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Justice, justice, you shall pursue

Roman Zdarov, the man falsely accused of murdering 13 year old Tair Rada up in Katzrin, finally got acquitted.

Apparently, it was the third, or maybe fourth, retrial in 15 years, but the first to actually be willing to go after the truth.

Roman was a caretaker at the school where Tair was found murdered in the bathroom, and despite not understanding Hebrew, was forced into ‘confessing’ he’d murdered her.

That was the only ‘evidence’ that was ever given to the court to connect him to the murder – but it was apparently good enough for all the corrupt judges and police of the State of Israel.

In case you didn’t know, Katzrin is home to many police and army families.

Tair’s mother is convinced that her schoolmates participated in the murder.

It’s at least possible that when they find the real killers, they will also find that they come from families closely associated with the police and army, who duly covered it all up, and let an innocent man rot in prison for 15 years.

Except this time, their ability to ‘cover things up’ is starting to literally dissolve from day to day.


If you go HERE, you can actually start to follow a whole bunch of different threads that our lying MSM won’t bring to your attention.

Like, how Tair’s mother is calling out the craven press in Israel, for ‘following orders’ from the Prosecutor’s Office to keep everything covered up, and all the fingers pointing at the Ukrainian caretaker – despite the total lack of evidence.

She is literally calling one journalist out after another, and they have nothing to say back, because they all know she’s totally right – and they are also part of the problem, not part of the solution.

(It’s a side point, but I recognise many of these same journalists and Channels from their ‘work’ on framing Rav Berland, and also covering up what happened in Meron. They didn’t just lie about what happened to Tair Rada… halavai.)


But what’s really interesting, is that I’m also detecting more of the rats starting to leap off the sinking judicial ship, and as they go, they are also starting to speak up against the horrendous miscarriages of justice that have been going on in the State of Israel for decades.

Judicial reform or no, the gate seems to have been finally opened on the barn door that is the criminal gang that run the country….

And it’s about to get really interesting, in a good way.


This is the stage in the Purim play where Zeresh tells Haman that if he’s taking on a real Jew, then the fall he’s starting to experience is only going to intensify.

There are plenty, awesome, real Jews in this country, just we only hear about the corrupt disgusting ones at the top of the tree.

But if you want a real hero, for today, try Roman Zdarov’s lawyer, who represented him pro bono for years, while he fought the State and the Prosecutor’s Office, and the journalists, to get him a fair re-trial.

Screenshot from HERE:


As Tair Rada’s mother said, the fight for justice isn’t really over.

Now, it’s just beginning.

And there are a whole bunch of others who have been framed and persecuted by the State of Israel, while the real criminals get top level protection (and probably also fat salaries paid for by the taxpayers…)

Amiram ben Uliel also needs to be freed and pardoned unconditionally, for being tortured into confessing to crimes he never committed.

And of course, there’s the Rav, and what has happened with him.

This process is really only beginning in earnest now.

And there’s no stopping it.



HERE‘s another story about yet another ‘torture confession’ from the Shin Bet, in Hebrew, but Google translate it.

The case is 40 years old (!) but the truth is only now coming out about it, presumably because the guilty parties are now all dead, so it’s safe to admit what was really going on, without reprisals.

The Shin Bet even tortures confessions out of its own people…. Because it’s run by violent, paranoid psychos.

(Exactly like the mafia, but probably even more corrupt.)

The screenshot of the (Google translated…) headline says it all:

There is nothing new under the sun.


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  1. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Not only in Israel! Same day, same topic – same evil corrupt monsters ruling the nest exposed! Moshe sent me this video today, worth watching: https://youtu.be/eMGu1W1fhDo

    And below is his comment, which ties things together, strangely enough;

    “… story of ben gurion led isr govt handing over 1500 yemenite and temani jewish babies to u.s. labs for radiation effects studies and experimentation.

    Chag HaGeulah Sameach!


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