The last few days, it’s been feeling very ‘heavy’ in the world again.

Two days ago, I sat on my couch in Jerusalem and literally watched them ‘chem trailing’ in the sky.

Suddenly, five different ‘trails’ appeared in one shot, they all circled around at exactly the same, like synchronised swimmers, then started to ‘puff out’ over the next couple of minutes, as the blue sky got filled with these weird ‘clouds’.

I didn’t see any planes.

So, I deduce they are using drones to ‘chem trail’ over the skies of Jerusalem.

And the whole thing got me feeling kinda down, as I’ve never seen that before, here in Jerusalem.

(I took some pictures, if I can be bothered, I might post them up later.)


At the same time, there’s been a weird ‘rumbling noise’ going on for days and days.

Initially, I thought it must be military planes flying over head.

But then, I realised that military planes don’t fly overhead, continually, six hours a day, not even in the middle of the biggest war.

That same day I saw the chem trails, I started paying attention to ‘the rumble’ that I assumed was planes.

It stayed constant for a very long time, overhead.

And that repeated itself all through the day.

F16s just don’t act like that, they don’t sound like that, and they don’t ‘circle nonstop’ for many hours a day over Jerusalem.

And of course – there were no planes in sight.


Is it CERN?

Is it something else?

I don’t know.

But I can tell you I had a really bad headache for days, that only disappeared after I did a small, $18 ‘pidyon’ on the RavBerland.com website.


But nevertheless…hope springs eternal.

There are riots going on in China now.

The authorities are going to try and suppress them full-force, but it’s getting to a stage where the Chinese people are starting to understand that ‘open air prison’ (aka ‘Zero Covid policies’) is about to become a permanent feature of life, if they don’t push back now.

China is the test case for the rest of the world.

If China starts to push back, that is going to cause the NWO massive issues with their roll-out schedule for digital IDS and Covid concentration camps for the rest of the world.

(At least, I hope….)


I also felt some hope when ‘hackers’ released footage of the bus bombing last week, that the Israeli authorities claimed didn’t exist.

It’s like that passuk from Tehillim, that the evil people will lay the trap for us, but then fall into it themselves….

They’ve set cameras up all over the place, in our ‘smart cities’, to monitor us and use against us.

But in the meantime, those cameras are now being ‘hacked’ by someone apparently on the outside of the ruling cabal here.

Footage can be released now showing who really planted those bombs by the bus stop…

And if it was an inside-job, designed to achieve a political aim and manipulate the public….


That changes the whole picture – and makes it way, way harder for the ruling cabal to continue using acts of terrorism against it’s own populace, to stay in power and maintain control, and pass more evil laws to continue putting us into ‘open air prisons’.

(Ben Gvir notwithstanding. Keep a careful watch on that guy, and understand that any law being demanded ‘against terrorists’ will be applied to Jews like you and me.)

God forbid.


But, it made me happy to have another tangible sign that ‘things aren’t going to plan’, for the evil people who currently rule the world.

But honestly?

I’m still worrying.

I heard yet another story of a ‘died suddenly’ yesterday, that happened the same time as the others I wrote about.

A 36 year old doctor, who dropped dead of a fatal stroke when exercising.

Interestingly, she was ‘unvaxxed’ – i.e. she had no Covid shots.

Of course, EVERY INJECTION must now be presumed to have some of this nanotech in it…

[UPDATE: I’m not sure about this statement now, see below.]

But it got me wondering about ‘shedding’, or some other form of transmission, which means that we are all essentially in the same boat, at this stage, jabbed or not.

And then I started worrying again.


It seems to me that at least part of the mechanism in play here, is that these shots rapidly age the body.

It’s speeding up the body’s processes, which is why the hair and the nails grow so fast (at least, when CERN is turned on…), and why people’s cancers suddenly pop-up, turbo-style, all over the place, all at once.

And why newborns of vaxxed mothers can hold their heads up within an hour of being born….

The aging process is being rapidly sped up.

This article, in Spanish, is also talking about this same idea.

Here’s a google-translated screenshot:


When I clicked on the ‘source doc’ for this, the page could no longer be found.

That’s usually a good sign that you are on to something.

But, all this is still worrying me.


So yesterday, I went to sit at the Rav for an hour, to do some hitbodedut, and to get some spiritual ‘light’ and strength to continue.

It has happened so many times, that I get to the Rav with a whole heart-full of worry and heaviness, and that I leave feeling much better, much lighter, much more optimistic.

That happened again yesterday.

I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know where ‘moshiach being revealed’ seems to have disappeared off to, this year of motzae-shvit, when I felt that process was really going to start happening, in an open way.

And at the same time, I can see more and more people dropping dead, suddenly, and more and more worrying signs that the evil cabal is about to try their final pincer move on the rest of humanity, with all the digital IDs-linked-to-social-credit stuff that is already happening in China.

And other places just as scary as China – like Trudeau’s Canada.


Someone just sent me this:


Here’s the headline:

British Columbia Bill C-36, drafted in secret, lays the groundwork for forced vaccination for any illness the government chooses



Our demonically-inspired ‘Western Medicine’ strikes again.

It worries me.

But at the same time, I don’t want to spend the next few weeks, months, years, whatever worrying all the time.

It’s a very hard balance to pull off.

But the Rav and Rabbenu is what’s helping me to cope, and to carry on trying to uncover the truth of what’s happening, while still remaining hopeful, that God will save us from all this, ultimately.

But it’s not easy.


PS: Another reader just sent me a link to this:


I’m including it here, to keep the discussion moving forward.

Here’s a pertinent snippet:

[M]ost of us are aware that a lot of people are dying “suddenly” (SADS) at a very young age, all around us.

And yes, the most likely cause is the Covid-19 vaccine, but that’s about it. The problem is that the “anti-vax” movement should not even exist, as vaccines should not exist. This goes back to the core lie, the lie that really need to be exposed, that no virus has ever been isolated nor proven to exist. And that goes for transmittable diseases as well.

Contagion has never been proven, only the opposite – that you can not catch a disease from someone else. As I write this, 211 health and science institutions around the world has been asked, through the free information act, to provide a record of a virus isolation, a proof that viruses exist, and yet not one single institution of these 211 has been able to do so. Not a single one of 211!

And that takes us back to this psy-op “documentary” called Died Suddenly. Right off the bat they talk about Covid-19 and viruses as if they are real, which they absolutely are not.


That’s also the conclusion I’m coming to.

That ‘viruses’ exist permanently in the body, but can’t be ‘caught’ from others, just ‘triggered’ when a person’s immune system is down or compromised, thanks to stress, starvation, or toxicity (like from poor sanitation, etc.)

And there may well be an electro-magnetic dimension to all this, that ‘triggers’ disease to occur, but not in a contagious way.

I’m still trying to shuffle through an awful lot of material to try and get more of this figured out.

And yes, Stew Peters is almost certainly controlled opposition – we discussed that a while back on the blog.

BUT – I don’t agree that you have to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We have to do a birur, and seperate lies from truth, and good from bad.

And the birur is very difficult, tiring and kinda sucks.

But that’s what’s required.


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11 replies
  1. Simon
    Simon says:

    “Rumbling noise” you say…
    Remember the prophets’ words about Jerusalem being split in two and earthquakes flattening out the world..
    The “Great and Awesome Day of the Lord.”
    My dear, I yearn for it…
    Please God…

  2. Vivian Corey
    Vivian Corey says:

    Hi Rifka check out Anthony William the “Medical Medium” who speaks about the theory of viruses nesting in body systems and triggered by stress,heavy metal toxicity and environmental poisons.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      So, I’m checking him out…. but we are running in to the same problem again, of him having some sort of ‘spirit guide’ that is telling him his info:

      Psychic connection and angels
      William states that his connection to Spirit presents itself as a voice outside of his head, next to his right ear.[10] His connection to Spirit gives him the ability to scan bodies in a way that can diagnose all blockages, infections, trouble areas, past problems, and even soul fractures with knowledge that comes from Spirit.[11] This assists in his claimed ability to diagnose other people of various illnesses as well as offer treatment.[3][5][7]

      “In his book, Life-Changing Foods, there is a dedicated chapter to angels. He explains that he believes in the existence of twelve different angels, with names such as the Angel of Abundance and the Angel of Addiction. He encourages his followers to invoke the names of specific angels to ask for help in various circumstances.”

      This sounds v dodgy to me, spiritually. How do we know if he’s truly God-fearing?

      Not being awkward here, just putting the question out there, as avoda zara has always been inextricably linked with health… and that test seems to be back big time, right now.

      As soon as we start praying to anything that isn’t God, or invoking ‘the name’ of anything that isn’t God to heal us, we’re in very dangerous waters, spiritually.

      Although I know that some kabbalists also make / made use of Hashem’s names… But then we’re back to the question of whether this can ever actually be done in a truly ‘kosher’ way….

      Man, it’s all so mixed up.

  3. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Rivka, sorry to tell you, but viruses and bacteria are completely different entities. Bacteria can easily be seen under the microscope, and they can be isolated from infected stool, sputum, etc. Our microbiome is a very rich environment, but some of the bacteria in there are nefarious – it depends a lot on our lifestyle, our nutrition, etc. But if you even have a GOOD bacteria you can inoculate it into somebody else’s poop, did you know? Stool transfusion, yes, it is a new real treatment for some conditions, believe it or not. So what makes you think that bad bacteria cannot be transmitted? Don’t assume that because the Covid virus was not isolated, others weren’t. You can see them with the electron microscope too. Whether they can be transmitted? I am not sure about it at this point. I have followed Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s theory, and yes, the terrain is very important. But what proof is there that viruses CANNOT be transmitted? I think a lot more research is needed in this field, and I did not do it.

    • Rivka Levy
      Rivka Levy says:

      Of course ‘viruses’ and bacteria are totally different entities….

      Bacteria can and are transmitted to others, not least via poor hygiene, etc.

      But even with this…. there is a lot we don’t understand.

      Wim Hof had 12 volunteers train with him for 4 days, and then they were injected with an e-coli endotoxin – a bacteria! – and none of those volunteers got sick from it.

      Read here:


      I’m keeping an open mind, going forward. There is so much we don’t understand about human health, especially as taught by the atheist, anti-God, pagan-inspired Western medical model.

      • Daisy
        Daisy says:


        The correct term ( which I had forgotten) for the procedure is “fecal transplant”. Funny, no??

        Now regarding what you just wrote:

        EndoTOXIN is actually NOT a bacteria: it is a by-product of e-coli. Did he do an actual fecal transplant, or just inject the toxin? The toxin cannot multiply. while bacteria do; so what load of endotoxin did he inject them with? Sorry, I don’t have time to read the whole text of the link right now. But that is the question. Because injecting a bit of toxin is not the end of the world; on the other hand injecting a whole bunch of e-coli bacteria would give them the possibility to multiply and create a lot of endotoxin; then what? Not that I deny his method of increasing immunity, that’s great, of course the better our immunity the less the risk of getting sick from all kinds of infections. Still, we can’t compare apples with oranges!

        I will read it when I get a chance; I hope he is not answering that question in the text: I don’t want to waste your time! If so, my apologies.

  4. Simon
    Simon says:

    I know Rab. Nachman says to avoid doctors.
    Does this include “alternative medicine” (that term is also bogus — as if western, occult-originating idolatry is always the “default”) healers? I found a really wonderful seeming acupuncturist/chinese medicine doctor. I don’t think that’s bad since it isn’t pure idolatrous, blasphemous garbage.

  5. Nachum
    Nachum says:

    Since all the peace deals, there have been a lot more planes flying over Jerusalem, as they can fly straight east to get east, unlike before. When Oman gets sorted out there’ll be even more.


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