If you think it’s only right-wing Jews who are very disappointed in our  ‘National Security Minister’, you’d be wrong.

My daughter got talking to one of the drivers at a charitable organisation she works for.

She told me he’s an older guy, always very gentle and respectful to the people the organisation works with. He was off over Ramadan – which is when my daughter actually realised he’s a muslim, not a Jew – so when he returned, she was curious and asked him a few things about ‘life as a Muslim’ in Jerusalem.

For the record, we are not at all bleeding- heart-lefties. Not at all. But we share a country with the arabs in Israel (aka ‘Palestinians’), and if we refuse to even speak about the problems we have, then how can we ever even hope to resolve them peacefully?


So, she asked him what the arabs in Israel really think about Ben Gvir – and she was shocked by the response.

This man told her that a whole bunch of Arabs in Israel actually voted for Ben Gvir….


Because they wanted someone who was going to start cracking down on the terrible violence going on all over the country, and even if that meant that Ben Gvir would be tough on arabs and on gun crime – they still voted for that, because they want to feel safe in their own communities.

And they aren’t.

At this stage, 500 arabs have been shot dead by other arabs since the beginning of 2023 – and the police and politicians are doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


Can we lay things out on the line here?

The people who have a vested interest in arabs and Jews killing each other, and killing themselves, and in flooding the country with more guns (and drugs….) and more guns are the elites of America and Europe.

That’s why they keep pumping weapons into the country, and priming the pump for more terror and ‘terrorist elimination’, and never-ending wars, and rockets and violence.

Most people here – including the Arabs – just want to live in peace and get on with their lives.


Israel spends 70 billion a year on the army – according to Netanyahu himself.

(And that’s probably severely underestimating things).

Most of that money is just going into the pockets of that small group of ‘elites’, who own all the arms manufacturing.

It’s the same group who are profiteering from the ‘war’ in the Ukraine…

Always the same group, always the same people.

That 0.00000001% who literally own half the world and counting, and operate by turning people against each other, and controlling, blackmailing and buying off every single politician of note.


Today, a (secular….) Jew shot a 19 year old arab dead because of a road rage incident.

(Usually, I don’t post up things like this, but it’s make it clear this was NOT a terror attack, and the shooter was not in danger of his life, it was a road rage fist fight.)

Barely a day goes by at the moment, that you don’t hear about some other mafia killing, or violent event – and let’s be clear, the craven media is still doing a whole lot of covering up of the REAL problem of violence, and assaults against women and others, that are going on in Israel.

Let’s see, if they even cover this story in the MSM here.


The point is, Israel is mamash drowning in violence.

More violence is not the answer.

More violence is just playing into the hands of the people that want to see Jews and arabs killing each other, as much as possible – so they can waltz back in, and ‘reclaim’ the country for themselves as part of a ‘two state solution’.

Guns and violence are the ‘weapons’ of Esav, and no blessing is coming to the Jews from trying to solve our problems like Esav.

Our ‘weapon’ is the voice of Yaakov….

That’s the only way we get out of the problems we are now in, and things turn around – and geula comes the sweet way.


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This one was too good to pass by.

It’s an election promo for Ben Gvir and Otzma Yehudit.

Even if you don’t understand Hebrew, you’ll get the gist.

It’s almost funny, at this point.



And while we are speaking of funny, howzabout that hilarious story that a Ukrainian drone apparently travelled 450 km – undetected – mostly over Russia, before being ‘blown up’ just over the Kremlin?


Ah, who can keep up with all this ‘fake news’, at this point?

Who knows what’s real and what isn’t, anymore?

That’s why as much as possible, I’m just trying to stay away from this stuff, unless it’s mamash in my backyard, and / or I have a very clear idea of what is true and real, and what isn’t.

But at least this latest crop of ‘fake news’ made me laugh.

Which is something.


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The more I look into all these ‘rockets’ and ‘nukes’, the more I am coming to the conclusion it’s all a big hoax.

To be clear, yes, missiles exist, and yes, rockets exist, and yes, bombs dropped by plane or drone do exist, and are used to sow death and destruction all over the place.

What I’m talking about here, specifically, are rockets that are capable of going long distances, across national borders, and also ‘nukes’.

The more I look into the subject, the more it’s looking like both these things are as real as the moon landing…


This current post was inspired by more and more stories of ‘Russia and its nukes’, popping up in our lying MSM.

Like this:


And like this:



How ‘impressive’ is it, really?

(When I showed my husband this clip of the Moskit, above, the first thing he said is that it looks like CGI…. but let’s assume he’s wrong about that, at least for now.)

When you slow down the firing of this Moskit rocket, you see this:


Now, call me a cynic, but they are saying this rocket can apparently take a ship out 100 miles away, and is powerful enough to carry a ‘nuclear warhead’.


And yet all the footage we have of it show it going less than a mile – way less!!! – and then strangely, it falls out of view.

What’s more, if you look carefully, you can see that before this rocket falls out of view, it’s already clearly started it’s arc back down TOWARDS the sea, and it never got more than what, 100m?, up in the sky anyway.

And it’s meant to go along 100 miles like that, unimpeded by any dingy, yacht or other tiny boat on the ocean, let alone a real ship, until BOOM!!

It takes out a  specific ship 100 miles away.

Does this sound realistic to you?


Here is the official ‘still shot’ from the Russian media, of the Moskit apparently being launched:


Does the angle look real to you?

Because to me, this looks totally fake….


Let’s just compare and contrast with what they said Kim Il Jong’s fake ‘intercontinential ballistic missile’ could do, from THIS post.

The missile reached an altitude of 3,853 miles and traveled 671 miles during its 71-minute flight before it crashed into Japanese waters, according to reports from South Korean and Japanese officials, NK News first reported. North Korea’s KCNA gave a simliar report on the missiles capabilities.


So, the Russian missile is barely 200 metres above the water, yet apparently manages to go for 100 mile horizontally, until BOOM!

Meanwhile, this (fake…) missile is apparently launched straight up (from a re-usable vehicle that strangely doesn’t burst into flames, despite having a rocket launched mamash off the back of it….), goes up ‘3,853 miles’, and then manages to travel ‘671 miles’, before coming down in the sea of Japan.

Now, we all know maths is not my strong point, but doesn’t it sound like there is something ‘off’ going on with these basic statements?

(Grateful for readers to chip in here, on how this is all meant to work in practise…)



I found this interesting two minute video that tries to explain how all these different weapons and rockets etc are meant to work, tachlis.

It’s stuffed full of CGI, and even the video that is meant to be ‘real’, and official footage from the US and Russian militaries, looks totally fake (especially around the 2 min mark, where the rocket is shown apparently stopping mid-flight, and even going backwards, before the ‘hypersonic’ stuff starts up. Slow it down, see for yourselves):


Let’s get back to the fake Russian missiles.

While I was trying to get more information on whether anyone else is noticing that so many of these rocket launches seem to be faked, I got to THIS thread on Twitter.

It’s discussing Russia’s famous, hypersonic, death-defying ‘Kinzhal Missile’, apparently used in the Ukraine last year.

This comes from Wikipedia, always a good jumping off point, for dissecting the official propaganda:

The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal (in Russian: Х-47М2 Кинжал, “Dagger“, NATO reporting name Killjoy) is a Russian nuclear-capable hypersonic air-launched ballistic missile. It is claimed to have a range of 3,000 km (1,900 mi) and Mach 12 speed (2.5 mi/s). It can carry either conventional or nuclear warheads and can be launched by Tu-22M3 bombers or MiG-31K interceptors. It has been deployed at airbases in Russia’s Southern Military District and Western Military District.

The Kinzhal entered service in December 2017 and was one of the six new Russian strategic weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 1 March 2018.


Ah, they love nothing better than stoking up the fear porn with all these reports of ever-more fantastic weapons of mass destruction.

Like this, from the Eurasian times:


But is it real?

Here’s a bit more background on how the Russians have apparently been using it in Ukraine, then we’ll start digging down:

During the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian military said that it used Kinzhal missiles to destroy an alleged underground weapons depot of the Ukrainian armed forces in Deliatyn on 18 March 2022 and a fuel depot in Konstantinovka the next day. U.S President Joe Biden said of its use “As you all know, it’s a consequential weapon but with the same warhead on it as any other launched missile. It doesn’t make that much difference except it’s almost impossible to stop it.”

It was reportedly used again on 11 April. On 9 May, according to reports, Russian Tu-22 aircraft launched three Kinzhal-type missiles at targets in the port city of Odesa….

On 9 March 2023 a barrage of 84 missiles, including six Kinzhals, was fired at Ukrainian cities, their largest use to date. Ukraine has no way to stop Kinzhals. It is not known whether the Patriot missile system can stop such missiles.



Those evil Ruskies, and their ‘unstoppable rockets’.

But, is it real?

Let’s find out.


Exhibit 1:

‘Official footage’ of the Kinzhal shows it somehow flying BENEATH some pole…


It’s interesting to note, that they are so used to fooling us all with their CGI fakery, that more times than not, they are putting stuff out that is so sloppy, it’s almost impossible to NOT catch the fakery involved.


Exhibit 2:

The footage of this Kinzhal bombing an ‘underground arms depot in Western Ukraine’ – is actually just a farmhouse in Eastern Ukraine:


The comments on that thread are also very useful.

Like this one:

If nameless officials in our [US} intelligence community are agreeing with Russian propaganda, perhaps its to help bridge the “doomsday gap” and keep our grotesque military budget nice and fat.

And this one:

Mach 5 is typical speed. Now for the pole … it must be around 50,000 tall? 🤔

And this one basically sums it all up nicely:


So, if Russia patently didn’t use a ‘Kinzhal’ back in March 2022 to destroy an arms’ depot in Western Ukraine…

Where is the evidence that they used  more of these ‘Kinzhals’ just this month? Let’s re-boot Wikipedia’s fear porn:

On 9 March 2023 a barrage of 84 missiles, including six Kinzhals, was fired at Ukrainian cities, their largest use to date. Ukraine has no way to stop Kinzhals.


Here’s how that story was reported in real time, in our fake news, on the Politico website HERE:

“Russians returned to their old scheme — massive rocket attacks on Ukraine at night, while people are sleeping. Explosions have been recorded in most regions — infrastructure facilities and residential areas have been hit,” Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to the head of the president’s office of Ukraine, said in a tweet. “Ukraine is partially without water and electricity.”

Ukrainian Armed Forces Chief Commander Valery Zaluzhnyy reported that Russia fired 81 missiles of different types during the night: 28 X 101/X-555 missiles; 20 Kalibr cruise missiles, six X-22 missiles, eight aviation missiles, 13 C-300 air-defense missiles, and six Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.


The weird thing is, that I know people who are going back and forwards to Ukraine all the time, to Uman – and they just aren’t seeing or experiencing any of this.

Presumably, some stuff is being fired some of the time, very possibly by the Ukrainians themselves at their own targets, because as we are all starting to realise, if all the nations of the world can lie about moon landings and space stations, then they can for sure also lie about missiles that can travel for hundreds of miles and accurately hit targets when they get there….


Here’s some more tweets about these fake Kinzhals, this time from October 2022:


And this:


Why does all this matter, to you and me?

It matters, because we are continually being manipulated and lied to, that the world is full of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that can cross borders in seconds, and drop ‘nukes’ on countries, totally destroying them.

And this is more and more looking to be a complete and utter lie.

Yes, there are rockets and missiles, but they seem to have a very limited trajectory, and a limited pay load.

And no, nuclear warheads don’t exist and are scientifically impossible (still assuming nuclear fusion is true.)

So, when you see more ‘fear porn’ stories about Iranian nukes, and Russian nukes, and North Korean nukes….

Know, you are being played as a gullible fool, by people who want to keep the civilian population cowering in fear, and spending every larger sums of money on the military, while the people in charge of our own countries are the ones who we really need to be afraid of.



Here’s the ‘official footage’ of the Kinzhal being test fired back in 2018.

Again, does it look real, or computer generated?


And then this video from CNBC in December 2021 encapsulates very nicely how all this fake ‘fear porn’ works, to scare voters and squeeze ever-larger amounts of cash out of them to fund the military, so they can ‘catch up’ with the Ruskies and China.

They pulled the same stunt with the space exploration program.

There is literally nothing new under the sun.

This is a snippet from the description box, underneath this video:

The $770 billion National Defense Authorization Act signed into law Tuesday calls for investing billions into hypersonic research and development, making them a top priority for Washington. The next step is congressional approval to allocate the money for the technology to the Pentagon….

China, Russia and now North Korea all claim to have developed and successfully tested hypersonic missiles. Unlike traditional ballistic missiles that follow a set trajectory after launch, hypersonic weapons are maneuverable in flight, incredibly fast and hard to detect.

The U.S. doesn’t have operational hypersonic missiles yet, but it’s a top priority for Washington. According to the Government Accountability Office, funding for hypersonic research increased by 740% between 2015 and 2020.

The latest defense budget alone increased funding by 20%.

“It’s truly a bipartisan issue,” said Lewis. The DOD is gathering data across multiple agencies, industry leaders and academia as it races to fast-track production on its first hypersonic missile by September 2022. “We don’t want to just match them missile for missile, but introduce new capabilities of transportation capabilities, sensor capabilities. And I’m seeing that play out,” Lewis told CNBC.


Stupid, stupid us, that we’ve been falling for this same trick for so long!



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Yesterday, I spent the day going through the ‘Covid Pandemic in Israel’ listing, on Wikipedia.


It was so eye-opening, to actually revisit all those fear-porn headlines, all those fake ‘stats’ about geriatrics ‘dying from Covid’, all the propaganda about the shots, including Netanyahu being the first to get the experimental nanotech live on Israeli TV….

It was also so upsetting, to remember how much our own governments literally tortured us, with lock down after lock down, mandatory masking, PCR tests every five seconds – and especially for school children – and then of course, the ‘Green Pass’ apartheid, that thankfully stopped, at least for now, when most people decided they’d had enough of Covid shots that were neither safe, nor effective.

In hindsight, it’s always so easy, to spot the lies, the manipulation and the deceit.


That’s why when you go and check out all the ‘landing on the moon’ footage, you can see, obviously, clearly, 100%, how the whole ‘space program’ is just one big fake.

In case you are still on the fence about that, here’s some footage from the Chinese Space Station, from February 2023.

(Clearly, they don’t have NASA’s big green screen, or Hollywood budget…)


Look at that wonderful, round spinning earth, exactly like they teach us all in the textbooks…

Now, compare and contrast with this footage from the Chinese Space Station, from September, 2022:


Who says you can’t have a good laugh still, even in today’s crazy world?

And I am willing to bet good money, at this point, that the nukes they keep trying to scare us all with also don’t exist.

We are literally living in a world of illusion, and the main battle here is spiritual.


It’s a battle of discernment.

It’s the battle of not just having a knee-jerk reaction to ‘bad news’ every five seconds – most of which is anyway manipulated and fake – to see through the illusion, and actually deal calmly with the facts on the ground, and the reality of our own lives in the here and now.

Like you, I currently have no idea about what is really going on.

Like you, that knowledge sometimes scares me, and paralyses me, because I can’t see around the corner, and I hate overtaking approaching a bend, if I can’t see around it.

But, I am coming to the conclusion, that if the choice is to just sit here drowning in fear of ‘what might be’, or anger about what was, versus continuing to live my life, and continuing to move forward – even though I can’t see around the bend – that last choice has to be the best option.


Day to day, life is good.

Day to day, the massive food shortages didn’t show up, Gog and Magog didn’t ACTUALLY kick off in Ukraine, they didn’t manage to get the ‘Green Passport’ and their Covid shots mandated – the whole false narrative is literally crumbling before our eyes.

Let’s be clear, though, that while I write these words, I still have a battle every single day, to really believe it.

Some days, like yesterday, for example, I wake up with a low sense of panic about what will be, and it usually takes me a solid hour of hitbodedut to calm it down, and to stop the ‘fear porn’ from taking over and ruining my life.


One thing is clear, though.

The more of us wake up to the lies, the more of us stop ‘reacting’ to all the fake news and fake headlines, the more of us who stop believing the government propaganda, and the media whores who serve it up – the better this whole thing gets for everyone.

Because deception is their source of power.

And they use that deception to turn people against each other, and to trigger ‘reactions’ where bad middot like fear, anger, depression and ‘fakery’ take over, which simply just pull us away from God.


Yesterday, when I realised, again, just how bad and pernicious all the government censorship and spying is, I felt pretty down and alone again, for an hour or two.

What can small people like me really do, against these multi-national government-run tech companies, and the psycho billionaires that front them?

Sometimes, it can seem as though the bad guys hold all the cards, all the aces.

But that’s an illusion.

Because really, Ein Od Milvado, there is only Hashem behind all this, and it’s all just a massive test of emuna.


I know it sounds strange, but it really seems to me the ‘air’ is coming out of so many of these fake news dramas now.

Even the sudden deaths from the Covid shots – I know they are still going on, but at least here in Israel, in my own dalet amot, I haven’t heard of any weird deaths for months and months now.

Maybe, just maybe, humanity is starting to turn the corner with all this, and the nanotech in the shots didn’t work they way it was meant to.

Even the 5….G they set up all over the place here in Israel – it just feels to me, currently, like there is some big spoke in the wheel in the ‘plan’, and that things are not going the way they thought.


There’s a thin line to be trod here, between remaining upbeat and strengthening our emuna, whilst not sliding back into fantasy land.

From one day to the next, the balance needs to be revisited and readjusted.

But the main point is this:

The more I go over what’s gone on the last few years, the last few months, even, the more I can see that so much of what I feared was going to happen actually disappeared, miraculously, all by itself.

Our prayers and teshuva and spirituial efforts really do affect reality.

And the less time we spend in ‘fake online world’, and the more time we spend in ‘real here-and-now’ world, the better it will be for us, and for everyone else, too.



One of the commentators linked to this really interesting video, below, which actually contains some real science, and explains very clearly that ”there is no virus” – certainly no SarsCov2.

And probably, ‘viruses’ aren’t what’s making people sick, full stop.

Very interesting!

Take a look:

UPDATE 2: – It’s apparently being ‘whited out’ as an embedded video – censorship in action!

So, go straight to this link in the comments section, from commentator Danny – because even when I try to paste it up as a plain text link, it’s still just whiting it out….

We must be over the target!


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I have been pondering about whether nuclear weapons are real, for quite a few months now.

To be clear, I’m not talking about whether nuclear reactors are real.

At this stage, I still think that nuclear reactors are probably real, and that nuclear energy is a ‘thing’. From everything I’ve read, it seems at least possible that nuclear reactors could be created as we’re told, and function as we’re told.

But when it comes to ‘nuclear weapons’?

The science actually suggests they are impossible.


Before we get into this more, I just want to back up and show you a couple of headlines from today, in Israel.

This one is from A7 – yesterday night, it was actually quoting Yoav Gallant saying (again…..) that ‘Iran is so close to achieving their nuke, we have to act now’, blahdy blah blah. This morning, it’s still their top story, but like this, now:


Meanwhile, the Times of Israel was running it’s own version of ‘Iran nuke fear porn’, with a story about Tehran’s new ballistic missile, the ‘Paveh’.

Here’s that ballistic missile – with a range of 1650 km!!!! – apparently in action:


I have to admit to laughing out loud when I watched this, but come to your own conclusions.

Ever since this whole ‘flat earth’ debate, and especially since those shots of rockets just arcing into the ocean, again and again and again, I’ve been seriously wondering if ‘intercontinental ballistic missiles’ are even possible.

You can read more about them on Wikipedia, HERE, but the main point is, it’s the same Werner von Braun ‘tech’ that gave us NASA’s rockets… and the men walking on the moon…. and basically involves these rockets ‘leaving earth’s atmosphere’ before re-entering it and boom!!!

Which is totally impossible, if there is a rakia (firmament) blocking that trajectory.


Point is, these ‘intercontinental ballistic missiles’ – and all the rest of these long-range missiles – have apparently never been used.

Point is, that whenever rockets are launched, they are always VERY close to their targets, with a trajectory that would take them well UNDER the rakia.

Haven’t you always wondered why Israel’s enemies would need to position their rockets so very close to our borders – in Gaza, and on the Lebanese border, and in Syria – if there were all these super-duper long-range missiles that they could fire from out to sea, without all the hassle of having to build ‘underground bases’ in foreign countries under the nose of the Israelis?

While we’re on that subject, aren’t you wondering why no ‘long range missiles’ have been used by either side, in this Ukrainian-Russian conflict?

All the rockets exploding are only ever short range, with a trajectory that would take them well under the rakia.


But let’s get back to the nukes.

And in particular, let’s get back to the three nukes that were apparently dropped back in the summer 1945.

Nuke 1: The ‘Trinity’ nuclear test, which you can read about HERE.

Nuke 2: Hiroshima.

Nuke 3: Nagasaki.


You know the ‘official story’ as well as I do.

Japan was famously stuck ‘riding the tiger’ of not being able to surrender, culturally, even though they were losing the war badly.

So, to encourage surrender, the US decided to drop the first ever nukes on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And then, Japan surrendered unconditionally – literally a couple of days after the Soviets had declared war against Japan, and were preparing a ground invasion – and everyone lived happily ever after.

(Except for the few hundred thousands of Japanese who got nuked….)



There are some massive ‘holes’ in the official story, not least, the complete lack of anything resembling serious nuclear fall out in both the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Already by the mid-1950s, both cities had rebuilt, and the headcount had returned to what it was before World War 2.


When I was growing up in the UK, the ‘nuclear armageddon fear porn’ was still going strong.

The TV was full of programs depicting a devastated world post nuclear war, with lone survivors creaking around in hazmat suits, trying to find that one little patch of land that had escaped the nuke, and was still livable.

It was dystopian, depressing, horrible stuff.

They even showed this propaganda in school, during class time – I remember a particularly horrible show that had a nuke exploding at the end of someone’s street, and then a pregnant woman having to bite through her own umbilical cords, because ‘civilisation’ had just disappeared, and they were giving birth by themselves in some cave….

Truly gross, sickening propaganda.

So only natural they should be showing that to young kids in schools.

Plus ca change.


In the meantime, despite no end of wars, no end of ‘terrorist groups’, no end of enemies, no end of radioactive materials available on the black market, after the fall of the USSR – the only nukes that were ever apparently used were dropped almost 80 years ago.

Does this make sense?


Why, because ‘terrorists’ and psychopaths abide by nuclear non-proliferation agreements?



Now, let’s turn to a book put out by Professor Akio Nakatani, who does appear to be a real person working at the Shibaura Institute of Technology in Japan, with research papers up on Research Gate, HERE.

First, here is his biography:


Back in 2017, Nakatani put out a book called ‘Death Object: Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax’.

You can read that book, for free, online HERE.


Apparently, that link isn’t working for some readers, so try THIS, on archive.org.


Even though it’s 228 pages long, it’s actually a very fast, relatively easy, read, and it has a lot of pictures and diagrams.

In that book, Nakatani deconstructs the evidence of what was really ‘dropped’ on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And, he also builds a computer simulated model of how nuclear fission ‘is meant to work’…

Except, it doesn’t.


Not even in theory.


I know we are all busy people, so let me try to make this easier for you, by drawing your attention to a few of the pages you really  should go and read for yourself, that will give you 99% of the key arguments and information.

Page 16: A passage from the Atomic Heritage Foundation, describing ‘nuclear shadows’:




‘… his flesh and blood were all reduced to nothingness’.

A Hiroshima ‘nuclear shadow’ of one or more vaporized victims

(Why is the wood wall unscathed? Just… don’t ask)







Page 35: Why high-speed nuclear fission is actually impossible:

(Also take a look at pages 38, 39 and 60):


Page 75: Nakatani explains that he has made full simulations of both the ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Little Boy’ nuke models – and they both don’t work.

At all.

Not even in theory.


The reason I can assert the FAIL hypothesis so forcefully is that I have created my own full simulation of a nuclear device – actually one of each type
(Little Boy, Fat Man).

In doing this, I have relied strictly, solely and entirely on openly published source material, including the technical references used in the preparation of this book (see Bibliography) and other open source or public domain information not listed in this book.


Here’s where the credibility factor is all important.

This guy seems to check out as a Professor of applied mathematics, who does model a lot of things, and works for a real university in Japan.

So there is no reason to not believe what he’s saying here, that he was able to create his own full simulation of a nuclear device.

And that it categorically didn’t ‘work’.


This screenshot is from Page 77:


Really, we could just stop here already.

But if you have more time and inclination, I highly recommend you read what Nakatani explains was going on in Japan, to create the illusion that nukes had been dropped.

Like, Nagasaki and Hiroshima had already been mostly ‘pre-destroyed’,  by months of endless incendiary fire bombing raids.

And then post WW2, all of a sudden history was re-written to claim these cities were somehow ‘protected’, until they were nuked.

They weren’t, and they were mostly deserted when the fake nukes were meant to have been happened, because most of the citizens had left already.


The hoax itself was just another ‘standard’ firebombing raid – identical to what occurred to the German city of Dresden. Read more about that HERE.

This is a screenshot from page 115:


You got that?

There was no difference between the damage done by ‘the nukes’, and the damage done by ‘non-nuclear air raids’.

Which would explain why trains continued to run between Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even AFTER THE ‘NUKES’ FELL (page 139), and why hundreds of thousands of people returned very shortly after the war to live in these places – where there is no evidence of any radioactive fallout.


You can see more pictures of the ‘pyrocumulus’ clouds that occur after massive firestorms – both natural and man-made – around page 186 in the book.

But here’s the thing:

This lack of long-term radioactive damage is not just a feature of the Japanese ‘nukes’.

Even places like Bikini Atoll, and ‘Death Valley’ – where apparently tons and tons and tons of ‘nukes’ were exploded, both above and below ground – there is no ‘radioactive wasteland’ going on in any of these places, and the wildlife is thriving.

How do we explain this, if we continue to believe in ‘nukes’?


On page 199, the author mentions the super-secretive military film studio that put out pretty much all the footage of ‘the nukes’ on behalf of the US military.

It was called ‘Lookout Mountain’.

Read more about that HERE.

This is a basic video from Bitchute that ‘deconstructs’ some of that ‘nuke footage’ – I’m sure there is plenty more, if you start researching this:


Why would Japan go along with this hoax?

They were beaten, but couldn’t ‘surrender’, culturally.

And Stalin had just declared war against them, and was preparing to invade.

The Japanese Imperial family remembered the fate of the Romanov rulers of Russia – and looked for a way they could surrender while still saving face.

The ‘fake nukes’ gave them the perfect out.


On the day itself, there were 200+ other US bombers up in the air, firebombing these cities as usual.

Then, the Enola Gay showed up just as the ‘pyrocumulus’ cloud was getting started, and probably dropped some sort of ‘photoflash’ bomb, to give us that nuclear glare effect.

Probably, there were also a few radioactive isotopes mixed in with some of the ballistic material, so anyone looking for ‘radioactivity’ could find it. 

At least, for a couple of days after the blast.

And that’s  it.

The perfect excuse to ‘go to war’ for the next 100 years.

There is nothing new, under the sun.


We’ll stop here.

Do your own research, come to your own conclusions.

But understand that the ‘Iranian nuke’ is just another potent exercise in political manipulation, military control, and ‘fear porn’.

The only thing we need to fear is Hashem.

Full stop.



A reader sent me this:


It kind of proves the point about what’s going on with the ‘radioactivity’ – people have been ‘picnicking’ on a nuclear bomb explosion site?!?!?

Shouldn’t that place be totally a wasteland, with nary a tree or a blade of grass for the next million years?

I do wonder what it was they WERE exploding, there, however, to give people all the strange cancers.

This is a comment from Stingray, below:

As to the question of viable nukes, there are several credible sources that claim that a combination of napalm, mustard gas, and powdered magnesium was used to simulate the atomic detonations in Japan.

According to “scientists” Uranium-235 has a half life of 700 + million years.

So, how indeed are the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki habitable today, only 80 or so years since they were destroyed?


And of course, people actually returned to live in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (and returned to picnicking at the Trinity test site….) almost immediately after ‘the nukes’….

Which makes the question even sharper.

And the birur continues.


You might also like this article:


A month ago, my daughter bought me an English version of ‘The DaVinci Code’ and insisted I read it.

I haven’t read a fiction book for around 16 years – from choice – so I left it to the side. But she insisted… and insisted… and insisted… until finally I realised, God must really want me to read ‘The DaVinci Code’.

So that’s what I’ve been doing.

There’s a few interesting things in there, for my own research ‘in the real world’ – not least that Dan Brown did a fabulous job of whitewashing the true, demonic nature of the Knights’ Templars, and making them seem all fluffy and cute – but the real pay dirt occurred yesterday.

That’s when I decided to look up the words: “Hieros Gamos.”


In The DaVinci Code, the discussion about ‘Hieros Gamos’ – or ‘sacred prostitution’ – comes up as part of a discussion about how the ancient religious cults used the power of this most holy act for their own ends.

You can read a scholarly, and fairly tznius, description of the basic ideas behind ‘Hieros Gamos’ HERE.

The bottom line is that there were two types of ‘sacred prostitution’.

  1. Each bride was required to spend her wedding night being defiled in one of the many Temples set up to the ‘goddesses’, who all had different names but were actually just pushing the same ‘religion’.
  2. These temples also has a group of ‘cult priestesses’ – aka sex slaves – and ‘sacred orgies’ were also a big part of the pagan religions.

(And now, maybe some readers are already starting to make the link between what is described above, and what was going on in Sabbatean-Frankist homes, beneath the ‘pious’ veneer.)


There are very deep spiritual considerations attached to all this.

Here’s a few scholarly quotes, from the above, to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. And then we’ll get down to the eye-popping tachlis – how all this connects to you and me, and the State of Israel, and the battle between good and evil.

“[W]e are talking about a high-level magico-operational ritual….

Mircea Eliade wrote about it this way: “In the most general sense, an orgy is a part of hierogamy. It correlates with the coitus of the divine couple, with the unlimited and ecstatic fertility of the earth… Excess energy is valuable and fruitful in sacred balances. The barriers between man, society, nature, and the gods are being broken; forces, life, and germs are being rotated and transferred from one level to another, from one space to all others.“”


Plain English: All that talk that xtians, and others, have about ‘the Holy Trinity’ is really a warped reference to the union between man and woman, that transforms them into a ‘god on earth’.

This idea is very deep, and once you really internalise what I just told you here, you’ll start to understand A LOT about what is really going on, with xtianity.


Another snippet:

The legendary stories of a woman being possessed by a” god”, or vice versa, a man converging with a goddess, are too well known to be retold…

[I]n ancient Egypt, a pharaoh who mystically reincarnated as Horus impregnated his wife to continue the dynastic line of the “divine kingdom”.

The culmination of the Hellenistic festival of Antesterium was a sacred sacrifice, and then the copulation of the wife of the archon king with Dionysus in the temple of Leneon; in Babylon, the hierogamy of the young woman chosen for this purpose was also known in a special wedding room, raised above the seventh floor of the sacred ziggurat tower (“on the other side of the number seven”) – there she was supposed to spend the night with a certain god.

The Greeks believed that the priestess of the temple of Apollo in Patara spent the night with this god on a “sacred bed”.


This is the ‘pagan, evil mirror image’ of our own, very holy traditions, the whole idea of the keruvim, the holy of holies, and our very deep ‘bitul’ to, and dvekut with Hashem.

There is nothing new under the sun, remember this.

So, when nuns talk of ‘marrying’ Yoshki… and when xtians talk about the Holy Trinity… and when gnostic-‘xtians’ talk about how Yoshki was really married to Mary Magdelene, and they had kids, and how ‘mainstream xtianity’ is trying to surpress that information…. while demon-worshipping Knights Templars (and all the other sex-magick based secret societies) are very big ‘feminists’ and believers in breaking down sexual morality….

We understand, again, that really, there is nothing new under the sun.


To sum up:

All pagan, idolatrous, evil ‘religions’ from the dawn of time have always tried to use and subvert the act of intimacy, and to harness the tremendous spiritual power it contains, to make themselves ‘powerful’ and a ‘god’, chas v’halilah.

This started right back in the Garden of Eden, when the evil Lilith ‘split’ from Adam, then enticed him to spill seed for 130 years, leading to creation of all the souls of the ‘demons’ that in our days became Nazis, ISIS – and Covid 19-pushing doctors and ‘rabbis’.

Amongst others.


So, what does this have to do with you and me?

Some how, my computer decided to search for images associated with ‘Hieros Gamos’, without me knowing. In a million years, even with a very strong filter, I would not have done that, because it’s literally asking for trouble.

But that’s what happened, and when I was closing down my tabs at the end of the day yesterday, I got to those search results – and here’s what I saw, that blew me away:


It’s the so-called ‘Star of David’, that the Erev Rav ,’Jewish Demon Scholars’ in our midst convinced us was a symbol of the Jewish people, around 300 years ago.

But really?

It’s the ancient symbol of ‘Hieros Gamos’, i.e. the ritual subversion of the act of intimacy, which sends all that ‘power’ to fuel the forces of evil.

And we have this symbol of evil literally atop every synagogue, carved on every Ark of Torah, inlaid on all our tombstones….

Can you understand, just how much they are laughing at the Jewish people right now?

There’s more.


Sharp-eyed readers probably already know the connection between the ‘Star of David’, and the Masons’ square and compass, with the ‘G’ in the middle.


That ‘G’ stands for gnosis, knowledge.

In our Torah, we speak of how a man knows his wife, as a reference to the act of physical intimacy.

In pagan religions, that time when a man ‘loses his mind’ at the end of the physical act, so to speak, is the time when they say he can ‘become a god on earth’.

This is deeply connected to the idea of demonic possession, amongst other things.


Judaism teaches that spermatozoa derives from a man’s mind – his very essence.

That’s part of why ‘spilling seed’ in a wanton way can literally drive a person mad. A  man’s seed contains the ‘spiritual essence’ that could theoretically create another 4 billion human souls. And when that seed is ‘spilled’ – all that ‘soul power’ just goes to the dark side.

Those 4 billion potential human souls are held captive by the forces of evil, which suck all the ‘juice’ out of them, and use that soul power to do bad things in the world.


That’s why Rebbe Nachman of Breslov revealed the ‘Tikkun Haklali’, or general rectification, to be recited after nocturnal emissions.

To fix the ‘sin’ of all this spilled seed, and to elevate those billions and trillions of ‘lost soul sparks’ back to the side of holiness.

That’s why true Breslov, and Rav Berland, put so much emphasis on a man guarding his eyes, and personal holiness.

That’s why, l’havdil, Eybshutz, and the Sabbatean-Frankists, encouraged adultery, wife-swapping, ‘sacred orgies’, homosexuality, and then incest and pedophilia.


There are so many links to make with all this stuff, it’s hard to know what to really write, but let’s make two more connections, and then we’ll leave it here for now.

In Judaism, there are strict guidelines for how the act of intimacy should be performed, including mandating the position of the man and the woman.

In pagan religions, this evil, ‘Hieros Gamos’ / Star of David representation has the woman and man as androgynous ‘equals’, forming a ‘divine Trinity’.

That ‘space’ in the middle of the ‘Hieros Gamos’ represents the Pharoah-nic, pagan, evil idea of ‘man as God’.

I.e. instead of being filled with God, the person becomes filled with their own evil, arrogance and lusts.


Again, all this has very ancient roots.

Remember that the snake told Chava that if she and Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would become “like God…”

There is nothing new under the sun.


In the meantime, this is what our Torah teaches – the man is the head of the household, the man is ‘on top’, and the man and woman should ‘become one flesh’.

Here’s how that looks:


A diamond.


Remember what Rav Berland and Rebbe Nachman teaches about these ‘diamonds’?

This snippet comes from HERE:

When a person merits, however much they are putting him down, however much they are making him “mah — what” [i.e. nothing, nullified], however much they are making out of him dust and ashes, [as it’s said] “and may my soul be like dust to all” (Amidah prayer) — they are throwing diamonds onto you.

The Rebbe brings in [Likutey Moharan] Torah 277, [that they are] throwing diamonds onto you.  When they are putting you down, they’re throwing diamonds onto you — don’t throw them back.

[If] they insult you, and you insult them back, you’ve lost a diamond.  They’re building a house of diamonds for you [from all the insults and put-downs].


This is the authentic, Torah-true, Jewish holy way of bringing God down into the world.

The man makes himself ‘nothing’ – and particularly in the home, where believe me, the diamonds get thrown at the guy every second of the day.

And this is how we really build the holy Temple, and really achieve that ‘union’ with Hashem in this lowly, gashmiut world.

By making ourselves nothing.

By hearing our own disgrace, and not answering back, and understanding that really, it’s just God who is behind everything.

This is the polar opposite of the gaava-dik ‘man as god’ approach of the pagan-xtians, represented by ‘Hieramos Gamos’ and the pagan, so-called ‘Star of David’.


The last thing, for now, has to do with the mysterious ‘Z’ on Russia’s tanks.

As I’m hoping you are starting to understand, these people are ALL about their symbolism.


For example, the double chevron is a favorite symbol of the Knights Templar, and is all over their castles and churches.

This is a screenshot from a video called ‘The Pharoah Show’ by Swiss alt-historian Sean Hross.

(Again, I don’t agree with a lot of his ideas, but much of what he says strikes me as credible. This is a process of birur, remember.)

You see these chevrons all over the place in Israel, on IDF uniforms – same as other militaries all over the world.


Once you understand that it’s a phallic representation of two men, you start to understand a lot more.

Here’s a screenshot of the Knights Templar’s seal from Wikipedia HERE:

Notice the two knights on one horse.

Also notice the ’round Templar church’ – modelled on the Dome of the Rock, and taken as the blueprint for Templar churches all over the world.

Round temples were always associated with pagan practices, particularly ‘sacred prostitution’ and ceremonies like the Hieros Gamos, which required an audience – and a large, empty ‘space in the middle’, as the focal point.



What does all this have to do with the Russian ‘Z’ on all their tanks?

THIS site (Google translate from Russian) has some interesting ideas – but again, all this needs very careful birur.

But what struck me is that this ‘Z’ is the symbol for ‘man’ and ‘woman’ back-to-back – i.e., back to that state that the pagans believe was the ‘perfect state of humanity’ in the Garden of Eden, before demonic Lilith was split away from Adam HaRishon – and humankind was androgynous.


We’ll stop there for now.

But lots and lots to think about.