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Electric cars were invented in 1832

No, really.

The last couple of posts have been really important to get ‘out there’, but also quite heavy to deal with, for a few reasons.

So, let’s switch gears a bit, and take a look at why things are not as bad as they sometimes seem.

God has put so much free abundance in the world….

And this process of the modern world ‘self-destructing’ has to occur, so we can move forward to a much cleaner, simpler and ‘direct’ way of living again, knowing that Hashem is providing for our every need directly – without the need for middle men.

We don’t need doctors to heal….

And we don’t need electricity companies and all their cables and shortages, and price hikes, either.

(Or at least, that’s where we are headed, sooner or later, when the penny starts to drop for enough people about how much cheap, easy ‘tech’ got hidden and destroyed over the last couple of centuries.)


Recently, I tripped over a researcher called Paul Cook.

His accent is very strong cockney, so watch out for that (although personally, I like it a lot) – but his research is very ‘solid’.

He comes from an engineering background, so when he’s digging into lost tech, he’s actually digging into tachlis, how did this stuff really work?

And he’s coming up with some very interesting stuff.

Here are two shmirat eynaim friendly Youtube videos to watch.

The first one is where he starts showing you a kind of massive ‘mercury’ lightbulb thingy – including old examples he found in an abandoned cinema in Malta, from the 1950s – which show up in so many old pictures of….electric cars, amongst other things:


The function of the mercury ‘light bulb’ was to turn AC electricity that was ‘harvested’ from the air into grounded DC electricity that could be used to run gadgets, including….electric cars.


Before we get to that, here is another interesting ‘add on’ – that the pyramids in Egypt, and other places were actually collecting and storing electricity:


This connects us to so-called ‘star forts’, that are also positioned next to large bodies of water and designed in very specific ways.

(Before they were trashed and covered up….)

But go look that up for yourself, if you’re interested.

Let’s get back to the electric cars:



Cook brings lots of old articles, old footage, old pictures in this video.

He says there are 350+ years worth of ‘motorised vehicles’ that were run with a variety of different ‘energy’.

Even ‘planes’ and ‘flying machines’ in the 1800s that were powered by steam! (18 min mark)

Here’s a screenshot:


Go take a look for yourself (speed him up to 1.75, if you can still follow his accent….)

In the meantime, these screenshots come from another video he put out called Free Electric In Old Books:


This is an ad for cars that run on ‘electricity taken from the ether’ – i.e. the air, via so-called Edison Aerials, and Edison Balls.

It’s from 1921.


And this image shows that these cars could get 1,000 miles out of one charge – and some of them could even go for 1,400 miles.

Tesla is lagging way, way, way behind.


Fascinating stuff.

And also, very heartening stuff.

‘Man Made Climate Change’ is something being done by our corrupt governments and militaries, working for the Controllers behind the scenes.

There is no shortage of energy – there is no end of energy, free energy, just all that tech is being suppressed to create artificial ‘shortages’ that create demand for limited natural resources like oil and gas, that are concentrated in the hands of the controllers.

200 years ago, people had electric cars!

Run on free electricity gathered from the air by some sort of ‘ball’ on the top of the buildings and then stored in some sort of leiden jar type arrangement.

They had mercury-based ‘lightbulbs’ that transformed the AC ether electricity into usable DC.

They had steam-powered flying machines.

They probably had way, way more stuff too, that we don’t even know about yet.

But the point is, God has put so much abundance and free bounty into the world!


Today, I deleted one of the 3 Telegram channels I go to for updates.

I noticed recently that my neck has started acting weird, when I’m online.

At first, I thought it was too much typing.

But when I type my stuff, I’m fine.

This morning, God finally clued me in that even though I’m staying away from MSM news, some of these Telegram channels are also not coming from a ‘good’ place for me, spiritually.

The media is how the Controllers build this web of illusions that keep us trapped in worry, fear, anger and despair – and far, far away from God.

All politics is a gameshow, a diversion, a con.

I am at the point where I just can’t hack sites and people who are still going on about politics and politicians, or old ‘reformed’ spooks who used to work for organisations run by Shimon Peres and his buddies.

It drives me bonkers, to see how much time, energy and effort is going into discussing all this pointless, worthless, diversionary rubbish, and arguing over things that totally don’t matter, and just take our koach and sap our emuna.

God is running this world of ours, and once we get that, we understand just how much ‘good’ is all around us.


Tov, we’ll stop there today.

Lots to think about, lots to explore, lots of interesting things to muse on, instead of wasting precious time engaging with ‘the news’.

The world of lies is well on the way to collapsing…

And you either get out of it now, and watch that happen from the side – or get crushed underneath, when it finally goes.


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12 replies
  1. Shimshon
    Shimshon says:

    I’ve subscribed to Paul’s channel for a while. Great content. I used to watch his stuff regularly, but stopped because I couldn’t keep up with his output, which increased substantially at some point. I think mercury is a key element for this, which is why it has become so demonized and regulated (except for things like vaccines where we are assured endlessly about its safety). Solar panels are probably a modern and inferior tech compared to older designs to gather free power from the aether (or the sun). No one knows how they work anyway. Just that they do. We also don’t know about electricity either. Reducing it to repeatable mathematical constructs is not the same as understanding it. It follows rules. What an insight. We understand some rules, but probably not many. The planets also follow rules which can be reduced to mathematical formulae too, and look what that did for us today, with the dominance of heliocentrism. Rules are just rules. They are not the underlying reality.

    Even according to the Talmud, Egypt was a technological power, besides a hotbed of spiritual impurity. And it’s a truism today that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

  2. Leah golan
    Leah golan says:

    I’m running into that with telegram and many others….and then some seem OK, but they provide antisemitism in there and I shut off…..like you say, Hashem gives us all we really need,,,and more… interesting post,,,enjoyed it…

  3. Becky
    Becky says:

    Suggest looking into radium fireplaces and liquid mercury in bronze spheres. These used to be literally everywhere and supposedly used as free energy devices.

  4. Malka
    Malka says:

    That’s interesting about Mercury. I found out they went against lead paint, because it shields from EMF! To this day I don’t know anybody who craved to eat paint🤣Yes, solar panels are very inferior, I think at their peak they work 21 percent. Every year by some unknown reason they loose additional percent of charging capacity. If there would be harvesting of energy from the air, they would have kill it. We know that it is not about what is best for us or ‘planet’.

    • Elisheva
      Elisheva says:

      I remember that it was the fact that people repainted babies wooden cots which the occupants often licked or sucked which was the problem. Also I had home made wooden toys which were painted, I even made a few myself!

  5. Malka
    Malka says:

    Becky, do you know more about radium fireplaces? Is it radioactive? I looked quickly into it- ventless fireplaces concern me. What about Mercury balls? Any practical use for household?

    • Becky
      Becky says:

      Radium might actually be quite dangerous.
      If you look into ancient fireplaces, there is a theory that they were able to heat a large room without any wood or coal through free atmospheric energy.
      The mercury spheres also garner free atmospheric energy.
      This is something to consider researching further.

  6. Simon
    Simon says:

    Question: it says “Edison Battery”.
    Thomas Edison was born in 1847! 15 years later!
    Is this a different “Edison”?

  7. Simon
    Simon says:

    I understand: that one was not from 1832.

    Regarding Tartaria, there’s mention of time travel, “Solomon was the first king of Tartaria”, and “the Jews were levantine and european slaves captured by the Tartarians.”
    How to make sense of all this nonsense?

  8. Hava
    Hava says:

    How do we get such great videos from 1832 and forward when film and photography of the quality of these videos and the pictures of these vehicles didn’t even exist yet? Pics of older cars (Ford Model T for example) in America aren’t even this good, never mind videos, unless they are preserved.

    Unless the English were the ones to invent these things and perfect them back in 1832 and before, and also preserve their cars and the signs, and the people, long enough to get decent pictures and videos taken. Are there museums where people can see these things up close and personal?

    It’s the same sort of question as when we ask about the angle of the camera and who was filming during the first “space” flights, coupled with some that are more relevant to this post.

    • Becky
      Becky says:

      Old world fair books from the late 1800s and early 1900s depict images that clearly show that we lost some sort of building and construction knowledge at that time.
      Was it dark knowledge or day-to-day matter of fact knowledge? I don’t know.


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