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Do hitbodedut about everything

As things continue to get more and more murky, I just wanted to stress something.

It’s never been more important to keep talking to God about everything, and to keep running things past God in hitbodedut.

Don’t take anything on anyone else’s say-so – not even mine!

While I’m doing my best to sift the lies from the truth, I’m also just a fallible human at the end of the day, and the confusion sometimes feels so deep, and and so thick, it can be overwhelming.

I am having the feeling at the moment that I kind of need to take a step back from discussing what’s in the shots, specifically, and what they may or may not be doing to people, specifically, until I get more clarity on the subject.

For the record, there are many things about some of the key players on all sides of this equation that are sending my BS radar off – not least, their very strong, frequently professed faith in a false idol.

If someone can continue to believe in Yoshki, what else are they getting ‘wrong’ in this whole discussion?

Clearly, their inner sense is not 100% on beam…. which doesn’t mean everything they suggest and put out is wrong.

But, it does mean, at least for me, that I’m going to take a bit of time to really ask God about what is going on here, and wait for more clues to show up, without just ‘reacting’ to stuff all the time.


Right from the start, Rav Berland has been saying that anyone who has been coerced into getting the shots has nothing to fear.

I am still struggling, honestly, to understand what this really means.

But, once I found out that the 36 year old doctor who died two weeks ago from an ‘unexpected stroke’ was totally unvaccinated, that has given me a pause for thought that something more is going on here, than just ‘the shots the shots the shots’.

I’m not saying there is nothing in the shots – the shots are clearly bad.

But, after reading a bit more on the Joachim Bartoll site, where he brought up the view that it would be very hard to manufacture this much nanotech, to put into literally billions and billions of doses, so quickly – that is also giving me a pause for thought.

Read more HERE, this is a snippet:

Let’s humor them and say that they can manufacture one vial per second (instead of just one dose) amongst them, around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Well, there are 86,400 seconds in a day, so that would be 86,400 vials a day. They claim they have administrated 7.94 billion doses, not to mention the continuous reports of wasted vaccines, counties throwing away millions of vials. There are 5 to 6 doses in each vial, and considering millions of vials have been thrown away in most countries, we can easily round it off to 10 billion doses manufactured. That is 1,666,666,666 to 2 billion vials.

To manufacture 1,666,666,666 vials at a rate of one vial a second would take…
1,666,666,666 / 86,400 = 19,290 days, or (19,290 / 365) 58.8 years.


We’re back to the idea of batch numbers, and that a high percentage of the covid shots were actually saline.

Clearly, the more shots you take, the greater your risk of being injected with a killer batch…

And also, we know the graphene oxide is going into so many things right now, regardless of whether it’s actually GO nanotech, or just carbon tubes and other raw material that the ‘nanorobots’ or whatever they are, actually turn into circuitry and other nanodevices.


BUT – it seems to me there is something way, way bigger going on that just ‘the shots the shots the shots’.

If our health is electromagnetic, then CERN and the 5….G could well be a much bigger determinator of health than whether we took ‘Covid shots’ – especially if the majority of the shots are saline.

I am just thinking out loud here.

And another thing I’m thinking is that THE SOUL IS BIGGER THAN ALL OF THIS.

And that ‘the other side’ excels in psy-ops that get us barking up the wrong trees, and dissipating our energies on pointless discussions with narcissist trolls, instead of knuckling down, and doing the real inner work of birur.


So, I am planning to take a few days off again, to just mull things over, and to wait for Hashem to send me some insights, or not, in to what is really going on, and what He really wants from me.

It feels like we are approaching ‘critical mass’, somehow, in this process of birur.

And I don’t want to be directing any one in unhelpful directions, even accidentally.

So, let’s end this post as it began:

Do your own hitbodedut regularly, every single day, and keep asking God to show you the truth.

And if you are given a choice between ‘doom and gloom’ or ‘hope’ – pick hope every time!

Because God can really do anything!

And there are still so many things that we don’t know, about what is really going on at the moment.



PS: I just read this on the RavBerland.com site, and it gave me a lot of chizzuk:

The Rav seems to be saying that the rule of the evildoers is very nearly over.


May that become obvious, very very soon.



I had some push back on email having a go at the Rav, and me, for promoting ‘false hope’ for the jabbed.

Just to clarify this, the Rav’s comments were never publicised, and were made privately to two people I personally know, on seperate occasions, who asked him for a bracha, because they were in a situation where they couldn’t avoid having the shot, not least because they were in the process of making aliya.

Clearly, for people like this, who are following the Rav, paying regular pidyonot, doing tikkun haklalis, trying to work on their bad middot, and to see God’s hand behind everything….

His promise holds good.

Which by itself, is still quite puzzling for me.

But there are no ‘guarantees’ generally – of course not!

Because there are ‘no guarantees’ about anything, not even that you could be totally unvaccinated, healthy and athletic – and still drop dead from a stroke at 36.


As for ‘false hope’ – there is no such thing.

‘False hope’ posits the idea that all outcomes are totally fixed, and can never be changed by teshuva, prayer and tzedeka.

I know a lot of apparently ‘religious’ people hold that it’s ok to go around depressing and demoralising everyone, because what can we do anyway?!?!? – but that’s not an authentic approach to our difficulties and trials and problems.

King David taught that even if a sharp sword was held to his throat, he would still call out to Hashem.

Hashem’s yeshuout occur in the blink of an eye, don’t forget that.

And as we mentioned in a previous post, the POINT is spiritual – what happens to the soul, not so much what happens to the body.

If an ‘unvaccinated’ atheist lives to 100 in good health, and a ‘vaccinated’ person with emuna dies young, but still close to Hashem, and still making the best use of every second of the life they have to serve Hashem, develop real emuna and do as many mitzvot as possible – clearly, that last guy has the best deal.

Don’t forget that, either.


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  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Lots of Chizzuk to you, Rivka. You have done so much! Yes, turn inside, and enjoy your life, whatever it means to you ( and anyway, whenever we do hitbodedut we end up enjoying life, isn’t that true?).

    And if you do find the koach, check out the video Moshe sent – to you and to me too: believe me it is worth watching, it will help most of us: unbelievable stuff having to do with “kemtreils” if you know what I mean. They are all over Yerushalayim, arent they? And all over here too. Important info.

    Kol Tuv.

  2. Darin Sunley
    Darin Sunley says:

    I used to be a xtian, and if there’s one thing the idolatrous televangelists of the 90’s taught me that still rings true, it’s this:

    If the governments of the planet have united behind a plan to give every man, woman, and child a compulsory injection, that is a /very/ bad thing, and you shouldn’t go along with it, no matter the secular consequences.

    They called it “the mark of the beast” and they were describing it, in these terms, in the 90’s.

    Their theology is rank idolatry, [shittuf at best] and arguably blasphemous to boot, but somehow they were allowed to speak this truth.

    Kinda weirds me out that it became relevant.

  3. Jean-Charles Angot
    Jean-Charles Angot says:

    Hi there, here a prayer from Rav Berland shlita to be completed protected from above thanks to our Kindness. It is what help us the most and give us life and protection in our life. Do it and you will see, like when there is a low and weak time with energy; that helps us a lot, doing a pidyon and just a little act which goes to another and so forth to someone or to His creation… that revive the dead and overcome the 4 foundations by being humble, doing hitbodedut and seeing the good, and be an ardent fire for Hashem by doing good deeds to His Creation.


    “Rabbi Berland’s Prayer To Increase Kindness In The World



    Complete Protection from Above


    And through this we will be able to heal all of the sick and to revive (465) the dead (490) = 955 and to overcome the four foundations, fire (301), water (90), wind (214) and dust (350) = 955.”

    Which means do Kindness!


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