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As the doom and gloom continues to spread, let’s take a reality check.


Yesterday, I was at my art class in the Israel Museum, when the conversation turned to yesterday’s demonstration, in front of the Knesset.

Most of my art class are old, Jerusalem secular people – what the dividers amongst us like to paint as ‘leftie Erev Rav’ types. Some of them DO have some yucky bad middot, it’s true, but then…. that’s hardly the preserve of ‘leftie Erev Rav’ types.

Just look at some of the commentators I get here, none of whom would self-describe as ‘lefties’ (or ‘Erev Rav’….)

But many of them are actually just nice old ladies, with some confused ideas, who are really worried about the ‘dictatorship’ shaping up in Israel.


The truth is, they are both right and wrong.

They are right to worry about Israel being an evil dictatorship.

They are wrong, because they apparently haven’t noticed that this already happened a long, long time ago.

Still, it’s good that now, they are finally starting to wake up, and to understand the true nature of the country we live in. I actually find it a very positive sign, that ‘the truth’ really is starting to blossom, even in the bosoms of old ‘leftie Erev Rav’ grannies in Jerusalem.

It’s that pintele yid igniting, all over the place.


In the meantime, I still haven’t got past my addiction to Daniel Amram’s telegram channel, although I’ve now at least turned off all the images, some of which are VERY untznius.

But it kind of gives me a ‘pulse’ on where the basic Israeli public is holding, mood-wise – and even there, it’s gratifying to see that more and more people are waking up, and realising that EVERYTHING going on with the Knesset is just one big theatre production, to suck all our energy, divide us as a people, and to keep us thinking that ‘politics’, and not prayer and teshuva, are the answer to our problems.

Here’s a couple of Google-translated screenshots (with images restored, before I click them off again):


Fake Knesset fights


You know why Smotrich and Ben Gvir and Deri and ‘Gimmel’ are still sitting in this ‘right wing government’, that destroys trees in the Shomron, puts young Jewish men IN PRISON, for months,  as ‘security prisoners’ for the ‘crime’ of stabbing the tyre of a car in an Arab village, has a proud gay speaker with his own husband (who btw, was also the minister responsible for those 45 frum Jews who got murdered in Meron…) and voted to continue the Covid 19 ‘lockdown’ laws for another year?

Because they are controlled opposition.

Everyone who sits in our Knesset does so in order to fill their own bank accounts and massage their own egos.

At best.

In the meantime, you and me tear each other to pieces – we tear all those old ‘leftie Erev Rav grandma’ types to pieces! – because they teach us to hate other people based on who we voted for….



But, more and more people are figuring that out, so they won’t be able to keep this charade going for much longer.

So, instead of wasting our time discussing ‘politics’, and wasting our time waiting for any of these people to do something positive for you and me, and the Jewish people, and wasting our time screaming invective against ‘lefties’ and ‘righties’ – let’s take a reality check about what we really need to be doing with ourselves. Namely:

Making serious teshuva, and turning to God.

For once, I found a real  headline on the Arutz 7 site. Here it is:


It’s from yesterday, when I put up another post called: More earthquakes on the horizon.

God is really trying to get our attention.

So, we can carry on mocking the real tzaddikim, screaming our lungs out the ‘Erev Rav’ who are only ever on the other side of the fence, carry on worrying about train derailments in the US – which apparently occur 500 times a year, on average, without anyone getting their knickers in a twist – carry on looking for ‘signs’ in all sorts of weird places, carry on talking about UFOs taking over the planet, billions of people who are going to turn into zombies, how the ‘reptile people’ control everything…yadda yadda yadda….


We can take a breath, and understand that the only One in control here is God.

Full stop.

And the only real, helpful response to this is to knuckle down to working on strengthening our own emuna, and to start really dealing with our own bad middot, because angry, untruthful, spiteful,  vengeful, jealous, selfish, cynical people are probably not top of the list, when it comes to ‘who is going to get through this in one piece’.

Regardless of their vaccination status.

And regardless of whether they happen to live in the Holy Land.


(That said, a person has a lot of merit, spiritually, when they live in Eretz Israel. And if they are lacking those merits on other fronts, it’s still a very good idea to be here, so at least they have something to show for themselves….)


This is a world of lies, don’t forget that.

For sure, the evil people have their very evil plans, and are doing their best to action them.

There is nothing new under the sun!

But all this is just one big, massive test of emuna, and emunat tzaddikim.

The more we understand that our job boils down to:

  • Having a real relationship with the Creator (which you basically only get via hitbodedut every day)
  • Working on our bad middot
  • Following the advice of our real Tzaddikim, like Rebbe Nachman and Rav Berland

The easier this gets for us.

Full stop.


Yesterday afternoon, I spent a lovely hour picking the weeds out of my garden, in the sun.

I’ve been reading some books by Andreas Moritz, a natural healer who died in mysterious circumstances back in 2012, after spending a few years calling out BigPharma, and modern medicine, and of course, the ‘vaccine program’.

As with all ‘natural healers’, his focus is still far too much on the food and the body side to all this, but a lot of what he says rings true, and he clearly knows his stuff, from the ‘body’ side of the equation.

One of the things he says is that sunlight heals, and that it’s actually things like using sunscreen that is skyrocketing skin cancer around the world.

Of course, this is the exact opposite of what we’ve all been brainwashed to think.

I  have been wearing sunglasses since I moved to Israel, to ‘protect my eyes from harmful UV’.

A few weeks ago, I stopped wearing my sunnies – and lo and behold, my eyes are starting to tolerate way more sun, and to feel way less tired and ‘stressed’.


So anyway, I was sitting my garden in Jerusalem, in the sun, thinking how very good life still actually is.

Yeah, we still have a massive unpaid tax bill…my husband’s leg is still troubling him…we can probably never afford to buy a house where we’d actually want to  live…the Knesset is totally corrupt…the US military / DARPA / Lizard People / Whoever ARE trying to kill us all off…

But underneath all that?

Life is still so good.


The sun is still shining.

I have food on my table.

I have people in my life who I love, and who love me.

I’m spending my time doing things that make me feel happy, and I AM trying to make a small difference to the world, in whichever way I can – and especially my own world.

Life is good!


Rebbe Nachman tells us:

For an hour a day, every single day, you take the time to talk to God, and to really examine your pain, your worries, your fear, your anger, your issues.

And then for the next 23 hours – be happy!

Live your life with  joy, not because you are going into denial or spreading ‘false hope’ (whatever…)

But because you know with every fibre of your body, that God is running the show, here, and that you have a direct line to God anytime you open your mouth and start praying.

And God is doing everything for our ultimate benefit, spiritually, even if that means we have to ‘pass away’ down here, in less than optimal circumstances.

And also, that everything is just a message from God, about what we need to work on, fix and change.

And that everything can be sweetened, if we just stick close to our true Tzaddikim, and follow their advice.


That earthquake yesterday hit around 7pm.

I didn’t feel it, and neither did my husband, but he still was in a very strange, sombre mood yesterday, and was feeling a bit queasy around the time of the earthquake, for no obvious reason.

So, I dragged him off to the Rav, on Ido HaNavi St, despite his difficulty walking too far on his leg.

We stayed for an hour, I jumped up and down and clapped solidly for at least half of that – and we both came away feeling so much better again.


So, go ahead and tell me I’m in a ‘cult’.

I’m in a ‘cult’ where I get renewed emuna, optimism and happiness; where I get answers to my problems and the fortitude to withstand them in the meantime without cracking; and where I get to sit in my garden in Jerusalem, picking weeds in the sun, whilst feeling that ‘life is good’.

Good luck to you, all you ‘non-cult’ people!

I’m sure spending hours every day watching Youtube videos about ‘Khazarian slime overlords’ and telling all vaxxed people they are doomed (while you polish your machine gun, waiting for Trump to come and rescue you from the hordes of homeless drug addicts about to overrun your town…) is a MUCH better use of your time.

But what can I do?

I’m in a ‘cult’ that teaches me that Hashem is all there is, that there is always hope, that everything can turn around just like that – and that even the ‘Erev Rav’ on the other side of the argument are actually just confused, lost, lonely Jews, with a lot of bad middot.

Who deserve my compassion, and not my hatred.


Go sit in the sun for an hour and talk to God.

Take a break in nature.

See the beauty that still exists all around us.

As an official cult member, I can tell you:

Life is still so good.

But like all things, you need to go and feel that out for yourself, to really believe it.


PS: If you’re still worrying about the train derailment in Ohio, watch this (especially from Minute 14):


Or read this, from Jane Ruby’s Telegram HERE:


And for the record, I really don’t trust Mike Adams and his ‘naturalnews’ site.

I haven’t for a while.

Controlled opposition comes in all shapes and sizes…. don’t forget that.

(And it may also include people like Maria Zee and Jane Ruby…)


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12 replies
  1. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    just one question… hate to disturb your little kumbaya rant about how wonderful life is for u all while the rest of us poor miserable cretin slobs languish out here in the lonely golut having to fight this war alone all by ourselves because u and others of your ilk are too busy weeding your gardens and living in the throes of denial that I call ostrich judaism that sees u all place your heads wholy and firmly into the sand and clap and stomp your way into wishing away all of our very many human problems and jewish threats to our survival with nary a care in the world because rav nachman berland and Hashem have this one and ergo there’s absolutely nothing to worry about… hurrah!!!

    but just one short series of questions actually and I’ll let you guys get back at it…

    do u know the breakdown of the percentage of jews living inside israel who have taken at least one cov vaxx…? who have taken multiple ones…? more than 2…? and do u know how many of the above are frum torah observant jews who have done the same…?

    let’s say for argument sake (a very conservative estimate from the numbers ive heard bantered about) that the number is 60% in every single category just listed… do u have any idea how many jews that is…? if they were to say all die within the next few yrs… do u have any idea what a devastation would be wrought upon our nation if that were to occur…?

    do u dismiss all of this as just a mere distraction from your feel good “judaism” and as something that without any doubt at all is nothing to be the slightest bit concerned over as to how our arab enemies who have taken zero vaxxes (as in NONE) might react if upwards of 6 in every 10 jews die off in the very near future… chas v’shalom… and then they can simply waltz on in and take over without having to fire a single solitary shot…?

    u are all so completely naive and delusional on here… hate to rain on your little parades but um… truth.out dudes… truth.out…

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Moshe, I have had a ton of patience for this, but once you start publically slagging off the Rav, I can no longer have you commenting on my site.

      People died before Covid shots were invented, and they will carry on dying long after Covid shots were totally forgotten.

      The main concern is ‘how do we live’? Not ‘what did we die from, and when are we going to go’?

      That first question is totally down to us. That second question is mostly out of our hands (although real teshuva clearly works to lengthen lives, as we see by King Hezekiah.)

      I am not going to get into a slanging match with you. I wish you the best of luck with everything, I know in many ways you are very sincere.

      But it’s not OK to start attacking me, and my Rebbes, on my own blog, just because I don’t happen to believe the same things you do.

      So, we will part ways now.


  2. moshe parry
    moshe parry says:

    I left a line out… I meant to say… “because rav nachman berland and Hashem (in that order) have it covered… (now added line) so we can all just sit back and sing and dance and do nothing whatsoever to fight for our survival…” v’chulu…

    • Chaim
      Chaim says:

      You know, I actually understand your position, Moshe.

      Deep inside, you want justice and things to be good again, like me.

      It would be great if we could all be happy in the Temple eating our korbanot and studying Torah to the highest degree possible from the Sages.

      I do believe there will be a brutal vengeance but you need to understand that now is simply not the time. Anyone trying to concoct a plan to take out the powers that shouldn’t be will not succeed (to put it mildly). Hashem is with us, of course, but not to that extent where we’d succeed in armed resistance.

      Back in the days, men would surely rise to protect their families against this tyranny, or even against someone with funky ideas about transgenderism or injections. But we are physically (and to an extent, spiritually) shackled in that we can’t fight against the evil that’s ruling over the world.

      This is a fact you should internalise.

      When a time of greater divine favor will come in the near future, then we, men (only), will participate in taking out the guilty parties. Or maybe the angels will fight. Or maybe even Hashem will Himself fight. Or everyone together. Who knows?

      There will be justice, no doubt about it, and it won’t be a little slap in the wrist or no ketchup in the korbanot.

      Knowing a lot of the pieces of the conspiracies happening nowadays is meant for us to do our tikkunim, study and pray.

      Dancing and getting rid of our self-consciousness that claims we are too important/honorable/intelligent to do silly things is also part of the Tikkun. There’s also a spiritual and physical benefit to simply moving the body randomly, and being happy for no other reason than that we are alive.

      It helps our energy flow and loosens up a lot of blockage. This is why a lot of the idol worshippers do it (for the wrong reasons, of course).

      But this spiritual work should be our focus now.

  3. AK
    AK says:


    Rivka is right, you have crossed a line. You don’t have to agree with everything written here but insulting our Rebbe is unacceptable. Continue to live your life the way you choose to, and those of us who cling to the Rav will continue to dance, clap, and work on ourselves for the sake of healing the world. Just stop with all of your negativity here and move on.

  4. cs
    cs says:

    But are not the ‘jabs’ bad??
    Yes people died before the jabs, from other causes. these jabs seem to be deliberate, to make us die, or become their puppets.. they want 1 world govt… nu?

    And Hashem gave us a brain too, and expects us to fight back the bad things

    Totally to sing and dance, which is good, but then using that as a “magic wand”, sort of and saying Hashem will turn all bad to good, um..

    I think Hashem expects us to fight back too. In Torah, they did not just jump and dance, they(the Jewish nation) had to fight many times their enemies…
    Regarding Ohio, it was horrid what has been done there…
    And ‘jabs’ have destroyed many lives…

    Sorry that your husbands leg/foot is not yet completely healed.

    May Hashem help him. Amen.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Of course they are bad. Really bad.

      And so is eating McDonalds every day, spending your life miserable and stressed out of your skull, having an ‘anger’ issue that you never deal with, driving too fast, ingesting pretty much anything Big Pharma has to offer…

      The point is, that WHAT PEOPLE BELIEVE has the single biggest impact on their health.

      There is a v famous story of a terminal cancer patient who read about a new drug that was being touted as the ‘cure for cancer’. He had orange-sized tumours already, and was close to dying.

      His doctor couldn’t get hold of that drug, so he injected him with saline solution and lied about it, to ‘calm him down’.

      The next day – the man’s tumours had literally disappeared. He was cured. The doctor kept injecting him with saline for a week, then released him from the hospital, apparently cured.

      Then, around 10 days later, the man was back with the orange sized tumors. He’d read a news story saying that the ‘miracle drug’ actually wasn’t as effective as hoped – and his disease reappeared within a day.

      Think about this story.

      The moral it contains is very powerful, and very relevant to specifically the impact of these Covid shots.

      And it’s a true story.

  5. cs
    cs says:

    Hello Rivka, thanks for that story. I think also like mind over matter plays a role .. that is in how we think.
    It is something i have to really learn to do..
    And yes, that saying, ‘Believe and it will be’, read that somewhere, could also help one think positive.

    Me, i have yet many things to learn, (trying i am), and hope i can just learn to do that. Amen.

    Thanks for your time and sharing many positive things with all your readers.
    The times are tough in many things, and the comment of Chaim @2.44, gives a lot of food of thought.

    In the end, i just pray Mashiach comes…
    that too, we are told not to predict, all is in Hashem’s hands. Amen.

    Hashem bless you Rivka…you are blessed. Amen.

  6. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    I listened to Dr Pete Chambers and Zeee, Rivka: he was very good on some level, his observations were absolutely to the point. But the fact is, he is only now starting to analyze the dust on the flag. And yes, dioxin IS extremely toxic, it gets formed by burning chlorine- containing molecules at a very high temperature. Dr Chambers only discussed vinyl chloride, the molecule before it was burnt at high temp, which is a much less toxic and dangerous compound than dioxin. On the other hand, Mike Adams, whom you don’t trust – it’s your right; I however think he is an honest man – brought in tonight a top scholar on dioxin, who has studied dioxin for decades: Eric Coppolino, a brilliant, very knowledgeable, inquisitive researcher – certainly eccentric, and not exactly our model in his appearance, yet very smart and insightful:
    He knows a whole lot more about dioxin than either Dr Chambers or Zeee do. So it turns out that Mike’s information is just as important as Dr. Chambers, and much more important for people who live in the area in terms of their health and survival, not in terms of their attachment to their land, which is of course very important too. Yes, Mike recommends that people leave their homes – I guess he has not thought of the plot Dr Chambers figured out, he is concerned about the residents’ survival; it doesn’t mean he is controlled opposition, it means his concern is health first; if he knew about the other plot I don’t believe he would go along with it.. So yes, dioxin IS extremely toxic, and it gets formed by burning chlorine containing molecules at a very high temperature.First of all people have to stay alive, don’t they?

    I find your dismissal of these concerns rather insensitive and frankly uninformed. You are not here, you don’t have to deal with these issues: your issues are earthquakes, martial law, and many others: you have taken those issues and others in the past very seriously: why are you mocking other people’s issues? You prefer taking your chlorine dioxide for whatever ails you: I prefer taking what will help with my potential dioxin exposure. And by the way they are two different molecules. Who says Israel concerns are more important than Galut concerns? Aren’t we all Hashem’s children? And who says we don’t pray in the Galut, and come close to Hashem to the best of our ability? I also enjoy my garden here, not pulling weeds mind you, as it was snowing today; but walking outdoors on the snow-covered grass: best hitbodedut! Fresh air! Let’s hope it stays that way. Glad to know about the sprouts. Thank you Hashem! And thank you Mike for the info too.

    Chodesh Tov to all. VeNahafoch’u!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      God forbid, I am not ‘mocking’ anyone else’s concerns. What I AM saying is that I am meeting more and more people who are becoming totally depressed and paralysed by all the ‘bad’ they are constantly having to deal with.

      And there is a lot of ‘bad’, and a lot to worry about, that is all totally true.

      But constantly focussing on the ‘bad’ while forgetting that Hashem runs the world, and that we all actually die at some point, anyway – means that we are missing out on the life we still do have, and that is still so good, in so many ways.

      People are literally cracking up from always focussing on the bad, and the worry by itself is literally starting to kill people, physically, with toxic stress, and to send them into a tailspin, mentally and spiritually.

      That is obviously not helpful or good for anyone!

      In terms of controlled opposition – no-one gets a massive platform, not even in the ‘alternative world’, unless they are doing the work of the controllers, on some level.

      And anyone who is beating the ‘xtian’ drum, right from the get go, is clearly not coming from a place of total truth, even if they are sincere.

      So, it’s not me that’s mocking other people here.

  7. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Look Rivka, of course I am also turned off by Mike’s Xtian push; but when it comes to his health information, it has been good for decades. I knew about him already in 2009, and got a lot of info from his website. It doesn’t mean I am a follower of his, but when he does serious research I listen. He also makes very good money with his business, no doubt. I don’t buy from him!

    Mi Kol Melamdai Hiskalti, no?

    And we can learn from Umot Haolam, whatever they know we don’t. I am learning from him here and there, he is definitely not my first point of reference, but he does have access to important information. So? You don’t trust him, your prerogative!

    So who is mocking people here? Please clarify what you mean, if you don’t mind. Thanks!

    And yes, focusing on the bad all the time is not helpful. But if you hadn’t focused on a lot of that stuff yourself, you would not have been able to inform us about all the stuff “they” are doing, right? OK, granted, now you are in a different, better space, and that’s great; but not everybody advances at the same speed: give people leeway, let them learn as they go, at their own speed! Great that you are reminding people of all the good, but sometimes it takes a while to get to that point: everybody’s path is different. Glad we can learn from your space, thank you.


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