Don’t tell God how big your problems are…

….Tell your problems how big God is.

A newish song from Yonatan Raizel.


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  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    I was in a big city in the US with my son for about a week: my G-d, such degenerate weirdos around, half their head shaved – male, half their head with long hair – female: bright red hair, green hair, pink hair, tatoos all over their bodies, artificial hormone- loaded features: my G-d, what have they done to young people? Poor parents – who don’t seem to be fazed by it somehow; crazy! Lots of totally lost youth, empty, dead neshamot, part of a completely degenerate society… and not only the young, middle-aged people too; they are nuts! Do you see that in Israel too? So reading about the Virginia club does not surprise me, They are destroying humanity in every way. WE ARE NEEDED!


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