Rabbi Berland’s Aura is Captured on Film Again.

Shlomo, the YWN Bot with a tendency to repeat himself over and over and over again wanted ‘compelling evidence’ that Rabbi Berland is a tzaddik.

There’s no point arguing with Bots – they can’t process the information you try to give over, no matter how hard you try. So no, I won’t be putting any more of Shlomo’s comments up on here on the site, but in the meantime, let me pose the rhetorical question to that YWN Bot – and all the Channel 13, and Channel 2, and Ynet Bots that are out there too – How do you explain this video?!?!?

And don’t tell me that Shuvu Banim spent $5 million bucks putting this production together in some Hollywood shed.


Rabbi Berland is a huge Tzaddik. Full Stop.

And that’s why so many people are so against him. When you have kedusha like this on display, it’s bound to provoke a strong reaction.




Someone just sent me that rarest of creatures, a positive, truthful article about Rabbi Berland that I didn’t write!

My goodness, Moshiach must be imminent.

You can see the article for yourself HERE, on the srugim website.


I spoke too soon. Looks like they’ve already been leaned on to take it down.


The RavBerland.com site is partially reprinting it in English. You can read it HERE.

Also, the husband puts his side of the story (in Hebrew) below. Poor man! Can you imagine losing your wife in such hard circumstances and then also having to deal with a psycho mother-in-law demonising you across the whole of National TV? This man is a saint.


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  1. Orna Nitzevet
    Orna Nitzevet says:

    i did not see it on time and i did not see the movie, but i need to send this to someone.
    My mother was niftara after just one week of intensive chemo. She kept it secret to me until too late.
    When a doctor tried to tell me to need a chemo to live after 3 moths, i started my life with real MODE ANI….TELLING him:
    No doctor decide about my life. Only the G’d of Israel knows and do what he needs to do. If G’d needs to kill me, HE will but you, you will die before me!
    He did!.
    I was 33 back then.
    This make me so mad, how people can be so stupid…and trust killers instead of their CREATOR.

  2. Yosef from the Galil
    Yosef from the Galil says:

    Not sure what’s with the gall bladder stuff at the end there…

    Anyway, before Shlomo or someone tries to explain this all away as cell phone cameras washing out an already white figure under bright lights, I saw it in person. I don’t think it was caught on camera, but one of the times I was with the rav, I had to squint from the light. There was no direct light source above him, and even if there was, he was entirely awash in light, with no shadows as would be expected from a directional source.

    Likewise, in Uman, the Rav davens in his corner under several mounted lights. He glows very brightly. The thing is, again, there are no shadows. Those directional lights should appear to be more bright on the front, and not on the back. This is not the case. Also, other people next to the Rav do not have this glow. It is easy to explain away when one sees all of the halogens mounted above him, but when you really stop and think about the physics of it, it doesn’t make logical sense.


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