Confirmation bias and covid shots


With almost 7.5 million viewers watching ‘Died Suddenly’ on Rumble alone, the MSM is starting to feel the heat.

(If you haven’t seen it yourself yet, go HERE. It’s worth the hour of your time.)

There is so very much factual information coming out about what’s in the shots, what the shots are doing to people, how many people have ‘died suddenly’ and unexpectedly, after getting them, the strange, fibrous clots that started showing up in lots of people who ‘died suddenly’ – but only in vaccinated individuals….

And yet.

The wall of disbelief continues to stand strong, apparently.


On the one hand, we are starting to see stories like THIS, in government-sponsored propaganda channels like the YWN:

Of course, this story is still pathetic, and is still hiding way more than it’s revealing.

Where is the analysis of all the graphene oxide nanotech, scientifically proven to be in these shots months and months ago, by the Campra report?

Where is the discussion of the structures that independent researchers all over the world have been finding, by analysing drops of ‘vaccine’, like Dr David Nixon has done?

What about the MAC addresses that so many ‘vaccinated’ people now emit?

The factual stuff that is not being discussed by the MSM stretches on for miles and miles….


Of course, the MSM has no intention of ever really having those discussions.

Because then, we’d be able to move past pointless arguments about ‘statistics being manipulated’ to real discussions about what is all this other stuff that is clearly being found in the shots.


What’s interesting to me, tho, is the ‘confirmation bias’ that is now showing up in the comments underneath that YWN post.

Here’s a screenshot:


You see, the MSM is still manipulating people oh so cleverly.

Yeah, it’s just a matter of statistics….

No mention of the 1.1 million people in the US who didn’t ‘die from Covid’, but who most certainly did ‘die suddenly’, after the government started rolling out the Covid shots.

Here’s the headline from the Daily Expose story HERE:



[A]ccording to the CDC reports there have been 1,106,079 excess deaths compared to the 2015-2019 five-year average.


Excess mortality figures do not lie.

That’s why most governments have now quietly stopped reporting them, publically.

Excess mortality figures show, irrefutably, that more people are dying now across the globe, than were dying before the Covid shots got rolled out.

The only thing to argue about is what is actually killing them?


Here’s another clue, from that same report, this time analysing the data released from the UK:

 In February, triple vaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds were 27% more likely to die than unvaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds, with a mortality rate of 26.7 per 100k among the triple vaccinated and 21 per 100k among the unvaccinated.

Things have unfortunately got even worse for the triple vaccinated by May 2022 though. The data shows that triple vaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds were 52% more likely to die than unvaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds in May, with a mortality rate of 21.4 per 100k among the triple vaccinated and 14.1 among the unvaccinated.

The worst figures so far though are among the partly vaccinated, with May seeing partly vaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds 202% more likely to die than unvaccinated 18 to 39-year-olds.


Pay attention:

This isn’t talking about people ‘dying from Covid’.

This is talking about people dying.

Full stop.

You see, that’s the key fact that the deceitful stories in the MSM are now trying to hide, even as the carnage stacks up, and more and more of us start to know of someone who ‘died suddenly’ close to home.

People are ‘dying suddenly’  because of global warming!

Because they eat meat!

Because they went for a jog at 6AM, when the sun’s rays are known to induce heart attacks in fit 20-somethings…..

Don’t you know?

Nothing to do with the covid shots.


One of my readers sent me this:


Kissinger was asked back in 1974 to come up with a depopulation program…
6 months later this was his report…

Click the link – on the official USAID website – and take a look at page 110, where you’ll see this:


Here’s the concluding snippet from that same page, in case you didn’t get the message yet:

Long-term approaches: Increased research toward better understanding of human reproductive physiology will lead to better methods of fertility control for use in five to fifteen years. A great deal has yet to be learned about basic aspects of male and female fertility and how regulation can be effected.
For example, an -effective and safe male contraceptive is needed, in particular an injection which will be effective for specified periods of time…

Hey, more ‘safe and effective’ shots to  help humanity…where have we heard something like that, before?


Chortle chortle!

Just because this turned up in an official US National Security Memorandum written in December 1974, talking about things like “Action to Create Conditions for Fertility Decline” – doesn’t signify nuthin!


Before I forget, maybe go and take a look at this, from July 2022, headline below:

Something weird is happening with the birth rates.

We are seeing unprecedented collapses around the world. What is going on?


Chortle chortle!

Nothing to see here.


Right at the beginning of the plandemic, I was digging up a whole bunch of stuff about possible explanations for what we were seeing with lockdowns and other Covid fascism.

One of those things was ‘Behold a Pale House’ by ex-secret service guy, and ‘UFO-ologist’ William Cooper.

You can get that PDF HERE.

With all its talk about ‘UFOs’, it’s hard to know if Cooper was acting as ‘controlled opposition’ to cover up DARPA’s secret, Nazi-inspired flying saucer experiments, or whether he actually believed all that rubbish, and only had half the picture.

Or maybe, he started off as ‘controlled opposition’ and then made teshuva and started trying to tell the truth – which is why he was shot to death by Sheriffs back in 2001, when they came to arrest him…

We will never know.


But in the meantime, read some of the last things that Cooper ever wrote, below, talking about US government plans to ‘control the population’ via a bioweapon injection.

(You can see the full thing HERE.)



The first study was made in 1957 by scientists meeting in Huntsville Alabama. That study resulted in “Alternative 3.” Another study was made  by the Club of Rome in 1968 to determine the limits to growth. The result of the study was that civilization as we know it would collapse shortly after the year 2000 unless the population was seriously curtailed.  Several Top Secret recommendations were made to the ruling elite by Dr. Aurelio Peccei of the Club of Rome.

The chief recommendation was to develop a microbe which would attack the auto immune system and thus render the development of a vaccine impossible.

The orders were given to develop the microbe and to also develop a cure and a prophylactic. The microbe would be used against the general population and would be introduced by vaccine administered by the World Health Organization.

The prophylactic was to be used by the ruling elite. The cure will be administered to the survivors when they decide that enough people have died.

It will be announced as newly developed. This plan was called Global 2000. The cure and the prophylactic are suppressed.


Chortle chortle!

Now, watch this eight minute video.

It has tons of facts and names, and it brings a lot of FACTS that put this whole discussion into very stark view:


Is this a good time to remind us all that Anthony Fauci was also up to his eyeballs in the whole ‘HIV bioweapon’ thing?

Go Google that for yourself – there’ so much out there! – including one of my favorites, from Nature last year:


That Club of Rome report is called:


You can download the PDF of it from the Club of Rome’s own website, HERE.

Here’s how they describe the document:

Published 1972 – The message of this book still holds today: The earth’s interlocking resources – the global system of nature in which we all live – probably cannot support present rates of economic and population growth much beyond the year 2100, if that long, even with advanced technology.

In the summer of 1970, an international team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology began a study of the implications of continued worldwide growth.

They examined the five basic factors that determine and, in their interactions, ultimately limit growth on this planet-population increase, agricultural production, nonrenewable resource depletion, industrial output, and pollution generation.

The MIT team fed data on these five factors into a global computer model and then tested the behavior of the model under several sets of assumptions to determine alternative patterns for mankind’s future. The Limits to Growth is the nontechnical report of their findings.

The book contains a message of hope, as well: Man can create a society in which he can live indefinitely on earth if he imposes limits on himself and his production of material goods to achieve a state of global equilibrium with population and production in carefully selected balance.


Chortle chortle!

Us crazy conspiracy theorists, and all our links to official government documents, named scientists doing specific things in specific labs at specific times, and last but not least – what we see unfolding in front of us with our own eyes.


Here’s the problem:

I have one brother and half a parent I can talk to about this stuff.

The rest of my family doesn’t want to know.

Ditto, with a lot of my friends.

‘Confirmation Bias’ means that they would rather keep talking about ‘cherry picking statistics’, then look the monster in the face, and deal with reality.

I don’t know what to do about that, except to pray, and except to hope that someone else will send them a link to ‘Died suddenly’, or maybe to some of the stuff on this blog, and others.

What else can I do?


The last thing to say is that you may well have missed the ‘good news’, from William Cooper, above.

There is a prophylatic, and there is a cure, for whatever is in the Covid shots.

Of course there is, because while our ruling elites are satanically wicked, they are not so dumb as to release something that they can’t retain control of.

This is not a ‘mutating virus’, this is some sort of poison, something that can be reversed, something that can be neutralised, something that can be cured.

Remember that, when you see more fake information about people having their DNA permanently changed – nothing is ‘permanent’!

For as long as the candle continues to burn, things can still be turned around, in all ways.

But first, a lot more of us need to open our eyes, and come out of denial.



As I try my best to substantiate things as I go along, I decided to look for the patent Dr Robert Gallo supposedly has for HIV.

Initially, I just hit ‘fact-checking’ articles, like this one from Snopes. Please, go and read it – it’s a classic example of how these fact-checkers don’t even bother to bring even basic information, and expect you to believe them just because ‘they say so’.

Now go HERE, to Google patents, where we do indeed find a patent from 1984 for Dr Robert Gallo, for HIV.



So, was HIV ‘discovered’ and then sequenced by Robert Gallo and the NIH….


Was is ‘created’ and then spread around the population via the Hepatitis B ‘vaccine’, which saw it pop up exclusively in Africa, AND NYC’s gay men – all recipients of this new hep B vaccine developed by Robert Gallo and the NIH – at exactly the same time?

By a US government who’d been openly writing things about ‘population control via injections’ for decades already?

That is the question.



Here’s a bit more, from HERE:

In 1996, Gallo and his colleagues founded the Institute of Human Virology, which was awarded a $15 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for its research into preventative HIV vaccines.

In 2011, Gallo founded the Global Virus Network with the aim of increasing collaboration between virus investigators and overcoming gaps in research.

Of course, Bill Gates has to have a toe in this water.

Of course.


Here’s a screenshot of what Gallo’s Global Virus Network (or, ‘Global Man-made BioWeapon Network) is currently researching:


Is anyone shocked?

This is getting more and more predictable.

One of the ‘partners’ for the GVN is CEPI.

HERE  is their website, and this is a screenshot:


I type that into Google, with CEPI, and look what comes back:


Hey, it’s Klaus and his 4th Industrial Revolution again, where humans are melded with machines…

Via the GO nanotech in the covid shots. Round and round it goes.

Chortle chortle.




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7 replies
  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    “A world in which epidemics and pandemics are no longer a threat to humanity.”
    What idolatry, they assume that they currently are. Are they REALLY such a threat right now? Another psy-op.
    Thanks, Rivka, for exposing this.

    Have you heard of the satanist athest ‘evolution’ preacher Aron Ra?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No, who is he?

      UPDATE: I found his Wiki page here. As usual, look what goes together with ‘atheist’ and ‘evolutionist’:

      “Ra identifies as a feminist and as a Satanist.”

      • Simon
        Simon says:

        What’s worse… I used to like his videos (which are blasphemous and idolatrous).
        He’s an atheist but he changed his name to Aron Ra, ‘Ra’ as in the Egyptian sun god.
        Another interesting thing: “aron ra” in hebrew means “ark of evil.”
        This guy’s just another “creepy critter.”

  2. Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham
    Efraim Yochanan ben Avraham says:

    The cause of all those heart attacks is those who claim that “vaccination” is the cause of all those heart attacks
    “The science” is now telling us that all those people “dying suddenly” post-“vaccination” have, in fact, been stressed to death by “anti-vaxxers”.

    “The science” is now telling us that all those people “dying suddenly” post-“vaccination” have, in fact, been stressed to death by “anti-vaxxers”……………………………….. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9629406/

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Most of the people vaccinated don’t believe anything ‘anti vaxxers’ say, and totally discount the science that is showing there IS undeniably, graphene oxide nanotech, and other things including possibly DNA origami in the Covid shots.

      Most of those people, and their families, aren’t linking the sudden deaths to the vaccines, even when that’s clearly correlated. So it’s hard to accept what you’re writing here as based in reality.

      That’s the point you’re trying to make about the ‘scientists’ writing this stuff, I take it?

  3. Nonee
    Nonee says:

    Shalom and Shavua Tov, Rivka,

    This is another topic.. forgive me.. just asking if you would know anything about this Norbert Heuser, who lives in Germany and has created some sort of protection for those who want it, against radiation and such.
    His stuff is expensive, would you recommend what he sells.


    and here his site:


    Thanks in Advance.

    God bless Am Israel and good peoples of the world… Amen.


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      I haven’t heard of him before. I will take a look – but each person needs to dig deep and do their own birur, on this and other subjects. Ask God to show you the truth… it’s pretty much the only way.


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