How can we know what’s really true, in this world of lies?

The short answer is: only with great difficulty, and a lot of sincere prayers to not be misled, and not to mislead others.

(And even then, we might still get it wrong and trip up…)

But Rav Natan Sternhartz, Rebbe Nachman’s main pupil, taught another very useful rule of thumb for knowing where the truth really lies.

He taught: If something brings you closer to God, then it’s ‘true’.

And if it takes you further away from God, then it’s not.


He was talking more about figuring out the wiles of the yetzer hara, which berates people for not being ‘perfect’, and not being super-duper frum, and for not being always 100% upbeat and ‘positive’ about everything, etc etc etc.

Sure, mitzvah gadolah le’hiyot be simcha tamid – it’s an enormous mitzvah to always be happy, under all circumstances.

But it’s also a very, very high spiritual level, and when the yetzer comes along and starts telling you how badly you are doing, because you feel scared about what’s going on, or you are wobbling in your emuna, or your frustration is reaching boiling point, and right now, you are kind of struggling to feel ‘happy’ with the situation –

At that point, a person has to do a lot of hitbodedut about what is really going on, and to get real about what they are actually feeling and experiencing internally.

Because going through that process, and bringing all that fear, anger, frustration and despair back to God puts God bang, slap back in the middle of all those bad middot.

And just like that, we find ourselves brought closer to Hashem again, and under His wing.


But if we don’t do that, and we just ‘carry on up the Geula’ without acknowledging all our bad middot, and our credible fears – then instead of bringing us closer to Hashem, and closer to pouring our hearts out before Him truthfully, including all the yucky stuff, ‘trying to be positive’ and ‘trying to be happy all the time’ actually leads us away from God.

And away from living life as our authentic selves.

And that is no mitzvah at all.


Rav Natan’s dictum can also apply to information coming in from the outside.

If you have information that suggests that the world operates according to the Torah’s account of creation, that stands to reason it’s going to strengthen  your faith in the Creator, and bring you closer to God.

And the opposite is also true.

Which brings me to the idea of ‘geocentrism’ vs ‘heliocentrism’.


The blog is not keeping up with my reading, but to cut a very long story short, ‘heliocentrism’ – the idea that the earth revolves around the sun – has ALWAYS been a pagan, anti-Torah idea.

It was in Egypt before it got to Greece, and ‘sun worship’ has been a standard feature of most pagan religions since the dawn of time.

BH, at some point I will put more meat on these basic bones, but heliocentrism has ALWAYS been a tool to pry people away from God, and away from the Torah’s account of creation.

There is literally nothing new under the sun.


So, when we read all these accounts from NASA, and all this stuff from ‘astronomers’, and all this stuff from demonically-inspired mystics ‘channelling’ the ‘wisdom of Atlantis’ about how the universe is really working…..

We have to stop for a moment, and see what all these people are saying in relation to heliocentrism.

If their version of the world is based on the idea that the earth is circling the sun, we already know they are totally wrong about a huge component of their assumed ‘space reality’.

And if they can’t get something as basic as this right…. then why should we believe anything else they say?

Even if they aren’t deliberately going out to decieve and tear down the Torah’s account of creation – which at this point, is a huge ‘if’ – why would we trust the ideas of people who are clearly not dealing with the Torah’s version of reality?


BH, more and more people out there are starting to trust the whisperings of their soul, telling them that NASA and ‘heliocentrism’,  and ‘space aliens’ and all the rest is anti-Torah baloney.

But it’s still a very difficult birur, because the brainwashing starts so young, and is so all-encompassing.

On that score, I came across this video, that clearly shows footage of the sun streaking above the stationary earth.

To be clear, Torah sources allow for the earth to be all sorts of shapes, including flat and spherical.

But what no-one argues about is that the earth is the centre of creation, and that the sun revolves around us – geocentrism – not the other way around.


Take a look, especially from the 12 minute mark onwards, if you are in a rush.

God literally created the whole world for us.

Just, the Evils keep trying to tell us it’s all random, pointless, meaningless…

Don’t believe them.


PS: It’s interesting to see the Youtube ‘damage limitation’ going on around the idea of geocentrism.

Here’s the ‘context’ they stuck underneath this video, above:


Take note of the name ‘Pythagoras’, in relation to the ‘spherical earth’ idea.

We will come back to him shortly.

His name pops up a lot, when dealing with black magic masquerading as pseudo-science – and that’s still happening today.



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Going forward, I think things are going to get a little scary.

And, I think that ‘scary’ is starting to surface in the subconscious of even the most resolute ‘think good, and it will be good’ kind of people.

Because at some point, the dinner party ends, and you have to go outside to see what all the fuss is about…


I can see that happening in a whole bunch of ways, already.

I see upbeat, ‘spiritual’ people who are now smoking like chimneys and looking pretty haggard – while still telling me that ‘anyone with emuna knows this is going to be a fantastic process unfolding’.

Well, yes it is.

(At least, if you believe in God, really do have emuna that ‘everything is for the best’ – even when that’s painful and horrible, and are working on your own bad middot and staying close to the True Tzaddikim….)

But even for those kinds of people – it’s still going to be pretty scary.


So, I am trying to make a conscious decision here on the blog, to talk about SOLUTIONS, and not just problems.

We’ll start to flesh the whole ‘demons running the world’ thing out in more posts, BH.

But before we continue with that, let me bring you some possible solutions, for how we deal with all these demonic forces.

(Taken from THIS blog post, I wrote a few weeks back:)

I want to leave you with a few pertinent snippets from One in a Generation Volume II.

Snippet 1, is a quote from Rav Berland himself, from January 21, 2015:

If someone would see how many demons and spirits [there are in every square meter of the world], even a little, then immediately his soul would leave him.

Therefore, Hashem gave us the ability not to see.

And now is the time when all of the demons and spirits are coming out of the bottle and are bursting forth. All of the terrorists are demons and spirits. All of Hamas and all of Al-Qaida and all of ISIS, they are demons and spirits.

[When a person is reciting the Shema,] he needs to have the proper intention, he needs to have proper attention when saying Hashem Aechad [God is one]. AecHaD also stand for: Al-Qaida, Hamas and Da-ash (the Arabic name for ISIS). A person needs to have the correct intention that Hashem Aechad, God is One.

If a person has the intention that God is One, then he will excise all of Al-Qaida, all of Hamas, and all of Da-ash (ISIS), [those] who decapitate others, and kill children and babies.”




And this is from Volume I:


Rav Yehuda Zerachia Halevi Segal, zt” l, was a head kabbalist of the previous generation, and a man who was known to have ruach hakodesh. After Rav Levi Yitzchak’s passing, Rav Berland found himself at the center of a storm of hatred, evil speech, and controversy that had been created by his self-styled opponents in the Breslov Meah Shearim shul.

Rav Segal decided to intercede, to try to end the machlokes. On one occasion on 4 Kislev, 5752 (November 11, 1991), he wrote a letter to Rav Yaakov Meir Shecter, the official head of the community in the Breslov shul, where he emphasized how important it was to have peaceful relations within the Breslov community, and that the rectification of the world (tikkun olam) depended on this.

Rav Segal wrote:

“The very high level of piousness and avodas Hashem of the gaon and tzaddik Rav Eliezer Berland, shlita, is well known to me. It’s forbidden to harm an angel of God…and Rabbeinu Hakadosh (Rebbe Nachman) is extremely upset about recent events…The honor of Rabbeinu Hakadosh forces me to intercede and protest about what is going on.”

Rav Yehuda Segal once told Rav Michael Goll, one of the Rav’s students and the Rosh Yeshivah of Meginei Eretz, the following:

“You should know, wherever I go, the demonic forces run 200 meters away from me. But wherever Rav Berland goes, the demonic forces run many thousands of meters away from him. That is the enormous power of his holiness!”


In the next few posts, BH, I’ll have some  more tachlis solutions, real stuff real people can do, to keep out of the grip of the evil forces in the world.

Most of it revolves around the same old stuff I always talk about, i.e. working on bad middot, avoiding drugs and other addictive substances, and staying far away from the most potent sources of tumah.

But I have new info to ‘flesh out’ more of these ideas, specifically how it all connects to demonic entitites.

But the main piece of advice before we get into that, the main solution, is STAY CLOSE TO THE TRUE TZADDIKIM.

And in particular, to Rebbe Nachman and Rav Berland.


It’s struck me more than once that this quote from the late R Yehuda Segal is maybe at least part of why the Rav puts such an emphasis on living in Jerusalem.

Let’s pull it out again:

“You should know, wherever I go, the demonic forces run 200 meters away from me. But wherever Rav Berland goes, the demonic forces run many thousands of meters away from him. That is the enormous power of his holiness!”

This reassures me every time I think about what might be going on here – which honestly scares me.

Even though I work on my emuna etc, the thought of these ‘forces of evil’ manifest really still scares me.

But then, I remember that they are actually just working for God – that’s the emuna solution.

And then, I remember Rabbenu’s tale about the people who are in the circle of the True Tzaddik being protected from the harm these demons cause.

And then, I remember this quote from R Segal:

Wherever Rav Berland goes, the demonic forces run many thousands of meters away from him.


Go back and re-read this article:


Here’s a pertinent snippet – but really, go back and read it all:

Demons look like human beings, but really aren’t.

They have zero real emuna and faith in Hashem (the ‘chicken feet’ = atheists), and they are organized as crime families and syndicates. You’ll find demons in the middle of abortions…. And in the middle of hurting children and other people… And in locations where men are lured to be ‘entrapped’ with harlots…. And demons love ‘devices’ and can listen in on people’s conversations, fly all over the world and appear to be totally untouchable. The last thing to tell you about demons is probably the most important.

In Rebbe Nachman’s tale, he explains that the human beings who are with the Jewish Sage who stands up to the King Demon, and who are within his ‘circle’, are safe from the harm demons can do.

Rebbe Nachman tells us:

“The demons approached, but they could not come near [the humans] because of the circle [that the wise man had made] around them. [The King Demon] sent other messengers, but they also failed.”


This isn’t just a ‘nice story’, a fairy tale, from Rebbe Nachman.

It’s literally advice on how you protect yourself, going forward.

Get in the Tzaddik’s circle, pronto, and take yourself away from demon-infested ‘civilisation’ (especially social media…)

OK, you don’t live in Israel, you don’t live in Jerusalem – I get it.

But you can STILL get in the Tzaddik’s circle, by learning his teachings, following his ‘advice’ on how to live life, binding yourself to the True Tzaddikim, helping the Tzaddik anyway you can, spiritually and materially.

That’s how a person really gets in the circle, in any case.

Rebbe Nachman makes this clear again and again and again, that it’s not actually the ‘personal contact’ that’s important – it’s the inner dimension.

Which means, you do an hour of hitbodedut a day (try to…) you read your 3 Tikkun Haklalis a day (try to….) if the Rav says go to Hevron to pray – you try to do that, or join the livestream from wherever you live.

If he says smash your iPhone, you try to do that…

If he says ‘avoid lashon hara’ – you try to do that…

The list goes on and on.

And that ‘inner dimension’ is what really counts, here.


Yesterday, someone sent me an article about how tons of secular Israelis are rushing to leave the country, and to go and live in Greece, before Israel turns into ‘a dictatorship’.

These people always wanted a ‘Greek Israel’, and now that the religious Jews here are multiplying, I guess they have decided to cut their losses to have an ‘Israeli Greece’ instead.

But the Shechina is HERE, in the Holy Land.

And it’s part of the birur process, that these anti-Torah, anti-God people are now leaving in droves, to a place where they can have the Greek, atheist lifestyle in the sun they always dreamed of.

They are kicking themselves out of the protective circle that is Eretz Yisrael.

And as the months go by, more and more ‘secular lefties’ are joining them.


Good things are happening, under the surface, if you look below all the ‘anarchy’, chaos and orchestrated ‘street violence’.

(BTW, it’s getting harder and harder to spot the differences between Leftists setting the Ayalon on fire (with fireworks…), Palestinians setting Silwan on fire (with fireworks…) and French rioters setting Paris on fire (with fireworks…)

BH, let’s not fall into the trap of thinking behaving like animals is going to solve our problems.

Let’s keep our camp holy and pure, stuck to Hashem and His Torah, and using prayer and teshuva, instead of demonically-inspired violence, to wage our battles.

On that note, that’s enough for today.

Fast well, if you’re doing that.

In the next post, we’re going to take a closer look at how ‘demonic forces’ exploit a person’s bad middot to literally take them over.



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Well, we’re all sitting here ‘feeling’ the madness in the world right now.


Sometimes, it’s getting too much to deal with, if we’re honest.

At least, that’s how I feel sometimes.

In this post, I wanted to take a closer look at what might be going on with the Schumann Resonance, and how all this might tie together with what appears to be another spike in people feeling pretty unwell, in a bunch of different ways.


I spoke to someone yesterday who’s in touch with a bunch of ‘electro-sensitive’ people, and she told me her phone has been blowing up with people calling her to tell her they have weird pains, they can’t think straight, some of them can’t even stand up, at the moment.

What’s going on?!?!

That’s the question we’d all like answered, isn’t it?

(Or maybe….not.)


What is DEFINITELY going on is that the world is currently being bombarded by some massive amounts of ‘radiation’ – electromagnetic waves, frequencies – that are causing a lot of people a lot of physical and mental health issues.

That much, I’m sure of.

Where are these electromagnetic waves of energy coming from?

That’s where all this gets tricky.

There are so many options, some ‘natural’, and some man-made.

Man-made include:

5….G, 4.5G and 4G.

All the ‘geo-engineering’ going on, that’s giving us magnetic rain here in Israel, and pumping the environment – and us – full of super-conductive graphene oxide.

Whatever is going on down in the basement of Switzerland, where crazy scientists that seem to be at least loosely affiliated with demonic forces built a Hadron Collider, and are messing around with all sorts of things, quite possibly including the Schumann Resonance.

‘Natural’ includes:

Grand Solar Minimums

The world getting ready for another round of massive seismic activity

Space weather


Of course, with the boundaries between ‘man-made’ and ‘natural’ getting more and more blurred all the time, the main thing to remember here is that God is behind everything.

Regardless of the delivery mechanism.

And also to keep remembering:

Our prayers and teshuva and emuna and emunat tzaddikim can turn all this around for the best, and God’s salvation comes in the blink of an eye.


So now, let’s take a look at the ‘glitch’ the Schumann Resonance is meant to have experienced, on June 18th – four days ago.

(I started feeling pretty ‘off’ on Shabbat in Israel, June 17th, and that continued for the next three days. I’m doing better now – but still not 100%.d And other people in my family are also still going through ‘waves’ of weird pains, headaches, and other things.)

So, the ‘glitch’ looked something like this:



The left is more how it usually looks – and on the right, we have a very strange pattern.

Now, we have to tread carefully to try to do some birur here, as to what appears to be true.

It appears to be true that there was DEFINITELY a very big ‘spike’ in the Schumann Resonance on June 18th, 2023.

Watch this for more detail, with some small but interesting references to the crazy people working in the basement in Switzerland:

(See the UPDATE below, about what this guy is saying about there never being any spikes in the Schumann Resonance on the Jewish Shabbat.)


Also, because human being are electrical creations, being bombarded with this sort of radiation – wherever it happens to be coming from – is DEFINITELY having an impact on our physical and mental health.

Take a look at this from Twitter:


Now, compare and contrast with this list of the symptoms of ‘microwave sickness’:


What do you notice?


To boil this all down to a ridiculously over-simplified level, this battle between good and evil comes down to ‘good spiritual energy’ and ‘bad spiritual energy’.

Freemason-Fake Science likes to pretend that the physical world and the metaphysical world are totally separate entities (if that latter one even exists….)

This is baloney.

What happens spiritually, ‘invisibly’, energetically mamash makes the biggest difference in the world, and has the biggest impact on creation – especially, us human beings.

When people are connecting to ‘good energy’ – the Torah, True Tzaddikim, prayers, mitzvoth, hitbodedut, sincere teshuva, working really hard to put ‘good vibes’ into the world, in whichever way they can – that literally changes reality, and tips it to ‘good’.

And the opposite is also true.

We can all feel the ‘bad vibes’ that come off angry, critical, cruel people.

We can all feel the ‘yuck’ when people start saying horrible things, or acting in ways that are totally against Torah-defined morality.

The ‘spiritual energy’ creates the reality – and that’s where the real battle is going on here.

In our own souls.


That’s why the spiritual choices we make about all the small details in our life can have such a huge impact on our mental and physical health.

Because each decision connects us ‘to God’ – and good energy – or disconnects us from God, God forbid, and automatically connects us to bad energy.

The songs we listen to…. the stuff we read and watch…the ideas we have…the people we engage with…the communities we live in….the places we work…the stuff we do….

It all either connects us ‘to God’ and good energy – or the opposite.

And there is nothing in between.


I just want to make another really important point, then we’ll get back to the Schumann Resonance.

All of us fall, all of us find ourselves in yucky places, having yucky thoughts, engaging with yucky people, seeing or doing yucky things.

When this happens, if we turn our focus back to God – and cry out to Him from the midst of that ‘yucky place’ we find ourselves in – we immediately connect back to God, and ‘good energy’.

And that’s not all.

We also bring God’s ‘good energy’ into that very yucky place, which burns out all the ‘bad energy’ there.

This is the power of sincere teshuva.

This is part of the reason so many of us get ‘stuck’ in those yucky places in the first place.

So we can ‘raise the sparks’, and connect the whole scene back to God and ‘good energy’.


To get back to the Schumann Resonance.

Remember a couple of weeks, I wrote a post called ‘On Demons and Tzaddiks’?

Here’s a relevant snippet:

The solution is to ‘bind yourself to the True Tzaddikim’, even if you don’t know who they are.

And to work on overcoming your bad middot and lack of emuna, and to really try to internalise Ein Od Milvado – there is only God….

And then also consider…. how much ‘tech’ you want to keep engaging with, without trying to protest it, on some level, even if that requires some mesirut nefesh.

That tech is literally ‘demonically inspired’.

Look at the depictions of ‘angels’ in books like the Sefer Yetzirah, and then see how these symbols of ‘angels’ resemble, exactly, the circuitry of a computer board, or chip.


When I saw this strange ‘Schumann Glitch’ from June 18th, I have to say it reminded my instantly of the symbols of demonic entities / angelic beings, as described in kabbalah, including in books like Sefer Yetzirah.

Now, here’s aa weird ‘puff piece’ for CERN’s Hadron Collidor and Elon Musk – apparently produced by people who  are ‘real scientists’:


Here’s a screenshot of the description underneath the video – pay attention to the date this video went up, June 17th, 2023, the day before the Schumann Resonance had its very strange pattern:


Remember what Elon Musk told us a few years back?

Here’s the clip again:


Now, remember another comment from Musk, this time back in August 21, 2022, where he called CERN ‘demonic tech’?

Here it is:

All I’m saying, is that ‘alien invasions’ are a perfect cover story for if you’re trying to literally ‘summon’ demonic entities to manifest on planet earth.

And then, all I’m saying is that these demonic entities have names / symbols that look very similar to what showed up on the graph for the Schumann Resonance on June 18th.

And then, all I’m saying is that all this tech, right from the start, ALSO is based on ‘demonic symbols / names’; and was literally demonically inspired.


Nikola Tesla was not a good guy.

I spoke to someone yesterday who has been reading Tesla’s own writings, in his own words.

He basically got all his ideas and prototypes by leaving a notepad next to his bed at night with a pen – and he’d wake up to see what was written there.

All the horrible tech we have today – including CERN’s Hadron Collidor – it all comes from the pen of Tesla, who was basically letting demons write for him.

Here’s a little taster, of Tesla’s ‘transhumanist’ agenda – written back in 1900, when most people in Europe still didn’t have electricity in their homes:

[L]ong ago, I conceived the idea of constructing an automaton which would mechanically represent me, and which would respond, as I do myself, but, of course, in a much more primitive manner, to external influences.

Such an automaton evidently had to have motive power, organs for locomotion, directive organs, and one or more sensitive organs so adapted as to be excited by external stimuli. This machine would, I reasoned, perform its movements in the manner of a living being, for it would have all the chief mechanical characteristics or elements of the same. …

Whether the automation be of flesh and bone, or of wood and steel, it mattered little, provided it could perform all the duties required of it like an intelligent being


If you haven’t got the time or inclination to ‘deep dive’ through Tesla’s own writings, THIS SITE has done a lot of that work for you.

Here’s one of Tesla’s quotes on eugenics:

“The year 2100 will see eugenics universally established.

In past ages, the law governing the survival of the fittest roughly weeded out the less desirable strains. Then man’s new sense of pity began to interfere with the ruthless workings of nature. As a result, we continue to keep alive and to breed the unfit. The only method compatible with our notions of civilization and the race is to prevent the breeding of the unfit by sterilization and the deliberate guidance of the mating instinct.

Several European countries, and a number of states of the American Union, sterilize the criminal and the insane. This is not sufficient. The trend of opinion among eugenicists is that we must make marriage more difficult. Certainly no one who is not a desirable parent should be permitted to produce progeny.

A century from now it will no more occur to a normal person to mate with a person eugenically unfit than to marry a habitual criminal.”


Not so ‘cute’, all of sudden…

Here’s another direct quote, about ‘man as machine’ with God totally out of the picture:

Science is opposed to theological dogmas because science is founded on fact [sic]. To me, the universe is simply a great machine which never came into being and never will end. The human being is no exception to the natural order. Man, like the universe, is a machine. 


This is diametrically opposed to Torah.

It’s diametrically opposed to the teachings of our True Tzaddikim, like Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, who told us:


Ponder on this deeply, it’s really at the heart of this whole spiritual fight between ‘good’ and ‘evil’.


On that site that discusses Tesla’s writings, above, and how he was almost certainly ‘demonically possessed’, they bring some more quotes by someone else you’ve probably heard of, called Rudolf Steiner.

A couple of years ago, when I shared some info showing that Rudolf Steiner was a satanist, and that ‘Steiner Schools’ was probably not somewhere you should be sending your kid, I had some pushback for daring to ‘pick holes’ in someone as wonderful as Rudolf Steiner.

Here’s a direct quote from him:

“Before only a part of the third millennium of the post-Christian era has elapsed, there will be, in the West, an actual incarnation of Ahriman: Ahriman in the flesh. But what matters is that people shall find the right vantage point from which to confront it.” Steiner, GA 191

What’s ‘Ahriman’, you ask?

Well, lookie there.

We are exactly back with ‘Zoroastrianism’ – that demon-worshipping, Persian religion that got ‘fuzed with some parts of Jewish theology to create xtianity, but has also continued to wend its way through every single ‘alternative’ religion to Torah, that you’ll find today, including Buddhism, and all the rest of it.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

Rudolf Steiner, who founded the esotericspiritual movement Anthroposophy, used the[Zoroastrian] concept of Ahriman to name one of two extreme forces which pull humanity away from the centering influence of God.Steiner associated Ahriman, the lower spirit, with materialism, science, heredity, objectivity, and soul-hardening.


Can you see, how all this is connecting up?

Is all this just one big CO-IN-CID-ENCE?



Now, a last word on how ‘Trump’ connects to all this, because of course, he does.

I covered some of this info on my old blog, but here’s the key points:

When Nikola Tesla died ‘mysteriously’ in a NYC hotel in the middle of WW2, the Federal Bureau of Investigation ordered the Alien Property Custodian to seize all of his belongings – even though Tesla was an American citizen.

All his work and estate was taken to the Manhattan Storage and Warehouse Company, under the aegis of the Office of Alien Property (OAP).

Then, a man called ‘John G Trump’, an electrical engineer and professor at M.I.T., was called in to ‘analyse’ Tesla’s work. John Trump was a technical aide to the National Defense Research Committee at that time.

He claimed to have gone through all of Tesla’s papers in three days…. and the wrote a report that said ‘nothing to see here’.


Meanwhile, Trump’s father, Fred Christ Trump, was a US military contractor, with particularly tight links with the US Navy.

“During World War II, Trump built barracks and garden apartments for U.S. Navy personnel near major shipyards along the East Coast, including Chester, Pennsylvania, Newport News, Virginia, and Norfolk, Virginia.”

Trump Snr made his first real money during the war working for the US army, then parlayed that into ‘real estate’ afterwards.

Meanwhile, Trump Snr’s brother, John George Trump, gets all Tesla’s ‘inventions’ – including, internet, smartphones, ‘death rays’, blueprints for turning people into machines, the whole kit and caboodle – and then that same John G Trump shows up in connection with….those crazy people doing stuff in the basement in Switzerland.

Watch this (speeded up):


You know, I used to smirk a bit when people would talk about stuff like this.

Not any more.

Now, I keep an open-mind, and try to evaluate the information as objectively as I can, because we all know they are lying about everything.

At this stage – I doubt this is about ‘time travel’.

But I’m 100% sure that John G Trump was deeply connected to the Matrix that brought us DARPA, MK Ultra (which stands for ‘Mind Kontrol’, don’t forget) and Large Hadron Colliders, amongst many other things.

So, what does that say about his nephew?

Just a CO-IN-CID-ENCE that there was another Trump in the White House, during ‘Operation Warp Speed’ – and who is aiming to come back again, to finish the job properly?


Let’s stop there for today.

It’s a lot to take in and think about.

But one thing I can say:

I don’t think Musk was joking, when he said this tech was like ‘summoning the demon’.

I think he was being totally serious.



In that first video talking about the spike in the Schumann Resonance, he tosses out a comment something like ‘there’s never been a recorded spike in the Schumann Resonance on the Jewish Sabbath, because so many of the scientists working for CERN are  orthodox Jews.’

Clearly, that’s BS.

Firstly, he has no idea just how many ‘orthodox Jews’ work for CERN, and neither does anyone else.

So, why are there apparently no recorded ‘spikes’ in the Schumann Resonance on the Jewish Shabbat?

My husband suggested a possible solution that is awesome.


He brought the idea from Chazal that even in Gehinnom, they keep Shabbat.

Here’s some sources for that idea, from the Judaism StackExchange site HERE:

Those wicked who never keep Shabbat – the fire of Gehinnom never subsides for them, and all the wicked in Gehinnom ask about them. The angels of justice reply to them: “These are the wicked who denied the existence of the Most Holy, Blessed be He, and desecrated the entire Torah by not keeping Shabbat”.

(Zohar Vol. 2, 151).



18) When the wicked in Gehinnom are crowned on the Shabbat day, and are granted rest and tranquility” (Zohar Chadash . Bereishit 22a).

19) “On Shabbat, neither the Gehinnom nor its officials have dominion” (Tikkunei Zohar 24:69 Zohar vol. 2, 88b, 130a).

20) “The wicked in Gehinnom rest on the holy Shabbat day” (vol. 3, 94b).


This ‘frequency’, this Schumann Resonance is coming from under the ground / within the planet – depending on your cosmological viewpoint.

The point is, that’s the same location as ‘Gehinnom’, which really is an actual, physical place located on ‘planet earth’, not just a theoretical construct, as Rebbe Nachman himself told us.

And ‘Gehinnom’ rests on Shabbat.

It’s kind of awesome, seeing the words of Chazal finally coming to life before our eyes, as more of us start to figure out that our holy Sages knew way more about how the world works than all these phony Freemason-Fake scientists could even guess at.

And the birur continues.


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Since Shabbat, I haven’t been feeling too hot.

I highly recommend you go back and read THIS post, from December 2021, when I first started writing about ‘Acute Radiation Syndrome’.

This next snippet kinda covers what I’ve been experiencing the last few days:


Here are the main symptoms to look out for, listed:

  • Headaches / migraines
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Disrupted sleep – i.e. waking up for no obvious reason; and / or finding it hard to get to sleep, for no obvious reason
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Memory loss / head fog
  • Tinnitus – a buzzing or ringing in the ears
  • Skin rashes
  • Muscle and joint pain – for no obvious reason
  • Leg and foot pain
  • Tingling
  • Irritability
  • Numbness
  • Nosebleeds
  • Low-level anxiety and feeling ‘stressed-out’ for no reason


I’ve had about seven of the things on this list, for the last few days – coinciding with all the ‘magnetic rain’ and chem trail spraying going on all over Israel.


If you go to the WayBack Machine link here:

You can download a short, fairly easy to read PDF explaining the difference between ‘Acute’ and ‘Chronic’ Radiation Syndrome.

Again, I brought a huge amount of info, including some possible ‘solutions’ and coping strategies, in THIS POST.

Go and take a look, as this post is just touching on a few things briefly, like this:

Here’s the description of the first symptoms of ARS.


I think I’ve been having these ‘first symptoms’ of radiation poisoning the last few days, again.

Some of the people in my house have also been experiencing some ‘weird’ things going on, the last couple of weeks, too, that fit the description of ARS.

The question I’m wondering about is: how many other people out there are also experiencing at least some of the symptoms on this list?


Unless you just fell off the moon and landed on planet earth, by now, it should be obvious that our own governments and military are literally trying to kill us.

That’s just how it is, that’s the reality we live in.

Maybe, this was always the reality we lived in, just nobody realised it with quite so much clarity before our day and age.

Point is – there are a lot of things going on that can easily cause a lot of us to feel very scared and anxious about the future.


Yesterday morning, I had another bout of that ‘anxiety’ myself, so I spent half an hour dancing and clapping, while talking to God about what was scaring me – and it really, really helped.

This is my go-to playlist of Rabbenu dance songs, half an hour long:


If you didn’t try it already, it’s highly recommended.

Point is, there IS a lot of stuff coming down the pipe, and fear is one very common reaction to that.

But if we get stuck in the fear, that is really, really unhelpful and damaging, on so many levels.


In that OTHER POST, I listed a whole bunch of things that may be useful, when it comes to trying to deal with the fall out (pun intended….) of ARS.

For example, I dusted off my salt lamp again the last week, which made a noticeable difference to my ‘felt stress’.

I’ve stuck tons of lentils on my fingers.

I’ve upped my intake of fermented food and drinks.

I’ve got my Epsom Salts ready for another bath…

It’s probably all helping, as these things go.

But the biggest ‘help’ is the knowledge that:

a) God is running the world, and whatever is going on, it’s going to have a positive ending, even if that ‘positive ending’ doesn’t fit my expectation of what a ‘positive ending’ should look like.


b) I’m sitting in the circle of the Tzaddik HaDor – the only person who the demons are actually scared of.


So, I’m trying to stay ‘aware’ of what’s going on, as much as that is useful, without overwhelming me, my family – or you, dear reader – with too much unmitigated ‘fear porn’, and pointless speculation about ‘what is coming next’.

The Rav told us clearly, he needs to get to Uman this Rosh Hashana to avoid something very horrible happening to humanity.

He’s asked us to say a Tikkun Haklali every day, with that in mind.

That’s our ‘job’ right now, that’s our ‘mission’, plus whatever other ongoing daily teshuva, prayer and spiritual work we need to be doing anyway.


‘Scared’ means we get ill, anxious, stressed and very pessimistic about the future, so we stop living life in the here and now.

It’s totally what the yetzer wants.

‘Prepared’ means we acknowledge our fears, anxieties and worries, we don’t run away from them – but then we take it all back to God, we take whatever ‘practical’ actions we can to try to mitigate things (especially, on the teshuva, prayer and emuna front) – but then, we get on with our lives and carry on doing the things that bring us joy.

Yesterday, I stuck another six plants in the patch of earth that’s called ‘the garden’ next to the house I rent in Jerusalem.

Sitting out there, watching them grow – it makes me so happy.

Even if the sky is whited-out from GO nanoparticles and the rain gives everyone asthma….


So, don’t be ‘scared’ about what is coming next, but do use your anxiety and fear to spark off some real teshuva and heartfelt prayer.

Follow Rabbenu’s advice to ‘dance and clap’ to sweeten the harsh judgements.

And join, or remain inside, the Tzaddik’s ‘circle’.

Otherwise -move forward, and live your life as happily as you can.

We aren’t in control here.

But that’s always been the case.

And eventually, all this turns around for the best.

The key is not to give ourselves heart attacks and strokes from over-worrying before we get to that stage.


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I was thinking a lot, about this whole discussion about ‘aliyah’.

And I did a fair bit of hitbodedut on this, before sitting down to write, because while this subject is frequently so polarising, I wanted to find a way of addressing it that would bring us more ‘together’, and more understanding where ‘the other’ is coming from.

First, I was pondering on this comment from a reader on the bottom of this last post:

G-d took us out of Mitzrayim, He will also take us out of our current galus no matter where we live. We can be with Hakadosh Baruch Hu anywhere. Putting fear in Jews by claiming that there won’t be enough planes to take us home is IMO fear-mongering and a lack of bitachon. G-d is limitless. He can take us home by any way He so choses. Our job is to pray and do teshuva.


On the one hand, as someone who with God’s help made the very difficult transition to living in Israel, I do believe that living in Israel is ‘the ideal’ for a Jew.

And I also believe that just like God ‘held a mountain’ over the heads of the Jewish people to get them to accept the Torah, there is an element of that going on here, too, with the whole idea of being ‘scared into’  leaving the comfort zone and making aliya.

I know for myself, my aliya wasn’t motivated by lofty ideas of ‘doing the right thing, religiously’.

I loved coming to Israel for holidays, I loved the kosher food, being surrounded by Jews, the whole ‘vibe’ of being here (on holiday….)

But the real reason we made aliya is because I started having a series of repeated, terrifying dreams that there was going to be a terrorist attack in London, and that I was going to get ‘stuck’ there, somehow.


I woke up from that repeated dream in a cold sweat, and I told my husband:

We have to sell our house and move to Israel…

We’d been talking about aliya, on and off, for about 2-3 years before that point, ever since the Twin Towers came down, and we understood the world really was changing, and that London no longer felt like ‘home’.

But, the intifada was happening in Israel back then…. London was filling up with Israelis running away from the terrorism, and telling us we had to be crazy to try and go and live there – especially as we didn’t even speak the language.

Somehow or other, we still managed to get here, despite all the odds, and even more incredibly, to stay here, despite all the odds, and all the very many difficulties.


I often ponder, in what merit a person seems to get to Israel, and in many cases, it seems to me that it’s connected to giving a lot of charity.

That’s just what I’ve seen from my own experiences, that the people who give their 10% as mandated by the Torah are often the ones who manage to get here, somehow, even if they are still stuffed-full of bad middot.

But that’s not a cast-iron rule.

We have family members who don’t fit that profile, don’t keep anything, much, don’t believe in God – and they still had the privilege of moving to Israel a couple of years ago.

And I also know very impressive people, spiritually, in chul, who give a ton, and try to serve God with so much mesirus nefesh and yearning – and still, they haven’t managed to get to Israel.



Which brings me around to the point of this post.

If we learned one thing from the whole ‘pandemic’ episode we’ve all just lived through, it’s that the real test here is not ‘the thing itself’, but how we react to it.

In terms of moving to Israel, I think that each person has to go through the process of trying to figure that out for themselves, and of really engaging with the idea, at least.

It may well be that at the end of that process, you’ll understand that culturally, you can’t do it.

Financially, you can’t do it.

Practically, you have elderly relatives to look after, still.

Or a grandchild that you are the only link to ‘yiddishkeit’ for, in a bewildering sea of confusion and atheism.

Or plain and simple, you really just can’t face the fact of leaving your comfort zone – your shops, your home, your community, your family, your friends, your TV shows – and going somewhere else.

Again, living in Israel is a Jewish ideal, but it’s just not possible for everyone.

But the point is – to be real about what the real problem is, and to not look for excuses.


I know quite a few people where half the couple wants to make aliya, and half don’t.

Personally, I don’t think anyone should ever split up over a question of ‘making aliya’.

Keeping your marriage strong and stable and loving and accepting is the epitome of how we fix the world, wherever we happen to live in the world.

I can tell you for a fact, that all those people who really are ‘yearning’ to get here, but really can’t, have the same merit as those who live here, because each and every day, they have to work on the same emuna that God is in charge, that they can’t get things how they want them, that everything is for the good, even when it’s sometimes so difficult and painful.

Ditto, people who are going through difficulties that bring them to that same ’emuna’ mindset, where they understand that God is all there is, and they are putting their main efforts into prayer and teshuva.

Dafka on some level, those people are already living in the ‘land of emuna’ – and that’s why Rav Eldedi stressed that the real work to be done here is actually just on the teshuva side of things.

Once a person understands that God is all there is, that God is doing everything, that God is providing everything, that God is arranging all the tests and difficulties – that person will be in a mindset where making aliya will probably seem much less intimidating, and more possible.


At that point, there still might be ‘practical factors’ that make aliya impossible, but if the teshuva has been made, sincerely, that’s really the main part of the spiritual work of ‘aliya’ done, anyway.


So, that’s the first half of this equation.

The second half of this equation is probably more painful, namely that many people prefer to ‘dodge’ all this spiritual teshuva, all this emuna work, and cultivate a false belief about how they can continue on, totally business as usual, until Moshiach magically appears, then whisks them all off to their villa in Israel, on a magic carpet.

We are down here to work, spiritually, to fix ourselves, spiritually.

There are no short cuts.

And usually, I hear this type of argument from externally ‘frum’ people who seem to be deeply sunk in their gashmius and their doctor appointments, and who usually strike me as having a lot of bad middot still to work on – not least, their over-weening arrogance and sense of entitlement.


God doesn’t owe us anything.

All the mitzvahs we do, we do them to ‘fix’ ourselves, we don’t do them to ‘bribe’ God to look the other while we continue living a life that hurts ourselves, and others.

Many people have a mistaken belief that the good deeds they do kind of ‘cancel out’ all the bad things they do.

It doesn’t work like that.

We will get rewarded for every single ‘good’ thing, every single mitzvah we do – and we will punished for every single aveira we didn’t make real teshuva about, or at least, try to.


In terms of how this relates to moving to Israel, if a person has gone through the process of at least exploring the idea, and come to the conclusion that they can’t do it – for whatever reason – then they are already in the spiritual position of ‘making teshuva’ for the fact they can’t come, in some way.

They’ve already acknowledged the fact that, yes, it is a mitzvah. Yes, it is something that God wants a Jew to do, ideally. But I just can’t do it….

Do you know how much humility a person develops, when they live with this reality day in, day out?

Do you know how much nachas a person like this gives to Hashem – because they stick to the truth, and they don’t tell themselves lies, just to make themselves feel better?

We probably can’t fathom the awesome spiritual level of a person like this – regardless of where they live.


If someone is living outside of Israel with this sort of headspace -they are actually in a very ‘good’ place, spiritually.

There are no guarantees anywhere, of course, but as we keep stressing, the point isn’t so  much ‘where a person lives’, the point is more, ‘how is a person living and believing and acting towards others’.


Here’s the thing:

Most of the people who live outside of Israel are not in this headspace.

In fact, they are usually a million miles away from this headspace, and of course, I’m talking about externally ‘orthodox’ Jews here, not anyone else.

If a person isn’t doing this sort of spiritual work, AND they haven’t been through the challenges of ‘coming out of the comfort zone’ to make the move to Israel – things are probably going to be pretty difficult for them, going forward.

Of course, this is also true of many people who were born and raised in Israel itself.


You meet so many ‘entitled’ Jews in Israel whose are still living off the merits accrued by their ancestors’ mesirus nefesh to get here.

They own half of Israel… they have all the connections, all the privileges… and they literally spend their times wishing they could get a passport to the US, UK or Switzerland.

When this whole judicial reform hoo-ha started up, there were literally thousands of ‘elite’ secular Israelis talking about how they were going to move out of Israel, if the reforms passed.

(If that’s the only reason it should pass, dayenu.)


Another thing I’ve noticed here, is that the people who are not on a path of emuna in Israel frequently get shown a very ugly face of Israel, to deal with.

I had a friend who moved here when she was ‘secular’, many years ago, who ended up leaving the country.

Then, she got religious abroad, and moved back – and she told me, the difference was literally night-and-day.

So that is something else to factor in to the discussion, about how easy or difficult it is to live in Eretz Yisrael.

It’s a function of a person’s own teshuva and middot, way more than any other place in the whole world.


So, to sum things up here.

Of course it’s a mitzva to live in Israel, and anyone who claims it doesn’t apply to them is not being honest.

At the same time, not everyone can live in Israel – this is a fact.

It takes a lot of emuna, teshuva and humility to hold on to both of these ‘facts’ together.

The people who are doing that, are doing the spiritual work required, regardless of where they live.

And the people who live in Israel without doing the spiritual work required, without seeing Hashem, without working on their own bad middot, are not in a good place, spiritually, despite their geographical location.

At the same time, anyone who thinks they can get a free ride, and pay lip-service to the ideas of developing real emuna, and a real, tangible relationship with God, and then just get the red-carpet rolled out for them when Moshiach shows up – it doesn’t work like that.


Sooner or later, everyone has to cross this narrow bridge, if they want to get to the other side, and into the ‘world of truth’.

Everyone will have to face themselves down, and the lies they tell themselves, and own up to the bad middot they ignore and justify all the time.

There are no shortcuts.

But moving to Israel can for sure speed that process up, and give you pinpoint coordinates on the stuff God really wants you to work on.

And if that’s the only reason to yearn to be here…. dayenu.


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There’s something kinda interesting happening.

A lot of ordinary people are suddenly waking up, and realising that there is power in numbers.

There is power in achdut.

There is power in the ‘small guys’ hands, after all.


In the non-Jewish, not-so-spiritual world, that ‘power’ is manifesting itself in more and more boycotts of companies, brands and products trying to push the satanic ‘woke’ agenda down everyone’s throats.

That started off, big time, with Bud Lite, and is continuing with other ‘woke’ retailers, like Target.

Screenshot from HERE:


If you don’t know who Dylan Mulvaney is – lucky you!

Keep it that way.

But the point is, these companies are haemorraghing customers and share value at an almost terminal rate.

And now on Twitter, there is a new trending hashtag, called:



If you don’t live in Israel, you maybe don’t know that some form of #Boycottthewoke has been going on here, too.

When Leftie protestors including Omer BarLev, Chairman of the Board at Angel Bakeries, showed up in Bnei Brak to picket the house of the late Gershon Edelstein (more on him another time… maybe) – that sparked off a huge boycott of Angel bread.

Especially when the secular founders of Angel doubled-down, and started releasing even more nasty statements about religious Jews.

Like this:

Yoel Spiegel, grandson of the founder of Angel and nephew of its CEO…. In a Facebook post on Friday that he has since deleted, Spiegel wrote: “There is no limit to the chutzpah of part of the ultra-Orthodox public in Israel. They eat for free … evade army service, have dark opinions and, above all, are hypocrites!…”


Long story short…. Angel eventually had to cave in, as one bakery after another started leaving the franchise in hareidi areas.

The point is, unity and achdut against ‘the bad’ really can and does work!


BTW, all this ‘woke’ stuff is not accidentally being pushed by these companies.

The companies themselves are being ‘pushed’ by their massive investors, including people like Vanguard and Blackrock, to push woke.

Watch this:


And if you don’t know that Blackrock and Vanguard are just the ‘front guys’ for the usual small group of Satanic ‘elites’ trying to turn the world into hell-on-earth, watch this:


It was put out in 2021 – I ‘m amazed it’s still up on Youtube.


The point is, again, that you and me CAN make a difference.

We CAN stop buying publications that push ‘woke’ in our Jewish world, stop supporting institutions and individuals being paid to act as Trojan Horses in the Jewish Community, stop using the products and services of companies and organisations that are run by gross people.

And all this will make a difference.

But as believing Jews, we have an even more powerful way of affecting the world, and that is via:



People who don’t really believe in God, don’t think that He’s listening to us down here, that He wants a relationship with us, that our prayers can and do make a huge difference, and often get answered – they mock the whole idea that sincere prayer can literally change things down here in the so-called ‘real world’.

That sincere prayers by tens of thousands of people can get earthquakes to move from Israel to Turkey….can cancel out ‘intifadas’… can sweeten even the harshest decrees.

But the truth is, the real power of the Jewish people lies in our prayers, and especially our prayers combined with achdut and True Tzaddikim.

And the forces of evil know that, which is why they have been going all-out the last few years to stop Jews from congregating together to pray, and to shut down places like Meron and Uman.

You only have to look at what the ‘forces of evil’ are trying to attack and close down, to understand where our biggest efforts need to be made.

And basically, it boils down to personal holiness, achdut, prayer – and following our True Tzaddikim.


On that score, the Rav had a few things to say the last week, which I’ve translated below.

You can see the original comments in Hebrew in the Shivivei Or Newsletter, 313:

First, here’s what the Rav had to say about the importance of praying to get to Uman this year, for Rosh Hashana 5784:


In the merit of Rosh Hashana 5784, each person should take it upon themselves to say a Tikkun HaKlali each day, that the Rav should get the visa [required] to go to Uman, together with all the kehilla, together with another 10,000 men.

In order that by way of this, there will be the geula shleima, and there will be the revelation of Moshiach ben David still in our days, Amen.

Then, this is a prayer he put out for people to say:

Ribonu Shel Olam, who can do anything, and from whom nothing is lacking.

Merit us to have this year for Rosh Hashana 100,000 men, and also, that the Rav should be with us.

And nullify the ‘black visa’ for ever and ever.

And by way of having 100,000 people, Hashem Echad = 1, Moshiach ben David should come in the blink of an eye, and the Third Temple should be built – a Beit HaMikdash of fire, speedily in our days, Amen netzach sela v’ed.

And each person should add one Tikkun Haklali every single day up until erev Rosh Hashana 5784.

And the verse should be fulfilled within us: “[She] covered herself with a veil, and wrapped herself up.”

And in the merit of this, we should merit to see Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Leah at the holy kibbutz.


And lastly, these are some insights in to why people keep thinking that ‘voting for politicians’ is going to change things, when it never does (at least, not for the better).

In a sentence: Because they just lie about everything.

Here’s what the Rav said:

If a person wants someone to vote for him, he’ll promise to give you this and that…

Look, just now [we had the elections], and they said that they would give even a billion dollars. The first thing they would do was ‘subsidize’. They said that up until the age of three, everything would be free.

In the end, we clarified that this is a lie. Ultimately, we understood with hindsight that this was a total lie.

They reduced the purchase tax a liitle, they took a little off this, a bit – if you buy bread, they’ll sell the bread to you for a shekel less, so in this way, [they say] they will pay you for the merit of learning [Torah].

But then, they announced that up until the age of three, there would be ‘free education’, for the children, to accompany the children.

But the State is missing 10 billion from the budget, so they called all the maonot (children’s nurseries). Lieberman [did this, because] in the nurseries, there are only the kids of the avreichim (Torah learners).

The chilonim just have one child, and 10 dogs, and 20 cats.

So, there is money for the cats already, because each person instead of having children, they raise cats.


So, all the promises they promised – they still didn’t fulfill even a single one.

They reduced the price a little of the sweet drinks, because it got clarified that when people don’t drink sweet, fizzy pop, there are no sick people. It’s very simple – there are no people with diabetes.

So, Aryeh Deri said: I don’t want to reduce the price, the price of the sweet drinks! There are fewer sick people because of this!

In any case, they reduced the plastic plates, that it should be cheaper.

This is the only thing they did.


There is a long way to go still, the battle is still really only beginning, and what happens with Uman this year is going to be a crucial part of all this.

But in my small corner of the world, there is a faint light starting to shine at the end of the tunnel.

Ordinary people have some ‘power’ after all.

And when we simple Jews gather together to sincerely pray from the bottom of our heart – mountains can and do move.

Remember that, next time you hear someone mocking the power of prayer to change things around for the best.


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At least, that’s what just happened in the Ukraine.


Here’s footage of the dam being bombed:

A huge dam in the Kherson region was blown up – by the Russians? By the Ukrainians?

By someone.

Personally, I’m leaning towards it being the Ukrainians who blew up the dam, as that reservoir was piping drinking water to Russian-held Crimea, and if you’re going to blow up a dam and flood somewhere…. at least make sure you are flooding an area held by ‘the enemy’.


And HERE is where you can read about Ukrainian plans to take the dam out as a last top resort to stop a Russian offensive, in a couple of interviews they gave to the Washington Post, last year.


As we detailed earlierboth sides accuse each other of the attack that puts tens of thousands of homes at risk and might even threaten the safety of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

However, as Raul Ilargi Meijer writestwice last year (here and here), Ukrainian officials discussed Kiev’s plans to blow up the dam.


Whatever happens in the Ukraine always has an extra layer of meaningfulness.

Kherson is where Yehoshua Zeitlin, and a bunch of the other two-faced Frankist-Reformers, were hanging out.

Here’s a screenshot of Kherson from yesterday:

In Breslov, we say that Rebbe Nachman’s teachings are a nachal novea, makor chochma, that cleanses from all stains and sins.

Nachal novea translates as  ‘a flowing river.’

That dam ‘bursting’ in the Ukraine is meaningful.


Meantime, someone I know personally just got back from Uman, where they went for Shavuot – and they said it was pretty busy, and almost business as usual.

There was still an evening curfew in place, so hundreds of men spent Shavuot night ‘locked in’ to the Tziyon, but most of them probably would have just been learning there all night, anyway.

But as Rosh Hashana 5784 starts to loom into sight again, I have to admit I don’t know what’s going to be with the kibbutz this year.

The Rav has started singing Uman songs after the prayers on Ido HaNavi Street again, which is always a sign that something big needs sweetening, in connection with the Ukraine.

And he’s also asked for everyone to say one Tikkun HaKlali a day specifically for the Uman, Rosh Hashana gathering to actually happen this year – and for the Rav to be able to get to it.


Last year, the Rav spent Rosh Hashana in an airport hanger in Romania, with a score of followers who heard he’d got stuck there on the way to Uman.

The Rav’s persecutors paid massive amounts of money to get him ‘blacklisted’ in Ukraine – and tell me again, how these ‘full time Torah learners’ who apparently have no other source of income keep coming up with the funds to keep paying these astronomical bribes, because something in that picture doesn’t quite add up….

(Until you understand, they are working for someone, to go after the Rav like this.)

So this year…. who knows what is going to happen?

There’s certainly a lot to pray for.


Personally, I’m missing Uman, but after the last three years of the tremendous yissurim involved in getting there, I seem to have run out of the energy to deal with anymore abusive Ukrainians holding guns and treating me like I’m a war criminal.

Last year’s experience on the train, where I thought they were going to throw me off in the middle of no-mans-land, in the middle of a war, in the middle of nowhere, kind of finished me off.

At least for now.

But, I hardly ever plan on going to Uman, I usually get ‘called’ to go, if that makes sense, and the last three years, I’ve been ‘called’ to go, even though my rational brain was pretty upset about it all.

So who knows.


From my chats with friends and family, it seems many of us are kind of ‘holding our breath’ at the moment – and feeling exhausted, and ‘up and down’ emotionally.

How can we not?

The fear porn stories continue non-stop, and even the stories that aren’t manufactured fear porn – like this one, about Vodafone taking over the ‘smart lamp-posts’ now installed on every street corner – don’t exactly give a person a warm, fuzzy feeling about the world we live in.


At the same time…. I AM detecting some small causes for optimism.

It’s still pretty nebulous, but it seems the ‘spell’ is starting to wear off, for more and more people.

My daughter told me that the gay parade in Jerusalem last week was pretty much a sad flop.

There seems to be more and more push-back happening on all the warped ‘trans-furry’ agendas going on, with BudLite and Target serving as a clear warning that if you go too ‘woke’, you really will go completely ‘broke’.

And try as they might to keep sparking off wars here – I mean, how many times can a person be told that ‘Iran is ten seconds away from creating a nuclear bomb’?!?!? – They’ve been telling us exactly the same thing for at least 15 years, so either they were lying before…. or they are lying now…. or both.

Point is, they keep trying to start off massive wars all over the place…. and somehow, these efforts keep just fizzling out.

There are big miracles happening all the time here, that most of us just aren’t even registering.


But, life is still stressful.

And things ARE getting more expensive.

The restaurant I took my parents too in the UK almost doubled its prices the last few months, and I’m noticing the same thing going on in Israel, too.

Part of me is feeling a little uneasy about all this, as food inflation is never a good thing.

But part of me is trying to ignore that unease, and to just ‘adapt’ to reality without turning into a drama queen.

Most of us eat too much, and eat out too much, anyway.

Rav Berland says again and again, that most of the illnesses a person has come from eating too much bad food.

So who knows?

Maybe even the food inflation is hiding a silver lining.

Although, I do worry for the families who struggle to put even basics on the table.

There are more than a few families like that in Jerusalem, I’m just praying that God is going to carry on looking after them and their children.


So, the dam did burst in Ukraine, in some way, and we’ll see what happens next.

BH, things will continue to turn around and sweeten, but only if more of us join our prayers with the real ‘Tzaddik HaDor’, Rav Berland.

That’s just how it is.

Let me leave you with another snippet about ‘Jewish Demon Scholars’ that turned up yesterday, when I was looking for something else, in Rebbe Nachman’s ‘Advice’:

“Those who ridicule and abuse the genuinely religious are under the influence of Torah they have learned from scholars who lack the necessary integrity. These scholars are termed ‘Jewish Demons’ (Zohar III, 253) because their Torah is fallen Torah, which lacks the power to guide men along the path of truth and goodness.

“There is nothing to be gained from such scholars. Anyone who associates with them will turn into an atheist.”

  • Rebbe Nachman’s ‘Advice’, Chapter on Controversy and Strife, no. 9.


There’s a lot of ‘fallen Torah’ out there at the moment.

Just people spouting ‘ideas’ and ‘philosophy’ that sounds oh-so-clever – but actually does zippydee-do-dah to help you deal with your bad middot and emotional issues, and ultimately, just turns people into atheists.

BH, Rabbenu’s Torah has the exact opposite effect.

BH, so does the Rav’s.

And that’s why the ‘Jewish Demons’ continue to fight against them, with every drop of strength they have.


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Rebbe Nachman on Deep State and Demons

Reposting this back on the blog, from August, 2019.

As time goes on, Rebbe Nachman’s words just seem to become more and more relevant to what is going on around us.



Rebbe Nachman points up some interesting similarities between ‘spies’ and demons.

Last week, I was re-reading Rebbe Nachman’s story of The Cripple, when I suddenly started to see some interesting connections between Rebbe Nachman’s description of demons, and what’s going on today with the ‘deep state’. (You can get an English translation PDF of it HERE). I suddenly got the idea into my head that Jeffery Epstein could be the ‘son of the demons’ in Rebbe Nachman’s story, who was imprisoned and tortured, sparking off a war between the different factions of ‘Deep State’ demons that eventually leads to geula happening. So, I’m bringing it here, to see what you think, too.


The Cripple hears the Sun and Moon talking, and the Moon is complaining that there is a place of two thousand mountains, where a whole bunch of demons live, and these ‘demons’ are taking all the power from her feet. Feet is an allusion to emuna, and true faith and trust in Hashem. The Moon is often used as an allegory for the Jewish people. The Cripple decides to visit this place called the ‘Two Thousand Mountains’, here’s what Rebbe Nachman says about that:

“When he got there, he stood at a distance from the two thousand mountains. He saw thousands and myriads of demon families. They have children just like human beings and are therefore very numerous. “He saw their leadership sitting on a throne. No human being ever sat on such a throne. He also saw them ‘joking’ – one of them was ‘joking’ about the child he’d hurt, another about injuring someone’s hand, and another about injuring someone’s foot. They also joked in other ways.”


I read this, and I immediately thought:

Mafia, crime families, ‘untouchable’ criminals and bent politicians sitting on pedestals where no-one can get near them, billionaires who are ‘worshipped’ for their wealth, child trafficking, child abduction and child abuse.

Before we continue, I also went to look up ‘Two Thousand Mountains’, to see where it’s located. Whaddya now? The only place I could find with that name is right next to Forth Worth, Dallas, Texas. Forth Worth was the last place JFK gave a speech, before he was shot dead by the mafia, under contract to the CIA. (The former head of CIA, Allan Dulles, had a score to settle with Kennedy after the latter refused to bail out the CIA’s attempted ‘regime change’ in Cuba, as part of the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

Kennedy had a strong dislike of the FBI and CIA, and their abuses of power, and was on record stating that he wanted to splinter the CIA into a 1,000 parts and scatter them to the wind, before he was assassinated.) The links between the mafia and the spy agencies are well-documented. The former FBI head J. Edgar Hoover was part of a massive corruption racket that basically blurred the lines between criminals and law enforcement, with the mafia simply acting in the illegal sphere, while the spy agencies ‘pretended’ to act within the law.

Robert Kennedy was knocked off because he had a sincere wish to tackle the mafia and organized crime – against Hoover’s wishes. They look like you and me, they have children, they have families, but really – Rebbe Nachman tells us – they are demons!


The story then switches to a pair of ‘demon’ parents who are very upset, because their son got kidnapped and tortured by a sorcerer who was working for a King who’d been ‘hurt’ by this demon-son, and his friend.

Back to Rebbe Nachman:

“We had an island in the sea, which we made our base. The king who owned this island decided to build it up, and began to lay the foundations. [The demon-son] said to me, “Let’s hurt him!” With that, we went and took away the king’s strength.”

In the footnotes to Aryeh Kaplan’s translation of this story, we find the following:

This ‘Island King’ wished to repent. This act on his part ultimately led to the downfall of the demons…. ‘Foundations’ is yesod in Hebrew. This usually refers to the se*ual organ. Thus the king wanted to begin by rectifying himself se*ually.


Let’s switch out ‘King’ for ‘President’, from here on it, to give it a more contemporary feel.

And before we continue, let’s also remind ourselves that over in US, the Feds are currently exploring Epstein’s ‘pedo Island’, our in the American Virgin Islands. Man, the clues are coming thick and fast, here. The demon parents go to the Demon King with this story, and he orders that the President should be given back his ‘strength’. It’s not so easy to do that, because the demon who took the President’s strength has now become a cloud on a particular city.

[We’re going to skip the middle part of the story, which involves an old Jewish sage taking on the ruling atheists and the demons, and continue with the story of the demon-son and the President.]

“The Demon King ordered that the cloud’s strength be taken and given back to the President, and it was done. The demon-son was then able to return to his parents. He came back worn out and in great pain…since he had been tortured very much there. He was very angry at the sorcerer who had tortured him so much, and he left orders to his sons and their families, that they should always lie in wait, to entrap the sorcerer.”


When Rebbe Nachman is talking about ‘families’, could he really be referring to clannish crime families and spy organisations here?

Let’s continue.

“The talkers amongst the demons told the sorcerer to watch himself, since [the family] were lying in wait for him. The sorcerer made use of his devices to protect himself from them, and also asked other sorcerers to help him, who knew other [crime] families. “The demon-son and his family were really furious at the talkers for revealing their secret to the sorcerer. Once, this son’s family and some talkers were going to serve a term of duty for the President.

The family fabricated a false accusation against the talkers, and the President killed them. “The surviving talkers were very angry, and they incited rebellion against all the kings. The demons were stricken with hunger, weakness, sword and plague. There were wars among all the kings, and this caused earthquakes. The ditches fell in and the tree was completely watered. All the [demons] were then destroyed, and nothing remained of them. Amen.”

Note: ‘the tree’ refers to the Tzaddik, aka Moshiach, and the demons spend their whole trying to keep people away from the Torah and mitzvos that will ‘water’ this Tree, and enable it to take it’s true place in the world.


Lots to unpack… let’s continue.

I don’t watch TV, thank God, but someone told me I should look at THIS post on the Tomer Devorah website. I went, and it’s talking about a new documentary about THE FAMILY, a bunch of power-obsessed evangelicals who apparently rule Washington DC by co-operating with other evil groups like the Vatican, and all the usual suspect spy agencies / mafiosos.


Because they are all connected to each other, and they all coordinate their activities with each other, just they operate as different crime ‘families’ or syndicates. So now, let’s take that piece of information, and plug in THE FAMILY for every mention of ‘family’ in Rebbe Nachman’s tale, and see what other insights that starts to spark off in your head.



In Makkot 6b, in the middle of a long discussion about false witnesses and criminals being given ‘prior warning’ of imminent punishment by a ‘Demon’, the Gemara says the following:

“The one giving the warning…may even be [the victim] himself, and even a demon. The warning necessary to convict the offender need not come from one of the witnesses, but is acceptable from any source.”

Ramban in the footnote explains that: ‘demon’ refers to “any voice whose source cannot be observed.”


In Brachot 3b, we get the following statement:

“The Rabbis taught in a baraisa, that one should not enter a ruin for the following three reasons: 1) Because of suspicion, i.e. because people may suspect one of entering there to meet a harlot, 2) Because of the danger of collapse, 3) and because of the danger of demons, who lurk in deserted areas and ruins.”

The footnotes state:

Demons will not attack two people together. Separately, it also states: [W]here men of low moral character are concerned, even ten men are not trusted to be alone with a woman.


In Brachot 43b:

“To one person [a demon] appears and does harm; to two people it appears but does no harm; to three people it does not appear altogether.”

The footnote states:

The demon will not take action to harm him, but the person will suffer the effects of having seen a demon (i.e. they get ‘warned off’ and they threatened if they start digging too much into what the demons are doing, or saying too much about their activities. But they only actually get assassinated if they are alone, with no witnesses.)


But Chagigah 16a is really the kicker:

“There are six characteristics that were said regarding demons: Three like ministering angels and three like human beings. These are the three characteristics in which demons are like ministering angels:

  • Demons have wings like ministering angels

  • And [demons] fly from one end of the world to the other end [of the world] like ministering angels

  • And [demons] know what is destined to be in the future like ministering angels.

The Gemara interrupts the Baraisa to clarify this last point:

“Can it enter your mind that they know the future on their own?… Rather, the Baraisa means that [demons] hear what is announced from behind the Partition, like ministering angels.”

Doesn’t this excerpt from the Gemara conjure up visions of spies with recording devices, who fly all over the place in their personal jets and unmarked planes?

And here’s how demons are like humans, from that same Gemara:

  • Demons eat and drink like human beings
  • Demons are fruitful and multiply like human beings
  • And demons die like human beings.


I haven’t made an exhaustive survey of every instance of where demons are mentioned in the Gemara, but one other notable place, in Niddah 24b, places demons bang in the middle of a discussion about aborted fetuses. All this, when taken together, suggests quite a lot, doesn’t it?

To recap the main message:

Before Moshiach actually is revealed (aka ‘the Tree’ gets watered), all these crime families and spy agencies start to turn on each other, and take each other out.

And the demonic forces who are leading these activities are the talkers. Talkers could refer to journalists, spies, bloggers, social media ‘manipulators’ and also movies and Hollywood (the original home of the ‘talkies’.)


Demons look like human beings, but really aren’t.

They have zero real emuna and faith in Hashem (the ‘chicken feet’ = atheists), and they are organized as crime families and syndicates. You’ll find demons in the middle of abortions…. And in the middle of hurting children and other people… And in locations where men are lured to be ‘entrapped’ with harlots…. And demons love ‘devices’ and can listen in on people’s conversations, fly all over the world and appear to be totally untouchable. The last thing to tell you about demons is probably the most important.

In Rebbe Nachman’s tale, he explains that the human beings who are with the Jewish Sage who stands up to the King Demon, and who are within his ‘circle’, are safe from the harm demons can do.

Rebbe Nachman tells us:

“The demons approached, but they could not come near [the humans] because of the circle [that the wise man had made] around them. [The King Demon] sent other messengers, but they also failed.”


We need to stay close to the Tzaddik HaDor, and to stay far, far away from the places where these ‘demons’ hang out. When Moshiach comes, they will all disappear.

But for now, they are still all over the place, and still causing a lot of harm, wars and ‘earthquakes’.


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Rebbe Nachman explains in his story ‘The Cripple’ that the only person demons are scared of is…. the True Tzaddik.

Below my thoughts here, I will bring a long extract from that story, which you can read in English translation HERE.

Bottom line, there is a ‘Sage’, and that Sage is the only one who can stand up to the demons who have overrun the world, and who get their kicks and their strength from torturing people and making them suffer and working their evil all over the world.

But the Sage isn’t scared of them.

And not only is he not scared of them – he kills a bunch of them  off, and so the demons become very scared of him.

And what’s more, whoever is in the ‘circle’ of the Sage is similarly protected from these demons, who are all over the place, disguised as ‘people’ except with the tell-tale chicken feet of demons, as described in the Gemara.


Why am I mentioning this now?

Because long story short, Rebbe Nachman’s tale is telling you pretty much everything you need to know about this crazy period of time we are all living through.

So much of ‘science’ is actually just a bunch of lies, and a ruse to hide the work of demonic forces in the world.

There are no ‘aliens from outer space’ – but there ARE a bunch of demonic entities, trying to take over the planet, who have a bunch of ‘top secret tech’ that’s rolled out by the military, and funded and implemented by the ‘government’ in every country.

That’s how it is.

Even Elon Musk told you that, back in 2014:

And these demonic entities ‘take over’ people who want all the power, glory, money, fame, whatever – this is the idea of ‘selling your soul to the devil’ – and then they do whatever they do in the world, with truly evil genius.


But just as that works on the side of evil, it also works on the side of good.

It’s the whole concept of ‘binding yourself to the True Tzaddikim’, that in Breslov is part and parcel of avodat Hashem, or serving God.

When a person literally says out loud: “I bind myself to the True Tzaddikim” – then they don’t even need to know, really, who those ‘True Tzaddikim’ really are. They are automatically included in the ‘protected circle’ of the True Tzaddikim, and then the ‘demonic forces’ that cause all the illness, suffering, harsh judgements etc – they can’t touch him.

But when you take that a step further, and start understanding who these ‘True Tzaddikim’ really are, and then start following their advice, and then start attending their prayer gatherings, reciting their prayers etc etc – that’s when the ‘protection’ gets even more strengthened, even as the world around you gets more and more crazy.


Ponder what I just wrote, here.

It’s really the secret to getting through the next few months with your sanity and happiness intact.


Rebbe Nachman teaches that when we get all down and depressed – this is the worst sin in the world.

As someone who used to experience a lot of clinical depressions, I used to find this statement very difficult.

But what happens in ‘clinical depressions’ is that the person basically goes into a state of ‘freeze’, where the ‘reptile brain’ takes over.

And that also happens in the states of ‘fight’ (anger), ‘flight’ (fear) and ‘flatter’ (i.e. fake superficiality, that wants to keep everything ‘sababa’), too.

These states is when the ‘yetzer hara’ can take over, and that’s also why the Sages taught that a person who gets angry is akin to someone who worships demons – because he lets ‘the demons’ take over’.


This is also why Rebbe Nachman taught that it’s such a big mitzva, to be happy all the time.

That happiness is our best protection, spiritually, against the demonic forces operating in the world.

I’m not talking about ‘fake happy’, where we don’t feel our true feelngs.

I’m talking about the sort of happy where we feel our pain, and cry over it – but we also believe that somehow, it’s for our very best, because God is behind EVERYTHING that happens in the world.

It’s not easy to do this in practise, and honestly, without regular hitbodedut it’s probably impossible.

Even WITH regular hitbodedut, it sometimes feels impossible….

But that’s the level to aim at, and to strive for.


What prompted this post is the few minutes I spent just now scrolling through Jose Luis Sevillano’s other Telegram channel, HERE.

He’s one of the founders of La Quinta Columna, who did that great, rigorously-scientific job of proving categorically that there is graphene oxide in the Covid shots, and in most other ‘vaccines’ too, these days.

He has come to the conclusion that all this is actually a spiritual war.

As we God-fearing Jews knew all along.

And he’s also come to the conclusion that all those ‘gods’ worshipped by ancient peoples – including the Egyptians, the Mayans, even the Spartan Greeks – they were all just ‘demons’ in disguise.

And even, not so much in disguise.


And this is where we connect back up with modern tech, smart phones and ‘virtual reality’ and the metaverse.

As we mentioned, any time a person ‘checks out’ of their own soul, they enable demonic entities to take over.

That happens when we get angry / fearful / depressed / totally fake.

And, it also happens when we use pot, ‘shrooms and of course all the other ‘harder’ stuff, too.

And, I am coming to the conclusion, it also happens when we ‘lose ourselves’ in movies, Netflix, computer games – and especially, ‘virtual reality’.


Interacting with this tech is ‘hypnotic’, in many ways most of us don’t even really understand.

And while some of it is clearly physiological, and based on being bombarded by radio waves and radiation, the real issue is the soul, and our mental state.

There is a huge difference between someone who is using tech ‘under duress’, spiritually, and someone who has let the tech totally take them over, and offers no resistance.

Again, really ponder on what I’m trying to say here.


Your stuck using the internet, and I’m also stuck using the internet.

But I try to ‘protest’ my internet use, spiritually, to myself and to God, a lot.

That’s why I switch of the images on sites as ‘default’.

That’s why I try very hard not to watch video online – as streamed video invites those ‘hypnotic’ states that can be so dangerous and yucky.

And that’s also why I try to stay far, far away from anything or anyone that just churns out more and more fear porn – and even when I do engage, I engage reluctantly, and with maximum scepticism.


The demonic entities literally ‘feed off’ our bad middot and our lack of emuna.

That’s why the Rav says, repeatedly, that all the terrorists, the Hamas, the ‘baddies’ – they are all just our sins, manifested as these demonic entities and situations.

And when we make teshuva, these problems will disappear all by themselves.


That’s why they keep trying to get us to ‘hate’ each other.

That’s why, they went to such great trouble to set a bunch of ‘false leaders’ over us, particularly in the externally ‘religious’ world, because the people who attach their koach to those ‘false leaders’ are still actually just fuelling the demons.

(And suffering tremendously, while they do that….)

That’s why they have made such a big effort to get ‘smart phones’ into the frum world, every way they can, and to get their agents to push things like ‘Metaverse’ and virtual reality, and all these fake and false doctrines that take people away from truth, and from God, and from really being in contact and connection with their souls.


The tech is being used to fool people.

Did you know that ‘Michael Jackson’ is back appearing in live concerts, and so is ‘Whitney Houston’ and even Elvis – all via life-like holographs that look totally real to the people dancing next to them and watching from the audience?

Just imagine how much ‘fake news’ you could generate by raising ‘Yoshki’ from the dead…. (or someone else whose followers are waiting for the second coming….)

And the more a person is immersed in ‘tech’ and in ‘smart phones’ and in ‘virtual reality’ and tarbut ra – the less they are going to be able to differentiate between ‘reality’ and ‘fake’.

And the more at risk they are, of serving the agenda of evil, in a million different ways.


This is ‘drones’ getting into the act of memerising the crowd, in a recent Geneva concert:


Spectacle de drones à Genève🇨🇭🥰 #dronevideo#tiktok

♬ Old Town Road – YuanRemix

The solution is to ‘bind yourself to the True Tzaddikim’, even if you don’t know who they are.

And to work on overcoming your bad middot and lack of emuna, and to really try to internalise Ein Od Milvado – there is only God.

And ultimately, even the side of evil is subservient to God, and is just being sent as a test, so that free will is maintained in this world.

And then, also consider how much ‘fear porn’ you want to keep engaging with, once you understand it’s been churned out by people who are either ‘demonically possessed’ themselves, or working for people who are.

And how much ‘tech’ you want to keep engaging with, without trying to protest it, on some level, even if that requires some mesirut nefesh.

That tech is literally ‘demonically inspired’.

Look at the depictions of ‘angels’ in books like the Sefer Yetzirah, and then see how these symbols of ‘angels’ resemble, exactly, the circuitry of a computer board, or chip.

Really ponder on what I am trying to say here.


There is no despair in the world!

At least, for a person who is:

a) Binding themselves to the True Tzaddikim

b) Working on overcoming their bad middot, especially those stemming from ‘reptile brain’ and

c) Working on developing the emuna that God is all there is.

For everyone else…..

It’s going to be increasingly ‘interesting’.

Especially when the fake ‘alien invasion’ shows up.


In the meantime, here’s the excerpt of Rebbe Nachman’s story of ‘The Cripple’:


“Here is the story. Once there was a Sage who lived in a kingdom whose ruler was a terrible unbeliever, and that ruler demanded that all of his people become unbelievers. Then the Sage called together all his kin and said, ‘You see that the King would make all the nation into unbelievers. Some of our own kind have already followed him. Then let us go into the desert, in order that we may not be torn from our faith.’

All agreed, and the Sage uttered a Name, and they found themselves in a wilderness. But that desert did not please him, so again he uttered a Name, and they were brought to a second wilderness; this also failed to please him; a third time he spoke the Name, and now they were brought to a desert that pleased him. And that desert was not far from the two thousand mountains of the moon.

“When they had chosen their place, the Sage drew a circle about them; and no power might break through that circle.

There let us leave the Sage and all his family,” the Cloud said, “while we speak of the Tree.


“There is a Tree that stands just beyond the two thousand mountains, and if that Tree were watered, all of our demon kind would come to an end, for there would be no more ill on earth. In order to keep the earth’s water from coming to the Tree, numbers of demons stand near that Tree and dig the earth, day and night, to make a pit around it.”

“Why must they remain forever digging?” the messenger asked. “Would it not suffice to dig the pit once?”

The Cloud answered, “There are whispering demons among us who go about the earth and whisper and murmur to one king and another, until they bring the kings to make war upon each other; then the earth quakes with war, and the soil tumbles back into the pit that is digged about the Tree. Then water might come to the Tree, and end our lives. So we must stand forever digging the pit, that no water may come to the tree.


“Whenever a King is crowned among us, and demons tumble and make merry before him, and tell him how they have torn arms and legs from men, and torn apart infants, then the King becomes joyful and his heart feels strong; he gathers about him all the lords of his kingdom, and walks over the two thousand hills with them; he leads them to the place of the Tree, and they try to see who may have the strength to uproot that Tree and put an end to the danger that stands against our kingdom.

The King strengthens his heart that he may not fear the Tree, but as soon as he approaches it the Tree sends forth a great cry, and the King is frightened, and must turn back.

“Once there was a great King among us who held a marvellous feast, and when he had heard of the deeds of all his demons his heart was filled with strength, and he went out with his princes to pull up the Tree by its roots; but as he came to it the Tree cried out so terribly that even he was frightened, and he turned away, but with awful anger. As he turned, he saw men in the wilderness, for the Sage and his family lived there. Then the King sought to vent his anger upon them, and he called his demons, and sent them to tear apart that family.


“As the people saw the demons coming they were frightened, but the Sage said, ‘Have no fear.’

“The demons could not approach the people because of the magic circle about their place. The King sent more and more armies against the Sage’s people, but not all the warriors among all our myriads could pierce the Sage’s circle.

At last the King, in great wrath, strode to the border himself, and beat against it with his sword, but he could not get in. And when his fury was spent, he begged, ‘Let me come in within your circle.’


“At once the Sage replied, ‘Since you ask, I will let you in among us. And since a King must not walk alone, you may bring a companion with you.’ Then the Sage opened a little door, and allowed them to come in, and locked the circle after them.

“The King cried, ‘How do you come to live upon my land?’

“‘It is not your land,’ the Sage replied, ‘but mine.’

“The King said, ‘Are you not afraid of me?’

“The Sage answered, ‘I have no fear of you.’

“‘You have no fear of me?’ the King cried out again, and he drew himself up until his form towered to the very heavens. But the Sage replied, ‘I have no fear of you at all; but if I wish it, I can make you fear me.’ Then he went away and prayed, and at once a great cloud formed, and there was thunder in the heavens, and thunder is the death of demons.”


All this the Cloud told the messenger. Then he continued:

“All the princes who stood outside the circle waiting for the King were killed at once by that thunder; and only the King and his companion remained alive.

“Then the King begged the Sage to put an end to the thunder; and the thunder ceased. The King was grateful and said, ‘Since you are indeed a noble man, I will give you a book in which the Names of all our families of Demons are written. Among mankind there are masters of Names who know how to call one family, and not even all of that family. But you will know us every one, for even the Names of the newborn are written in the book of the King.’

Then the King sent his companion, and thus it was shown how wise the Sage had been to cause him to bring a companion; and the book was brought. The Sage opened the book and saw that it was filled with thousands of myriads of Names.

“The King promised also that not one of the Sage’s people should ever be harmed by demons. ‘I will keep in my kingdom a portrait of each of your family,’ the King said, ‘and whenever a new babe is born among you, his image too shall be with us, so that the demons may know not to harm him.’ Then the King went out of the circle, and returned into the hills.”


Ad kan.

These are big ideas.

Deep concepts.

And they hold the key to living life happily, while the world continues it’s merry way down the mad path.


PS: Don’t forget the prayer gathering in Hevron tonight (May 24th), between 10pm -2am, where the Rav BH will also come at 1AM.

There’s clearly a lot that still needs ‘sweetening’.


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I pulled together more info about the Rav’s ‘Prachim Nivarchim’.

This info gave me a lot of chizzuk, I have to say, so read on and enjoy!


First of all, this is 10 chapters of Tehillim that make up the ‘Prachim Nivarchim’:

 31, 35, 36, 60, 68, 80, 83, 88, 89, 109.

In the back of the Prachim Nivarchim booklet put out by Shuvu Banim, there is more explanation about what these special 10 chapters actually were, and how they came to be revealed in the world.

There it’s written that:

More than 20 years ago (in the year 5759), Morenu HaRav, shlit’a, revealed the true spiritual level of these 10 chapters of tehillim, to a few of his individual students.

“A year and a half ago, (in the year 5779 [June 2019]), the Rav asked us to print them and to distribute them all over the place. And when we asked the Rav ‘how should we call these chapters?’, he replied: Pirchei Nivarchim.


“Immersing in a mikvah and reciting the Tikkun HaKlali is the rectification that Rebbe Nachman of Breslov revealed, to rectify the sin of of pgam mikreh lilah (nocturnal emissions). On the other hand, the Pirchei Nivarchim save a person from sin… by purifying his thoughts, and removing all the garbage and the tumah (spiritual impurity) and the poison and the ‘rust’ from his mind….

“The words pgam habrit have exactly the same gematria as Pirchei Nivarchim, that take a person out of the pgam and save him from it.


“Rebbe Nachman of Breslov also revealed the Pirchei Nivarchim to Morenu HaRav. This is what we were told by the kabbalist Rabbi David HaKohen of Jerusalem, who said that this is what the Rav told him. (The words Pirchei Nivarchim also have exactly the same gematria as Rabbenu Nachman Mi’Breslov.)


“The 10 chapters of the Tikkun HaKlali are equated to the 10 fingers of the Sixth Beggar, who is called the beggar ‘who has no hands’; he heals the princess who falls into great [spiritual] weakness via the holy niggunim he plays with his hands.

“And these 10 chapters of the Pirchei Nivarchim are equated to the 10 toes of the Seventh Begger, who is called the beggar ‘who has no feet’. He heals the prince who has totally fallen away from his emuna, via his dancing and jumping with his holy legs.


“The Pirchei Nivarchim are very beneficial for helping a person to make teshuva over his very difficult sins, and help a person to rediscover his emuna, and to renew his joy and enthusiasm for serving Hashem.

“The Pirchei Nivarchim help a person to rectify all of his gilgulim (previous lives), back to the sin of Adam HaRishon.


“Moranu HaRav told us that each person should say these chapters at least once a week, and on another occasion, he said ‘on Shabbat’.

“On another occasion, the Rav told us that we need to recite these chapters [because] ‘Chapters of tehillim [fight] against machloket.’ It seems thus, because they talk about all the battles that the Tzaddik had with his enemies and persecutors, both spiritually and physically.

“And so, reading them protects a person and saves him from going against the True Tzaddikim, and also gives the Tzaddik strength to win all his battles…


“Many thousands of people across the whole country and around the whole world received these Pirchei Nivarchim, and are reading them regularly. Many of them told us that they experienced tremendous rejuvenation, from reading these chapters.


Ok, so far so good.

Now, look what I found on the site, when I was looking for more stuff about Meron,

The below comes from an interview with someone who met a ‘hidden tzaddik’ praying next to Rashbi, a few hours before [someone] decided they were going to kill a bunch of people at Meron, on L’ag B’omer two years ago.

These are the words of Yisrael Meir:

I got to Meron for Lag B’Omer.  As we know, this isn’t a simple time.  This is one of the exalted moments, the revelation of the true Tzaddik.  So I needed to go to the field to do hisbodedut, to prepare…  In the field I saw a Jew holding the Tikkun Klali and saying it word for word and his eyes were spilling forth tears like a faucet.  I’ve never seen such a saying of Tehilim.

“I continued to do hisbodedus on the mountain.  After a half hour, I saw him still saying the Tikkun Klali and crying, apparently saying it several times.  After an hour, he was still saying the I and crying.  You don’t see things like that. 

“I did more hisbodedus and asked Hashem to merit to speak to this tzaddik….Suddenly after about 15 minutes, the man approached me, and called me by my name, Yisrael Meir.”


Yisrael Meir continues:

“I asked him how he knows my name.  He answered that he knows, it’s ok.  ‘You prayed that you wanted to speak to me.  In Heaven, they accepted your prayer.’  I got excited and asked him, what does a person need to pray for now in Meron?.  He answered: We need to pray that Rav Berland makes it to Meron.”

At this point, the interviewer on the Breslov line asked Yisrael Meir if this mystery man knew beforehand that he was a follower of Rav Berland.

Yisrael Meir replied:

“I didn’t tell him anything; he said by himself!  I asked him from where he knows Rav Berland?  He said that he doesn’t know him personally, but they have a spiritual connection. Then, I asked him how one can merit to say the Tikkun Klali like him, with all those tears?

“That’s when he told me: ‘If you knew what’s going to happen here in a few more hours, you would also cry like that.’  I asked him what is going to happen, but he didn’t answer.  He only said that if you knew what was going to happen here you would also cry like that.’

“So I asked him: ‘What can be done?’ And told me: If Rav Berland will come here, everything will be OK.’

After the fact, it was revealed, that when he was saying the Tikkun Klali, it was in the field opposite the place of the tragedy.”


But the conversation with this hidden Tzaddik didn’t end there. He continued to talk with Yisrael Meir, and told him that he was praying for Rav Berland, and that all the other hidden tzaddikim were also praying for him, every day.

Yisrael Meir contniued: “He told me that every day in Heaven, they announce that he is the Tzaddik of the generation.  Every generation has a tzaddik who is an aspect of Moshe, and then there are the other tzaddikim.

“He told me that the hidden tzaddikim recite the Tikkun Haklali several times a day, for the success of Rav Berland.  If all the Jewish people would join the prayers, they could sweeten all the decrees that there are, and prevent endless tears from the Jewish people, since Rav Berland fights above in Heaven with all his strength for the Jewish people.”


Yisrael Meir continued:

“[The hidden tzaddik] also spoke of the importance of saying the Tikkun HaKlali for Rav Berland at least once every day. And whoever is able to, that they should say as many as possible.  In Heaven, when people pray for Rav Berland, this is considered to be one of the most exalted things….

“If everyone gathers together to pray, then everyone multiples everyone else, like Rebbe Nachman revealed in the secret of the joining of the houses — the prayer is something else completely.  When a person prays with other people, this multiplies it’s power by billions.


“He said that Mashiach is already found amongst us in this world, and is working awesome things.  In the meantime, this is hidden until the time of his revelation arrives.  The tzaddikim know who this is and know that Mashiach is making things happen….”


“There is a secret amongst the hidden tzaddikim, but because we are close to his coming and Mashiach needs the strength of the Jewish people, it’s therefore possible to reveal the secret.

We’re talking about an order of chapters of Tehilim which King David said about all the wars which he went through. He went through endless wars all of his life spiritually and physically.


“The chapters which the hidden tzaddikim say for the success of Mashiach: 31, 35, 36, 60, 68, 80, 83, 88, 89, 109.

If we intend in prayer to give strength to Mashiach, he receives from this awesome strength. Because the power of Mashiach is the spiritual power that he needs to receive from us, as is written in chapter 2 in Likutey Moharan, that the main weapon of Mashiach is prayer.


Yesterday, I was talking to a friend of mine who has been feeling kinda ‘down’ and heavy the last few weeks.

There has been a lot of ‘din’ in the air, this Sefirat HaOmer, and many of us can mamash feel it.

So, she ended up getting her tickets for Meron from Ido HaNavi, and while she was there, she spent a few minutes at the Rav’s prayers, and said a Tikkun Haklali. She told me she started to feel so much better and lighter afterwards.

That’s also my experience – that’s why I try to get to the Rav 3-4 times a week, to join the prayers, because they literally give me koach, and lighten things up, and help me to feel way happier and ‘balanced’ again.


I’m a very practical person, in many ways.

Life is too short to follow spiritual practices and ‘advice from Tzaddikim’ that doesn’t work in the real world, to give koach, and patience, and emuna, and inner contentment.

That’s how I got into Breslov, and following Rabbenu’s advice to do things like an hour a day of hitbodedut, in the first place.

And the Rav’s ‘etzot’ can be summed up as accepting bizyanot and humiliation with love, as that ‘cleans up’ a ton of judgments relatively easily (if you can accept the bizyanot..) and also, to dance, clap and sing the judgements away.

It sounds strange, I know.

But – it works.

And bottom line, that’s really all I care about.


BTW – it seems to me that things here around the ‘Judicial Reform almost civil war’ are also getting radically sweetened.

Five people and a dog whistle showed up to block the roads on the ‘day of paralysis’ yesterday – i.e. it flopped badly.

Thousands of the good-hearted, but misguided people on the left apparently got totally sickened by their leadership hijacking ‘Memorial Day’ for political ends last week, and are now staying away in droves from the demonstrations.

Slowly, slowly, all the brainwashing is dissolving all over the place here.

BH, I also hope that phenomenon will spread to the ‘right’ too, which is where a lot of good-hearted, but misguided people are hanging out, still thinking that Otzma Yehudit is the answer to our problems….

Here’s hoping.




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