Emunat Tzaddikim in action.

You can clearly see, how when we follow true tzaddikim, and do our best to fulfill their requests, very harsh judgements in the world are sweetened.

At least, for us.

Snippet, but highly advise you go and read the whole thing, to put more of the pieces together in the right place:

The Power of the Prayer of the Multitude and Fulfilling the Words of the Tzaddik Sweetens the Decrees

Behold, amazingly, just 12 days have passed since the call of our Rebbe Rav Berland shlit”a for the operation of saying 100,000 Tikkun HaKlali’s, and just a few days after the operation was publicized on the Breslov hotlines and people began to register, the operation gathered greater strength and momentum in Israel and the world.  40,000 Tikkun HaKlali’s have already been said, and suddenly the Rav shlit”a gave over these holy words, saying:

“It is written in Pirkey D’Rabbi Eliezer, chapter 28, that in another 189 years, until [the year] 5972, 28 years before the end of the 6th millennium – there will not be any disasters here.


“Because he who said that we stand before a new disaster – there will be no disaster here.

“What happened in Turkey isn’t relevant to us.  This isn’t relevant to the Land of Israel, not relevant to Jerusalem – Jerusalem is shielded.

“The kings of the world did not believe, nor did any of the world’s inhabitants, that an oppressor and enemy would come to the gates of Jerusalem” (Eicha 4:12) – there is no threat to Jerusalem and no threat to the Land of Israel, and it’s not necessary to say 100,000 Tikkun HaKlali’s.

“It’s enough to say one Tikkun HaKlali a day.  Someone who wants to can say 2, 3, not more than 3.  One doesn’t need to say more than 3 Tikkun HaKlali’s.

“There won’t be any disaster, and in the merit of the dancing, like in the exodus from Egypt, through dancing [there was the redemption, so too] there will be the complete redemption, speedily in our days, Amen.”



That Turkish earthquake was *headed for* Jerusalem.

My dead mother-in-law told me that clearly, twice, weeks before it hit.

But, it all got ‘sweetened’ by our tefillot and emunat tzaddikim – and the Rav’s self-sacrifice, because he’s been seriously unwell again the last few days. BH,  now he is recovering again.


That article also explains more that we need to move out of ‘sadness and depression’ – urgently! – and move into more internal simcha, by dancing and clapping hands.

Here’s four minutes of Rabbenu trance to get you started:


All this IS going to turn around, very soon.

There is no despair in the world.


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