I’m writing this post for all the laydeez out there who struggle to know if they’re really doing what they should be.

Yes, they spend all day doing mitzvahs for their kids and husbands – cooking, cleaning, caring, shopping, washing, cleaning some more – but there’s maybe a nagging sense that all these chores are maybe, well, not the most spiritually-awesome endeavor ever known to man.

But that’s where you’re wrong.

Do you want to know what I did this last week that I’m convinced is bringing Moshiach the sweet way? It’s not the hours of hitbodedut, the charity I gave, even the supper I cooked for my kids.

What it was is when I agreed to take my neighbours’ kids to school.

I don’t like this neighbor: their Arab builder blocked our joint pipe (see this post for a reminder) and we ended up having to pay to clean it all up because they refused to accept that we hadn’t shoved 4 packets of wipees down the toilet in one go….

Since then, I’ve been eying these neighbors up with disdain (no-one said I was perfect, and occasionally I like to prove it). But when it all went bonkers in Jerusalem a few weeks’ back, the mother approached me and asked me if I would mind driving her kids into the Old City, when I took my own kids to school.

Let me repeat: I don’t like these neighbours.

And that’s when I got that Hashem was giving me a HUGE mitzvah to do. So I said yes. And I’ve been driving them for the last 3 weeks now, and it’s looking like it’s turning into a semi-permanent arrangement. Horrors!

Except it isn’t, because I know that these small things that you and I are doing are actually bringing Moshiach.

Spiritual heroics aren’t found in big speeches, blog posts or even, books. They’re found in these small, apparently mundane acts that change the whole world, quietly.

Today, the neighbor I don’t like came and thanked me. We exchanged words and I almost nearly liked her.

A bit.

I realized after I closed the door that ahavat yisrael doesn’t always mean that you go round openly loving everyone.

Maybe sometimes, it just means that you appreciate other people’s humanity and frailties a little bit more, and you agree to take their kids just because you wouldn’t want your own kids walking through the Arab shuk at the moment.

So anyway, I want to give you, dear readers, the chance to share a little bit of what you’re doing to bring Moshiach the sweet way in the comments section. Don’t be shy, and feel free to comment anonymously. Sometimes, we all need the encouragement of a small pat on the back, or some external recognition that NOT screaming at our kids was huge; or making our husband’s another cup of tea was huge, or giving someone we don’t like a fake smile and a wave hello was huge.

So tell me what you did today to bring Moshiach.  For sure there’s a lot you could say.

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