This is another mish-mash post with more interesting stuff for you to consider.

I basically can’t keep up with the stuff I’d like to write more about, so instead of doing a ‘deep dive’ and doing all the work myself, I am putting a few things out there for you look at and engage with – or not – and to come to your own opinion about, in the meantime.


As part of trying to track down more info about Portugal’s black rulers, I came across THIS website discussing ‘ancient black history’.

He has a ton of old etchings up on the site that appear to show that lots of rulers, including in Scotland, had some pronounced black features.

Like this one, of ‘Malcolm III King of Scotland’:

This is the same guy:

And then, this is a statue of ‘Malcom III’ King of Scotland that’s on display up in Scotland:


This is the picture of Malcolm III’s son, Duncan II, on Russian Wikipedia:


Meantime, English Wiki is using this picture of ‘Duncan II’ (painted 500 years after he died):



Maybe it’s just me, but the nose on this second picture is awful…. it looks like a really bad nose job, not like a ‘regular’ nose.

I don’t know what is ‘true’ here – I’m still feeling it out.

But, I can tell you that pretty much every time I start looking at the history they taught us in school, I discover they lied about almost everything.

This is a snippet from the Royal Collection website in Scotland, describing more of these royal portraits of Scottish Kings, painted in the 17th century when James II ascended the throne after the death of Elizabeth-the-Tranny.

De Wet has portrayed [Duncan II] with a long nose and slightly wavy hair.

This portrait is one of ninety-three bust-lengths commissioned to decorate the Great Gallery at Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh. It is painted by Jacob de Wet II, a Dutch artist working in Scotland from 1673.

Together with eighteen full-lengths these portraits illustrate the genealogy of the royal house of Scotland from Fergus I (who ascended the throne in 330 BCE) to James VII (who abdicated in 1689).


I bolded the stuff about ‘Fergus the Great’ – who ‘ascended the throne in 330 BCE’!!!

As I keep saying, we have no idea about anything – who was this person, where did he come from, where was he before he became ‘King of Scotland’ in 330 BCE – roughly the same time the Jews were rebuilding the Second Temple, back in Eretz Yisrael.

Meantime, Wikipedia is talking about ‘Fergus I’ of Scotland living 800 years later than that, and descending from an Irish king…

They can’t both be right.


This is another King of Scotland, Kenneth III (died 1005), picture from Russian Wiki:


He was preceded on the Scottish throne by this guy, Constantine III of Scotland:

This portrait also wasn’t contemporary – it was done in the 1600s.

But, something seems to have happened during the reign of Elizabeth-the-Tranny – or just a little before or after – where the ‘style’ of royal portraits switched, and suddenly all the typically ‘black’ features totally disappeared.

At least, for the kings of Scotland and Portugal.


So, that’s one thing you can get your teeth stuck into.

Another thing is the story of Charlie Smith, apparently ‘the oldest man in America’ when he died (although some people dispute that) – who was recorded in 1975 explaining how he’d been lured onto a ship in Liberia as a 12 year old, and brought to the US where he worked on a Texas ranch as a slave.

Except….. his recollections of being a ‘slave’ are actually very fond – he said his owner gave him everything, treated him the same way he treated his own children, and that even though he was the only black slave amongst a bunch of whites on the ranch, from what he was saying nobody cared about the color of his skin.

You can listen to the recording of Charlie Smith HERE (he repeats himself a lot – he was over 130 years old, apparently, when he made the recording.)

He also states Louisiana was given to the ‘colored folk’ as their own state… but it’s not clear what happened there.

Take a listen, scout around if you’re interested, see what else you discover.

This snippet comes from HERE:

Charlie Smith has become the object of historical research because he has obtained the incredible age of 130. He is the oldest living American. For three hours Smith talked into the tape recorder, and even sang a couple of frontier ballads.

He described being lured onto a slave ship in Liberia by tales of ‘fritter trees’ in far-off America, then being put on an auction ship in New Orleans.

He wound up on a Texas plantation owned by a Charlie Smith, whose name he adopted. Freed during the Civil War, Smith told of years as a cowpuncher, gambler, bootlegger and outlaw.”


While I was looking up ‘Liberia’, I came across this, about the ‘American Colonisation Society’, formed to send blacks BACK to Africa, from America.

(Snippet from HERE🙂

The American Colonization Society (ACS), initially the Society for the Colonization of Free People of Color of America until 1837, was an American organization founded in 1816 by Robert Finley to encourage and support the migration of freeborn blacks and emancipated slaves to the continent of Africa.

It was modeled on an earlier British colonization in Africa, which had sought to resettle London’s “black poor”.


Do you believe this?

Or at this point, is it sounding more like a cover story, continuing on from Elizabeth-the-Tranny’s attempts to send the ‘blackamoores’ out of the UK some 200 years earlier, that has been pretty much covered up?

More from Wiki:

The American Colonization Society was established in 1817 to address the prevailing view that free people of color could not integrate into U.S. society.

Their population had grown steadily following the American Revolutionary War, from 60,000 in 1790 to 300,000 by 1830.

Slaveowners feared that these free Blacks might help their slaves to escape or rebel.

In addition, many White Americans believed that African Americans were inherently inferior and should be relocated.


And this sentence also caught my eye:

Between 1821 and 1847, only a few thousand African Americans, out of millions, emigrated to what would become Liberia.

Again, the story is not adding up – this is the same time that Charlie Smith claims he was enticed onto a ship and taken back to the US.

But, it seems the white racists running the US were desperately trying to get the ‘colored people’ out of the US, and into Africa at this time.

So, what was really going on here?


Here’s another snippet from the Wiki page on Liberia itself:

The ACS, supported by prominent American politicians such as Abraham Lincoln, Henry Clay, and James Monroe, believed “repatriation” was preferable to having emancipated slaves remain in the United States.

Similar state-based organizations established colonies in Mississippi-in-AfricaKentucky in Africa, and the Republic of Maryland, which Liberia later annexed.

However, Lincoln in 1862 described Liberia as only “in a certain sense…a success”, and proposed instead that free people of color be assisted to emigrate to Chiriquí, today part of Panama.


Once you start to understand that many of these ’emancipated slaves’ and ‘colored freemen’ were actually holding title to land in the US, all this starts to make way, way more sense.

Three hundred years ago, many people – including whites – were ‘enslaved’ the way it’s described in the Torah – for a fixed period of time, usually to pay off a debt they owed.

At the end of that time, they would go free and start working for themselves, etc.

There is so much to examine here…. but I am leaving this for today, as I have a lot of other stuff to type up.

I managed to close down a grand total of two tabs….

Only another 82 to go.


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