I’ve been having an interesting correspondence with a reader over email.

Long story short, he’s basically saying that all Ashkenazi Jews are suffek Jewish, and probably descend from the Khazarians.

(BTW, I’m not writing this to encourage personal attacks on my correspondent, he’s a thoughtful, learned person and he’s after the truth… He’s also an Ashkenazi Jew himself, connected in to the families I keep writing about, and he went to the mikveh recently to do a ‘toyvel suffek l’geyrus’….)

In short, he’s a good guy.


There is a but here, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this.

I can’t agree with his approach that all Ashkenazi Jews are probably suffek Jewish Khazarian descendants, and we just get to ‘blame’ all of the problems of the Jewish world on them.

Not least, because so many of the prominent Sabbateans I’ve been writing about actually clearly descend from Sephardim.


I’m bringing this up, because it’s connected to something else I’ve been thinking about for a while, and that’s how so much of the ‘alternative information’ you find online is being put there by xtians.

And while much of that information can be useful, and much of it is true – there is a huge, massive ‘xtian blind-spot’, deliberate or otherwise, when it comes to how evil xtianity itself actually is, and how good real Jews, and authentic Torah Judaism actually is.

And because we’re all lapping up so much of this ‘alternative information’, especially the slick video variety, many of us are also kind of getting ‘infected’ with a viewpoint that is skewed against real Jews and the Torah.


I know, I know.

It’s all so confusing, and it’s just so much easier, mentally, to split people off into ‘totally good’ and ‘totally bad’.

That’s the ridiculous, narcissist paradigm we were educated with (brainwashed with….) that ‘people’ are either 100% with us, or 100% against us. That they are either 100% ‘perfect’ and ‘tzaddikim’, or 100% the opposite, God forbid.

That paradigm is keeping us stuck in the world of lies, and the very first thing required here, if we are really interested in exploring what the truth is, about what’s gone on, is to chuck it out.

Nobody and no-one is ‘ONLY’ 100% good, or 100% bad.

Even the biggest tzaddikim we ever had,  like Moshe Rabbenu, like David HaMelech, like Rabbi Akiva, made occasional errors and mistakes.

And if we don’t grasp this simple idea, we just won’t be able to really figure out what’s going on here.


Because we’re still stuck in that ‘narcissist, fake-division’ brainwashing paradigm, many of us can’t understand how secret Sabbateans could ‘morph’ from writing Sabbatean tracts to having descendents who were part of the Baal Shem Tov’s ‘mighty men’.

But that’s because we’ve forgotten about the awesome power, the awesome gift of TESHUVA.

Thank God, if there is one thing that I can say about real Breslov, is that Rabbenu’s path and advice makes that gift of experiencing true teshuva possible for everyone.

I have seen time again from my own life, from my own self, how the process of making real teshuva can and does totally transform a person. And that path is open to all.


From the Rav, Rav Berland, I’ve also learnt so much, not least that the biggest souls ever created got thrown into the deepest spiritual muck – i.e. our world of 2022.

Because they have the biggest, most difficult job to do.

To ‘wake up and make teshuva’ in whichever dung-heap they are currently located, and then to find their way back to God, from there. And in the process of doing that, they will blaze a trail back to God that others in that dung-heap can also follow.

So for me, it makes total sense that these crazy Sabbatean families contain both the biggest spiritual ‘lights’ and the biggest spiritual ‘darkness’.

They contain both the ‘luminaries of fire’ and the ‘luminaries of light.’

And it’s our job, to use our free will, our discernment, the gift of hitbodedut, to think for ourselves, and to pray that God should enlighten us about who is really who.


There are no short-cuts, here.

There is a process going on, across all levels of body, mind and soul, where we have to really take the time to sift ‘good from bad’, and ‘lies from truth’.

But the main point of all this, the main ikker, is to develop a real soul connection with Hashem, by getting to know ourselves, and by doing that birur within.

That’s something that most of us just don’t do.

We tell ourselves stories about being ‘good people’, or about being ‘bad people’ – but both of those descriptions are essentially false.

We are a holy, good soul that only wants kedusha, and yearns for good and to be closer to God, every way it can.


We are a lowly, material body, that is selfish,  lazy, angry, greedy, scared, anxious, depressed and addicted to a bunch of stuff, including expensive coffee and really good dark chocolate (yum!).


Both of those sides are ‘the real us’.

Both of those sides express themselves at various times.

And the trick here, the ikker, is keep doing the birur within, because sometimes, the yetzer dresses up huge sins as ‘big mitzvahs’; and sometimes, what we think of as ‘huge sins’ (like taking the time to sit down quietly, and look after ourselves a bit) – actually are the biggest mitzvahs, the biggest kindnesses, a person can do.


So, don’t discount sincere teshuva.

Because it changes the whole picture fundamentally, in so many ways.


And now, let’s just end this post with what I’ll call some ‘birur musings’.

These are things that are occuring to me, that might not be occurring to you, but that maybe you want to consider.

First off, I just want to point out how ‘truth and lie’ can and does co-exist, very happily, all over the place, which is why WE OURSELVES NEED TO DO THE BIRUR.

About everything.

Even the stuff I write about here.


Over on the Jane Ruby Telegram channel, I was really gratified to see that more and more people – more and more ‘Republican-voting xtians’ – are starting to realise that Trump is controlled opposition, and bad news.

HERE‘s a screenshot:



Jane Ruby is also pushing the ‘fake news’ of Brian Ardis and Tau Braun, who I have the strong feeling is more ‘controlled opposition’, coming up with frankly retarded theories about snake venom, to sow confusion about the real DNA Origami / GO nanotech in the Covid shots.

Like this:



The point is, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Do your own birur, because there is some ‘truth’ hiding out even in places like the MSM, and there are also many lies mixed up with truth, even in the alternative media, and even by people who sincerely want the truth.


Think for yourself.

Don’t swallow down all the propaganda, all the ‘xtian slanted alt-theories’ about Jews being behind everything that’s going on, or all Ashkenazi Jews being Kharzarians.

There is so much that is still hidden from view, still, even the most educated of us are still just groping around in the dark.

Let me leave you with this.


My correspondent pointed to the fact that so many Ashkenazi Jews rushed to assimilate and leave the Torah as some sort of ‘evidence’ they must have been fake Khazarian Jews to begin with.

I know someone personally, a Russian guy from the former USSR, who had a brit milah aged 44, more than 30 years ago.

He now keeps a kosher home, lives in Jerusalem, sent his kid to ‘religious school’, and he also made the decision never to work on Shabbat, even though he isn’t ‘shomer shabbat’.

Think about it.

How many of the guys out there would volunteer to have a brit milah aged 44?

Who is like your people, Hashem?

Even if he is descended from ‘Khazarians’ – and that’s a big if – this guy’s mesirut nefesh for Hashem’s commandments is outstanding.

So, don’t give up  on anyone, don’t buy into all the ‘xtian propaganda’ sloshing around, and understand that while we’re all after ‘the truth’, much of ‘the truth’ is still hidden in the shadows.

And most of all, remember the great power of teshuva, to turn the whole picture around, literally from one end to the other.

The story isn’t  over yet.


PS: Take a closer look at the picture of Trump ‘drinking disinfectant’ at the top of this post.

It was a classic way of rubbishing things like Miracle Mineral Solution, which I’ve personally found very helpful in regaining my health.

Birur is required on all sides of every discussion…



A reader  just sent me this, which fits perfectly with the theme of this post:

I recently learned something that I thought might give you something to add / think about when relating to family connections, etc…
Eliezer (Avraham’s servant) was one of seven people in the history of the world to enter Gan Eden “alive” (whatever that means, but it’s a sign of his righteousness)… and he was also the son of Nimrod (which should not need further explanation for you).

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Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s some more evidence to consider.

First, remember all that fuss at the height of the Covid 19 plandemic, when people were using UV light to ‘kill’ the Coronavirus?

If you forgot, here’s a reminder of just one of those scientific studies from HERE- which is puzzling me, honestly, as now we know that no lab anywhere in the world has ever successfully isolated and purified SARS-CoV2.


If you didn’t understand that today’s ‘science’ is built on a mountain of lies, and that most of today’s scientists are deliberate misinformation artists, then add the above to the mound of questions to be asked about what is really going on here.

I had extended family members who were irradiating every package that came into their home with ‘Covid killing UV light’, at the height of the plandemic, based on articles like the above.

Now we know that graphene oxide nanotech is actually excited, and made many times more toxic by this UV light….



While we’re taking a trip down memory lane, remember this?


That’s back at the beginning of people getting the shot, when they started to figure out that vaxxed people now had ‘glow in the dark’ veins and injection sites – which only showed up under UV light.




Now, take a look at another scientific study in the journal of physiology called:

Optophysiology: Illuminating cell physiology with optogenetics


Optogenetics combines light and genetics to enable precise control of living cells, tissues, and organisms with tailored functions. Optogenetics has the advantages of noninvasiveness, rapid responsiveness, tunable reversibility, and superior spatiotemporal resolution…

Through protein engineering and synthetic biology approaches, genetically encoded photoswitches can be modularly engineered into protein scaffolds or host cells to control a myriad of biological processes, as well as to enable behavioral control and disease intervention in vivo.


Plain English:

Scientists have figured out a way to use light to switch biological processes off and on in the human body, and also to ‘remote control’ people and diseases from a distance.

But, this only works when people are walking around with the nanotech required for these ‘genetically encoded photoswitches’ to work.

Go back and read this now:



I know all this stuff is heavy, really heavy, but DON’T PANIC!

And don’t give up.

Once we know what the real problem is – and that is being more clearly laid out, day by day – then we are well on the way to finding more of the ‘real solutions’ that will work to destroy this nanotech, and reverse and / or thwart what they are hoping to do.

The first thing to say is STOP WITH THE SHOTS.

At this point, really any shot, any ‘vaccine’, as the GO is most probably in all the products being produced by Big Pharma.

That’s not a guess, it’s a fact.

LaQuinta Columna researchers have found GO in a ton of other vaccines and shots, including the flu shot from Winter 2019 – shortly before ‘Covid 19’ is meant to have begun.


The second thing to say, is educate yourself about how the human body,  how human health, really works.

Western medicine creates a false divide between the ‘hunk of meat’ that is the body, and the animating energy of that ‘meat’, which is the soul.

Emotions and spiritual concerns play an absolutely massive part in human health, and there is way more to ‘holistic health’ and holistic healing than just eating organic carrots and going for a jog.

BH, I will start to write more about this side of things soon.


The third thing to say is that we all have to connect back to our souls, and connect back to God, really, to get past this next stage of geula.

Regular talking to God, real teshuva, real emuna, real trying to figure out our own bad middot….

There are no shortcuts to this part of the process, and sooner or later, everyone will have to cross that very narrow bridge to their true self.

Or stay a mind-controlled robot-zombie (at best…)

Again, I want to write more about the ‘healing aspects’ – and to that end, let me throw this out there:

Is anyone out there interested in doing a Zoom class experiment, where I start teaching more of how our bodies and souls and emotions really work together?

If yes, email or leave a comment.

At this point, it would be for women only.


Rebbe Nachman teaches there are two types of light in the world.

There are luminaries of light – where the ‘light’ is holy, and coming from the side of good – and there are ‘luminaries of fire’ – which also have ‘light’, but it’s the light of hatred, destruction and evil.

I have a picture on my wall of a luminary of light, it’s a still taken from this video:


Pick your ‘luminary’ – the people you follow, the rabbis you listen to – very carefully.

In the meantime, understand that all the satanists behind this believe that they are spreading ‘light’ in the world, too – just their ‘light’ comes from the opposite of God and good.

‘Lucifer’ means ‘light bringer’.

(BTW, for more very close connections between ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Yoshki’, and ‘Buddha’, and the Primordial Snake in the Garden of Eden – also all described as a ‘light bringers’ by people who are anti-God, read THIS – written by someone who thinks ‘Lucifer’s light’ is the answer to humanity’s problems.)


Remember this (snippet from Wiki)?


Luciferase is a generic term for the class of oxidative enzymes that produce bioluminescence, and is usually distinguished from a photoprotein. The name was first used by Raphaël Dubois who invented the words luciferin and luciferase, for the substrate and enzyme, respectively.

Both words are derived from the Latin word lucifer, meaning “lightbearer”, which in turn is derived from the Latin words for “light” (lux) and “to bring or carry” (ferre).





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I’m reposting this from a few months ago.

I’ve been saying it pretty much every day since it went up, and I have to say, my yearning to get off the evil internet – and also my interest in engaging with it, generally – is reducing all the time.

Baruch Hashem.

But in the meantime, I need to have ‘something else to do with my time’, something in ‘real world’, so that’s what I’m currently trying to get to grips with.

But I figure other people could probably also use this prayer….

So I’m reposting it now.


I was sitting at the Rav’s prayers last week, when a girl came up and handed me something.

It’s a prayer to get off the internet.

Something that I’ve been increasingly thinking about, as the 5….G is turned up, and my health has been taking the hit.

(Thank God, I’m doing much better since I began the experiment with the Mineral Miracle Solution, and paid a pidyon to the Rav. More on that another time.)


I was discussing with a friend yesterday, how ‘different’ life would look like, if the internet would disappear.

And while there is also some fear there – because I write this blog, for example, and I’d probably have to return to a typewriter – there is also a lot of yearning for that.

Even without all the ‘tech’ health issues – which lets be honest, are huge all by themselves – no internet would also mean way fewer opportunities to space out, run away and ‘escape’ from real life.

So then, we’d have to find other things to do like sew, garden, read, learn Torah, do hitbodedut, walk around, actually speak to people again, including our spouses and children, find different hobbies to fill the time.

Again, lots of fear around these thoughts, because we’ve all got so used to zoning out ‘online’, but also lots of hope, for how good life will actually be, once we are through this stage of very tough birur.


So in the meantime, here is that prayer, with my translation underneath.





Ribono shel olam, Who can do anything.

Please strengthen us with deep joy, and that we should no longer look at the internet ever again.

And we should always pray every single word and letter with kavana.

And each and every second, we should just be bound to You, with all 248 of our limbs and 365 of our sinews, with all our nefesh, ruach, neshama, chaya and yehida.

And we should merit to see Eliyahu (52) HaNavi (68), may his memory (233) be for a blessing (47) = 400, face to face, whose eyes (220) were pure (180) = 400.

Please answer, Hashem!

“Remember, Hashem, [to repay] the offspring of Edom, the day of Jerusalem; [to repay] those who say Destroy! Destroy! To it’s very foundation! (Psalms 137)

Please answer, Hashem!

Let us merit to have the intellect of our Holy (415) and Awesome (268) Rabbenu (268) Nachman (148) ben (52) Simcha (353) ben (52) Feigue (94), and to see Eliyahu (52) HaNavi (68), may his memory (233) be for a blessing (47) = 2598, face to face.

And by way of this, we should merit to the verse:

“And to all (86) the tremendous (98) awe (252) and to all (86) the strong (125) hand (19) that (501) Moshe (345) did (375) before the eyes (170) of all (50) of Israel (541) = 2598.


UPDATE: Thanks to the readers who helped me tidy this prayer up, and also add in gematriot.


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In the middle of pondering whether I should continue writing about all the ‘real Jewish history’ stuff here on the blog, I came across this, from the Rav.

It was in the middle of a long discourse about shalom bayit, and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why this statement would appear there:


There was the ‘HaMishnah LeMelech’ (by Rabbi Yehuda Rosanes), where he wrote the longest commentary on the Rambam.

He had a golden sword given to him by the king, because he was the Treasury Minister of Turkey. The HaMishnah LeMelech died on Pesach, in the year 5487, and Rabbi Shimshon Wertheimer, who was the Treasury Minister of Austria, died on the 17th of Av, 5484, two years before.

They used to fight against each other, all the time, because they used to direct the war, each one on behalf of their particular country. One Jew was the Treasury Minister of Austria, and the second Jew was the Treasury Minister of Turkey, and they directed the war effort in both those states, and they didn’t know anything.

They were just worrying about the money, and signing the checks, that [the armies] would have clothes, and that there would be food, that there wouldn’t be swindles and forgeries.


He didn’t want that his commentaries would be written down and publicised, so he wrote in his will that his works shouldn’t be printed. But they didn’t listen to him, and they printed it (i.e. HaMishnah LeMelech), and he merited that his commentary on the Rambam would be the most widely-distributed.

The most ‘sharp’ commentary, that clarifies everything the very best – this is the HaMishnah LeMelech.

He also wrote other books, but barely a trace remains of them, barely a single book.

They used to write their books in the evenings, and during the day, they would govern the country. For an hour or two, they would stay in their offices, and then afterwards, they’d learn the Rambam, day in, day out.


Before we continue, you should know that I read this mamash when I was having huge doubts about whether I should carry on blogging at all, and if so, if God really wanted me stirring all this stuff up.

Then, I got to this ‘clue’ from the Rav.

And I was amazed, because Shimshon Wertheimer has been on my ‘to do’ list for the Sabbatean-Frankists for a very long time.

And I’d never heard of ‘Rabbi Yehuda Rosanes’ of Turkey, even though he also seems to have played a very prominent role in things that were happening in Turkey, right when the Sabbatean-Frankists were reaching their height of open influence.

So I rolled up my sleeves, and started taking a closer look at ‘Rabbi Yehuda Rosanes’.

And this is some of where that process lead me.


The story begins HERE, with a brief overview of who ‘Rabbi Yehudah Rosanes’ actually was, translated from the Imrey.org website:

Rabbi Yehuda Bar Shmuel Rozanes (Mishneh Lamelech; 5417-5487 / 1657-1727/) was an outstanding teacher of the law.

…He was the chief rabbi of Istanbul and one of the spiritual leaders of the Jews of the Ottoman Empire – from all parts of the vast state turned to him for the solution of controversial issues…

R. Yehuda Rozanes died in Istanbul on the last day of Passover 5487 /1727/ year. And then his posthumous fame began.

In 5491 /1731/, four years after R. Rozanes was called to the Heavenly Yeshiva, his closest disciple R. Yaakov Kuli published a collection of hidushim (analytical notes) of his teacher.

The book combines notes and comments by R. Rozanes on the Talmud, as well as on the famous code of the Rambam  Mishneh Torah. Thanks to the happy intuition of the publisher, who arranged all the material in accordance with the order of the laws in the Mishneh Torah, the book of R. Rozanes gained wide popularity as a commentary on the Rambam code.


He sounded like a very choshuva guy….the Chief Rabbi of Istanbul at a time when literally hundreds of Shabtai Tzvi’s followers and their families were also there… and according to the Rav, also the Treasury Minister of Turkey….

And despite all this, still incredibly difficult to find out more specific details about he actually was, and who he was related to.



His English Wikipedia page was pretty sparse, but said the following:

Judah ben Samuel Rosanes (1657–1727) was Rabbi of Constantinople and son-in-law of Abraham Rosanes I. His teachers in Talmud and rabbinics were Samuel HaLevi and Joseph di Trani the Younger.

On account of his knowledge of Arabic and Turkish he was appointed by the government as chief rabbi (“hakam bashi“) of the Ottoman empire.

He died at an advanced age in Constantinople on April 13, 1727.

Judah took a very active part in condemning and denouncing the Shabbethaians, and he was one of the signers of an appeal to the German communities to oppose the movement.


That last statement caught my eye, because even though it said it was footnoted on the Wikipedia page, the footnote led nowhere.

In the meantime, I’d never heard of ‘Abraham Rosanes I’, in all my treks through the genealogical undergrowth, and I started to get that strange feeling that so often pans out, that there was more going on here than meets the eye.

I kept looking, and the next stop was this page on the JewishVirtualLibrary site HERE, which filled in a few more details


ROSANES, JUDAH BEN SAMUEL (1657–1727), Turkish rabbiposek and preacher…

In his youth, he worked in the business of Abraham Rosanes, his uncle and father-in-law, who had business connections with the Turkish army.

After his uncle’s death, Judah engaged in business with his two brothers, Ḥayyim and Aaron. Later he was appointed to the rabbinate of Constantinople, where he served until his death.

He was regarded as one of the greatest Turkish rabbis of his time and was among the rabbis of Constantinople who persecuted the Shabbateans there. In 1714 he was one of the signatories to the ban of excommunication against Nehemiah Ḥiyya *Ḥayon that was circulated to the whole Diaspora.

In 1725, however, three Constantinople rabbis, of whom Judah was one, released Ḥayon from the excommunication on condition that he abandon the study of Kabbalah and Shabbatean beliefs.

The rescinding of the excommunication angered the other rabbis of the town. Apparently this was the reason for zealots‘ breaking into his house and destroying his writings. What remained of his writings was collected after his death and prepared for publication by his pupil, Jacob *Culi…

Rosanes is not to be confused with the Shabbatean Judah Rosanes who lived in the mid-17th century and was one of the Constantinople scholars who excommunicated the two Smyrna rabbis Aaron *Lapapa and *Solomon (Nissim) b. Abraham Algazi I in 1666, after they excommunicated *Shabbetai Ẓevi.


At this point, I have been doing this so long, I can spot the red herrings and the doors that require some more pushing on a mile off.

We still don’t know what really happened with Nechemia Hiyya Hayon. My best guess at the moment is that a turf war broke out between the different factions of Sabbateans about who the successor of Shabtai Tzvi actually was.

Sabbateans believe in the transmigration of souls, and particularly, that the soul of false messiah Shabtai Tzvi would be reincarnated in one of his followers, to continue his path.

This belief lead to some massive rifts between the Sabbateans, as various groups promoted ‘their guy’ as the reincarnation of Shabtai Tzvi, and the next false messiah.

It’s no coincidence that we’ve seen similar fights of succession in so many branches of ‘Sabbatean-chassidut’, not least Chabad, Satmar and Gur.

There is nothing new under the sun.


So anyway, that last statement about not confusing THIS ‘R Yehuda Rosanes’ with another guy who lived a few decades earlier who had the exact same name, and who was a very strong follower of Shabtai Tzvi, taught me this:

In all likelihood, R Yehuda Rosanes II (1657-1723) was probably a direct descendant of R’ Yehuda Rosanes I, the very strong supporter of Shabtai Tzvi.

This stuff really isn’t rocket science.

And so, we know that Sabbateans typically passed their beliefs down within their families, and that these families all just married each other over and over again.

We also know that it was a standard ‘thing’ that many leading secret Sabbateans went out of their way to publically denounce the Sabbatean movement, as a way of diverting attention and throwing the heat off of themselves, and their own secret beliefs.

So, I carried on digging.


The next avenue of research was to try to pin down more about Yehuda Rosanes uncle and father-in-law, Abraham Rosanes, who was supplying the Turkish army.

Exactly as the Rav said the Rosanes family was.

This snippet comes from HERE:

In the days of Sultan Ahmed III, [Yehudah Rosanes] was in charge of purchases of the Turkish army, and was nicknamed “Ojak Basirjan” (the palace banker).


Here’s what I turned up on the Jewish Encyclopaedia site, HERE:

ROSANES Family, originally from Rosas, a Spanish seaport. Members of it emigrated to Portugal at the end of the fifteenth century, and others settled later in Turkey, Austria, and Russia.

Abraham Rosanes I. (called also Abraham the Elder):

Turkish Talmudist; lived at Constantinople in the seventeenth century. He had a literary controversy with Moses b. Nissim Benveniste; and some of his responsa are to be found in Samuel Primo’s “Kehunnat ‘Olam.” Acording to Azulai, he wrote strictures on Abraham Picco’s “Giddule Terumah.”


So, the Rosanes family were a family of Spanish Conversos who later moved to Portugal, and then from there they spread out to Turkey, Austria and Russia.

And there were a lot of ‘illustrious rabbis’ in this family, including:

Abraham Rosanes II.:
Chief rabbi of Constantinople about the middle of the eighteenth century; died at Jerusalem at an advanced age.

Abraham Abele ben Ẓebi Hirsch Rosanes:
Preacher of Minsk, Russia; died there Dec. 23, 1827. He was a preacher of great oratorical talent, and was the author of “Zikron Abraham.”

Abraham ben Israel Rosanes:
Bulgarian scholar; born at Rustchuk 1838; died there 1879. In 1867 he made a voyage to Palestine; and his account of that country, written in Judæo-Spanish, was translated into Hebrew by Menahem Farḥi and published in “Ha-Maggid” (xi., No. 38-xii., No. 34) under the title “Mas’ot ha-Abbir.”

Ẓebi Hirsch Rosanes ben Issachar Berush:
Galician rabbi; born in 1733; died at Lemberg Nov. 9, 1804; grandson of Jacob Joshua, author of “Pene Yehoshua’.” Ẓebi Hirsch was first rabbi at Bolchow, a small town near Lemberg; and in 1787 he was appointed chief rabbi of the latter place, where his wife, Judith, managed a printing establishment.


But no mention of that leading Turkish rabbi, R Yehuda Rosanes I, who was a big supporter of Shabtai Tzvi.

And lots of other names we’ve been looking at here before, in terms of their inexplicably twisted family trees, including the ‘Pene Yehoshua’. And the family stretched from Shabbatean Turkey through to Minsk in Belarus (White Russia) and Frankist Austria.

I have a feeling we may have tripped over the real family of the Sabbatean ‘Eshel Avraham’, another very influential ‘Rabbi Abraham’ who has been inexplicably ‘scrubbed’ out our history books (and who is very closely tied to the Chabad family tree.)


So now, I decide it’s time to see if any of these people actually turn up on Geni.

HERE is the tree that I found for this family, which as usual is all half-missing and distorted, with most of the ‘interesting people’ discussed above hidden, for reasons that are not at all obvious.

But after half an hour of clicking around all the ‘anonymous Rosanes’, I finally get to the screenshot that shows me we ARE dealing with all the same people here:


Number 1 is ‘R Yehuda Rosanes’, the HaMishnah LeMelech, and person who was financing the Turkish army.

Remembered, he marries the daughter of his uncle, R’ Abraham Rosanes I – totally missing off this tree.

But we have Number 2 here, who is ‘Chief Rabbi Abraham Rosanes II’ – and the first cousin of the HaMishnah LeMelech.


At this point, I remember I’ve seen that ‘ROSANES’ surname somewhere else, where I couldn’t really pin down where it was coming from.

It’s THIS guy, R’ Pinchas Rozanes Shick, from that same branch of the SHICK family who keep turning up bang in the middle in a bunch of leading Frankists:



If you actually click into the family tree for ‘R Pinchas Rozanes Shick’, you see he is directly related to Moses Dobrushka.

Moses Dobrushka is the same guy who started up the Asiatic Brethren secret society, the same guy who was offered to take over the Frankist movement after his uncle ‘Jacob Frank’ died, the same guy who played a leading role in the French Revolution as ‘Junius Frey’ – and who was apparently guillotined, as a result.

Click that link to learn more.


There’s a Chabadpedia link underneath the profile for Pinchas Rozanes Shick, so I click that, and learn this:


My free translation of the above:

The Chassid Rabbi Pinchas Shick (Rosanes) from Shklov, was amongst the great chassidim of the Alter Rebbe [of Chabad] and the Mitteler Rebbe (of Chabad).

He was the main person who took it upon himself to memorize and record the Alter Rebbe’s discourses, and his notes were extremely accurate, and many of the leading followers and rabbis of Chabad relied on them a great deal.

A number of his notes were printed in a special book, Ma’amrei Admor HaZaken.

[Rosanes] was a businessman and a big giver of charity, who did a great deal to establish the chassidic movement, and he worked a lot to secure the succession of the Mitteler Rebbe, to fill the role of his father, the Alter Rebbe.

The Mitteler Rebbe gave [Pinchas Rosanes] the nickname: The Chassidic Warlord.


Remember, this is the same guy whose niece marries Moshe Dobrushka, one of the touted successors of Jacob Frank, who is busy starting up ‘secret societies’ all over the place.

Isn’t it odd, that Chabad never mentions the many close connections between their founding fathers and the Frankists, mamash?

That is, it would be very odd, if they didn’t have something to hide….

Let’s continue.


Pinchas ROZANES Shick marries a ‘nameless’ daughter of ? Berlin.

His wife’s sister marries R Moshe Shlomo Zalman Slonim, and their son, Yaakov Culi Slonim, marries the infamous ‘Menucha Rachel’, daughter of the Mitteler Rebbe, who lived in Hevron and who a lot of stories are told about.

Pay attention here. We’ve seen that name before:

In 5491 /1731/, four years after R. Yehudah Rozanes was called to the Heavenly Yeshiva, his closest disciple R. Yaakov Kuli published a collection of hidushim (analytical notes) of his teacher.


These Sabbatean-Frankists have gone to great lengths to scrub everything they could, but they just couldn’t get every last little bit of evidence removed.


I highly recommend you go back to that Chabadpedia account of Pinchas Rozanes Shick, and read it yourself, or Google translate, if you don’t have the Hebrew.

But there are still more surprises to come.

Here’s another screenshot and snippet:

It’s describing Pinchas Rosanes Schick’s relatives.

It says that one of his nephews – ‘whose name is not known to us’ – inherited a letter about money that was written to Pinchas Rosanes by the Mitteler Rebbe. The nephew gave that letter to one ‘Simcha Kessin’, ‘the ‘informer’, which lead to the arrest of the Mitteler Rebbe.

Remember, that at least one of Pinchas Rozanes Shick’s nephews by marriage is none other than the leading Frankist Moses Dobrushka….


Over on the Chabad website, they give their version of this story, which gives us some more eye-opening details.


[T]hey slandered the Rebbe, [stating] that people were assembling in Lubavitch from all nearby cities to plan a rebellion against the government.

As proof that this was indeed so, they produced the letter that clearly showed that [during his journey] from Krementchug to Lubavitch, [the Mitteler Rebbe] had succeeded in raising quite a princely sum, something that would have been impossible were he not to have been plotting such a rebellion.

Also included in their slander was that he was sending money to the Sultan [of Turkey], that dimensions of his Beis HaMidrash were the exact dimensions of the Beis HaMikdash, and many more similar fabrications.


Remember, the ROSANES family WERE very closely connected to the Turkish government, and apparently were engaged in raising money to finance the Turkish army.

We’ll come on to a discussion about the dimensions of the Beit HaMikdash another time, but go look up ‘sacred geometry’, and understand that the Freemason-Frankists were, and still are, obsessed with these things.

And lastly, there are SO MANY hidden links between people associated with Chabad, in various ways, and the revolutionaries who tried repeatedly, until they finally managed it in 1917, to spark violent revolution in Russia.

One day, we will try to tell more of that story.


In the meantime, that last highlighted yellow line, above, says that Pinchas Rosanes Shick had another ‘anonymous’ sister, who married one Benjamin Kletkzar / Klutzkar.

This is another name that haunts my dreams.

So, I clicked through to the Chabadpedia page for Benjamin Klutzkar, and I learned this:

My free translation:

Rabbi Benjamin Rabinowitz of Kletz (in Yiddish, Kletzkar) from Shklov was a Chabad chassid, from those who were close to the Alter Rebbe and the Mitteler Rebbe. He was a talmid chacham, rich, and a shaliach in regard to raising money to support the Rebbes’ expenses and movement’s expenses.

He lived in Shklov, and made his living from the timber trade, and merited to figure in many stories told by the ‘princes’ of Chabad.


I’ve been wheeling around the messed-up Chabad family tree for so long, and I’ve revisited ‘Benjamin Kletzkar / Klutzkar’ on many occasions before, not least because he links us straight up with the Gunzburg family of Russian bankers, who also connect us back to the Rothschilds.

But this was the first time I realised his real surname was actually ‘Rabinowitz’.

Here’s what it said about his family ties:

Free translation:

His son-in-law was Rabbi Baruch Klutzkar, the grandson of the Alter Rebbe.

His son-in-law was R Aharon Tumarkin, the oldest son of R’ Aharon Tumarkin the Rabbi of Kharkov.

His descendants include the Chassidic Krysic family, including R Yaakov Baruch, Eliezer and Yehuda Leib Krysic.


Benjamin Rabinowitz / Klutzkar actually has another name: Benjamin Eisenstadt.

He’s the great-grandson of the SHACH’s nephew, and the teacher of Jonathan Eybshutz, a known Sabbatean whose brother, Mordechai Mokiach was another famous Sabbatean ‘false messiah’ – the Meir Ponim, R Meir Eisenstadt.

Like this:


(BTW, Finkel Kallir was also a maternal grand-daughter of that same Sabbatean Meir Eisenstadt. As always with these Sabbatean-Frankist families, it’s very incestuous down many generations.)

Why does this matter?

Because we know that the Eisenstadt family continued to be mixed up with the Sabbateans who then morphed into ‘the Frankists’, and were very closely connected to the black magic sorcerer of London, and founder of the ‘Golden Dawn’ secret society (amongst many others….) Dr Samuel Chaim Falkon.

(Remember, Falkon was the first father-in-law of none other than Jacob Frank….)

And so many of these people surrounding Chabad are mamash deeply connected, on so many levels, with the Sabbatean-Frankists.


There is so much more to say here, as always.

For example, if you go and look up ‘Binyamin Rabinowitz’ profiles, pretty much the only one you find is this guy:


He’s the father of the Aderet, R’ Eliyahu David Rabinowitz-Teomim.

Who in turn, just so happens to be the father-in-law of someone you’ve probably heard of:

R’ Avraham Yitzhak HaKohen Kook, the first ‘Chief Rabbi’ of modern Israel.


Are we tripping over more of the ‘aliases’ and alter egos, that would help to explain how Chabad is so very entrenched in all levels of the Frankist-Freemason State of Israel, which makes no sense if we take the history we’ve been brainwashed with seriously?

It’s at least possible.

As always, there is more research required here.

So, as always, to be continued….


PS: I forgot to mention that Pinchas ROZANES Schick’s mother was Mindel RIVLIN.

And she is also a very close relative of none other than the Vilna Gaon.

Like this:

Vilna Gaon’s descent:

R’ ELIYAHU ‘THE CHASSID’ OF VILNA (1640-1710) > R’ YISSACHAR DOV BER OF VILNA (1665-1720) > R’ SHLOMO ZALMAN (1695-1758) > R’ ELIYAHU VILNA GAON (GRA) (1720-1797)

Mindel Rivlin (Shick’s) descent:


In otherwise, Mindel’s father and and the GRA’s father were first cousins.

And Mindel’s grand-daughter married the infamous Moses Dobrushka.

And let me remind you again, Sabbatean-Frankists just married each other for many generations.


(And both Netanyahu and Ruby Rivlin, to name but two, are directly descended from the people we’re talking about here…)


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Well, the farce is over for at least another six months.

Loads of us went out to vote for one stinking pile of manure, or another.

And now, we’ll just have to see how God is going to turn all this around for the best, because personally, the idea of having Netanyahu back in the driving seat literally makes me want to vomit.

What a Hobson’s Choice, between a not-so-closet ‘Jew for Jesus’ who hates yiddishkeit and wants to uproot the Torah.

And a not-so-closet pandemic dictator who is best friends with Albert Bourla, and the Frankist-Freemason poster boy in Israeli elections.



If I didn’t have Rabbenu constantly encouraging from the sidelines with his message that:



Then I would probably be having way more of a battle with feelings of sadness and despair than I actually am.

I’m still having those feelings arise, at various points – but deep down, in my heart of hearts, I KNOW we are going to get the open miracles required to turn all this around.

And that the bad cannot win forever, even though it’s still landing some major blows, as the battle for the soul of humanity continues.


In the meantime, I am going to carry on writing here, about so many of the things that so many other people seem to be scared to even go near.

Because each time we peel off another layer of the lies and rubbish we’ve been told, the truth spreads out a little further, and a little brighter in the world, and another person, another soul, starts to feel that truth radiating from within, and shining out to those around them.


A few days ago, I met someone, a fellow-blogger, and had a very interesting conversation with her, about the amount of ‘pushback’ she was getting when she dared to suggest the Covid Plandemic was not all it’s cracked up to be.

Long story short, the experience appears to have been so distressing, she decided to just kind of keep things ‘superficial’ in her writing now, and to keep away from the subjects that actually really interest and concern her.

I understand that.

But I told her this:

You have to be the voice of truth in the world, that Hashem created you to be.

And that applies to every single one of us reading this, too.


With the censorship going up, with the Covidian cultists attacking anyone who dares to suggest that they were duped, or plain wrong, (or even – (whisper it….) horrible, controlling people with zero emuna who tried to make their OCD and out-of-control hyperchondria everyone else’s problem….) – it’s often not easy to speak truth, in any format

I’ve been in touch with so many people out there, ‘secret truthseekers’, who have to hide what they really think and what they really believe, about so many different things, because it goes against the official narrative that so many of their family and friends are still holding by.

But I want to tell you something:



It’s always the psychos who make the most noise, and get the most attention.

(That’s why I blog ;-))

BUT – there are millions and millions and millions of people just like you out there, who KNOW that we are living in a world of lies, and who are making huge strides towards moving into the world of truth on their own.


Without fanfare, or big public announcements.

Because so many people have been traumatised by their interactions with the hateful, self-righteous people out there who made up a great bulk of the ‘Covidian Cultists’, but who can be found on the other side of every discussion about real things you care to have.


Baruch Hashem, blogging about the Rav for three years, and learning in-depth about things like ‘Narcissistic Personalities’, gave me the best possible training for what’s been going on the last three years, during this Covid Plandemic.

So by the time all this rolled around, I was long past the point of caring about who I was ‘offending’ by writing about what was is really going on, or worrying that I was going to get socially ostracised, or personally attacked.

Now I look back, and I see what a true blessing it really is, to just be able to be myself, and to say what I really think, and to publically believe what I really believe.


But you know what?

You can also do that.

You can also be the person that God designed you to be, and to believe the things that your soul is whispering to you are true, without being scared of the ‘Covidian cultists’, and all the rest of the narcissists out there.

I’m not talking about hitting other people over the head with ‘the truth’, whether they want it or not. That’s also not good middot, and it’s not respecting the other person’s wishes to stay stuck firmly in their zombie-fying comfort zone.

But when you are on your home turf, in whatever way that’s to be understood – don’t be scared to be you.

Do it gently and respectfully, but don’t totally silence that authentic part of you that sometimes needs to be heard, just because you are scared about how other people are going to react.


And know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Few people who write for a living have the luxury of being honest today.

Around 99% of the media you consume is bought-and-paid for propaganda, designed to cover-up the truth, and pull people away from their ‘authentic self’.

And then the zombies and the useful idiots out there just regurgitate all this propaganda, and they make it seem like everyone thinks the same, and believes the same.

But that’s not true.

I’m in touch with a bunch of different people all over the world, from different backgrounds, and I can tell you this:



You are not alone in seeing all the real evil that is occurring all around us.

You are not alone, in yearning for a better world, a better future for humanity.

You are not alone, in the fears you have about the future, and about how all this is going to turn around for the good.

There are millions and millions of people who see what you see, and share your concerns.

Just, the atmosphere of censorship and fear (and the non-stop propaganda and brain-washing from the media) is making it very hard for the people of truth to know that there are many others like them, all over the place.

Also hiding their spiritual light under a bushel, so no-one else notices.


Tov, I was actually going to write a totally different piece today, but this is what came out instead.

But I do have a ‘clue’ from the Rav to share with you here, even though it’s not the same clue I’m probably going to write about next.

I’m translating some stuff from the Rav at the mo, and I keep coming across some mind-blowing snippets.

Here’s one, that I’ll do my best to try to explain, after you’ve read it:


Giving birth before the Flood

The Midrash Rabba explains to us that in its time, when a baby was born at night, in a sudden way, so that the mother still hadn’t got around to organising things so that there would be a pair of scissors next to her bed – because in the old days, the mothers themselves used to cut the umbilical cord – so the mother used to say to the child:

Let me describe the house to you; go right, and you’ll find a box of matches. Go left, and look in the second drawer of the third cupboard, and find a candle. Light the candle, and then go to my sewing room, the work room. And there, you’ll find some scissors. Bring me the scissors, and then I’ll cut your umbilical cord.

As soon as the mother would cut the umbilical cord, the baby would start to dance and to dance, and to jump around. That’s how it was, in the old days. Babies used to be born like calves. All this was occurring before the Flood.


Dawn breaks

The baby used to have a very long umbilical cord, in order to go to there.

When he left, he met Ashmodai, the King of the Demons – because it was night-time. OK, he started to quarrel with him, and to argue, and to wrestle, and started slapping him. They were wrestling with each other, boxing each other, until dawn broke.

Once dawn breaks, demons don’t have permission to walk around.

The demons only used to walk around at night. As soon as the rooster crowed at the break of dawn, then it was the time of ‘light’, and the demons had to go. And all this is happening at the time that he was walking around looking for a candle.

He found the candle in some drawer, and afterwards he’d start looking through all the other drawers to find the matches. In the meantime, throughout all this time, he’s still fighting with the demon.

Suddenly, boom! The rooster starts to crow – it’s the time when the dawn breaks. The demon said to him: Go to your mother and tell her that she needs to recite ‘Birkat HaGomel’, that you came through in one piece. And you also need to recite the Gomel blessing. Go up to the Torah on Shabbat and recite the Gomel blessing! That dawn broke, and the rooster crowed, in the merit of this, I left you alone.

The baby replied: Who should say the ‘Gomel bracha’? Me?! Au contraire, you should go and say the Gomel blessing! Because I was still connected to my mother by the umbilical cord. Otherwise, if I wasn’t still connected, I would have killed you a long time ago!


That ‘baby’ is the Moshiach.

The demonic forces are battling to try to kill him, to kill our ‘hope of redemption’, before it’s even been properly born into the world.

That’s what is going on right now.

But pay attention to this line:

Once dawn breaks, demons don’t have permission to walk around.

This is a massive clue, to what is really going on here.

Right now, dawn didn’t quite break yet, and the ‘cock hasn’t crowed’, to tell us we’ve really arrived at the geula.

The darkness is very intense, the ‘demons’ are battling to kill us all, and our children, and to turn us into soul-less cyborgs, with bodies made of synthetic nano-material that apparently never wear out…

It looks like we can’t win – how can Moshiach fight them off, he was just born into this world, he didn’t even have his umbilical cord cut yet!

But, all that baby has to do is hold for dear life.

Because when dawn finally breaks, all the demons will finally disappear, all by themselves.

They don’t have permission to walk around when then sun finally comes up.


Reading this gave me such chizzuk.

It’s all connected to that ‘rising sun with healing in its wings’, that’s going to heal the righteous, but burn up the wicked.

Just a little bit longer, and dawn breaks, in this horrible, arduous process of ‘night’ that we’ve been struggling through for years, centuries, millenia.

Just a little bit longer.

So hold on!

Don’t let the demonic forces take you down, or take you out!

The battle is so very nearly over.

But in the meantime, every drop of ‘truth’, every drop of emuna, every drop of authentic yearning and caring you put out in the world will strengthen that light, and bring the time nearer, when the sun finally rises.

So, don’t be afraid to be ‘you’.

Because even just a little bit of your spiritual light will dispel a huge amount of darkness, and help bring this nightmare to an end, very soon.


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In Rebbe Nachman’s tale of Ancient Times (Sipurey Ma’asiot) he brings the story of the Seven Beggars.

(See HERE, for a good English translation.)

Except, the story ends after the tale of the sixth beggar, who heals the wounded Princess (i.e. the soul) who escapes into the Water Castle, after her evil husband the King (i.e. the yetzer hara) shoots ten poisonous arrows into her.

The Sixth Beggar is the ‘beggar who has no hands’, and he heals the wounded Princess with the ’10 Types of Melody’, i.e. the 10 Psalms of the Tikkun Haklali.

So far, so good.


But then:

The conclusion of the story — that is, what happened on the Seventh Day with the footless beggar, and the conclusion of the King’s son with whom the story began — he did not tell; and he said he would not tell any more, and it will not be heard until Mashiach comes — speedily in our days, Amen!


(Baruch Hashem, the husband’s foot is doing so much better, and he’s walking around on it, albeit a bit gingerly. Thanks for all the prayers, advice, and well-wishing, it’s very much appreciated.)

One of my readers, H. sent me some of the psycho-somatic connections, between ‘feet’ and our emotional state.

I’m reproducing it below, because all of us right now are in this stage of the ‘Beggar who has no feet’ – the 7th Beggar that equates to the Moshiach, in Rebbe Nachman’s tales:


The Feet: Symbol for knowing how to behave joyfully through harmony and love. Symbol of trust being open towards yourself, towards others.

A grateful acceptance of Life, of everything we encounter on our way. A smooth exchange between the intuitive feeling aspect and the more intellectually active part of yourself. The reconciliation within yourself between the receptive “feminine” and the assertive “masculine” aspect.


Being firmly anchored in yourself: self-consciously mastering your emotions and confidently allowing these feelings, not blocking them. A light-footed joyful, warm existence, when we build on our deepest Divine self: standing on our own feet, in balance. Symbol of naked honesty towards ourselves. An honest confrontation with others, without crossing your boundaries: respect.


She says about ailments in general: You carry too heavy loads: get rid of them.

You try to force something, you don’t trust natural evolution enough, you would “twist” certain things, do violence: let go, let everything and everyone take their course, focus on yourself! Because you are not grounded enough in yourself, you focus too strongly on others; you may become meddlesome. You feel yourself stuck: dissolve this in yourself!


Don’t take it out on others!

Do emotions weigh heavily? Do not look for the cause in the other. Foot problems often require a radical break with past habits. Have fears prevented you from moving forward on your life path? the cause of problems, sorrow and misery is usually faced by the other person; however, start now by observing yourself in all honesty, in the mirror as it were.

Confront your deepest core: Beneath your problems is a blissful core, discover this one. Let go of others and turn inward.

Give in now to your beautiful feelings, to your heart desires, independently of others. Make yourself true and dare to enjoy every moment: life for its own sake, gratitude! Continue on this path of joy; when you find happiness within yourself, your environment will also change. Don’t try to change the others.

Only in this way, by standing on your feet, by letting the primary feeling of happiness enter you and going your way firmly, by letting others go their way… will you experience yourself relaxed and joyful.


This comes from a book called:

The Key to Self-Liberation, the Psychological Origin and Solution of 1300 Diseases, by Christiane Beerlandt (originally in Flemish, but with an English translation that’s pretty expensive….)

But it really spoke to me and my husband.

Now, this is what I read at the back of the Pirchei Nevarchim booklet of 10 different Psalms, revealed a little while back by Rabbi Eliezer Berland:


Point 4:

The 10 psalms of the Tikkun HaKlali are associated with the 10 fingers of the hands of the ‘Sixth Beggar’, the beggar called ‘without hands’, who healed the Princess who fell down wounded, with the niggun (melody) of his holy hands.

And the verses of the Pirchei Nevarchim are associated with the 10 toes of the feet, of the ‘Seventh Beggar’, the beggar called ‘without feet’.

Who rectifies with his holy legs, via dancing and dancing in circles, the Prince who totally fell away from his emuna.


Point 5:

The Pirchei Nevarchim help a person to make teshuva for serious sins, and prepare the way for a person to get his emuna back, and to renew his sense of simcha, and vitality, in his avodat Hashem (service of Hashem, i.e. doing mitzvot.)


Compare and contrast these statements.

One is coming from the ‘body up’.

And one is coming from Shemayim, down.

But they are both saying essentially the same thing.

And they are both filling in more of the gaps, for how we can move into the next stage of geula with our emuna, and physical health, and happiness, intact.

Bezrat Hashem.


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The last three weeks, I’ve been having a massive test of trying to not get angry.

It started shortly before Rosh Hashana, when my two kids wound me up about the Rav, and then has just kind of continued unabated since then.

Having all the stress of dealing with my husband’s infected foot took things up a level, and long story short, I’ve been on the edge of losing it multiple times, the last three weeks.

First, let’s explain what happened with the foot.


Long story short, the husband came back from Uman with a really, really bad foot infection, that has been incredibly stressful for my whole family.

Because it just wasn’t getting better, no matter what we did with it.

I shoved bentonite clay poultices on it; bathed it in strong tea tree solution, put my ‘miracle balm’ on it – and all that seemed to help to take down the swelling after 2-3 days.

BUT – then the sole of the foot erupted in a bunch of deep, painful and infected sores, that just seemed to be multiplying all over the place.

At that point, I admitted defeat and asked my husband to call a doctor.

(And I also started paying pidyonot, because the penny was starting to drop that whatever was going on, it was turning into a massive spiritual test for all of us.)


My husband was on crutches, and literally hadn’t left the house for a week, when the Arab ‘doctor to your door’ showed up.

He stayed here exactly 26 seconds, he took one look at my husband’s foot, and told him he had ‘pitriot’, i.e. a fungal infection.

He prescribed him two antibiotic creams for five days, which I went to get, and my husband started enthusiastically slathering them all over his foot.

It was Friday lunchtime.

At the shabbos table, my husband’s foot started swelling up again, like it had right at the beginning, and it went a really yucky colour.

He had an allergic reaction to the creams, and we had to wash them off ASAP.


At this point, the secret worry that something serious was going on with the foot started to really take hold for both of us.

My husband had a late uncle who spent the last year of his life having various toes, then a foot, then his lower leg cut off, thanks to diabetic foot infections. Visions of Uncle Fishel started haunting my sleep.

I started paying some serious amounts of pidyonot, and at the same time, I spent hours researching online for some natural alternatives to treating really bad foot infections that just wouldn’t heal up.

I also started doing a lot of cheshbon hanefesh about the spiritual / emotional causes of what was going on, and that led – and is continuing to lead – to a lot of teshuva, and a lot of things that need some work.


Long story short….

After trying apple cider vinegar foot baths…smearing raw honey on the foot…dripping coconut oil around it…using more bentonite clay on it, which also worked to staunch the bleeding, even though it made it look even more gross….forcing my husband to drink ionic silver solution…and to take MMS drops…and probiotics…and to drink turmeric teas…

I got to the idea of using raw garlic on the foot to clear up the infection.

And Baruch Hashem, it’s been working.

Another thing that has really helped with the healing part of the equation is using a mixture of 1 tsp coconut oil, mixed with 2 drops of oregano essential oil and 5 drops of myrrh essential oil.


In the meantime.

My kids kept panicking me that I was doing the wrong thing, by not just checking my husband into a hospital somewhere….

And my husband’s sister – a very senior pathologist – kept sending us messages telling us to do exactly the opposite of what we were doing…

And my husband kept glaring at me, every time I approached his foot with another slice of raw garlic…

And visions of Uncle Fishel continued to haunt my dreams….


By the end of last week, I could see the garlic and myrrh mixture was finally working, BH.

But in the meantime, the toll of spending three hours a day bathing my husband’s foot and sticking garlic on it – while also trying to keep the household going, build a sukkah and cook meals for chag and shabbat all by myself – was really starting to take its toll.

By Erev Simchat Torah, I was at breaking point.

I’d spent the morning rushing around to get a wheelchair from Yad Sarah, so my husband could spend a little bit of the holiday with the Shuvu Banim kehilla, and then the idea was that I’d push him back home.

My kids had forgotten that I wanted a quiet holiday, and I ended up with 5-6 guests.

And I was just feeling totally sick of everything, and everyone, but especially my family.


I had to get out of the house, or else I was going to explode at someone in a way I was probably going to seriously regret.

So, I popped off to the local health store to get a couple of kombuchas, my drug of choice, for the chag.

I get in there, and there is a hulk of a man with a ponytail, cowboy hat – and a massive mask pulled up to his eyebrows.

He’s inline, standing on the old ‘keep 2 meters apart’ sticker that was stuck there two years ago, but basically ignored ever since, and he was clearly expecting everyone to be doing the same.

Another cashier opened up just as I joined the queue, and the two people in front of me went there, so that left me directly behind the hulk – and I was in no mood to tip-toe around Covid-induced OCD mental illness, so I stood where I would have stood normally, i.e. not 2 metres away.

He didn’t notice, he was busy paying.

But then his masked-up wife suddenly rushed over to him – she’d been standing way over on the other side of the store, to avoid being next to anybody who could breathe germs on her – and started frantically gesturing at me, as she whispered to him to do something!!!


The guy turned around, and in bad Hebrew told me that I was too close to him, and could I please move back.

I told him:

No, I can’t. If you have a problem, you need to stay at home and get your stuff ordered in.

He had no idea what to do with that, so he turned back around and continued paying, while his wife continued glaring at me. From the other side of the store, where Covid germs apparently didn’t get to.


I left the store in such a bad mood.

Partially, I was worrying that the mentally-ill crazies were going to force the rest of us into another lockdown again. Partially, I was conflicted about whether I was just meant to have ‘bitull-ed’, instead of standing up for myself. And partially, I was feeling like no matter where I go, no matter what I do, I just couldn’t seem to run away from the test of anger.

Which I kept failing.


Yesterday evening, I wheeled my husband to the men’s section of the big Shuvu Banim temporary Sukkah on HaAyin Het Road, then found a chair in the women’s section.

We got there early, so I had a really good view of the Rav, because I was standing on my chair and peering over the mechitzah.

Even though it was Simchat Torah, I was feeling so sad and broken, about everything that had been going on the last few weeks, and my own inability to deal with all this stuff without constantly feeling frazzled and angry.

Long story short…. I spent a couple of intense, but awesome hours there. I started off so sad, but by the end, I started to feel so much better, so much happier again.

I got home, and I just knew what the spiritual cause of my husband’s infected foot was: suppressed anger.


This morning, I dug out the small booklet, the Tefilla L’ani, of prayers and advice written by the Rav, to help overcome anger.

I’ve read it a few times before, and it has always worked immediately, to defuse the angry feelings that seem to just be overwhelming me.

As I read, I found a whole bunch of stuff that seemed to be tailored exactly to the situation with the infected foot, and it’s connection to angry thoughts, and suppressed anger, self-righteousness and holding grudges against people and God, that life isn’t exactly the way we think it should be.

But I also found some information that explains why so many of us are currently facing the test of anger at the moment, in its many different incantations.


Here’s what I read:

[W]hen a person gets angry, he is in a state of lacking self-control, and evil forces control him. But when a person prays and pleads to overcome anger, the he will merit to see the face of Moshiach Tzidkaynu, about whom it’s written: “He will be imbued with a spirit of fear of Hashem,” “the breath of our nostrils, Hashem’s anointed.”

And he gives strength to the kingdom of Moshiach to reveal itself in the world, and all of this comes by way of his nullifying his anger with mercy.


Take-away message:

Each of has a job to do, to:

  1. Acknowledge our anger.
  2. Understand it’s a problem, instead of always justifying it by blaming other people, or situations for ‘making us angry’.
  3. Pray profusely, to ask Hashem to make our anger go away.

And every time we make an effort to engage in this process of overcoming our anger, we are literally bringing the open revelation of Moshiach a step closer.


The last three weeks, I’ve been telling myself and my husband over and over again, that nothing ‘bad’ comes from a person going to Uman for Rosh Hashana.

I knew my husband’s infected foot was some sort of blessing in disguise, but figuring the whole thing out (without losing my marbles) has been really hard.

Once I came across this piece of information, I finally could see what’s been going on.

My husband is a British ashkenazi – his anger is of the firmly suppressed and internalised variety, that leads to no end of health issues, God forbid.

So, Rabbenu fixed things that all that ‘suppressed anger’ should show up in horrible foot sores that just wouldn’t heal, no matter what. This whole process has brought so much of the ‘suppressed anger’ up, in so many ways, so that now it can properly acknowledged, dealt with and prayed about.

BH, it’s actually been a huge kindness, because:

[W]hen a person prays and pleads to overcome anger, the he will merit to see the face of Moshiach Tzidkaynu.

But first, they have to be able to acknowledge their anger!


There are a lot of angry people around at the moment.

There are a lot of us dealing with the ‘test of anger’, because all this is directly connected to Moshiach being revealed.

People are always annoying. Situations are always frustrating.

But our test is to stop blaming others for everything that’s ‘wrong’ in the world, no matter how justified, and to just knuckle down to working on overcoming our own anger.

It’s a process that lasts a full 120 years.

But the point is to engage in that process, get God involved, and to pray and plead to overcome our own anger, so that we merit to see the ‘face of Moshiach Tzidkaynu’.


May Hashem help us all to pass this test.

While still sticking up for what’s right.

And not letting the psychos win.


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I’ve been doing some more translations for Rav Berland, and the following really spoke to me, so I’m sharing it here.

One nail, two outcomes

One person knocks a nail into the wall in order to hang up a picture of some flower, while another person hangs a picture of the [the word] ‘Shiviti’, or of Kever Rachel, or of the  Kotel.

It’s the same nail, just that this one is banging in a nail to hang up a picture of a flower, or some nice view, while the other is banging a nail to hang up Kever Rachel, or the Kotel, or the Tzion of the Rebbe.

On this same nail, you can hang ruach hakodesh (the holy spirit); and on this same nail, you can fall into the ten crowns of impurity – it could be that this picture is of something totally forbidden.

With that same nail, you can recieve ruach hakodesh, and with that same nail…Hashem should have mercy.


It’s the same nail.

You can even hang up a picture of a beautiful landscape, because your wife wants it. With that same nail, you made your wife happy, and your merited to fulfill the verse: “and he shall make his wife happy,” and also, “love your fellow as yourself,” and an infinite number of other mitzvahs.

And with that same nail, you can also irritate your wife, and scream at her: What are you talking about, I need to do that now?! And why is it going there, and not over here?! And so with this same nail, there’ll be an argument that lasts until the morning.

With that same nail, you can merit to get olam haba (the world to come). And with that same nail, you can also get to gehinnom, God forbid.


Act for the sake of heaven

You can fly people to Uman in order to merit ruach hakodesh, and in the merit that the Rebbe will become imbued within us, so that we’ll receive the eyes of the Rebbe, and the soul of the Rebbe.

And it’s also possible to fly people to Uman for the money, in order to profit, or for the status. It’s exactly the same action. The only difference is whether this is being done leshem shemayim.

It’s possible to fly out a billion people.


At the moment, I’m still doing a lot of soul accounting, or cheshbon hanefesh, about how I’d like to improve, and how I’d like to live my life, this coming year.

From reading the Rav, I’m starting to understand that the ikker is not so much what we do, but the intentions that lie behind what we do.

A  person can spend 10 hours in the office, mamash with the intentions of supporting his family, paying lots of tzedekah, and using his money for mitzvot – like a home in Eretz Yisrael, a mehudar etrog, or to buy his wife something that will really make her heart sing.

OR…. he can spend 10 hours in the office because he’s obsessed with making money, or working his way up the firm, or to have the perfect excuse about why he doesn’t need to talk to his kids, or is always too stressed and tired to engage with his wife…..

It’s the same nail.

And our intentions make all the difference in the world.


BTW, I forgot to mention that Volume I of Rav Eliezer Berland’s Advice for Shalom Bayit – for men only – is now available on Amazon, HERE.


Alternatively if you’re in Israel, it may be easier to get it HERE on the RavBerland.com website – but they have limited copies so if you want one, move fast to get it. And also be aware that it hasn’t officially been put on the website yet, as the printed copied were delivered literally 2 days before Rosh Hashana.

BH, if there is more demand, more copies will be printed.


That’s been one of my ongoing conversations, about the point of writing books, and translating books for the Rav, that basically get ignored, while total c*ap by people like the late Jonathan Sacks, and heretical c+rap by people like Manis Friedman gets praised to the skies….

But these few small paragraphs, above, are giving me the koach to continue, because mamash, I’m doing my writing leshem shemayim, whatever else I can say about it.

And if that’s all it ever amounts to, dayenu.


BH, my husband’s foot is finally starting to turn the corner.

I’ll probably write more about what big tests we’ve been having over the last two weeks, and all the different stuff we’ve been doing, including on the teshuva front, to try to deal with it all.

Right now, I’m still pre-occupied nursing my husband back to full health, God willing, and trying to regain some of the ‘order’ in my life that feels like it got hit by a hurricane the last two weeks.

Rabbenu front-loaded stuff for us, I have no doubt, so we could make a lot of teshuva and ‘sweeten’ the rest of the year right when the doors of teshuva were open the widest.

For sure, all this will end up only being for the good, but it’s still been a very stressful and tiring process on so many levels.


In the meantime, I had another ‘meaningful dream’ yesterday, and the very short version of it is this:

I was a guest in some family’s massive house for Shabbos – they were Americans, but I didn’t know them – with lots of kids of various ages.

Somehow, I managed to smear paint, or something, all over the expensive furnishings, and I was so embarrassed I ran upstairs to try to hide from all the anger I was expecting to get from the baalat habayit when she saw what I’d done, albeit accidentally.

In the meantime, she found me, and she started telling me, in a very gentle way, that she had a really good idea for how all that paint could get permanently cleaned up, off the furniture.

Just was I was standing there, amazed at her kindness and patience with me, the sky went a really weird colour, and what looked like massive ‘people’ riding on all sorts of massive metal shapes – I think they were currency symbols, like dollars, yen etc – started kind of bobbing down from the sky.

Everyone in that family started yelling:

It’s simanin for Moshiach!!! It’s simanin for geula!!!

It for sure looked very weird, but even in the dream I was still feeling very cynical, and that it’s probably just some sort of hologram, to fool the masses, or something.

Until one of these things actually hit me in the head, and I got told:

See, it IS real!

And then I woke up.


Make of this what you will, but in hitbodedut today, I got the idea to share it.

BH, I am still figuring out what I want to do with the blog going forward, it may continue the way it has been the last few years, or I may take it in a different direction, I still don’t know.

But the priority is to get my husband fit again, with God’s help, so until that’s in the bag, I don’t really have time or inclination to do a lot of writing.


But, let me just remind you that tonight is the yarhtzeit of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

The Rav is holding a big gathering, with dancing, around Ido HaNavi, starting around 7pm (remember, all this is Israeli time….)

And there will also be a lot of dancing happening in Rav Shalom Arush’s succah on Shmuel HaNavi St.

But if you can’t make those, light a candle for the Tzaddik, find yourself something yummy to eat, and sit in the sukkah at home and do a bit of singing and dancing, in the zchut of Rabbenu.

Heaven knows, we need that singing and dancing more than ever, this year.


PS: Remember what the Rav said about everyone needing to be out of Ukraine by Simchat Torah?

Looks like this could only be the beginning or things amping up in the country again:

These last few days, up to Yom Kippur, have been extremely challenging.

I could really feel the ‘din’ in the air, and that seemed to be manifesting itself in a lot of strange health issues.

That I got a bad cold is totally no big deal.

But my husband came back from Uman with a very badly infected foot – so infected, that he has barely left the house for a week, while we’ve been trying a million ways to bring down the swelling and get the ‘yuck’ to exit the gentlest, fastest way possible.

Then one kid had a chunk of her tooth fall off, and went to the dentist to be told it’s totally rotten and needs either extraction or a root canal.

This is a kid that’s never even had a single filling!!

What in the world?!

Then erev Yom Kippur, another kid started having very strange ‘back pains’ that literally had her howling in pain, much of the night.


I went into Yom Kippur feeling extremely overwhelmed.

I also went into Yom Kippur asking Hashem what it is He wants from me, specifically, and from my family, that would help to mitigate all this ‘judgement’.

In hitbodedut before the Yom HaDin, I got the idea that I should go to the Rav for Kol Nidre, even though I usually fast pretty badly, so I don’t go anywhere much.

But, my husband was still laid up with his infected foot, and in my hitbodedut, I got the idea that there had to be some representative of my family by the Rav for Yom Kippur, even just literally for five minutes, and then everything would start to ‘sweeten’ again.


So after I lit my candles, I girded my loins and walked off to Meah Shearim, where Shuvu Banim had erected a huge tent for the Yom Kippur davening.

They did that last year, too – but last year, the Rav was still in prison, so the core community who was praying with Shuvu Banim was much smaller.

I got there, and it was standing room only, exclusively for men, inside the tent. Outside, meanwhile, a couple hundred of women and children had brought their own Keter plastic chairs to try and join in with the services, hard as that was going to be.

As I stood there for a minute, unsure what to do because I couldn’t see or hear anything going on inside the tent, there was suddenly a commotion: the Rav was literally brought into the tent a minute after I got there, and I had the privilege of seeing him, albeit for just a few short seconds.

It was incredible hashgacha pratit.

Suddenly, the weight that had been tying me down for over a week started to feel much lighter.


I didn’t have a chair with me, as I had to shlep in 40 minutes to get to Meah Shearim, so I sat on the pavement for 10 minutes – where I could hear absolutely nothing – then decided to go back home.

At home, the husband’s foot was still infected. The kid was still screaming with back pain.

And I wondered if maybe I’d just dreamed that ‘it’s all going to be OK now’ impression, back in Meah Shearim.

The kid eventually fell asleep, and I was feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted, I also fell into bed – but with the plan to wake up early the next morning, to do a six hour hitbodedut, as well as some Yom Kippur davening from the machsor.


I woke up at 5.55AM, after a very powerful dream.

In that dream, I was in a ‘big city’ with my family, and half my family was with me, and the other half of extended family was in the food court of a mall located in the bottom of a massive skyscraper.

And I just knew that skyscraper was about to collapse, and there was nothing I could do to tell them, or get them out in time.

I watched the building fall down ‘from the outside’ and also ‘from the inside’, inside the food court where my family was, and all the lights fizzed out.

Things were not looking good.


At that point, I was kind of half awake, but still half asleep, and I decided I had to ‘go back in’ to the dream to fix the outcome.

I went into the dark, collapsed food court, and I just visualised throwing Rav Berland’s tallit over my family members who I knew were there. The tallit ‘found’ them immediately, and as soon as they were under the wings of the tallit, they kind of ‘popped up’ safe and praying by the kever of Rabbenu, in Uman.

I did this a few separate times, with a few different people – and then I got a picture of Rav Berland in my head, dressed as the Kohen HaGadol, telling me three times:

Every house that has a prayer will be saved.

Then the Rav told me:

This is the message, and your job is to publicise it. Don’t forget when you wake up!


I don’t get a lot of dreams, but when I do get them, and I remember them, they nearly always seem to be very meaningful (at least, to me.)

So, I am sharing the Rav’s message with you.

A couple of years ago, he gave a shiur where he explained that his prayers and his books are mamash what’s destroying the forces of evil in the world, and where he explicitly said that every home should have one of his prayers.

I know if you’re not a follower of the Rav, and if you’re ‘anti’ the Rav, this is very hard to swallow.

All I can suggest is that you do some deep hitbodedut on the question of Rav Berland, and ask God to show you the truth.

There is no other way of arriving at it.


In the meantime, I woke up properly, and went straight into a six hour hitbodedut session to try to mitigate the din.

First, there’s the idea brought down in the Gemara that a dream goes after its interpretation, so I interpreted that building collapsing more as a symbol of the collapsing ‘world of lies’, than another explicit 9/11, God forbid.

The rest of the dream didn’t need a positive ‘spin’, because it’s obvious: the people who are connected to the True Tzaddikim, Rav Eliezer Berland AND Rebbe Nachman ben Faige and Simcha will be under their protection.

And that protection is very easily acquired: just make the minor effort required to get one of the Rav’s prayers in your home, if you don’t already one.

(More on how to do that practically at the end of this post.)


Then for the next few hours, I was just really begging Hashem to have mercy on His people, my bit of it specifically, and all of Am Yisrael who are really struggling right now, because so many of us want to be closer to God, and want to be doing better, spiritually – but we are so mired in the world of lies, and all the tumah that is clogging us up on every level.

By the time I was done, I felt much happier again.

I prayed the Mussaf prayer, then went downstairs.

God, please show me what You want from me, and what teshuva I / we need to make, to get all this din to go away…

My eye fell on a book called ‘Anatomy of the Soul’, by the Breslov Research Institute.


Long story short, the stuff it was saying about ‘spines’ seemed to fit a great deal of what was going on in the kid’s life.

I went and read bits of it to her (with her permission…) and I could see it was really resonating.

Her back was feeling better, but there was also a path of teshuva being required, that we could both see was coming more clearly into view.

Then, I cracked it open to ‘legs’, and a lot of what it was saying about legs / feet also seemed to resonate.

A path of teshuva started to materialise there, too.


There is so much to say here, but I can’t write everything that I’m thinking or feeling.

Here’s a couple of points that I do want to share:

It seems to me that 5783 is the year where we can no longer ‘duck’ or avoid Hashem, or ‘duck’ and avoid the consequences of our own bad middot and negative actions.

All the chickens appear to be coming home to roost this year – which is a pre-requisite for the world of truth to start shining out, but also a very scary and difficult prospect.

For a layperson with no formal medical training, I am pretty clued-up on a bunch of ways of helping me and my family navigate our health issues without resorting to the evil Western medical tyranny.

The last few days, I have been feeling totally overwhelmed – and completely powerless. But that’s been teaching me a very important lesson:

God is the Healer, Only God.

And all our ‘knowledge’ and ‘potions’ aren’t going to help us, if we didn’t make peace with Hashem, and ‘deal direct’ with Him, and figure out the teshuva required for us to really get healthy again.


In terms of my own teshuva process, I am seriously considering deleting all my content again, and starting with a clean slate here on the blog.

In the past when I’ve done that, it’s been totally obvious that was required, and so I did it without a second thought.

This time around, I have a lot of confusion about whether that is really what God wants, this time, so I am still doing hitbodedut about it, until I get the proper clarity.

But the point is, if there’s something like that required to get my family back to full health again, I will do it in a heartbeat.

So don’t get a shock if you log on and all the content has disappeared again.


I want to leave you with some words of the Rav, taken from Rav Berland on the Jewish Holidays, in the section on Yom Kippur:

The Rebbe says: (LM 206),

A person sins and harms his soul; at first things continue to go well for him.

Then, Hashem begins to send him slight hints. If he still doesn’t get it, Hashem calls to him louder and louder, until the person starts getting kicked and pounded with suffering.

You sinned? Do teshuva!

The same Torah that told you it’s a sin tells you about teshuva!

But if you don’t do teshuva, then maybe after some suffering something will start to sink in, you will begin to do teshuva, begin to sob over your spiritual blemishes, get shaken up a drop!

And if not, then God forbid, a spouse will get sick, if not a spouse then the children, God forbid!….


We are Jews!

Nothing is rectified for free!

By the Christians nothing is needed to be done, just go to the Priest and confess to him once a year and he says ‘forgiven forgiven’ afterwards, and then everyone continues as before.

By Jews, there is no such thing.


For sins, a person must pay!

On every transgression he must pay! If a person doesn’t do teshuva and doesn’t wake up, then he starts getting hit with suffering, as it says “There is no suffering without sin.”


There are 22 days from Rosh Hashana until Simchat Torah to fix everything.

Kabbalistically, from Rosh Hashana until Yom Kippur the judgments are sweetened, we sweetened our yetzer hara that it shouldn’t control us.

Now, from Yom Kippur until Simchat Torah there are 12 days for forgiveness of sins, we are now building the New Year….


A week ago, the Rav was apparently saying there will be no nuke this year, but that there WILL be a lot of bombs…

And that Ukraine and Russia will destroy each other.

I didn’t hear it myself, but I’m passing on what I was told.

Regardless, a person would need to be blind to  not see that the whole world is currently in a very precarious state.

Yom Kippur is now behind us, be the final judgment is only finally sealed after Sukkot – we still have 10 more days, to dance, sing and make some real teshuva, to ‘build’ the next year as one of goodness, Torah, happiness and health.

No-one can afford to be complacent this year, that they’ve ‘made it through’.

There are very big things happening, very big judgements occurring, that need sweetening.

And the time when we could run away from Hashem, and complacently continue to sin without getting hit with suffering, are over.


To get prayers from the Rav into your home, go HERE.

You can also order pre-printed prayers for a nominal fee, get one of the Rav’s books of prayers on specific topics, or simply just find a prayer and print it off yourself.


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