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Giants in Africa, ‘firmaments’ in Florida

My tabs are exploding out of control again, so this is a mish-mash post.

Let’s start with the footage that commentator Shimshon sent me from a Space-X launch in Florida back in 2021:


By the end of this short video, you can mamash see the rocket hitting something that looks like the firmament…

It was meant to be a ‘re-usable’ Cargo Dragon launch to resupply the International Space Station.

(Sometimes, it’s really hard to type this stuff and keep a straight face.)

But see how fast that rocket starts going ‘horizontal’, and figure out for yourself that there is NO WAY it ever got anywhere near to where the International Space Station is meant to be orbiting, between ‘330 km (205 mi) and 410 km (255 mi)’ above planet earth.

(Again, having troubles keeping a straight face while I type this.)


Compare and contrast with the ‘official’ SpaceX launch footage, below:

(Fast forward to 1 hr 25 mins)

Ask yourself why a kid with an iPhone is providing us with better video of this rocket launch than NASA and the US government….


OK, next up: Giants in Africa.

Off the back of those posts about ‘gay’ King Henry VIII, ‘trannie’ Elizabeth I, and ‘colored’ Portuguese Royalty, I went looking for more information that could start to explain some more about what is really going on, here.

I got to looking at something called the Treaty of Tordesillas, signed in 1494, where Portugal and the newly-unified ‘Spain’ basically agreed to split the world between them, with Portugal getting Africa and Spain getting ‘South America’.

This is a snippet from the Wiki page, see what you notice:

The precursor to the Treaty of Tordesillas was the Treaty of Alcazava, signed on September 4, 1479, between Kings Isabella of Castile and Fernando of Aragon and King Alfonso V of Portugal, which resulted in the peace that ended the war of the Castilian succession.

Popes Nicholas V and Calixtus III granted Portugal the right to own the lands discovered south and east of Cape Bojador “as far as the Indians”in 1452-1456. 

Castile recognized these rights in 1479, and in 1481 Pope Sixtus IV, by his bull Aeterni regis, once again gave all the lands south of the Canary Islands to Portugal.


Did you spot it?

How Popes Nicholas V and Calixtus III granted Portugal the right to own the lands discovered south and east of Cape Bojador “as far as the Indians”in 1452-1456?

These Popes knew there were ‘Indians’ there almost half a century before Columbus supposedly ‘discovered’ America.

Here’s how those ‘demarcation’ lines were meant to look, after 1494:


I’m keeping this short and sweet for this post, but I highly encourage readers to start ‘digging into’ this more themselves – and share what you find, if it’s interesting!

Point is, Portugal apparently ‘owned the rights’ to the continent of Africa, whatever that is actually supposed to mean.

So, I started trying to learn more about what Portugal was doing in Africa in the 14th and 15th century, and what was really going on there.

I got to this page, about the African ‘Kingdom of Loango‘, snippet:

The Kingdom of Loango …was a pre-colonial African state, during approximately the 16th to 19th centuries in what is now the western part of the Republic of the Congo, Southern Gabon and Cabinda.

Situated to the north of the more powerful Kingdom of Kongo, at its height in the 17th century Loango influence extended from Cape St Catherine in the north to almost the mouth of the Congo River.

Loango exported copper to the European market, and was a major producer and exporter of cloth.


I carry on reading, and I find more and more weirdness going on in this ‘Kingdom’ that apparently just appeared out of nowhere in the 1600s, including this:

From around the seventeenth century a black Jewish community was to be found on the Loango coast.

It was first mentioned in 1777 and a more thorough description of the community was provided by the scientific works which were produced by the German Loango Expedition of 1873–76. This community had no links with Jewish communities elsewhere and has now disappeared.

It was of considerable interest to race scientists during the period of the European Enlightenment.


As soon as I read this, I know I’m on the trail of some more hidden history.

(Remind me to come back to the Portuguese slave trader ‘Duarte Lopez‘ sometime soon, it’s too much to cover in this mish-mash post.)

What I can tell you is that ‘no-one’ knows who the Kings of Loango actually were, but this Kingdom of Loango played a massive role in rounding up slaves from the African continent and selling them on.

Snippet from Wikipedia:

In the late seventeenth century and beyond, Vili merchants also engaged in the slave trade.

Loango did not export many slaves in the earlier part of its contact with European merchants, but eventually the country did export slaves in considerable quantities.

While some of these slaves were acquired locally, many more were acquired from various regions in the interior.

An early slave trade led to the Kingdom of Kongo, where merchants there saw opportunities to export slaves to Dutch and English merchants and avoid taxes and regulations that hindered the market in Portuguese-controlled Luanda.


I have no idea who these ‘Vili’ merchants referred to are meant to be, and Wikipedia doesn’t explain the term anywhere on the page, despite using it a lot.

Anyway, click click click, trying to find more information about ‘Loango’ and its rulers, and I suddenly get to this page, talking about a place called ‘Moree’ in Ghana.

(Moree sounds very similar to ‘Moor’…. that’s also what caught my eye.)

It’s such an incredible description, I’m bringing the whole thing here:

Moree (formerly also known as Mouri) is a town with small seaside resort in Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese district, a district in the Central Region of south Ghana.

Moree was founded by giants Asebu Amanfi and his brother Farnyi Kwegya, and prolific hunter called Adzekese.

Asebu Amanfi and Farnyi Kwegya were believed to have led an army that chased Israelites during the exodus. When their men drowned in the sea, they could not return to Pharaoh but fled Egypt with their family across Lake Chad to Nigeria and finally settled in Moree, then a village and small seaside resort in Ghana.

Upon arrival in Moree, the Egyptian giants established their kingdom with prolific hunter, Adzekese.

Asebu Amanfi was made the first King of the Asebu kingdom while Nana Adzekese became the first Chief of Moree.

Moree developed around Fort Nassau, which was the original fort on their Gold Coast taken over by the Dutch West India Company when this was founded in 1621.


Like you, I’ve  never heard of this before.

It’s going to require a LOT more checking out, but I am finding this description remarkable, in the meantime.

Egyptian giants who were chasing Moshe and Am Yisrael across the Sea of Reeds ended up founding ‘Moree’ in central Africa?!

This is a Youtube video that is useful for the pictures – the narration is in some Ghanian dialect, but you get the idea:


And in the meantime…. this is a video of a Ghanian man who is 8ft tall and alive today:

(Not shmirat eynayim friendly)



Could it really be true, that the ‘Egyptian giants’ who were chasing Moshe Rabbenu and the Jews ended up in Ghana – and then became the mysterious ‘Moors’ who may or may not have actually ruled Portugal as well as big parts of Africa?

I don’t know – but I’m excited to start looking into it more, to see what might have really been going on here.


Let me end by telling you that learning to think for yourself, to keep an open mind, to not get ‘brow beaten’ into believing the same old stories and lies they want us all to buy into – it’s the biggest present you can give yourself.

But keep bringing everything back to Torah, so you don’t go nuts.

We know Torah is true, it’s from God, it’s the real deal – and the Torah covers all these topics (and more….)

So, we’ll pick this up again some time soon, but in the meantime – feel free to start digging into this!

Because the truth really does set us free.


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11 replies
  1. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    I’ll be very interested if you find a connection between the giants and the Pilistim, or greeks from whence they came.

  2. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    says king isabella of castile… he was supposed to be a queen… i guess he really was in the figurative sense… so much for my theory on liz1… this transgender thing must go all the way back to nimrod and serimias… still searching for the real truth.out…

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    Egypt: the root of all (much) evil?
    Portugal(?), African slave trade(?), Greek philosophy, Gnosticism, Freemasonry, homosexuality(?), oppression of the Jews, myths leading people astray to this day. Also, the Sadducee “temple” that was founded there.

    Also, in response to Yosef, the P’lishtim came from Egypt.
    Bereshit 10:13-14: “And Mitzraim [Egypt] begot Ludim, Anamim, L’havim, Naftuchim, Patrusim, and Casluchim, WHENCE THE P’LISHTIM CAME FORTH, and Caftorim.”

  4. Adam
    Adam says:

    Shelomo Molcho was also said to have been a black jewish messiah in Portugal but he was either from khorasan or arabia

    Also look into the Piri Reis map. I remember seeing a different map from I think the 16th century with a city listed as San Francisco in Southern California, way before there was any city called San Francisco. I swear I remember seeing this in a forum couple months ago and now it seems to have been scrapped from the internet

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      It’s so interesting you are mentioning Shlomo Molcho. I had a dream about that name this past Shabbat, that he was the ‘forefather’ of the Chabad rebbes, which sounded ridiculous to me, so I didn’t pursue it.

      But now you are mentioning him in connection to this, so it looks like there is something to examine there, after all.

      Do you have a source for him being black? I know he was (meant to be…) a Portuguese converso.

  5. Jonathan Friedson
    Jonathan Friedson says:

    It’s also of internet to delve into the Igbo and Biafra Republic connection. These people in Nigeria actually claim Jewish lineage of sorts.

  6. Simon
    Simon says:

    In your research, what about (unrelated) archaeology and claims of the Hebrew language “evolving” from previous languages (and Hebrew having a different script), or “Judaism” evolving from previous paganism?

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      There were two scripts for Hebrew, I haven’t looked more into the reasons why one was replaced with the other.

      Re: Judaism ‘evolving’ from paganism, it’s another one of those ‘clever questions’ that sounds clever, but is actually not even a real question.

      The Jews became Jews, mamash, with Torah-mandated mitzvoth to follow, from Mount Sinai onwards.

      Lots of people with ‘Jewish genes’ were serving idols before, during and after that happened (sadly for us).

      But at Mount Sinai, the whole of the Jewish people ‘converted’ en masse by accepting the Torah.

      It’s akin to saying that a xtian today who converts to become a sincere orthodox Jew is now practising a religion that ‘evolved’ from their previous paganism.

      In some ways, you could say that, but it’s toatlly missing the point about what is really happening in that person’s quest for truth.


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