In case you were wondering, I’m actively trying to ignore the news at the moment.

I’ve lived in Israel long enough to remember the last time, 15 years ago, we were being told Iran was ‘3 weeks away’ from having a nuke, and all the other fear porn constantly churned out by our puppet-politicians and the military and spy agencies who effectively work for America’s Deep State.

If we stop believing the ‘fear porn’, they are out of a job, and the controllers’ ability to manipulate us all with the media ratchets down a huge notch or two.

Things ARE moving in the right direction….

Every little bit more truth that comes out, every little bit more teshuva, it’s changing the whole picture, mamash.

But personally, I am trying very hard to stop ‘fake news’ from sucking all my energy and joie de vivre and making me despair of God’s goodness.

Usually, when God wants me to know ‘the news’ I hear about it anyway, the bit I’m meant to be hearing.


So in case you were wondering why I’m not talking about current affairs at the moment, it’s for a few reasons:

  1. Nearly all current affairs are fake, manipulative ‘fear porn’ that just makes me feel yuck for no constructive purpose.
  2. I am super busy trying to figure out what really happened 2,000 years ago – because when that unravels, the whole house of cards falls down.
  3. I am spending any other free time I have trying to do real, constructive things.


BTW, the Rav has been in and out of hospital again, and recently had a new pacemaker fitted.

He’s asking people to recite three tikkun haklalis a day, in his zchut (but really…. it’s in our own zchut. We are the first people to benefit from praying for the Rav.)

So, switch off the fear porn, press mute on all the ‘prophets of doom’, and go hunt down a tikkun haklali and do something more useful with your time.

‘The plan’ is fizzling before our eyes.

‘The narrative’ is imploding.

And the more of us stop paying attention to all the fear porn, and stop letting it suck all our spiritual energy out of us, the faster all this continues to turn around for the best.


Thank God, yesterday passed without any serious incidents or clashes here in Israel.

That is truly an open miracle that we all need to be grateful for.

Yet another war – a civil war, this time – somehow got headed off at the pass, and now we’ll see what happens next, as the dust starts to settle and more of us remember that Pesach is next week, and there’s cleaning, shopping and cooking to do.

I looked across the headlines of a few places today, and it was that familiar, weird, situation of ‘everything just disappeared’.

The air came out of the tire, the heat came out of the fire, like it has done so many times in the past, when all these manufactured crises and wars somehow get ‘deflated’ by Am Yisrael’s sincere teshuva and prayers.


Of course, no-one is saying we are out of the woods just yet, because we aren’t.

The crazy people on both sides of the argument are still in charge, for now, and they will try again, just like they did with all the Covid lockdowns, and just like they are still trying to do with ‘war with Iran’, and a billion other nefarious schemes.

That’s how they always work.

They bide their time, and try again.

But this time, it’s not going to pan out quite the same way.

Too many people are really starting to wake up to the fact that all this is a manipulated puppet show, and ‘fake news’.


My husband was explaining to me yesterday that if everything got ‘exploded’ in one day, it would be awful.

So, this is how geula is coming, step by slow step, on the back of a donkey.

A few hundreds of thousands of people in Israel have now realised that the politics here is a total waste of time, and no answer to any of our real problems.

That’s tremendous!

Because once people start to understand that the politicians, doctors and stock market aren’t the solution to their problems, that opens them up to discovering the REAL solution – i.e. Hashem.

If that’s all this balagan achieved – dayenu.

Now maybe more of us will stop wasting our time ‘debating’ over evil politicians of all stripes, and spending much more time actually turning to God, praying and working on our own bad middot – especially the sin of sinas chinam.


I just want to give a shout out, to all those people, all over Israel and in the Jewish world, who have spent the last few weeks talking peace and trying to practise ahavat chinam, while all around the psychos have been banging the war drums.

I’m talking about the mums who didn’t lose it with their teenagers…

The husbands who didn’t lose it with their wives, who have been spending every cent they own trying to get ready for Seder Night…

The neighbors who put up with all the loud music and commotion late at night…

The friends who decided to forgive and play things down, when they have been hurt and offended…

The people who made peace with family members they’ve been arguing with, or disliking, for a long time….

These people are the real heroes here – and they can be found in every single community and on every single ‘side’.


And also all those people at the demonstrations, who every time the violence was flaring up with the hot heads on both sides, they got in the middle and calmed things down.

And also the municipality of Bnei Brak, with its cholent and Shabbos songs.

There has been plenty of footage to make us all cringe the last few weeks, but there has also been so much ‘good’ sprouting out of all this, just  no-one is really paying attention.

Because the bad news always gets the bigger headlines.


It’s the small people, the simple people, and their simple emuna, and their simple tehillim and prayers, who bring the geula, and put the crown on the head of Moshiach.

May we all be zocheh to be included with them.


PS: This is why I still am telling my kids and anyone who will listen, to avoid all ‘demonstrations’ of this type:

The police are used to beating up ‘right wingers’ and will do so with no provocation.

I don’t want my kids getting violently attacked by psychos in uniform.

And while we’re on the subject, why does Israel need a ‘National Guard’?

We have enough violent psychos in uniform willing to hurt the public on the PM’s say-so already.

Don’t we?


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Yesterday evening, I got a text telling me the Rav had asked people to go to Hevron to pray at midnight.

That is the only type of ‘gathering’ I’m interested in, so me and the husband got in the car and drove down there.

(I would have publicised it here on my blog, but I didn’t get permission to do that until I’d already left home.)

The roads were pretty empty, as we whizzed past one Arab village after another, swathed in gaudy blinking lights for Ramadan, on the way to the Mearat HaMachpela.


We got there around 12:30pm, and there was a gathering of around 2-300 people, men and women.

The men were praying at the Seventh Step, while the women were a little way off, under the olive trees in the middle of the plaza.

I set up my deckchair there, and started to recite the Tikkun HaKlali.

They were up to number 4 of 7, so I joined in, and recited my four.

All of a sudden, I realise I’m feeling the calmest I’ve felt for literally months.

I’m sitting under that large olive tree, looking up at the night sky, hearing the people around me praying together, and I just felt some deep, inner contentment.

This is what the Jewish people were created to do – to pray!

Our weapon is our prayers.

And it’s so very powerful.


I left around 1.40am, and we drove home.

A part of me was a little disappointed that there weren’t thousands and thousands of people in Hevron, praying, but another part of me knows that at this difficult time, even the smallest efforts count for so much.

Back on April 11 2021, ahead of the ‘Murder in Meron’ – planned by pretty much the same government we still have today – the Rav asked his students to go up to Meron at chatzot to go and do some ’emergency praying’.

Together with that request, he also gave over a shiur where he basically described how the authorities were planning to murder 100,000 people in five minutes.

You can see translated excerpts of that shiur HERE.

All this was still many days before that fateful L’ag B’omer, when the police, operating on the explicit instructions of the puppet-government, and the ‘controllers’ who pull the strings, used Directed Energy Weapons at the foot of the one passageway they left open out of the Toldos Aharon passageway to literally make a line of people drop dead, blocking the exit for everyone else behind them.

45 people still died that terrible day.

But, the plan was to murder tens of thousands.


On April 11, 2021, me and my husband decided to drive up to Meron in the car from Jerusalem – most of the other people were coming up from Shuvu Banim on a couple of hired buses.

It was late. I was tired. I felt so ill throughout most of the trip, I couldn’t even get out of the car when we finally got to Meron.

My husband, bless him, went in to say some Tikkun HaKlalis by the Rashbi – and I stayed in the car, feeling pretty ill and half unconscious.

Strange to say, I could feel when the two Shuvu Banim buses arrived, not because I heard anything loud or saw them coming.

I was half asleep, but I suddenly felt like a cavalry of angels had arrived to Meron.

I opened my eyes – and I saw two bus loads of avreichim with long payot, from Shuvu Banim, making their way into the Kever.

They stayed there literally the whole night, until dawn, praying and singing and dancing.

Someone took some video, and you can watch them doing that, here:


It was barely 150 people in Meron.

A disaster still happened there, and still tore our hearts to shreds.

But the much greater disaster that the Rav – who was at that point in prison – and a couple of other hidden tzaddikim knew was being planned by the authorities here, didn’t occur.

BH, the same is true of that modest prayer gathering yesterday, in Hevron.


I just want to make one plea here, that if you are in any position to encourage people to stay out of this, and to stay away from public ‘demonstrations’ of any type, that you do that.

These demonstrations will only be ‘used against us’, somehow, no matter who is calling for them, nor how righteous the cause.

Gather together to sing, dance, pray, make teshuva, do kindnesses – even in the middle of the road of Huwara, if  that calls to you.

But on no account ‘demonstrate’.

I keep thinking of what they managed to pull of in Rwanda, with Operation Crimson Mist.

I think, that’s also what they are after here.

To keep stoking the anger to boiling point, while the police disappears off the scene – like the did in Huwara, like they did in Tel Aviv, like they did in Jerusalem – and then people start attacking each other, God forbid.


Don’t be part of that scenario!

And keep praying and doing whatever you can, in your dalet amot, to up the achdus and the emuna.

As I said previously on this blog, the people calling for violence in the comments section of sites like A7 are not Jewish, and are either paid shills, or xtians who believe in violence as the solution to all problems, for all that they tell everyone else to ‘turn the other cheek’.

The Jewish ‘weapon’ is prayer.

And it’s all we need, to really get things to turn around here for the good.

And to all these ‘religious zionist’ and ‘chareidi’ rabbis who either don’t know that, or have somehow forget it – that’s the real busha here.


They are trying to get the religious crowd involved in this fight now:

(Screenshot from HERE, calling for religious public to come out and protest in Jerusalem today).


Don’t fall for it!

BH, the heavens will open, and a ton of rain will be falling in Jerusalem before, during and after 6pm today.

God is going to fight the general battle against the evil Erev Rav and the ‘controllers’ behind the scenes for us.

But our real battle is internal, it’s within.

It’s the battle against our anger, hatred, arrogance, need to be ‘right’, and bullying, abusive tendencies.


BH, the evil should break very soon, and all this should turn around for the very best.



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I’m sitting here watch the madness unfold in Israel, up the road and all around me.

And I am getting that feeling that all this is being planned, deliberately, from the top.

All our ‘dear political leaders’, left and right, secular and religious, paid and volunteering, seem to be in on this plan to tear the country apart with riots and strife.

It takes a ton of money and organisation to get tens of thousands of people dressing in exactly the same ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ white bonnets and red cloaks.

It takes a ton of money to organise all these flags and other props.

How do these protestors know, so easily, where all these senior government figures are going to be?

Where is the security details that are meant to be protecting these ministers 24/7?

Why are the police just letting hundreds of people barricade main roads in Tel Aviv, while running through unmanned barricades by the PM’s residence in Jerusalem?

As the questions pile up, I am really starting to believe this is being planned from the top, and is actually being orchestrated by the security services and military here in Israel.

And I’m not the only one.



This is a post that appeared on a Moran Eden Bergmann’s Telegram channel.

 She’s basically saying a lot of these figures leading the protests are known Shin Bet operatives.

Here’s a Google translate screenshot:


Here’s another comment from her, that basically sums things up:

A wise citizen does not take part in an engineered institutional protest that aims to bring about civil war.

That’s what is going on here – and not just here.

More than ever, don’t get involved in this!

Stay home and pray, avoid all mass demonstrations and protests.

Prayer, teshuva and charity is what is going to get this horrible situation to calm down, anything else is just playing into their hands.


The controllers are controlling all sides of this ‘argument’.

Netanyahu is their man, Gallant is their man, Lapid, Shabtai, Ben Gvir – no-one is working for you and me.


So, this time around, let’s not give our enemies what they want, which is all-out civil war between Jews.

We don’t have to agree with other people’s ideas and opinions, we can even find them puke-inducing.

BUT – we still have to love and respect the person, as much as possible, without putting ourselves in danger.

That’s the real test here.

I’m praying we pass it.



There has been another shooting attack in or near Huwara.

A husband and wife were shot in their car, the husband was apparently shot in the head and is in a serious condition.

I don’t know what the names are for prayers, but please focus your prayers in their direction anyway, God knows who they are.


Despite the fact that I live in Jerusalem, where 10 people have been murdered by terrorists in the last couple of months, the terror in Huwara is hitting me much harder.

We were in Huwara 20 minutes before the two brothers from Har Bracha were shot dead in their car there.

And in a few hours, I am heading out to the Shomron for a meeting – driving through Huwara.



Let’s be clear, that all these ‘right wing politicians’ aren’t stopping this, can’t stop this, and if we’re really being honest here, are probably even stoking things up behind the scenes for their foreign paymasters.

We saw last time, that vigilante actions only backfire on the Jewish community, and get used to demonize ‘settlers’ even more.

So let’s not lose sight of the fact that while it’s Arab fingers on the triggers, doing the actual shooting, the orders for these attacks are coming from abroad, primarily from the US, and from Europe, and they are then ‘facilitated’ by the people who sit in our own government, police and military.

Violence is not going to resolve this problem.

Unrealistic slogans about ‘shipping all the Arabs out to Jordan’ (as if!) is not going to solve anything, and will only turn off large swathes of the Jewish population who are also repulsed by Arabs talking about ‘driving all the Jews into the sea’.


I am totally sickened that the terrorists are continuing to shoot Jews in the Shomron, while our government whistles, and pretends that despite having every square cm of the country covered with AI facial recognition cameras, they have no idea where all these guns and terrorists are coming from, or going to, once they’ve done their murderous deeds.

And I am also totally sickened by the deafening silence coming from the government-sponsored media here, which simply doesn’t talk about all the day-to-day violence currently going on in the Shomron all the time.

This ‘right wing’ government is not defending the people there; it’s not supporting them morally; and it’s looking for all sorts of different ways it can ‘whip things up’ in the Shomron, while locking up more and more people under British ‘administrative detention’ rules which means they can keep them in prison indefinitely, without any evidence of wrong doing.

The lists of Jews being locked up by the Shabak under ‘administrative detention’ rules is continuing to grow longer and longer – under this ‘right wing’ government that so many blind people still believe is working for the simple people who voted them into power.


Violence is not the answer here.

And supporting more ‘puppet politicians’ is not the answer here.

The ONLY answer is prayer and teshuva.

Lots of both.

Lots of asking God to finally destroy our real enemies, who sow terror, hatred and violence between people all the time, in so many different ways, as part of their strategy of ‘divide and conquer’.

Again, I am totally sickened that these acts of terrorism are happening.

But, only a fool would think that the buck stops with the Arab terrorists.

Those terrorists are being armed and enabled by elements within the State of Israel itself, working for the Americans and the Europeans, who hate the Jewish people, hate God, and hate everything Torah-true Judaism represents.

That is the real problem.

And a huge part of finally resolving it, is to finally acknowledge what is really going on here.

Dutchsinse called for another 7.0 earthquake to hit Turkey (or in the area….), by Ta’anit Esther – today.

Rav Berland, a few weeks ago, called for 100,000 Tikkun Haklalis to be completed (a second time…) by Taanit Esther, to avoid a massive earthquake hitting Israel on Ta’anit Esther, that would cause ‘buildings to fall’.

BH, here’s the message we got from the Rav yesterday:

The Rav said that there was a decree that the Jewish nation would be destroyed within 5 minutes. But it got canceled and now we will merit the light of Moshiach this Purim.


And here is the ‘message’ we got from Dutchsince, four hours ago:

Turkey was not struck (yet) , and was a miss for me in my forecasting, as I explain in detail in this video, where I got it wrong, what I think I missed, and all other relevant details.


Watch his update here:


Where did the earthquake go instead?

Apparently, to New Zealand.

(Which was kind of disappointing, I was holding out for Davos, or some other place with a lot of evil people doing evil things they think no-body knows about…)

But still, the point is, IT ALL GOT SWEETENED.


And, IT ALL GOT PREDICTED, again, not just by Dutchsinse, but by the Rav.

That’s what happens when we follow a real Tzaddik, we see stuff like this happening all the time.

In the blink of an eye, everything turns around for the best…. and our enemies are defeated, and ‘hoist on their own petard’.

BH, we’ll be seeing way more of that happening very soon.

In the meantime, Purim Sameach!

Who did we all vote for last time round?


Usually, I update at the end of the post, but this information is important to know, so I’m updating at the beginning, so more people will notice it.

I just spoke to my ‘Shomronista’, and got more details of what really happened during the ‘riot’ in Huwara.

Here’s what she told me:


  1. The army was there the whole way through, right from the beginning, and let the Jews who came to Huwara do what they want without stopping them, for a long time.
  2. The cars that were being burnt were all the old, clapped-out bangers that litter most Arab towns in Israel – and that includes a massive mountain of old cars, that made the biggest ‘bonfire’.
  3. The Jewish residents weren’t setting any buildings on fire – although some of the cars that got burnt were next to buildings, that got collaterally damaged. But no Arab buildings were ‘burnt down’ – my daughter went through Huwara yesterday, that’s what she is telling me. And also, the residents didn’t start ‘beating up’ or attacking any Arabs, they were just burning old cars.
  4. The Arabs who were injured, and the one man who was killed, WERE THROWING STONES at the IDF soldiers, and were injured and killed by the IDF. (This explains how the army were also firing at Jewish journalists, even though they identified themselves up front as journalists.)

Basically, the IDF’s role in all this – both when they stood back and let this happen, and also when they then got involved and started firing at the Arabs – is being quietly ignored.

That’s where we’re at. I’ll update if there are more details to clarify, but my daughter said it’s gone back to being relatively quiet there already.



(Here’s where the original post begins….)

The ‘right wingers’, apparently.

The Ben Gvirs, the Smotrichs, the ‘Likudniks’.

Remember, the government controls the military.

The government controls the police.

The government controls the media.

The government controls the spy agencies, including the GSS (the unit of the Shabak set up especially to torture and persecute ‘Jewish terrorists’…_


Who was in power, and signed off on, the GSS torture and ‘frame up’ of Amiram ben Uliel for the Duma fire?

This same ‘right wing’ government.


Who was in power, and signed off, on all the Covid propaganda, lockdowns, forced maskings, ‘track and trace’ and attempts to mandate ‘Covid shots’ for everyone in Israel?

This same ‘right wing’ government.


Who was in power, and worked very hard, to close down Meron and ensure that 45 frum Jews would be killed on L’ag B’omer?

This same ‘right wing’ government.


Who arranged for Lod to be trashed by Arab rioters, in the hopes of sparking another ‘intifada’ in  Israel that would tighten their control on the country and make it easier to pass more draconian laws using the excuse of ‘national security’?

This same ‘right wing’ government.


We have an army that is being used against us.

We have spy agencies that are being used against us.

We have government-controlled media that is being used against us.

We have a police force that is being used against us.

We have a whole bunch of laws ‘to strengthen national security’ that are simply being used against us.

Wake up!


There was another shooting, the same day that the two brothers were killed in Huwara, and the riot was ‘arranged’ there by the government, as the precursor for the next clamp down on the ‘Jewish Terrorists of the Shomron’.

A volunteer soldier in the IDF was shot to death in the Bekaa Valley.

That place has been peaceful for years and years…. I know it well, my kid was in school there for a while and that’s the route we usually drive up from Jerusalem to the North.

Anyone who thinks this ‘death penalty for terrorists’ – who are willing to commit suicide anyway, to get to their version of Heaven! – is going to ‘deter’ any more violence is just delusional.

They are allowing their hatred and fear of the Arabs to blind them to the reality.

And the reality is that all this violence and terrorism is being orchestrated by our own government, military, spy agencies and police, to keep ‘the controllers’ plan of never-ending war in the Middle East going forever.

Because a nation at war is a nation easily controlled and manipulated and censored.


So, I’m not ‘happy’ that a riot took place in Huwara.

No-one even knows if the killer is even from Huwara, because he drove his car into the city, smashed into the brothers’ car – and then got out and shot them at point-blank range.

Shechem is 7 kilometres up the road from Huwara.

It’s at least possible the killer came from there.

But hey, don’t let things like this stop anyone from going on senseless, violent rampages against people who happen to live at the location of a terrorist attack!

By this logic, we should also go and burn down Neve Yaakov and Ramot, as a ‘deterrent’ for the citizens of those locations who failed to prevent the recent terrorist attacks.


If this idea sounds retarded – it’s because it is.

All that’s happened now is that there are hundreds more angry Arabs in Huwara, who have a real grudge against the Jews who burnt their cars and homes.

How is that meant to stop any more terror attacks happening against Jews there?



We have all this violence in our country, because our politicians, military and spy agencies want all this violence.

Full stop.

These people aren’t working for ‘us’, and they also aren’t working for ‘the Arabs’….

They are working for their Edomite controllers behind the scenes, that we could call ‘America’, and ‘Europe’, but who are really the same small group of elite oligarchs who orchestrated the Covid plandemic, the killer GO nanotech shots, the 5G, the ‘climate change’ hoax, the transgender social engineering project, the ‘war in Ukraine’ – and coming soon, the ‘fake alien invasion’.

Our governments and our military don’t work for us.

And that is true, regardless of who we vote for.


So, it boils down to how we really deal with this fact.

Personally, I can’t understand how going on violent rampages against Arabs is going to accomplish anything positive, in the long run.

I can tell you that the military and the police already have a long, and ever-growing, list of ‘Jewish terrorists’ that they are keeping under house arrest – with no hearings! – for months and months and months.

And, that the jails are filling up with idealistic Jewish young men who are literally serving months of jail time for the crime of puncturing tyres of Arab cars…

Just think, what the sentences will be for burning Arab cars and property, and apparently even violently lynching Arabs.


Our young people will serve the cause of the Jewish people far better by getting married, and raising very large families in the Shomron, who are on the path of Torah and mitvoth.

Instead of rotting away in jail for years, because ‘national security’ crimes carry enormous, horrible sentences (at least, for ‘Jewish terrorists’….) – and now, they’ve added the death penalty to that list.

That same ‘right wing’ government that has been busy killing religious Jews in a bunch of different ways, for a very long time.


Our Sages teach us that when a person lets their anger take over, it’s as though they deny God, worship idols – and are controlled by ‘demons’.

Can anything good ever really come out of this?


I understand the pain, I understand the hurt, and yes, the anger.

But really, the Moving Force behind all this is God.

Once we start to really believe in God, and stop believing in corrupt politicians and violence to ‘solve our problems’ – our problems really will start to be solved.


That’s what they don’t want us to figure out.

And that’s why they keep creating these circumstances, to goad idealistic Jews into behaving like people who are ‘demonically possessed’.

Please, stop falling for it! Step out of this media-created ‘virtual reality’ and take the goggles off!

We can solve this ‘problem’ the Jewish way, with prayer, teshuva and charity.

But only when we really start to overcome the bad middot that are blocking us from really believing in God, and really understanding that Ein Od Milvado.



Some more things I’m noticing:

  1. The ‘usual suspects’ cheering all this horrible violence on against the Arabs of Huwara in the comments section of government propaganda ‘news’ sites like A7 and YWN overlap hugely with the same people who were arguing that ‘Covid is real’ and ‘shots are great’, etc. Buyer beware! There are paid disinformation artists on all these sites, trying to ‘set the tone of the debate’ by appearing to be one of us. They aren’t. They are working for the side of evil.
  2. There are reports of people in ‘matching black outfits’ – and faces covered, natch, running all over Huwara to set these fires. They sound like people who work for the government…. either our own, or the Americans, who COINCIDENTALLY were just here, over the way in Jordan, ‘talking peace’.


Now, it’s still possible that some of these ‘men in black’ are still ‘Hilltop Youth’…. but it’s starting to feel way more likely that the government (or the CIA…) used the demonstration by the legit ‘Hilltop Youth’ to send their own scumbags out to set the fires and ramp the violence up like this.

That’s why it’s SO IMPORTANT that real Jews don’t lend their hands to this violence, or facilitate it!

The government – and the non-Jewish controllers behind them – will just use it to frame the sincere, Torah-observant Jews, as we saw with Amiram ben Uliel, and undoubtedly, we are going to start seeing again and again.

They have been pulling this trick for decades!!!

Remember, who really shot Rabin?

That’s right: Shimon Peres and his Shabak operatives.

But who got blamed and demonised for it?


3) This is being called ‘the Huwara Pogrom’ in the Arab world.

It’s hard to argue with that statement.


Prayers, teshuva and charity overturn the evil decrees.

And violence just plays straight in the hands of the side of evil.


One last thought:

I’m also noticing that predominantly non-Jews, and gun-toting xtians, are all for the violence exploding here.

By contrast, King David teaches us that you can spot a real Jew, because they are compassionate, not cruel.

That doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself, al pi halacha, but that’s not what happened – at all – in Huwara.

The government is behind all this, just like they were behind Rabin’s murder by ‘rabid settlers’.

Don’t fall for it again!


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As the doom and gloom continues to spread, let’s take a reality check.


Yesterday, I was at my art class in the Israel Museum, when the conversation turned to yesterday’s demonstration, in front of the Knesset.

Most of my art class are old, Jerusalem secular people – what the dividers amongst us like to paint as ‘leftie Erev Rav’ types. Some of them DO have some yucky bad middot, it’s true, but then…. that’s hardly the preserve of ‘leftie Erev Rav’ types.

Just look at some of the commentators I get here, none of whom would self-describe as ‘lefties’ (or ‘Erev Rav’….)

But many of them are actually just nice old ladies, with some confused ideas, who are really worried about the ‘dictatorship’ shaping up in Israel.


The truth is, they are both right and wrong.

They are right to worry about Israel being an evil dictatorship.

They are wrong, because they apparently haven’t noticed that this already happened a long, long time ago.

Still, it’s good that now, they are finally starting to wake up, and to understand the true nature of the country we live in. I actually find it a very positive sign, that ‘the truth’ really is starting to blossom, even in the bosoms of old ‘leftie Erev Rav’ grannies in Jerusalem.

It’s that pintele yid igniting, all over the place.


In the meantime, I still haven’t got past my addiction to Daniel Amram’s telegram channel, although I’ve now at least turned off all the images, some of which are VERY untznius.

But it kind of gives me a ‘pulse’ on where the basic Israeli public is holding, mood-wise – and even there, it’s gratifying to see that more and more people are waking up, and realising that EVERYTHING going on with the Knesset is just one big theatre production, to suck all our energy, divide us as a people, and to keep us thinking that ‘politics’, and not prayer and teshuva, are the answer to our problems.

Here’s a couple of Google-translated screenshots (with images restored, before I click them off again):


Fake Knesset fights


You know why Smotrich and Ben Gvir and Deri and ‘Gimmel’ are still sitting in this ‘right wing government’, that destroys trees in the Shomron, puts young Jewish men IN PRISON, for months,  as ‘security prisoners’ for the ‘crime’ of stabbing the tyre of a car in an Arab village, has a proud gay speaker with his own husband (who btw, was also the minister responsible for those 45 frum Jews who got murdered in Meron…) and voted to continue the Covid 19 ‘lockdown’ laws for another year?

Because they are controlled opposition.

Everyone who sits in our Knesset does so in order to fill their own bank accounts and massage their own egos.

At best.

In the meantime, you and me tear each other to pieces – we tear all those old ‘leftie Erev Rav grandma’ types to pieces! – because they teach us to hate other people based on who we voted for….



But, more and more people are figuring that out, so they won’t be able to keep this charade going for much longer.

So, instead of wasting our time discussing ‘politics’, and wasting our time waiting for any of these people to do something positive for you and me, and the Jewish people, and wasting our time screaming invective against ‘lefties’ and ‘righties’ – let’s take a reality check about what we really need to be doing with ourselves. Namely:

Making serious teshuva, and turning to God.

For once, I found a real  headline on the Arutz 7 site. Here it is:


It’s from yesterday, when I put up another post called: More earthquakes on the horizon.

God is really trying to get our attention.

So, we can carry on mocking the real tzaddikim, screaming our lungs out the ‘Erev Rav’ who are only ever on the other side of the fence, carry on worrying about train derailments in the US – which apparently occur 500 times a year, on average, without anyone getting their knickers in a twist – carry on looking for ‘signs’ in all sorts of weird places, carry on talking about UFOs taking over the planet, billions of people who are going to turn into zombies, how the ‘reptile people’ control everything…yadda yadda yadda….


We can take a breath, and understand that the only One in control here is God.

Full stop.

And the only real, helpful response to this is to knuckle down to working on strengthening our own emuna, and to start really dealing with our own bad middot, because angry, untruthful, spiteful,  vengeful, jealous, selfish, cynical people are probably not top of the list, when it comes to ‘who is going to get through this in one piece’.

Regardless of their vaccination status.

And regardless of whether they happen to live in the Holy Land.


(That said, a person has a lot of merit, spiritually, when they live in Eretz Israel. And if they are lacking those merits on other fronts, it’s still a very good idea to be here, so at least they have something to show for themselves….)


This is a world of lies, don’t forget that.

For sure, the evil people have their very evil plans, and are doing their best to action them.

There is nothing new under the sun!

But all this is just one big, massive test of emuna, and emunat tzaddikim.

The more we understand that our job boils down to:

  • Having a real relationship with the Creator (which you basically only get via hitbodedut every day)
  • Working on our bad middot
  • Following the advice of our real Tzaddikim, like Rebbe Nachman and Rav Berland

The easier this gets for us.

Full stop.


Yesterday afternoon, I spent a lovely hour picking the weeds out of my garden, in the sun.

I’ve been reading some books by Andreas Moritz, a natural healer who died in mysterious circumstances back in 2012, after spending a few years calling out BigPharma, and modern medicine, and of course, the ‘vaccine program’.

As with all ‘natural healers’, his focus is still far too much on the food and the body side to all this, but a lot of what he says rings true, and he clearly knows his stuff, from the ‘body’ side of the equation.

One of the things he says is that sunlight heals, and that it’s actually things like using sunscreen that is skyrocketing skin cancer around the world.

Of course, this is the exact opposite of what we’ve all been brainwashed to think.

I  have been wearing sunglasses since I moved to Israel, to ‘protect my eyes from harmful UV’.

A few weeks ago, I stopped wearing my sunnies – and lo and behold, my eyes are starting to tolerate way more sun, and to feel way less tired and ‘stressed’.


So anyway, I was sitting my garden in Jerusalem, in the sun, thinking how very good life still actually is.

Yeah, we still have a massive unpaid tax bill…my husband’s leg is still troubling him…we can probably never afford to buy a house where we’d actually want to  live…the Knesset is totally corrupt…the US military / DARPA / Lizard People / Whoever ARE trying to kill us all off…

But underneath all that?

Life is still so good.


The sun is still shining.

I have food on my table.

I have people in my life who I love, and who love me.

I’m spending my time doing things that make me feel happy, and I AM trying to make a small difference to the world, in whichever way I can – and especially my own world.

Life is good!


Rebbe Nachman tells us:

For an hour a day, every single day, you take the time to talk to God, and to really examine your pain, your worries, your fear, your anger, your issues.

And then for the next 23 hours – be happy!

Live your life with  joy, not because you are going into denial or spreading ‘false hope’ (whatever…)

But because you know with every fibre of your body, that God is running the show, here, and that you have a direct line to God anytime you open your mouth and start praying.

And God is doing everything for our ultimate benefit, spiritually, even if that means we have to ‘pass away’ down here, in less than optimal circumstances.

And also, that everything is just a message from God, about what we need to work on, fix and change.

And that everything can be sweetened, if we just stick close to our true Tzaddikim, and follow their advice.


That earthquake yesterday hit around 7pm.

I didn’t feel it, and neither did my husband, but he still was in a very strange, sombre mood yesterday, and was feeling a bit queasy around the time of the earthquake, for no obvious reason.

So, I dragged him off to the Rav, on Ido HaNavi St, despite his difficulty walking too far on his leg.

We stayed for an hour, I jumped up and down and clapped solidly for at least half of that – and we both came away feeling so much better again.


So, go ahead and tell me I’m in a ‘cult’.

I’m in a ‘cult’ where I get renewed emuna, optimism and happiness; where I get answers to my problems and the fortitude to withstand them in the meantime without cracking; and where I get to sit in my garden in Jerusalem, picking weeds in the sun, whilst feeling that ‘life is good’.

Good luck to you, all you ‘non-cult’ people!

I’m sure spending hours every day watching Youtube videos about ‘Khazarian slime overlords’ and telling all vaxxed people they are doomed (while you polish your machine gun, waiting for Trump to come and rescue you from the hordes of homeless drug addicts about to overrun your town…) is a MUCH better use of your time.

But what can I do?

I’m in a ‘cult’ that teaches me that Hashem is all there is, that there is always hope, that everything can turn around just like that – and that even the ‘Erev Rav’ on the other side of the argument are actually just confused, lost, lonely Jews, with a lot of bad middot.

Who deserve my compassion, and not my hatred.


Go sit in the sun for an hour and talk to God.

Take a break in nature.

See the beauty that still exists all around us.

As an official cult member, I can tell you:

Life is still so good.

But like all things, you need to go and feel that out for yourself, to really believe it.


PS: If you’re still worrying about the train derailment in Ohio, watch this (especially from Minute 14):


Or read this, from Jane Ruby’s Telegram HERE:


And for the record, I really don’t trust Mike Adams and his ‘naturalnews’ site.

I haven’t for a while.

Controlled opposition comes in all shapes and sizes…. don’t forget that.

(And it may also include people like Maria Zee and Jane Ruby…)


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Some real Tzaddikim are saying there is a big earthquake headed for Israel around Purim – unless it’s ‘sweetened’.

This is 100% coming from real Tzaddikim, from their own words, and not ‘via a grandchild’, or some other family member.

And they are working to cancel it.

This is an earthquake on a par to what hit Turkey a couple of weeks ago, whic means unless it’s sweetened, there will be buildings falling down in Israel, God forbid, and all the rest of the horrible things we saw in Turkey.


So, that’s the ‘scary’ stuff.

And it IS scary. For sure.

But now, let’s move to how we can sweeten this, and help the real Tzaddikim in their work of getting the decrees cancelled.

  1. Say some Tikkun Haklalis!

Even one a day, regularly, between now and Purim, but more if you can happily manage that.


2. Dance and clap to ‘sweeten the judgments’.

The key with all this is the intention.

Have in mind while you are stomping your feet, clapping your hands, that each movement you make is somehow ‘crushing’ the judgements, the bad, the harsh dinim in the world.

Personally, I am loving this clip I posted up a few days ago: I try and dance and clap along with it, and I get a strong ‘in Uman’ vibe, with Rabbenu, when I do that:


3. Make some real teshuva.

These harsh judgements don’t come out of thin air.

They happen, because we all walk around ‘seeing the bad’ in every other person, whilst studiously ignoring, whitewashing, or even justifying the ‘bad’ in ourselves.

Our anger is only ever holy, righteous and justified, right?

The way we insult and hurt other people is only ever righteous and justified, right?

Ditto, our selfishness, self-pity, jealousy, rage etc etc etc….


Here’s Lesson I:169 from Likutey Moharan, where Rabbenu ties all these ideas together, and explains some awesome things, about how ‘dancing’ and teshuva and sweetening the dinim really connect, at a a deep spiritual level:

“It shall come to pass on the heels of your listening to these laws, observing and fulfilling them.” (Devarim 7:12)

When there are troubles, both collective and personal troubles, it’s impossible to dance, for when there are judgments they are given over to agents of judgement, who are called ‘runners’ (Zohar 1:43a), an aspect of feet.

And the feet become heavy, on account of the blood, since judgements have spread there, for blood corresponds to  judgements. When judgements are ‘born’, though, the blood leaves the feet.

Thus during birth, the blood leaves the woman’s feet….(See Sotah 11b)….

Pregnancy is a time of judgement, as Chazal say…(See Brachot 29b)…implying that pregnancy corresponds to judgement.


Birth, though, corresponds to the amelioration of judgement….

Therefore, during times of judgment and trouble, it is impossible to dance, since it is impossible to lift the feet, for when judgments intensify, the feet become heavy with blood, corresponding to judgments, which were drawn into the feet.

But when the blood – the judgments – leaves the feet, i.e., when the judgments are ameliorated, the feet become light, and joy can then spread through them until one day, one dances for joy.


Now, ameliorating judgments is accomplished by a person judging himself.

In other words, one must judge and assess oneself, by oneself, for everything that you do – for EVERYTHING.

Whether it was proper to act like that.

A person must analyze their own actions and improve them appropriately, in line with the law and judgement of the Torah.

By judging and assessing oneself, a person ameliorates and nullifies the judgement Above, for: “When there is judgment below, there is no judgment Above.”


The lesson continues a little longer, go read it for yourselves, if you’re interested.

But what I quoted above basically sums up the main ideas.

We are in a time of ‘pregnancy’ right now, the birth pangs of the Moshiach, of geula.

We’re all hurting, we’re all in pain, one way or another.

(Yesterday, I was spending some time with some secular acquaintances of ours who are all taking high doses of anti-anxiety medication…. Except, even the anti-anxiety medication is not really working… and their ‘pain’ is getting bigger and bigger, but they are just ignoring it, until one day….)


How we manage this ‘pain’ of ours, spiritually, and get it to go away is by following the advice of the real tzaddikim, who actually know what they are talking about.

That means dancing and clapping, with the spiritual knowledge that man’s movements in this lowly world affect all the spiritual worlds.

That means reciting Tikkun HaKlalis, ‘the General Remedy’, because we have emunat Tzaddikim in our rabbis like Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and Rav Eliezer Berland, that this stuff makes a big difference.

And most of all, it means working on ourselves, and making some real teshuva.


There are no shortcuts here.

The more teshuva we make, the easier this process goes.

That’s it.

May Hashem help us to do it.


Who still thinks Ben Gvir is going to change things, in Israel?


Who’s still glad they wasted all their time and effort voting for him, and beating his drum?

As ‘politics as usual’ continues in Israel, you should know that all this puppet theatre is being 100% designed to take your eye off the real ball.

Look what law DID get passed in the Knesset yesterday, while everyone was jumping up and down about olive groves in Shiloh and old lefties demonstrating in Jerusalem.

(Screenshot from HERE🙂


It was passed 1am, February 14, with a vote of 51-37.

I’d love to know who voted ‘against’ – I can guarantee very few of those ‘right wingers’ in the current government, who so many people believe are fighting for their rights to live as Jews in a Jewish land.

It’s all a puppet show, to distract us all from the real agenda going on here.


UPDATE (in response to Chava’s comment, below):

If you go HERE, you’ll get to attorney Oren Pasternak’s Telegram channel, where he has a lot more details, including who voted to extend these ’emergency powers’ that they can use – again!!! – to lock us all down and mask us all up, when they get the ‘nod’ from the WHO, and the controllers behind all this.

Here’s his tweet – all those ‘right wingers’ – including Otzma Yehudit –  voted TO CONTINUE THIS COVID ‘EMERGENCY POWERS’ LAW.

And the ‘left wingers’ voted against.



Here’s a google translated screenshot, from his Telegram channel:


Here he is from February 6th 2023, at a Knesset meeting challenging the MoH’s request to expand these powers for another year:


Wow, SO pleased we managed to get ‘all the evil people’ out of power, by voting in this new ‘right wing’ government….



While we’re on the subject, here’s an interesting new scientific study that just come out, comparing how people fared after getting Covid shots in both Israel and Australia, from the ‘Correlation Canada‘ research team.

Here’s the abstract:

ABSTRACT: It is now well established from autopsy studies and adverse effect monitoring that the COVID-19 vaccines can cause death.

The vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR), which is the ratio of vaccine induced deaths to vaccine doses delivered in a population, has recently been measured by us to be as large as 1 % in India and when “vaccine equity” campaigns were applied in high-poverty states of the USA, and to be 0.05 % in Australia, with data that is not discriminated by age group.

Here, we provide the first empirical evaluations of age-stratified vDFRs, using national all-cause mortality and vaccine rollout data, for Israel and Australia. We find that the vDFR increases dramatically with age for older adults, being exponential with a doubling time of approximately 5.2 ± 0.4 years.

As a result the vDFR is an order of magnitude greater in the most elderly population than the all-population value, reaching 0.6 % for the 80+ years age group in Israel and 1 % for the 85+ years age group in Australia, compared to < 0.01 % for young adults (< 45 year olds).

Our results imply that it was reckless to prioritise vaccinating those deemed to be in greatest need of protection.


The current people sitting in the Knesset pushed these killer shots onto millions of people in Israel.

And they just passed another law, with a massive margin, to continue having the ‘special powers’ they awarded themselves back in July 2020, to force-mask us, lock us all down, terrorise us with police and ‘health officials’ – and ‘persuade’ millions upon millions to take dangerous, killer Covid shots.

THAT is the real news.


While we’re on the subject, I saw this on Chananya Weissman’s rumble channel:


It’s Rabbanit Kolodetsky, the late Rav Kanievsky’s daughter, doubling-down on all the advice she and her family gave out to encourage frum Jews to go and get the Covid shots.

Snippet from the English translation:

Visitor: [I have a question] regarding the vaccine…

Kolodetsky: [Emphatic] Definitely get vaccinated!

Visitor: He was in favor of it?

Kolodetsky: For sure! For sure!

Visitor: Even though some people suffered from it?

Kolodetsky: Nothing happened. Everyone who took it is alive and fine. For sure.

Visitor: Are you sure that no one suffered from the vaccine?

Kolodetsky: Nothing happened. Get vaccinated.

Visitor: But it’s for sure that no one suffered from the vaccine?

Kolodetsky: Not even one person suffered from the vaccine. Those who didn’t take the vaccine died. Those who took the vaccine – everything was studied, everything is fine.

Visitor: Yes?

Kolodetsky: They all have children, they are all healthy, everything. Whoever died, it wasn’t from the vaccine. The Rav said get vaccinated, get vaccinated. This is the hishtadlus [required effort] of our generation. Everyone did it. I told everyone to do it, the Rav told me to tell everyone. I came to him. I told him I take a pill for my heart, he said get vaccinated, tell everyone to get vaccinated.


To be clear, when Rav Berland told a couple of individuals – who I know personally – that no harm would come to them from getting the shots, he was talking about a specific situation where those people were trying to make aliyah.

They were in a position of not being allowed to move here, unless they got the Covid shots, which they really didn’t want to do.

Both of these individuals have a lot of emunat tzaddikim, and are in the habit of paying a lot of pidyon nefesh.

For those people, the Rav said that if they had to get the shot, it wouldn’t harm them.

But everyone knows that Breslov, from its inception, is totally against going to doctors, or relying on the medical profession. Rabbenu spoke out against the medical profession repeatedly, and made very strong warnings to avoid doctors at all coss.

That is the ‘ground zero’ of Breslov, the starting place.

It’s a million, billion miles away, from the type of ‘advice’ being handed out in Bnei Brak, above.


So, this is a snapshot of the ‘reality’ we currently live in.

And now, we have to sweeten this ‘reality’, and turn it around, with our prayers, teshuva, charity – and clapping and dancing.

And if we do that, we WILL see some tremendous miracles, because this whole thing is just a puppet show, to test our emuna and middot and emunat tzaddikim.

And our prayers and teshuva can, and hopefully will, continue to turn all this around for the best.

I am hearing from a lot of people that they can see how things are mamash being sweetened for them, in their own dalet amot, the closer they stay to the Rav, the more Tikkun HaKlalis they say, the more pidyonot they do, the more time they spend on trying to figure things out, in hitbodedut.

And I can see that so, so clearly from my own life too.


Everyone is suffering right now, in obvious and hidden ways.

We are all going through so much turmoil – and there was also another small earthquake in Israel yesterday, which again woke my husband up, around 4.30AM.

The ground is literally shaking under our feet.

But not pointlessly.

And if we hang on to God and the True Tzaddikim, while God is picking up the world and shaking it like a rug – somehow, all this will turn around for the best.

But stop wasting time and energy on puppet politicians and all the political fakery, wherever you happen to  live,  and up the prayers and teshuva.



So, I went to look up more about Adv. Pasternak  – who has been tirelessly fighting coronafascism for three years, despite apparently being a ‘leftie’.

This is a google translated snippet from his Telegram channel, explaining why he is against Netanyahu’s judiciary reform proposals. It makes very interesting reading.

And it proves, yet again, that all these politicians are corrupt, flimsy reeds. The sooner this ‘right wing government’ crumbles into dust, the better it will be for all of us.

When all the politicians are bought and paid for, it’s way better to have no government and endless, pointless elections, then people who use their position to pass laws that will just continue to hurt you and me, on behalf of their Big Pharma paymasters and oligarch backers.

Left or right – they are all awful.

But ‘right’ are way worse, because we expect better, and so they continue to fool us.

Never forget who was in power when 45 Jews were deliberately murdered in Meron. And who was in power when ‘Covid 19’ was sprung upon us.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.


Read on:


So…. who is the real enemy here?



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