From hatred to hope


It’s been a very tough week for me, emotionally.

Every day, since that horrible terror attack on Sunday in Huwara, I’ve been feeling kind of shakey, angry, emotional, weepy….

And then, there’s all the crazy stuff going on with ‘politics’, with these horrible people in the Knesset – all of them! – just busy manipulating the public anyway they can, to try to get some political mileage and turn us against each other.

When, o when, are we going to realise that these people, and their police, and their military, and their judiciary, and their media – none of them work for us.

Not even the ‘frum’ ones.


I have to admit to having a few patches of despair this week.

I despaired when I saw how quickly all the hoo-ha about the ‘Huwara pogrom’ overshadowed the real situation on the ground here, that is basically that our government and our military isn’t protecting civilians in any way, and that’s been going on for a very long time.

(Reminder, apart from the year of Bennett and Lapid, Netanyahu, ‘Mr Right Wing’, has been PM here for well over a decade…)

And then, I despaired a bit again, when I saw how quickly the media pulled the same trick with Sara Netanyahu’s totally staged ‘hairdresser gate.’

Each time we fail to see through the media’s lies, and the politicians’ ploys to keep stoking things up, and turning us all against each other as part of their ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, we are delaying the real solution to our problems.


Weak people hate others.

Fearful people talk about ‘driving others into the sea’ as a solution.

And that’s not what I want to talk about any more.

I want to talk about how we find real, practical solutions to the violence in this country, at every level.

I don’t want to hear any more pointless ‘Rambo’ talk about ‘wiping villages out’, or bussing Arabs out to… where exactly?

When Moshiach comes, if he tells us to do that as the Prophet of God – fine! Totally fine!

But until then, this is called ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘genocide’ – and it’s an option that is simply not on the table, morally, at this point.


So, what’s a ‘real’ solution, to stop the violence in Israel?

Here is what someone who has lived in the Shomron for a very long time, told me this week:

“It’s not the Arabs that murdered those two brothers in Huwara.

It was God.

God decided that they had completed their tikkun, and that He wanted their souls back.

And Baruch Hashem! At least with their deaths, they got to do something for Am Yisrael, they died in the most meaningful way they could, living as Jews on our Holy Land. They died al Kiddush Hashem, just for being Jews.

They could have died in a car accident instead…


“So, we don’t give up. 

That’s what the arabs want, to drive the Jews off the land.

So, we need to continue to live here, and to build here. 

And that’s how we need to respond to what happened in Huwara.”


His words gave me so much chizzuk.

Not least, because they are true.


The news is full of horrible stories of Jews dying weird ways at the moment – fires in Phoenix, fatal car accidents, and let’s not even talk about ‘the shots’.

I have been crying all week for the poor family who lost their two sons in Huwara on Sunday, and for how the whole discussion got hijacked by the scumbags who sit in the Knesset.


I know that houses are being built all over the Shomron – and will continue to be built!

I know that Jewish families here are growing all the time, that they need affordable places to live, and that the Shomron is the next place we are going to see a building boom.

Regardless of Biden, and the other politicians, both here and abroad, and ‘the controllers’ they serve.

Tachlis, a new road is being built right now that will change the whole picture – and that’s where we need to focus our energy, here.

Not on more pointless, incendiary ‘Rambo’ talk, but tachlis, by continuing to build more roads, and strengthening the infrastructure on the ground.

That’s the real answer.


And here’s another real answer, for Jews who currently don’t live in Israel:

Make aliyah.

There is so much tumah going on, so many different ways the nations are spitting in God’s face – He won’t stand for it for much longer.

That’s why the earthquakes are picking up.

It’s not ‘easy’ in Israel, anything but.

But it’s always meaningful, and even just going to the supermarket here, as a Jew in the Holy Land, is infused with more meaning (and of course, way more frustration…) than anything you’ll ever do, Jewishly, in chul.

I have watched so many people suffocate to death, spiritually and emotionally in their comfort zones in chul, because they feel that their comfortable life is essentially totally meaningless.


The last thing I want to say, is that so much good is starting to sprout out of all the very hard things that have gone on this week.

On all sides of the discussion, more and more people are realising that we’re all being manipulated and played as fools, and they are starting to call it out.

Sure, there will always be the challenged, fearful, weak people who scream hate and intolerance, because they are operating from a constricted place of ‘mochin dekatnut’, and they just find it way easier to keep screaming at labels, and ‘hating on command’, than to pause, and really think about what is happening here, and what God is expecting from them.

But, there are tons and tons of people where the scales are falling from their eyes, on all sides, and each one that wakes up, wakes up another 100 in turn.

Like this comment, on the bottom of more of the propaganda from the Israeli government-sponsored YWN site:


This is hands down, the best political analysis I ever saw on the despicable YWN site.

Baruch Hashem, people’s eyes are opening.

Baruch Hashem, more and more of us are seeing the need to move away from ‘hate’ to ‘hope’.

There is no other real choice, here.


May God comfort all the mourners of Zion.


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8 replies
  1. cs
    cs says:

    I don’t understand how the person who told you the following:

    ‘“It’s not the Arabs that murdered those two brothers in Huwara.

    It was God.
    God decided that they had completed their tikkun, and that He wanted their souls back.”


    In the Ten Commandments, it says clearly the God says, “You shall not murder.”

    God does NOT murder, people do.

    The brothers in Huwara were murdered, by men… NOT GOD.

    May the brothers be avenged, amen.
    God console the parents – amen.


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Its a ‘xtian’ view that evil happens in this world, outside the purview of God.

      By contrast, authentic Judaism teaches Ein Od Milvado. That doesn’t mean that evil people aren’t evil, and won’t be punished for the evil they commit.

      Reward and punishment is an integral part of authentic Judaism, too.

      BUT, it does mean that the ‘Cause of Causes’ is God.

      A lot of people have difficulty accepting this concept, especially when they come from a xtian background that teaches that ‘evil’ is somehow out of God’s hands, and being controlled by a ‘satan’ that is not also subservient to God.

      But the deeper truth is, Ein Od Milvado.

      This is the first rule of emuna.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      No, that’s the person’s individual choice, and they will be held responsible for it. This is the conundrum of the ‘vacated space’ that Rebbe Nachman writes about.

      Everything is God – but the individual still has free will, and will be rewarded for choosing ‘good’, and punished for choosing ‘bad’.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Maybe you also need to do that….

      How many times, down the years, I have read your comments here, and elsewhere, harshly criticising others, and railing against God for being ‘unjust’?

      Everyone is suffering in their own private world right now – everyone. It’s a massive test of emuna, and a massive birur, to see who is really ‘for God’ and who isn’t.

      And my patience for Roman-xtian values masquerading as ‘the truth’ has finally worn out…

      If you don’t like what I write, please just stop reading my blog.

  2. Malka
    Malka says:

    “Rally around polyester flag”..🤣 In America most crimes happen in liberal cities and not by coincidence. It is waste of time to follow news. Don’t despair. It is their trick to make you feel low. It is absolute propaganda to play upsetting things over and over. Make an experiment: don’t watch news for 2 weeks. I guarantee you, nothing will happen. All in good time for Pesach prep. 😃


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