One of the last posts I wrote before my trip to the UK was:

On Demons and Tzaddiks

That came about, as I was coming to the conclusion, increasingly, that we’re looking at a demonic take-over presented as a fake ‘alien invasion’ sometime soon.

Ridiculous as that kinda sounds, even to my own ears.

Let me get away from all these heavy topics, I thought to myself.

Let me spend a few days in London, where everyone is just obsessed with train strikes and what shade of Farrow and Ball to paint their walls with….


So, I get to London, get to my brother’s house in NW London, and the second thing my niece said to me, after hello was:

Do you believe in demons?

Say what?!

I told her, yes, why?

That’s when she told me about a friend of hers from school, who told my niece she’d just had a ‘demonic visitation’ a day before, while she was asleep.

What happened?

My friend woke up in the middle of the night and felt totally paralysed, and that’s when she saw demons by the side of her bed, my niece told me.


First, I did some basic checks on the info:

Was the friend a pot smoker? – No.

On other types of ‘medications’ that mess with your brain? – No.

Is she usually ‘normal’ (whatever that actually means….)? – Yes.

I asked my niece to get more details of what her friend had actually seen, and my niece told me later it was someone with ‘veiny hands’.

That’s when I pointed to the prominent mezuzahs on my brother’s doorframes, and explained that ‘demon visitations’ are at least one good reason to make sure you have really good mezuzahs, and make sure to say Shema Yisrael at night, before going to sleep.

I didn’t want to freak my niece out too much…. but personally, I am now taking this aspect of things very seriously.


In a lot of the ‘death spirals’ that precede people dropping dead, you see that these people are ‘seeing something’ that clearly terrifies them…. to death.

We can argue about whether this is neuro-modulated ‘fantasies’ generated by pulsing specific waves of energy at a person’s brain, while they are in contact with their i-Phones / on the net / gaming etc.

Or whether these are just real, bona fide ‘demons’, summoned by AI, as honestly explained by Elon Musk, back in 2014:

At this point, it’s hair-splitting.


What’s obvious, is that as the kedusha  goes up, as we approach the next stage of geula, that means that the ‘supernatural bad’ is also going to start coming out of the shadows more and more.

Which brings me to the next comment, left by someone on the last post.

Off topic but i have been reading about the sabian books and in peticular the haran Gawaita last night. Afterwards i had frightening dreams about sheid like creatures which is not something ive ever experienced.

Could you say it was a result of reading such a tuma filled thing? i just read it to see their claimed origins.


The ‘Mandean / Sabians’ really do seem to be behind most of the satanic ‘religious’ stuff in our modern world – from the shadows.

They are directly linked to so-called ‘Buddhism’ – which I’m coming to the conclusion is actually an offshoot of Zoroastrianism, the religion of ‘Babylon’ – and their membership consisted of a bunch of people who’d I’d now characterise as ‘early Jewish-messianics’ – as opposed to ‘Jewish-xtians’, because xtianity is a cynical Roman creation, while ‘Jewish-messianics’ basically mixed-up the Egyptian idolatry of Edessa and the sons of ‘Helena of Adiabene’ with yiddishkeit.

(Let’s park that for now….)

Point is – this is some very powerful, very evil, very ‘old’ evil religious stuff, and it is coming out of the shadows more and more now, the closer we get to the revelation of Moshiach.

And it has to be that way – to keep free choice balanced.


On the way out of Heathrow airport, I decided to pick up a newspaper – the Times.

I wanted to see what ‘newspaper news’ know looks like, in the UK.

I literally went through noticing one ‘fake news story’, one brainwashing, planted ‘opinion piece’ after another.

On the front page, they had this headline:


Hear more about that below (shmirat eynayim friendly):


Here’s a snippet that really caught my eye:

Carissa Veliz from the Institute of Ethics in AI in Oxford University, was suspicious of the motives of some signatories:

“I worry about the emphasis on existential threat is distracting away from more pressing issues, like the erosion or demise of democracy….”


That’s when it struck me that, duh, OF COURSE all this stuff warning about AI is a distraction.

And then, that’s when it struck me, that ‘AI’ is being set up as the fall guy for the perfect genocidal plan.

Which goes like this:

Build antennas all over the place, at close range to where people live, all over the planet.

Don’t tell anyone about the ‘energy weapons’ that you invented a long time ago, which can kill, maim and even ‘remote control’ people via specific electromagnetic waves.

Pump people full of graphene oxide nanotech, especially via the covid shots, but now to be found in all other shots, too, as well as being sprayed down from the skies.

Churn our ‘fear porn’ stories about alien takeovers and ‘killer AI’ as the cover story for when you start making that tech operational.

Sit back, and decimate humanity while everyone is busy blaming ‘out of control AI’, and / or ‘aliens’ for the fact their smart lamp-posts are now taking them out.

Like this:



Ultimately, God is behind all this.

It’s just a test.

A massive spiritual test to be sure, but just a test.

And as long as we stay close to Hashem, keep trying to make sincere teshuva, and connect ourselves to the true Tzaddikim, we have nothing to fear.


I want to leave you with a few pertinent snippets from One in a Generation Volume II.

Snippet 1, is a quote from Rav Berland himself, from January 21, 2015:

If someone would see how many demons and spirits [there are in every square meter of the world], even a little, then immediately his soul would leave him.

Therefore, Hashem gave us the ability not to see.

And now is the time when all of the demons and spirits are coming out of the bottle and are bursting forth. All of the terrorists are demons and spirits. All of Hamas and all of Al-Qaida and all of ISIS, they are demons and spirits.

[When a person is reciting the Shema,] he needs to have the proper intention, he needs to have proper attention when saying Hashem Aechad [God is one]. AecHaD also stand for: Al-Qaida, Hamas and Da-ash (the Arabic name for ISIS). A person needs to have the correct intention that Hashem Aechad, God is One.

If a person has the intention that God is One, then he will excise all of Al-Qaida, all of Hamas, and all of Da-ash (ISIS), [those] who decapitate others, and kill children and babies.”



And this is from Volume I:


Rav Yehuda Zerachia Halevi Segal, zt” l, was a head kabbalist of the previous generation, and a man who was known to have ruach hakodesh. After Rav Levi Yitzchak’s passing, Rav Berland found himself at the center of a storm of hatred, evil speech, and controversy that had been created by his self-styled opponents in the Breslov Meah Shearim shul.

Rav Segal decided to intercede, to try to end the machlokes. On one occasion on 4 Kislev, 5752 (November 11, 1991), he wrote a letter to Rav Yaakov Meir Shecter, the official head of the community in the Breslov shul, where he emphasized how important it was to have peaceful relations within the Breslov community, and that the rectification of the world (tikkun olam) depended on this.

Rav Segal wrote:

“The very high level of piousness and avodas Hashem of the gaon and tzaddik Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, is well known to me. It’s forbidden to harm an angel of God…and Rabbeinu Hakadosh (Rebbe Nachman) is extremely upset about recent events…The honor of Rabbeinu Hakadosh forces me to intercede and protest about what is going on.”

Rav Yehuda Segal once told Rav Michael Goll, one of the Rav’s students and the Rosh Yeshivah of Meginei Eretz, the following:

“You should know, wherever I go, the demonic forces run 200 meters away from me. But wherever Rav Berland goes, the demonic forces run many thousands of meters away from him. That is the enormous power of his holiness!”


You know what?

You can really feel that, when you come anywhere near the Rav.

Whenever the Rav has to go out of Jerusalem, and when he was in prison for extended periods of time, I made it a habit to go and drive down to where he was at least once a week, for ‘spiritual protection’.

Literally, I would get there full of bad middot, worry, fear, heartache, anger – and so many times, it evaporated, as soon as I got close to where the Rav was – even in prison ,when it was impossible to see him.


So, to recap:

  • The demonic spirits are now bursting out the bottle.
  • More and more people are going to start experiencing that for themselves, in a bunch of different ways.
  • Demons run away from true tzaddikim.
  • And they run the furthest away from Rav Berland.

‘Nuff said.


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It’s blowing a gale here in Jerusalem….

It’s literally blowing my plant pots off the walls, and sending the swing seat careening into the window.

Really strange weather…

More of those ‘spiritual winds of change’ I think, and to be honest, it’s making me a touch nervous.


I was in Hevron on Wednesday evening, with the Rav, BH.

Word is that the Rav called for another prayer gathering in two weeks time, also in Hevron, that’s planned to be much bigger.

The Rav doesn’t call these prayer gatherings, stam.

There is something ‘in the air’ again, that is giong to need a lot of sweetening.

BH, everything will pass peacefully over the next couple of weeks.

But things are banging and crashing around all over the place right now in my garden in Jerusalem.

And that just makes the whole world feel kind of weird.



The wind was blowing a gale all night and now there’s a forecast for ‘extreme rain’ today with thunderstorms.

Last time we had this kind of ‘dramatic’ weather out of season was in April 2018, when the 10 teens drowned during a school trip in the desert when they got caught in a flash flood.

I am sitting here pondering on:

a) How do we get to the next stage of thie geula process, in a sweet way, while people somehow still ‘wake up’ to all the lies.

b) Whether I have any more koach to deal with ‘weird world’ every day – and it’s not even ‘weird world’ that’s really the problem, it’s more the ‘sinister, threatening world’ that’s hiding underneath it.

c) What I need to be doing, right now, to maintain my own contentment and happiness.

I’m still chewing all this over.


On the one had, I’ve taken down nearly all my news input, bar 4 Telegram channels – and that’s definitely helpful, as the ‘planted opinion’ part of all the manipulation we all deal with day in, day out. has drastically reduced.

That’s really useful.

At the same time, I’m continuing to do my own research into things, and to share most of what I come up with – because that feels like part of the job that God sent me down here to do.

But things at the moment feel so ‘strange’ I am kind of coming to the conclusion that a big ‘game changer’ is on the horizon again,

And that is somewhat freaking me out.

But at the same time – how do we get to the world of truth, if the world of lies isn’t ultimately exposed and broken up?

And the answer is: we can’t.


And at the same time, having all the certainties smashed in front of your face is also very disconcerting, even when you are doing your best to hang on to God and to strengthen your emuna and happiness.

In some ways, when Covid happened, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Best – because all of a sudden, a whole bunch of people started to understand that there IS something not quite right with the picture.

Worst – because we had to go through 3 years of ‘covid fascism’, and understanding that the people we thought were protecting us are often our biggest threats.

That’s very uncomfortable.

It’s still very uncomfortable.


I’m going to leave it here for now.

BH, God will show us what He wants from us, and guide us towards the world of truth in a gentle, peaceful and happy way.

And the weird weather will lift soon.

This interview is from last year, but just got translated into English now.

It’s totally awesome….

Ashreinu, that we have a rabbi like this in our generation.

I hope your preparations for Shavuot are going well, and BH, we’ll really achieve the 50th gate of holiness this chag – and it will all turn around in a blink of an eye.

Chag sameach!


Interview with Attorney Ephraim Dimri, given in Hebrew on the ‘Tzaddik Hotline’ around Adar 5782 (March 2022) (when the Rav was finally released from prison, this last time.)

(Dimri represented the Rav in court a few year ago. Also, read THIS.)

“We were very happy that the Rav was released, and we had no doubt that the Rav would be released, even though we had no connection whatsoever with this case.

I want to say a little about my personal relationship with the Rav. I sat with him for hundreds of hours, if not thousands of hours, and I greatly admire him. I said this in every media outlet that I could possibly speak to.

This last case that the Rav was brought in for investigation for was a practise of ‘manipulation’, that they use during their investigation of a case. They were using manipulative tactics. They took advantage of the Rav’s simplicity.

And they took advantage, because they know the Rav is very easy-going, and would tell them whatever they want to hear. They took advantage, because they know that the way the Rav speaks is not the way that regular people speak. He speaks on a much higher level, and a lot of times they can interpret it in a way that’s good for their purposes.

The investigators take advantage of this, and then publicise the words that the Rav says which are taken out of context. And with the Rav, it’s very easy for them to do this.

But Baruch Hashem, this time, they didn’t succeed and the Rav was released, as they had no power to hold him any longer.


I want to repeat things that I said in the past, about my connection with the Rav, things that I’ve seen with my own eyes.

The first time I went to meet the Rav, he was in Tzalmon Prison, close to the Kinneret, in the Summer. I said to myself that before I go and see him, he’s a big Tzaddik, I’d never seen him before – I’m going to first toivel (ritually immerse) in the Kinneret.

I heard that he’s a very holy man. Then I came to him and as soon as I came in, he recieved me with song and dance and joy. And he says to me, you just toivelled in the Kinneret! It wasn’t as though my hair was wet anymore. So I asked the Rav, how do you know I was in the Kinneret>

He told me, I see two angels around you. And he said the names of the angels, and then he starts talking to the angels. And I’m looking around, trying to see who he is talking to… Someone who doesn’t understand his awesomely high spiritual level thinks there is some sort of mental issue here, but it’s clear to me that the Rav is on a very high level.

And the more time I spent with him, the hundreds of hours that I spent with him, the more I realised what an awesome, holy man this is. And I’m a very down-to-earth person, I don’t live in illusions.


Many times when I would come to him with my partner from my office, another lawyer. It was in the parsha Lech Lecha, when Avraham Avinu receives guests.

So the Rav sees us and he says come to my room, I need to honor you because you are my guests. Now, you should understand that the way the prison operates, there is no chance in the world that a lawyer, anywhere in the world, would be allowed to go inside the personal prison cell of the prisoner. There is always a room where they sit and meet the lawyers.

There is no possibility, or permission ever granted, for a lawyer to go into the prison cell, even if the lawyer himself requests it, and even if the prisoner invites him to his prison cell. Also technically, it’s impossible, because there are a number of doors you have to go through, and each door is a heavy electronic door with cameras on it, and each time you have to go through one door, the guard who is looking through the cameras opens it, then closes it behind you, before he’ll open the next door. In order to make sure that no-one can possibly get in.

So even technically speaking, it’s impossible for anyone to get through those doors, except for the prisoner himself, who the guards open the doors for.

So the Rav invited us to his room, and I said to him, honored Rabbi, there is just no way we can get to your room. There are a bunch of doors between here and there, and there is no way they are going to open them for us.

But he insisted that we come with him. So the Rav took his tallit, and he covered both of us with his tallit, me and my partner, the other attorney with me called Yaakov Moses – he put it over our heads.

And he pushes the heavy brass doors open, these doors, as though they were a simple door, and he bring us to his room and he says sit down. You are my guests. And he gives us a drink of water.


You should know that the prison is operated as a ‘closed circuit’ system, so it’s impossible for any doors to be left open. As soon as one door is already opened, another door will not open. So, as there is a series of doors, it was impossible – there was no natural way that all these doors were left open. This was clearly a supernatural thing that the Rav brought us into his room, without any guards opening the doors for us, or standing over us.

So, he gave us a drink and he also gave us something to eat, so we could make the blessing mezonot. He really honored us, and he was very happy and he sat down to give us a Torah lesson on the parsha, about the angels who came to visit Avraham in the heat of the day. And we were sitting there astonished the entire time.

Then he told us to make a blessing after the food and drink. We finished blessing and the prison guards who were around saw us and they were shocked. How is it possible that you lawyers are sitting on the bed of the prisoner and talking to him?! They were so shocked, they didn’t say anything else to us.

So then the Rav says, ok we’re finished. Thanks for being my guests. He walks them to the door [of the cell] pushes it open the same way he got in, and then we went out the same way we got in.

No-one checked us, no-one said anything. We were speechless the entire time.


A different time when I was with the Rav, he gave me his tallit and tefillin. I will never forget it. There are other stories like this where the Rav would make doors open, and make the guards not be able to ‘see’ on the video.

A different time we went into his room, and they said to us, how can it be that you went in, we don’t see you on the video?

A different time when we came to visit the Rav, in the room that is set aside for the lawyers, also that room, you need the guards to open it up for you. I saw the Rav from the window, and there was no guard to open it for me, so the Rav said just come in! I said to him, what are you talking about?! There is no way I can just push this door open it’s a metal door that weighs about a ton! Let’s just wait for the guard to come.

But the Rav told me, no, just give it a push, and it will open. So I gave it a push – and it opened! And I’m sitting there in the room, and then after five minutes the guard comes and he’s all shocked, and he asked me: how did you get into this room?! So I told him that I just pushed the door open.

He says, it can’t be, that’s impossible. Let me look at the cameras to see what really happened. So he looks in the cameras – and he can’t see anything. It didn’t show up. And the guard also wanted to know how the Rav got in to that room, because the Rav also needed the guard to open it up for him, too….

Most of them have their own doors, that they need to be ‘opened’.

So he went to look at the videos and he didn’t see anything – he didn’t see how we got in. So he went to call the top technician who’s in charge of the closed circuit system. So he shut the door and checked the system, to see how it was possible that it was opened – but he couldn’t figure it out! And there is no way that you can explain to this type of person about the Rav’s awesome holiness.

And I have many, many stories like this.


So, in this case, I’m not at all surprised that the Rav was released quickly.

I knew this would happen. They were just using him to strengthen their investigation, and to manipulate the words he said to their advantage. But there was no way that they could get him behind bars with this case, as he had absolutely nothing to do with this story.

And they knew that.

The Rav has no connection whatsoever to this story.


Now when we used to sit and learn together, we used to learn for hours on end. And when I’d come to visit him, he’d bring a sefer with him, and he would bring me the sefer, and he would be without any sefer, and he would quote it word for word by heart, and tell me where I’m holding and tell me where to go.

And when I would ask the Rav about a certain topic, and where it is, where it’s talking about it – the Rav, without even looking, would open the book to a certain page and point to it – without even looking!

This is the power of someone whose whole entire life was spent in the Torah. He has holy power through his learning Torah all of his life. And I amazed by it, and I see it on a regular basis. And his level of wisdom and understanding is not to be compared to anything else in the world that I’ve ever witnessed.

He knows all of the Torah. All parts of the Torah. He knows history. He knows other knowledge. And in the Torah, the Shechina speaks through him. Halacha, gemara, kabbalah, midrashim, I can testify about all this.

You could put him on a desert island and not give him food for 30 or 40 days, and come back – he’ll be fine! Food is not something that gives him life. He lives by the Torah. The physical world doesn’t drive him. He can talk for five hours and not even think about taking a sip of water, for example.


Something else that is hard for us regular human beings to comprehend, are things that I would witness when I was sitting with him for a number of hours, and then I would go out and say, wow, this is not normal… the way he runs his life.

Everyone who sits with him, he gives them a good feeling. He gives very, very positive, good energy. If there was a way to measure the energy that surrounds a person when he’s with the Rav – it’s very, very positive, very, very powerful.

This is the Rav of the Torah. The Rav doesn’t sleep at night, he never sleeps at night. The whole day and night he’s learning Torah. One time I asked him, why don’t you get some rest? He told me: we’re meant to learn Torah day and night – and the Rav takes this literally!

He takes it literally!


I represented many rabbis throughout my career, and I never had anyone like him at all, anyone else that’s even near to his level.

Anyone who has any questions about the Rav, I tell them just sit with him for three minutes, and then you’ll have no questions any more. But I could say this about the Rav, that the Rav does tikkunim (spiritual rectifications) for each person who comes to him, and also for Am Yisrael generally.

He’s not just working in this world, he’s also doing things on a much higher level that we can’t comprehend, that we don’t even understand. To think that someone like this has taken on so much suffering for nothing, someone who’s over 80, someone like this – it’s not a joke.

There are a lot of things going on around that we don’t see.


The lawyers who were preparing the Rav for this most recent investigation, they told the Rav that all you need to do is say the truth, and then you’re out. Just say the truth – think about the kehilla and your family, the kehilla is very important to you, and you need to be with them. You shouldn’t say things that will get you in trouble, just say the truth.

The Rav told them: There are also other things that are very important….But he didn’t explain himself further. But it was obviously connected to things that were happening on a global level, to Am Yisrael and the world, that he takes on himself things that we can’t really comprehend or understand.

And that is what [the lawyers] were concerned about, that the Rav would say something that he didn’t actually do. There are also things in the upper worlds that the Rav is involved in, that I can’t really expound on. If the Rav wants to talk about these things himself… things that I witnessed that I can’t really expound on.

There are things that I saw that I wasn’t able to sleep for two days afterwards. I’m not going to talk about it. Thousands of hours, I spent with the Rav. There were people he healed, people who came to him for help, and he healed them. Anyone can see with their own eyes what is going on.

But regular human beings just can’t understand. Someone has to be on a very high level, to do these kind of things. It doesn’t matter with the Rav if you put him in prison or in his house – he’ll be the same person.

The physical body will be there, but the ruach, the spirit, is somewhere else completely. Put him in a freezing cold cell, minus degrees – he’s the same person. It’s not about his physical being, it’s about his spiritual being. You see that clearly.

That’s all that I can say right now, but there’s a lot more that I’m not saying. I’ve witnessed things with my own eyes, that I can’t talk about. Part of the tikkun is that the Rav comes, and he takes things upon himself.


Remember this, for when the ‘aliens’ show up….

That’s when we’re all really going to need a real Rav to cling too, and it’ll be obvious that the ‘fakers’ just aren’t up to the job.


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Rebbe Nachman explains in his story ‘The Cripple’ that the only person demons are scared of is…. the True Tzaddik.

Below my thoughts here, I will bring a long extract from that story, which you can read in English translation HERE.

Bottom line, there is a ‘Sage’, and that Sage is the only one who can stand up to the demons who have overrun the world, and who get their kicks and their strength from torturing people and making them suffer and working their evil all over the world.

But the Sage isn’t scared of them.

And not only is he not scared of them – he kills a bunch of them  off, and so the demons become very scared of him.

And what’s more, whoever is in the ‘circle’ of the Sage is similarly protected from these demons, who are all over the place, disguised as ‘people’ except with the tell-tale chicken feet of demons, as described in the Gemara.


Why am I mentioning this now?

Because long story short, Rebbe Nachman’s tale is telling you pretty much everything you need to know about this crazy period of time we are all living through.

So much of ‘science’ is actually just a bunch of lies, and a ruse to hide the work of demonic forces in the world.

There are no ‘aliens from outer space’ – but there ARE a bunch of demonic entities, trying to take over the planet, who have a bunch of ‘top secret tech’ that’s rolled out by the military, and funded and implemented by the ‘government’ in every country.

That’s how it is.

Even Elon Musk told you that, back in 2014:

And these demonic entities ‘take over’ people who want all the power, glory, money, fame, whatever – this is the idea of ‘selling your soul to the devil’ – and then they do whatever they do in the world, with truly evil genius.


But just as that works on the side of evil, it also works on the side of good.

It’s the whole concept of ‘binding yourself to the True Tzaddikim’, that in Breslov is part and parcel of avodat Hashem, or serving God.

When a person literally says out loud: “I bind myself to the True Tzaddikim” – then they don’t even need to know, really, who those ‘True Tzaddikim’ really are. They are automatically included in the ‘protected circle’ of the True Tzaddikim, and then the ‘demonic forces’ that cause all the illness, suffering, harsh judgements etc – they can’t touch him.

But when you take that a step further, and start understanding who these ‘True Tzaddikim’ really are, and then start following their advice, and then start attending their prayer gatherings, reciting their prayers etc etc – that’s when the ‘protection’ gets even more strengthened, even as the world around you gets more and more crazy.


Ponder what I just wrote, here.

It’s really the secret to getting through the next few months with your sanity and happiness intact.


Rebbe Nachman teaches that when we get all down and depressed – this is the worst sin in the world.

As someone who used to experience a lot of clinical depressions, I used to find this statement very difficult.

But what happens in ‘clinical depressions’ is that the person basically goes into a state of ‘freeze’, where the ‘reptile brain’ takes over.

And that also happens in the states of ‘fight’ (anger), ‘flight’ (fear) and ‘flatter’ (i.e. fake superficiality, that wants to keep everything ‘sababa’), too.

These states is when the ‘yetzer hara’ can take over, and that’s also why the Sages taught that a person who gets angry is akin to someone who worships demons – because he lets ‘the demons’ take over’.


This is also why Rebbe Nachman taught that it’s such a big mitzva, to be happy all the time.

That happiness is our best protection, spiritually, against the demonic forces operating in the world.

I’m not talking about ‘fake happy’, where we don’t feel our true feelngs.

I’m talking about the sort of happy where we feel our pain, and cry over it – but we also believe that somehow, it’s for our very best, because God is behind EVERYTHING that happens in the world.

It’s not easy to do this in practise, and honestly, without regular hitbodedut it’s probably impossible.

Even WITH regular hitbodedut, it sometimes feels impossible….

But that’s the level to aim at, and to strive for.


What prompted this post is the few minutes I spent just now scrolling through Jose Luis Sevillano’s other Telegram channel, HERE.

He’s one of the founders of La Quinta Columna, who did that great, rigorously-scientific job of proving categorically that there is graphene oxide in the Covid shots, and in most other ‘vaccines’ too, these days.

He has come to the conclusion that all this is actually a spiritual war.

As we God-fearing Jews knew all along.

And he’s also come to the conclusion that all those ‘gods’ worshipped by ancient peoples – including the Egyptians, the Mayans, even the Spartan Greeks – they were all just ‘demons’ in disguise.

And even, not so much in disguise.


And this is where we connect back up with modern tech, smart phones and ‘virtual reality’ and the metaverse.

As we mentioned, any time a person ‘checks out’ of their own soul, they enable demonic entities to take over.

That happens when we get angry / fearful / depressed / totally fake.

And, it also happens when we use pot, ‘shrooms and of course all the other ‘harder’ stuff, too.

And, I am coming to the conclusion, it also happens when we ‘lose ourselves’ in movies, Netflix, computer games – and especially, ‘virtual reality’.


Interacting with this tech is ‘hypnotic’, in many ways most of us don’t even really understand.

And while some of it is clearly physiological, and based on being bombarded by radio waves and radiation, the real issue is the soul, and our mental state.

There is a huge difference between someone who is using tech ‘under duress’, spiritually, and someone who has let the tech totally take them over, and offers no resistance.

Again, really ponder on what I’m trying to say here.


Your stuck using the internet, and I’m also stuck using the internet.

But I try to ‘protest’ my internet use, spiritually, to myself and to God, a lot.

That’s why I switch of the images on sites as ‘default’.

That’s why I try very hard not to watch video online – as streamed video invites those ‘hypnotic’ states that can be so dangerous and yucky.

And that’s also why I try to stay far, far away from anything or anyone that just churns out more and more fear porn – and even when I do engage, I engage reluctantly, and with maximum scepticism.


The demonic entities literally ‘feed off’ our bad middot and our lack of emuna.

That’s why the Rav says, repeatedly, that all the terrorists, the Hamas, the ‘baddies’ – they are all just our sins, manifested as these demonic entities and situations.

And when we make teshuva, these problems will disappear all by themselves.


That’s why they keep trying to get us to ‘hate’ each other.

That’s why, they went to such great trouble to set a bunch of ‘false leaders’ over us, particularly in the externally ‘religious’ world, because the people who attach their koach to those ‘false leaders’ are still actually just fuelling the demons.

(And suffering tremendously, while they do that….)

That’s why they have made such a big effort to get ‘smart phones’ into the frum world, every way they can, and to get their agents to push things like ‘Metaverse’ and virtual reality, and all these fake and false doctrines that take people away from truth, and from God, and from really being in contact and connection with their souls.


The tech is being used to fool people.

Did you know that ‘Michael Jackson’ is back appearing in live concerts, and so is ‘Whitney Houston’ and even Elvis – all via life-like holographs that look totally real to the people dancing next to them and watching from the audience?

Just imagine how much ‘fake news’ you could generate by raising ‘Yoshki’ from the dead…. (or someone else whose followers are waiting for the second coming….)

And the more a person is immersed in ‘tech’ and in ‘smart phones’ and in ‘virtual reality’ and tarbut ra – the less they are going to be able to differentiate between ‘reality’ and ‘fake’.

And the more at risk they are, of serving the agenda of evil, in a million different ways.


This is ‘drones’ getting into the act of memerising the crowd, in a recent Geneva concert:


Spectacle de drones à Genève🇨🇭🥰 #dronevideo#tiktok

♬ Old Town Road – YuanRemix

The solution is to ‘bind yourself to the True Tzaddikim’, even if you don’t know who they are.

And to work on overcoming your bad middot and lack of emuna, and to really try to internalise Ein Od Milvado – there is only God.

And ultimately, even the side of evil is subservient to God, and is just being sent as a test, so that free will is maintained in this world.

And then, also consider how much ‘fear porn’ you want to keep engaging with, once you understand it’s been churned out by people who are either ‘demonically possessed’ themselves, or working for people who are.

And how much ‘tech’ you want to keep engaging with, without trying to protest it, on some level, even if that requires some mesirut nefesh.

That tech is literally ‘demonically inspired’.

Look at the depictions of ‘angels’ in books like the Sefer Yetzirah, and then see how these symbols of ‘angels’ resemble, exactly, the circuitry of a computer board, or chip.

Really ponder on what I am trying to say here.


There is no despair in the world!

At least, for a person who is:

a) Binding themselves to the True Tzaddikim

b) Working on overcoming their bad middot, especially those stemming from ‘reptile brain’ and

c) Working on developing the emuna that God is all there is.

For everyone else…..

It’s going to be increasingly ‘interesting’.

Especially when the fake ‘alien invasion’ shows up.


In the meantime, here’s the excerpt of Rebbe Nachman’s story of ‘The Cripple’:


“Here is the story. Once there was a Sage who lived in a kingdom whose ruler was a terrible unbeliever, and that ruler demanded that all of his people become unbelievers. Then the Sage called together all his kin and said, ‘You see that the King would make all the nation into unbelievers. Some of our own kind have already followed him. Then let us go into the desert, in order that we may not be torn from our faith.’

All agreed, and the Sage uttered a Name, and they found themselves in a wilderness. But that desert did not please him, so again he uttered a Name, and they were brought to a second wilderness; this also failed to please him; a third time he spoke the Name, and now they were brought to a desert that pleased him. And that desert was not far from the two thousand mountains of the moon.

“When they had chosen their place, the Sage drew a circle about them; and no power might break through that circle.

There let us leave the Sage and all his family,” the Cloud said, “while we speak of the Tree.


“There is a Tree that stands just beyond the two thousand mountains, and if that Tree were watered, all of our demon kind would come to an end, for there would be no more ill on earth. In order to keep the earth’s water from coming to the Tree, numbers of demons stand near that Tree and dig the earth, day and night, to make a pit around it.”

“Why must they remain forever digging?” the messenger asked. “Would it not suffice to dig the pit once?”

The Cloud answered, “There are whispering demons among us who go about the earth and whisper and murmur to one king and another, until they bring the kings to make war upon each other; then the earth quakes with war, and the soil tumbles back into the pit that is digged about the Tree. Then water might come to the Tree, and end our lives. So we must stand forever digging the pit, that no water may come to the tree.


“Whenever a King is crowned among us, and demons tumble and make merry before him, and tell him how they have torn arms and legs from men, and torn apart infants, then the King becomes joyful and his heart feels strong; he gathers about him all the lords of his kingdom, and walks over the two thousand hills with them; he leads them to the place of the Tree, and they try to see who may have the strength to uproot that Tree and put an end to the danger that stands against our kingdom.

The King strengthens his heart that he may not fear the Tree, but as soon as he approaches it the Tree sends forth a great cry, and the King is frightened, and must turn back.

“Once there was a great King among us who held a marvellous feast, and when he had heard of the deeds of all his demons his heart was filled with strength, and he went out with his princes to pull up the Tree by its roots; but as he came to it the Tree cried out so terribly that even he was frightened, and he turned away, but with awful anger. As he turned, he saw men in the wilderness, for the Sage and his family lived there. Then the King sought to vent his anger upon them, and he called his demons, and sent them to tear apart that family.


“As the people saw the demons coming they were frightened, but the Sage said, ‘Have no fear.’

“The demons could not approach the people because of the magic circle about their place. The King sent more and more armies against the Sage’s people, but not all the warriors among all our myriads could pierce the Sage’s circle.

At last the King, in great wrath, strode to the border himself, and beat against it with his sword, but he could not get in. And when his fury was spent, he begged, ‘Let me come in within your circle.’


“At once the Sage replied, ‘Since you ask, I will let you in among us. And since a King must not walk alone, you may bring a companion with you.’ Then the Sage opened a little door, and allowed them to come in, and locked the circle after them.

“The King cried, ‘How do you come to live upon my land?’

“‘It is not your land,’ the Sage replied, ‘but mine.’

“The King said, ‘Are you not afraid of me?’

“The Sage answered, ‘I have no fear of you.’

“‘You have no fear of me?’ the King cried out again, and he drew himself up until his form towered to the very heavens. But the Sage replied, ‘I have no fear of you at all; but if I wish it, I can make you fear me.’ Then he went away and prayed, and at once a great cloud formed, and there was thunder in the heavens, and thunder is the death of demons.”


All this the Cloud told the messenger. Then he continued:

“All the princes who stood outside the circle waiting for the King were killed at once by that thunder; and only the King and his companion remained alive.

“Then the King begged the Sage to put an end to the thunder; and the thunder ceased. The King was grateful and said, ‘Since you are indeed a noble man, I will give you a book in which the Names of all our families of Demons are written. Among mankind there are masters of Names who know how to call one family, and not even all of that family. But you will know us every one, for even the Names of the newborn are written in the book of the King.’

Then the King sent his companion, and thus it was shown how wise the Sage had been to cause him to bring a companion; and the book was brought. The Sage opened the book and saw that it was filled with thousands of myriads of Names.

“The King promised also that not one of the Sage’s people should ever be harmed by demons. ‘I will keep in my kingdom a portrait of each of your family,’ the King said, ‘and whenever a new babe is born among you, his image too shall be with us, so that the demons may know not to harm him.’ Then the King went out of the circle, and returned into the hills.”


Ad kan.

These are big ideas.

Deep concepts.

And they hold the key to living life happily, while the world continues it’s merry way down the mad path.


PS: Don’t forget the prayer gathering in Hevron tonight (May 24th), between 10pm -2am, where the Rav BH will also come at 1AM.

There’s clearly a lot that still needs ‘sweetening’.


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The Rav just called for another prayer gathering tomorrow in Hevron, at 10pm.

He’s asking people to recite the book of tehillim between 10-1pm and then hopefully the Rav will also be arriving to do the Tikkun HaKlali.

The Rav usually only calls these gatherings when there is something ‘big’ in the offing…

He’s asked for men, women and children to attend.

There will be some coaches – but I heard on the grapevine there isn’t a lot of money to pay for subsidised coaches, so if you can’t come, but want to be a part of getting other people there who will go, if there is a coach, go HERE and donate something, specifying that it’s for a coach.

I’ll update if / when I hear more, but may we hear good news.

If you are looking for some daily doses of inspiration from the Rav, try this.

It started a couple of years ago, then kind of went on holiday for a few months, but is now back again.

Here’s the aim of the site:

Welcome to Words from The Rav. A place to share the Rav’s words of Torah, Chiddushim and Advice. 

Rabbi Nachman teaches the importance of reviewing and discussing the words of the Tzaddik.

So, please join in the conversation and add your thoughts too.


And this is the latest post, to give you a flavor:

What the Rav said:

Chassidut is not about roaming the streets.

Rabbenu said, ‘regular Torah study rises above performance of all the Mitzvot’ (Sefer HaMidot, ‘Limmud’ (33)).

Regular Torah study is what is written here. Is there someone here wiser than Rabbi Nachman? Studying Torah, regularly, rises above performance of all the Mitzvot.

Who did they write Sefer HaMidot for?

If we don’t fulfil this, then who did he write this for?

Everyone should take a copy of the chapter on ‘Limmud’ in Sefer HaMidot and go through all of the sections. Every day go through the chapter on ‘Limmud’ – this will change your entire outlook on the world.


My thoughts:

I’m not one who spends my time dancing on the top of Na Nach vans.

But, equally, when I read this yesterday I acknowledged the fact that I really don’t study Torah as much as I could.

So, I followed the Rav’s advice. I searched for my copy of Sefer HaMidot (Hebrew/English online here: and cracked open the section on Limmud.

Sometimes, we need a nudge, a push or a kick up the backside. Whatever it takes.

I know I need to put more time into learning, how ‘bout you?


I am currently trying to finish up a couple of big writing projects….

And I’ve also had a few more insights into the ‘Frankist Family Tree’ stuff, too, which I’m still piecing together.

In the meantime, my daughter sent me this story:

It’s in Hebrew, but this is the part I’m drawing your attention to:

The system, a THOR – Tactical High-power Operational Responder, has been in development for several years, producing high-power energy to disable and shoot down drones.

Here is the Tweet from the US military show-casing this new weapon:


Here’s the full video:


Watch all those drones just ‘drop’ to the floor, all at once!

Here’s another google translated snippet from Mako:

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory unveiled THOR about three years ago. In a live demonstration, the system was able to disable a drone using electromagnetic waves. The system is developed to combat flocks of drones and UAVs, and unlike other conventional methods, which use precise directed energy to neutralize individual UAVs and drones, it works this way when it is able to neutralize multiple UAVs and UAVs in one go….

The U.S. also said it would be a mobile system that could be deployed anywhere and quickly. Its operation will be simple and will be done by a small team of two or three soldiers.

Remember what happened at Meron?

Remember what happened at the Seoul Halloween ‘crowd crush’, last year?

‘Nuff said.


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I have to admit, to feeling in a bit of a ‘maelstrom’ at the moment.

I have the feeling that the spiritual aspect of this ‘war’ is about to ratchet up a whole other level, and that’s actually making me feel a bit ill, if I’m honest.

My husband reminds me that God creates ‘this in opposition to that’, to maintain free choice.

And he’s right.

The more the ‘truth’ becomes obvious, the more the ‘lies’ will start aping the truth – to divert people at the very end of the process, and maintain free will, and the need to just keep begging Hashem to show us what is ‘real’ and what is not.

But I have to admit, to finding that whole idea pretty scary.

Because most people are still not doing hitbodedut regularly, and hitbodedut is the only way to keep up with the birur going forward.

Because the lies are getting more and more subtle and sophisticated.

And again, my husband reminds me it has to be so, and again he’s right.

But I wish he wasn’t.


For my part, I think I’m just going to start translating more snippets from the Rav into English, and posting them up here with ‘supporting information’, so you can get more of a hint of what he’s really saying.

Ah, this is going to get really complicated, spiritually, I can feel it in my bones.

The people who have been ‘controlling’ the Jewish community, from the inside, for a very long time, are not about to just roll over and go away.

It’s going to be a fight to the bitter end, but now that fight is increasingly moving into the spiritual / philosophical arena.

Going forward, keep connecting your heart to Hashem, via hitbodedut, and keep just asking Him to show you what’s true and what isn’t – and especially, what ‘reaction’ He wants from us.

And it’s not going to be a reaction of more violence and the ‘power and force of my own arm’.

The main battle is internal.

And that’s where the main troops of the enemy is now headed.


There’s good news, and bad news.

The bad news is, that the mask is starting to come off the ‘liberal, tolerant Left’ in Israel in a big way, and the open incitement and hatred displaced against the religious Jews here is just going up and up and up.

I was going to write about this yesterday, but I kind of got a bit demoralised yesterday, and spent the day doing other stuff.

The woman, who according to THIS is actually a professor of economics at Bar Ilan university (deliberately kept lower caps…) was screaming outside Minister Goldknopf’s home, where these Jewish antisemites – what else can we call them? – were ‘demonstrating’ on Tuesday.

She tells that poor chareidi guy:

“You’re not Jewish, you’re a cult”.

When he asks her why she’s saying that, she makes a big deal that the chareidim are all about ‘Bein Adam Le’Makom’ (i.e. serving God) and not ‘Bein Adam L’Chaveiro’ (i.e. looking out for others) – not like all these ‘tolerant, loving, inclusive’ Lefties, of course.

So then, the chareidi guy says to one of the demonstrators, Did I hurt you in some way?

The protestor tells him yes. The chareidi guy shakes his hand, apologise for hurting him, then asks him how am I hurting you?

The protestor tells him: Because you didn’t serve in the army….

The chareidi guy then tells him that he served in the IDF for three years and is an electrical engineer who is supporting 27 secular families.

In the longer clip, the chareidi guy tells these ‘tolerant, loving, inclusive’ Lefties:

You hate me just because I’m dressed like this.

And that is 100% the truth.


So now, the fact that all this hatred is coming out on display more and more is the bad news.

But the good news is – the truth about who is running the State of Israel, and the awful hatred they possess for Torah-observant Jews, and the Torah itself, is starting to become so obvious, no-one can ignore it any more.

I have been banging on about this for years and years and years….

That the State was persecuting Rav Berland ONLY because they perceived him to be one of the leading figures in the teshuva movement here.

(And also, because he was openly calling for peace to be made with the Arabs… but that’s another story.)

And for years and years and years, no-one really believed me.


When I was telling them about deliberately and obviously faked footage that put awful, lying words into the Rav’s mouth – no-one believed me.

When I was telling them about judicial corruption to such an extent, that the police and the prosecutors were openly collaborating to create cases out of thin air, and keeping the Rav in prison without any hope of a trial for months and months and months until he was forced to make a ‘plea bargain’ – no-one believed me.

The list goes on and on and on, but it all used to boil down to the same puzzled question:

But why would the State of Israel do something like that?

Baruch Hashem, the answer to that question is finally, finally coming out into the open.


After Ahuvya Sandek…after Amiram ben Uliel….after Meron….after we’ve seen tens of thousands of crazed, hate-filled Leftists smashing up Tel Aviv and violently rampaging all over the country – just because they hate religious Jews so very much – the answer is finally coming out into the open.


A few years ago, I wrote about Yair Lapid, and his infamous speech at Ono College given in 2011.

I’m reposting it here.

It explains a heck of a lot about what’s really going on in Israel today – and how the persecution of the religious world, and many of the leading figures within it who aren’t ‘holding hands with the government’ mamash became the State of Israel’s formal policy, over a decade ago.

A year after this speech, when Lapid finally got into government, his first priority was closing down yeshivas, slashing welfare for chareidi kids – and going after the Rav.

(As usual, this is being ‘censored’ in a subtle way so it won’t embed on the site… anything to keep the real truth from coming out.)


But here’s the first half of what he said, written out long hand by yours truly, a few years ago:

You won.

There was a competition in Israel for ‘Israeli-ness’ that lasted over 100 years, since the 2nd wave of Jewish immigration. And in the end, you won.

We lost and you won.

For decades here, it was a Mexican Shootout, where each one waits for the other guy to give in…

According to Avi Ravitsky:

The status quo was based on the false assumption which was accepted by both sides that the opposition camp was doomed to dwindle away and perhaps even disappear.


I know that’s what the haredim always thought about the chilonim (secularists), that they’re doomed to extinction.

But, that’s what we thought about you, too. That you’re a sort of living museum, like the safari park in Ramat Gan.

There’s a place where they have this rare species that’s almost extinct, and that has to be protected, so we can take our grandchildren there and show them and tell them: “You see, kids? That’s how Jews used to look!”


Let me remind you that when Ben Gurion agreed to exempt yeshiva students from military service, the original number was 700. That was supposed to be the entire yeshiva population, 700. In the State of Israel today, in the Mir yeshiva alone, there are more than 3,500 men…

[100 years ago] Secular Jews came in two different types, the maskilim (‘enlightened”) and the Zionists…The chilonim and the haredim were in constant conflict, until they reached the point of confrontation.

And you won that confrontation. You won not only in terms of numbers, but also in relation to the haredi presence in politics, and the settlement movement, and as a consumer force, and in the street and the culture, and in the educational system.

You won in all these places. I’ve heard the stats, and looking at you here, I expect you to win in the job market, as well.

Because it turns out, there is no way to build ‘Israeli-ness’ without you.


The Founding Fathers had a vision of Israel as a socialist, secular European State.

That was the main vision, and it held out for 50 years. But different ‘tribes’ gradually fanned around this [socialist, secular, Europeanized] mainstream: The Haredi-Ashkenazi Tribe; the Haredi-Sephardi Tribe; the National-Religious; Beitar; then in the 50s, ‘tribes’ came here from North Africa, that became the tribes on the periphery; then in the early 90s, the Russian ‘tribe’ came here; and then the Ethiopian ‘tribe’.

And each tribe had its needs and demanded something from the mainstream. Religious demands, political demands, economic demands.

And so they ate away at the mainstream. And these tribes gradually infiltrated all the traditional, [socialist, secular, Europeanized] axes of power.

[Ed. note: re-read this sentence a couple of times. It’s a PC way of making the ‘parasite’ comparison we used to hear from other ‘enlightened people’ around 80 years ago.]


First, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Then academia. Then business.

And when the [socialist, secular, Europeanized] mainstream of Israeli-ness tried to defend itself…these others said: “Look, you oppressed us! You denied us our rights and we won’t accept this. And they were right, that the [socialist, secular, Europeanized] mainstream really did oppress them, and denied them their rights. And they really shouldn’t have had to tolerate that.

And something else also happened:

The [socialist, secular, Europeanized] mainstream was no longer the majority.

By the late 1970s, there were more Sephardim in Israel than Ashkenazim. And since the 1980s, there are a lot more people who consider themselves traditional or religious, than secular. Jerusalem is a much bigger city than Tel Aviv. And since 1977, the capitalist right-wing [i.e. the Likud party] has been in power most of the time, for 34 out of the last 40 years. A survey from 1994 showed that 56% of the [Israeli] public believes that the Torah was given at Mount Sinai.

It’s clear that the balance between the ‘tribes’ and the [secular, socialist, Europeanized] mainstream has been upset.

The [secular, socialist, Europeanized] mainstream is no longer the majority, not numerically, not economically, not politically and not idealogically.


In the late 1990s, something predictable happened.

The [secular, socialist, Europeanized] mainstream got fed up.

The [secular, socialist, Europeanized] mainstream looked to the left, and looked to the right, and said: “I’m sick of everyone demanding things from me. If they don’t want me to leave the country, then let them lead it themselves, because I have a new solution. From now on, I’m a ‘tribe’ too – the “middle-class” tribe.” It said: “I don’t need the government in order to do business. I can get married in Cyprus in a civil ceremony.

And I have to defend democracy, because these other tribes [i.e. the haredim, right-wingers, Sephardim, Russians and Ethiopians who make up the majority of the population] are instinctively either non-democratic, or less democratic.

[Ed. note: again, re-read this sentence. This is the same sentiment fuelling the protests, and behind all the car stickers telling me that ‘democracy doesn’t end at the ballot box’. Apparently.]


“And I’m sick of the fact that a boy in Bnei Brak, and a boy in Um El-Fahm whom I’ve never met are funded by my taxes. And I certainly don’t need to be told that I ‘oppressed’ them.

“If they’re so ‘oppressed’, let them get along without me. I’ll do what everyone else does. I’ll look out for Number 1. I’ll take care of myself, and my people.” And that’s how it’s been over recent years.

[up to 8.40 mins, then skipping a little. Yair Lapid continues:]


When the Zionist Founding Fathers came to Israel, they said they wanted to build a ‘melting pot’ for the Jews.

And they sincerely looked for a broad ‘base’ of agreement between the different sections. They ignored the fact that the Jewish people already had such a base…They wanted to build a secular, socialist ‘melting pot’, and they ignored the fact that the Jews had an ancient Father who maintained and protected them for 2,000 years, i.e. the God of Israel. I want to emphasize that I’m not talking about emuna, faith, that’s something else.

I’m talking about the question of what is the social and cultural foundation of the Israeli ethos.

The Founding Fathers tried to skip straight from the Bible to modern times.


They wanted a Biblical ethos, not a Talmudic [i.e. Rabbinic] one, because the Bible happened here.

King Saul went to find his donkeys on Highway 443… For them, the Talmudic tradition belonged to the exile. So, they decided to skip over the Mishnah and Midrash, the Talmud, the Golden Age of Spain, the Ramchal, the Chatam Sofer, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, to establish their ‘Biblical’ ethos. And instead of a multi-dimensional and multi-sectoral vision that could include all different types of Jew, they created an ethos that suited secular, Ashkenazi socialists.

And they wanted all the other ‘tribes’ to submit to this ethos.

[Ed. note: which is why they cut all the side curls off the Sephardim and Yemenites, and sent them to ‘indoctrination camps’ (aka ‘secular kibbutzim’) in the North, and zapped tens of thousands of Sephardi children’s head with enormous amounts of X-Rays, in the name of ‘curing ringworm’… So, can we really believe Lapid when he continues:]


This wasn’t done out of malice or stupidity, it was just secular thinking.

They thought like this: “If God hasn’t brought the Jews to Israel in 2000 years, it’s time to let someone else have a go. It’s time to create a new myth.” And when the holocaust came, they saw it as proof that you can’t rely on the God of the Jews, because He’s unreliable. We can only rely on ourselves.

So we tried to rely on ourselves, but the experiment failed.

It failed because it caused everyone who wasn’t secular, Ashkenazi and socialist to withdraw even more into his tribe.

Especially when he realized that the ‘vision’ being offered to him had no room for what was most precious to him – his God.

It failed even more, because the Founding Fathers explanation was unsatisfactory. It didn’t justify us being here [in Israel]. Because if you take our ‘Father’ [i.e. God] out of the picture, what are we doing here? Why would a secular person choose to live in the worst neighborhood in the world, amongst a billion Muslims who hate him, in this this heat, if he doesn’t believe in an external Power that makes it worth living here?


BTW, Yair Lapid didn’t have an answer for this question, which sums up a lot of the problem that his ‘tribe’ are now facing, and why so many of them are turning into raging ultra-lefty, anti-Israel lunatics (and / or ‘Messianics’, where you can have God, apparently, but without all those pesky commandments, and still hate the Torah and rabbis…]

I took down some of the other posts I wrote about anti-semitism in Israel.

I will see if I can find them, and see if I feel ‘safe’ enough to put them back up.

As I keep telling you, we are living in a police state that hates and targets religious Jews, in all sorts of ways.

Just for being religious Jews.

But the good news is, at least a bunch more people now know that’s what is going on.

(And PS, our current PM is also very much part of that same secular, Ashkenazi ‘mainstream’. Political labels are totally meaningless, for figuring out what is really going on here.)



Here’s even more good news: very few people showed up at the ‘demonstration’ in Bnei Brak (and they were mostly all bald-headed geriatrics called ‘Avi’, so from what I could tell, maybe a decade more, maximum, and these anti-Torah protests will all disappear from natural causes…)

And even better news, is that so many of the chareidi people there – and also a few of the secular people who came – were talking peace and achdut.

Take a look at this (can’t get it to embed, so visit the Telegram channel direct HERE if you want to play the videos):


I don’t agree with everything Daniel Amram writes, especially his attacks against the Rav.

But on this subject, he is totally on target.

Most of the Jews in Israel just want to live here peacefully, in all senses of the word.

But the people who hate us (and also, themselves….) are trying very hard to spark off another ‘war of the Jews’.

But BH, this time  around, it’s not going to work.


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Someone asked me if I would post up this prayer from the Rav, Rav Berland, together with its translation, and I said I’d be happy to do that.

I know that probably I lose ‘cred’ with a bunch of readers each time I start banging the Rav drum, but I honestly don’t care, because anyone who is really a person of truth, who is really interested in the truth, will pray on the subject of ‘what is really going on with Rav Berland’ – and will get the answer they get.

At the end of the day, the Tzaddik is just a mirror.

The people who believe the media lies are the people who lie to themselves regularly, about a whole bunch of other things.

And the people who see ‘shmutz’ are the ones who have a lot of ‘shmutz’ projecting  out of their own souls.

That’s how it is.


Here’s the prayer (English follows Hebrew):

ד 915

לִזְכּוֹת לְהָפִיץ אֶת הַתְּפִלּוֹת שֶׁל הָרַב בְּכָל בַּיִת וּבַיִת וּלְהַפְרִיחַ רוּחַ חַיִּים בְּכָל עַם יִשְׂרָאֵל וְלִזְכּוֹת לְהִתְחַבֵּר לְכַמָּה תְּפִלּוֹת שֶׁאִתָּם נֵלֵךְ כָּל הַחַיִּים כִּי תְּפִלּוֹת אֵלּוּ הֵם הֵיכַל הַגְּוָנִים הַמִּשְׁתַּנִּים וּבִזְכוּת תְּפִלּוֹת אֵלּוּ נְקַבֵּל אֶת פְּנֵי מָשִׁיחַ צִדְקֵנוּ

חוֹבַת הֲפָצַת אוֹר הַצַּדִּיק

רִבּוֹנוֹ שֶׁל עוֹלָם, זַכֵּנִי לְהָפִיץ אֶת הַתְּפִלּוֹת שֶׁל הָרַב בְּכָל בַּיִת וּבַיִת, וּבְכָל מָקוֹם וּמָקוֹם, וּבְכָל שְׁכוּנָה וּשְׁכוּנָה, וּלְכָל יְהוּדִי וִיהוּדִי, שֶׁלֹּא יִגָּרֵם שֶׁחָסֵר לִיהוּדִי אֵיזוֹ תְּפִלָּה חַס וְשָׁלוֹם, שֶׁבָּזֶה תְּלוּיָה כָּל הַגְּאוּלָה הַשְּׁלֵמָה, עַד שֶׁיִּתְגַּלֶּה

מָשִׁיחַ בֶּן דָּוִיד עַל יְדֵי הַתְּפִלּוֹת שֶׁל הָרַב, עַד שֶׁיִּתְפַּשְּׁטוּ בְּכָל הַתֵּבֵל, וּלְכָל יְהוּדִי וִיהוּדִי, שֶׁזֶּה סוֹד מַכַּת בְּכוֹרוֹת שֶׁה’ הִכָּה בַּסִטְרָא אַחֲרָא, עַל יְדֵי שֶׁלֹּא יִהְיֶה שׁוּם בַּיִת שֶׁלֹּא תִּהְיֶה שָׁם תְּפִלָּה שֶׁל הָרַב, וְנִזְכֶּה לָצֵאת לְהָפִיץ בְּכָל יוֹם וָיוֹם אֶת כָּל הַתְּפִלּוֹת שֶׁל הָרַב, שֶׁעַל יְדֵי זֶה נִזְכֶּה לְהִכָּנֵס כְּהֶרֶף 305 עַיִן 130 = 435 לְהֵיכַל הַגְּוָנִין הַמִּשְׁתַּנִּים, שֶׁהָרַב כָּתַב לְכָל סוּגֵי הַגְּוָנִין, עַשְׂרוֹת תְּפִלּוֹת לְכָל גָוָּון וְגָוָּון, וְלָכֵן כָּל יְהוּדִי וִיהוּדִי חַיָּב לִמְצוֹא לְעַצְמוֹ כַּמָּה תְּפִלּוֹת שֶׁהוּא חַיָּב

לְהִתְחַבֵּר אֲלֵיהֶם, וְלָלֶכֶת אִתָּם כָּל יְמֵי חַיָּיו, וְעַל יְדֵי זֶה נִזְכֶּה לְהִכָּלֵל בְּנֶקֶב יְמִין שֶׁל נוּקְבָא דְּפַרְדַּשְׁקָא, שֶׁמִּשָּׁם תּוֹצְאוֹת הַחַיִּין, חַיִּין דְּחַיִּין, בְּכָל רֶגַע וּשְׁנִיָּה, שֶׁמִּשָּׁם הָרוּחַ שֶׁל תְּחִיַּת הַמֵּתִים שֶׁהִמְשִׁיכוּ יוֹכֶבֶד וּמִרְיָם לְכָל יַלְדֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל בְּכָל אֲתַר וַאֲתַר, וְעַל יְדֵי זֶה זָכוּ לְמַתַּן תּוֹרָה וְלִשְׁמוֹעַ אֶת עֲשֶׂרֶת הַדִּבְּרוֹת, כֵּן גַּם אֲנַחְנוּ נִזְכֶּה עַל יְדֵי תְּפִלּוֹת אֵלּוּ לְהַמְשִׁיךְ אֶת רוּחַ הַחַיִּים, חַיִּין דְּחַיִּין, לְכָל עַם יִשְׂרָאֵל בְּכָל אֲתַר וַאֲתַר, שֶׁעִם רוּחַ הַחַיִּים הַזֹּאת זָכוּ לְקַבֵּל אֶת הַתּוֹרָה וְהַמִּצְוָה, לוּחוֹת הָעֵדוּת, וְלִשְׁמוֹעַ אֶת עֲשֶׂרֶת הַדִּבְּרוֹת, כֵּן בִּזְכוּת תְּפִלּוֹת אֵלּוּ נִזְכֶּה כּוּלָּנוּ לְקַבֵּל פְּנֵי

מָשִׁיחַ בֶּן דָּוִיד, וּלְהוֹרִיד בֵּית הַמִּקְדָּשׁ שֶׁל אֵשׁ מִן הַשָּׁמַיִם לְעֵינֵי כָּל יִשְׂרָאֵל, וּלְעֵינֵי כָּל אוּמוֹת הָעוֹלָם, בִּפְרָט בְּפָרָשִׁיּוֹת “תְּרוּמָה תְּצַוֶּה כִּי – תִּשָּׂא וַיַּקְהֵל פִּקּוּדֵי” הָעוֹסְקוֹת בְּבִנְיָן הַמִּשְׁכָּן, שֶׁהוּא הָיָה הֲכָנָה לְבִנְיָן בֵּית הַמִּקְדָּשׁ שֶׁסִּיּוּם בִּנְיָנוֹ הָיָה בְּחוֹדֶשׁ בּוּל, כִּי עַד בִּנְיָן בֵּית הַמִּקְדָּשׁ הָרִאשׁוֹן בְּכָל חוֹדֶשׁ חֶשְׁוָן הָיָה הַמַּבּוּל מֵצִיף אֶת כָּל כַּדּוּר הָאָרֶץ, וּמוֹצִיא אֶת כָּל הַנִּפְטָרִין מִקִּבְרֵיהֶם, וְגוֹרֵם לָהֶם צַעַר נּוֹרָא בָּזֶה שֶׁהָיָה מְטַלְטֵל אוֹתָם וּמוֹצִיא אוֹתָם מִמְּקוֹמָם, וְכָךְ הָיָה מִימוֹת הַמַּבּוּל בְּכָל חוֹדֶשׁ חֶשְׁוָן, עַד שֶׁבָּא שְׁלֹמֹה הַמֶּלֶךְ עָלָיו הַשָּׁלוֹם וּבָנָה בֵּית הַמִּקְדָּשׁ שֶׁמֵּאַבְנֵי שַׁיִשׁ וּמַרְמְרָא, וְעַל יְדֵי זֶה נִפְסְקוּ הַמַּבּוּלִים שֶׁיָּרְדוּ בְּעִקָּר בְּחוֹדֶשׁ חֶשְׁוָן, כֵּן גַּם עַכְשָׁיו יִפָּסְקוּ כָּל הַמַּבּוּלִים וְהַשִּׁטְפוֹנוֹת שֶׁל הַסִּטְרָא אַחֲרָא, וְיֵהָפְכוּ לְמַבּוּלִים שֶׁל תְּפִלּוֹת וּתְחִנּוֹת, וְעַל יְדֵי זֶה נֵצֵא מִכָּל הַיֵּצֶר




The obligation to spread the light of the Tzaddik

Master of the world, may I merit to distribute the prayers of the Rav in each and every house, and in each and every place, and in each and every neighborhood, and to each and every Jew, so that no Jew will be lacking in any prayer, G-d forbid, and on this depends the complete redemption, until the revelation of Moshiach ben David through the prayers of the Rav, until they are spread throughout the world, and to every single Jew, which is the secret of the death of the firstborn, when Hashem smote the sitra achra, on account of there not being a single home that doesn’t have prayers of the Rav.

And may we merit to go out and distribute every single day all the prayers of the Rav, and through this may we merit to enter in the blink (305) of an eye (130) to the sanctuary of changing colors, because the Rav wrote in all the types of colors, tens of prayers in each and every color, and so every single Jew is obligated to to find for himself a number of prayers which he is obligated to connect with, and to go with them all the days of his life, and through this to be encompassed in the right opening of nukva of pardashka, from which comes the fruits of life, the life of life, at every moment and second, and from there comes the spirit of the revival of the dead, which Yocheved and Miriam drew down to all the children of Israel in every place.

And through this, they merited receiving the Torah and hearing the Ten Commandments. And so too, may we merit through these prayers to draw down the spirit of life, the life of life, to all the nation of Israel in each and every place, for with this spirit of life they merited to receive the Torah and Mitzvah, the Tablets of Testimony, and to hear the Ten Commandments. So too in the merit of these prayers, may we all merit to receive Moshiach ben David and to bring down the Temple of fire from the heavens in the eyes of all Israel, and in the eyes of all the nations of the world.

Particularly, in the parshiot, Terumah, Tetzaveh, Ki-Tissa, Veyakhel, Pekudei, which deal with the building of the Mishkan, which was the preparation for the building of the Temple, whose complete building was in the month of ‘bul’. Because, until the first Temple was built, in every month of Cheshvan there was a flood which flooded the entire globe, and caused all the dead to be moved from their graves, which caused them tremendous pain from being moved around and taken out of their place.

And this is how it was in the days of the flooding in every month of Cheshvan, until King Solomon (peace be upon him) came and built the Temple from green and white marble stone. And through this, the flooding which would come mainly in the month of Cheshvan stopped. So too, there should now stop all the flood of the sitra achra, and it should all be turned around into a flood of prayers and supplications, and through this we should be saved from the evil inclination.

And there won’t remain within us any trace or smudge of the yetzer hara, any more.


Let me give the last word to my friend:

Please please all of us.

It is about time that we all realize WHO the Tzadik really is. We must dedicate all our time on following what he is asking us to do. Do the reading he is asking and read the prayers he has written. Please please we should all realize that WE are delaying the geula because WE are wasting time doing shtuyot (listening/reading unnecessary stuff). Please please we should enlarge the circle of people connecting to the Tzadik.



What else is there to say, except, Amen?


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So, the ‘strange coincidences’ continue.

First, let me tell you that the bus that I went on for the Shuvu Banim bonfire and gathering at Meron was parked in ‘Parking Lot 6’, by the gas station, just down the road from Meron itself, and the tomb of Rashbi.

Second, let me tell you that Shuvu Banim’s ‘courtyard’ was the very nearest to that ‘Parking Lot 6’, i.e. as soon as you stepped into the bonfire complex, you were directly next to the space assigned to Shuvu Banim.

Now, let me translate something the Rav said in a shiur two days before L’Ag B’Omer, on May 5th, 2023, from Shivivei Or number 309:

Nadav and Avihu wanted to bring the geula. This was the biggest day of their life, [the biggest day] in history: the establishment of the Mishkan, the Aron, the Luchot – they were putting up the Mishkan (Tabernacle)….

They were putting up the Mishkan… This was the biggest day! Even bigger than the inauguration of the Temple.

Nadav and Avihu wanted to bring ‘fire’ down from the heavens.

They wanted to bring it down….

Now, they moved us [i.e. the Shuvu Banim lighting site in Meron] to the gas station [to do the lighting there.] Our site is next to the gas station. 

They want there to be a lot of petrol for the fire.


So they, they – Nadav and Avihu – went to bring petrol, a ‘strange fire’.

What is this ‘strange fire’?

They went to bring petrol. They went to bring 20 litre jerry cans full of benzine, to spill it on the altar. They wanted to bring ‘fire’ down from shemayim (heaven / the sky).

“For today Hashem appears to you.” (Vayikra 9:4)

They wanted to bring down fire, so they brought 20 litre jerry cans, they poured benzine on the altar – ‘strange fire’, they brought it from the stoves.

They went and brought a jerry can, they went to the gas station, and filled up the jerry can – 

And fire didn’t come down from shemayim!

They spilled the jerry cans, they poured out a whole jerry can…


I just read this today on Shabbat, and it reminded me of the ‘coded message’ from the Rav 2-3 weeks ago that I translated HERE.

And you remember what we learned HERE, that Israel started bombing Gaza at 1am the night of L’ag B’Omer, and then even started cancelling buses to Meron, because they were expecting a massive, immediate wave of rockets across the country, including across the North – but the fire didn’t come down from shemayim.


Now, look what is happening in that same ‘Lot 6’ in Meron this evening:

(Video from the Israel News Telegram channel HERE):



It’s a massive, out-of-control fire in that same Lot 6 of Meron….

It looks like you can see some of the bleachers that are still on site being totally burned up….

How’s that for a CO-IN-CID-ENCE?


Let me leave you with this snippet from that piece called ‘Another Coded Message from the Rav’:

I bolded the bits that struck me as meaningful, but I honestly don’t have much more of an idea than you do, except that it seems to involve Arabs trying to kill a lot of Jews, a ‘King’ who rules half the world but was very much under the thumb of his mother, ‘the Queen’, bombs, fires and explosions.


Thank God, the Rav made it to Meron this year, and ‘the plan’ got thwarted, somehow…

But keep up with the prayers and the Tikkun Haklalis, because we still really need them.


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