So, we learned in the last post that ‘Dr Chaim David Bernard’ was the physician to the Prussian Emperor, before becoming a chassidic rebbe.

(You can see part one of this post HERE.)

But now, we have a few more mysteries to solve, including:

Were there two ‘baal teshuva’ doctor-chassids, who were both ministering to the Prussian Emperor at the same time? And if that seems unlikely – who was the real one?

Chaim David Bernard, or ‘Dr Aaron / Yekutiel Gordon’?

And if there is only one person – then where did that story about the Maggid of Mezritch and ‘Dr Gordon’ come from?

And is it possible that the real ‘Maggid of Mezritch’ was actually R David Biderman of Lelov, and not the mysterious ‘Dov Ber Friedman’, who springs out of nowhere?

And there is still a weird tie-up with the ‘Righteous Ger of Vilna’, and possibly, with British aristocracy.


I am discovering this information as I write this post, so let’s see where this takes us today, shall we?

First, you should know something about these ‘Prussian Emperors’ that Chaim David Bernard was hanging out with: they were all proto-Freemasons, and very into their secret societies and occult stuff.

This screenshot comes from the Freemasonrywatch website, HERE:


Berlin was also the focal point for the Sabbatean-Frankist ‘Berlin Haskalah’ of Jewish reformers.

Moses Mendelssohn, David Friedlander, Daniel Joffe Itzig – all these people descend, mamash, from ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ families, and then morphed into ‘Berlin Reformers’.

That’s not a coincidence.

Also not a coincidence, is that Dr Chaim David Bernard is said to come from the ‘house of Moses Mendelssohn’ – whatever that actually is going to end up meaning, tachlis.

But the ‘Berlin Haskalah’ was pulled off by Frankists with very tight links to occult-practising royalty, via all the secret societies that were being set up at that time, that had all different sorts of names like ‘Freemasonry’, the ‘Asiatic Order’, and a bunch of other things, too.


This is an excerpt of what was going on in Berlin, from a contemporary account of a English woman who married into Prussian nobility, and wrote up her memoirs in the 1820s:

Towards the end of the last century an association, or secret society, existed, which was daily gaining ground. It was the Order of the Illumines. The chiefs of this Order had resolved to form an association which was to unveil the mysteries of superstition, to enlighten mankind, and to render them happy.

Their object was to gain a superiority over the lodges of Freemasonry, (2) and to turn these institutions from darkness to the benefit of humanity. They proposed to extend the sphere of knowledge universally, not so much in depth as on the surface; to introduce reason and good sense; to ameliorate the condition of men by an insensible operation….

The project was great noble and sublime; but prudence was wanting in its execution…. The society enlarged, the wicked and designing were admitted; the powers of bigotry and superstition saw the force of their enemy, and the arm of Government was called to their assistance. Many of the chiefs were driven from Germany, others were imprisoned, and every thing but death and torture inflicted on them.

The dispersed members of this association soon formed another assembly; they were again surprised, their papers taken, and their doctrines published, without regard to the effects which they might produce. Many sects arose from these, which rendered discord prevalent throughout Germany. Their different Orders had little resemblance to Freemasonry – they were visionary, mystical, and cabalistic.


This is exactly the same time that black magician Dr Falk in London was hanging out a bunch of aristos and putting the finishing touches to his ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’ secret society.

(Dr Falk is known as the ‘Baal Shem of London, and was also the first father-in-law of Jacob Frank.)


Frederick the Great, aka Frederick II, reigned between 1712 – 1786.

As well as putting a huge emphasis on disciplined armies, he also put a huge emphasis on creating an ‘education system’ that would turn out good soldiers – i.e. molding children to obey authority unquestioningly, and to be good cannon-fodder and office workers, as opposed to developing their own intelligence and ability to think for themselves and to ask questions.

That is the same ‘brainwashing’ system still in place today.

And he was almost certainly gay – he died childless, and it’s known that when he tried to escape Prussia with the man he was having an affair with, his father, Frederick I of Prussia, had his lover decapitated.

So, a very messed-up person…. into ‘satanic’ and ‘atheist’ secret societies up to his neck….who helped to create the ‘perfect storm’ in his enlightened Berlin that enabled all these secret societies to spread their poison around the world.

And some of the genetically-Jewish ‘Frankist-Freemasons’ I write a lot about here on the blog were slap, bang in the middle of all of this.


One of the main ‘Frankist-Freemason-Reform’ families was the Eskeles clan – who have been effectively scrubbed out of most of Jewish history.

Here’s a little of why that happened.

Yehuda Leib (Eskeles) of Prossnitz was a famous false messiah, the infamous teacher of Jonathan Eybshutz – and as we discovered in THIS post, the father of Jacob Frank.

Yehuda Leib (Eskeles) of Prossnitz was the sone of R Gabriel Eskeles of Cracow, and he had a brother apparently called R’ Yissachar Berish Bernhard Eskeles.

Here’s what it says about him on the Loeb Tree site HERE:

Av beit din of: Kremsier at the age of 18 (1710-1719), Prossnitz, and Mainz (starting 1717).

Succeeded his father, Rabbi Gabriel ESKELES, as av beit din Nikolsburg and as Moravian Landesrabbiner, and in 1725 also his father-in-law Samson WERTHEIM as Hungarian Ober- und Landesrabbiner.

Bernard Gabriel ESKELES first married Chava Rebekka WERTHEIMER (b. 1691, b. 31 Aug. 1749 Vienna).

Bernard settled in 1719 in Vienna as court purveyor, supplying arms and other commodities. Using his influence in the court, he prevented the expulsion of Jews from Moravia in 1741.

He established the ESKELES Foundation for Torah which taught Torah to children and provided dowries for brides. The foundation continued to operate in Brno (Bruenn) until the 1930s.

Bernard remarried Hanna WERTHEIMER.


The Wertheimers links us straight to other Freemason-Frankist banking clans including the Oppenheims and Bacharachs – and also, to the British Royals.

Ernst Cassel, grand-dad of Lord Louis Mountbatten’s Frankist wife, descends from this same family.

So we see, that the uncle of ‘Jacob Frank’ had massive influence as one of two Court Jews under the Austrian Monarch Maria Theresa, which starts to explain how ‘Jacob Frank’ was also hanging out with European royals….


So, I sat down to the family tree of the Eskeles in more detail, and here’s a little more of what I discovered.

Long story short…. It’s looking like the Frankist ‘reformer’ Moses Mendelssohn could well be one and the same as the Frankist agent provocateur in the French Revolution (and Jacob Frank’s nephew and Jonathan Eybshutz’s grandson….) Moses Dobrushka.

‘Moses Mendelssohn’ is very prominent in the Eskeles / Wertheimer / Oppenheim family tree. He married a woman called ‘Fromet Guggenheim’. He owns a bank. He translates the Torah into German. And pretty much every single one of his children ‘turns xtian’, with many of them marrying known Frankist-Freemasons.


A while ago, I read a book called ‘Pawns in the Game’, which required a lot of birur, as while the author gave some interesting snippets, as a devout xtian he was still blaming way too much on ‘the Jews’.

But here’s a couple of snippets about Moses MENDELSSOHN’s links to the French Revolution:

(Page 39):

“At a meeting to consolidate his debts, [the Marquis de] Mirabeau was introduced to Moses Mendelssohn, one of the big Jewish financiers, who took him in hand. Mendelssohn in time introduced Mirabeu to a woman famous for her personal beauty and charm but without moral scruples….”

[Ed. note: this perfectly describes a Frankist]

Heavily in debt to Mendelssohn, tightly ensnared by Mrs Herz, Mirabeau was completely helpless…Mirabeau’s task was to induce the Duc D’Orleans to lead the Revolutionary Movement in France….

“Mirabeau introduced the Duc D’Orleans and his friend Talleyrand to [Adam] Weishaupt who initiated them into the secrets of Grand Orient Masonry….By 1788 there were more than 2,000 lodges in France affiliated with Grand Orient Masonry….Thus the Jewish Illuminati under Moses Mendelssohn was introduced into Continental Freemasonry….”


This really caught my eye when I read it a few months ago, because the Frankist-Reform Banker from Berlin, ‘Moses Mendelssohn’, was effectively doing EXACTLY what the Frankist-Agent Provacateur ‘Moses Dobrushka’ is said to have done, in the same place, at exactly the same time.

‘Moses MENDELSSOHN’ is said to have conveniently died in 1786 and dropped out the picture before ‘Moses DOBRUSHKA’ took over and got guillotined in France, in 1794.

Now that I’ve located Moses MENDELSSOHN in the real family tree of ‘Jacob Frank’ – it’s looking like a no-brainer that they were actually one and the same person.

This is actually kind of mind-blowing.


So now, let’s remind ourselves that ‘Moses Dobrushka’ is said to:

  • Have been a ‘translater of Hebrew texts’,
  • A potential candidate for leading the Frankists after the death of his uncle Jacob Frank,
  • The person who set up a secret society popularly called ‘the Asian Brotherhood’, and
  • A guy who played a leading role in the French Revolution.

Here’s a bit more about the Asian Brotherhood, from Wikipedia HERE:

It’s full title is “Order of the Knights and Brothers of St. John the Baptist, St. John the Evangelist from Asia to Europe”.

That’s significant, because we know that historically, the Sabians worshipped St. John the Baptist as their top guy.


Snippet continues:

Initiated Asian brothers received the Hebrew order names at their initiation. 

Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick, was admitted to the Order as a member of the Sanhedrin under the name of Ish Tzaddik (i.e., “a just man”), and Prince Charles of Hesse (who became Grand Master of the Order in 1786 after Justus) (in 1786) under the name Melchizedek.g

[Ed. note: so this explains how the so-called ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ came to be written using Jewish terms, by non-Jewish satanist-royals and their acolytes…]

In addition, Eckert’s brother, Hans Karl, was a member of the Sanhedrin under the name of Israel, Thomas von Schoenfeld [aka Moses Dobruska, Frank’s nephew and Eybshutz’s grandson] under the name of Zacharias…. as well as many doctors, lawyers, officers, and Jewish merchants.

Members of the Order also included influential Christian aristocrats (Prince Lichtenstein, Count Westerburg, Count Thun), wealthy Jewish financiers from Vienna (Nathan Arnstein, Bernhard Eskeles), as well as Rav Baruch ben Yaakov Shik from Shklov, Dayan (judge of the Jewish Court) in Minsk, and a reformer of Russian Jewry known for his Hebrew translations of Euclid. 


Pay careful attention to that last paragraph!!

The three people named as belonging to Moses DOBRUSHKA’S ‘Asian Brotherhood’ are:

  • Nathan Arnstein
  • Bernhard Eskeles
  • Rav Baruch Shick from Shklov

We are back with exactly the same people as always, just with their ‘alter egos’.


I have come to the conclusion that ‘Arnstein’ and ‘Oppenheim’ are basically the same family – and may well also have morphed into ‘Rothschilds’.

Here‘s a little of what I find (in German…) about ‘Baron Nathan Arnstein’:

[Baron Nathan is the] son of the banker, wholesaler and imperial court factor Ascher Anselm (later Adam) Adam Isak Arnsteiner and Sibylle Gomperz.


[Ed. note: Ascher (Adam) Anselm Arnsteiner seems to be the same guy as ‘Adam Anselm Oppenheim’, the brother-in-law of the infamous Frankist ‘whore of Brunn’ Schondel Dobrushka. That means ‘Baron Nathan Arnstein’ and ‘Moses Dobrushka’ are first cousins.]


[Baron Nathan Arnstein’s] wife is Franziska (Fanny) Itzig (born November 29, 1758 Berlin, † June 8, 1818 in Dreihaus near Vienna), daughter of the banker, factory owner and ironworker Daniel Itzig…

The [Arnsteiner & Eskeles] banking house was decisive for the financial system in Austria for three decades (taking over large government bonds, financial transactions, money lending transactions, army deliveries).

 It was essential to the establishment of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (1816; [Bernhard] Eskeles became director and vice governor) and the first Austrian savings bank (1819).


Bernhard Eskeles and Nathan Arnstein were brothers-in-law, members of ‘The Asian Brotherhood’, known ‘Reformers’, enobled court Jews with huge economic and political influence – and directly in the family tree of Jacob Frank.

But there’s more to pick up here.


Back in ‘Pawns in the Game’, the author starts talking about a woman named Lady Queensborough, who wrote a book called Occult Theocrasy.

In that book, Queensborough quotes a book written by a French Jew named Bernard Lazare called ‘L’Anti-semitisme’ that was published in 1849.

“With the leads obtained from this book, Lady Queensborough claims Benjamin Goldsmid, his brother Abraham, and their partner Moses Mocatta, and his nephew Sir Moses Montefiore…were definitely affiliated with their continental Jewish brethren to bring about the revolution in France.

“Further evidence was found to tie Daniel Itsig of Berlin and his son-in-law David Friedlander, and Herz Gergbeer of Alsace in with the Rothschilds, and the plot.”


Daniel Itzig, has a lot of ‘interesting’ sons-in-law. As well as David Friedlander, mentioned by Queensborough, above, his daughters also married Baron Nathan Arnstein (married Fanny Itzig) and Baron Bernhard von Eskeles (married Caecilie Itzig)….

Just one, big, happy Frankist-Freemason- Reforming family!


This from Wikipedia:

Daniel Itzig (also known as Daniel Yoffe 18 March 1723 in Berlin – 17 May 1799 in Potsdam) was a Court Jew of Kings Frederick II the Great and Frederick William II of Prussia

Itzig was a banker and a mintmaster in partnership with Veitel-Heine Ephraim. Together they leased all the mints in Saxony and Prussia. During the Seven Years’ War they assisted Frederick the Great in debasing the Saxonian currency…

Itzig was one of the very few Jews in Prussia to receive full citizenship privileges, as a “Useful Jew”. He became extraordinarily wealthy as a consequence…


Notice how Daniel Itzig is also working very closely with that same, satanic, ‘Frederick the Great’ of Prussia…

Here’s a little more of what Daniel Itzig was up to:

He funded early members of the Haskalah secular movement, including Rabbi Israel of Zamosch (Moses Mendelssohn‘s teacher);Samuel Rominow (an Italian Jewish artist) and Isaac Satanow.

In 1761 he began planning a school for poor Jewish boys in Berlin, and in 1778 his son together with [his son-in-law] Daniel Friedlander opened the first “free school” (Freischule) called “Hinuch Neorim”, Hebrew: ‘Teaching the Youth’.

The school and adjacent printing house later became one of the main institutions of the Haskalah movement.

At the same time he founded and funded a Yeshiva and brought Rabbi Hirschel Levin and Rabbi Joseph ben Meir Teomim [author of the Pri Megadim] to Berlin to teach there.

Itzig was the official head (‘Oberältester’) of the Jewish community in Berlin from 1764 until his death in 1799.


Rabbi Hirschel Levin of Berlin was the uncle of ‘Abraham Peretz’ of Russia.

Abraham Peretz married Feige Zeitlin, the daughter of super-wealthy Shklov court factor Baron Joshua Zeitlin, who let ‘Baruch Shick of Shklov’ (another member of The Asian Brotherhood) hang out in his mansion.

Abraham Peretz later converted to xtianity, together with his children…. who seem to have played some still hidden role in events leading up to the Russian Revolution, a few decades later.

You see?

Always the same people.


Let’s just end this where we began, with Dr Chaim David Bernhard, who starts off a Frankist-Reformer, but somehow morphs into a ‘chassidic Rebbe’.

Here’s a bit more of his bio that I want you to pay attention to:

He was probably born in 1775 in Dzaloshin, Poland, to Ischachar Ber and Rachel. Some believe that his father is Issachar B’er Plankson, a doctor, merchant and poet, author of “The Poetry of the Jews of Poland,” who was from the home of Moses Mendelssohn

At the age of 14 he moved to Berlin to pursue a general education. Studied medicine, probably at the University of Wroclaw, on a scholarship he received from Emperor Frederick II….

 After his return to Berlin, he was appointed palace physician to the Emperor of Prussia, probably Friedrich Wilhelm III, and chief physician of the Prussian army. 

At the palace he met his wife Helena, later Hadassah, the daughter of the Jewish banker Shmuel Halevi Lando of Breslau, who gave embroidery lessons and readings to the girls of the court.


He’s from the ‘house of Moses Mendelssohn’ – and he got a scholarship to study medicine from that same ‘King of Prussia’, Frederick the Great.

And he marries one ‘Helena Ester-Hadassah Landau’, that currently seems to be the grand-daughter of none other than the Noda Be’Yehuda.

There’s a lot more to unpick here still, as always.

But that will do for today.

And we still didn’t get to the righteous ger of Vilna…. and how that links all this back to the Vilna Gaon.



I wrote about Mendelsohn’s bank a few years’ back, HERE.

This is a pertinent snippet, that stands up what we’ve discovered about Moses Mendelson aka ‘Moses Dobrushka’ even more:

You probably remember that Moses Mendelssohn is often ‘credited’, if you can call it that, with being the founder of the Reform movement within Judaism. But if you re-read his role within the context of ‘Real Jewish History’, it’s obvious that he was part of the Sabbatian-Frankist network that overwhelmed so much of the orthodox Jewish world – from the top down.

Mendelssohn was given smicha by none other than the secret Sabbatian Yonatan Eybshutz – Rabbi Marvin Antelman tracked down the original smicha document in the Schiff collection in NY, as covered HERE.


Another pertinent snippet:

In common with so many other Frankist families, most of Moses Mendelssohn’s children raced to drop their Jewish identity.

The one I just want to focus on here is called Dorothea Friederike von Schlegel, the oldest child of Moses, who was born Brendel Mendelssohn (1764 – 1839). She married one Simon Veit – whose father Judah was another banker:

Juda Veit (1716-1786), was a wool merchant and founder of a bank. He was descended from one of the fifty Jewish families that had been expelled from Vienna and settled in Brandenburg, at the invitation of Elector Friedrich Wilhelm. They were from the upper classes and possessed a “letter of protection”, allowing them and their descendants the right of residence.


Simon Veit is also interesting…

But enough for today.


You might also like this article:

I know, I know, what on earth does that title actually mean?

Before we get into it, here’s the piece I just translated from the Rav, from a couple of weeks ago, and then we’ll start to unpick it:

Each hour he’d see angels, until this was told to the rabbis of Venice.

And Rabbi Yeshaya Bassan was his shver. R’ Yeshaya Bassan told him to lower his profile, the he should keep things censored – but he couldn’t do it.

Every quarter of an hour, he saw an angel.

And there was one person, called ‘Gordon’, he was a student of the ‘Gaon’, and he was a little ruined. And he came to Padua to learn in the university, and when he saw the Ramchal, he made teshuva. And he heard how he would converse with angels – he heard how he was speak.


The Ramchal was shut up in a room, but each quarter of an hour, he was talking to someone, until he revealed that this was the Angel Gabriel, and the Angel Michael, and the Angel Nuriel. Every quarter of an hour, a new angel would come.

And so, he publicised this. This was in around 5480. In 5488 (1728), this was exactly 50 years after ‘that man’ – Shabtai Tzvi – died [in 1678]. So they suspected that he was also a Sabbatean, so all of the Venetian rabbis excommunicated him.

And he wrote Zohar, he wrote a whole Zohar. They took the Zohar away from him, and just left the 70 tikkunim that he wrote on ‘Bereishit – before the eyes of all Israel’. This remains.


And afterwards, he travelled to Amsterdam, until they wrote to the rabbis of Amsterdam and they also excommunicated him. There is where he printed Mesillat Yesharim. They didn’t agree to let him print books about kabbalah.

And so he saw that in each place, he was being excommunicated, so he ascended to Israel. He got to Israel in 5503 (1743), and after half a year, he died. And angels brought him to Tiveria, because he died in Acco.

It’s impossible to bring [someone] from Acco – there was no ‘chevra kadisha’ organisation, there were only donkeys. Donkeys took three days. It’s impossible to carry a body along for three days. So, how he got from Acco to Tiveria is still a mystery, even today.

He was the soul of Rabbi Akiva, so only angels brought him.

[Translated from the Rav’s comments in the ‘Be’er B’Sadeh’ sefer.] Shivivei Or 309


In one of those not so strange coincidences, I read this when I was trying to track down a bit more about the ‘Gordon’ family that Jonathan Eybshutz supposedly descends from, even though he’s clearly a descendant of the Shapiro clan and the Megaleh Amukot.

So, I read this and realised there were apparently a bunch of ‘Gordons’, at least one of whom was learning to be a doctor in Padua, connected to Vilna, and specifically the Vilna Gaon.

Here’s what I managed to scrounge up on this subject, it’s pretty eclectic – and I have to say, very strange.


First, I found a first name for a ‘Yekutiel Gordon’ of Vilna in Arie Morgenstern’s book about the Vilna Gaon, on page 60.

Here’s what it says there:

“Ramhal was not fated to stay long in Eretz Yisrael. He became ill during an epidemic and died in Acre on May 8, 1744. in 1752, eight years after his death, two of his senior disciples, David Valle and Yekutiel Gordon of Vilna, wished to move to Eretz Yisrael in order to hasten the redemption and thereby complete their mentor’s unfinished task.

David Valle, still infused with a sense of messianic destiny, intended together with his colleague Yekutiel Gordon, to establish a yeshiva in Hebron – a scheme that the two of them worked up that very year, with assistance from Solomon Rokeach.”


Who is this ‘Solomon Rokeach’?

I don’t know. But this is what turned up when I was looking for  a ‘Rokeach’ in Vilna at that time:

Long story short, the Rokeach families and the Bloch / Vilna Gaon families were intermarrying, at least a couple of generations afterwards.

Bloch’s wife, Rakhel, was a daughter of Rabbi Yehoshua Eliezer Rokeakh of Vidz, Lithuania. The source of this information was the late Rabbi Yosef Kahanaman  Rosh Yeshiva Ponevezh in Bnei Brak, who told members of the family when he met them on several occasions that Yehoshua Eliezer Rokeakh was a descendant of the Vilna Gaon in the fifth or sixth generation. Rokeach lived in the town of Vidz, Lithuania, where Kahanaman had served as rabbi and  was told directly of the relationship.

Although no documentary evidence exists to trace the exact line of descent of the Rokeakh and Bloch families, it seems that the connection is well founded, as a scholar of Rabbi Kahanaman’s reputation would not have repeated idle rumours.


So, back to the good Dr Yekutiel Gordon.

On the Jewish Encyclopaedia site, we get a bit further:

“He went to Padua to study medicine, and there made the acquaintance of the young Moses Ḥayyim Luzzatto, under whose guidance he took up the study of the Cabala. From his letters to Mordecai Jaffe of Vienna (to whom he probably had been introduced by his father-in-law, R. Raphael of Wilna) and to Joshua Höschel, rabbi of Wilna (in 1729; published in Emden’s “Torat ha-Ḳena’ot,” p. 45,), it is evident that he was a firm believer in the teachings of the Cabala, and even in miracles.

He was careless enough to write to Wilna and Vienna that Luzzatto was a great cabalist and a seer of visions, an indiscretion which led to Luzzatto’s persecution by Moses Ḥagiz and other fanatical rabbis.

When Luzzatto was compelled to leave Padua, Jekuthiel remained, and for two years, with a circle of companions, continued in secret the study of the Cabala. He then returned to Lithuania and made many converts to the Cabala. In 1742 he was sent from Brest-Litovsk as a delegate to Wilna (?); from that time his movements are unknown. 


So, we’re already starting to see a few of the ‘red flags’ that tell us we are probably dealing with a secret Sabbatean here, in some way.

That last paragraph holds a ton of clues, like this:

  • ‘Dr’ Yekutiel Gordon is learning kabbalah in secret with a bunch of buddies.
  • Then he comes back to Lithuania, and ‘made many converts to the Cabala’. Kabbalists don’t missionise – unless they are Sabbateans or proto-Frankists.
  • Then, he’s ‘sent from Brest-Litovsk as a delegate to Wilna’ – what that delegation is all about, we have no idea. But he ends up in Vilna, the heart of the ‘Sabbatean’ proto-Zionist action. And then disappears!
  • Plus, we have the fact that he managed to nobble the RAMCHAL, a real Tzaddik, with his ‘accidental’ exposure of his teachings to all the wrong people.

Let’s see what else turns up about the good ‘Dr Gordon’.


As I mentioned earlier, Jonathan Eybshutz’s real surname was Gordon.


The genealogy is of course all totally screwed-up, but this much I can tell you – ‘Eybshutz’ is a made up surname, and probably stands for ‘AV-Shatz’.

I.e. ‘my father is SHATZ – Shabtai Tzvi’.

Eybshutz descends from the Megaleh Amukot’s Shapiros, and his grandfather is meant to be one ‘Asher Zelig Gordon’, ABD of Cracow. Of course, I can’t find any trace of that guy outside these made-up genealogies – which is kinda weird, given his prominent position in one of the most prestigious Jewish communities of Poland.

Let’s back to ‘Dr Gordon’.


‘Dr Gordon’ WAS definitely a doctor in Vilna – he shows up in ‘Tzaddik’ (the English translation of ‘Chayey Moharan, the life of Rabbenu), where on page 65, we learn this:

“It was before Purim of 5567 (1807) that the Rebbe left Breslov for Novorich…Then he came back and went to Ostrog.

In Ostrog he sent messengers to bring his wife [Sashia], to the see the local doctor, who name was Gordon.”

In the note below, we’re told:

“Dr Gordon, who lived in Ostrog and Vilna, was a follower of the Magid of Mezritch.”

He was an old guy by the time he appears as Rabbenu’s ‘Dr Gordon’ – he died three years after this meeting. But he fits the timeline for ‘Dr Yekutiel Gordon’, our suspected secret Sabbatean, perfectly.


Now I know that he morphed into a follower of the Maggid of Mezritch – as so many of the secret Sabbateans actually did – I headed over to Chabadpedia to see if they have more information about any ‘Dr Gordons’.

Whaddya know, they do. This is a google-translated screenshot from HERE, I’ll do a proper translation underneath:


Dr Aaron Gordon was a baal teshuva from among the Maggid of Mezritch’s disciples.

He had previously served as the personal physician of the Emperor of Prussia.

One day, upon encountering a medical miracle performed by the Maggid of Mezritch, he enthusiastically travelled to Mezritch, where the Maggid told him: “You will heal my body and I will heal your soul.”

From that point on, he served as his personal physician and disciple, and while he was with the Maggid of Mezritch, he also took care of the Alter Rebbe.

He was a friend of the doctor.


Unless there were tons of ‘Dr Gordons’ hanging out in Vilna, this sounds like our guy.

And now, we learn that he was: “the personal physician of the Emperor of Prussia” – whoever that turns out to be, but clearly ‘Dr Gordon’ has some friends in very high places, as so many of these Sabbatean-Frankists actually did.


Before we leave Chabadpedia, there seems to be a few more interesting doctors hanging out with the Alter Rebbe and the Maggid of Mezritch.

On THIS page, I find this very strange story about one ‘Dr Abraham’ who apparently cures the Alter Rebbe of 200 worms that were infesting his brain.

Freely translated snippet:

When the Alter Rebbe was the student of the Maggid of Mezritch, he had a terrible illness of worms that had penetrated into his brain.

The Maggid of Mezritch asked Dr Avraham to try to find a way of curing this, but then discovered that the proposed treatment would result in the Alter Rebbe’s nose being ‘bent’ out of shape.

When this was discovered, the Maggid asked [Dr Avraham] to sit for three days to find a different cure. Finally, he concocted a unique ointment which he smeared under the nose of the Alter Rebbe.

After a few hours, all the worms came out of the Alter Rebbe’s head, which amounted to more than 200, and the Alter Rebbe was healed. But despite this, a scar still remained under his nose.

And this led to the resolution of the dispute over the picture of the Alter Rebbe.


What ‘picture of the Alter Rebbe’ is being referred to, here?

Can anyone help me out with this?

There’s a few more ‘chassidic doctors’ who were close followers of the Alter Rebbe hanging out on Chabadpedia, including:

R’ Yeshaya the doctor

R’ Yitzhak the doctor, and

R’ Shimon the doctor – who apparently lived to be more than 100 years old, after a blessing from the Alter Rebbe.


But let’s park all them for now, because I’m still trying to track down who this ‘Dr Gordon’ really was, in real life, who was the doctor of the ‘Emperor of Prussia’ before becoming a chassid.

Like, how many of these people can there really be in the world?


So, I’m clicking around here, clicking around there, when God finally has mercy on me, and I get to this guy, called Chaim David Bernard, on the JewishGen site HERE.



I go looking for more details on ‘Dr Chaim David Bernard the Chassidic baal teshuva Rebbe’ – and I hit gold (but only in Hebrew…)

First, this snippet comes from HERE:

In his youth, Rabbi Chaim David Bernhard was very far from Judaism, living his life much like a Polish nobleman. In fact he was the personal physician of King Wilhelm II of Prussia, and everyone knew him as Doctor Bernhard.

On account of a medical miracle that he witnessed, however, Doctor Bernhard did teshuvah. One of his patients, who suffered from an incurable disease (which the physicians of the time deemed fatal), went to see the tzaddik Rabbi David of Lelov for a blessing, after which he completely recovered.

When he returned to Doctor Bernhard, he examined him and was amazed to discover that he was in perfect health. He therefore decided to go and see this rabbi from Lelov for himself. Rabbi David spoke in private with the doctor for several hours, and at the end of their conversation he said to the doctor, “When you return to Judaism, you will bring happiness to your Father in Heaven.

In fact Doctor Bernhard became another man – Rabbi Chaim David Bernhard – for he was determined on completely returning to Hashem

When he came back home, he broke all his dishes and purchased new ones, becoming a G-d-fearing Jew. In fact he became such a chassid of Rabbi David of Lelov that he eventually became one of the tzaddikim of the generation, having many disciples of his own.


This sounds almost exactly the same as the description of the baal teshuva ‘Dr Aaron Gordon’ and his meeting with the ‘Maggid of Mezritch’ on the Chabadpedia website.

Except the names are different….

So now I’m scratching my head, trying to figure out which person is the ‘real person’, which story is the ‘original story’, here.

On ‘Chaim David’s’ Wikipedia page in Hebrew HERE, I start getting some more stunning details – and his picture:

Is it just me, or does he look kind of familiar?


Here’s a Google-translated snippet:

Rabbi Dr. Haim David Bernhard (known as the Rebbe the Doctor 1775)(1858) is a famous Polish Jewish doctor who repented and joined the Hasidism movement. He served as physician to Frederick Wilhelm III of Prussia, Stanislav Poniatowski, the last king of Poland, and to nobles in Poland.


This guy is the personal doctor of the ‘Emperor of Prussia’, and also, apparently, the last king of Poland….

Do we really think there are two such people, doing exactly the same thing, at exactly the same time, just with totally different names?

Here’s more details about ‘Chaim David Bernhard’ (aka ‘Dr Aharon / Yekutiel Gordon), the dr chassid, and the incredibly high social standing he had:

He was probably born in 1775 in Dzaloshin, Poland, to Yischachar Ber and Rachel. Some believe that his father is Issachar B’er Plankson, a doctor, merchant and poet, author of “The Poetry of the Jews of Poland,” who was from the home of Moses Mendelssohn.

At the age of 14 he moved to Berlin to pursue a general education. Studied medicine, probably at the University of Wroclaw, on a scholarship he received from Emperor Frederick II. He received his diploma in medicine at Erfut University.

He served as a doctor at the Berlin Military Hospital. In 1797 he was posted to Warsaw as the doctor of the Prussian legions there and then in Radomsk Province. 

After his return to Berlin, he was appointed palace physician to the Emperor of Prussia, probably Friedrich Wilhelm III, and chief physician of the Prussian army. 

At the palace he met his wife Helena, later Hadassah, the daughter of the Jewish banker Shmuel Halevi Lando of Breslau, who gave embroidery lessons and readings to the girls of the court. The couple were from Berlin.


After the conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte and the founding of the Duchy of Warsaw, Bernhard was appointed General Josef Zaunczyk’s physician there and chief physician of the western provinces of the Duchy.

He was there in contact with Army Minister Josef Poniatowski and Adam Czartoryski. He served as a professor of medicine at the University of Warsaw, the highest position in academia that a Jew could reach in those days in Poland. Bernhard belonged to the circle of assimilated Jews, who founded schools where they studied in Polish.


This guy is mamash hanging out with all those Frankist-Sabbateans I keep writing about, and rubbing shoulder with ‘Freemason’ royalty, and also engaged at very high levels with the Prussian army….

And, he’s been totally ‘scrubbed’ from official Jewish history.


As this post is already super long, let’s see if we can figure that out in the next post, as I still have a lot of other information to share with you.

Until then.


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If you’ve been with me a while, you’ll already know that figuring out who the Vilna Gaon really is has been one of my pet projects for three years.

I know most of you can’t follow all the ‘thumbs’ that explain how I get to where I get to, so this time around, I’m going to give you the bottom line first, before your brain checks out, and then I’ll put more detail below.

Look at this:


I tried to put these two pictures ‘on top’ of each other, so you can see that even given the different styles involved in the paintings – you can see we are almost certainly dealing with the same person.

The picture on the right is the ‘official’ portrait of the Vilna Gaon, the one publicised by his descendants, that you can you read more about HERE.

Snippet of the description for that picture:

  • This is a photo of an oil painting, which is a faithful reproduction of the picture here

  • The photo was taken by User:Chesdovi, of a picture on a corridor wall at Yesodei Hatorah school, in Stamford Hill, London.

  • The inscription on the bottom of the picture here says “this true and correct picture was taken from the picture arranged and made at the expense of much work by the noble woman, may the awe of God be her treasure, the late Mrs Miriam Santahe(?), a granddaughter of the GRA, which is to be seen today in the home of the Wilner family, descendants of the GRA. The false pictures fabricated thus far are nullified, and this is the visage of the good Eliyahu.” The highlighted letters on the last line add up to 5675 (1915).

  • The inscription under the frame says: “The original picture of the GRA, which was in the possession of Mrs Miriam, the wife of Mr Shmaryah Zuckerman, the great-granddaughter of the GRA, the granddaughter of the GRA’s son R Avraham, a picture that was not known until now, and was lately revealed.” This is accompanied by an assertion of copyright by “Kerem Eliyahu – the Institute for Publishing the GRA’s Works”, Jerusalem. This assertion is obviously spurious, since the claimant openly admits that the work is old enough to be PD.


There are a lot of strange images of the ‘GRA’ floating around

(We’ll see why in a minute….)

But this one is the most authentic.


So now, who is the guy on the left – whose features match the authentic picture of the ‘GRA’ almost exactly?

He is none other than….’Shmuel ben Avigdor’, the last ABD of Vilna, whose tenure totally overlapped with that of the ‘Gaon me’Vilna’.

Here’s the full picture of him, from HERE.


Rabbi ‘Eliyahu’, the ‘Vilna Gaon’ (1720-1797), is ‘officially’ meant to have married one ‘Khana of Keidan’, daughter of one ‘Yehuda Leib of Keidan’.

(His first wife).

As usual, you can find bubkiss for who this ‘Yehuda Leib of Keidan’ actually was.

In the meantime, ‘Shmuel’ the ‘last ABD of Vilna’ (1720-1791…) is officially meant to have married one ‘Taybel’, the daughter of the wealthiest man in Vilna, deceptively called ‘Yehuda Safra v’Dayana’, aka the ‘YSUD.’

(His first wife).

As usual, you can find bubkiss for who this ‘Yehuda Safra v’Dayana’ actually was – even though he was the richest man in Vilna, and even though he was a pivotal figure in what was actually happening in Vilna at the time of R’ Shmuel / Eliyahu….

Namely, an open civil war between the Jews of Vilna, that continued for 30 years.


Here’s how the Hebrew Wikipedia page for ‘R Shmuel ben Avigdor’ explains what was going on:

Appointed to the Rabbinate of Vilnius in 1750, according to the customary practice in those days, his father-in-law R. Yehuda Safra and Dayana, known as ‘Ha YSUD’, who was one of the leaders of the community and the richest man in the city [bought him the rabbinate of Vilna].

It seemed to the community leaders that the young R. Shmuel was not a worthy enough figure to hold the position,

Especially not in Vilnius, where there were many rabbis and Dayans. After the death of his father-in-law [in 1764], Rabbi Shmuel’s days of grace ended, the leaders of the community, who saw him as a disruptive factor competing for their leadership position over the congregation [and right to raise taxes over the poor Jews who lived there…], sought to cause his ouster.

And for thirty years (1762-1791) there was a difficult struggle between R. Shmuel and the leaders of the community [aka ‘parnassim’].


The astute reader will notice that this ‘difficult struggle’ was taking place at exactly the same time Chabad historians tell us the ‘Vilna Gaon’ was excommunicating ‘Shneur Zalman of Liadi’.

As I have been saying for years, there is a massive cover-up of real Jewish history going on here, because the real battle seems to have been between old-school ‘Sabbateans’, in the mould of Jonathan Eybshutz, who outwardly followed the Torah in a very exacting way – but were practising incest behind closed doors, for ‘kabbalistic reasons’.

And the ‘Frankist-Freemason’, nihilist-satanic new offshoot of the ‘Sabbateans’, that really got started with the persona we are told is ‘Jacob Frank’ – but who could just as easily really be Jonathan Eybshutz’s ‘Frankist’ son, Wolf Jonas Benjamin Eybshutz, aka ‘Baron von Adlerstal’.

And into this heady mix, came the Baal Shem Tov, who was trying to ‘sweeten’ all the Sabbatean ‘chassidut’ going around all over the place…. at exactly this time.

Before his ‘chassidut’ apparently got hijacked from within by those same Sabbatean-Frankists, who simply parachuted their own corrupt guys in to take over the organisation, after the BESHT died in 1760…. the same as they always do.

And then, when Rebbe Nachman came along a few years later, and rekindled the flame of the ‘good, original chassidut’ – they went after him, and his followers, with all their might.

(Does this sound familiar?)


Anyway, back to the Vilna Gaon.

So, I’ve been trying to track down who this ‘YSUD’, wealthiest man of Vilna, F-I-L of ‘R’ Shmuel ben Avigdor’ actually was, in real life, for a while.

And a few months ago, I figure it out, with a lot of siyatta di’shmaya, and after doing a big ‘pray session’ on this, as that’s the only way I ever get this insights, honestly.

The ‘YSUD’ is: Rabbi (Chaim) Yehuda Leib Ettinger of Lvov.

He married the daughter of R‘ Simcha HaGadol HaCohen Rappoport, of Lvov – another guy whose family tree is a total mess.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Rabbi Simcha Hagadol HaKohen Rappaport (1650 – 1718) was a 17th-century Ukrainian rabbi and progenitor of the Rappaport rabbinic dynasties. Born in about 1650 in L’viv, Ukraine.

His father, Rabbi Nachman of Belz was a minor rabbi and a descendant of Rashi through his mother.

In his early years Rabbi Rappaport studied in L’viv. In 1688 he was appointed the Chief Rabbi of Horodna. He was later appointed to be Av Bris Din of Levov, although he died on the way there on August 4, 1718 in Szczebrzeszyn.

The Soloveitchik dynasty claims Rabbi Rappaport as a notable ancestor and progenitor.


The astute reader may also have noticed that ‘R Nachman Horodenker’ seems to directly connect to this family…. who had a son ‘Simcha’, who he left with the BESHT to raise (because he was trying to get his son out of that long, insidious tradition of ‘Sabbataean chassidut’….) and who in turn had a son named Rebbe Nachman ben Simcha of Breslov….

R’ Simcha HaGadol was married to a woman called ‘Ella Anschel’ – she was the grand-daughter of the SHACH / SHABTAI TZVI.

You see what I mean, that all roads in ‘real Jewish history’ lead back to the Sabbateans?


R’ Simcha HaGadol Hacohen Rappaport had at least one other son, named ‘R’ Chaim HaCohen Rappoport’.

He was also closely connected to the Frankist movement – but apparently argued against them, snippet from the Jewish Encyclopaedia:

With R. Baer of Yazlovicz and R. Israel Ba’al Shem, in 1759 Ḥayyim, under orders from, Bishop Mikolski, held the memorable disputation with the Frankist leaders. His responsa and approbations are found in numerous contemporary works, including those of his brother-in-law Ẓebi of Halberstadt.


I can’t emphasize this enough, that the fact that all the ‘Sabbateans’ took over our community, and then started duking it out with the more radical ‘Freemason-Frankists’ 250 years ago, is why we have these cover ups literally ALL OVER JEWISH HISTORY.

But let’s get back to ‘R Shmuel ben Avigdor’ aka ‘the Vilna Gaon’, because there is more interesting stuff hiding out underneath that story.


According to the Hebrew Wikipedia, the power struggle between R’ Shmuel, the ABD of Vilna, and the parnassim got really, really ugly:

The heads of the community of Vilnius conducted the struggle by improper means.

On R’ Shmuel’s side stood the craftsmen, whose number increased significantly over the years, but they had no representation in the community committee, and the ‘chassidim’ [Ed. note, this is specifically referring to Chabad] who were still underground, led by Rabbi Baruch Mordechai Ettinger son-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel.

From then on a difficult power struggle developed between the leaders of the Vilna community.

The disagreement between the leaders of the congregation and the rabbi also caused a deep rift in the Jewish community in Vilnius, when every Jew and every family tried to determine a position in this dispute:

“And the war was widespread throughout the city, because the people were divided in half, after the rabbi and after the crowd, families provoked each other in families, each man against his neighbor and the woman against her neighbor. And the people quarreled in synagogues and seminaries, in the markets and in the streets, each man oppressing the other in a war of words, in quarrels and straits, and with an evil fist.”


Plus ca change….

Pay attention that ‘R’ Shmuel’s’ son-in-law is a person who was very ‘big’ in early Chabad, R Baruch Mordechai Ettinger.

But here is another important ‘clue’ we get from that Wikipedia page

In the end, it was only thanks to the intervention of his wealthy father-in-law, the gentleman Rabbi Eliyahu Pesseles, that Rabbi Shmuel was not removed from his post, but despite the success in thwarting the plot of the mob leaders, the tensions did not subside.

After his death in 21 Tevet 1791, the congregation decided not to appoint any more ABDs for the city of Vilna.


Well, lookie there.

This ‘Rabbi Eliyahu Pesseles’ connects us straight back to the grave of the Vilna Gaon.

This snippet is from the Seforim blog, HERE, part of a wider discussion about ‘who’ was really buried in the Vilna Gaon’s grave in the old Shnipistok cemetery of Vilna, destroyed in 1950:

R. Noah Mindes Lipshutz (d. 1797). Distinguished Kabbalist, he was the author of פרפראות לחכמה and נפלאות חדשות. He married Minda (hence: Mindes), the daughter of R. Eliyahu Pesseles, mentioned above (grave 1). A close associate of the Gaon during his lifetime, he and the Gaon share a single tombstone in death.


Let’s sum up:

  1. ‘The Vilna Gaon’ and ‘R Shmuel, last ABD of Vilna’ lived at exactly the same time, and look exactly the same.

  2. They are both married twice, and the first marriage is to a daughter of an unidentified ‘Yehuda Leib’, who is meant to be the wealthiest man in Vilna.

  3. This ‘Yehuda Leib / YSUD’ is actually Rabbi (Chaim) Yehuda Leib Ettinger of Lvov, whose brother-in-law takes on the Frankists in a Catholic Church backed dispute in 1759.

  4. The Ettingers appear to have been leading Sabbateans, having the ‘privilege’ of marrying into the family of SHABTAI TZVI / SHACH himself.

  5. Both ‘The Vilna Gaon’ and ‘R Shmuel, last ABD of Vilna’ are engaged in poisonous disputes that last across decades, and literally turn brother against brother, and father against son.

  6. ‘R Shmuel, last ABD of Vilna’ is meant to have Eliyahu Pesseles as a wealth F-I-L.

  7. The daughter of ‘Eliyahu Pesseles’ is Minda – who married one Noach Mindes Lipshutz – who dies the same year as ‘The Vilna Gaon’, and was buried in the same grave as ‘The Vilna Gaon’.


Let’s see if we can unpick a tiny bit more.

‘Eliyahu Pesseles’ is meant to have three daughters:

  1. Minda – marries Noah ‘Mindes’ Lipshutz, buried in the same grave as ‘The Vilna Gaon’.
  2. Feige Super (1735 -1799)- marries ‘Rav Tuvia Bar Avraham’, and her descendants include those same ‘Baron Gunzburgs’ I’ve written about previously.
  3. Beila Shor – who according to Kevin Lawrence Hanit, marries one ‘Yitzhak Eizik Landau of Emden’.

That last one, Beila Shor, is leading us deep, deep into ‘Kevin Lawrence Hanit’ territory, where people have 4 different wives – all with the same name! – but not a lot of other details.

Also, ‘Beila Shor’ is meant to have a daughter called – what else? – ‘Feige’, who marries one R’ Abraham Abele Posweiler, A.B.D. Poswol (Pasvalys) and then A.B.D. Vilna (1764-1836).

Astute readers will notice that this ‘Abrahame Abele Posweiler’ is meant to have been the ABD of Vilna at exactly the same time as ‘R Shmuel ben Avigdor’, last ABD of Vilna’ – who was apparently also a son-in-law of Eliyahu Pesseles.

Of course, someone is lying.

Someone is always lying, it seems, when you get close to the Sabbateans who took over our community and are continuing to run it, even today.

But slowly, slowly, we are starting to unpick more of the knots.



The brother of Eliyahu Pesseles is Shlomo Zalman Rivlin – the father of ‘Benjamin (Rivlin) of Shklov’ (Frankist ‘rebbe’ who stays in the Jewish community, who a ton of our politicians in Israel and rebbes descend from), and ‘Eliyahu Platkes Rivlin’ – who we discussed as being another possible alter ego for ‘The Vilna Gaon’, and who is the ancestor of a bunch of Schneersons.

All just the same, one big dysfunctionaly family, may Hashem finally have mercy on us, and unveil all the lies.


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A reader reminded me it was R Yaakov Emden’s yarhtzeit today, and asked me to stick the post where you can download PDFs of his books back up.

I’m very happy to do that, so here it is.

I am currently having a lot of trouble with my eyes and the internet, so I don’t know how much new stuff I will be posting up for the next few days.

I know they are saying there is a new variant of ‘Covid’, which now apparently affects the eyes…. so I deduce from this that I / we / everyone is being zapped with some form of radiation that is causing a lot of eye issues.

So, please forgive me if I don’t answer emails so fast at the mo, I have a lot of eye strain, and I need to stay offline as much as possible, it seems, until they settle down again.


Also, I was asked if the Rav is saying anything specific about the matzav in Israel.

The Rav has been saying for years that the real war is at the ballot box, and that they replaced guns with votes and political parties and slogans.

He has also been giving some small, but potent, hints that the real people behind our difficulties are the ones we actually believe are protecting us from ‘our enemies’.

If you read Hebrew, go HERE and try to read some of the things being put up, including the prayers, because once you understand the Rav’s style, you start to pick up some awesome clues. It’s mamash like how the Gemara was written, with allusion and seemingly bizarre non-sequiturs and stories, to try and convey and preserve important information for the Jewish nation, that was actually dangerous to publicise….


HERE is the English site, and THIS is the most recent prayer for the molad (new moon) of Iyar, 5783.

This is a snippet, that shows you that the prayers are also containing a lot of ‘instructions’ on how we continue to battle this spiritual war:

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai ascended to the hidden heights while fire surrounded him and his students, and his bier went by itself to Meron to the place of its concealment, that there is the aspect of holy of holies, and therefore all the Jewish people must ascend on LaG B’Omer to the holy of holies – to Meron.

For Iyar is the initial letters of “My enemies will turn back, will be shamed in a moment,” and then is the time to subdue all adversaries and all oppressors of the Jewish people.


And this, too:

Because in the month of Iyar, that then are revealed the 13 Rectifications of the Beard of Atik Yomin, all the impurity is eliminated from the world.

And then is fulfilled, “And the spirit of impurity I will remove from the land,” and then, “Edom will be a conquest, Seir will be a conquest of his enemies, and Israel will have success.”

And then “The humble will inherit the earth, and will delight over great peace.  And in a little while, there will be no evildoer; you shall contemplate his place and he will be no more.  For the arms of the wicked will be broken, but Hashem is a support of the righteous, Hashem knows the days of the innocent, and their inheritance will be forever.  They will not be shamed at an evil time, and in days of hunger they will be satiated.” 



Ah, I have to tell you, dear reader, I am feeling quite low at the moment.

This evil has been going on for millenia…. and sometimes it feels like it’s never going to break and crack and finally disappear.

Some days, it’s hard to keep going.

But keep going we must…. and when I hit that low place, I know the Rav and the other tzaddikim are actually preparing the way before us all, just it’s still hidden.

May God fulfill the words of the Rav’s prayer, above, very soon.



Below, you’ll find 13 books and pamphlets of R’ Yaakov Emden that have been out of print for a century.

These are all historical records about what was transpiring with the Frankist-Sabbatean movement around 250 years ago, and again, if you have any interest in getting to the truth of what was really happening then (and you read Hebrew….) nothing beats getting the information from a contemporary source.

For now, I’m just sticking the information out there to start circulating around.

BH, if God wants me to return to this subject again, I’ll do that on another occasion.

I highly recommend you download these books to your own PCs, because I have no idea if the spammers will be trying to take this page out of action again.



Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 1 – תורת הקנאות – Hamburg-Altona 1752:תורת-הקנאות-Hamburg-Altona-1752.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 2 – שפת אמת – Hamburg-Altona 1752שפת-אמת-Hamburg-Altona-1752.pdf


Yaakov Emden – book 3 – אספקלריה המאירה – Hamburg-Altona 1753אספקלריה-המאירה-Hamburg-Altona-1753.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 4 – לוחות עדות – Hamburg-Altona 1755לוחות-עדות-Hamburg-Altona-1755.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 5 – שבירת לוחות האון – Hamburg-Altona 1759שבירת-לוחות-האון-Hamburg-Altona-1759.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 6 – מאירת עיניים – Amsterdam 1753מאירת-עיניים-Amsterdam-1753.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 7 – פתח עינים – Hamburg-Altona 1757פתח-עינים-Hamburg-Altona-1757.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 8 – בית יהונתן הסופר – Hamburg-Altona 1763בית-יהונתן-הסופר-Hamburg-Altona-1763.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 9 – עדות ביעקב – Hamburg-Altona 1756עדות-ביעקב-Hamburg-Altona-1756.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 10 – עקיצת עקרב – Hamburg-Altona 1753עקיצת-עקרב-Hamburg-Altona-1753.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 11 – ספר התאבקות – Hamburg-Altona 1762ספר-התאבקות-Hamburg-Altona-1762.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 12 – ספר שמוש – Hamburg-Altona 1758ספר-שמוש-Hamburg-Altona-1758.pdf


Rabbi Yaakov Emden – book 13 – מגילת ספר – מהדורת כהנא עם הגהות והוספות – Warshawa 1897מגילת-ספר-מהדורת-כהנא-עם-הגהות-והוספות-Warshawa-1897.pdf


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The more I look into this, the more I see that nearly everything we’ve been taught as ‘Jewish History’ from secular or xtian sources is actually a lie.

BH, I’ve been doing a lot more research on who this ‘Aristobulus ruler of Lesser Armenia’ actually was, since the last post.

That’s where we turned up this stunning coin, showing ‘Aristobulus of Armenia’ and his wife, Salome:


Before we go on, here is what you should know about how these ancient coins are dated.

There is no ‘objective date’ printed on them, like ‘2023’, or anything like that.

Instead, they are dated by the year of reign of the people who minted these coins.

So above, the coin experts tell us that this coin dates to 66 /67 CE – the time the Great Revolt began against the Romans in Judea – because they are told by the Roman propagandist ‘Josephus’ that this is when there was an Aristobulus on the throne of Armenia.

The coin itself just says this:

‘Of King Aristobulus, year 13’ around the bust of Aristobulus.

And around the bust of his wife, on the reverse, it just says this:

‘Of Queen Salome’.


As soon as you understand that ‘Josephus’ is basically the only historical source still standing, for this period of time, and that ‘Josephus’ was working 100% for the Romans, writing propaganda to destroy the Jewish people and Judaism, and to create a new religion with a ‘messiah who had already come’, and who advocated ‘turning the other cheek’ and paying your taxes to the Romans like a good boy….

That shakes a lot of the scales off your eyes, about what might have really being happening back then.

Instead of assuming ‘Josephus’ is telling the truth, I am now assuming more and more that ‘Josephus’ is lying.

At least, whenever I come across information where the remaining facts don’t seem to fit the story Josephus tells, but historians and academics are still tying themselves in knots trying to get it all to add up.


Let me give you one concrete example, about what ‘Josephus’ wrote about Glaphyra of Cappadocia, and then we’ll come back to who this ‘King Aristobulus of Armenia’ may actually have been.

We covered that story in detail in THIS post, but here’s the image, so you remember who we are talking about:


According to Josephus, this Glaphyra married ‘Alexandros III Prince of Judea’ (aka Cleopatra VII’s son, Alexander Helios).

And then, also married another of Herod the Great’s son, ‘Herod Archelaus, Ethnarch of Samaria, Judea and Edo.

And in the middle of all that, also apparently married ‘Juba II, King of Mauretania’, who just  happened to be the husband of another of Cleopatra VII’s children with Mark Anthony, namely Alexander Helios’ sister, Cleopatra Selene II.

There’s just one problem with all this wonderful ‘history’ from Josephus:

There is no trace of this Glaphyra outside of his writings.



If you go HERE, you’ll arrive at a site that only now exists in the Wayback Machine archive, that talks about Cleopatra Selene, wife of Juba II, from a more modern scholarly perspective.

Remember, Josephus says that ‘Glaphyra’ married Juba II.

But there are a lot of problems with this, tachlis, including:

There is no trace of Glaphyra in North African inscriptions.


Josephus also says that Glaphyra married Archelaus after the death of Juba, but cannot be correct, because Juba died in 23 CE.


Either we must suppose that Juba married Glaphyra bigamously – against Roman law and Hellenistic custom….or that Juba divorced Cleopatra Selene…assuming a divorce…he must have later remarried her….If there was never a rift between Juba and Selene then these coins [showing Cleopatra Selene and Juba II, long after she was meant to have ‘died’ or got divorced, so Juba could marry ‘Glaphyra’] remain an unexplained puzzle.



And here’s another ‘puzzle’ that doesn’t fit with Josephus:

It’s the tomb of Juba II and Cleopatra Selene in Algeria, located in Sidi Rached.

They were buried together, and you can go and visit it today, even.

[Photo credit]

Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania


Josephus is clearly lying about ‘Glaphyra of Cappodocia’, although we are still trying to figure out exactly what he was covering up, with these lies.


So now, let’s return to this ‘Aristobulus the Younger, King of Armenia’, above.

As usual, when I’m trying to pin down who this guy really was, who he descended from, what was going on there, I run into a whole bunch of lies and obvious historical distortions.

The history of ‘Armenia’ is a total mess, it’s all over the place, with fake names and pseudonyms and false histories, and the Herodians, Romans and Cleopatra VII’s children and descendants are right in the middle of it all.

One big reason for all this mess, is because at least one of Cleopatra’s descendants converted to some form of Judaism, and as King Izates (Jesus) II, son of Monbaz and ‘Queen Helena of Adiabene’ let the Great Revolt against Rome which led to the destruction of our Temple – and the Roman creation of ‘chrestianity’, their new religion to keep the slaves believing their messiah had already come.

And wanted them to pay taxes to the Romans and ‘turn the other cheek’.


I know there are so many lies, it’s totally overwhelming.

But let’s keep this simple, one thing at a time, and try to figure out what’s going on with ‘Aristobulus the Younger, King of Armenia’.

The next piece of this puzzle comes from this discussion (PDF) about the coins that were found connected to the Hasmonean dynasty, from HERE.

It has pictures of many of the actual coins minted by the Hasmonean Kings, and it’s kind of amazing, really, to be able to see these images and really ‘connect’ to that time. In this time of lies and more lies, to have something real to relate to is awesome.

Here’s some pertinent snippets, for this post:



Mattithias – Antigonus
Judah – Aristobulus
Yehonathan / Yntn / Yonathan – Alexander
Yehohanan – Hyrcanus

This tells us that ‘Aristobulus’ was actually the Greek name for a Hasmonean who has the Hebrew name of ‘Judah’ or Yehudah.

And also, that all these Hasmonean ‘Alexanders’ actually had the Hebrew name ‘Yonatan’.

This is crucial info, if we are trying to figure out who was doing what, where, and when.


EXHIBIT 4: Strange absence of coins in Judea during the time of the civil war between ‘Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II’

The question asked is whether coins were not minted for 36 years, since the death of Jannaeus to the reign of Mattathias Antigonus in light of the fact that Alexander II was an active, bold rebel and the commander of the rebel army before Mattathias Antigonus’ time?

Most other rebel leaders during the Roman period minted coins in course of the rebellions in the area they ruled over, as propaganda for the rebellion.

For example: Mattathias Antigonus – brother to Alexander II. The leaders of the Jewish War against the Romans in Jerusalem and the rebels in Gamla and Bar Kochba.

Periods in which coins were not minted exist, but during this time of frequent rebellions, when the area was dominated by inflation, due to the rebellions, the situation warranted minting additional coins.

It is counter claimed that Alexander Jannaeus minted a large quantity of coins to last dozens of years but some claim there was a shortage in copper which led to the minting of lead coins, and so a long period of 36 years warrants minting coins.

It was not proven that Hasmonean coins with the name “Yonatan”- Ywnatan, were minted by Alexander Jannaeus. 


This needs some unpacking.

First, let’s remember what we learn in THIS post, about how ‘Alexander Yannai’ and ‘John Hyrcanus I’ appeared to be the same person.


In Brachot 29a, it says this:

“[W]e learned in a Mishnah: Do not believe in yourself (i.e. trust that you are safe from the evil inclination), until the day you die, for Yochanan the Kohen Gadol served as Kohen Gadol for 80 years, and in the end became a Sadduccee.

And Abaye said: He is Yannai, he is Yochanan, i.e. Yannai and Yochanan were one and the same person.

Rava, however, said: Yannai is separate and Yochanan is separate, i.e. they were two different people.


The Artscroll notes are very interesting. Let’s quote them, then I’ll try to ‘sum up’ why this is so astounding – and what it might mean, for our Hashmonaim family tree:

(Note 7):

“Yannai and Yochanan are names of Hashmonean kings cited in various places in the Talmud.

About Yannai, it is related in Kiddushin 66a that he massacred the Sages for questioning his fitness to serve as Kohen Gadol. 

Abaye asserts that Yannai and Yochanan were in fact one and the same person.

(Note 8):

[The story of Yannai killing the Sages occurred early in his reign.] 

He later repented only to return to his evil ways in his later years (Rashi; see Menachem Meishiv Nefesh).

(Note 9):

He was righteous until close to the end of his life, when he became a renegade.

(Note 10):

Since Yannai and Yochanan were one and the same person, and Yannai is known to have been bad from the start, we must say that his eighty years as the righteous Yochanan Kohen Gadol reflected a repentance from his former ways.

When he became a Sadduccee towards the end of his life, he was merely reverting to his original character.”


Go back and read that post, if you can be bothered.

The more I go over the older posts in the light of these newer discoveries, the more lightbulbs start to pop off.

Here’s another snippet from it:

Josephus’ statement (Jewish Antiquities xv. 6, § 3), that Hyrcanus II, Jannaeus’ eldest son, was eighty years old when he was put to death by Herod, in 31 BCE, is probably erroneous, for that would set the year of his birth as 111 BCE, and Jannaeus himself was born in 125 BCE, so that he could have been but fourteen when Hyrcanus was born to him. It is difficult to understand how a thirteen-year-old boy married a widow of thirty.

It’s difficult to understand – because it never happened!

As usual, Josephus is lying through his teeth.


The standard (fake…) history we are told via Josephus shows the descent of the Hasmonean Kings like this:


Shimon Thassi (aka Simon Maccabeus, last son of Matityahu son of the Kohen HaGadol, and probably also the same as ‘Shimon HaTzaddik’. More on that another time.)

John Hyrcanus I (aka ‘Yochanan the Kohen HaGadol’ who becomes a Sadducee after 80 years, discussed above. He is meant to be the last surviving son of Shimon Thassi).

Then, there’s a whole balagan with one son killing the other, involving ‘Aristobulus-Judah I’, and a few other people, until:

Alexander Yannai (brother of Aristobulus I, supposed son of ‘John Hyrcanus I, who marries his brother’s widow, Salome-Alexandra / ShlomTziyon)

Salome-Alexandra ShlomTziyon – widow of Alexander Yannai, Regent of Israel, sister of Shimon ben Shetach

Aristobulus II and Hyrcanus II (the feuding sons of Alexander Yannai, who call in Pompey and the Romans, leading to the end of independent Israel).


So, I was trying to figure out who this ‘Aristobulus the Younger, King of Lesser Armenia’ was, when I had a brainwave, to ask Chat GPT.

To be clear, Chat GPT is also programmed to lie and dissemble, especially about the important stuff – and it’s already banned me from using it, not because I actually even used it, but because I am being censored in a billion different ways at the moment, even with a VPN:


So I asked a friend to ask the question instead, and this is what came back:

Aristobulus the Younger was a Jewish prince who was appointed as king of Lesser Armenia by the Roman general Pompey in 63 BCE, after Pompey’s conquest of the region. Aristobulus ruled until 55 BCE, when he was deposed by the Romans and replaced with a governor.


I nearly fell off my chair when I read that!

Because we are told in ‘official history’ that Pompey banished Aristobulus II to Rome… but here he is, appointed the King of Lesser Armenia, between 63-55 BCE.

Here’s a screenshot of the sources – and take note of the Chat GPT ‘disclaimer’ at the bottom, because God forbid, we should take anything seriously that goes against what Josephus writes!


Yah, like the whole of ‘official history’, according to Roma-xtianity, has any solid evidence to support it….Whatever.

So, who is that ‘Aristobulus’ on the coins above, who also happened to marry a queen named ‘Salome’, while ruling Armenia?

Remember, they are dating this coin to 66/ 67 CE, as the 13th year of this ‘Aristobulus” reign over Armenia.

If you count back 13 years, that brings us to 53 CE.

The short answer is…. it’s almost impossible to say, according to ‘official history.


Here’s a snippet from the Wikpedia page of Armenian Ruler, ‘Tiridates I’:

(I’m going to prune out a lot of connecting material, to make this easier to grasp.)

In 51 the Roman procurator of Cappadocia, Julius Paelignus, invaded Armenia and ravaged the country, then under an Iberian usurper Rhadamistus. Rhadamistus had killed his uncle Mithridates, the legitimate king of Armenia, by luring the Roman garrison that was protecting him outside of the fortress of Gornea.[9]

Acting without instruction, Paelignus recognized Rhadamistus as the new king of Armenia. …

[I]n 52 [Vologases I] took the opportunity to invade Armenia, conquering Artaxata and proclaiming Tiridates I as king.

Vologases felt his invasion was justified due to the recent usurpation of the Armenian throne by the Iberian prince Rhadamistus, which he saw as a violation of the former settlement made between the Parthians and Romans regarding Armenia.


A winter epidemic as well as an insurrection initiated by his son Vardanes forced him to withdraw his troops from Armenia, allowing Rhadamistus to come back and punish locals as traitors; they eventually revolted and replaced him with the prince Tiridates I in early 55.

Rhadamistus escaped along with his wife Zenobia who was pregnant. Unable to continue fleeing, she asked her husband to end her life rather than be captured. Rhadamistus stabbed her with a Median dagger and flung her body into the river Araxes.

Zenobia was not fatally injured and was recovered by shepherds who sent her to Tiridates.

Tiridates I received her kindly and treated her as a member of the monarchy.Rhadamistus himself returned to Iberia and was soon put to death by his father Pharasmanes I of Iberia for having plotted against the royal power.


If your head is spinning, join the club.

This is the usual bunch of BS-lies that I got so used to having to deal with, when trying to track down what happened with the Sabbateans and Frankists who are still controlling the top jobs and positions in the Jewish community, even in our days.

There is nothing new under the sun.

But you’ll notice a strange thing:

Aristobulus the Younger of Lesser Armenia, who apparently began his reign in 53 CE, and apparently reigned for at least 13 years – because that was his frigging coins clearly demonstrate – is totally missing from this ‘history’.

If we didn’t already have a clue that we are being fed total lies, all over the place, that would be kind of shocking.


So, we currently have three possibilities, for who this ‘Aristobulus the Younger’ actually got recorded as, in ‘official history’.

  1. He was called ‘Rhadamistus‘, son of the King of Iberia.
  2. He was called ‘Tiridates I‘, brother of the new Parthian King Vologaeses I, who needed a kingdom for his brother to rule.
  3. He was called some other name, connected to the ancient Lesser Armenian kingdoms of ‘Pontus’, ‘Commagene’ and Sophene.


Here’s some snippets about the rulers of those bits of ‘Lesser Armenia’, at the same time ‘Aristobulus the Younger’:

Sophene was detached by Rome from Greater Armenia several times. Pompey gave Sophene to Tigranes the Younger in 66 BCE after defeating his father Tigranes the Great, then transferred it to Ariobarzanes I of Cappadocia.  Around 54, the Romans installed Sohaemus of Emesa as King of Sophene.


So, Aristobulus the Younger could also be known in history as:

Sohaemus of Emesa, King of Sophene.

Here’s a basic snippet from Wikipedia – pay attention to how all this links up to the Herodians, and to the descendants of Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony, that we have been discussing here:

Sohaemus was a member of the Royal family of Emesa.

He was the second born son and a child to Priest King Sampsiceramus II who ruled the Emesene Kingdom from 14 until 42 and Queen Iotapa.

He had an elder brother called Gaius Julius Azizus, who was the first husband of the Herodian Princess Drusilla and had two sisters:

Iotapa who married the Herodian Prince Aristobulus Minor and Mamaea.


Well, this is getting more and more interesting!

Here’s a little bit more about this ‘Sohaemus of Emesa’, AKA (possibly….) as Aristobulus the Younger of Judea:

In 56, Sohaemus married his relative who was the Princess Drusilla.

She was the child of the late Roman client monarchs Ptolemy of Mauretania and Julia Urania.

Drusilla was the great grandchild of Ptolemaic Greek Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Roman Triumvir Mark Antony.


Ptolemy of Mauretania was the son of….. Juba II and Cleopatra Selene, mentioned above.

Now, we are starting to figure out a little bit of why the Roman propagandist Josephus was lying about ‘Glaphyra of Cappadocia’ so much.

(Although you can be sure that there is still way more sleuthing required around what was going on here. There are still a bunch of lies we didn’t pin down yet.)

Let’s continue:


During Sohaemus’ reign, Emesene’s relations with the Roman government grew closer. When Vespasian became Roman emperor in 69, Sohaemus was among the first to swear allegiance to him. Under him, Emesa sent the Roman military a regular levy of archers and assisted them in their siege of Jerusalem in 70.


Well, fancy that!

So, this explains how our Aristobulus the Younger of Armenia was still reigning after 13 years…. the timing fits perfectly…. and now we know that his wife ‘Drusilla’ was also known as ‘Salome’.

I think I need to do a whole separate post on this ‘Drusilla’, there are a lot more secrets hiding out there.


One last thing for now.

Princess Drusilla’s mother is meant to be ‘Julia Urania’, the wife of Ptolemy of Mauretania, grandson of Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony via their daughter Cleopatra Selene and Juba II.

She links us straight back to ‘Izates II of Adiabene’, aka ‘King Jesus of Edessa’.


In the book by that name, Ralph Ellis has a family tree.

That family tree shows that this ‘Julia Ourania’ is actually the daughter of ‘Thea Muse Ourania’, who marries Phraates IV of Parthia.

In his family tree, this ‘Julia Ourania’ marries a bunch of people who Ellis believes have multiple names, including:

Phraates V (Julia Ourania’s brother-husband – also a son of Thea Muse Ourania)


Agbarus V of Edessa (24 BCE – 50 CE) (the title he takes when Phraates V and his mother-wife are kicked out of Parthia, and given land by Herod the Great, which becomes Palmyra and Edessa)


Monobazus I [of Adiabene…]


That last one makes ‘Julia Ourania’…. Queen Helena of Adiabene, as found in Josephus, and also, mentioned in our Talmud.

And her sons are the ‘Izates II of Adiabene’ that Ellis identifies as the ‘King of Edessa’ who led the Great Revolt against the Romans, who we wrote about HERE.


Back in the official ‘Judean-Herodian’ family tree, we find that this ‘Aristobulus II’ King of Sophene / Lesser Armenia / Emesa is meant to be the brother of Herod Agrippa I of Judea.

In THIS post, we learned this about ‘Herod Agrippa I’:


We are now following our ‘rule’ that where there is a disagreement between the Talmud’s version of events, and ‘official Roman-xtian’ history’, we are following the Talmud.

So now we can see where Rashi might be coming from, because this is at least one unexpected link between ‘Munbaz’ the convert-King of Adiabene and the Herodian dynasty of (pretend Hasmonean) Kings.


I am going to stop there for today.

There is lots and lots and lots to consider here.

If anyone out there is bored, and wants to help with the research (especially on Chat GPT), I would love King lists of:

  • Sophene
  • Commagene
  • Pontus
  • Cappadocia

For the period of time 63 BCE to 100 CE.

If you can ask for dates, full names, and also, very importantly for SOURCES (because Chat GPT has been programmed to  lie about this stuff, for obvious reasons) – that would be amazing.

If you don’t have my email, get in touch via the contact form, and I’ll get back to you.


Oh, one more thing, before I forget.

All these fake ‘Herodian-Hasmonean’ pretend Jews who are really just ‘Romans’ and ‘Egyptians’ are still going in our days, and were behind the continuing plague of ‘false messiahs’ we’ve had to deal with down the years.

I’m not going to belabor the point, but if you go HERE, to the LOEB genealogical tree, you will find pages for ‘Alexander III Prince of Judea’ (aka Alexander Helios, son of Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony) and his brother, ‘Aristobulus IV‘ (aka probably Ptolemy Philadephelus, another son of Cleopatra and Mark Antony).

Notice how both lines marry each other, turn into the leading lights of the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the rulers of Persia / Parthia, and then come back together again under the (apparently….) Jewish Bustanai the Exilarch.


Bustanai then becomes the ancestor of pretty much every European Royal, via Charlemagne the Holy Roman Emperor – plus nearly all of our ‘leading Jewish families’.

Including the Maharal, Jacob Frank, and of course…. the Chabad dynasty.

I wrote about all those connections HERE, this is a screenshot:


Ad kan.



You might also like this article:

This is going to be a mind-blowing post, BH.

Buckle in.

The story begins back in Egypt in 40 BCE – where else? – where Cleopatra VII and the Roman leader Mark Antony become the proud parents of twins.

The boy twin is called ‘Alexander Helios’ – helios – Greek for sun – to connect him to the worship of the sun god.

The girl twin is called ‘Cleopatra Selene’ – selene – Greek for moon – to connect her to the worship of the moon goddess.

Four years’ later, another son shows up for Cleopatra and Mark Antony, who is called Ptolemy Philadelphus, born in around 35 BCE.


Standard (fake…) history tells us that after Mark Antony and Cleopatra go to war with Octavian, who wins and becomes ‘Emperor Augustus’ of the Roman Empire, these three children of Mark Antony and Cleopatra are taken to Rome.

There’s a famous account of the 11 year old twins being marched behind a wax effigy of Cleopatra VII in heavy golden chains, as part of Augustus’s ‘triumphal procession’ through Rome – apparently in 30 BCE.

Then, the children are given to Octavia Minor to raise, apparently in Rome.


As well as being the full sister of Octavian, the new ‘Emperor Augustus’, Octavia Minor also happened to be the wife of Mark Antony.

He officially divorced her when he returned to Cleopatra VII, back in 32 BCE.

This comes from the Britannica website, HERE:

Octavia, byname Octavia Minor, (born c. 69 BC—died 11 BC), full sister of Octavian (later the emperor Augustus) and wife of Mark Antony…. Octavia was a faithful wife and mother who raised Antony’s children by Cleopatra along with her own children.


As well as Cleopatra’s kids with Mark Antony, Octavia Minor also had her own kids with Mark Antony, including:

Antonia Minor (36 BCE – 37 AD)


Antonia Major.

Screenshot from HERE:


You’ll recall that ‘Antonia Minor’ becomes the mother of Emperor Claudius a little later on, and also has a whole bunch of Herodian royal child hostages being raised in her house, including ‘King Marcus Julius Agrippa I’ of Judea, aka Herod Agrippa I.

She is also meant to be very good friends with none other than ‘Alexander the Alabarch’ of Alexandria, brother of ‘Philo Judea’ – and this Lyismachus-Alabarch-Philo family are also apparently, somehow related to ‘Alexander III (Helios) the son of Herod the Great.

This snippet comes from HERE:

At some unknown date, Alexander was appointed Alabarch of Alexandria. The alabarch was a magistrate responsible for customs in Alexandria.

Later Alexander became an administrator for the extensive land estates in Egypt, owned by Antonia Minor.

Antonia Minor was a Roman noblewoman, who was the niece of Emperor Augustus and the youngest daughter of the triumvir Mark Antony.

Alexander had been a long-time friend of Antonia Minor’s youngest child, the future Emperor Claudius.

As an indication of Alexander’s great wealth, he had nine gates at the Second Temple in Jerusalem “overlaid with massive plates of silver and gold.” (War, 5.205)


We will come back to Antonia Minor shortly.

For now, it’s enough to know that the child hostages of other countries were raised (aka ‘brainwashed and indoctrinated’) in Antonia Minor’s Roman home, and I suspect this was a prototype ‘MK Ultra’ type of racket going on.


Before we continue, let’s set out something that you may not have known:

All the texts coming out of Rome at this time were ‘official propaganda’, written by and for the Roman elite.

But they went to great pains to try to cover that up, and to pretend that ‘anyone’ could write this stuff and get it widely disseminated around the Empire.

It’s exactly what we see today, that all the really influential positions and jobs, and all the authors and stars, they are 99.9% always the same people, moving in the same small circle, from the same small group of ‘elites’ that control everything from the shadows.

All our communication is effectively bought and paid for, and working for the government and spy agencies. And that includes all the major social media ‘influencers’.

And, this was even more true 2,000 years ago, when you needed an army of scribes to write a book.


What that means, tachlis, is that all of the following works were written by and for Romans, to present a certain picture to the wider public, and disseminate their propaganda far afield:

  1. All the works of Josephus – which most of the official ‘history’ of the Middle East 2,000 years ago is based on.
  2. All the works known as ‘the New Testament’
  3. Probably also the books of the Maccabees
  4. The rest of the ‘histories’ and works written by people like Philo.


On top of that, we then have even more censorship and deception going on at the hands of the Church censors, down the centuries, to try and erase even more details that could show that:

  • ‘Jesus’ was actually a real, flesh-and-blood monarch, who was literally leading the Jewish revolt against the Roman occupiers of Judea.
  • The Romans were – and still are! – the bad guys in this whole story.
  • The whole religion of xtianity was basically made up by a group of influential, elitist Romans, and a few ‘Hellenistic’ Jewish helpers based in Alexandria, to control their slaves and put an end to the religious fervor and influence of the Torah-true Jews.


‘Josephus’, whoever that guy actually ends up being in the end of this, was the main ‘editor in chief’ of all the information the Romans allowed to freely circulate, to create a false ‘official history’ of what had gone down in Judea, around the time of the Great Revolt and the destruction of our Second Temple.

When you read the Book of Maccabees, for example, and then you read Josephus, you can clearly see these works are written in a very similar way.

Because they had the same ‘editor in chief’ arranging the material.

And when you compare Josephus with other works in the so-called ‘New Testament’, you again see how so much of the information overlaps, and is clearly written by the same people.


Now we’ve set that out, let’s continue to the story of ‘Alexander III’ of Judea, AKA Alexander Helios, the son of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

So, I actually have to thank Moshe Parry here, because he is the one who really made me understand that Josephus was lying through his teeth about a whole bunch of stuff. 

And that whenever our Talmud and Josephus contradicted each other, as they do in some key ways, we should go with the Talmud’s version of events. That was a real eureka! moment for me, because the Talmud says that Herod the Great NEVER married ‘Miriam / Mariamne the Hasmonean Princess’, as Josephus / the Book of Maccabees claims.

This comes from Bava Batra 3B, translation from HERE:

Herod was a slave in the house of the Hasmoneans.

He set his eyes upon a certain young girl from the house of the Hasmoneans. One day that man, Herod, heard a Divine Voice that said: Any slave who rebels now will succeed. He rose up and killed all his masters, but spared that girl. When that girl saw that he wanted to marry her, she went up to the roof and raised her voice, and said: Whoever comes and says: I come from the house of the Hasmoneans, is a slave, since only that girl, i.e., I, remained from them. And that girl fell from the roof to the ground and died…


It is related that Herod preserved the girl’s body in honey for seven years to prevent it from decaying. There are those who say that he engaged in necrophilia with her corpse and there are those who say he did not engage in necrophilia with her corpse. According to those who say he engaged in necrophilia with her corpse, the reason that he preserved her body was to gratify his carnal desires. And according to those who say he did not engage in necrophilia with her corpse, the reason that he preserved her body was so that people would say he married a king’s daughter.


Herod said to himself: Who expounds the verse: “One from among your brothers you shall set as king over you” (Deuteronomy17:15) as meaning that he who is appointed as king must come from a Jewish family and cannot be an emancipated slave or a convert? It is the Sages who expound the verse in this manner, insisting that a king must have Jewish roots. He then rose up and killed all the Sages, but spared Bava ben Buta in order to take counsel with him.


So, I read this passage from Bava Batra 3B, and I started scratching my head…

Because while Josephus claims that ‘Alexandros III’ and ‘Aristobulus IV’ are Herod the Great’s sons by his ‘first wife Mariamne I’, the Hasmonean princess, we now know this simply isn’t true.

So, what was really going on here? And why would anyone care to lie about these people, in such a blatant way?


As usual, the first step was to get more of the sparse details, to see what real facts I could stand up in this fake history.

The following comes from Wikipedia HERE , and sums up most of what Josephus writes about this subject in Antiquities,  xv. 10, § 1; xvi. 1, § 2; 3, §§ 1-3; 4, §§ 1-6, etc:

Alexander, son of Herod was born about 35 BC; died about 7 BC. His mother was the Hasmonean princess Mariamne.

The unfortunate fate which persistently pursued the Hasmonean house overtook this prince also. As heir presumptive to the throne by right of descent on his mother’s side, he was sent to Rome for his education in the year 23 BC. He remained there in the household of Asinius Pollio until about the year 17 BC, when Herod himself brought him and his younger brother Aristobulus, who had been with him, home to Jerusalem. Shortly afterward Alexander received in marriage the Cappadocian Princess Glaphyra, the daughter of King Archelaus of Cappadocia. Glaphyra bore Alexander three children, two sons: Tigranes, Alexander and an unnamed daughter…

[A]bout the year 7 BC, at Sebaste (Samaria) — where thirty years before Mariamne’s wedding had been celebrated — her sons suffered death by the cord.


I always get kind of torn writing these posts, between giving you all the information, so you can see exactly how I draw these conclusions, versus just giving you the bottom line, so you don’t get overwhelmed with the information, and can actually absorb more of what we’re learning here.

I’m going with the ‘less is more’ approach in this post, and if you want more details, ask in the comments and I’ll try to oblige you.

Bottom line: Alexandros III of Judea is born in the same year as ‘Alexander Helios III’, the son of Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII.

Bottom line: Alexandros III and Alexander Helios III both marry the same woman – Glaphyra of Cappodocia.

Bottom line: Herod the Great never marries a Hasmonean Princess called ‘Mariamne I’. But he DOES marry another ‘Mariamne’ the daughter of the High Priest Simon ben Boethus, who he brings over from the Oniad ‘Temple’ in Leontopolis, Egypt, to be the Kohen HaGadol after the rest of the Hasmoneans have been massacred.

Bottom line: The last Hasmonean Priest-King is Antigonus Mattathias II, who rules Judea with Parthian help between 40 – 37 BCE – until Herod teams up with Mark Antony, to get him out of the way, in 37 BCE. Antigonus Mattathias II is crucified to death by Mark Antony, who then appoints Herod in his place.


Here‘s the Geni page for ‘Glaphyra of Cappodocia’:


There is the usual ‘balagan’ going on around her profile, which is always a good sign that they are covering something up here.

Again, I’m going to head straight to the bottom line here:

Bottom line: Glaphyra is meant to have married three people:

  1. Alexandros III (Helios) of Judea
  2. Juba II, King of Mauretania
  3. Herod Archelaus, another son of Herod the Great.

We are saying that Alexandros III (Helios) of Judea was actually the son of Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony, given to Herod to ‘look after’ away from Rome, by Emperor Augustus.

There is no record of what happens to Alexander Helios, nor his brother Ptolemy Philadelphus, after Mark Antony’s wife (and Augustus’ sister) ‘fosters’ them.

But suddenly out of nowhere, ‘Alexandros Helios’ shows up in Judea, (together with his brother ‘Aristobulus IV’) and we’re told they are Herod’s sons by a woman who the Talmud attests killed herself before Herod could come anywhere near her….


There’s more.

Juba II, who is meant to marry Glaphyra once Alexander Helios and his brother ‘Aristobulus IV’ is killed by Herod – ON EMPEROR AUGUSTUS’S INSTRUCTIONS – is actually married to a different person we’ve already talked about, namely:

Cleopatra Selene II, the twin sister of ‘Alexander Helios’ and daughter of Cleopatra VII and Mark Anthony.


Before we continue, the penny dropped in the last few days that the way they have been hiding ‘real history’ in plain site is just to keep changing the names around of all these people.

I learned this trick well, trying to track down the Sabbateans and the Frankists who have been hiding out in the Jewish community, but it still took me a while to realise ‘the controllers’ have been using exactly the same method to ‘disguise’ who was really marrying who, and how they were all just relatives of the leading Romans, parachuted in, cuckoo-style, to take over a country’s royal family and leadership.

This snippet comes from HERE:


The key to all this, and to understanding who the ‘historical Jesus’ really was, and to understanding how the Romans have simply forged history (and the xtian religion….) for more than 2,000 years, lies in Armenia.

Bottom line: the Roman Empire and the Parthian Empire were fighting each other for a century.

And principalities like ‘Judea’, as Eretz Yisrael became known, were the meat in this sandwich.

And the other main area which became the meat in this superpower sandwich is the area that roughly corresponds to parts of Syria (Edessa and Palmyra), plus Emesa (modern Homs) – and Armenia.


Let’s sum up where we’ve got to, and then I will do a little bit more on ‘Alexander Helios’, before I call it a day for this post, because there is so much more to tell you still.

And we didn’t get to the ‘real Jesus’ yet, or a strange group of Roman Elites who were into secret societies and black magic called the CHRESTIANS.  But we will, BH.

BOTTOM LINE: Antony and Cleopatra had 3 kids together. The Emperor Augustus (Octavian) gave those kids to his sister Octavia to raise – along with her two daughters fathered by Mark Antony, Antonia Major and Minor.

Cleopatra Selene II married King Juba II of Mauretania – and their offspring intermarried with the people we are told were ‘Herodian princes and descendants of the Hasmoneans’ in Judea.

But really, ‘Alexandros III’ of Judea and ‘Aristobulus IV’ of Judea were none other than Antony and Cleopatra’s sons, Alexander Helios, and Ptolemy Philadelpheus.

Augustus sent them off to Judea, to Herod’s court, because it was a standard Roman occupation trick to either parachute ‘their guy’ into the position of royalty, or to subvert that royalty by having the children of the kings sent to Rome as child hostages, to be brainwashed in all the perverted and corrupt Roman ways.

But then, something clearly happened which made Emperor Augustus decide to get Antony and Cleopatra’s sons executed, in 7BCE.

So, a cock-and-bull story was concocted by the Roman propagandists led by Josephus, that had ‘Herod the Great’ murdering his own sons in a fit of paranoid anger….

Except, they were never his sons to begin with, and the bit to pay attention to in Josephus’ account is the fact that the executions were done with the permission (and encouragement…) of Augustus.


In the meantime, here’s what else we learn about ‘Alexander Helios’, the son of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra VII:

He was engaged to Iotape, the daughter of Artavesdes I.

Meanwhile, Cassius Dio, another famous Roman propagandist, seems to suggest that:

Alexander was alive at the time when Juba II married Cleopatra Selene, i.e. in the late 20s. M. Grant, Cleopatra 231, interprets [the passage in Cassius Dio] to mean that Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus were released into their custody at this time and went with them to Juba’s kingdom of Mauretania.


Is ‘Glaphya of Cappodocia’ real, or maybe just another name of Cleopatra Selene II?

I don’t know at this stage.

What I CAN tell you, is that ‘Mark Antony’ is meant to have had an affair with her grandma, also conveniently named ‘Glaphyra of Cappodocia’:


And that her maternal grandpa is ‘Artavesdes II’ – apparently the ‘enemy’ of that Artavesdes I mentioned above, who engaged his daughter Iotape to ‘Alexander Helios’, the son of Antony and Cleopatra.

Snippet from HERE:

The Armenian king [Artavasdes II] and his family, who were bound with golden chains, had to follow Antony in his triumphal procession. Cleopatra VII of Egypt awaited the triumvir on a golden throne, but Artavasdes II refused to render homage to the Egyptian Queen by Proskynesis.

After the Battle of Actium 31 BC, the Armenian king was executed by beheading at the behest of Cleopatra. In the past he had been an enemy of his namesake, King Artavasdes I of Media Atropatene, who had become an ally of Antony. She sent his head to Artavasdes I of Media Atropatene to secure his help.


The ‘Kings of Armenia’ hold the key to unlocking this whole, massive, deceitful  house of cards.

And they link us straight to the ‘real, historical Jesus’, too.

And, they link us to Queen Helena of Adiabene and King Monobazus, too.


OK, last thing for this post.

The more I try to track down ‘Glaphyra’, the more I just keep coming back to Mark Antony’s many lovers, wives and offspring.

Compare these two family trees:

1: Is ‘Artavasdes II, King of Armenia’.

2: Is his ‘unknown daughter’ Armenian Princess, who marries ‘Archelaus Sisines XVI, King of Cappodocia’ – son of Glaphyra who has the affair with Mark Antony.

3: Is Archelaus’ daughter ‘Glaphyra of Cappodocia’, who marries ‘Alexander Helios’ – almost certainly Mark Antony’s son, with Cleopatra VII.

Notice that the second ‘Glaphyra’ is meant to be born in 35 BCE – when her father was just one year old…. Whatever.


Now, look at this family tree:


We are back to ‘Archelaus Sisines’, but now, we discover that his wife is called ‘Pythodorida Philometor’ – and we learn that she is actually the grand-daughter of, yup, Mark Antony, this time through another wife (and paternal cousin) called ‘Antonia Hybrida Major’.

I can tell you this:

The whole thing stinks.

It’s looking more and more to me that the ‘royal families’ at this time were simply offspring of the leading Romans, with a few Parthians and Ptolemies mixed in to persuade the local population they were really being ruled by someone ‘local’.

And guess what?

That’s exactly what’s still happening today.



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Over Shabbat, I read some more of the Rav’s latest shiurim, and then a whole bunch of gemaras.

In true ‘Rav’ style, he also covered a whole bunch of topics including when ‘Shimon HaTzaddik’ actually lived (something I’ve been pondering for quite a while now….) and he also gave a bunch of references in the Gemara, which he said everyone should go and read.


This is a very short snippet, BH, I will try to translate way more of this shiur, from the motzae Shabbat before Purim.

This occurs in the middle of a discussion about ‘Alexander the Great’, and when he actually met ‘Shimon HaTzaddik’:

How long did the Temple stand for? How long?

You have to go and learn all the Tractates, Yoma, Avoda Zara, to know all the cheshbonot (timings).

How long did the Temple stand for? How long?

There’s then a few references for Avoda Zara 9a, and also for Yoma 9a-b – which led me to reading a whole bunch of other stuff in the Gemara.


For this post, the bit that caught my attention was the discussion of Ben Katin, King Munbaz, and his mother, Queen Helena of Adiabene, and the gifts they gave to the Second Temple, in Yoma 37a.

Here’s the bit that caught my attention, from a footnote in the Artscroll Edition:

Rashi (to Bava Batra 11a)…. says [Munbaz] was one of the Hasmonean Kings.

This is probably derived from Seder Olam Zuta, where Munbaz is described as the son of the Herodian King Agripas (Agrippa) son of Hordos (Herod).


There is a whole big balagan around these people – and the reason for that is that one member of this family launched the civil war against Rome, and became the template for the historical ‘Yoshki’ that was actually satirised by the Roman writers of the xtian Gospels.

I am in the middle of trying to unpick it all, and I am making some headway, BH.

In this post, I wanted to share with you where I’ve got to trying to figure out more stuff about this ‘King Agrippa’ and Munbaz / Queen Helena of Adiabene, because they hold the key to understanding what really happened around Judea’s great war against Rome, and the destruction of our Temple.

And of course, how that whole story was then twisted and propagandised to demonise the Jews, and create a new ‘hybrid’ religion to pull both Jews and gentiles away from the Torah, and a genuine belief in God, into the net of a Roman-created religion designed to enslave its followers, in a bunch of different ways.

It’s big stuff.


The first thing to understand, is that the writings of ‘Josephus’, and also the gospels, are Roman-sponsored government propaganda.

They contain some factual information, but especially when it comes to what was going on around the Jewish Revolt and the ‘Yeshua’ character, they are full of deliberate lies and deception.

The winners always write the history books, don’t you know?

So going forward, where I find a Talmudic source that contradicts Josephus, or ‘accepted history’, I am going with the Talmudic source as likely to be way more truthful and factual.

So now, let’s dive in to the next chapter of this extraordinary tale.


The story begins HERE, where this is a Geni discussion trying to figure out the real family tree of Titus, the Roman destroyer of Jerusalem.

If you’re interested, take a look, but the main thing to note is that this discussion contained a link to a different, simpler, and way less complicated family tree for the family of Herod the Great, that appears on the old Rootsweb site, HERE.

I started clicking around, like you do, and very quickly, I realised I was tripping over some game-changing information.


This is a picture of the family tree I put together based on this Rootsweb site:


And this is the basic information you need to know:

Herod the Great, that same evil king who built Caesaria, and took over from the Hasmonean Kings…. apparently also descends from the Hasmoneans, patrilineally.

Like this:

Eleazar Auran (Maccabeus – Hasmonean brother 4) > Jason (born in Idumea) > Antipas (born in Idumea) > Antipater II m Cypros of Nabatea > Herod the Great, Roman client king of Judea.


I am still trying to piece things together, but it seems at least possible that this ‘Jason’ is the ‘Jason-Jesus’ who is currently buried in the middle of Rehavia, that we wrote about HERE.

That guy was the hellenising High Priest who was in the middle of the war against Antiochus, and who made a lot of trouble at the time of the Chanuka miracle. No-one knows what happened to him, but there was a suggestion he somehow disappeared off to Sparta, or somewhere.

Now, it looks like maybe he laid low in Idumea…. and became the great-grandfather of Herod the Great.


Also, let’s take a closer look at Jason’s father, ‘Eliezer Auran’, the Maccabee brother who we know nothing about, other than the book of Maccabees tells us he got crushed to death by an elephant.

Here’s how that tale is usually told, from HERE:

According to 1 Maccabees 6:43–46, during the Battle of Beit Zechariah, Eleazar identified a war elephant that he believed to carry the Seleucid King Antiochus V, due to the special armor the elephant wore. He decided to endanger his life by attacking the elephant and thrusting a spear into its belly. The dead elephant then collapsed upon Eleazar, killing him as well. 

Despite this heroic effort, the smaller Jewish army was defeated in the battle. Josephus wrote that Eleazar, though killing many enemy soldiers, did not gain any real effect besides the name he made for himself. In another variation of this story which appears in the Megillat Antiochus, Eleazar’s body is discovered after sinking in the excrement of an elephant.


To be honest, I always found this story a little strange, because how would stabbing an elephant to death ‘kill Antiochus’ in the first place, even if he was sitting on it?

And at this stage, re-reading it, it’s sounding to me like it’s made up bubbie meises….

It’s likely the book of Maccabees was also written as deceptive propaganda, at least in parts, and to cover the trail of what seems to have been an awful civil war between the Kohanim of the ‘House of Tzadok’, which gave us both the hellenising High Priests, as well as the Maccabbee family members who were still loyal to Hashem.

And it seems, that ‘Elazar’ may not have been on the right side of that equation, after all.


So, Elazar’s son seems to have been born in Idumea, before Idumea was conquered by ‘John Hyrcanus I’ and forcibly converted to Judaism, as per the tale we are told by Josephus, who we already know is not reliable.

And that also explains how ‘Antipater II’ comes to be the trusted advisor of the Hasmonean King Hyrcanus II – they are actually close family.

Except, that Antipater II either isn’t Jewish, or is ‘Jewish’ the same way people are ‘Jewish’ if they have one Jewish grandparent….

And his son, Herod, is Rome’s choice for King of Judea, after Mark Antony has his main Hasmonean rival for the throne, King Antigonus Mattityahu, crucified and then beheaded….


This is already pretty shocking.

But there’s more.

While Josephus and ‘standard history’ tells us that there were two King Agrippas, the Talmud only ever talks about one ‘King Agrippa’.

And it was while I was trying to piece together more of that side of things, that I stumbled across this blog:

It’s written by someone called Stephan Huller, who describes himself like this:

of the last descendants of the Frankist Jewish faith in the world. “I grew up thinking that I was the last of the mohicans,” he muses. “All of this might sound kind of dramatic, yet that’s just the way I was raised. It was that kind of thinking that inspired the research behind this book.” Stephan has literally spent two decades piecing together the origins of his tradition’s fusion of the New and Old Testaments with a unique Jewish slant. His book The Real Messiah is scheduled to be released by Duncan Baird Publishing in the UK and Sterling Books in the US.


What does a Frankist have to do with ‘King Agrippa’s messianic hopes’ 2,000 years ago?

I already knew I was going to learn some interesting stuff here.

Long story short, he  has a few posts on his blog (from the last decade…) that seem to be suggesting that there really was only one ‘King Agrippa’, and that Josephus seems to have falsified or distorted a lot of the information surrounding him.

And also, that this ‘King Agrippa’ was actually starting to make a lot of real teshuva, before he conveniently disappears out the story in 44 CE, apparently poisoned to death.


Have a look at the following blog posts for more details, and then I’ll bring a couple of snippets below:


The first time “Agrippa” appears in the chronology of Jewish War appears at 2:178 which reads “In the mean time Agrippa, the son of that Aristobulus who had been slain by his father Herod, came to Tiberius, to accuse Herod the tetrarch.” The text might well have offered a different explanation of who this ‘Herod’ who killed Agrippa’s father. Nevertheless we need only note for the moment that the parallel text in Antiquities makes clear that the year is 37 CE.


He’s talking about a coin that was found that shows there is only one Agrippa:

Once we throw the idea of the coin depicting TWO DIFFERENT AGRIPPAS on each of its sides out the window we are left with the certain fact that ‘KING AGRIPPA’ on the front of the coin is one and same with ‘AGRIPPA THE SON OF THE KING’ on the other. As we shall see this is proved by other Agrippa coins from the period. However for the moment we are left with one nagging question – if ‘King Agrippa’ is the ‘Agrippa son of the King’ – who is ‘the King’?


This guy says ‘the King’ is Caligula, but the Talmud via Rashi already told us who ‘the King’ actually is: Herod.

And here is another screenshot, that shows you the basic direction this Frankist descendent’s blog is heading in:


It’s interesting, how Kohanim are always in the middle of this story of false messiahs.

Shabtai Tzvi / SHACH also fits that bill.

And also in our day, there are people who descend directly from Kohanim, who seem to believe in the ‘Moshiach ben Aharon’ that the Essenes apparently were also waiting for.


There’s a lot to unpick here…. And I’m not going to get through everything in this post.

But, I’m trying to share the information as I go along, because each bit of clarity that gets a wider audience on this topic will lead to more ‘birur’ and more truth coming out.

So now, here’s another snippet from another one of Huller’s blogs on the topic, HERE, including excerpts from Robert Graves’ books about the Emperor Claudius, who was known to be a close friend of Agrippa in Rome.


Robert Graves on Agrippa the Messiah

My compliments to the most virtuous and beautiful Lady Valeria Messalina, your wife. The more I studied this report, the less I liked it. It looked as though Herod, taking advantage of my preoccupation with Britain, and the presence there of so large an army – which might easily need further reinforcements – was planning a general rising in the East, for which his fortification of Jerusalem had been the prelude….

… And are you able to tell me anything definite, Brigand, about this prophesied Eastern Ruler who is destined after his death to become the greatest God that has ever appeared on earth? I am continually coming across references to him.

There was one in court the other day. A Jew was accused of creating a disturbance in the City. He was alleged to have shaken his fist at a priest of Mars and exclaimed : `When the Ruler manifests himself, that will be the end of men like you. Your temples will be razed to the ground and you’ll be buried in the ruins; you dog! And the time is not far off now.’ Under cross-examination he denied having said anything of the sort, and as the evidence was conflicting I did no more than banish him – if you can call it banishment to send a Jew back to Judaea.

Well, Caligula believed himself to be this prophesied Ruler and in certain respects the prophecy, as it was reported to me, did indeed seem to point to him…

… Caligula knew a part of the prophecy, which was that this King was to die forsaken by his friends and that afterwards they would drink his blood. Curiously enough, that was fulfilled in his case: Bubo, one of the assassins, you remember had sworn to kill him and drink his blood in revenge, and did dabble his fingers in the wound he had made and then lick them dry, the madman….


Why I wrote in this way was that I now knew that Herod did really fancy himself to be this prophesied Ruler.

‘I had been told all about it by Herodias and Antipas, whom I had visited in their place of banishment during my stay in France. I could not allow them to return to Judaea, though I knew now that they had not been guilty of plotting against Caligula, but I allowed them to leave Lyons and gave them a fair-sized estate at Cadiz in Spain, where the climate was more like the one to which they were accustomed.

They showed me an indiscreet letter from Herodias’s daughter, Salome, now married to her first cousin, Herod Pollio’s son.

Herod Agrippa is, growing more and more religious every, day.

He tells his old friends that he is only playing at being a strict Jew for political reasons, and that he still secretly worships the Roman Gods. But I know now that this is only pretence. He is extraordinarily conscientious in his observances.

The Alabarch’s son, Tiberius Alexander, [the man who was Titus’ second in command to destroy the Temple) who has abandoned the Jewish faith,. much to the shame and grief of his excellent family, tells me that while he was staying, at Jerusalem the other day he took Herod aside and whispered: `I hear you have an Arabian cook who really understands how to stuff and roast a midnight sucking pig. Would- you be good enough to invite me in some night? It is impossible to get really eatable food in Jerusalem.’

Herod went scarlet and stammered that his cook was ill! The truth is that he dismissed this cook long ago.


Tiberius Alexander has another queer story about, Herod.

You have heard of that farcical occasion when he visited Alexandria with a bodyguard of two soldiers whom he had kidnapped to prevent them from serving a warrant on him, and borrowed money from the Alabarch?

It. appears that the Alabarch afterwards went to Philo, that learned brother of his who tries to reconcile Greek philosophy with Jewish scripture, and said, `I have probably been a fool, brother Philo, but I have lent Herod Agrippa, a large sum of money on rather doubtful security. In return he has promised to protect our interests at Rome, and has sworn before Almighty God to cherish and protect His people, so far as in him lies, and to obey His Law.’

Philo asked: `From where did this Herod Agrippa suddenly appear? I thought that he was at Antioch.’ The Alabarch said: ‘From Edom wearing a purple cloak – Bozrah purple – and stepping like a king. I cannot help believing that in spite of his former follies and vicissitudes he is destined to play a great part in our national history. He is a man of outstanding talent. And now that he has definitely pledged himself …’


Philo suddenly grew very serious and began to quote the prophet Isaiah: `Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? This that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength?… I have trodden the wine-press alone; and of the people there was none with me. But the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my Redeemed is come.’

Philo has long been convinced that the Messiah is at hand.

He has written several volumes on that head. He builds his argument on the text in Numbers about the Star out of Jacob, and reconciles it with a number of others in the Prophets. He’s quite crazy, poor man. And now that Herod has become so powerful and has kept his promise about observing the Law so faithfully and done the Alexandrian Jews so many services, Philo is really convinced that Herod is the Messiah.

What finally decided him was the discovery that Herod’s family, though an Edomite one, is descended from a son of Zedekiah, the last king of Judah before the Captivity. (This Zedekiah managed to smuggle his newly-born son out of the city and get him safe to friends in Edom before Nebuchadnezzar captured the place.)


Herod (Agrippa) seems to have been persuaded by Philo that he really is the Messiah and that he is destined not only to redeem the Jews from the yoke of the foreigner but to combine all the Children of Shem together in a great spiritual rule of the Lord of Hosts.

[T]his is the only possible explanation for his recent political activities which, I must confess, make me feel extremely nervous for the future. Indeed, there seems to be altogether too much religion in the air. It’s a bad sign.

[Robert Graves, I Claudius p. 70]


I, Claudius is a historical fiction written in 1934, but it was based very closely on contemporary Roman sources, from HERE:

Though the narrative is largely fictionalized, most of the events depicted are drawn from historical accounts of the same time period by the Roman historians Suetonius and Tacitus.

It’s kind of mind-boggling what seems to be emerging out of the mists here.

All the people we’ve been writing about, all shoots from that same family of Kohanim and Kohen Gadols, that gave us the Hasmoneans, and also so many figures that Josephus writes about, and that appear, often in ‘disguise’ in the satirical xtian Gospels, mocking the real Jewish history and aspirations of that time – they keep connecting back to each other.

And also back to the Roman Emperors.


There is a lot to unpack here, so I am going to stop now, even though we didn’t get to the discussion about Monobaz and Helena yet.

There’s more information hiding out behind this couple, too.

But one thing at a time.


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Roman Zdarov, the man falsely accused of murdering 13 year old Tair Rada up in Katzrin, finally got acquitted.

Apparently, it was the third, or maybe fourth, retrial in 15 years, but the first to actually be willing to go after the truth.

Roman was a caretaker at the school where Tair was found murdered in the bathroom, and despite not understanding Hebrew, was forced into ‘confessing’ he’d murdered her.

That was the only ‘evidence’ that was ever given to the court to connect him to the murder – but it was apparently good enough for all the corrupt judges and police of the State of Israel.

In case you didn’t know, Katzrin is home to many police and army families.

Tair’s mother is convinced that her schoolmates participated in the murder.

It’s at least possible that when they find the real killers, they will also find that they come from families closely associated with the police and army, who duly covered it all up, and let an innocent man rot in prison for 15 years.

Except this time, their ability to ‘cover things up’ is starting to literally dissolve from day to day.


If you go HERE, you can actually start to follow a whole bunch of different threads that our lying MSM won’t bring to your attention.

Like, how Tair’s mother is calling out the craven press in Israel, for ‘following orders’ from the Prosecutor’s Office to keep everything covered up, and all the fingers pointing at the Ukrainian caretaker – despite the total lack of evidence.

She is literally calling one journalist out after another, and they have nothing to say back, because they all know she’s totally right – and they are also part of the problem, not part of the solution.

(It’s a side point, but I recognise many of these same journalists and Channels from their ‘work’ on framing Rav Berland, and also covering up what happened in Meron. They didn’t just lie about what happened to Tair Rada… halavai.)


But what’s really interesting, is that I’m also detecting more of the rats starting to leap off the sinking judicial ship, and as they go, they are also starting to speak up against the horrendous miscarriages of justice that have been going on in the State of Israel for decades.

Judicial reform or no, the gate seems to have been finally opened on the barn door that is the criminal gang that run the country….

And it’s about to get really interesting, in a good way.


This is the stage in the Purim play where Zeresh tells Haman that if he’s taking on a real Jew, then the fall he’s starting to experience is only going to intensify.

There are plenty, awesome, real Jews in this country, just we only hear about the corrupt disgusting ones at the top of the tree.

But if you want a real hero, for today, try Roman Zdarov’s lawyer, who represented him pro bono for years, while he fought the State and the Prosecutor’s Office, and the journalists, to get him a fair re-trial.

Screenshot from HERE:


As Tair Rada’s mother said, the fight for justice isn’t really over.

Now, it’s just beginning.

And there are a whole bunch of others who have been framed and persecuted by the State of Israel, while the real criminals get top level protection (and probably also fat salaries paid for by the taxpayers…)

Amiram ben Uliel also needs to be freed and pardoned unconditionally, for being tortured into confessing to crimes he never committed.

And of course, there’s the Rav, and what has happened with him.

This process is really only beginning in earnest now.

And there’s no stopping it.



HERE‘s another story about yet another ‘torture confession’ from the Shin Bet, in Hebrew, but Google translate it.

The case is 40 years old (!) but the truth is only now coming out about it, presumably because the guilty parties are now all dead, so it’s safe to admit what was really going on, without reprisals.

The Shin Bet even tortures confessions out of its own people…. Because it’s run by violent, paranoid psychos.

(Exactly like the mafia, but probably even more corrupt.)

The screenshot of the (Google translated…) headline says it all:

There is nothing new under the sun.


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So, a reader just sent me a link to this.


Skip ahead to minute 18, where he starts to talk about the ‘suggestion’ that the USA is funding the anti-judicial reform protests.

He talks about this organisation called:

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel.

This is their front page:


Here’s a snippet of what they are saying:

We have already petitioned the Supreme Court against the two laws that were passed in the meanwhile: the law intended to enable criminals to be appointed ministers and the law that changes the Police Ordinance andincreases its subordination to the political rank.

In addition we have started a broad public struggle: thousands of citizens have already joined our demonstrations across the country in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the North, the South, and more.


So, the Movement for Quality Government is saying themselves, on their home page, that all the riots going on against the Government are ‘their demonstrations’, and a result of them initiating their ‘broad public struggle’.

Got that?

Now, let’s see who funds the Movement for Quality Government, screenshot from HERE:


What’s the MEPI Foundation, highlighted above?

It’s this:


And here is the MEPI grant program being rolled out, via the US Embassy in Tel Aviv:


So, walk through this with me.

Who is a key player behind the anti-judicial reform protests in Israel?

The Movement for Quality Government in Israel.

Who is funding the Movement for Quality Government in Israel?

The MEPI Foundation (amongst others).

What is MEPI?

It’s a branch of the US State Department, funding NGOs and pushing it’s own agenda inside the Holy Land.

So, who is really funding all these riots?

The US State Department, or ‘Deep State’ Department, whichever you prefer.


Of course, that doesn’t make Netanyahu instantly ‘good’.

We are still dealing with evil vs evil, just it’s enlightening to understand who is actually paying for what, in this puppet show called ‘politics’.


Apparently, Jews who are getting their cars stoned by Arabs in Huwara – aka Route 60, the only way in and out of many of the yishuvim in the Shomron – are now being arrested and violently attacked by yassamnikim, when they call the police or army for help.

I am trying to get more first-hand details of what is really going on up there, but in the meantime, understand that whoever these ‘security forces’ are, they aren’t working for you and me.

The question is, at this stage, whether they are even working for the Israeli government at all, or whether they are just violent thugs put here by the US Deep State, and Europeans, to continue terrorising and harassing the Jews here regardless of who we vote into power.

I don’t know what the answer is, whether our government is actually just acting as the US Deep State’s ‘kapo’, or whether they are taking the initiative on their own.

But what is clear, is that we only have Hashem to rely on, and there is no way of ‘voting’ ourselves out of this mess.

May Hashem come and rescue us from all the evil very soon!


PS: I just looked up other funders of the ‘Movement for Quality Government’ in Israel who is funding the anti-reform protests.

The Meyerhoff Joseph Fund seems to be one and the same as The Jerusalem Foundation.

You’ll recall The Jerusalem Foundation was set up by the former traitor and spy for the British, during the British Mandate, Teddy Kollek.

There is nothing new under the sun.


Meanwhile, THIS is the official website of the David Berg Foundation.

Not much to see there, but if you go to their IRS 990 form for 2020, you learn a little bit more about who else they are funding, apart from all the usual universities and Jewish Museums and Yad Vashems,

These are the ones that took my eye:

  • The ADL
  • King Baudoun Foundation of the US
  • JTS
  • World Jewish Congress
  • American Jewish Joint
  • American Friends of ITIM
  • and
  • American Supporters of YEDID

Doesn’t that say it all?


I can’t find much for the ‘Bracha Foundation’ – always a sign that this is the place to really dig.

What I can find shows they have a huge amount of cash, and tight links with the government.

Screenshot from Globes, HERE:


Ah, so now I tracked it down, deliberately misspelt on the MQGI website (I wonder why….)

HERE is it’s home page.

It’s the usual ‘social engineering’ racket, trying to ‘infect’ the Holy Land with all the woke rubbish they are corrupting the whole world with.

One screenshot:


And here’s some of that sites other donors – all the usual names, many of whom connect back to Frankist-Freemasonry and Reform Judaism:

Getting the picture?



And this is also very interesting – explaining what is really going on with the Bagatz, and how it represents ‘foreign interests’ in the Holy Land.

A lot more food for thought.

(11 minutes, in Hebrew)


Of course, the ‘right’ isnt’ the answer to this problem, either, they are also totally corrupt.

We only have Hashem to rely on.

But it’s very positive, that the truth is finally starting to come out about what is really going on in Israel, however horrible it really is.


You might also like this article:

Continuing the translation of the awesome shiur from just before Purim.

I am still going through it, and have a lot more to translate, but you can read Part 1 HERE.

As with all of the Rav’s shiurim, there is so much to unpack in every sentence here – you can learn tons of new information, if you take the time to engage with the clues here.

So, don’t necessarily take all this literally, use it as a jumping off point, to understand a lot more about our ‘real Jewish history’ – but you need to put in the effort, to harvest the insights here.



I was in Guatamala for three years. I was in Guatamala, and there you can see two oceans.

In Guatamala, you see two oceans. This is in Guatamala. You see the Atlantic Ocean, and also the Pacific Ocean – you see both of them. And afterwards, you see Costa Rica, and then Panama.

Who built Panama? The Rothschilds! They built the Suez Canal, and they built Panama. Everything that exists in the world, the Rothschilds built it. They were the richest people in the world.

Because when R’ Moshe Amshil (we say it’s ‘Anshel’, but the real name was ‘Amshel’, with a ‘m’). So, Moshe Amshel – Moshe Anshel, he was the gabbai of Rabbi Yaakov of Galuna. He was called ‘Yokel’, Yokel of Galuna.


And there is also the get (bill of divorce) of Galuna, and the get of Cleves. It was all together.

The Noda Be’Yehuda was against the get of Galuna, and was in favor of the get of Cleves, because there, there was the grandpa of the Tiferet Yisrael, Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, and Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz signed on the get. He did the get.

But the father of the groom…It’s written ‘Yitzchak ben Rabbi Eliezer’ – he was called ‘Yitzchak.’ And the bride was called ‘Leah’. Leah Gunzholtz. She was a girl of 16, and he was a young man aged 18.

And he didn’t want the shidduch, but they pressured him into the shidduch, from the beginning. So on the first shabbat [after the wedding], he ran away. He didn’t want the shidduch. They pushed him to make the shidduch, and he didn’t want it. He already had someone else in mind, he didn’t want [this shidduch] under any circumstances.

So, he ran away from home. And then they decided that he was crazy, because what sort of person runs away?! But, this was the most normal thing in the world – he didn’t want the shidduch, so he ran away.

And he took all the money with him – so he was even more ‘sane’.


But it was decided, his father said: I have a crazy son.

He went to Rabbi Abish Abba from Frankfort, and he said: I have a crazy son, who ran away in the middle of the sheva brachot. And they did a get for him. And there was Yisrael Lifshitz – the grandfather of the ‘Tiferet Yisrael’ – he did a him a get.

So, he got married on the Wednesday; on Shabbat he ran away from the house, and then on the following Wednesday, he already gave the get. He gave the get in the city of Cleves – the ‘Get of Cleves’.

He was from Mannheim, and the wedding was in Metz. All this took place along the Rhine river, the Rhine, ‘Reines’.


So, he lived in Reines, and he travelled with a boat, in a ferry, until he got to Cleves.

And when he got to Cleves he said to Shimshon Copenhagen – this was a Shimshon from the city of Copenhagen, from Denmark.

He told him [what was happening], and he delivered a get to him and then disappeared. [The groom] told him: I don’t want this shidduch, they forced me into it. I, I have some problem here, because they want to frame me as a murderer, so I am now on my way to London. If you don’t perform the get for me now – I’m going to disappear. She’ll be an agunah [unable to remarry] for the rest of her life.

So, Shimshon Copenhagen went in to see Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz, the rabbi of Cleves. He told him that there was a groom here, who got married less than a week ago, and he is saying that if they don’t write a get for him, today, then he’s going to disappear. He’s on the way to London, he’s decided to run away from his house.

So, Rabbi Yisrael Lifshitz arranged the get for him. And he gave it to Leah, Leah Guntzholtz. She was called ‘Leah’.


But then, the father of the groom didn’t know anything about this: how could a groom give a get without his father?!

So, the father said: My son isn’t sane, the get is passul [disqualified]. And he was a chassid of Rabbi Abish. And Rabbi Abish validated the get [i.e. agreed it was a kosher get.] But then, all the gabbaim (attendants of the Rabbi) got a lot of money from the father of the groom, and they said to Rabbi Abish that he should passul (disqualify) the get.

This was said to Rabbi Abish of Frankfort.


(‘Frankfort’ – there is the Yanuka of Frankfort, [Rabbi Yisrael Perlov of Karlin].

Everyone should travel to the Yanuka today, each person should go to the Yanuka. He was called R’ Yisrael, R’ Yisrael ben R’ Asher, ‘the Frankforter’.

He went to Berlin for an operation, and he died in the middle of the operation. They took him for burial to Frankfort. So, each person should travel to the ‘Frankforter’. This is the first thing, to travel to the ‘Frankforter’.)


[R’ Abish of Frankfort] was appointed by the King.

Because the [rabbinical] appointees, like Rabbi Yehezkel Landau, and everyone else, everything was only done with the permission of the king.

They used to need to have the permission of the king, in Prague, and in all the other places. They needed the king’s permission. If a person wants to be a rabbi – he needs the permission of the king.

Now, Rabbi Abish, he already saw that he made a mistake. He saw that. That he’d disqualified the get. Rabbi Abish. Because the father of the groom was his chassid, he gave him a lot of financial pidyonot, and like this, he ‘persuaded’ him. But, if he would have said that he’d made a mistake – they would have fired him.

If the king would have heard that he’d made a mistake, then he would have fired him from being the Rav of Frankfort. And then he wouldn’t have been a ‘Rav’.


R’ Yehezkel Landau wrote him four letters, but the gabbaim hid them from him, he didn’t even see them.

Rabbi Yehezkel Landau didn’t understand why he wasn’t replying to him, why he wasn’t responding?! Why isn’t he replying?!

Because they hid the letters.


Ad kan.

This snippet by itself is worth at least two weeks of solid research, to pick up what the Rav is really trying to tell us, about what was really going on.

Luckily, I made a start on at least some of the connections with the ‘Get of Cleves’ and the Sabbateans behind it, in this post


One of the main points to ‘take away’ is that our rabbis can only stay being our ‘rabbis’ if they have the permission of the king….

And they continue to push whatever social engineering projects, ‘vaccines’ and values the ‘king’ wants.

There is nothing new under the sun.



Here’s how this story is being told in the Jewish Virtual Library site:

On Elul 8, 5526 (August 14, 1766), Isaac (Itzik), son of Eliezer Neiberg of Mannheim, married Leah, daughter of Jacob Guenzhausen of Bonn.

On the Sabbath following the wedding the bridegroom took 94 gold crowns of the dowry and disappeared. After an extensive search he was found two days later in the house of a non-Jew in the village of Farenheim and brought home. A few days later Isaac informed his wife’s family that he could no longer stay in Germany because of the grave danger which threatened him there, and that he was obliged to immigrate to England.

He declared his willingness to give his wife a divorce in order to prevent her from becoming an *agunah . His offer was accepted, and Cleves on the German-Dutch border was selected as the place for the get to be given.

Consequently, on the 22nd of Elul, Israel b. Eliezer *Lipschuetz , the av bet din of Cleves, effected the divorce.


Leah returned to Mannheim and Isaac proceeded to England. When his father learned of the divorce, he suspected that the whole affair had been contrived by the woman’s relatives to extort the dowry money from Isaac.

He turned to R. Tevele Hess of Mannheim who invalidated the get on the grounds that in his view the husband was not of sound mind when he delivered it. Hess, not relying upon his own judgment, applied to the bet din of Frankfurt and to Naphtali Hirsch Katzenellenbogen of Pfalz, Eliezer Katzenellenbogen of Hagenau, and Joseph Steinhardt of Fuerth, requesting their confirmation of his ruling.

The bet din of Frankfurt, headed by Abraham b. Ẓevi Hirsch of Lissau, not only agreed, but demanded that Lipschuetz himself declare the get invalid and proclaim Leah to be still a married woman.


That ‘Tevele Hess of Mannheim’ had some very interesting descendants including one Moses Hess.

Here’s a Wiki snippet about him:

Moses (Moritz) Hess (21 January 1812 – 6 April 1875) was a German-Jewish philosopher, early communist and Zionist thinker. His socialist theories led to disagreements with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

He is considered a pioneer of Labor Zionism

Is your ‘Sabbatean-Frankist’ alarm firing off right now?


Moses Hess also descends from one ‘Aharon Mordechai Gunzenhausen’ of Bonn.

That’s exactly the same name as the bride’s family, in this whole sage of the ‘Get of Cleves’.

And it’s not so usual.

So we see, these ‘Sabbatean-Frankists’ were working both sides of the controversy, as they always here.

This is a screenshot from Moses’ Hess family tree, on geni:



This is the Wiki page for ‘R Abraham Abish’ of Frankfurt, snippet:

His father was the great-grandson of Rabbi Avraham Chaim Shor….

 He studied with Rabbi Shmuel of Fjorda (the” Beit Shmuel”), and then went to Frankfurt to study with Rabbi Naftali Katz, who was the rabbi of the place at the time, with whom he also studied Kabbalah. After the great fire that broke out in the city in 1711, for which Rabbi Naftali Katz was imprisoned, Rabbi Naftali’s disciples dispersed and Rabbi Avraham returned to Poland.

There he made a living selling oils for a time, until he began serving as a rabbinate. At some point, he probably also studied with Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Biala.

Married to the daughter of Rabbi Eliyahu Hacohen Mazritsch (son-in-law of Rabbi Shmuel of Fjorda)


R’ Avraham Chaim Shor links us to a great number of the Sabbateans we’ve been trying to track down, over the last few years.

But you can really tell more about a person, by his teachers.

One of R Abraham Abish’s main teachers is that R’ Naftali Katz of Frankfurt, who was a known Sabbatean ‘prophet’, and was arrested after the fire in the Jewish quarter of Frankfurt, on suspicion of practising black magic, particularly in connection with amulets.

R’ Abraham Abish also supported Jonathan Eybshutz, in the ‘amulets controversy’.


Another one of R’ Abish’s teachers is ‘R Zvi Hirsch Biala’.


Born in Lviv to Rabbi Naftali Hirz Ashkenazi.

Married to the daughter of Rabbi Simcha Hacohen Rappaport of Lublin, his brother-in-law was Rabbi Chaim Hacohen Rappaport. After serving as Biala’s rabbi for a period, he was imprisoned with his family by the city’s ruler, following a traumatic event in which one of the Lubomirski princes tried to kidnap his daughter-in-law and was beaten.

The rabbi was released under lobbying by the Jewish rabbi and philanthropist, the court Jew of August II, Issachar Bernd Lehmann. Three days after the wedding, his daughter-in-law died. After his release, he returned to serve as rabbi and head of yeshiva in his hometown of Lviv.


Again, does anything about this story of his daughter-in-law sound ‘strange’ to you?

Zvi Hirsh of Biala has other students – many of whom are now known to be Sabbatean-Frankists, and the ancestors of many leading Sabbatean-Frankists.

Tov, I’m going to stop there for today, but I encourage you to pick a name, and do some research of your own!

Because it’s ALWAYS the same people, the same families, the same playback, the same manipulation and deceit.

And that is still happening right now.