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Hieromos Gamos, Star of David, and ‘Jewish Gnostics’

A month ago, my daughter bought me an English version of ‘The DaVinci Code’ and insisted I read it.

I haven’t read a fiction book for around 16 years – from choice – so I left it to the side. But she insisted… and insisted… and insisted… until finally I realised, God must really want me to read ‘The DaVinci Code’.

So that’s what I’ve been doing.

There’s a few interesting things in there, for my own research ‘in the real world’ – not least that Dan Brown did a fabulous job of whitewashing the true, demonic nature of the Knights’ Templars, and making them seem all fluffy and cute – but the real pay dirt occurred yesterday.

That’s when I decided to look up the words: “Hieros Gamos.”


In The DaVinci Code, the discussion about ‘Hieros Gamos’ – or ‘sacred prostitution’ – comes up as part of a discussion about how the ancient religious cults used the power of this most holy act for their own ends.

You can read a scholarly, and fairly tznius, description of the basic ideas behind ‘Hieros Gamos’ HERE.

The bottom line is that there were two types of ‘sacred prostitution’.

  1. Each bride was required to spend her wedding night being defiled in one of the many Temples set up to the ‘goddesses’, who all had different names but were actually just pushing the same ‘religion’.
  2. These temples also has a group of ‘cult priestesses’ – aka sex slaves – and ‘sacred orgies’ were also a big part of the pagan religions.

(And now, maybe some readers are already starting to make the link between what is described above, and what was going on in Sabbatean-Frankist homes, beneath the ‘pious’ veneer.)


There are very deep spiritual considerations attached to all this.

Here’s a few scholarly quotes, from the above, to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. And then we’ll get down to the eye-popping tachlis – how all this connects to you and me, and the State of Israel, and the battle between good and evil.

“[W]e are talking about a high-level magico-operational ritual….

Mircea Eliade wrote about it this way: “In the most general sense, an orgy is a part of hierogamy. It correlates with the coitus of the divine couple, with the unlimited and ecstatic fertility of the earth… Excess energy is valuable and fruitful in sacred balances. The barriers between man, society, nature, and the gods are being broken; forces, life, and germs are being rotated and transferred from one level to another, from one space to all others.“”


Plain English: All that talk that xtians, and others, have about ‘the Holy Trinity’ is really a warped reference to the union between man and woman, that transforms them into a ‘god on earth’.

This idea is very deep, and once you really internalise what I just told you here, you’ll start to understand A LOT about what is really going on, with xtianity.


Another snippet:

The legendary stories of a woman being possessed by a” god”, or vice versa, a man converging with a goddess, are too well known to be retold…

[I]n ancient Egypt, a pharaoh who mystically reincarnated as Horus impregnated his wife to continue the dynastic line of the “divine kingdom”.

The culmination of the Hellenistic festival of Antesterium was a sacred sacrifice, and then the copulation of the wife of the archon king with Dionysus in the temple of Leneon; in Babylon, the hierogamy of the young woman chosen for this purpose was also known in a special wedding room, raised above the seventh floor of the sacred ziggurat tower (“on the other side of the number seven”) – there she was supposed to spend the night with a certain god.

The Greeks believed that the priestess of the temple of Apollo in Patara spent the night with this god on a “sacred bed”.


This is the ‘pagan, evil mirror image’ of our own, very holy traditions, the whole idea of the keruvim, the holy of holies, and our very deep ‘bitul’ to, and dvekut with Hashem.

There is nothing new under the sun, remember this.

So, when nuns talk of ‘marrying’ Yoshki… and when xtians talk about the Holy Trinity… and when gnostic-‘xtians’ talk about how Yoshki was really married to Mary Magdelene, and they had kids, and how ‘mainstream xtianity’ is trying to surpress that information…. while demon-worshipping Knights Templars (and all the other sex-magick based secret societies) are very big ‘feminists’ and believers in breaking down sexual morality….

We understand, again, that really, there is nothing new under the sun.


To sum up:

All pagan, idolatrous, evil ‘religions’ from the dawn of time have always tried to use and subvert the act of intimacy, and to harness the tremendous spiritual power it contains, to make themselves ‘powerful’ and a ‘god’, chas v’halilah.

This started right back in the Garden of Eden, when the evil Lilith ‘split’ from Adam, then enticed him to spill seed for 130 years, leading to creation of all the souls of the ‘demons’ that in our days became Nazis, ISIS – and Covid 19-pushing doctors and ‘rabbis’.

Amongst others.


So, what does this have to do with you and me?

Some how, my computer decided to search for images associated with ‘Hieros Gamos’, without me knowing. In a million years, even with a very strong filter, I would not have done that, because it’s literally asking for trouble.

But that’s what happened, and when I was closing down my tabs at the end of the day yesterday, I got to those search results – and here’s what I saw, that blew me away:


It’s the so-called ‘Star of David’, that the Erev Rav ,’Jewish Demon Scholars’ in our midst convinced us was a symbol of the Jewish people, around 300 years ago.

But really?

It’s the ancient symbol of ‘Hieros Gamos’, i.e. the ritual subversion of the act of intimacy, which sends all that ‘power’ to fuel the forces of evil.

And we have this symbol of evil literally atop every synagogue, carved on every Ark of Torah, inlaid on all our tombstones….

Can you understand, just how much they are laughing at the Jewish people right now?

There’s more.


Sharp-eyed readers probably already know the connection between the ‘Star of David’, and the Masons’ square and compass, with the ‘G’ in the middle.


That ‘G’ stands for gnosis, knowledge.

In our Torah, we speak of how a man knows his wife, as a reference to the act of physical intimacy.

In pagan religions, that time when a man ‘loses his mind’ at the end of the physical act, so to speak, is the time when they say he can ‘become a god on earth’.

This is deeply connected to the idea of demonic possession, amongst other things.


Judaism teaches that spermatozoa derives from a man’s mind – his very essence.

That’s part of why ‘spilling seed’ in a wanton way can literally drive a person mad. A  man’s seed contains the ‘spiritual essence’ that could theoretically create another 4 billion human souls. And when that seed is ‘spilled’ – all that ‘soul power’ just goes to the dark side.

Those 4 billion potential human souls are held captive by the forces of evil, which suck all the ‘juice’ out of them, and use that soul power to do bad things in the world.


That’s why Rebbe Nachman of Breslov revealed the ‘Tikkun Haklali’, or general rectification, to be recited after nocturnal emissions.

To fix the ‘sin’ of all this spilled seed, and to elevate those billions and trillions of ‘lost soul sparks’ back to the side of holiness.

That’s why true Breslov, and Rav Berland, put so much emphasis on a man guarding his eyes, and personal holiness.

That’s why, l’havdil, Eybshutz, and the Sabbatean-Frankists, encouraged adultery, wife-swapping, ‘sacred orgies’, homosexuality, and then incest and pedophilia.


There are so many links to make with all this stuff, it’s hard to know what to really write, but let’s make two more connections, and then we’ll leave it here for now.

In Judaism, there are strict guidelines for how the act of intimacy should be performed, including mandating the position of the man and the woman.

In pagan religions, this evil, ‘Hieros Gamos’ / Star of David representation has the woman and man as androgynous ‘equals’, forming a ‘divine Trinity’.

That ‘space’ in the middle of the ‘Hieros Gamos’ represents the Pharoah-nic, pagan, evil idea of ‘man as God’.

I.e. instead of being filled with God, the person becomes filled with their own evil, arrogance and lusts.


Again, all this has very ancient roots.

Remember that the snake told Chava that if she and Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would become “like God…”

There is nothing new under the sun.


In the meantime, this is what our Torah teaches – the man is the head of the household, the man is ‘on top’, and the man and woman should ‘become one flesh’.

Here’s how that looks:


A diamond.


Remember what Rav Berland and Rebbe Nachman teaches about these ‘diamonds’?

This snippet comes from HERE:

When a person merits, however much they are putting him down, however much they are making him “mah — what” [i.e. nothing, nullified], however much they are making out of him dust and ashes, [as it’s said] “and may my soul be like dust to all” (Amidah prayer) — they are throwing diamonds onto you.

The Rebbe brings in [Likutey Moharan] Torah 277, [that they are] throwing diamonds onto you.  When they are putting you down, they’re throwing diamonds onto you — don’t throw them back.

[If] they insult you, and you insult them back, you’ve lost a diamond.  They’re building a house of diamonds for you [from all the insults and put-downs].


This is the authentic, Torah-true, Jewish holy way of bringing God down into the world.

The man makes himself ‘nothing’ – and particularly in the home, where believe me, the diamonds get thrown at the guy every second of the day.

And this is how we really build the holy Temple, and really achieve that ‘union’ with Hashem in this lowly, gashmiut world.

By making ourselves nothing.

By hearing our own disgrace, and not answering back, and understanding that really, it’s just God who is behind everything.

This is the polar opposite of the gaava-dik ‘man as god’ approach of the pagan-xtians, represented by ‘Hieramos Gamos’ and the pagan, so-called ‘Star of David’.


The last thing, for now, has to do with the mysterious ‘Z’ on Russia’s tanks.

As I’m hoping you are starting to understand, these people are ALL about their symbolism.


For example, the double chevron is a favorite symbol of the Knights Templar, and is all over their castles and churches.

This is a screenshot from a video called ‘The Pharoah Show’ by Swiss alt-historian Sean Hross.

(Again, I don’t agree with a lot of his ideas, but much of what he says strikes me as credible. This is a process of birur, remember.)

You see these chevrons all over the place in Israel, on IDF uniforms – same as other militaries all over the world.


Once you understand that it’s a phallic representation of two men, you start to understand a lot more.

Here’s a screenshot of the Knights Templar’s seal from Wikipedia HERE:

Notice the two knights on one horse.

Also notice the ’round Templar church’ – modelled on the Dome of the Rock, and taken as the blueprint for Templar churches all over the world.

Round temples were always associated with pagan practices, particularly ‘sacred prostitution’ and ceremonies like the Hieros Gamos, which required an audience – and a large, empty ‘space in the middle’, as the focal point.



What does all this have to do with the Russian ‘Z’ on all their tanks?

THIS site (Google translate from Russian) has some interesting ideas – but again, all this needs very careful birur.

But what struck me is that this ‘Z’ is the symbol for ‘man’ and ‘woman’ back-to-back – i.e., back to that state that the pagans believe was the ‘perfect state of humanity’ in the Garden of Eden, before demonic Lilith was split away from Adam HaRishon – and humankind was androgynous.


We’ll stop there for now.

But lots and lots to think about.



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  1. Nachum
    Nachum says:

    People always like crazy sex stories. It appeals to the prurient side of our nature, among other things. That doesn’t mean that close to 100% (if not all) of such legends are not complete fiction.

    The six-pointed star first became seen as a Jewish symbol when the Holy Roman Emperor placed one on the flag of the Jews of Prague in the 1300’s. Back then all stars had six points, because those are easiest to make out of cloth or metal. (That’s why Old West sheriffs wore them.) Five-pointed stars only really arose in the late 1700’s. Prague was a central community, and the symbol spread around the Jewish world. Of all people, it’s the scholars who know this. Nothing nefarious.

    (The six-pointed star had been used in decoration and kabbalah before then, but in each case together with other symbols and never as a symbol of the Jews as such.)

    But I know I’m shouting down the wind of tinfoilry here. Chag Sameach!

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Great to have you back. I wanted to ask you why your blog profile picture is of Nathan of Gaza – Shabtai Tzvi’s prophet. And also, why you called your blog ‘The Sword of Buddha’ if you’re pretending to be an orthodox Jew. And also, why you like the anti-semitic Tommy Lapid so very much.

      Amongst many other things.

      Tinfoil hat – out.

      • Nachum
        Nachum says:

        My English name is Nathan. I live on Rechov Azza. My late sister called me that as a joke. A joke.

        Buddha-with-a-sword was a joke of a friend.

        Tommy Lapid has been dead for years. His son is a dolt.

        I’m neither a Sabbatean, a Buddhist, or a Lapid voter.

        Not everything is a mysterious conspiracy, you know.

        • Rivka Levy
          Rivka Levy says:

          Can we at least agree you are a cynic, who holds matters of simple emuna in very low regard – everything’s just a joke to you, isn’t it? Even the most important things in the world.

          • Nachum
            Nachum says:

            If making unfounded insults makes you feel better, feel free. All God’s children should have peace.

    • JR
      JR says:

      While it’s true that the hexagram (and it’s later connection to Judaism) precedes speculative (& probably operative) Freemasonry, it doesn’t mean that there’s no symbolic connection between it and the square & compass. To be sure, the Freemasons at some point appropriated the hexagram as one of their symbols. Whether they made a connection to the square & compass at the time they adopted the hexagram is another matter.
      The fact is that Freemasonic symbology evolved over centuries, making spurious connections & interpretations as time moved on. Many of their symbols (including the square & compass) were appropriated rather than created by them. They were not the first to use the hexagram, skull, ouroboros, beehive, eye of Providence, etc.. They even stole הסייף והספר from us!
      My point is that all this stuff is nonsense. We should not fall into the trap and ‘darshan’ connections into these symbols. That is what they do. We should stick to verifiable facts.

  2. האיש
    האיש says:

    Fertility researchers have devised a way to isolate high-quality sperm from a sample of semen using an electric current. The team hopes that the method, which has resulted in the birth of a healthy baby, will lead to more efficient in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments.


    Electric Ancient Egyptians: Manipulating Atomic Structure With Human Electricity



    SNIPET :
    Electric Ancient Egyptians has won three gold medals. The book is a radical reinterpretation of ancient Egyptian art and symbolism. James Ernest Brown believes the ancient Egyptians used natural forms of energy such as static electricity, telluric currents, and lightning to accomplish amazing feats without residual harmful effects to the environment. He also believes the ancient Egyptians understood atomic structure and were able to manipulate atomic structure with human electricity.

  3. האיש
    האיש says:

    EMMIT : A Sapphire Magen David

    The magen david is generally thought of as a six-pointed star. It is commonly seen on the flag of Israel as blue on white. This image however, is merely a shadow of a more complex three-dimensional object that is related to certain constructs found within a cube, and specifically the sapphire cube previously mentioned. You will see this graphically depicted in a moment.


    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Ta for this.

      I’m pondering if this is connected to Rebbe Nachman’s discussion of the ‘vacated space’, where all the heresies, all the false philosophies come from.

      That there is a ‘space’ that appears to be empty of Hashem, to enable free choice, is a given.

      But maybe, it’s the ‘shape around’ that space that makes the difference, in some way?

      Clearly, all this stuff is so deep…. So a lot to think about.

      Thanks, HaIsh.

      • האיש
        האיש says:

        NOW YOU GOT IT !!

      • Molly
        Molly says:

        I’ve been reading more about the 4th phase of water. It’s hard to explain but it’s basically electrically charged water barrier area of water that’s been activated in some way, us usually spinning in a circular motion, which is what happens down streams and such. It might be worth looking into because the deeper I get into the subject the more I see HaShem in that mysterious space. As an example, and I’m sure you’ve heard of this, if you yell at water then freeze it, the results are chaos. If you whisper thank you or I love you to water and then freeze it, you get beautiful snowflake crystalline shapes. Then I wondered if snowflakes are so beautiful and unique because the water spends time near the heavens hearing a beautiful chorus. Anyway, a subject worth exploring.

  4. JR
    JR says:

    “if you yell at water then freeze it, the results are chaos. If you whisper thank you or I love you to water and then freeze it, you get beautiful snowflake crystalline shapes. ”

    Keep far away from this. This is the work of snake oil salesman Masuro Emoto. His claims are unproven. Worse, he claims that bad things happen to people because they have negative thoughts. In other words: People make reality just by thinking. He has taken God out of the picture & pronounced divine powers to human beings.
    So not only do you get anti-Science from Emoto, you get anti-Torah too.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      As usual, you are talking complete rubbish.

      Readers who want to make their own minds up are invited to take a look at this blog, where you can read for yourself about Emoto’s work, see his pictures and research, and come to your own conclusions:


      There is so much science out there about how negative emotions effect our mental and physical health, and there is also so much Torah about how negative emotions affect our physical and emotional health, too.

      Here’s a few descriptions, from Rebbe Nachman’s Sefer HaMiddot:


      Through mockery, one is beset by suffering.
      Due to mockery, one has no wisdom.
      Mockery makes one loathsome to God and to people.
      One who mocks, his sustenance is diminished, he falls into Hell, and he bring destruction to the world.


      Fear weakens the strength of man

      You get the idea.


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