Yesterday evening, I got a text telling me the Rav had asked people to go to Hevron to pray at midnight.

That is the only type of ‘gathering’ I’m interested in, so me and the husband got in the car and drove down there.

(I would have publicised it here on my blog, but I didn’t get permission to do that until I’d already left home.)

The roads were pretty empty, as we whizzed past one Arab village after another, swathed in gaudy blinking lights for Ramadan, on the way to the Mearat HaMachpela.


We got there around 12:30pm, and there was a gathering of around 2-300 people, men and women.

The men were praying at the Seventh Step, while the women were a little way off, under the olive trees in the middle of the plaza.

I set up my deckchair there, and started to recite the Tikkun HaKlali.

They were up to number 4 of 7, so I joined in, and recited my four.

All of a sudden, I realise I’m feeling the calmest I’ve felt for literally months.

I’m sitting under that large olive tree, looking up at the night sky, hearing the people around me praying together, and I just felt some deep, inner contentment.

This is what the Jewish people were created to do – to pray!

Our weapon is our prayers.

And it’s so very powerful.


I left around 1.40am, and we drove home.

A part of me was a little disappointed that there weren’t thousands and thousands of people in Hevron, praying, but another part of me knows that at this difficult time, even the smallest efforts count for so much.

Back on April 11 2021, ahead of the ‘Murder in Meron’ – planned by pretty much the same government we still have today – the Rav asked his students to go up to Meron at chatzot to go and do some ’emergency praying’.

Together with that request, he also gave over a shiur where he basically described how the authorities were planning to murder 100,000 people in five minutes.

You can see translated excerpts of that shiur HERE.

All this was still many days before that fateful L’ag B’omer, when the police, operating on the explicit instructions of the puppet-government, and the ‘controllers’ who pull the strings, used Directed Energy Weapons at the foot of the one passageway they left open out of the Toldos Aharon passageway to literally make a line of people drop dead, blocking the exit for everyone else behind them.

45 people still died that terrible day.

But, the plan was to murder tens of thousands.


On April 11, 2021, me and my husband decided to drive up to Meron in the car from Jerusalem – most of the other people were coming up from Shuvu Banim on a couple of hired buses.

It was late. I was tired. I felt so ill throughout most of the trip, I couldn’t even get out of the car when we finally got to Meron.

My husband, bless him, went in to say some Tikkun HaKlalis by the Rashbi – and I stayed in the car, feeling pretty ill and half unconscious.

Strange to say, I could feel when the two Shuvu Banim buses arrived, not because I heard anything loud or saw them coming.

I was half asleep, but I suddenly felt like a cavalry of angels had arrived to Meron.

I opened my eyes – and I saw two bus loads of avreichim with long payot, from Shuvu Banim, making their way into the Kever.

They stayed there literally the whole night, until dawn, praying and singing and dancing.

Someone took some video, and you can watch them doing that, here:


It was barely 150 people in Meron.

A disaster still happened there, and still tore our hearts to shreds.

But the much greater disaster that the Rav – who was at that point in prison – and a couple of other hidden tzaddikim knew was being planned by the authorities here, didn’t occur.

BH, the same is true of that modest prayer gathering yesterday, in Hevron.


I just want to make one plea here, that if you are in any position to encourage people to stay out of this, and to stay away from public ‘demonstrations’ of any type, that you do that.

These demonstrations will only be ‘used against us’, somehow, no matter who is calling for them, nor how righteous the cause.

Gather together to sing, dance, pray, make teshuva, do kindnesses – even in the middle of the road of Huwara, if  that calls to you.

But on no account ‘demonstrate’.

I keep thinking of what they managed to pull of in Rwanda, with Operation Crimson Mist.

I think, that’s also what they are after here.

To keep stoking the anger to boiling point, while the police disappears off the scene – like the did in Huwara, like they did in Tel Aviv, like they did in Jerusalem – and then people start attacking each other, God forbid.


Don’t be part of that scenario!

And keep praying and doing whatever you can, in your dalet amot, to up the achdus and the emuna.

As I said previously on this blog, the people calling for violence in the comments section of sites like A7 are not Jewish, and are either paid shills, or xtians who believe in violence as the solution to all problems, for all that they tell everyone else to ‘turn the other cheek’.

The Jewish ‘weapon’ is prayer.

And it’s all we need, to really get things to turn around here for the good.

And to all these ‘religious zionist’ and ‘chareidi’ rabbis who either don’t know that, or have somehow forget it – that’s the real busha here.


They are trying to get the religious crowd involved in this fight now:

(Screenshot from HERE, calling for religious public to come out and protest in Jerusalem today).


Don’t fall for it!

BH, the heavens will open, and a ton of rain will be falling in Jerusalem before, during and after 6pm today.

God is going to fight the general battle against the evil Erev Rav and the ‘controllers’ behind the scenes for us.

But our real battle is internal, it’s within.

It’s the battle against our anger, hatred, arrogance, need to be ‘right’, and bullying, abusive tendencies.


BH, the evil should break very soon, and all this should turn around for the very best.



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I’m sitting here watch the madness unfold in Israel, up the road and all around me.

And I am getting that feeling that all this is being planned, deliberately, from the top.

All our ‘dear political leaders’, left and right, secular and religious, paid and volunteering, seem to be in on this plan to tear the country apart with riots and strife.

It takes a ton of money and organisation to get tens of thousands of people dressing in exactly the same ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ white bonnets and red cloaks.

It takes a ton of money to organise all these flags and other props.

How do these protestors know, so easily, where all these senior government figures are going to be?

Where is the security details that are meant to be protecting these ministers 24/7?

Why are the police just letting hundreds of people barricade main roads in Tel Aviv, while running through unmanned barricades by the PM’s residence in Jerusalem?

As the questions pile up, I am really starting to believe this is being planned from the top, and is actually being orchestrated by the security services and military here in Israel.

And I’m not the only one.



This is a post that appeared on a Moran Eden Bergmann’s Telegram channel.

 She’s basically saying a lot of these figures leading the protests are known Shin Bet operatives.

Here’s a Google translate screenshot:


Here’s another comment from her, that basically sums things up:

A wise citizen does not take part in an engineered institutional protest that aims to bring about civil war.

That’s what is going on here – and not just here.

More than ever, don’t get involved in this!

Stay home and pray, avoid all mass demonstrations and protests.

Prayer, teshuva and charity is what is going to get this horrible situation to calm down, anything else is just playing into their hands.


The controllers are controlling all sides of this ‘argument’.

Netanyahu is their man, Gallant is their man, Lapid, Shabtai, Ben Gvir – no-one is working for you and me.


So, this time around, let’s not give our enemies what they want, which is all-out civil war between Jews.

We don’t have to agree with other people’s ideas and opinions, we can even find them puke-inducing.

BUT – we still have to love and respect the person, as much as possible, without putting ourselves in danger.

That’s the real test here.

I’m praying we pass it.



Continuing the translation of the awesome shiur from just before Purim.

I am still going through it, and have a lot more to translate, but you can read Part 1 HERE.

As with all of the Rav’s shiurim, there is so much to unpack in every sentence here – you can learn tons of new information, if you take the time to engage with the clues here.

So, don’t necessarily take all this literally, use it as a jumping off point, to understand a lot more about our ‘real Jewish history’ – but you need to put in the effort, to harvest the insights here.



I was in Guatamala for three years. I was in Guatamala, and there you can see two oceans.

In Guatamala, you see two oceans. This is in Guatamala. You see the Atlantic Ocean, and also the Pacific Ocean – you see both of them. And afterwards, you see Costa Rica, and then Panama.

Who built Panama? The Rothschilds! They built the Suez Canal, and they built Panama. Everything that exists in the world, the Rothschilds built it. They were the richest people in the world.

Because when R’ Moshe Amshil (we say it’s ‘Anshel’, but the real name was ‘Amshel’, with a ‘m’). So, Moshe Amshel – Moshe Anshel, he was the gabbai of Rabbi Yaakov of Galuna. He was called ‘Yokel’, Yokel of Galuna.


And there is also the get (bill of divorce) of Galuna, and the get of Cleves. It was all together.

The Noda Be’Yehuda was against the get of Galuna, and was in favor of the get of Cleves, because there, there was the grandpa of the Tiferet Yisrael, Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, and Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz signed on the get. He did the get.

But the father of the groom…It’s written ‘Yitzchak ben Rabbi Eliezer’ – he was called ‘Yitzchak.’ And the bride was called ‘Leah’. Leah Gunzholtz. She was a girl of 16, and he was a young man aged 18.

And he didn’t want the shidduch, but they pressured him into the shidduch, from the beginning. So on the first shabbat [after the wedding], he ran away. He didn’t want the shidduch. They pushed him to make the shidduch, and he didn’t want it. He already had someone else in mind, he didn’t want [this shidduch] under any circumstances.

So, he ran away from home. And then they decided that he was crazy, because what sort of person runs away?! But, this was the most normal thing in the world – he didn’t want the shidduch, so he ran away.

And he took all the money with him – so he was even more ‘sane’.


But it was decided, his father said: I have a crazy son.

He went to Rabbi Abish Abba from Frankfort, and he said: I have a crazy son, who ran away in the middle of the sheva brachot. And they did a get for him. And there was Yisrael Lifshitz – the grandfather of the ‘Tiferet Yisrael’ – he did a him a get.

So, he got married on the Wednesday; on Shabbat he ran away from the house, and then on the following Wednesday, he already gave the get. He gave the get in the city of Cleves – the ‘Get of Cleves’.

He was from Mannheim, and the wedding was in Metz. All this took place along the Rhine river, the Rhine, ‘Reines’.


So, he lived in Reines, and he travelled with a boat, in a ferry, until he got to Cleves.

And when he got to Cleves he said to Shimshon Copenhagen – this was a Shimshon from the city of Copenhagen, from Denmark.

He told him [what was happening], and he delivered a get to him and then disappeared. [The groom] told him: I don’t want this shidduch, they forced me into it. I, I have some problem here, because they want to frame me as a murderer, so I am now on my way to London. If you don’t perform the get for me now – I’m going to disappear. She’ll be an agunah [unable to remarry] for the rest of her life.

So, Shimshon Copenhagen went in to see Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, the rabbi of Cleves. He told him that there was a groom here, who got married less than a week ago, and he is saying that if they don’t write a get for him, today, then he’s going to disappear. He’s on the way to London, he’s decided to run away from his house.

So, Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz arranged the get for him. And he gave it to Leah, Leah Guntzholtz. She was called ‘Leah’.


But then, the father of the groom didn’t know anything about this: how could a groom give a get without his father?!

So, the father said: My son isn’t sane, the get is passul [disqualified]. And he was a chassid of Rabbi Abish. And Rabbi Abish validated the get [i.e. agreed it was a kosher get.] But then, all the gabbaim (attendants of the Rabbi) got a lot of money from the father of the groom, and they said to Rabbi Abish that he should passul (disqualify) the get.

This was said to Rabbi Abish of Frankfort.


(‘Frankfort’ – there is the Yanuka of Frankfort, [Rabbi Yisrael Perlov of Karlin].

Everyone should travel to the Yanuka today, each person should go to the Yanuka. He was called R’ Yisrael, R’ Yisrael ben R’ Asher, ‘the Frankforter’.

He went to Berlin for an operation, and he died in the middle of the operation. They took him for burial to Frankfort. So, each person should travel to the ‘Frankforter’. This is the first thing, to travel to the ‘Frankforter’.)


[R’ Abish of Frankfort] was appointed by the King.

Because the [rabbinical] appointees, like Rabbi Yehezkel Landau, and everyone else, everything was only done with the permission of the king.

They used to need to have the permission of the king, in Prague, and in all the other places. They needed the king’s permission. If a person wants to be a rabbi – he needs the permission of the king.

Now, Rabbi Abish, he already saw that he made a mistake. He saw that. That he’d disqualified the get. Rabbi Abish. Because the father of the groom was his chassid, he gave him a lot of financial pidyonot, and like this, he ‘persuaded’ him. But, if he would have said that he’d made a mistake – they would have fired him.

If the king would have heard that he’d made a mistake, then he would have fired him from being the Rav of Frankfort. And then he wouldn’t have been a ‘Rav’.


R’ Yehezkel Landau wrote him four letters, but the gabbaim hid them from him, he didn’t even see them.

Rabbi Yehezkel Landau didn’t understand why he wasn’t replying to him, why he wasn’t responding?! Why isn’t he replying?!

Because they hid the letters.


Ad kan.

This snippet by itself is worth at least two weeks of solid research, to pick up what the Rav is really trying to tell us, about what was really going on.

Luckily, I made a start on at least some of the connections with the ‘Get of Cleves’ and the Sabbateans behind it, in this post


One of the main points to ‘take away’ is that our rabbis can only stay being our ‘rabbis’ if they have the permission of the king….

And they continue to push whatever social engineering projects, ‘vaccines’ and values the ‘king’ wants.

There is nothing new under the sun.



Here’s how this story is being told in the Jewish Virtual Library site:

On Elul 8, 5526 (August 14, 1766), Isaac (Itzik), son of Eliezer Neiberg of Mannheim, married Leah, daughter of Jacob Guenzhausen of Bonn.

On the Sabbath following the wedding the bridegroom took 94 gold crowns of the dowry and disappeared. After an extensive search he was found two days later in the house of a non-Jew in the village of Farenheim and brought home. A few days later Isaac informed his wife’s family that he could no longer stay in Germany because of the grave danger which threatened him there, and that he was obliged to immigrate to England.

He declared his willingness to give his wife a divorce in order to prevent her from becoming an *agunah . His offer was accepted, and Cleves on the German-Dutch border was selected as the place for the get to be given.

Consequently, on the 22nd of Elul, Israel b. Eliezer *Lipschuetz , the av bet din of Cleves, effected the divorce.


Leah returned to Mannheim and Isaac proceeded to England. When his father learned of the divorce, he suspected that the whole affair had been contrived by the woman’s relatives to extort the dowry money from Isaac.

He turned to R. Tevele Hess of Mannheim who invalidated the get on the grounds that in his view the husband was not of sound mind when he delivered it. Hess, not relying upon his own judgment, applied to the bet din of Frankfurt and to Naphtali Hirsch Katzenellenbogen of Pfalz, Eliezer Katzenellenbogen of Hagenau, and Joseph Steinhardt of Fuerth, requesting their confirmation of his ruling.

The bet din of Frankfurt, headed by Abraham b. Ẓevi Hirsch of Lissau, not only agreed, but demanded that Lipschuetz himself declare the get invalid and proclaim Leah to be still a married woman.


That ‘Tevele Hess of Mannheim’ had some very interesting descendants including one Moses Hess.

Here’s a Wiki snippet about him:

Moses (Moritz) Hess (21 January 1812 – 6 April 1875) was a German-Jewish philosopher, early communist and Zionist thinker. His socialist theories led to disagreements with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

He is considered a pioneer of Labor Zionism

Is your ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ alarm firing off right now?


Moses Hess also descends from one ‘Aharon Mordechai Gunzenhausen’ of Bonn.

That’s exactly the same name as the bride’s family, in this whole sage of the ‘Get of Cleves’.

And it’s not so usual.

So we see, these ‘Sabbatean-Frankists’ were working both sides of the controversy, as they always here.

This is a screenshot from Moses’ Hess family tree, on geni:



This is the Wiki page for ‘R Abraham Abish’ of Frankfurt, snippet:

His father was the great-grandson of Rabbi Avraham Chaim Shor….

 He studied with Rabbi Shmuel of Fjorda (the” Beit Shmuel”), and then went to Frankfurt to study with Rabbi Naftali Katz, who was the rabbi of the place at the time, with whom he also studied Kabbalah. After the great fire that broke out in the city in 1711, for which Rabbi Naftali Katz was imprisoned, Rabbi Naftali’s disciples dispersed and Rabbi Avraham returned to Poland.

There he made a living selling oils for a time, until he began serving as a rabbinate. At some point, he probably also studied with Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Biala.

Married to the daughter of Rabbi Eliyahu Hacohen Mazritsch (son-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel of Fjorda)


R’ Avraham Chaim Shor links us to a great number of the Sabbateans we’ve been trying to track down, over the last few years.

But you can really tell more about a person, by his teachers.

One of R Abraham Abish’s main teachers is that R’ Naftali Katz of Frankfurt, who was a known Sabbatean ‘prophet’, and was arrested after the fire in the Jewish quarter of Frankfurt, on suspicion of practising black magic, particularly in connection with amulets.

R’ Abraham Abish also supported Jonathan Eybshutz, in the ‘amulets controversy’.


Another one of R’ Abish’s teachers is ‘R Zvi Hirsch Biala’.


Born in Lviv to Rabbi Naftali Hirz Ashkenazi.

Married to the daughter of Rabbi Simcha Hacohen Rappaport of Lublin, his brother-in-law was Rabbi Chaim Hacohen Rappaport. After serving as Biala’s rabbi for a period, he was imprisoned with his family by the city’s ruler, following a traumatic event in which one of the Lubomirski princes tried to kidnap his daughter-in-law and was beaten.

The rabbi was released under lobbying by the Jewish rabbi and philanthropist, the court Jew of August II, Issachar Bernd Lehmann. Three days after the wedding, his daughter-in-law died. After his release, he returned to serve as rabbi and head of yeshiva in his hometown of Lviv.


Again, does anything about this story of his daughter-in-law sound ‘strange’ to you?

Zvi Hirsh of Biala has other students – many of whom are now known to be Sabbatean-Frankists, and the ancestors of many leading Sabbatean-Frankists.

Tov, I’m going to stop there for today, but I encourage you to pick a name, and do some research of your own!

Because it’s ALWAYS the same people, the same families, the same playback, the same manipulation and deceit.

And that is still happening right now.


This is an excerpt of a very long shiur I am currently translating, from two weeks ago.

It’s taking me a while, and I’m not going to post up all of it here, although I will send it to the manager of the Whatsapp group when it’s done, and hopefully he’ll forward the whole thing to anyone who wants to read it.

In the meantime, this is excerpt 1.

The Rav talks more about the expected earthquakes in the next section, which I will BH put up as excerpt 2, as soon as it’s translated.



Excerpts of a shiur given by Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, during seuda shlishi, Shabbat Terumah, 5783.

(Translated from Shivivei Or Newsletter, Issue 300).

Once upon a time, there were Turks [in Eretz Yisrael].

It’s full of gold and silver here, wherever you dig – you’ll find crates full of gold. In the palaces of the Caesar, they found around 10 crates of gold dinaari.

Once, Elisha Shor dug in the yard. He moved – he used to live here, opposite the house. The owner of the building wanted to put on another storey, so he gave him an apartment in Beit Yisrael. And he brought two Arabs there, who dug a pit for him in the back yard – and they found a few crates of gold. These two Arabs.

If they’d have kept quiet, or they would have at least brought him some of the find… but instead, they started to argue over who these boxes of gold dinaari belonged to. So there was a quarrel, there was noise, and the police came and took all the boxes.

Because today, whatever you found in the ground, it belongs to the State.


And there was in Greece, there was the Prime Minister there.

He was an archeologist, and he was digging in the city where Alexander the Great was born. Alexander the Great was born in Greece – in Macedonia. We were there, in Macedonia. So, he was there, and he went to excavate there.

He found a few cases of gold dinaari. So, he took them for himself. And then someone snitched on him, and then he sat in jail for three years – the prime minister! He was… he was searching for the tomb of Alexander the Great.


Alexander the Great, the moment that he saw Shimon HaTzaddik, he immediately fell at his feet.

Alexander the Great was Greek, he was Macedonian. He worshipped avoda zara (idols). The Samaritans told him to destroy the Temple. There was already a [second] Beit HaMikdash, so he came in order to destroy the Temple. All of this is written in Tractate Yoma 69. Each person needs to know Yoma, and everything.

A person should see to it that by Seder Night, he’s finished the whole of SHAS – and also Yoma! All the stories, how Alexander the Great came to destroy the Temple. Because the Samaritans informed [on the Jews] to him.

They said: If there is a Beit HaMikdash, then you won’t be able to rule the world!

The whole time there is a Beit HaMikdash, so no other malchut (rulers) can control the world.

But now, we are waiting for there to be an earthquake, like there just was an earthquake in Turkey, and 10,000, or 30,000 buildings fell down. They already got to 50,000 people killed. So now, there will be another earthquake in the future, but this will only be in another 189 years, in the year 2212 – 5972.

28 years before the end of the year 6,000 [from the creation of the world]. The end of the 6,000 years will be in 2240. The fifth millenia began in 1240, so 2240 will begin the 6000.


So now, Alexander the Great met Shimon HaTzaddik, because the Samaritans told him: The first thing you need to do is destroy the Beit HaMikdash! The whole time there is a Temple, you can’t control the whole world.

Because the Jews are stronger than anyone else, the Jews…

It’s written: “The kings of the world did not believe, nor did any of the world’s inhabitants, that the adversary or enemy could enter the gates of Jerusalem.”

They didn’t believe! Not the kings of the world, and not any other of the world’s inhabitants! Because Jerusalem stood for 850 years.

Today in the HafTorah [there it’s written that the Temple was built after] 480 years. This is from when to when? From yetziat Mitzrayim (the exodus from Egypt), until they began to build [the first] Temple.

How long did the Temple stand for? How much time? You need to learn all the masechot, Yoma, Avoda Zara, to know the figures. How long was the first Temple standing? How long? 410 years.

And another 480 years. 480 and and 410 – where is the computer? Where is the calculator? 890 years!

[I.e. from yetziat Mitzrayim to the destruction of the First Temple 890 years passed, and then we need to subtract the 40 years when Am Yisrael was wandering in the wilderness. And then from the time that the Jewish people entered the Holy Land until the destruction was 850 years.]


Now, there was 70 years of exile in Bavel, so that’s 960 years.

890 years plus another 70 for the Babylonian exile, this is 960 years. Now, until we get to [the time of the miracles of] Chanuka we have exactly another 216 years. 180 years, plus another 96 [this could be an error in the transcript, and should instead read 36] is 216 years.

This equals 1176 years.

From yetziat Mitzrayim until Chanuka is 1177 years.


So now, Alexander the Great comes along. He comes to Eretz Yisrael…. and so, everyone is called ‘Alexander’.

Because Shimon HaTzaddik promised Alexander the Great that all the boys who would be born that year – that same year – they would be called ‘Alexander’.

He said: If you don’t destroy the Temple, all the children will be called ‘Alexander’.

This was the promise made by Shimon HaTzaddik, And he signed on this with a lawyer and notary. He signed it in front of a lawyer and notary. Shimon HaTzaddik promised Alexander the Great that all the children would be called ‘Alexander’.

And now, we have [the calculation we made above], that until Chanuka is 1177 years from yetziat Mitzrayim.

And now, we find ourselves at the meeting between Shimon HaTzaddik and Alexander the Great. Shimon the Tzaddik went dressed in the clothes of the Kohen Gadol, the bigdei kahuna.


To be continued…



I did a bit of rudimentary checking, and no-one knows where the tomb of Alexander the Great actually is…. which is kind of strange, given who he was.

Read this:

Also, if you follow the maths set out by the Rav, above, that makes ‘Shimon HaTzaddik’ the same person as ‘Shimon II’ – the father of the Onias / Chonyo / Yochanan Kohen HaGadol, and his hellenising brother ‘Jason-Jesus’.

We started to pull more of that side of things together in THIS post, and then especially in THIS post.

According to authentic Jewish chronology, the Exodus happened in the year 2448 from creation.

If we add another 1177 years to this, we get to the Jewish year 3625.

That equates to 136 BCE.

Alexander the Great is meant to have met Shimon HaTzaddik in Jerusalem in the year 3448.

That equates to 313 BCE.


Just pulling more of this info together, but ‘Alexander the Great’ is proving strangely hard to track down in the real world…

And that usually means there is a big secret hanging out here, that we haven’t yet discovered.



You’ll recall that ‘Alexander the Alabarch’, brother of Philo, father of the destroyer of the Second Temple Tiberius Julius Alexander, has another name: Alexander Lysimachus.

Here is where things get even stranger.

‘Lysimachus’ is meant to be one of the main body guards of Alexander the Great, who then becomes the King of Macedonia and Thrace…

Read more about him HERE.

Here’s the bit that took my eye:

He was the second son of Agathocles[5] and his wife; there is some indication in the historical sources that this wife was perhaps named Arsinoe, and that Lysimachus’ paternal grandfather may have been called Alcimachus.


We’ve come across that name, or a very similar sounding one, before.

In fact, I wrote a whole post about it a couple of weeks ago:


There, we learned that ‘Alcimus’ was a renegade, Hellenising High Priest who was fighting against Judah Maccabee.


Alcimus, united with his fellow Hellenists, launched a war against the Maccabees and fought for the primacy in Judea and for the αρχιερωσύνη (office of high priest). However, he was not able to resist and turned to the king for help.

To support Alcimus, Demetrius sent his general Nicanor in 161 BC, who was defeated and killed in a skirmish with the Jews; the day of this victory, 13 Adar, was celebrated annually in Jerusalem under the name of Nicanor’s Day.


161 BCE = 3599 in the Jewish calendar.

When did Chanuka happen?

3625 – i.e. 26 years after this ‘Alcimus’ is recorded as ALREADY skirmishing with Yehuda Maccabee.

The timing is totally off here.


This ‘Alcimus’ is meant to be the nephew of Yose ben Yoezer, who is meant to have lived between 3500 and 3560.

That is 65 years, minimum, BEFORE Alcimus his nephew, above, starts fighting Yehuda Maccabee in Judea.

Once again, none of these dates are adding up.

And once again, we are looking at a bunch of ‘Greeks’ who are apparently hellenised Jews… who are fighting military battles all over the Middle East and marrying apparently non-Jewish royalty.

Who overlap with renegade ‘Kohanim’ who are trying to start a hellenized version of Judaism, that mixes idol worship with the ‘Old Testament’…

Lots to think about here.

But not for the first time, I’m thinking our worst enemies actually come from within.

And that we actually have no idea, what was really going on in Judea around the whole Hasmonean revolt.

BH, we will continue to figure this out.


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After a few weeks of feeling totally overwhelmed, my husband decided to book us a break up North.


I had a million things to do, and the weather wasn’t looking so great, but I decided what the heck – let’s do it.

It’s part of something I am trying out in my life more and more, called ‘letting God decide things’.

So, we went, and while it had some good stuff – like practically having the Kinneret to ourselves on a couple of days, and praying in a bunch of cool kevarim, mostly in Tiberius – it also had it’s mediocre, disappointing and boring side.

Like all ‘holidays’.


The first day, I was at the separate beach on the Kinneret, trying to work out why it was taking me literally 40 minutes to blow up my rubber ring.

(My husband clued me in afterwards that there’s a valve you have to kind of ‘push’, to get the air to go in. Who knew?)

So in the meantime, I’m wondering why it is I’m spending 40 minutes of my hour of ‘relaxing swimming time’ trying to blow up a rubber ring in a mode of acute hyperventilation that was anything but relaxing, just so I could ‘relax more’ by floating on it, when it was finally inflated.

The message came back loud and clear:

It’s like that story of the fisherman, who is told to go and make 5 gazillion dollars building and selling a fishing empire, just so he can spend most of his time…catching fish.

That’s us.

You and me.

Brainwashed into thinking that all this ‘holiday’ stuff and ‘relaxing’ stuff is actually going to make us feel good and ‘relaxed’.


For sure, it’s quieter up North.

So quiet in some places, you feel like you’re in the world time forgot.

And for sure, there is less ‘stress’ in the air.

(Except, my kid called me the first day to tell me some bomb exploded in Megiddo, just up the road from where we were staying….)

We brought the madness with us….

That’s what I thought to myself, initially.

Then, I thought to myself: we can’t run away from the world, not even when it’s so crazy, stressful and anger-inducing as it currently is.

Not even in places like Tiberius, which is still playing mostly songs from the 1980s (including Samantha Fox…. Fellow Brits out there of a certain age will appreciate that pretty much the last thing she was known for was her singing.)


On the way down, we stopped in Zichron Yaakov, to visit the ‘First Aliyah Museum’.

I learnt some new stuff there, not least that ‘the Baron’s men’ were terrorising ‘the settlers’, trying to control every tiny thing about their life, and effectively forcing them into serfdom while ‘the Baron’s men’ effectively forced them sell all their land and holdings – they they literally sweat blood for – to ‘the Baron’.

It struck me how little has really changed.


Something else I learned in Zichron Yaakov, in one of the really beautiful gift shops there, is that most ordinary people here are totally sick and tired of all this pointless politics going on all the time.

The nice secular woman who owned the shop told us that even on Purim, instead of getting the community in the mood for Purim by playing happy music etc, the council basically organised demonstrations against the government on the street instead.

She told us there were kids dressed in red on all the street corners, chanting slogans.

Why red?

I still don’t know.

(Communist May Day throwbacks? Edom? Frankist color coding? Something else?)

But long story short, she said it killed the whole atmosphere dead, and there are no tourists buying anything at the moment, because all the energy is going into yelling ‘busha’ like brainwashed zombies…


Something else I learnt from that museum in Zichron Yaakov:

Eretz Yisrael truly is acquired with suffering.

It’s always been that way.

And it’s still that way today.

Just back then, people were living in huts, dying of malaria and starving to death.

And today… we’re agonising over which luxury development to live in and how big the mortgage is going to be.


Of course, there are other forms of ‘suffering’ going on here, too.

When good Jews are killed by government-sponsored terrorists, that really hurts.

But, at least we are acquiring Eretz Yisrael with that suffering.

I speak to my family abroad, and I’m hearing from both the US and the UK that everyone is suffering a lot right now, in those countries too.

And for what, exactly?


So, it was good to take a break from psycho commentators, crazy news, worries about the future that may or may not be based in reality, and just that general feeling of ‘overwhelm’.

But mostly, because that break taught me just how good my day to day life actually is.

And that once again, the real treasure we’re looking for – the real meaning, the real joy – is to be found in our own back yards.


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Last week, a friend of mine ended up in the hospital, after her teenage son tried to jump something and basically fell and gave himself a concussion.

(As discussed elsewhere, the teenage brain literally is still developing, physically, until the age of 20. That’s a big part of the reason why they can sometimes be SOOOO dumb. As the parent of teens, understanding this really helped me to judge my kids favorably, and to keep way more patience with their retarded antics than otherwise. But it’s still hard.)


She was in the ward where they deal with concussions, and there she met a guy who also had a concussion.

This is what he told her:


He’d been playing one of the ‘virtual reality’ computer games, with the ‘virtual reality’ goggles, and the whole, immersive-body experience.

He’d been fighting ‘the enemy’ in hand-to-hand combat in the game, when ‘the enemy’ gave him a knockout punch to the head.

This guy’s brain experienced that virtual reality ‘punch’ as reality, and he ended up with an actual concussion for four days.


My friend took his number, so I could verify the story first-hand, but I trust her that she’s not making it up.

What can we learn from this?

So very much!

Not least, that what we see, what we believe, what we tell ourselves, what we experience as ‘reality’ – that’s what actually makes our reality!

That’s why the power of imagination can be so very dangerous.

That’s why when we spend so much time watching spiritually-corrupt movies and TV shows; or immersing ourselves in ‘fear porn’ (aka the news); or filling our eyeballs and our souls with ‘alt propaganda’ telling us the holocaust never happened, or the Jewish people are just ‘Khazarians’ who were invented in the middle ages….

That’s the awful reality we start to live, mamash.

The brain can’t differentiate between ‘reality’ and ‘virtual reality’, to the point where a person can get a real concussion from a virtual knock-out punch.


So, guard your eyes, and your ears and your mind!

Be very careful, with what you are watching and listening to and believing in.

And really, really, start to do some regular hitbodedut every single day, even for five minutes, because in a world where even your own eyes can and do decieve you, the only way to know what is really ‘true’ is to have a strong soul connection to God.

And then, your soul will be whispering in your ear, whenever something ‘looks fantastic’, but just doesn’t feel quite right, or true.


One more thing:

There’s a lot of AI image making software now exploding across the internet.

Two of the most popular are:



Dall-E 2

The first one is more ‘fantasy’ and ‘spiritual mysticism’ – so probably, the more dangerous of the two, if it’s used in the wrong way.

And the second one puts together very realistic looking ‘photo images’ of stuff that is totally made up.

Like this:

(Start around the 5 minute mark:)


I’m still mulling over all the ‘mud flood’ stuff, to be honest.

I’m wondering how many of those pictures of ‘mud flood cities’ might just be Dall-E 2 inspired fakes.

I’m not saying they are, I’m just pondering, because it’s strange that our Jewish tradition doesn’t speak of these massive mud floods, at all, and even with all the censorship and fakers at the top of the tree, surely something would have got through, about something this big?


BH, I will put a post together about ‘fallen angels’ – based on real, authentic Jewish sources, not Roman-xtian-satanic propaganda – some time next week.

But in the meantime:

Guard your mind!

And especially, guard your eyes!

And especially, stop listening to anything that’s telling you holocausts never happened, or that ‘evil Joos’ are behind everything that is going on.

For sure, there’s some evil Joos in the mix – we’ve been discussing that for a while here, on the blog.

But the majority of the Jewish people don’t fall into that category, even if they are confused and corrupted by our Erev Rav, Sabbatean-Frankist leaders.

They just want us to believe their ‘virtual reality’ so we start hating ourselves, and start turning on each other as ‘the problem’.

We aren’t the problem.

But, we really are a massive part of the solution.

And that starts with continuing to do this birur between ‘fantasy’ and reality – and connecting strongly back to our souls.

Because God’s seal is truth.

And that truth will guide us, once we finally uncover it within.


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Well, I’m continuing to make some real progress on figuring this whole mess out, BH.

Let’s sum up a few things, before we dive into the latest episode of figuring out how the Romans created ‘xtianity’ as a fusion of their Roman PanHellenism, and beliefs that a ‘man could become a god’, and Judaism – with some help from Herodian fake-Jewish Edomites.

Here’s what you need to know, going forward:

  1. There were many, many different people called ‘Jesus’ in all the Roman sponsored propaganda-histories written by their acolytes, including all the works of Josephus, and also the New Testatment.
  2. ‘Jesus’ was the mocking term the Romans used to describe every Jewish ‘almost Moshiach’, or ‘savior’ (Yeshua, in the Hebrew.)
  3. At the same time, the Talmud and our Sages referred to every potential destroyer of the Jewish faith who was enticing Jews into idolatry as Yeshu – the initial letters of the phrase ‘yemach sh‘mo’ – may his name be erased.
  4. So, the Romans punned on ‘Yeshu’, turned it into ‘Yeshua’ – ‘the savior’ – and then used the Greek version of that name in their fake propaganda-histories to describe every leading Jewish rebel who tried to shake off the yoke of Rome.
  5. Most of these ‘Jewish rebels’ seem to have descended from the house of the Hasmoneans, and to have been Kohanim.
  6. Which could explain why the Dead Sea Scrolls community at Qumran left writings indicating their belief the ‘Moshiach’ would come from the ‘House of Aaron’.
  7. The Romans, and their Herodian-Edomite helpers, who invented ‘xtianity’ basically rewrote Jewish history when they destroyed the Second Temple. They appropriated the identities of all these Hasmonean ‘wannabe Moshiachs’ – the ‘Yeshuas’ – and then wrote a story designed to both confuse and mislead the Jews into accepting the new Roman fusion-religion of ‘xtianity’, and also to demonise the Jews forever more, as the ‘krist killers’.


To be clear, there is NO ‘historic Jesus Krist’.

What there is, are a ton of historic Jewish rebels against Roman rule, all mockingly called ‘Yeshua’ = ‘the savior’.

Most, if not all, of these ‘Yeshuas’ came from the Hasmonean line.

Rome went all out to try and exterminate every last one of them, and my working theory at this point, is that some of the Hasmoneans did end up escaping to Wales, at some point in the story, probably around the rule of the Emperor Tiberius. That part still needs more work to pin down properly.

At the same time, there WERE also Jewish heretics and evildoers, referred to as ‘Yeshus’ by our Sages, including the pupil of Yehoshua ben Perachia who went off the derech and started encouraging others to worship idols.

I’m currently of the view that these ‘Yeshus’ may well also have been Hasmoneans, and were almost certainly the Sadducee ‘Tzadukim and Boethesian’ High Priests.

More on that another time.


OK, so now, let’s move forward and put more detailed flesh on these basic bones.

In this post, we’re going to return to ‘Alexander Lysimachus the Alabarch of Alexandria’.

He’s the brother of Philo, the Jewish-Alexandrian philosophy who is credited with coming up with the basic tenets of ‘christianity’, which the Romans then used to craft their new ‘fusion’ religion.

In THIS post, we learned of his links to Philo, and also that he had at least two sons.

One of them, ‘Tiberius Julius Alexander’ was the 2nd in command for Titus, during the destruction of the Second Temple.

Another, ‘Marcus Julius Alexander’ is meant to have married Julia Berenike, great-grand-daughter of Herod the Great, sister of the last ‘King of Judea, Herod Agrippa II’ – and Titus’ mistress.


Nice little club they have going there!

So, here’s the thing: while we are meant to believe that this ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ and his sons materialised out of nowhere, I think I’ve managed to pin down who they really were.

And you’ll be shocked – SHOCKED!!! – to hear that yes, they are also all direct descendants of Herod the Great, that Edomite destroyer of the Jews.

Let’s show you how.


This lengthy snippet comes from HERE –  a work by Katherine Evans called: Alexander the Alabarch: Roman and Jew.

Alexander is known to us directly only through 5 references in Josephus and indirectly through Philo’s On Animals.

Although Josephus’ reliability is always at issue, I believe that here he was probably accurate because Josephus almost certainly had met a number of Alexander’s relatives if not the alabarch himself and because the War and Antiquities were dedicated to the Emperors Vespasian and Titus who were close friends with Alexander’s son Tiberius Alexander.

In War 5.205 it is learned that Alexander had the nine gates of the Temple in Jerusalem overlaid with massive plates of silver and gold, a gift which one can assume would have placed him on very good terms with the Temple High Priest among others.

This is but one of a number of indications of Alexander’s great wealth. In around 35 C.E. [King Herod] Agrippa [I] sailed to Alexandria and begged Alexander for a loan of 200,000 drachmas (Antiquities 18.159-160).


[King Herod] Agrippa and Alexander were probably previously acquainted particularly since both men were friends of Claudius before he became Emperor.

Josephus tells us that Alexander was “old friends” with Claudius which would suggest that they were roughly contemporary in age or born around 10 B.C.E. Since there is no evidence that Claudius ever journeyed to Egypt, Alexander probably spent time in Rome. It is plausible that he was educated there and grew up “in the circle of Claudius” as Josephus reports Agrippa did.

Alexander also became an epitropos for the mother of Claudius, Antonia Drusus [the daughter of Mark Antony], which I suggest meant that Alexander became the procurator of Antonia’s extensive land estates in Egypt.

At some point Alexander was appointed “alabarch” which appears to have been a Roman magistry responsible for tax assessment.


The key things to understand are that ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ was working very tightly with the Roman Imperial family to tax and control the Jews, amongst others.

Antonia Drusus (aka ‘Antonia Minor’) was the daughter of the previous Triumvir Mark Antony (of ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ fame.)

Mark Antony married the Emperor Augustus’ sister, and ‘Antonia Minor’ was the result. She was connected at the highest levels of Roman society, and all the ‘child hostages’ from places like the Royal Family of Judea were given to her to brainwash into being obedient little puppet-rulers for the Romans, when they grew up.

(There is nothing new under the sun.)


OK, so now, let’s show you who this ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ – and his brother Philo – really were.

In all this work, some of the leading clues have come from the fact that these people practised ‘endogamy’, i.e. they just kept on marrying each other, to keep the power and the money in the family.

So, once I knew that ‘Julia Berenike’ the daughter of that same King Herod Agrippa I, mentioned above, who was good friends with the Emperor Claudius, married the Alabarch’s son, I already assumed there must be some close blood relationship there.

Just, what was it?


So, I was going over all this stuff with Herod’s family again (and again and again…) waiting for some penny to drop, when I took a closer look at THIS guy:


He’s definitely the grandson of ‘Herod the Great’.

He’s meant to also be descended from the Hasmoneans, via ‘Mariamne I the Hasmonean Princess’ who we are told by Josephus married Herod and gave him four children….

Except, the Talmud, in Bava Batra 3B, says that’s a crock, and that ‘Mariamne Hasmonean’ killed herself, rather than marry Herod.

Here’s a snippet:

Herod was originally a slave in the house of the Hasmoneans. He had set his eyes on a certain young girl from that illustrious family.

One day, he heard a Heavenly voice that said: ‘Any slave that revolts now will succeed’ in his rebellion. Herod thereupon rose and killed all of his masters, exterminating the house of the Hasmoneans, but he spared the life of that maiden in order to marry her.

The girl, however, thwarted his plan:

When that maiden saw that Herod wanted to marry her, she ascended to the roof and raised her voice, saying: ‘Whoever comes in future years and says I am descended from the house of the Hasmoneans’ is in truth a slave.

For no-one remains from [the Hasmonean family] save this maiden, and this maiden is hurling herself from the roof to the ground.

After completing her declaration, she leaped from the roof to her death.


Herod is supposed to have had 10 wives (that we know about…).

One of them definitely WAS a ‘Mariamne’ who descended from a family of Kohanim – her father was ‘Simon ben Boethus’.

He was one of the hellenised Kohanim ‘serving’ in the temple of Alexandria, from the house of Tzaddok / Beit Chonyo, who Herod imported in as Kohen Gadol in Jerusalem, to try and shore up his reign in Judea.

Remember, the Hasmoneans also descended from ‘Beit Chonyo’, but the branch who initially fought against their hellenising relatives.


Anyway, this is what we learn about ‘Gaius Julius Alexander’, Herod’s grandson, whoever his grandmother might have actually been.

(From HERE🙂

Herod died in 4 BC in Jericho.

After the death of Herod, Alexander and his brother decided to leave Jerusalem and to live with their mother and her family in the Cappadocian Royal Court.

After Alexander and his brother arrived in Cappadocia, they disavowed their Jewish descent, deserted their Jewish religion and embraced their Greek descent, including the religion. However the family connections to the Herodian Dynasty weren’t wholly broken.

After Alexander and his brother disavowed their Jewish descent, they were considered among fellow Jews as gentiles. There is a possibility that his maternal grandfather sent Alexander to be educated in Rome.

Little is known of the adult life of Alexander.

He appeared to an administrator for the extensive land estates in Egypt that were owned by the Imperial family of Rome and he was a wealthy landowner, owing two estates in the Egyptian town of Euhemeria.

Alexander married an unnamed noblewoman that flourished in the reigns of the first two Roman Emperors Augustus and Tiberius. His wife bore him a son called Tigranes. Alexander named his son in honor of his brother.

Tigranes later served as a Roman Client King of Armenia under the reign of Roman Emperor Nero (reigned 54-68). Roman Empress Livia Drusilla and her daughter-in-law Antonia Minor were mentioned in Alexander’s will.


He totally overlaps with ‘Alexander the Alabarch’, in so many ways.

Here’s the thing: while the Sages and authentic Judaism teach that Jewish descent is matrilineal, the hellenised Sadducee-Kohanim held that Jewish descent could also be patrilineal.

‘Gaius Julius Alexander’s’ mother wasn’t Jewish. She was ‘Glaphyra of Cappodocia’.

Glaphya also married King Juba II of Mauretania – whose first wife was Cleopatra Selene, the daughter of that same Mark Antony and Cleopatra, mentioned above.

And then, she divorced Juba II to marry another one of Herod’s sons, Herod Archelaus (his mother was Malthace the Samaritan).


So, ‘Gaius Julius Alexander’, despite his Kohen bloodline and links to ‘Beit Chonyo / Bnei Tzaddok’, wasn’t even a Jew.

And he was administering territory for the Roman Imperial Family in Egypt, and had close links to ‘Antonia Minor’, exactly the same way as ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ did, during the same period of time.



Now, here’s where things get even  more interesting.

In one version of history, ‘Gaius Julius Alexander’ has two siblings: an unknown sister, and a brother ‘Tigranes V’, who gets parachuted in by Rome as the King of Armenia, between 6-12 CE.

While in another version of history, ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ has two siblings, an unknown brother ‘Julius Lysimachus’ – and the inventor of xtianity, Philo.

I am still chewing all this over, but you should know that it’s directly connected to Queen Helena of Adiabene.

Forty years later, ‘Tigranes VI’, the son of this same ‘Gaius Julius Alexander’, grandson of Herod, also gets parachuted into Armenia as another Roman puppet king – and invades the kingdom of Adiabene, in 61 CE.

Queen Helena of Adiabene is a famous convert to Judaism, who is buried here in Jerusalem.

But it could be, she ‘converted to Judaism’ because she actually married a Herodian fake-Jewish Judean prince with tight connections to the Sadducee-High Priests….

More on that another time.


So, let’s just sum this stuff up, and then we’ll finish here for today.

‘Alexander Lysimachus the Alabarch’, the guy with very tight links to the Roman Imperial Royal Family, and whose son, Tiberius, helped to destroy the Second Temple as Titus’ second in command was a Herodian prince, and grandson of Herod the Great.

His mother definitely wasn’t Jewish – so neither was he, according to the Sages.

But, according to the apikorus Sadducees, he was ‘Jewish enough’, because his father, Alexander III, is said to have been the son of ‘Mariamne Hasmonean’.

(But the Talmud suggests that didn’t happen, so either Alexander III is the son of a different Mariamne – or maybe, just another one of Herod’s non-Jewish wives….)

That also means that ‘Philo’ the creator of the philosophy that underpins xtianity was a grandson of Herod the Great, too.

Is Philo one-and-the-same as ‘Tigranes V’, the Roman puppet King of Armenia, or is that another brother of ‘Alexander the Alabarch;, sibling number 3?

At this stage, it’s hard to know.


This snippet comes from the Jewish Encyclopaedia site HERE:

Philo was himself descended from the Alabarch family (“Ant.” xviii. 8, § 1), and was either the brother or the nephew of Alexander Lysimachus.


What we DO know is that this family took a massive role in destroying the Second Temple, persecuting the Hasmonean dynasty, and had a very big motive for helping Rome to create a ‘synthesize’ of Roman Panhellenism and Judaism, to try to subvert all the Jewish messianic unrest that led to Judea rebelling again and again and again against the Roman empire.


Last thing for now.

There’s another ‘proto-xtian’ in the mix here, namely ‘Saulos Thaddeus Alexander Herod‘, who was another grandson of Herod the Great, and cousin, or second cousin, to ‘Alexander the Alabarch’.


Scholar Robert Eisenman, one of the people who is now collaborating with Joseph Atwill, believes that there is a good case to make that this ‘Saulos Thaddeus Alexander Herod’ is actually the Apostle Paul:

Snippet from HERE:

Biblical scholar Robert Eisenman has suggested that Saulos might have been the same person as Saint Paul the Apostle.

In this reconstruction, Paul’s unnamed nephew who warns him of a plot to kill him in the barracks (Acts 23:16) was Julius Archelaus, son of Paul’s supposed sister Cypros and her husband Temple Treasurer Alexas Helcias (James the Brother of Jesus; The New Testament Code; Wikipedia)

A further source used to sustain this potential relationship is Paul’s words in Romans 16.11 “Greet Herodion, my kinsman.”


And the final thing to toss into the mix here, is that there is a persistent idea that ‘Josephus’ and ‘St Paul’ are also the same person.

Again, at this stage, that seems very possible.

Read THIS, for more of the discussions going on around that idea.


So much to unpick still!

But, we’re getting closer and closer to figuring this out, and to understanding that ‘Edom’ was not only the ancestor of the Romans, he was also the ancestor of the Edomite ‘Herod the Great’, and all his horrible descendents, who gave us the scourge of ‘xtianity-induced-anti-semitism’ for the last 2,000 years.

But hopefully, this massive lie is about to fall big time.

And in the meantime, TBC.


PS: The picture at the top is what’s left of Herod’s palace in Caesaria – the town he built in honor of his Roman patron, Caesar Augustus.

Caesaria was hit by one massive earthquake, one freak storm, after another, some 1800 years ago.

That was a good start!

But now we need some earthquakes to come and finish the job, BH.


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I spent Shabbat reading a book called ‘Caesar’s Messiah’.

It was recommended in the comments a couple of weeks’ back, when we were starting to figure out more about all the lies being told about Yoshki, and the Hasmonean Judean Royal Family.

I am still figuring out a bunch of stuff, but the information in this book is very interesting, so I thought I’d sum it up for you in the meantime.

(You can also read THIS, for a precis.)


The basic idea is this:

Rome under the Emperor Titus – the guy who burnt down the Second Temple, with some help from Philo’s nephew, Tiberius Julius Alexander – oversaw the writing of:

The Jewish Wars and Antiquities of the Jews


The four Gospels of the New Testament.

Author Joseph Atwill – who used to be a believing xtian, befoire he figured all this stuff out – basically shows convincingly how ‘The Jewish Wars’ and the 4 Gospels were designed to cover the same stories using different names and details, which clearly demonstrate that Titus ‘invented Christianity’ as a way of defusing the militant Messianic Judaism that was leading to many costly wars between Rome and the Jews.

And in the process, this invented Roman religion was deliberately designed to:

a) Mock the Jewish rebels, and their Messianic beliefs, and belief in the resurrection of the dead.

b) Deliberately distort Jewish history, so ‘Roman xtianity’ could be grafted into Judaism.

c) Set up a satire, where the ‘Messiah’ being described in ‘Roman xtianity’ was none other than the Emperor Titus himself.

d) Replace authentic Torah Judaism, with a Roman ersatz version – that praised meek tax payers and people who ‘turned the other cheek’.


This all sounds incredible, but author Joseph Atwill makes quite a convincing case, in many ways.

I personally believe there is still more to this story, but the basic ideas I learnt that ring true are these:

  • The writers of ‘Josephus’ and the 4 Gospels were the same small group of people, all closely associated with the Flavian Imperial family, ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ and his brother Philo, and the Herodian Royal family.
  • These writers used the same names for a bunch of different ‘characters’ in their stories, like this:
  • Every rebellious Jewish woman was called a ‘Mary’.
  • Every ‘Moshiach-wannabe’ was called ‘Jesus’ (the Greek version of ‘Yeshua’, or ‘savior’.)
  • At least two of the main xtian apostles, John and Simon, are actually caricatures of two of the main leaders of the Jewish rebellion against Rome, John of Gischala and Simon bar Giora.
  • This ‘John of Gischala’ had his life spared by Titus, and basically became a turncoat, churning out ‘xtian’ propaganda for Titus as the writer of the ‘Gospel of John’.
  • There WERE a number of real ‘Moshiach wannabes’ fighting the Romans, members of the Hasmonean dynasty.
  • At least one of these ‘Moshiach wannabes’ was named Eliezer – and ‘Eliezer’ (or its diminutive ‘Lazarus’) seems to have been used as another codeword in both Josephus and the Gospels, to describe the real story of this Hasmonean ‘Moshiach’ who was captured by the Romans, had his limbs hacked off (or ‘pruned’) and was then returned to his followers, to die.


This comes from Atwill’s book:

Eleazar – Maccabean Hebrew name that means “whom God aids”‘. It is translated in Greek as “Lazarus”.

Eleazar was a member of the messianic dynasty [i.e. Hasmoneans] that was captured by the Romans during the siege of Jerusalem; he was threatened with crucifixion and had his limbs ‘pruned’.

He was then given back to his relatives – and after he died from his injuries they ate him. His torture and death and satirised when the figure of the cannibal Mary [in Josephus’ description of the siege of Jerusalem] eats her son as a symbolic Passover lamb, and when the figure of Lazarus in the Gospels is raised from the tomb, whereupon Mary ‘makes him a supper.”


  • The names in the New Testament and Josephus are nearly all from the Hasmonean dynasty, and are repeated so excessively, in order to create some deliberate confusion about how the ‘Roman moshiach’ and religion fit into the actual authentic Jewish history.
  • Roman xtianity set up Titus as the ‘Son of God’ to be worshipped – but just changed his name to ‘Jesus’, the Roman’s mocking catch-all name for all the Jewish ‘saviors’.
  • Titus ‘deified’ his father, the Emperor Vespasian, thus making himself ‘the Son of [a] god’, his dad ‘the god’, and his brother, Domitian, the ‘Holy Spirit’. This is the xtian trinity – all thoroughly evil human beings, and the very opposite of God and goodness.


There’s a lot more to say about all this, but here are my initial thoughts about this.

I am still trying to figure out the real identity of ‘Josephus’, and I have a couple more books coming that will hopefully help me with that endeavor.

Right now, my top candidate for ‘Josephus’ is… Philo.

He’s the brother of Alexander the Alabarch, whose sons marry into the Herodian Royal Family, and help Titus destroy Jerusalem. And Philo had the library in Alexandria, and is known to have developed the bare bones of ‘christology’, regardless of this additional information linking Titus as the real ‘son of [a] god’ xtianity was designed to get people to worship.

But Josephus could also be one-and-the-same as ‘the Apostle Paul’, who was actually another member of the Herodian royal family, called Saul Thaddeus.


Separately, I am also now thinking that the prototype for the Hasmonean ‘moshiach’ called Eliezer – but mockingly renamed ‘Jesus’, like all the moshiach-figures in Josephus / the gospels – might be R’ Eliezer HaGadol, aka Eliezer ben Hyrcanus.

I have a few reasons for thinking this.

Firstly, the name ‘Hyrcanus’ was another recurring Hasmonean name, another version of Yochanan / Onias, as we’ve seen previously.

And ‘Eliezer’ is another recurring Hasmonean name.

And ‘Eliezer HaGadol’ was known to be a Kohen. (Korban Ha’eidah to the Jerusalem Talmud, Sotah 3:4).

And also known to come from a very wealthy family, but one that was at odds with the ‘Pharisees’, or Rabbinical Judaism that was at odds with the Sadducee High Priests that were monopolising the High Priesthood – and also very closely connected to both the Hasmonean Royal Family, and Herod, not least, via Herod’s marriage to Mariamne II, the daughter of Simon Boethus the Sadduccee High Priest.

Eliezer HaGadol is originally disinherited by his wealthy father Hyrcanus, who changes his mind when he hears his son teaching Torah.

Eliezer HaGadol was also the teacher of Rabbi Akiva, who was ‘pro’ armed rebellion against the Romans, which is why he supported Simon bar Kochba.

Rabbi Akiva has another teacher, called ‘Nachum Ish Gamzu’ – who coincidentally, also has his limbs chopped off, like like the ‘Eliezer’ who was captured by the Romans and ‘pruned’.

And Eliezer HaGadol lived at the time of the destruction of the Second Temple. (He is one of the students of R Yochanan ben Zakkai, who carried his teacher out of Jerusalem in a coffin, and into Vespasian’s camp, to save him from the siege.)

And it’s known that he was ‘excommunicated’ for disagreeing over whether a clay oven could be koshered – but this was really a metaphor for Rome’s occupation of Judea, and Eliezer HaGadol was arguing for armed rebellion. (See Bava Metzia, 59b).


The Sages disagreed, excommunicated R’ Eliezer HaGadol – and at the end of his life, this is what R’ Eliezer HaGadol says (from Sanhedrin 68a):

Rabbi Eliezer said to them: Why have you come? They said to him: We have come to study Torah, as they did not want to say that they came to visit him due to his illness. Rabbi Eliezer said to them: And why have you not come until now? They said to him: We did not have spare time.
Rabbi Eliezer said to them: I would be surprised if these Sages die their own death, i.e., a natural death. Rather, they will be tortured to death by the Romans. Rabbi Akiva said to him: How will my death come about? Rabbi Eliezer said to him: Your death will be worse than theirs, as you were my primary student and you did not come to study.
Remember, elsewhere we are told that Rabbi Akiva is the main student of Nachum Ish Gamzu – who has all his limbs chopped off, paralleling what occurs to ‘Eliezer the Jewish moshiach-claimant’ who inspires a rebellion against the Romans, and contains the historical ‘kernel of truth’ the Romans built their fake religion of ‘xtianity’ around.
It’s at least possible that ‘Nachum Ish Gamzu’ and ‘R’ Eliezer HaGadol’ are the same person, just the details were disguised, because the Sages were facing terrible persecution from the Roman authorities, who were trying to get their new religion that encouraged tax-paying meekness and acceptance of slavery to take hold amongst the Jews.

That’s why so many things had to be alluded to, written in code, hinted at, in the Gemara.

And that’s also why the ‘Church of Rome’ has been hell-bent on destroying the Gemara, the last couple of millenia. Because it contains a lot of clues about the true history of what was happening around the time Rome created ‘Jesus’ and xtianity.


I will stop here for now, but this is definitely something I will be returning to.

The Hasmonean dynasty didn’t stop rebelling against Rome and its puppet royals.

Another Hasmonean King, Antigonus Matthias II, also rebelled against Rome during the time of Mark Antony and Cleopatra.

Mark Antony had him crucified… and beheaded.

And then, gave the rulership of Judea over to ‘Herod the Great’.

But the rebellions continued.

Just, they were doomed to failure, because all these ‘wannabe Moshiach Hasmoneans’ were Kohanim, not from the House of David.


BTW, a scroll was found in the Qumran community which described how they believed the Moshiach could and would come ‘from the House of Aaron’ – i.e., he would be a Kohen.

Here’s another snippet from ‘Caesar’s Messiah’:

“[F]ound among the Dead Sea Scrolls were two works, the Damascus Document and Community Rule, both of which describe a sect that looked forward to the appearance of the Messiah. In both works, this coming Messiah is described as a member of the family of Aaron:

This is the exact statement of the statutes in which (they shall walk until the coming of the Messia) of Aaron and Israel who will pardon their iniquity. [Damascus Document XIV].

They shall depart from none of the counsels of the Law…until there shall come the Prophet and the Messiahs of Aaron and Israel…[Community Rule VIII].”

So, long story short, in this upside-down world we live in, Rome stole the idea of the ‘Jewish Moshiach’ to stop all these Jewish rebellions.

They got ‘Josephus-Philo’ to write parallel fake histories, called the War of the Jews and the 4 Gospels, to mock authentic Judaism, parody the suffering and beliefs of the believing Jews who were fighting against them – and set up a ‘replacement religion and philosophy’ that would neutralise militant Jewish messianism, whilst also sowing the seeds of anti-semitism for the next 2,000 years….

There is more to this story, not least, that I think that survivors from the Hasmonean family did end up in South Wales….

But we’ll cover that off another time, BH.


In the meantime, go back and read these:





Christianity is a lie – an awful, demonic lie, deliberately designed to pull people away from believing in God.

When this domino falls – as it must – the world of lies that was built on it by the evil Romans finally falls with it.

I have a feeling, that time is inching ever closer.


Short and sweet, just go and read this, back from September 2020:



Then, read this:

It’s the leaked document from May 2022, explaining how in the next plandemic, the WHO can effectively declare martial law on every country who signed up with them.

Here’s a screenshot from page 9, the arrows show you the bit talking about the WHO can – and will – trigger the next ‘lockdowns’:


HERE is Dr Netanyahu’s Twitter feed – go and research more about the WHO’s ‘OneHealth’ initiative, you’ll start to see how everything is connected.


And last but not least…. the Geni connection.

She was married to Nathan Netanyahu, our dear PM’s cousin.

Screenshot from HERE:


As we gear up for ‘Smart Cities’ based on the climate change hoax, and probably shortly before the ‘alien invasion’ hoax, understand that ALL OF THESE PEOPLE are connected to each other -and don’t work for us.

There is no ‘left and right’.

There are good people at the ground level, trying to do the right thing, and trying to be good people, but often with some confused ideas about what that actually means in practise.

And then, there are ‘public officials’ – none of whom work for us, and all of whom work very hard to throw labels around that disguise the fact that our real enemies are not each other.

But the ‘controllers’ who control all our politicians, governments, militaries, media and institutions, and who operate ‘above us’ via organisations like the WHO.


Yesterday in Tel Aviv, a bunch of Na-Nachs showed up at the demonstrations, and got a huge number of the protesters dancing with them, to music praising Hashem.

That’s how we break this ‘spell’, that is pitting brother against brother, Jew against Jew.

Not with more violence and hatred, God forbid.

But with emuna – and dancing.

Exactly how Rebbe Nachman and the Rav said.


PS: It also strikes me that the whole thing with Sara Netanyahu getting ‘mobbed’ at her hairdresser’s in Tel Aviv is 100% a set up.

Everyone knew the traffic in Tel Aviv was going to be crazy yesterday, the day of the demonstration. No-one would arrange a hairdresser’s appointment from out of town on a day like that, especially not the PM’s wife.

They are playing us for fools all the time…

Don’t fall for it!


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In this post, we’re going to start making the links between ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ and ‘Alcimus the Kohen Gadol’.

And in the meantime, we’re going to start uncovering more real Jewish history, to figure out WHO has been oppressing the Jewish people, for 2,000 years, behind the scenes. And how exactly the same modus operandi is happening today.


Let’s begin.


First, a word about Wikipedia.

The fact that I take a lot of snippets from Wikipedia doesn’t mean that I’ve ‘bought in’ to the idea that Wikipedia is a great, impeccable source of information. It isn’t. I use it, perhaps lazily, as a starting point that is easy to quote some of the information from, as I’m piecing things together here on the blog.

Of course, Wikipedia is not telling the whole story, or anywhere close.

But, it’s often a good ‘jumping off point’, that enables me to catch a drift that will lead to more of the information that is being ‘memory holed’.

That’s all.


So with that intro, let’s take a closer look at ‘Alexander the Alabarch’, the brother of the Greek-Jewish philosophy Philo.

Here’s what I learned, since that first post HERE, where we started to unpick how Philo and Josephus are connected to the ancient Roman mafia.

‘Alexander the Alabarch’, Philo’s brother, was also the business partner of a woman called Antonia Minor.

Antonia Minor was the daughter of that same Roman Emperor ‘Mark Antony’, whose grand-daughter is meant to be the ‘Mary Magdalene’ / Mary of Bethany who married the NT’s character of ‘Jesus the Nazarene’.

You can read the ‘standard history’ about her on Wikipedia, HERE.

This is the bit I want you to pay attention to, for this post:

Having inherited properties in Italy, Greece, and Egypt, she was a wealthy and influential woman, who often received visitors to Rome. She had many male friends, including Alexander the Alabarch, a wealthy Jew, and Lucius Vitellius, a consul and the father of Aulus Vitellius, a future emperor.


‘Alexander the Alabarch’ was way more than just a ‘male friend’, whatever that actually means in immoral Roman terms.

He was actually Antonia Minor’s business partner and estate manager.

And he was also Rome’s tax collector for Alexandria – which made him fabulously wealthy, and also very closely connected to the Roman Emperors and ‘aristocracy’.

To briefly recap, one of ‘Alexander the Alabarch’s’ sons is called Tiberius Julius Alexander. He’s the second in command of Titus, and helps to destroy the Second Temple, before becoming the Procurator of Judea, under the Emperor Claudius.

Meanwhile, he’s got a brother called ‘Marcus Julius Alexander‘, who marries into Herod the Great’s family.

Apparently, like this:


  1. Is Philo, the philosophy who put together the foundations of the new religion that came to be known in our days as ‘xtianity’ (more on that in another post.)
  2. Is his brother, ‘Alexander Lysimachus, Alabarch of Alexandria’ – notice his name.
  3. Is Alexander Lysimachus’ son, Marcus Julius Lysimachus, who marries ‘Julia Berenice, Princess of Judea‘.
  4. Is Tiberius Julius Alexander, the guy who helps destroy the Second Temple with Titus, then becomes the Roman Procurator of Judea.


You can read a lot about this ‘Julia Berenice’ HERE.

She also had a few husbands, was the lover of that same Titus who destroyed our Second Temple – and is seriously suspected of committing incest with her own brother, Herod Agrippa II, ‘last Herodian king of Judea’.

Lovely family!


But before we continue, there is already some strange things going on here.

For example, ‘Julia Berenice’s’ father has two names.

He’s commonly referred to as ‘Herod Agrippa I’ – best friend of the Emperor Claudius.

Claudius’ mother is…..Antonia Minor, the business partner of ‘Alexander the Alabarch’.

And as a child, guess where all the ‘child captives’ from Judea’s royal family were being held, while they were being ‘re-educated’ in Rome?

Yes, you got it: at the home of Antonia Minor.

So ‘Herod Agrippa I’ grew up with what become the Emperor Claudius.


Now, what is the second name of ‘Herod Agrippa I’?

This is a screenshot from geni:


There seems to be a lot of hellenized Jews called ‘Marcus Julius’ with tight links to the Herodian royal family and Rome going on here.

There were strict naming conventions in Rome, and perhaps that explains it. But, there is something ‘niggling’ me about all this, not least because the details for this period of time, and Herod’s family, have been manipulated non-stop, the last 2,000 years.

Let’s park that for now, and continue.


This snippet comes from HERE – a site that used to be called ‘historyhuntersinternational’, but which disappeared off the web a few years ago, and now you can only find it on the WayBack Machine.

Philo and later, Ptolemy, used the Royal Library of Alexandria to develop their syncretic theme, starting with the first christology, then developing Greek magic, from which spring the divine men of Classical Antiquity.

The Lysimachus sought power and that is expensive. Jewish merchants dominated trade with the East and tax on trade became the single most important source of imperial funds after the Roman conquest of Britain, which stablised the imperial border and ended the instant revenue derived from the slaves and gold of conquest.

The alabarch financed Jewish kings and the Temple in Jerusalem, as well as the Flavians. Their wealth depended on stability, giving them the urgent motive to resolve the threat to Pax Romana of Messianic Judaism.

They also sought to return to the old stamping ground of the general Lysimachus, in Thrace and Asia Minor, which is the context for the marriage of Marcus and the campaigning of Tiberius with Corbulo in Armenia.


In 1838 an inscription was found in Aradus, in which the council and the people of Aradus pay homage simultaneously to Pliny the Elder and to Alexander (Corpus Inscriptionum Græcarum, iii. 1278, No. 4536 et seq.).

The dignities of Alexander are stated in this inscription as follows: inscription1 The Lysimachus Dynasty (this appellation is found here only, and is equivalent to vice-procurator; see Mommsen in “Hermes,” xix. 640); eparch of the Jewish host; governor of Syria; eparch of the twenty-second legion in Egypt. The stone bearing this inscription was brought to Paris in 1864 (Renan, “Mission en Phénicie,” 1864, p. 29).

Over the last century, many inscriptions and documents from this period have been found, of which most have yet to be understood fully. Even so, we may expect in the near future for more flesh to be added to the Lysimachus prosopography.

Two specific areas of this dynasty I suggest could be beneficial to study are:

  1. The syncretisms of Cleopatra and Philo and if any relationship exists between them.

  2. Possible confusions between the histories of Alexander, son of the alabarch, and Alexander, son of Herod the Great. The account by Josephus of a pretender to the Herodian prince may be a hint at something more.


I’m not expecting you to understand all this totally.

I am still figuring it out myself.

But the point is, this ‘Alexander Lysimach, the Alabarch’ is VERY connected with the Romans, and financing and controlling Herod’s royal family in Judea, exactly when the temple is destroyed.

And then, his brother Philo just happens to be raiding the Library in Alexandra to put together the bones of a new ‘Greek-Jewish’ syncrestic religion that we come to know as ‘christianity’.

Just at the same time that Rome is trying to stamp out ‘Messianic Judaism’, for political reasons.

(There is way more to that story, but I am saving it for another post, so as not to overwhelm you.)


OK, so now, how does all this tie in with the other stuff we’ve been unpicking here, about that family of ‘rogue Kohanim‘, related to the Hasmoneans and Shimon HaTzaddik, who started up their own rival Temple in Heliopolis?

Let’s turn to that side of the equation now.

And here’s where the tale zooms off into even more interesting.


In the stories about what happened to spark off Antiochus Epiphanes’ harsh decrees against the Torah and the Jews, that in turn led to the Hashmonaim revolt and the Chanuka story, there are a lot of ‘missing details’.

Here’s that ‘standard story’, from Wikipedia:

Menelaus was a high priest and a Greek Jewish leader during the Second Temple period and the Hasmonean Revolt, between 163 and 172 BC.

Menelaus, under the reign of Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) the Seleucian, caused the desecration of the Temple and the waste of its treasures which were the property of the people, thus laying the groundwork for the decrees of religious persecution of Antiochus IV in 168 BC.

Menelaus, along with his brother Shimon and the two rulers of Israel close to him in the leadership dynasty, Jason and Alcimus, are the central figures identified with the phenomenon of degeneration and its significance in the Jewish tradition.


The ‘Jason’ mentioned here is the brother of Chonyo / Onias / Yochanan III, the Kohen Gadol mentioned in the Gemara Tractate Menuchot 109b.

Read more about that HERE.

Chonyo III’s son, Chonyo / Onias VI (or other’s say, Onias V) goes down to Egypt, starts up his own rival ‘Temple’ in Heliopolis, and gets very cosy with the Egyptian rulers:

When Ptolemy Philopater dies, it’s Onias IV, head of his army, and his Jewish mercenaries, who save the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra when a civil war erupts.

I am now thinking that ‘Chonyo / Onias VI’ is the ancestor of this same ‘Alexander the Alabarch’, and his family, including Philo.

We’ll see if that pans out.


In the meantime, there’s a ton of confusion about where this ‘rival’ corrupt Kohen Gadol, Menelaus, came from.

Josephus claims that he is also another brother of Chonyo III and Jason.

Modern historians don’t like that idea. But while I was tootling around, I found more details, in Russian, that started to open up some very interesting possibilities of what was really going on.

It started when I found an entry on ‘CycloWiki’ called: Jewish Revolt against Lysimachus

I’d never heard of this particular ‘Jewish Revolt’ before, but the name ‘Lysimachus’ caught my eye.


Menelaus, who received the title of high priest for a bribe, left his brother Lysimachus in Jerusalem as a kind of “acting” high priest when he was summoned to Antiochus Epiphanes to pay for his position.

This Lysimachus decided to use his power to enrich himself, and with 3 thousand soldiers began to plunder the people.

These forces were not enough, and the Jews, armed with sticks and stones, defeated Lysimachus ‘ army, and lynched him in front of the Temple:


“But when many blasphemies were committed in the city by Lysimachus, with the permission of Menelaus, and the rumor spread, the people rebelled against Lysimachus, for many golden vessels were stolen. 

When the people rose up in anger, Lysimachus armed up to three thousand men and began lawless violence under the leadership of a tyrant who was old in years and no less old in madness. Seeing this violence of Lysimachus, some seized stones, others stout stakes, and others, snatching up dust from the ground, threw them all together at Lysimachus ‘ men, and thus wounded many of them, struck others, and put them all to flight, and killed the sacrilegious man himself near the treasury.” – Book of Maccabees II, 4, 39-42



This corrupt, money-grubbing ‘Lysimachus’ was apparently also a Kohen.

Also a ‘Kohen Gadol’ – number 45, according to the Russian Cyclowiki site.

And it was while he was trying to steal stuff out of the Temple Treasury that the revolt began that lead to Antiochus Epiphanes believing the Jews were revolting against Greek rule, so he came back at them with the decrees that three years’ later, led to the Hasmonean revolt, and Chanuka.

In fact, ‘Chonyo III’ (aka ‘Yochanan Kohen Gadol – from the ‘Bnei Zadokim’ line) is the guy that tries to prevent ‘Lysimachus’ from doing what he’s doing, only to be deposed, and then later murdered by Lysimarch’s brother ‘Menelaus’, presumably taking revenge for the death of his brother.

And it just so happens that ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ is also called ‘Lysimachus’ a couple of generations later, and it’s his son who destroys the Temple with Titus.

And his brother, Philo, that comes up with the philosophy that became ‘christology’.


There’s more.


Now, let’s take a closer look at another Kohen Gadol called ‘Alcimus’, to see how he is meant to fit into this picture.

These snippets come from CycloWiki HERE:

Alcimus (or Joiakim) was a leader of the anti-national Hellenistic party in Judea, who was appointed high priest of the Jews by the Syrian King Demetrius Seleucides and installed in this position by his general Bacchides in 161 BC…..

Following Demetrius ‘ accession to the throne in 162 BC, Alcimus appeared as a defender of the impending fall of Syrian rule in Judea; he went to Antioch to petition for the appointment of himself as high priest and to ask for help against the revolutionary party of Judas Maccabeus.

Demetrius sent Bacchides, the ruler of Celes-ria, to Jerusalem and instructed him to appoint Alcimus as high priest.


In Judea, Alcimus by trickery managed to gain the confidence of the scribes and strict legalists (Hasidians), who did not sympathize with the political uprising in general and therefore asked Alcimus to bring the matter to a peace agreement between Judea and Syria.

However, despite his promise of security, he executed several of the Hasidim in order to intimidate the others.

Bacchides himself killed all the followers of Judas Maccabeus who fell into his hands, and having provided Judea with a sufficient garrison force, which he entrusted to Alcimus, he returned to Syria.


Alcimus, united with his fellow Hellenists, launched a war against the Maccabees and fought for the primacy in Judea and for the αρχιερωσύνη (office of high priest). However, he was not able to resist and turned to the king for help.

To support Alcimus, Demetrius sent his general Nicanor in 161 BC, who was defeated and killed in a skirmish with the Jews; the day of this victory, 13 Adar, was celebrated annually in Jerusalem under the name of Nicanor’s Day.

Shortly afterward, Alcimus approached Jerusalem with Bacchides, who attacked Judas Maccabeus at Eleasa with such a large force that Judas was defeated and killed. Alcimus and the Hellenists then seized control of Judea and enjoyed the persecution and murder of nationalist Jews. Bakkhid greatly assisted them in this, continuing the war with the Hasmonean leaders Jonathan and Shimon and establishing a large number of fortresses in Judea.

Alcimus ‘ name does not appear in reports of the Maccabean Wars; only his death in 160 BC is recorded in connection with his attempt to destroy the wall surrounding the Temple courtyard.

He held the position for three or four years, having been appointed to it by Antiochus V as early as 163 BC, as the successor of Menelaus.


There is a lot to unpick here.

First, I realised that this ‘Alcimus’ is meant to be the successor to Menelaus.

And then, I realised that ‘Lysimachus’ was also meant to be the successor to Menalaus.

And then I realised that A-L-C-I-M-U-S is effectively an anagram of LYSIMACHUS.

I.e. they are the same person.

Now, let’s take a look at R’ Yose ben Yoezer, nasi of the Sanhedrin at this period of time.


R’ Yose ben Yoezer was known to be a ‘Hasidean’, i.e. part of that group that were against the Hasmonean’s military revolt, who were ‘tricked’ into aligning with ‘Alcimus Kohen Gadol’, before Alciums turned on them and had a bunch of them crucified.

This from Wikipedia:

Jose was probably among the sixty pious men who, at the instigation of the high priest Alcimus, the son of his sister, were crucified by the Syrian general Bacchides.

The Midrash reports the following dialogue between Alcimus and Jose ben Joezer while the latter was on the way to execution:

Alcimus: “See the profit and honors that have fallen to my lot in consequence of what I have done, whilst thou, for thy obstinacy, hast the misfortune to die as a criminal.”
Yose, quietly: “if such is the lot of those who anger God, what shall be the lot of those who accomplish His will?”
Alcimus: “Is there any one who accomplished His will more than thou?”
Yose: “If this is the end of those who accomplish His will, what awaits those who anger Him?”

On this Alcimus was seized with remorse and committed suicide:

“He went and subjected himself to all four modes of execution inflicted by the Beth Din: stoning, burning, beheading, and strangulation. What did he do [to accomplish this]? He took a beam and stuck it in the ground, attached a rope to it, set up logs [in front of it], and built a stone wall around it. He then made a bonfire [with the logs] and stuck a sword in the middle. He then hanged himself with the rope, and while he was strangling the rope burnt through and snapped, he fell on the sword, while the wall [of stones] fell upon him and he burned [in the fire].”


You can read more about ‘Alcimus’, the wicked Kohen Gadol who was actually leading the war against Judah Maccabee and the Hashmonaim on the Jewish Encyclopedia site, HERE.

As usual, there’s massive confusion over whether he was really a Kohen Gadol, or not, but the book of Maccabees relates this:

[Alcimus] mentions his ἀρχιερωσύυη to the king as being inherited from his ancestors (II Macc. xiv. 7); yet, without question, the members of another family up to this time had had uninterrupted possession of the high-priesthood.


The ‘Biblesearchers’ site combines a bunch of cobblers about the descent of Yoshki, with some interesting details gained from ‘official history’ and research from that period of time in Jerusalem.

The trick is trying to sort the fact from the fiction. To say that’s not easy is quite the understatement.

But I checked back on their ‘Kohen Gadol’ genealogy, to see if I could shed some more light on where these ‘Menelaus / Lysimach’ brothers actually came from. HERE is what they show:


A lot of this seems to pan out (until we get down to Yoshki – more on that another time.)

And they show ‘Menelaus and Lysimach’ as the cousins of Chonyo III and Jason-Jesus.

Which makes a lot of sense.

And not only that, they have ‘Menelaus’ with his original name as ‘Chonyo IV’ – which would also make sense, as his grandfather was the same ‘Chonyo II’ (‘Yochanan’) that ‘Chonyo III’ is named for.

And then, these two sets of cousins – both from ‘Beit Chonyo / Bnei Zadokim’ – start fighting it out, leading to civil war, mamash, to see who gets to ‘rule’ in the Temple, and act as the Greek governor of occupied Judea.


What is very strange here, is that ‘Judah Maccabbee’ is not included in this list of ‘High Priests’, even though he apparently served for three years, before the Hellenising Jews under Alcimus managed to kill him.

Clearly, there are still more mysteries to solve.

But for now, let’s finish up with Alcimus, and what he did to his uncle.


R’ Yose ben Yoezer, a Kohen, and head of the Sanhedrin, and a ‘Hasid’, was effectively crucified by his own nephew, ‘Alcimus the Kohen Gadol’.

And ‘Alcimus’ = ‘Lysimachus’.

One more detail, for now, and then we’ll wrap this up for today.

(There’s always so much more to say, but slowly does it.)


In the book I have by Allen Goldenthal, the Sadducee-Karaite-Kahana descendant, who has clued me into how these ‘Sadduccee-Karaites-Kohens’ have continued to rule and corrupt the Jewish community from behind the scenes for the last 2,000 years, there is a family tree, where he traces his own descent from this ‘Alcimus’.

That family tree shows that ‘Jesus the Nazarene’, ‘James the Just’, Caiaphas the Kohen Gadol (from the NT account), and last but not least, ‘Josephus Flavius’ – all descend from this Alcimus.

And ALCIMUS = LYSIMACHUS, who is also the presumed ancestor of ‘Alexander Lysimach the Alabarch’, tax collector of Egypt, business partner of Antonia Minor – guy who was effectively financing all of Rome’s ‘puppet royalty’ after their indoctrination at Antonia Minor’s place, as children.



I have a lot more unpicking to do.

But, I think we came a big step closer to figuring out who these people really were, and more of what was actually going on in the lead up to the destruction of the Second Temple.

And once we know what that sin of ‘sinat chinam’ actually really was, tachlis, then we can really start doing the teshuva required to fix it, and to have geula and the rebuilt Third Temple.





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