred, jealousy and lack of faith, just like we sometimes do.

They also mistreated their kids, and spoke abusively to their spouses, and cheated on their taxes, and stole things they shouldn’t have, and pretended to be something they really weren’t, just to keep the respect of their friends and neighbors.

And those are just the good ones.


The world of truth is coming, and it can’t be stopped.

Someone just called me and told that people are only prepared to believe the truth now, because so many of us have got so sick of all the lies being told.

We don’t want to hear anymore made up stuff about our ancestors; we don’t want ‘gate keepers’ in our community distorting history and manipulating us with information just so they can keep controlling and misleading us.

And most of all, we don’t want arch hypocrites with bad middot and big beards running our schools, and controlling our communities, and damaging the souls of our holy children with all their fake Torah and emphasis on external piety.

(At least, I don’t.)


So, it’s time to come clean, and to make some real teshuva.

Each of us in our own dalet amot can begin that process, and then it will widen up and out to our friends, families, communities and institutions.

When we stop accepting lies in our own lives, we’ll stop tolerating them and enabling them to be told in the wider world.

That change starts with me and you.

Are you ready?


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Have you ever wondered how different the world would look if we related to people based on who they really were, and not who they were related to?

What would happen, if we stopped deferring to people just because we thought they had ‘amazing yichus‘, and we stopped ignoring, demeaning and even abusing righteous converts and baalei teshuva just because they (apparently…) don’t have ‘amazing yichus’?

Imagine a world where people’s actions and middot – good or otherwise – were the only thing that could really speak for them.

Imagine a world where having ‘amazing yichus’ would stop being used as a get out of jail free card, for all those ‘connected’ elitists with friends and relatives in high places, who have been using their protekzia for centuries, to stay controlling the Jewish community, while studiously avoiding having to work on their own bad middot.

We are very close to that world happening.


Right now, God seems to be levelling the playing field, so no-one will just be able to wave the yichus card around anymore, to take the attention away from their awful bad middot.

We are entering the world of truth.

The world of redemption unfolding.

The world where no-one can hide behind their yichus any more, and instead will stand fully accountable for their thoughts, words and deeds.


The whole reason we are down here is work on our middot, and to get to know Hashem.

Right now, we’re in the last few seconds of the olam hafuch, the upside down world, where the yuckiest people are still on top – of everything, and everyone – while the best of the best lies forgotten and neglected in prison.

But it’s all about to flip over.

Personally, I can’t wait.



One of my readers just sent me this, from Psalm 106:

It kind of speaks for itself.

For non-Hebrew speakers, the words outlined say ‘V’yishtachavu l’maskeka’ – they prostrated themselves to a mask.


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Let’s continue trying to pry out some historical ‘truth’ from all the lies being told about Jewish history.

In this post, we’re going to return to Moshe Schneerson, the Alter Rebbe’s youngest son, who converted to xtianity.

Let’s see if we can track down some of his descendants in ‘real time’, and let’s see if we can start to broaden out the links between the Rivlin (aka Vilner, aka Broda / Rovigo) family, and Chabad. Along the way, we’ll also start to see how the nascent State of Israel came into being – and who was holding its reins, right from the start.


Let’s dive in.


In the official history of Chabad, which you can read in Hebrew HERE:

We learn that Moshe, the Alter Rebbe’s youngest son, marries ‘the Rabbanit Shifra, daughter of the famous rabbi, Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch of Ula.’ He apparently lives a very long life, and dies in 1877, in Russia.

In the official Jewish history, Tzvi Hirsch of Ula is the son of Rabbi Eliyahu Rivlin ‘Platkes’, who is the brother of Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov, and also of Mindel Schick.

As we learned in THIS post, Mindel Shick’s grand-daughter, Elke, married the infamous Frankist Moshe Dobrushka, and the whole family converted to the catholic faith.

[There is way more to say about Moshe Dobrushka, but we’ll save that for another post.]


In my ‘alternative history’, I’ve set out that:

  • RIVLIN is just an anagram for ‘VILNER’
  • Benjamin Rivlin = Benjamin Broida, the grandson of the Shabbatean prophet Avraham Broida / Rovigo, author of the Eshel Avraham.
  • The 6th Rebbe of Chabad, the Rayatz, sets out himself that ‘Leah Golda, grand-daughter of the Eshel Avraham’ becomes the mother of the 4th Rebbe of Chabad, and that her husband is ‘Moshe of Shklov’.
  • That Moshe Shneuri converted to catholicism in 1820.

Now, let’s see if we can find out what happened to Moshe and Shifra Shneuri (nee Rivlin’s) descendants.


According to the official genealogies curated by Chabad, Moshe and Shifra (Rivlin) have just two daughters:

[20] Sarah Rivkah SHNEURSON m. Nachum Yosef SHNEURSOHN


[21] Rachael SHNEURSON m. Moshe Tzvi FUNDMINSKY

On the related sites on geni (which I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion are also being ‘curated’ by people trying to suppress the truth) – Nachum Yosef Shneursohn apparently has no parents, siblings, or other relatives.

I’ve learnt that this is a clear sign that the name is made up.

Especially when you’re dealing with people who ‘marry in’ to dynasties that are totally and irrationally obsessed with yichus. And especially when you’re dealing with people who like to marry their close family relatives, as much as possible.

When I try to look for who ‘Moshe Tzvi Fundminsky’ is – I hit the same problem.

He appears out of thin air, with no parents, siblings or trace that this person actually existed, outside of the curated genealogies.

Do a search for both of these people on the internet, and it will come back with NOTHING outside of the Chabad genealogies.

So, I already know that ‘Moshe Tzvi Fundminsky’ and ‘Nachum Yosef Shneurson’ are made up names, alter egos created to hide who these people really were.


This is where the principle of ‘cousins marrying cousins’ and ‘uncles marrying nieces’ really starts to be helpful.

BH, I’ve managed to unravel so many bits of hidden history by following this principle, so let’s take a look at who Moshe Shneuri’s grand-children married.

Rachel and Moshe ‘Fundaminsky’ have 5 children listed on Geni:

  • Miriam Mara Segal
  • Devorah Shmerling
  • ‘Unknown daughter’ who marries a ‘Yaakov Moshe Schneerson’
  • Shneur Zalman Fundaminsky (the younger (? – your guess is as good as mine)
  • Rivka Hinda Rivlin

There’s a lot of deliberate disinformation flying around, but that last one, Rivka Hinda Rivlin turns up something useful. According to this Rivlin family tree (which also continues deliberate distortions, upstream) Rivka marries Zalman Hayim Hillel Rivlin in Jerusalem.

Zalman Rivlin is the grandson of Hillel Rivlin of Shklov, the main ‘disciple’ of the Vilna Gaon’s band of Perushim, who came to settle Eretz Yisrael.

Hillel is also the son of Benjamin Rivlin of Shklov / aka Benjamin Broda -the Vilna Gaon’s brother, and the ‘secret Frankist tzaddik’ who stays within the Jewish community.



Zalman Rivlin is apparently married three times (!) – but again, his other two wives ‘appear out of nothing’.

One of Zalman Rivlin’s brothers is Yosef Yehoshua Rivlin, credited with founding 13 new neighborhoods in Jerusalem. Wikipedia has some interesting info about him, here’s a snippet:

In 1857, Rivlin founded the Bonei Yerushalayim (Builders of Jerusalem) company for the purpose of building neighborhoods outside the Old City walls. He enlisted signatories in the company from among his acquaintances, wealthy relatives in Shklov and Mohilev, and pro-Israel committees in Amsterdam and London, and also traveled to Russia and Europe with his colleagues, Rabbis Yoel Moshe Salomon and Michel Cohen, to promote the plan…

Rivlin was also instrumental in securing an annulment of the Ottomon ban on construction outside the Old City walls, issued in 1844. Sent with Rabbi Benzion Lyon to Constantinople by the rabbis of Jerusalem, Rivlin and Lyon procured an annulment of the firman from the sultan’s secretary, effective 1862.


You’ll recall from THIS post that Yoel Moshe Salomon was the descendant of Hershel Tzoref of Vilna, another Shabbatean false prophet.

Let’s recap, before we move on:

  • The Alter Rebbe‘s great-granddaughter via his openly catholic son Moshe marries Zalman Rivlin, the great-grandson of Hillel Rivlin of Shklov – continuing the tradition of these families intermarrying with each other.
  • Hillel Rivlin is the son of Benjamin Rivlin / Broda, the brother of the Vilna Gaon, and the ‘secret Frankist tzaddik‘ that stays within the Jewish community, to subvert it from within.
  • Zalman’s brother, Yosef Yehoshua Rivlin, plays a leading part in ‘building’ Jerusalem, together with the descendant of another Shabbatean Prophet, Yoel Moshe Salomon.


There is and was a very profound ‘Shabbetean / Frankist Kabbalah’ component to all this effort being exerted to rebuild Jerusalem, that is also connected to ‘rediscovering the 10 lost tribes’ and to the xtian world.

If you go HERE, you can start to read a little about that for yourselves. I hope to do a much longer post on this soon, but suffice to say that Yosef Rivlin was also a big kabbalist, and also very busy with trying to identify the 10 lost tribes.

This obsession with the 10 lost tribes was also a recurring theme, with all these false Shabbatean prophets, and the xtian groups who were supporting them.


Let’s keep going a little, with Zalman and Rivka Hinda’s descendants, because it’s actually quite eye-opening.

Again, Rivka is the grand-daughter of Moshe Schneuri, the Alter Rebbe’s openly catholic son (who was almost certainly a Frankist).

Rivka’s daughter Chaya Rasha marries Rabbi Mordechai Zev Hominer.

The Hominer rabbinic dynasty was one of the pillars of the ultra-orthodox community in Jerusalem (and Eretz Yisrael).


Another one of Rivka and Zalman’s daughters, Shifra Bracha, marries Eliyahu Mordechai Eisenstein, the leader of the religious community Jerusalem.

The following piece of golden information comes from the auction site for letters from the Eisenstein family, HERE.

(I’ve bolded the really interesting bits, below.)


R. Avraham Eisenstein (1800-1886) was born in Drahichyn, Belarus, and moved to Safed in 1823 together with a large group of disciples of the Gra, including his father-in-law, R. Chaim Cohen, rabbi of Pinsk and Safed.

In 1834 R. Avraham was appointed dayan on the rabbinical court of R. Yisrael of Shklov in Safed.

His entire family perished in the earthquake of 1837 except for one young daughter, upon which he moved to Jerusalem, where he eventually remarried the daughter of R. Aryeh Neeman (Marcus).

His sons R. Eliyahu Mordechai and R. Yerachmiel (who moved to the United States in the 1880s) were born from this marriage.

R. Avraham was among the community leaders of Jerusalem, and served as the director of the Vaad HaKlali (General Fund)….

His son, R. Eliyahu Mordechai Menachem Eisenstein (1867-1957), followed his father’s footsteps as a Torah scholar and community activist. He served the community in various capacities, including treasurer of the “Vaad HaKollelim”, secretary of the General Fund Knesset Yisrael, and other positions.

He also served as the personal secretary of R. Shmuel Salant for a number of years. He married the daughter of R. Zalman Chaim Rivlin (ca. 1832-1902), director of the Vaad HaKlali, and upon her passing, married her sister.


So. We’ve just discovered another unknown daughter of Rivka and Zalman Rivlin, called ‘Sara Esther’, who remarried Rabbi Eliyahu Mordechai Menachem Eisenstein when her sister, Shifra Bracha, passes away.

More importantly, we’ve started to uncover how the Lubavitch / Rivlin dynasty underpins large chunks of the ultra-orthodox religious world in Israel, via the Alter Rebbe’s catholic son, Moshe Schneuri.

And this is only tracking down two of Moshe’s descendants.

You would be AMAZED how many of our Jewish leaders, in the chassidic world, in the Litvish world, in the State of Israel, are directly connected to the Alter Rebbe and the Vilna Gaon, who as I set out elsewhere are very probably father and son.

So that makes the question of how closely these individuals were both connected to Shabbatean / Frankist theology, and beliefs, all the more sharp and urgent.



I was going to stop here for this this post, but then I thought I’d just go and see who Moshe Schneuri’s other daughter, Sarah Rivka, is connected to.

Her son, Schneur Zalman Schneurson, married Toyba Feiga Wolfensohn, the daughter of Dayan Abraham Wolfensohn of Shklov.

He’s another really interesting character. The following comes from Wikipedia (which has way more details, so click and read more, if you’re interested). Again, I’ve bolded the really interesting bits.


Rabbi Wolfensohn was born in Shklov, about 300 kilometers southeast of Vilnius in Lithuania, where he became a disciple of the Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Elijah ben Solomon Zalman. 

The Gaon believed that the return of the Jews from the Diaspora to the Land of Israel would bring about the Messianic era. Influenced by the Gaon’s vision, Wolfensohn founded an organization called Chazon Tzion (“Prophecy/Vision [of] Zion”), whose main principles included the ingathering of the Jewish exile.

In 1809, Rabbi Wolfensohn traveled to and settled in the Holy Land as a member of the first of three groups of Gaon disciples….

Included in the groups were members of the Wolfensohn, Ze’ev, Rivlin, Zeitlin and Bassan families—many of the descendants of these disciples became leading figures in modern Israeli society. Their arrival encouraged an Ashkenazi revival in the land which until this time was mostly Sephardi.

Facing an Ottoman ban on Ashkenazi Jews settling in Jerusalem, most of the Perushim, including the Wolfensohn family, settled in Safed, forming the basis of the Ashkenazi community there. Rabbi Wolfensohn became the first judge of the Perushim in Safed and was instrumental in ending the friction between the Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities in the region…

His wife and two of his sons were killed in the great Galilee earthquake of 1837, while Avraham was away in Europe collecting funds for the community.

His son Zeev survived because he was studying at a yeshiva in Jerusalem at the time.

Rabbi Wolfensohn then moved to Jerusalem where he married his second wife, Sheindel, with whom he had four children.

As leaders and members of the Perushim community, Rabbi Wolfensohn and his descendants (Wolfensohn, Woolfson, Wolfson, Ze’ev) had a significant influence both on the history of the Yishuv haYashan and the subsequent State of Israel


You’ll remember that I already talked about the Zeitlin connection to the Alter Rebbe, and to the haskalah, HERE.

Joshua Zeitlin is listed as the father in law of ‘Reb Alexander Sender’ – apparently one of the Alter Rebbe’s favorite talmidim.

And ‘Alexander Sender’ is meant to be the father of Moshe of Shklov – who we already pinned down as being one and the same as Moshe Schneuri, the Alter Rebbe’s catholic Frankist son.

 That would make Joshua Zeitlin the Alter Rebbe’s father in law.

(Joshua Zeitlin’s brother, Eliezer, came to Palestine as part of the delegation of the Perushim.)

So, if the thesis is correct that the Alter Rebbe’s father was really the Vilna Gaon, we are getting closer to pinning down who these people really were, ‘in the real world’.

And once we know that, we’ll have a much better idea how everyone is connected, and why they’ve been trying to hide that information for more than 200 years.




Hey, just as I was re-reading this post to make sure it formatted OK, I realised that the life stories of R Avraham Eisenstein and R Avraham Wolfensohn are almost identical…. right down to them losing all their family, bar one child, in the Sfat earthquake and being the first ‘dayan’ in Sfat.

I think we just surfaced another big piece of disinformation in real time.

But why would anyone bother to make up a double identity for R Abraham Wolfensohn?




You can see how our current President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, is directly descended from Benjamin Rivlin, here:

These people weren’t just pulling the strings 200 years ago. They are still pulling the strings today.


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